Feel free to rp in any of the sections. You can roleplay just casual conversations in the house, or your characters scheming, making alliances, plotting an allies' demise, the choice is yours in a game of betrayal, lying, and deception.

Living Room

A common area for all houseguests, it probably isn't the safest place to talk game, more for casual conversations and what not. If you're careless enough to talk game you may want to keep it to a whisper. Anyone can roleplay here!

Meila and Andrés

  • Andrés: The son of melinoe drifts into the living room from the ground. Where was he? What was he doing? That's hidden to him and his impermanence. He's wearing a rather loud outfit today, making the drift through the floor thing a little more harring. Something about a neon purple supreme track suit fitted with his unnecessarily large unsubscribed glasses. And of course, he has his hydro dipped air jordans. "Que pasa casa," he says nonchalantly, to no one in particular.
  • Meila: Meila, in comparison, was very muted, both in outfit and in aura. She even made an effort to take up as little space on the couch as possible with her legs pulled up to her chest as she flipped through her book, mandarin printing on the pages. But the moment Andrés made himself known, she noticed, after all, Andrés pretty much screamed hoe. But that was none of her business. Normally, she wouldn't respond to a general statement not directed at her, but there was no around, and she had to start making friends sometime. Even if she didn't like their general... aura. "No mucho. Que pasa contigo?" she said quietly from the sofa, loud enough to be heard obviously—as shy as she was.
  • Andrés: Andrés' head turns to the demigod, surprised she's even talking to him. This is probably the first time she's spoken to him, or anyone really."uy, hablas espanol?" He whistles. "Que cool cabrona. Eres Dominicana?" That's his first guess, based on the looks and body, but her accent came off different. She could've been taught. Andrés saunters over, taking a seat by here, clearly taking up a majority of the couch, but still having space between him and her. He rests his back, then lolls his head over to look at her.
  • Meila: Meila knows she's quiet and goes unnoticed, most of the time, she likes to think of it as a strength. But in Big Brother, apparently not. She nods, "si." She suddenly thanks the heavens that her father convinced her to go to an international high school where she started leaning Spanish in the first place. It might just get her a friend. Or an ally. But a friend has a nicer tone to it. Even if he looks like he probably wears ten pounds of cologne. "Noh," Meila isn't surprised at the guess. She's half African-American, or well, technically Nike doesn't have a race so like... is she? It's weird, anyway—she got why he guessed Dominican. But she wasn't, so. "Soy china y me ensenaron espanol," she explains with a shrug. "Sin embargo, estoy halagado de que usted piensa que soy dominicana." Oh, and he smells like he wears ten pounds of cologne too. Men.
  • Andrés: He raises both eyebrows. Chinese would not have been his guess. "Chinita...como de la India o que? Te ves morenita, cabrona. Pero bueno, tu espanol es excelente. Sabes mas lenguas, cabrona? Cause that's kind of hot." Is he hitting on her? Maybe a little, but he hits on everyone. Clearly he doesn't know she's already repelled by his good- but overpowering- aroma. So far, he thinks she's pretty cool, but wishes he could smoke up while talking to her. Pinche puta reglas.

Primrose and Lio: The Big Dramarama:

Primrose: Primrose made her way down to the living room after her chat with Devon. She wasn't sure how she felt about the way the conversation went, but she hoped she had made a new ally in the house. Nevertheless, she wanted to relax. It had been a long day and she had spent most of it running around trying to meet all 23 other contestants. There were a few people she hadn't come across yet, but most notably was Emelio. She hadn't seen him since their talk in the pavillion, which had not gone super well. She was a bit terrified to see him and even more terrified what he would do if he won HoH. But there was no time to think about that. Devon was HoH and she was safe. That was all that mattered for Week 1.

Emelio: Lio was already in the living room sitting on one of the sofas, what with wanting to avoid the others for now. He knew that he'd have to speak to them eventually, but for now he just wanted to relax and not talk strategy. He knew that, if he did, someone would probably backstab him if he started so early. So instead he just sat there on the couch scrolling through his Instagram feed. His plan, to be alone, seemed to backfire when heard the sound of footsteps heading in his direction. When he looked up, his expression shifted to irritation before shifting something softer as he looked over to see Primrose. He needn't start off being an asshole, that wouldn't be good for his sake even if he didn't like Prim. "Hello, I see you made it through." He was going to apologize and get on her good side, something he knew would be too easy for himself to do.

Primrose: As Prim entered the living room, her mouth fell open when she happened upon Lio. Then she snapped her jaw shut and her face twisted into a grimace. Of course. The one place she thought she might relax and there he was. And worse, he was suddenly acting friendly. Prim was sure he had realized that the competition was a social game. If he was as smart as he pretended to be, he would realize that Prim would be better at such a game than him. She was kind, genuine and likeable. Lio was vicious and hot-headed. So, Prim walked over and sat on the couch opposite him and said coldly, "I am. I'm sure you're surprised seeing as I'm so stupid."

Emelio: "Honestly, I don't think you're dumb." His words were laced with sincerity, although he knew they weren't sincere in the least, but it was so well put forward that almost no one would be able to tell. "I wasn't in the best mood that day and you didn't deserve that, Rose. It wasn't fair and I apologize." He held his hand out, as if he were reintroducing himself. "Could we, maybe, start over?" He didn't want to start over, he didn't care what happened to her and honestly if he got HoH and Prim was up for nomination, he'd send her for elimination without any qualms.

Primrose: Prim was stunned. She knew he would try to mend their relationship for the sake of the game, but she didn't know he could be this kind. Something in his eyes told her Don't worry, it's safe. Prim was certainly wary of the offer, but she would take it. She was hopeful that what he was saying was true, but to be on the safe side she would never rely on him. On the contrary, if she ever became HoH he would be the first name to cross her mind. But, she took his hand and said, "I don't usually let people call me Rose, but since you've come such a long way I'll allow it." A bright, gentle smile spread across her face. She wasn't sure if there was any goodness in Emelio, but if there was she would use this uncertain alliance to find it. 

Emelio: This was a little too easy, even by his standards. This female was really that stupid, stupid enough to believe someone like Emelio. He was a dirtbag and that would never change, sadly. "Rose suits you." He gave her hand a shake, his lips curving into an almost gentle smile. He'd probably use this to find out her weakness, which wouldn't be hard since she seemed to wear her emotions on her sleeve. So gross. "I remember you asked about my favorite book, it's Pet Cemetary. I love Stephen king novels, they're always a good read."

Primrose:  Primrose was happy to be chatting Emelio. Despite all that had happened there was something she liked about Emelio. It annoyed her to even think about liking him, though. How could she let herself forgive so easily? That was always her weakness. Her whole life she had been very forgiving no matter what. But there was something eerie about the smile stretched across his face. It didn't look natural. She didn't trust him. Not one bit. But, she liked to believe the best in people, so she would give him a chance. "I love a good Stephen King," Prim smirked, "It is probably my favorite, but Carrie is another classic. 'Nous mentons mieux quand nous nous mentons'. That's an It quote. I read in French most of the time because it's easier than English."

Emelio: He wasn't the type to just through out how he felt about a person and right now was no exception to that. It kind of stunned him, how she could still be so nice considering how much of a jerk he had been, but why did it matter anyway? This female was just a naive individual. "IT is a very good book as well, up there with my favs. Have you read Dolores Claiborne? It's a pretty good one too. What other things do you like?"

Primrose: Prim was getting excited. It took all of her willpower to remember how Emelio had treated her. She couldn't help her self. She wanted to like him. That was Prim's biggest issue. But in the Big Brother house, she was going to have to be wary of him. She knew who she could trust. That is what she had to rely on. "I can't say that I have read Dolores Claiborne I'll have to add it to my list. As for hobbies, as you can tell I love to read, but I also love acting and singing. Being on stage has always been my greatest passion since I was six. I played Cinderella in my first grade musical. Haven't been able to get me to stop performing since." Then something hit her. Like a dull pang in her stomach. She had stopped performing. She had put her career on hold to be safe at Camp. It was the one aspect of life there she tried not to think about. One day she thought to herself, I'm gonna be in a movie again and I'm gonna get my life back. Until then I'm here, talking to him

Emelio: He felt pity for the female sitting in front of him, he couldn't understand how someone could be so friendly with someone who had quite literally torn into her mere days before. This female really needed to have a few words with someone who wasn't as naive as she was, but he guessed that it could be worse. He had talked to someone worse before what was his name? Arthur maybe? He couldn't remember but that kid had some serious issues, but this female wasn't nearly as bad. "Ah, so you were an actress before? It's befitting of someone as beautiful as you. I don't think I've seen any of your work though. Then again I've been busy with other things over the years, ya know?"

Primrose: Primrose blushed when he called her beautiful. There was something frightfully genuine about it. She wasn't sure if it was wishful thinking, but it felt like he was coming around to her. Prim still didn't trust him fully, but she was coming around to maybe not putting him up first if she was HoH. Even if he was only pretending to like her, as long as he kept up the act he was useful. She smiled and said, "Not before. I am still an actress. I have every plan to get back to it once I can defend myself out there. I'll come back after of course, but I have to get back into it. I miss it so much." Her eyes drifted dreamily into space. "I'm not super surprised you haven't seen anything I've been in. I started with a kids show, "Ellie's Epic Tale". It was cute, but probably not your thing."

Emelio: He noticed the dreamily look in her eyes and it irritated him, because there was no use for dreams in the real world, because they very rarely came true. He wanted to tell her to stop dreaming and to get over it, but he stopped himself yet again. It was truly inspiring how much restraint he was showing right now and later on he would probably have to show much more. "I'm sure you'll do well as an actress and I'm sure you're very talented. Plus you have a Hollywood look about you." He wanted to add The dumb blonde, but again he stopped himself. "No, probably not, but I wouldn't be opposed to checking it out, but only if you'll watch it with me."

Primrose: Prim snapped back to Earth as he spoke. The faintest look of restraint passed over his face, but was gone more quickly than it had came. She smirked. She knew him well enough by now to know he had crueler thoughts playing through his mind, but she respected him for showing a little congeniality. "Definitely not," she snickered, "if we're watching something of mine it's not going to be the kid's show. We're watching "Behind Closed Doors". It's a thriller series. I'm not in the first season, but I'm in two. I won't tell you if I survive season two though." She winked. Prim was positive he would have nothing, but nice things to say about the show. She wasn't as sure he would have nothing, but kind thoughts, but she saw improvement and it delighted her.

Emelio: He took note of the females smirk, finding it a little funny, but he didn't say anything about it. Instead he decided that it was best to continue on with the act he was currently putting on even if Primrose was able to see through it. It wasn't like the others would be able to do the same. "Yeah, that is probably a better idea. I don't really like sitting around watching kids shows." His expression turned to obvious interest as she brought up a thriller series, those kinds of shows were his favorite and he'd definitely give it a watch if it was actually any good. He had a feeling that it probably was especially if it had been renewed for a second season. "I'd be down to watch it."

Primrose: Prim was happy to hear his interest, it almost sounded genuine. She smiled and threw some hair over her shoulder. "Well, then let's do it. I might be able to get my hands on the first season in the house. Although, I'm sure. Big Brother is pretty strict about what they let in here. Maybe after you're eliminated and I've won we can watch it." Prim gave a sly smile and watched carefully to see how he would react. This was the ultimate test. Would he get angry and blow up, or could he volley back a playful insult?

Emelio: His eyebrow rose when he heard what she had said and normally it was something that would piss him off, but he decided to brush it off and not bother with. "I think it's too early to say that just yet, this competition has a weird way of weeding out people." He ran his hand through his hair before he finally stood up. "Let me know when you're able to get your hands on it. I'm more than down to watch it with you." with that said, he walked out of the living room and back towards his room.


