Coding 101

It has come to our attention that many users do not know how to code. Our wiki thrives on coding. Everything you see, is some sort of code, from templates to character pages. Signatures and this page. You don't need to know anything fancy to code, you just need to learn the basics. Once you have the basics of coding down, you can use that to build your skills. There are four different levels that we are going to teach:
The basics
The basics include learning basic wiki markup, how to create pages, how to use templates, adding photos and how to use them, and how to create simple templates.
Minor Coding
Minor coding includes <tabber>, <table>, <gallery>, and <slideshow>
Major Coding
Major Coding teaches you how to put wiki markup and Minor Coding together, all the while adding things like <div span="">, and <span style="">. In this level you will finally create your own signature (instead of having another user do it for you)
For those of you who still want signature help but don't want to make it yourself, Custom Signatures is the place to go. I will be checking it frequently.
Character Pages
This level is the hardest of all, and very few users on the wiki have attempted it. You will slowly start to learn how to create your own character page template. Before you attempt this, your mentor must approve you. We do not want any mistakes.
Note: If your mentor does not know, or has not attempted to create their own character page template, you will be given a new mentor who has.
Note: If you wish, you can learn how to create your own word bubble. The same rules apply as above.
To sign up, simply scroll down to the "Sign Up" section. You need to add your username (linked), what you know (if you know the basics, then put that), what you want to learn (what level you are entering), and your timezone (for mentor purposes).

In Session
Teacher Pupil Learning
Frost Hotshot Minor
Audrey Yuka-chan  (Minor) Character Page

Username What you know What you want to know Time Zone
BebeRexha Basics Minor Eastern -5
Manolo Basics Minor Eastern -5
Nopity Minor Major Western +10 (Australia EST)
Sophie Major Character Pages Mountain Time -7
Moleano Basics? Minor and Up UTC-8

Name Teacher Graduation Date
Frost Natalia Jan. 10, 2017

Timezone map.gif
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