A common area for all houseguests, it probably isn't the safest place to talk game, more for casual conversations and grabbing some snacks or making dinner. If you're careless enough to talk game you may want to keep it to a whisper. Anyone can roleplay here!

Lilith and Ryurik

Lilith: Walking into the kitchen she made a straight shot for the fridge. Opening it slightly she peered inside and pulled out a small bottle of grape juice with a smile. She pulled down a glass and poured herself a glass before returning the bottle to the fridge. She turned around leaning against the counted and taking a sip of the grape juice thinking about how she would strategize to win this competition.

Ryurik: He strides into the kitchen, dodging the hanging lights as he head for the pantry. Seeing someone at the counter, he decides to be friendly at the start. "Hey, see you've settled in." As he talks, he starts pulling stuff out for a sandwich, roaming from the pantry, to the fridge, to the counter.

Lilith: She looked up as someone entered the room and nodded slightly when he spoke. "Yeah this place is huge but I think I've got myself all ready and settled. My name is Lilith, it's a pleasure to meet you giant man." She giggled slightly a smile playing on her lips again because he really was a huge man compared to her small self.

Ryurik: He glances over with a friendly smile. "Ryurik. And a pleasure indeed." Turning his attention back to food, he continues to assemble his sandwich with just about everything you can fit between two slices of bread. "Ive just dropped my stuff off. Needed something to eat first."

Lilith: She lifted herself onto the counter and let her feet kick lightly. "I understand that." She couldn't help but giggle at the size of the sandwich. "That's a giant sandwich though Ryurik, how do you plan to eat that thing?" She giggled slightly taking another drink of her grape juice. "So what do you think of all this? The competition I mean. Are you excited or nervous?"

Ryurik: Looking back over to her as he finishes up, "Honestly I don't know. Excited to get to do something, but having not much of an idea how this whole thing work. Guess I'm here for a good time, and maybe a long time but we'll see." He grabs the sandwich, almost making it look normal sized in his hands. Smirking now at her, "and just like this." He squishes the sandwich down just a bit before taking a bite, not having too much difficulty.

Lilith: She watched wide eyed as Ryurik managed to put the massive sandwich in his mouth. "I could never eat that without a knife or fork." She chuckled a bit but nodded slowly. "I'm not sure what to think either. I feel like I need to think alliance wise because I'm not very challenge inclined. But I haven't met many of the other members of the house to know who would make good alliances and who would just stab me in the back."

Ryurik: He nods as he chews on the first bite. "Now that I understand. Some people I'm sure are going to use their powers to get advatanges, and absolutely people are going to sleep their way into alliances. We have to find a way ourselves, however that maybe." He takes another bite of his food, heading to the fridge and grabbing a can of beer.

Lilith: "Well I'm already giving my try at it. I'm talking to anyone whose ear will listen. And trying to be friendly as possible. I can't sleep my way to the top and my powers can't really help me considering I'm only versed in my puppet control magic." She frowned a bit before hopping off the counter. "But we shouldn't be caught talking like this too early in the game. Just know I've got your back, or as much of it as I can reach you giant man." She giggled and tapped the man on the forearm and turned leaving the kitchen after setting her empty glass in the sink.

Ryurik: "Fair enough, take care then. I'll see what I can get done then." He smiles down at her as he cracks open the can and takes a swig before returning to eating.

Primrose and Andres

Primrose: Primrose hadn't eaten much since entering the Big Brother house. How could she? With the constant twists and turns Prim could hardly keep the banana she had eaten in the morning down all day. The nominations were out and the POV competition had begun. Prim wanted none of it. She didn't want to send anyone home, but eventually she would have to. She almost hoped the POV competition would go on for days to postpone the voting. Until then, she had to eat something. She went into the kitchen and scoured the fridge, praying to her mother for a strawberry yogurt. Her prayers were answered and she sat down to eat.

Andrés:Unlike Prim, Andrés ate like three. The lack of weed didn't deter his munchies. The miami native strolls into the kitchen, some headphones in, walking with a certain latin swagger that comes from the confidence of his city. He's wearing some yellow purple swim shorts, denoting he's probably gonna go chill in the pool after eating, and a towel over his shoulders. In his shamelessness, he's left his camisa's behind. "Aye, que hay?" He nods his head at Prim, shooting her a morning half smile. The hungry guy makes a beeline to the Freezer. Chinga, todavia tenemos helado. He pulls out the ice cream. "How's your morning going hermosa?"

Primrose:Primrose spun around, slightly startled by the new arrival. Her eyes searched him quickly, and she hoped discreetly. Prim was finding she agreed with Alex more and more. She was surrounded by very attractive boys. She grabbed her yogurt and turned her whole body towards Andres. She certainly noticed that he was in a swim suit, but he was obviously dry. She figured he planned to eat and then swim, just like her. She was in her own pink two piece swim suit. She smiled cheerfully at him and said, "I can't complain. I'm not excited to vote, but hopefully we have some time before then. How are you... uh... chico"

Andrés:He moves past her slightly, going for a spoon in the kitchen cabinet. Aha! It's not long before he's scooping the ice cream into his mouth. "Uhh....Pretty...good.." he says between bites. "Sorry... this is so good.. hijuemadre!...Wanna try..some?" Andrés motions the pint towards her, small ice cream mustache making his expression of inquiry funnier. He moves to pull another spoon out of the kitchen cabinet. The freezer looked like it had more ice cream anyways, for after his swim.+

Primrose: Prim's eyes moved up and down Andres again as he pushed the ice cream toward her. Before he even offered her a spoon, she plucked his out of his fingers and scooped some out for herself. "I love ice cream," she sighed happily, "hope you don't mind sharing?" She smiled cheekily at him and licked some ice cream off of her lip. If she was going to start to play the flirtation game, this was a great chance to do it and she knew how to play the flirtation game. Andres wasn't a bad mark for it either and she liked her chances with him better than most of the other guys. She took a single finger and brushed at the top of her lip in a purposefully vague warning. Andres, as she had planned looked at her confused and she took the opportunity to sweep her index finger over the top of his lip and wipe off the ice cream. She smiled again, but this time more sheepishly, like a school girl in love. Then without a moments hesitation she popped the finger into her mouth. "So it looks like you're going for a swim. Mind if I join you?"

Andrés: Oh? He hadn't taken her for the type. Sweet, and in this instance, cute, surprises come to those who don't expect them. Andrés quickly stops his attempt to get another spoon. "We can do anything you want in the pool," he replies slyly. The 5'10 demigod steps closer to the small girl, now a breath away from her, looking down with curiosity and amusement. "First things first though, cabrona." He bends a little, his face coming close to hers. In low, reverberating murmur, he says, "I want some more ice cream." The son of Melinoe gently grabs onto the ice cream pint, hands purposefully, and unavoidably on hers. Supongo que no es tan inocente como se pinta, pero chinga, qiuen es en esta casa?

Primrose: Prim allowed herself to blush at his retort. She figured it would look stranger if she didn't blush than if she did. His hand was resting on hers as they both held on to the pint of ice cream. Prim never knew someone could make ice cream so... sexual, but she wasn't upset about it. On the contrary, this is exactly how she had planned everything to go. She took the spoon that was still in her hand and gently scooped some more ice cream onto it. With as much care as she could, she made sure to maintain eye contact while she ate it, then she held the spoon out in front of her with a coy grin. "Be my guest."

Andrés:He gives her the once over. Aphrodite seems to have favored her quite a bit. Shit, A la verga! Andrés decides to just go for it. "Sabes que? Ice cream's better in the pool." The demigod grabs the spoon with his mouth, moves his hands from the ice cream to her waist, and picks her up. He knew she'd be light, he just didn't realie how light. Ella puede comer mas helado si quiere, no me he opeusto a unos rollitos. He carefully puts her on his shoulder, knowing she still has the ice cream. The towel is probably the only thing between her and his bare shoulder. Reminds him of one time with one of his friends, when they had broken into his aunt's pool to mess around... He'd been the small one then. Andrés shakes his head. "Vamos cabrona." He rushes towards the backyard, laughing as he goe, nearing and nearing the pool. He hasn't decided yet how she or him are going in.

Meila and Frankie

  • Frankie: Frankie sat at one of the islands, eating a mango with a contented look on her face. The first round of nominations and eliminations kind of gave her a mean whiplash though if she had to be honest. Not to mention almost everyone was running around, whispering and planning and associating with each other so there really hasn't been a quiet moment in the house. Today was a blessing though, so Frankie should enjoy the quiet while it lasts.
  • Meila: shuffled into the kitchen in bunny slippers and took a unimpressed look around the room when she noticed some cabinets left open. Yes, they were demigods, but some of them just lived like uncivilized monsters. Or maybe that was just her inner strict parent seeping out... Either way, it was getting on her nerves, and the tiny frown on her face made that known as she went about the kitchen, closing cabinets. Before she closed the last open cabinet, she grabbed a pack of cookies, because it's not like she didn't come in here for nothing, before shutting the cabinet door and turning around. And then when she notice Frankie, looking content and go at a mango. She raised her eyebrows in surprised, sure that she would've seen the demigoddess earlier—but apparently not. She hesitated, wondering if she should say hi, and then gave the girl a gentle, shy wave before tearing the cookie package open.
  • Frankie: She was halfway through another spoonful of sweet, delicious, juicy mango when Frankie noticed that she wasn't alone in the kitchen anymore. Frankie recognises the newcomer as the PoV winner from the first rounds. She's one of the nicer, quieter ones from what Frankie observed. Frankie's initial observations were further solidified by the greeting she received and she greeted back with a wave of her own.
  • Meila: Networking, Meila, networking she reminded herself as she took out a cookie. A second later, she turned back to Frankie and approached her, sitting down across from her, rather spontaneously might she add. She was slightly irritated at her legs taking the initiative without discussing this with her mind first but whatever, she was here now. "Hi... Frankie, right?"
  • Frankie: "Hi," she responds. Being approached by the other girl was unexpected, though not unwelcome. At least it wasn't anyone who could easily ruin her day or something. Eh, small mercies. "Yep, that's me. Meila, right?"

Meila and Theia

  • Theia: To Theia, the kitchen was a bit too big. She didn't need this much space. However, she was sharing with at least 25 other people so she did kind of understand. However, rarely did she see everyone in the kitchen at the same time. Theia knew she should be talking to people (excluding one person in particular) but she felt rather...well, shy. For once in her life-shy. She's been told she has a, whatever this means, 'resting bitch face' and is the definition of confident and some have told her that they've been intimidated by her. However, she felt strange in that she never felt confident-especially with people. Especially in a place where she didn't really know what she was doing. She was doing alright in the games and kind of grasped the concept. But even then, she wondered if she was in over her head. Pulling out a bottle of orange juice, she went looking for a glass in one of the hundreds of cupboards.
  • Meila: Meila could definitely understand the struggle of being in a social contest and being unable to really get yourself out there. Talking to people? Not her forte. She's a great public speaker, but a social butterfly? Not so much. But if you ever want to get anywhere in life, it's all about networking, that's one thing her dad taught her. And she had to start networking sometime. Meila glanced over at Theia and shot her a nice, friendly smile. Good start, now go from there, she thought to herself. And after a moment's hesitation, walked over to Theia with the intention of starting conversation.
  • Theia: Theia smiled just in time. She almost missed the smile. But she caught it just in time. "Chaotic, right?" She said. Like Meila, she wasn't the best at being social. So that was the best she came up with.

Alex's Pasta  Mission

  • Alex: Pasta had always been one of Alex's main comforts in life. He had most of his happiest memories wrapped around sitting at the kitchen counter with his nonna and making noodles from scratch. The smell of fresh marinara filled their home all day long as they slaved to make enough food for the whole neighborhood. After the first week in Big Brother, Alex felt the need to de-stress with some pasta making as he did back home. He whistled as he grabbed the ingredients from the counter for the noodles. He wondered how much he should make, or if everyone even liked spaghetti. "Who doesn't like spaghetti?" He asked himself out loud as he began making the flour well. 
  • Primrose: Prim stepped into the kitchen cheerfully. She had been sunning herself for the better part of the day and felt rejuvenated. Being the granddaughter of Apollo, Prim always felt better after a good sunbathe session. Her hair was tied up loosely in a ponytail and it swished around as she skipped behind Alex. Wrapping him a hug she said, "Hi, little chef! What are you making?" She walked around the bar and perched onto a stool.
  • Alex: "Hi Prim!" Alex responded as he wiped some flour off of his cheek, "I was thinking about spaghetti, but I could do cavatappi instead!" Alex contemplated the pros and cons of each pasta but couldn't decide on which one. He had just finished mixing the flour and eggs together and started to knead when Prim showed up so he still had time to decide before committing to one type. Mac n' Cheese or marinara, what a hard choice to make. "What do you think I should do? I guess we could ask what other people like?" He asked Prim.
  • Primrose: "Well, cavatappi is my favorite as you well know, and everyone likes mac n' cheese. In fact if someone doesn't like mac n' cheese I'd vote them out then and there." Prim smiled at her joke and pulled her ponytail a little tighter. "But if you want other opinions I'm sure we could find someone."


A more private area for all houseguests to use, it's a great place to talk game with allies or a good place if you need some alone time. Careful if you're talking game though, someone could open the door at any minute. Anyone can roleplay here!

Protection Plan

  • Rhys: Rhys hadn't thought he'd find himself in a position he'd need allies, but as it became abundantly clear it was the best way to survive this game, he'd begun to assess who would make for the best options. Ragnar, Bastien and Caleb were cool enough and absolute no-brainers, but beyond that, he'd struggled a bit. With that in mind, he had let them both know to meet him down at the lounge, but had remained vague in hopes as little people as possible would realize.
  • Caleb: Having not fared off well at all at the HoH competion, he'd at leat figured that the odds of going home were minimal when 22 other demigods besides him could be the ones sent packing, but now that the Pool had been reduced to only half that, he'd understood that he would need to find a good alliance,  if only to float for the meantime, so he heeded Rhys and met him down at the lounge, closing the door behind him. "What's up, man?"
  • Bastien: The first round of the competition had come to an end and Bastien was quickly adapting to the flow of things. Sure he didn’t do so well to start but, next time he’d be sure come out on top or at least safe from the nomination. Wanting to keep options open, Bastien accepted Rhys invite to the lounge and arrived shortly after Caleb had, shuttling the door after him. “Was about the ask the same thing myself...” The son of Hades voiced after hearing Caleb, curious as to what Rhys might have to offer.

Alice and Andres

Alice: Alice made her way to the lounge. After seeing how the Power of Veto games went, she was very concerned that Mercury was going to be voted off, or worse, her. She needed a moment to breathe and figure out what her next move was going to be. Or maybe a nice distraction would come along and she could put it off until later

Andrés: In the end, he lost. It's no chip on his shoulder though, not with such great houseguests. He definitely has no problem with them. Fact, once this contest is over, he's ready to make them homies. He's freshly showered, with an interesting scent on him, chilling listening to music as he rolls through the house. Donde es un buen lugar para hang out? Andrés stops before Lounge, looking down at him to make sure he's decent. Annnddd he has clothes, great, some basketball gym shorts and a black tank top. It's enough. Andrés opens the door, noticing someone's already here. He gives Alice a lopsided smile. "What's up cabrona?"

Alice: Snapping out of her thoughts and suddenly realizing she's not alone, Alice quickly stands. "Oh, um, hi. I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting anyone else to be here. Then again this is a public-ish, place." After realizing that she's rambling, Alice looks down for a second to compose herself. "I'm sorry, I don't think I quite caught what you said." She sticks out her hand. "I'm Alice. I saw you in the Power of Veto contest. You did fairly well. Sorry, you didn't win."

Andrés: He shrugs, waving a hand. He goes and flops onto the soft Lounge bed/couch area. His muscles needed the rest. "Noy hay problema. Devon is cool, wey. He seems kind of ambitious so, it's going to be interesting seeing what he does. And that Meila?" He whistles lowly. "Ella es una bestia. She's a beast. Kind of want to get to know her but... she seems a bit quiet. Le esto hechando el ojo." He means it in both the ways that can be interpreted.

Lilith and Prim

Lilith: After the last elimination having gone off without so much as a hiccup Lilith was allowing herself to feel a bit more comfortable in her position in the competition. She went to the lounge in some much more comfortable clothes than normal, option for a pair of black sweat pants and an oversized hoodie. She curled up on the couch in the lounge settling in to meditate for a bit and allow her mind to empty and stop revolving around the game. Primrose: Prim watched as Lilith slink into the lounge and thought about joining her. She wasn't sure if Lilith wanted to be alone, but since she considered her a friend she was sure Lilith wouldn't mind her company. Prim popped her head in and saw Lilith all curled up in her oversized clothes. "Hey Lili," Prim started, "mind if I join you?"

Lilith: She looked up at the sound of Prims voice and smiled softly. "Of course come in come in Prim. How are you feeling? Things have been a whirlwind here in this big house so Im just taking a day to rest." She adjusted slightly so she would be sitting more upright to speak to her friend.

Primrose: Prim entered the room and sat down across from Lilith. She sighed and cupped her face in her hands. "To be honest," she said, "I'm kind of scared." Her blue eyes started to well up with tears and she quickly started to wipe them away. "I don't know why, but I just feel like someone I care about is going to go home this week. Frankie seems really nice, but I don't trust her and I'm just terrified." Tears began to roll down her cheeks freely now. "I don't want to go up. I really don't. Maybe that's selfish, but I'm having so much fun and I'm starting to think maybe I can win this you know?"

Lilith: She moved from her seat quickly and sat next to Prim and rest a hand on her shoulder. "Hey fear is only natural especially in a game like this it means you're still in this thing and have a fighting chance. Its not selfish to not want to be on that voting block and wanting to win. We all have a strong hope of winning this thing. Now hush sweet flower. If things go Atama no ue ni o shiri (ass over head) you know i have your back." She smiled softly and rubbed small circles between Prim's shoulders to calm her down.

Primrose: Prim threw her arms around Lilith and sniffled. "Thank you." She hugged her more tightly and sighed heavily. "I'm sorry, I think I just needed to get that out. You're a really good friend Lilith. I have your back too. When this is all over let's get tea together or something."

Lilith: When Prim pulled Lilith into a hug her face glowed with a smile and she lightly wrapped her arms around her friend. "I'm glad I could be here for you Prim. And tea sounds absolutely lovely I can't wait." She had her own fears about the upcoming Veto ceremony having never spoken with Frankie she wasn't sure how things would pan out.

Bedroom One

One of four bedrooms in the house. If you're not Head of Household you could be sleeping in this room. You might want to get comfortable, things'll be cramped the first few weeks so you'll probably be sharing beds. Anyone can roleplay here!

  • Lilith: The wide eyed puppeteer walked between the three rooms slowly thinking. She spotted Andres and Lexi in the third room, the only houseguests she had seen to this point, and waved smiling before moving on. She found herself drawn to the first room and took the bed in the corner. She took the small backpack from off her back and sat it near the pillows placing herself on the foot of the bed. She pulled a small marionet out of the bag and began to play with it waiting for something else of note to happen, like someone joining her in the bedroom.
  • Theia: Theia saw everyone heading to room three and beelined for another one: room one. Maybe it'd be quieter. Dumping her duffel bag onto a free bed, she eyed Lilith before smiling. "Hey," she said. To be honest, she'd never watched an episode of Big Brother and not quite sure of what she signed up for. "That's a puppet, right?" Theia hadn't seen a lot of them, having lived in a secluded island up until two years ago. Whilst she has a grapple on most things in this world-niche areas, such as marionettes fell between the lines.
  • Lilith: She looked up and smiled at the girl as she entered the room. She danced with puppet as she spoke to the other girl. "Konnichiwa. Yes this is a puppet. Not as impressive as my combat ones but still a dear friend to me." She smiled at the puppet and whispered softly to it and a black sigyl flashed and the puppet continued to dance as she stood up, smoothing her skirt in the process, and bowed slightly at the waist. "My name is Lilith and its a pleasure to meet you!"
  • Primrose: After saying her hellos to her own roommates, Prim glided over to Room One. Once there, she knocked lightly on the doorframe. With a beaming grin, she stepped into the room and clasped her hands together. "Hi! I'm Prim. I'm staying in Room Three. I just wanted to make some introductions before things get... you know started."
  • Rhys: Rhys hadn't realized Theia had also chosen this room prior to deciding on it; hell, he didn't even know she was in this competition. But when he walked into that room, dropped his duffel bad on the biggest-looking bed, and heard Theia's voice... well, he couldn't hold in his startled laugh. He waited for Primrose and Lilith to finish speaking first, minding his manners, but he was still otherwise quick to nod at Theia, "So now you're joining the same competitions as me? If you wanted to spend time together, you could have just said so, Theia!"
  • Theia: If Theia hadn't been already unpacking, she would have grabbed the bag and left the second she heard that voice. Turning her head, she stared at Rhys. "I was here first. You're clearly the one wanting to spend more time with me. But you're free to leave. I hear room two has some space." His smile was still infuriating, if you asked her. Then she turned to smile at the other two girls. "Theia! Nice to meet you."
  • Celaena: Celaena leaned against the frame of the door with what appeared to be a rather neutral expression, her olive-colored eyes scanning the room and occupants before she made the final decision to move toward an empty bed. Slinging both bags haphazardly onto the mattress, Celaena claimed it as her own like a wolf marking her territory. This room had far less people than the rest and she really didn't care which room she got at the end of the day - all of them were equally terrible in their own ways. Dropping down onto the blankets as her auburn hair spread out behind her, the daughter of Hecate gazed up at the ceiling while the others conversed. It appeared some contestants were already acquainted with one another.
  • Primrose: Primrose squeaked with delight and in a sing-songy voice said, "I'm so excited for everything to start, aren't you? Oh, Theia I just adore your hair! And, uh, I didn't catch your name but your doll is super cute! You must be Rhys then? Pleasure to meet you." Prim stopped for a moment and looked over at the red haired girl splayed across one of the beds. She looked like she was in "Do Not Disturb" mode. Introductions with her would have to wait. "Well, it was lovely meeting you all! See you around"
  • Lilith: So many people were here and there were a lot of big personalities here. She smiled as Primrose commented on her doll. The new girl looked like she didn't want anything to do with anyone right this moment so she decided to leave her alone even though she recognized her from Hecate cabin. She looked at Theia and realized things between her and the boy would be tense as long as they were all in the room. She smiled and picked up the doll dropping it into her bag before placing a light hand on Theia's arm. "I'm going to go see what they have to drink. I hope we will be friends here." She smiled slightly and then left the room heading towards the kitchen.
  • Bastien: Bastien met Lilith at the door, giving her a quick excuse me as they crossed paths. He'd taken his time choosing the room he'd be staying in and after observing which contestant went into which room, Bastien choose bedroom one as the place to be. It wasn't as full as room three, though with his addition it probably was, and wasn't as empty as bedroom two. With that, he moved deeper into the room and set his bags on one of the empty bed, examining the other people in the room carefully, deciding who he'd make acquaintances with first. Theia and Rhys seemed to know each other already and then there was Calaena, who seemed to not care about meeting anyone. Bastien wasn't one to shy away from a challenge so, he turned in the direction of the daughter of Hecate and gave her a lopsided grin. "The names Bastien, and you are?"
  • Celaena: She closed her eyes and gently stretched out her arms, a familiar sensation of euphoria peaking as her muscles contracted and moved after being so coiled with tension. Bastien's voice barely caught her attention at first so when she flicked her eyes open to peer at him, she found her gaze roaming rather quickly over his form. Celaena delicately rolled from her back to her stomach and crossed her legs behind her, propping her chin up in her hands as her elbows dug into the blankets. He was the first person who bothered to even try greeting her which was slightly amusing, so she offered him a simple, "hello." The redhead allowed her gaze to find his face again, unable to contain the wisp of smirk forming. "Celaena," she finally revealed to Bastien, her nose wrinkling out of habit.
  • Caleb: Aware that he's probably one of the last people to enter the Big Brother household, Caleb tries not to make too much noise as he drags his medium-sized suitcase behind him, assessing all of the bedrooms quickly and finding that the one that catches his attention the most is the mostly-sober olive-green one. Not a fan of the whole furnishings, he can't help but to scrunch his nose gently in distaste. Finding that all of the beds seem to be already occupied either by a demigod or a piece of luggage, the son of Hermes purses his lips and looks around at his new roommates, "Uh, hey. Summers here. Are any of you guys willing to share your beds?" Despite being a confident man, asking such a thing was never comfortable, so he anxiously drummed his fingers against his thigh as he awaited for a response.
  • Rhys: Rhys looks over at Primrose at the mention of his name, smiling politely and offering a wave of his hand. "Rhys. Poseidon." Does he know how she found out his name? No. Does it confuse him? Yes. Will he push her about it? No, not really; maybe there was a posting somewhere? The flurry of people distracts him momentarily from the conversation he'd been having, but Caleb's arrival serves as a decent reminder. He smiles at him and gestures at his bed as he tugs his duffel over with his free hand. "Go for it, man. Might end up bunking with my buddy Theia over there anyways," Rhys smirks as he jerks his head over at the daughter of Ares.
  • Theia: Theia bit her tongue, deciding to try and be the bigger person in this relationship. "If you really want to," she said through a humourless smile. Hopefully, Rhys was just poking fun at her for a reaction and wasn't actually being serious. "But yeah, take whatever bed you want. And I'm Theia, Ares." Theia was acutely aware she'd been ignoring everyone because of her initial reaction over Rhys and gazed over everyone before looking back to Caleb. "I don't think we'll be too crowded."

Theia and Rhys

  • Rhys: When Rhys awakens, the first thing he does is roll over in hopes of actually catching a few extra hours of sleep. However, he's quick to remember he's sleeping in the same bed as someone else, but only because his arms are wrapped firmly around her slender figure, with one of them having lost all sense of feeling beyond dead weight. Coming to this realization is an exhilarating experience, where his heart almost falls to his stomach and his face turns a soft red. I did not, he thinks, already dreading anyone's reaction if they were to find out. Which, looking around the room and realizing there's nobody else there, seems very likely. Not groaning audibly out of some consideration for Theia, he simply heaves a sigh and drops his head on the pillow. His eyes flutter shut and he tries to get his breath to even out by steady inhales and exhales. No, you know what? Let's just let Theia wake up and deal with this first. Plus he kind of likes the warmth of her body against his own. Whatever. It gets cold at night.

Bedroom Two

One of four bedrooms in the house. If you're not Head of Household you could be sleeping in this room. You might want to get comfortable, things'll be cramped the first few weeks so you'll probably be sharing beds. Anyone can roleplay here!

Andrew: The first to enter bedroom two, Andrew smirks wryly. "Free pickin's," he murmured, in a slight southern accent. Andrew unslung a wide olive-drab duffelbag from his shoulders and set it on the floor at the foot of the bed closest to the door. His stomach rumbles and he realizes he hasn't eaten yet today. Hopefully free pickin's at the kitchen too, Andrew thinks to himself as he walks out of the room, leaving his duffelbag still packed on the floor.

Mercury: Mercury had entered the house, expressionless but on the inside, he was ecstatic. His dark brown eyes had took in every small detail of the large, modern house before moving onto the bedrooms. The son of Aglaea had peaked into the first bedroom, but decided that it wasn't his tastes. Moving onto the second room, it was rather colourful, but absolute hell on his senses. But, Mercury would rather have a larger bed than something with tacky flames. He rubbed his eyes - the neon clashing with neon - and heaved his bag upon a bed a little further from the door. He took a water bottle from his duffel bag that sat upon his hard plastic suitcase and took a couple gulps before taking out a book he was currently reading, flipping to the page that was doggy-eared.

Alice: Alice's black platform boots hit with a resounding thud as she peeked into each of the different rooms before deciding she liked bedroom three the best. Whilst the colors weren't her favorite she liked the aesthetic of the room the best. She rolled her wheeled suitcase up to an empty bed and sat down, testing the mattress. She looked over at Mercury whom she recognized but had never actually spoken too. He seemed very interested in his book so she decided to leave him be for now. Alice knew she should probably interact with people, but she figured that they wanted to get settled in before anything major happened so gaming instead it was. She opened her suitcase and pulled out her switch case then her switch itself. The joycons were neon pink and neon green. Grabbing her earbuds she leaned back on the bed and started playing Pokemon Sword.

Aaron: Aaron sauntered into the room, there was an open bed against the wall, so he walked over and claimed it by placing his backpack and duffel on the mattress. He was pretty sure he'd over packed, but i twas too late to do anything about it now. He had already checked the first room, which was too dark, and the third room which was too crowded. While Aaron didn't love the color pallet, it wasn't terrible in the second room. He was interested in what was going to happen next, as he unpacked a few of his things. After changing his hoodie, he plopped down on his bed, and started messily scratching an image in his sketchbook to pass the time.

Alex: Alex's red curls bounced up and down as he nervously made his way into the bedroom. He was supposed to share the same bedroom as Prim, but he got nervous and ended up here instead. He didn't mind the room though, there was a cuteness to it that reminded him of his room back home. Already settled in, were some others who claimed their beds already. Alex walked over to a small unoccupied one in the corner and began to unpack his suitcase. Hesitantly, he placed an Oddish Pokemon Plush with the rest of his pillows and quickly put away his clothes. He wasn't sure why he was so nervous about coming off as a geek, maybe it was because he was younger than almost everyone else, or maybe just wanted to fit. Everyone else seemed nice, and one was even playing a Switch, so hopefully, it wouldn't be too bad. 

Mercury: The young man glanced up from his book as he heard the rustling of a couple others enter the bedroom. While Mercury had expected more people, he still felt a bit claustrophobic. It was easily to dismiss, but the only regret he had was not bringing an MP3 player or and iPod for music, since he was without his phone and his music was on his device. His warm, brown eyes fell upon Alice - he had seen her quite a number of times, but he was quite socially inept, not just from his disorder - and her Switch. Smart, he thought. Now, he was regretting not bringing any of his electronics to keep him occupied. Mercury simply stared at the Switch and the neon coloured controllers, wondering what games she had installed. Maybe it was Tetris? Or the Nintendo Online downloads? He still had his 3DS with various Pokemon games along with his old DS games. Maybe they could play together some time.

Alice: Peeking up from her den raid Alice saw that two more people had entered the room. There weren't many beds and she suddenly grew concered that she woulf have to share a bed with a boy. If she had to share she wanted to pick who it was going to be. Glancing at each of the boys, she decided that Mercury was probably her best bet if worst came to worst. Trying to not think about that, Alice saved her game and put away her switch. She got up and headed towards Alex whom she had noticed had a Pokemon plush.

"Nice Oddish. Is that your favorite 'mon?"

Alex: Alex cleared his throat before speaking in the hopes he could avoid an unfortunate voice crack. "Yeah! There is something so cute about it I can't help but love. I'm a grass type lover through and through!" Alex smiled trying to hold back his entire body from overflowing with anxiety. He always struggled to make friends and really hoped Prim would come to save him, but it looked like this was up to him. "I'm Alexandros! But you can call me Alex..or Lex! It's nice to meet you!"

Alice: "I'm more of an ice trainer myself. Glaceon and Frosmoth. I'm Alice, it's nice to meet you as well. Excited for the upcoming contests? I wonder what kind of things they'll have us do." She stuffs her hands in the pockets of her dress, fiddling with a little charm that just so happened to be a rainbow.

Alex: "Ice types are severely underrated. Even though I'm not a huge fan of the cold, I think they are pretty neat. I love Frosmoth!" Alex felt a little more comfortable now that the ice had been broken. Even if everyone seemed to be a little intimidating, there were at least a few nice people to meet. "You know," Alex said, "I really have no idea what will happen! It's why I'm glad I'm doing this with my friend Prim." Then the realization dawned on him that he was supposed to find Prim by now. He looked around awkwardly and waved at Alice, "I have to go find her now actually! It was nice meeting you though!" Alex skittered out of the bedroom and headed off to the backyard. He hoped he didn't come off as too weird.

Alice: She nods and watches as Alex leaves. "So much for that, I guess." And with that Alice's stomach started growling. "Right on schedule." Checking her watch she realized that is was later than she had expected. "I guess it's time for me to eat. Anyone want to follow?" She looked at the other two boys for their responses.

Mercury: He had witnessed the exchange between the two campers, face still remaining expressionless, but if his puppy eyes were to give anything away, Mercury had a curious light in them. Though, he didn't really understand the awkward aura of the conversation. However, he perked up at the mention of food, brows raised a bit and standing, placing his book down on his bed. "I'll go," he spoke, voice void of any emotion.

Bedroom Three

One of four bedrooms in the house. If you're not Head of Household you could be sleeping in this room. You might want to get comfortable, things'll be cramped the first few weeks so you'll probably be sharing beds. Anyone can roleplay here!

Picking Rooms

  • Andrés: All the rooms are quite cool, but he'd be kidding himself if he wasn't into the tacky flames. Plus, Room Two was a little too trippy for the stoner. "Hay mi madre," he mumbles, small smile forming as he rolls his suitcase in. "No hagas nada estupido" his dead abuelita chimes in from the corner she's hovering in. The old bat never left him alone. Andrés flops down on the center bed, picking the king bed because, well, he's a king. He rolls over and watches to see who else will room with him.
  • Lexi: While none of the rooms were necessarily Lexi's taste in furnishings, she felt like the room with the comforters that had tacky flames would perhaps bring in some life to the room. Those who picked it she was sure would be entertaining, and after all, that's why she was in the house. Walking in and setting her bag down on an open bed, she saw Andrés and smiled. "I see we have the same taste in ugly comforters." She said lightheartedly.
  • Primrose: Primrose skipped into the third bedroom, elated that it was finally starting. She placed her stuff on the bed she wanted, but didn't notice the boy in the center bed. Humming to herself, she began to unpack. She wasn't a huge fan of the flames, but the wallpaper was nice. When she's done, she spins around and notices Andres and Lexi for the first time. With a small squeak, she smiles and says, "Oh, hi! You scared me. I'm Prim."
  • Andrés: His mind is clear in the way he likes it, but it'll likely be the only time it's this way. His a bowl-a-day dream will have to wait. Andrés smiles at Lexi's comment, tisking lightly."Que puedo decir, these beds looked comfortable. Like I could actual sleep in them." He turns his head to Prim, nodding in greeting. "Aye, Que tal? I'm Andrés, son of Melinoe's , or whatever." He shifts his body weight so he's sitting up, and able to look at them directly.
  • Primrose: Prim smiled brightly. She had no idea what Andres had said be she knew it was a question. She just didn't know what tal meant. She would have to think it over, but in the interim she said, "I'm a daughter of Aphrodite. I'm in Lexi's cabin, though we haven't officially met yet. Nice to meet ya!" She waved excitedly and threw her hair over her shoulder. "I'm going to make some rounds to say hi! See you guys!"
  • Ryurik: After just having moved out of the why for the young girl, he ducks into the room after the looking over the others as music blasts in his headphones. He glances over the room taking note of the others already in there, nodding to them. "Привет (Privet-Hello)" He narrows his eyes at the guy taking up the biggest bed for himself. Shaking his head, he strides over and drops his duffel the next decent sized bed available. He sets his headphone and music by the pillow, heading back to the door. He turns to the others before he walks out, "Ryurik, by the way."
  • Devon: Devon walks into the room dressed to nines head to toe in a Brioni suit, lugging a Gucci luggage bag behind him. He had just gotten off a company conference call a mere hour before he was scheduled to arrive at the Big Brother house. Otherwise, he would have chosen something less attention-grabbing and perhaps more comfortable, but time was something he didn't have. As he enters the room, he takes in the surrounding. This was a far cry from his penthouse suite and while it isn't his style, there is a certain flair to the tacky decor. He wastes no time in making himself at home as he takes a seat on the bed that Andrés was already on and begins unpacking some casual clothes—a Balenciaga hoodie among other things. He loosens his tie and introduces himself to his new roommates with a smile, "I guess that means I'm next. I'm Devon, son of Ares."
  • Rocky: "Is this where the party's at?" He asked as he walked into the room, a duffel bag slung over his shoulder. He quickly surveyed the people around him, trying to decide which one of them to flirt with, and he immediately knew it was going to be a hard decision because counting everyone he's passed by, and those in the room, there were a lot of attractive people in the Big Brother House this season.
  • Andrés: The demigod can't but raise an eyebrow at Devon, looking like an entire meal in that suit. He has dressed in a similar manner previously (dinner parties with his aunt call's for the occasion), but hadn't thought to walk in with such style. It really put his purple hoodie and stained black jeans to shame. Even the hydro dipped air jordan's couldn't compare. He glances down at himself- No hay comparación. "Uy, quién pidió pollo?" He can't help but whistle. "You make quite the entrance cabrón. Feel free to sleep on my bed, man." The next guy that walks in also isn't terrible to look at, although maybe not dressed like a CEO. He nods at Rocky, lazy smile playing at his lips. "How'd you know? Mira, you can sleep here too." He trails off with a quiet but prolonged shiiiit.
  • Adonis: Adonis had shied away from choosing a room so soon; he wanted to get a feel for the contestants before making any snap decisions. It took him a while but, eventually, he chose room three for the sole reason that Lexi was there. Though he wasn't necessarily close to the counsellor, he figured that being roomed with one of the few counsellors in the competition could benefit him and... well... he was there to try and win it.
  • Primrose: After saying hello to the people in Room One, Primrose made her way back to her own room. She figured more contestants had found their way in by now and she wanted to meet all of her roomates before heading over to Room Two. .She stepped in and was immediately taken with a man in a beautiful designer suit. He was incredibly handsome and the expensive clothing enhanced his natrual features to ten-fold. He reminded Primrose of her father's business partners. She blushed and in an only slightly shaky voice, she said, "H-hi. I'm Primrose. I see some new roommates have arrived. Nice to meet you."
  • Rocky: "Ooooooh, español. Un idioma muy sexy." Rocky took Spanish his entire high school life, and this was the best he could do. Regardless, he thought he sounded great. With a sly grin, he made his way to the bed where Andrés was and threw his bag on top of this sheets. "I guess we're all.... sleeping together here, huh?"
  • Andrés: He can tell this one's a live one. Andrés is enjoying everyone he's met thus far. Y pues, ese me está mandando señales. Creo que me quedo entretenido aquí. "Seems so cabrón. Three beds only have so much space. Lucky for you, I think we just might be a match." He brings a hand to his chin, giving Rocky a quick eye sweep. "What's your name again? We might be here a while. I like to know the names of the people I sleep with." The demigod can't help but laugh at his own pick up line.
  • Primrose: Prim giggled a little at what Andres had said, but quickly realized  she was eavesdropping. She didn't mean to. She was just sitting on her bed wishing for her phone when she heard it. It was funny. Then she started thinking of Rocky and Andres together. They would have beautiful children that's for sure. She kicked herself for being a nosy Aphrodite kid and with a smirk said "I think I'll go check out the backyard. It's suddenly very hot in here."
  • Devon: "Don't mind me—don't let me interrupt your hacer el amor." He eyes both Andres and Rocky with a smirk. He hangs his suit jacket and non-chalantly unbuttons his dress shirt and strips down to his briefs; he doesn't seem to mind if his roommates saw a little too much. He changes into more confortable attire—a Balenciaga hoodie and Gucci joggers—before heading for the door, but not before saying a quick, "¡Disfrutad!"

Prim and Ryurik

  • Primrose: Room Three was empty now with everyone worried about the upcoming eviction. Devon had replaced Cain with Rocky and everything was up in the air. While everyone waited for voting to start, Prim sat curled up into a ball on her bed. She was stressed, obviously. She hated the idea of someone going home and losing out on the fun in the house, but she had to vote for someone. She was just happy it wouldn't be Cain or Ryurik. She would have felt partly responsible if one of them went home, but she had no hand in Rocky or Mercury going up. Prim sighed heavily and unfolded, laying flat on the bed in deep thought.
  • Ryurik: He had just finished a shower when he walked back into the room, dressed in shirts and a tank top as he toweled off his hair. His situation feels pretty secure to him, no worries at least for this time. He hears the sigh and flop of bed sheets, looking up and noticing Prim. "You look anxious for someone who isn't getting evicted." He says and he sits himself on the bed across from hers.
  • Primrose: Prim let out a huff and turned onto her side, facing Ryurik. "I don't want anyone to go home." She pouted and played with a strand of hair, twirling it around her finger. "It just sucks. Genuinely, I just came here to make new friends and have a fun adventure. I didn't expect it to be so hard so early." She sat up and looked over at Ryurik, with genuine concern that seem almost like a sudden realization. "I'm sorry that was self-centered of me. How are you feeling?"
  • Ryurik: He just smiles and has a small chuckle. "I'm just fine, but I'm not who you need to be worrying about." He sits forward, resting his elbows on his knees, pointing across at her. "You need to worry and take care of yourself. This is a competition. Making friends here helps but they may not stay your friends while we are here. It's not a bad thing to be worried though, but don't let that get in your way."
  • Primrose: Prim thought about what he said. She knew it was a competition, but she just couldn't see herself stooping to looking out for herself at the expense of the others. Maybe that kind of mentality meant she would lose, but would that be so bad. She did want to win though, so maybe Ryurik was right after all. "I guess you're right," she groaned, "I just hate the mean parts of all of this, you know? I have no clue who I'm gonna vote for. Do you? I think it's fair to say you can be honest with me. I'm not much of a backstabber."
  • Ryurik: He leans back onto his hands and shrugs. "I'm not sure yet. And to be truthful, I'm going to keep whatever decision I make to myself. That's just who I am, nothing against you, sorry." He takes a deep breath and looks at the door. "Your choice should be based on who you think is going to try the hardest to kick you out."
  • Primrose: Prim knew he was right. The name of the game was keep yourself alive. She wasn't shocked he wanted to keep his vote private, in fact she had anticipated it. Still, she wanted to try. "Ok," she said, "well in the spirit of that, I'd like to propose a deal of sorts. I don't really like 'alliances' but I can offer you my word that I won't nominate you if I ever win HoH. All I want is that in return." This was the part of the game she liked. The honest, social part. Her best game was to just be herself and make friendships that she hoped would be mutually beneficial. "And I would appreciate you taking me into consideration when you vote tonight. Although you may not have to. Based on what you said I think it is pretty obvious who you should be voting for."
  • Ryurik: He raises an eyebrow when she proposes a deal. Sitting forward again and double checking the door. "I think I can agree to that arrangement. And for the vote, I shall keep you in my considerations if necessary." He bridges his fingers before continuing, "However, I'm going to have to ask that you elaborate on your last statement if you want the assurance that I follow through."
  • Primrose: Prim smiled cheerfully at his response. This was going as well as she could have hoped. "Well, I think it's in everyone's best interest if the clear threat to all of our game is voted out tonight." She felt a little conniving making game plans, but she would know if she went too far. "One of the nominees is a much bigger threat when you take a social game into account, especially when you consider that one of the nominees might be more shrewd. Do you get what I am trying to say?"
  • Ryurik: The smallest hint of a smirk plays at the corner of his mouth. "Oh, I'm very aware. I just wanted to make sure I had all the information before I closed our deal." He extends his hand out to her. "To our agreement then."
  • Primrose: Prim openly cracked a smile. Not a malicious smile, but a delighted one. She shook his hand excitedly and then hopped up off the bed. "I am going to go and get a yogurt. I can't wait to chat again and for many weeks to come."

HoH Bedroom

The most luxurious of all four bedrooms in the house, the Head of Household bedroom. Only one bed and it's just for you, if you can pull of a win and get the HoH key that is. The HoH tends to do most of their game talk in here and you can only come in if the HoH wants you to. Anyone with the HoH's approval can roleplay here!

Lio is finally HoH

Primrose has her moment

  • Primrose: Prim knocked hesitantly on the door. She had the "Behind Closed Doors" DVD set clutched in her arms. She hoped that Big Brother had given Emelio a DVD player like her. She didn't wait for the door to be opened and she poked her head in. "Lio?" She called in. "Hey are you free? I thought we could finish season one tonight?"
  • Emelio: Lio wasn't doing much, just hanging around in bed in attempt to catch some z's before someone decided to bother him once again. The pleads people were giving him was quite funny, as they attempted to pleade their case as to why they should stay. It wasn't long until he heard the door opening and a familiar voice following suit. It caused him to sit up and look over to see Rose, the girl that was causing him to soften up, initially he wasn't a fan of her, even hated her, but now? He was starting to come around to the girls charm. "Yeah, I'm free. They gave me a DVD player so I'm down." He patted the spot beside himself on the bed.
  • Primrose: Prim squeaked with delight and closed the door behind her. Quickly popping the DVD in, she hopped into the bed next to him. She leaned her head on his shoulder as the show started. "As you probably remember, my character's sister Katie is trapped in the basement with Winona. The priest is dead and Lottie is in danger of being next." A broad smile filled her face as the title sequence started. She wrapped her arms around Lio's and shifted in anticipation of the show.
  • Emelio:A smile stretched across his tiers as she sat down and leaned her head against his shoulder. It was a scene he wouldn't usually find himself in, but, for once, he didn't mind it at all. "Yeah I remember that." He moved his arm from her grasp and instead wrapped it around her waist, making it more comfortable for the both of them. "This is fine, right?" Usually he wouldn't ask, but he honestly didn't want to look like an asshole.
  • Primrose: With a smile, Prim wrapped her arms around Emelio's waist and put her head on his chest. It wasn't a verbal answer, but she was sure it got her point across. Still, consent is everything, so she said simply, "Yeah. It's ok" and nestled in to watch the show.
  • Emelio: He moved his free hand to mindlessly play with her hair, it was a gentle action as his eyes went to the show. He really liked it so far and he knew it would only get better from here on it, but for some reason his thoughts went else where. To his plan, the one he'd been thinking about ever since he'd met up with her once again. For some reason, he didn't want to go through with it, but another part of him did and it was that part of him that would win. After the episodes completion, he picked up the remote and pressed the pause button. "Uh, Rose can we talk?"
  • Primrose: Prim frowned at him. "The next episode is really good, so if you're kicking me out I'm gonna be pissed."
  • Emelio: He made a weird face at the notion, his nose scrunching up a little. "That's not what I wanted to talk to you about, but if you'd like to leave I won't stop you either." He took a deep breath before before speaking the straightforward words. "I like you as more than a friend, Rose." It was the biggest lie he had probably told someone thus far, but it didn't make him feel guilty like he thought it would which was a relief.
  • Primrose: Prim smiled and booped Emelio on the nose. "To be honest, Lio," she scanned his face, "I think I like you too, but I am also not sure that you know entirely what you're saying. But how about this. For now, we can still cuddle and watch the show and hang out and stuff, but I don't want to make anything too serious until after Big Brother is over, ok?"
  • Emelio: His nose crinkled when the other booped it, a half smile crossing his tiers. Damn, this girl was smart. He'd probably make the same decision had he been the one in her position. After all, he couldn't be trusted and in all honesty maybe he really did like her in some way? She happened to be smart and beautiful. Not just that, but Primrose also had a wonderful personality despite how he had initially treated her. "I guess you're right, Rose. I'll bring it up again after the competition then." He may or may not, it really depended on how things went from here on out.
  • Primrose: A bright smile spread across Prim's face. "I would love that. Maybe I'll even let you take me out to dinner as long as you don't evict me first." She winked and let out a laugh. Prim wasn't sure what to think about his proposal, but she wouldn't let her indecision show. In truth, she did like Emelio, but Big Brother was a game of deception and outside the game Lio didn't seem to like her very much. How could she be sure this wasn't all an act? With a smile, she pressed play and the next episode started to play. "This episode is really good. You finally get to meet the bad guy in the basement."

Primrose is ALWAYS ready

Lio and Prim have a moment or two

  • Emelio: He was a little surprised when Prim had won this weeks challenge, but he also wasn't surprised. She was much better than he gave her credit for even if he still thought she was a dumb blonde, but then again that was mostly how he viewed the Aphro kids as a whole. With that in mind, he made his way up to the HoH bedroom and knocked on the door.
  • Primrose: "Come in!" Prim called. She was braiding her hair to get ready for bed and removing all her makeup. Of course, being an Aphrodite kid she certainly didn't look disheveled. When the door opened and Emelio entered, she smiled brightly at him. "Hi. Come to beg for your life?" She said jokingly.
  • Emelio: As soon as he was given the okay to come in, he headed inside and took a seat on one of the couches. "Maybe, maybe not. I wanted to see if you were up to watch that show you starred in. I've been wanting to since you mentioned it and I thought now would probably be the best time given we probably won't be interrupted too much. Unless you'd rather we do that another time?"
  • Primrose: Prim sighed with relief. She had spent enough time with people trying to make deals and weasel their way into Week Three. She was mentally and physically relieved to find out Emelio wasn't here for the same reasons. "Well, luckily for you they included copies of my show in my HoH room package. So, I have it all right here. There are four seasons in total." She smiled waving a DVD of Season One in her hand. "I'm only in the first episode of season one, but we can't just start with season two obviously."
  • Emelio: "Ah did they?" He was actually here for a genuine reason, because he was interested in watching the show, but he was also here to weasel his way into Prim's heart and just mess with her. It wasn't nice in the least, but it was a game that he currently wanted to play. "Nice, I'm fine with starting with season 1 and I'm sure you did very well in the episode you did air in. Shall we start watching it then? I'm sure we could get through a nice chunk of the show before someone comes and bothers you."
  • Primrose: Prim smiled. She could tell he had a genuine interest in watching the show. Prim also reminded herself to be wary. As a kid she loved "Beauty and the Beast" and had a bit of an "I can fix you" complex because of it. Her fairytale romance wasn't perfect bliss, but a struggle with a rewarding end. Maybe that's what she was seeing in Lio? "Hopefully, you're the last one." Prim said, pooping the DVD in, "It would have been nice of them to just give us Netflix, but whatever."

Lilith comes to check on her friend

  • Lilith: Lilith walks up to the door to the HOH bedroom after Prims win and knocks on the door calling out, "Hey Primrose its Lilith! Mind if I come in and congratulate you on the win?"
  • Primrose: Prim gasped with delight at the sound of Lilith's voice. "Come in!" She shouted with pure glee. When Lilith entered Prim squealed and did a little dance, flopping down onto her new bed. "This is the best thing ever."
  • Lilith: Lilith couldn't help but giggle at her friends excitement as she entered the room and spun happily and flopped down into a chair a bright smile on her face. "Congrats on the win! This is huge for your progress in the game. We should celebrate!" She laughed lightly again and shifted her position in the seat to look more directly at Prim.
  • Primrose: Prim squealed with delight. When she entered the room there had been some of her favorite soda and snacks. She handed Lilith a Shirley Temple and some white chocolate covered strawberries. Being HoH was truly a luxury, but it did come with some big responsibility. "I'm stoked to be here, but I'm really scared about nominations."
  • Lilith: She took the drink and strawberries happily popping one of them into her mouth. Setting the stem aside she took a small drink of the Shirley Temple. "I understand how you feel. But that's part of why I am here, to bounce ideas around and maybe make a suggestion or two." She smiled slightly her eyes sparkling with ideas barely restrained.
  • Primrose: Prim smirked and took a sip of her Shirley Temple. Lilith looked positively bursting to give her opinion, and Prim was nothing but delighted to hear it. "Seems like you have something to discuss," Prim giggled, "go ahead. I don't want you to implode." Prim took a bite of a strawberry and smiled, excited to get down to business.
  • Lilith: Lilith nodded quickly and then a wellspring seemed to burst from within her. "I was thinking going forward we should target some of the bigger threats in the HoH Competitions because the more they win the less we do and we need to keep ourselves off of the chopping block as much as we can. Devon would be the obvious choice since he won the first HoH and Adonis did very well this week and last week as well. Did you have any thoughts on your nominees yet?" She didn't want to just spew forth information but rather have an honest strategy with Prim.
  • Primrose: Prim was surprised at how much the girl had to say. Lilith seemed so demure, but when she saw her now she looked alert and bright. "I think that's a smart approach." She said simply. She wasn't sure who she was thinking yet. Prim had too many conflicting ideas all eating away at her at once. She wanted a nominee that wouldn't make anyone upset with her, but it would be smart to get rid of Devon. She also had her deal with him to think about and the blood that would be on her hands if she did take him out. "I have so much to think about."
  • Lilith: "Yeah this position sure is a lot to handle. Whatever route you go I'll support you on it." She smiled and leaned back in her seat and popped another strawberry in her mouth. "I wonder what the POV game will be this week? So far they've all been thought/reflex games so hopefully its another brain game I seemed to do really well on those." She chuckled a bit excited to just be playing this exciting game.
  • Primrose: "I hope so!" Prim said. She also excelled at the mental challenges in the game. What she loved most, though, was the social game. She had to keep her relationships intact for as long as she could. "I found out that the HoH room has a TV. Wanna watch a movie and eat some Cheez-Its?"


  • Celaena: Celaena stalked before the Head of Household's bedroom, her green eyes narrowing ever so slightly in thought before the female turned and finally knocked her knuckles against the wooden door three times. Patiently waiting for Primrose to beckon her inside, the redhead tipped her head to the side like an alert puppy as she listened for signs of life.
  • Primrose: Primrose smiled brightly at the knock. "Another visitor" she muttered to herself. "Come on in!" She wasn't sure who it was gonna be, but she was excited to see what they had to say.
  • Celaena: Celaena used her magic to open the door without using her hands, which promptly swung open to reveal her figure standing in the middle of the doorframe. "Little rose," she mused before walking into the room to stand before the blonde, "congratulations on winning."
  • Primrose: Prim blushed a little bit at Celaena's tone when she called her 'Little rose'. It was certainly a unique nickname and Prim couldn't say she didn't like the sound of it. "Thank you very much," Prim smiled, "white chocolate covered strawberry?"
  • Celaena: Her mossy eyes travelled toward the platter of chocolate covered strawberries, the wolf in her seemingly interested. Who was she to pass up food? The redhead plucked two from the plate, obviously the most juicy looking ones and handed the spare to Primrose as she sat down next to the girl. The energy in the room seemed to shift with the daughter of Hecate as she bit into the strawberry and dissolved the negative aura that may have corrupted their first meeting. "They are pampering you well, I see."
  • Primrose: Prim smiled at the fiery haired girl. She seemed to relax as she bit into one of the strawberries. Prim positioned herself on the bed and beamed. "Pampering is an understatement. After all of this stress it feels amazing to have a room to myself."
  • Celaena: "I bet," she said with a smirk and then finished off the strawberry, catching a piece of chocolate that dared to fall from her lip. "So," she began without hesitation, unable to stop herself from getting straight to the point. "Have anyone in mind for nominations?" She really didn't like to beat around the bush.
  • Primrose: Prim giggled at her directness. She shifted to face her more directly and said, "No honestly. I have no idea what I'm going to do. You wouldn't happen to have anyone in mind would you?"
  • Celaena: The corner of her lip curved up into a sinister smile for a moment before she leaned back and crossed one leg delicately over the other. "Honestly? I don't care who you get rid of as long as it isn't me," she snickered and then leaned forward to glance at Primrose. "It would be unwise to select me," she added in a more serious voice before offering the blonde a gentle smile to lighten the mood again.
  • Primrose: Prim certainly didn't appreciate the thinly veiled threat. In fact, she expected she looked a little like an irritated bird, feathers poofed and ruffled. She steadied herself and returned the girl's smile. It was, after all, an empty threat. Celaena had barely made her presence known in the house and Prim felt no tangible threat. Nevertheless, she maintained her delicate smile, "Well, I have no plans as of yet. Is there any reason, other than a vague threat, that I should consider you immune?"
  • Celaena: Celaena found herself unable to stop smirking, her brow quirking at the blonde. Whoring herself out to the other people didn't make a champion, it just made them softly padded from evictions. "It is not a threat, little rose," she said with a laugh and flexed her fingers ever so slightly. "Logically, there is no reason why I should go. I have not flunked any of the competitions nor have I excelled and won any. I am not a threat but I am not worth dismissing either." Celaena finally caught Primrose's eyes, her own gleaming with fire. "I'm not here to kiss your ass, little rose. You are going to be experiencing enough of that in the coming hours from everyone else - I'm here to offer an alliance which is worth more than their sweet nothings. If you scratch my back, I will scratch yours when the time comes."
  • Primrose: With a smile, Primrose laughed. She had decided she like Celaena. She reminded her of a mother wolf, with her fierce green eyes, vicious grin and purring voice. "I expect you're right," Prim said brightly, "ass-kissing is no use to me. What I should say is, if I'm not putting you up, who would you recommend I put up instead?" Prim wasn't a very deceptive person, but she knew she had to choose her words carefully if she wanted to remain honest and remain in the game.
  • Celaena: She mulled for a few moment on her thoughts before tipping her head to one side like a confused puppy, despite the fact that she fully registered her question. "Based on last compeititon's scores - I'd have to say Alice Grey and Cain Abel. However, it hasn't been unheard of to rid of your strongest competition either. You could snipe Adonis for being a runner up or Devon for already having an HoH win since no one is safe this week. That is if you haven't prestablished an alliance with them already."
  • Primrose After a moment of thought, Prim said "Well, you've certainly given me a lot to think about. Now I think I'm going to drink a Shirley Temple and braid my hair. I'll see you at the nomination ceremony tomorrow." Primrose smiled, but it was sort of a panicked smile. She thought she knew who she would be nominating, but that didn't make it any easier to say to their face.

Rhys is like a brother, I swear

  • Rhys: Rhys isn't trying to sweeten the Head of Households up, he can promise you that much. Or maybe he is. Is that what he's trying to do? Who even knows anymore! All he knows is he's very surprised he made it to Week 2, and now that the excitement of last week has faded, he wants to gun for Week 3. He still doesn't have any plans beyond his alliance with Bastien and Caleb - and the tentative one with Theia - and he's praying nobody thinks otherwise. Being the underdog is the only way he'll survive. It's why he didn't come to Prim's room until mostly everyone had gone back to their bedrooms for the night. He knocks lightly and whisper-shouts: "Hey, Prim? Y'in here?"
  • Primrose: Prim startled a bit at the knock on her door. Mostly everyone had gone to bed so she was a bit surprised anyone had come to see her. She thought she recognized Rhys's voice on the other side of the door. "Come in!" She called, excited to hear what he had to say.
  • Rhys: The loud response surprises him, and he inches away from the door with wide eyes. "Damn, kid, you've got a good set of pipes, huh?" Rhys grins at her when he pokes his head in, before the rest of his body follows suit. "How's being Head of Household treating you?"
  • Primrose: Prim was happy to see Rhys. The two of them hadn't interacted much or known each other long, but something about them clicked. Rhys always knew how to make Prim laugh and she felt safe confiding in him. They hadn't really known each other week one, but since then they had formed a sort of bond. "I've been told I'm enthusiastic." She joked. "I'm enjoying HoH so far, but I am not excited for nominations."
  • Rhys: "Ah, come on, there's gotta be someone you're happy to get rid of." Rhys wiggles his eyebrows at the blonde, smirking slightly. "If I were in your shoes, I could probably think of a few names to toss and a few names to keep. Comes with making enemies and alliances."
  • Primrose: Prim perked up at the last part of it. "So, why don't you throw out of few of those names and maybe we can have ourselves and alliance?" She smiled thoughtfully. If week one had taught her anything it was that deals are everything, even if it made her a little uncomfortable.
  • Rhys: At Prim's reaction, he smiles to himself. He traces his finger over the fabric of the sofa he sat in just last week, mulling her offer over. After several charged moments, he breaks his silence. "Come on now, Prim. A couple names for a potential alliance? What will ensure you don't throw me under the bus this week? Or even the next one?" Rhys takes a small pause. His eyes narrow. He knows she's gotten quite chummy with several competitors, and an idea comes to mind. "I'm not oblivious to the fact that you have yourself a band of merry men. I have my own. What if we, dare I say, merge these two groups? I'm not here to win the competition. I'm here to see myself through to the half-time. I'm not a threat, nor am I in the bottom four. What harm is there? We win the majority of the players in the house... we stand a better chance at controlling the game."
  • Primrose: He was right, she would need to promise more to get him on her side. "Ok it's an alliance then, consider the names a favor for a friend." Primrose smiled. "As for my group, I don't really have one. I just like to make friends, but nothing so formal as an alliance. If I was up next week I don't know that I would have any votes secured."
  • Rhys: He still isn't sure he can trust her, but he's going to have to take a leap of faith if he wants to save his ass this week. With a nod, he leans forward. "Okay... here's what I was thinking," Rhys' voice is a lot quieter, almost a whisper as he begins to break down who he believes Prim should dispose of, who specifically was involved with him, and who he hoped he could form alliances with. He spoke for a while, but when he was done, he leaned back on his seat, grinning. "What're your thoughts, kid?"
  • Primrose: Prim leaned back and sighed. "You make some good points, but I can't say anything is set in stone. Thank you for coming, though. I appreciate the advice especially this early in the game."
  • Rhys: "C'mon, you worry too much. Just sit back and relax; the pieces will fall in place as they should. Just aim for getting into the jury, and after that? Smooth sailing, kid," Rhys states. He leans forward and pats her knee. "You'll be alright. If anything, just give me a shout and I'll talk you off the ledge, alright?"
  • Primrose: In an outburst of emotion, Prim leapt forward and hugged Rhys. She hadn't expected to feel so overwhelmed with guilt and anxiety about the coming week. "Thank you." She said, a few tears falling down her face. She pulled away from the hug and wiped her cheeks. "You're kindness is appreciated," she tried to compose herself, "Hopefully I'll see you in here next week."

An Addario Intermission

  • Devon: Devon approaches the door to the Head of Household bedroom, clapping in genuine joy and shouting out, "Bravo Prim, je suis surpris! Cette performance a été incroyable!" He knocks on the door in a rhythmic manner, "Mademoiselle, may I?"
  • Primrose: Prim smirked knowingly at the outgoing HoH. If he was here then didn't feel entirely safe with her as HoH. This sort of pleased her, because she hadn't felt entirely safe when he was HoH either. She figured things may have gone differently if she hadn't been safe. "Merci beaucoup," she said finally, "soit mon invité. Voulez-vous une fraise enrobée de chocolat blanc, Monsieur?"
  • Devon: Devon opens the door and is greeted to an oh-so-familiar environment—the same golden wallpaper and brown couch. He smirks, "Merci! Mon favori, how did you know?" He takes one of a white chocolate dipped strawberries from the plate and takes a bite. "I would never say no to that." He nods in approval making an mmm mmm mmm remark. "Alors, comment te sens tu? Ça va stupéfiant, non?"
  • Primrose: Prim smiled with a shimmer in her eyes. Admittedly, it was amazing. She was worried that she would come into the competition and bomb at everything, but only week two and she had already won an HoH competition. On the other hand, she did feel like there was a target on her back and she would have to work much harder to keep herself in the game. "Well, lets cut to the chase shall we." Prim said, suddenly overwhelmed by her responsibility, "how are you feeling about nominations this week?"
  • Devon: "Ah, straight to the point, je l'aime." Devon snickers lightheartedly. "I would like to share some wisdom first, if I may: nothing is black and white and every person has two sides to them. With so many choices—even more so than last week—c'est un vraiment choix difficile. Let me just say, je ne t'envie pas. But let me ask you this...," He leans in closer, "Tu me considéres comme un ami—a friend—, non?"
  • Primrose: "Of course I consider you a friend," Prim smiled at him, "but you're not my only friend in the house. I have a lot of people in my ear this week. It's difficult to," she paused, letting the expectation of what she would say hang in the air, "keep my priorities straight. Do you have any insight you can offer me as an incumbent?"
  • Devon: "Bien sûr, it's good to have friends—especially in a competition like this." The edge of Devon's lips curl up ever so slightly. "Donc, are we talking about who's the biggest competition?" Devon gives Primrose a second to let things sink in. "Or are are we talking about who's a backstabbing salaud? Someone who thinks that 'Primrose is a player; she's in for it and I'm sure she's not above playing dirty to clinch a spot as a top contender'. Y'know, that type of person."
  • Primrose 'Finally' Primrose thought, 'this is what I was waiting for.' She knew that more than just her went up to that HoH room to talk to Devon. "I'll ask you this," Primrose said, "you tell me everything that happened in that HoH room last week and you can consider yourself immune from nomination."
  • Devon: "If you have my back, then I can assure you that I've got yours. You have my word on that. Now, I won't bore you with all of the ass-kissing from last week—we all know that that's not what you want to hear." Devon leans in even closer and whispers something into Prim's ear, "Let this be our little secret: what starts with an R and ends with an S? I'm sure you're smart enough to piece things together." He leans back into the couch, arms crossed. "Perhaps me, you, and your other friends can have a chat some time, what do you say?"
  • Primrose: Prim smirked at him. He had given her what she wanted and her word, unfortunately for her gameplay, was good. "I need one more thing from you," she said, "if you win HoH next week you have to put up whoever doesn't go home this week. Sound good?" She extended a hand and awaited his response.
  • Devon: Devon chuckles, he expected no less from Prim. "Consider it done." With a smirk, he adds, "You've got game Prim, I think we'll make for good allies." He shakes Prim's hand without hesitation. "And if you win?"
  • Primrose: Prim smirked. "If I win again, you will remain safe should you comply by the deal."
  • Devon: "Enough about the deal, let's have a chat: friend to friend." His entire body language changes—legs up onto the glass coffee coffee table and arms wrapped around one of the golden cushions. "I'm not pendejo, I'm sure you know that by now. I know that many are threatened by me and quite frankly, I don't blame them—they should be scared, very scared. So, humor me, will you? Is there be any backstabbing salaud in particular that I should keep a close, close eye on? 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer', am I right? Especially if some of them are your friends, perhaps we can get on better speaking terms? However that may be done."
  • Primrose: Prim thought for a moment. She didn't know of anyone off the top her head that Devon should specifically keep an eye on. She would be keeping an eye on Rhys after what Devon told her, but as far as Prim knew it would be easier to name the people Devon didn't have to worry about. "No one is backstabbing you," Prim started, "but you're certainly not popular. You're a solid competitor, but I'm telling you now you aren't gonna win this thing." She wasn't trying to make him angry, but it was the truth. "Competitions are nice and all, but this is a social game through and through and at this point it doesn't matter if you promise to give everyone in the jury a cut of your prize, they still won't vote for you. The best you can do is second. Unless you find someone less popular than you and bring them to the final two. That's my only advice. The way things are going it's starting to look like I'm that person. People don't like Head of Household winners. So if you wanna win, your best chance, or really your only chance is by taking me to the final two."
  • Devon: Devon is far from being offended by Prim's words. He merely laughs in response, "Prim, prim, prim, now that's where you're wrong. Me, you, and the rest of the house are different, very different. I have all the money and power that I'd ever need in life. This is less about winning as it is a game for me. Do you think I built my empire to win this little jeu of ours? I have plenty of accomplishments in life, what more is a little competition? Frankly, I'd say that I've already won in life."
  • Primrose: Prim had to agree with him. If the suits and attitude told her anything, Devon was successful. When she first saw him she instantly thought of her father's business partners and friends. Nonetheless, she was satisfied with his answer, "Well, I'm a bit competitive and I do want to win. The winner gets..." She hesitated, unwilling to share her ultimate desire for the competition, "My point is, would you be willing to see me to the finish line? Even if it means not making it yourself?"

The First Addario Dynasty

Devon: Devon walks into the Head of Household bedroom, taking in the smell of luxury. "Now this is more like it," He mutters beneath his breathe. It's been a long day and what he looks forward the most is a nice steamy shower: his visitors can wait. Three quarters of an hour passes before he takes a seat on the brown velvet couch, leaning back and relaxing in his black and gold Versace bathrobe while he awaits his visitors.

Rhys Tries Making It

  • Rhys: Again, Rhys didn't think he'd be in a position where he was forced to rely on more strategic moves, but as it turned out, he just didn't watch TV enough to realize that'd get him nowhere. Eventually, he made his way to Devon's room and knocked on the door before waiting for a response. He didn't know what he was like, and the last thing he wanted was to open the door and to catch him doing something Rhys would rather not watch.
  • Devon: "The door's unlocked," Devon yells from within the room. He wasn't quite sure who it was, but something about the uncertainty peaked his interest. One thing's for sure, he's curious as to what his housemate will say. "Take a seat wherever," He greets his visitor a smile. "And who might you be? I don't think that I've caught your name."
  • Rhys: When he's got the affirmation he can come in, Rhys doesn't hesitate to open the door and walk right in. He does ensure it's closed behind him, mostly because he's a bit wary of what lengths the rest would be willing to go to, prior to walking in. Versus just taking a seat, he approaches Devon with a confident smile and extends his hand. "Rhys, son of Poseidon," he introduces himself politely. "Most recently a member of the bottom twelve, too, but all in due time," he adds, with a chuckle.
  • Devon: "So I've heard. Lovely meeting you Rhys," Devon shakes Rhys' hand without hesitation. "Devon, son of Ares—in case you haven't heard by now." Devon already has a good idea as to what the reason is, but he nevertheless asks the rhetorical question, "So what brings you here, Rhys?"
  • Rhys: "Honest? I was hoping to see what I could do to save my ass," Rhys has always prided himself in being an earnest man, and not even Big Brother will change that. When he sits, he shrugs his shoulders and smiles. "But I'm inclined to believe you already have a good idea as to who the nominees are, and I don't think I'm someone well-versed in convincing others to do as I want," he confesses. "In light of that, I would instead like to propose an alliance, should I move forward. Pointless, maybe, if evicted, but that has yet to occur. You're a strong competitor and, as witnessed by my performance, I am not as much of a threat to you. Pulling these two elements together, the yin and yang - well, I think it could be of use to us both."
  • Devon: "You're quite right, I already have two people in mind and I can say that you're not one of them, if that's what you're concerned about." There's a hint of honesty to his voice, but can one truly know what he's thinking? "I'm not one to make quick judgements. Never underestimate the underdog, is that how the saying goes?" He eyes the man with a smirk. "Now, I'm not a pendejo. I know that keeping friends close to you is important. So Rhys, I'd be honored to have your company mi amigo."
  • Rhys: "Well then, that's good to know." Rhys chuckles, but his appreciation is palpable. He knows Devon may be playing him, but if he is, then there's little for Rhys to do about it. No point in becoming paranoid; there's next to nothing at stake for him. "The honor is all mine, Devon." He nods. "Have you had the chance to get a feel for the other competitors?"
  • Devon: "Not all, but I do have some ideas, yes—but enough about me, would you care to share some thoughts of your own?" His eyes are locked onto Rhys'. "I've been told that I'm a very good listener."
  • Rhys: Rhys taps his fingers against the arm of his chair as he mulls over his first impressions. Eventually, he responds, "Primrose is a player; she's in for it and I'm sure she's not above playing dirty to clinch a spot as a top contender. I haven't had the time to get to know any players much, but I wouldn't let her get too far into the game. Everyone else seems alright enough, but we've been here for too little time to consolidate any other opinions."

Primrose Is Always Ready

  • Primrose: Prim stepped cautiously into the HoH bedroom. She was especially nervous for some reason even though she was safe. Maybe it was because Devon was really hot. Or maybe it was the excitement to finally talk game with someone. Nonetheless, she stepped inside and sheepishly clasped her hands together. "Hello," she said a little awkwardly, "I'm Prim. I don't think we've met before. I know I'm safe already, but I sort of wanted to chat and pick your brain about where you're at right now. If that's alright with you?"
  • Devon: He was spaced out in his own world when he is snapped back to reality by a familiar voice and face—one that belonged to his roommate from room three. "Of course! Make yourself at home," Devon gestures towards the L-shaped couch he is sitting on.
  • Primrose: Prim relaxed a bit and sat down on the couch. She sat rigidly, with her knees held tighly together and her back straight. Her hands were folded on her lap, but even that didn't look at all comfortable. Her face flushed slightly, but she got herself under control. "I don't know if you remember me. We're staying in the same room. I just throught I would come up here and check in. I don't envy the job you have to do and I... well I thought maybe I could help in some way?"
  • Devon: A strategic proposal? Now that was something certainly something that Devon was interested in hearing. "I'm all ears." Almost immediately, Devon could notice a striking difference between his own relaxed posture and Prim's uneasy posture. "And loosen up a little, I don't bite. Promise," he chuckles.
  • Primrose: Heat filled Prim's cheeks when he said that. I don't bite. It certainly filled Prim's mind with thoughts she was attempting to avoid. This was a strategic meeting and that was all. She relaxed her posture and and laid back slightly into the couch. Devon was kind enough which was heartening to Prim. She smiled shyly and said, "Well, I just mean that it can be a lot. Especially being the first person to nominate people. And I thought maybe you could use some moral support. Or someone to watch your back if people start gunning for you. First HoH is kind of a tough position to be in. So, I thought I could lighten your load. Maybe hear some of your thoughts or simply try and make sure you aren't hung out to dry next week."
  • Devon: "Happy to see that someone's got my back. I'd like that, yes," Devon smirks. At the moment, he's more so interested in hearing Prim's thoughts on the upcoming nomination ceremony rather than sharing his own (there will be a time and place for that later). "And what might you have in mind, enlighten me will you? I'm sure you can be very convincing."
  • Primrose: Prim was delighted. She hadn't really come in with a plan, but it seemed natural asking him for an alliance. It was what people did in these situations. She was a bit nervous to share her thoughts on the evictions, however. Prim was afraid she might say the wrong thing and Devon might turn on her. Or worse, she might say the right thing and get someone sent home. In truth, Prim was relieved the responsibility to nominate was not her's. However, she knew the best thing for her to do was share her feelings. After all, she had offered to not moments before. She sighed, falling deeped into the couch and said, "Honestly, if it were me, performance would be a big component. We don't really know anyone that well yet so I have nothing else to go on but how people did in the first competition." The words slipped out faster than she had imagined. She couldn't bear the thought of one of the worse performers going home so soon, but it was all she could think of. Then another thought crossed her mind. Maybe she could use this as an opportunity to help the people she liked. She knew Devon would only really listen to one save suggestion, and even then there was no guarantee, but she thought she might as well go for it. "Personally," Prim started almost breathlessly, "I would prefer if Andres wasn't nominated. I hope it's not too much to ask, but he's really the only person in the bottom I have interacted with, I guess. I don't know him that well, but he seems like a nice boy." She smiled. Prim hoped, deeply hoped, that her words could be helpful and not hurt anyone. She didn't really know why she was asking for mercy for Andres, but she of all those in the bottom she felt drawn most to him when they first met.
  • Devon: "Andrés? It would seem that it isn't just Rocky who has taken a liking to him." Devon chuckles. "Anywho, I'll keep that in mind mi señora." He was simply going to leave it there, but his lips twist upward ever so slightly as he adds one more thing, "And if I, hypothetically, were planning to nominate him, who would you suggest I replace dear Andrés with? Hypothetically, of course."
  • Primrose: Primrose knew what he was getting at. He wanted her to put herself in his position. He wanted to know her truest thoughts. It was a leverage game. The truth, however, was unsatisfying. She had no idea who she would nominate in his place. She wasn't even sure why she wanted to save him in the first place. She couldn't very well just respond I don't know. He would think she was withholding something and that would damage their alliance. But, if she did say someone and he told that person what she said Prim could be putting herself in danger. There were just too many variables. She had to choose a position she knew she could defend. "Ryurik," she sighed solemnly, "he performed the worst in the competition. That's the only metric I can think of to measure people against." She hoped this would be satisfactory to him. She hoped even more that Ryurik would never find out what she said. Not only would that damage her relationship with him, but he was also the size of a school bus and she was only 5'2". She didn't exactly want to be crushed to death before finishing the competition. All she could do know was wait and see what Devon said.
  • Devon: "Ryurik? Interesting. Now, that wasn't a name I had in mind." He pauses to give it a thought. "Worry not mi señora, this little secret of ours is safe with me for now. Soy una tumba. My lips are sealed." He somehow felt as if there was a little more to it than just a matter of performance. A personal vendetta, perhaps? But there's no reason to speculate and linger over this. "The last thing I'd want is to make things awkward back in our room."
  • Primrose: "I appreciate it," Prim said with a heavy sigh, "if I had it my way no one would go home. I'm sort of enjoying just getting to know everyone. And if Ryurik wasn't someone you had in mind then I say you should keep it that way. We all have our own reasons for who to nominate and I'm sure yours are better than mine. I think I'll head out now, but thank you for this talk. I hope we can have many more in the future." With that she got up and with a nod she said, "I hope you know I am nothing if not direct. When I say I have your back, I mean it." She smiled earnestly. She meant it. She liked Devon and not just in a Oh hot guy in a nice suit kind of way. Rather, she considered him a friend. No matter what happened, she would be sure to keep in touch after the competition was all over.

Andrés Crashing In

  • Andrés: The competition was pretty fun, and he'd be lying if he hadn't been laughing the whole way through. Mental games weren't his jam, too much acid frying his brain. Kind of. By the end of it, he's sweating like crazy, so he makes sure to take a shower, changing into some casual gym shorts, white tank top, and a Miami Heat flat cap. The son of Melinoe immediately goes to the HoH room and knocks on the door. "Room service," he says in a shrill voice. Then he slides through the door using his melinoe intangibility. "Ring ring cabron," he says, smiling slyly, holding up a bag of nuts. "Food for your trouble?"
  • Devon: "Oh, how thoughtful of you mi amor. How I could I say ever no to such a pretty face," he teases. With the snap of his finger, two confederate skeleton soldiers materialize from the ground. He commands one of them to open the door for his new visitor and the other to bring him the bag of nuts delivered to him by Andrés.
  • Andrés: Being the son of the literal ghost goddess, he's unperturbed by the appearance of the dead. "Hola Phil." he greets cheerily to the one coming for the food. "Toma, these nuts. Careful, my nut isfuerte." It's a little curious to him that Devon would open the door, given he's already in the room, but everyone has their eccentricities. Being the no-shits given sort of person he is, he immediately goes to take a seat on the large couch, sprawling out like the man spreader he is. "Ahhhhh." It's a good couch. "I appreciate you winning, cabron. Left the bed to me and Rocky."
  • Devon: "The skeleton warrior slams the door behind Andrés, locking the door with an audible click. "Tsk tsk, has your mamá never taught you manners," Devon chuckles before giving Andrés a playful slap on the upper thigh. "Ah yes, anything for you mi amor, but I heard the shower is muy bonita as well."
  • Andrés: "Hey, mi mama ghosted me, cabron." Andrés pulls out some gummies (not weed ones, sadly) from his back pocket, popping one into his mouth. "I like options." The words hit different with his playful smile. "Anyways, I think we latinos should stick together, and we vibe on the same page so, if you wanna smoke a bowl once the competition is over, let me know." He raises an eyebrow fiendishly. "I don't really care who leaves, but don't pick me cabron, you'll miss out on a good time." He throws a gummy into there air, barely managing to catch it with his mouth. score.

Ryurik Arrives to Negotiate

  • Ryurik: Ryurik marches down the hall to the head's bedroom, running his hand over jaw. His eyes carry the cold determination he has to get past the first week. He knocks a couple times on the door, watching either way as he waits for the answer. Ryurik didn't hate that he had to talk up a deal already, but he would have liked not needing to in the first place.
  • Devon: "Que?" He exclaims upon hearing the sound of the knock. Devon wasn't expecting any visitors this late into the night, not that he was surprised. He had a charcoal face mask on and was in the middle of pampering himself before he headed off to bed. He gets up from the warmth of his seat, yawning and stretching. He then opens the door to greet his visitor, he is met with a familiar face. "Buenas noches, what brings you here? Ryurik, was it?"
  • Ryurik: He looks Devon up and down, realizing just how late it was."My apologies. Yes, I am Ryurik, and I'm here to offer a deal. If you are willing to hear it." He folds his arms behind his back, looking down at Devon for his answer.
  • Devon: "How could I ever turn down an offer?" Devon opens the door wide and leads the man to the brown couch. "Come now compa, take a seat and speak your peace. I'm here to listen."
  • Ryurik: He nods and follows into the room. Sitting down, he rests his eblows on his knees as he laces his fingers. "I am looking for security in not being evicted, and I'm here to offer my cooperation to you in exchange. If you need more subtle hand in getting allies or break up groups, I can be your agent, in a way."
  • Devon: He nods at the offer that is being proposed. "That's very thoughtful of you compa. Now that I can do for you. And if I may ask—this nothing more than just food for thought—if you were in fact one of the nominees I had in mind, who would you say I should put in your place? Someone from room one? Or is room two less to your liking? Or perhaps someone from our own? André? Or perhaps Lexi? Possibly Rocky? Or maybe Prim?"
  • Ryurik: His eyes narrow as he looks over Devon, then turns his gaze to seemingly nothing as he thinks. Relincing back onto the couch, he faces him again. "If this is just a thought experiement, then I would suggest someone like Lexi. She is a daughter of Aphrodite and is almost as old as me, a powerful force of personality if she wanted to be. I would pick her over Prim because Prim is still young enough that convincing her to not work against you would be far easier. However, that is a break down of the facets of a person I can gleam from their parentage and general experience that comes with age. If you believe someone could hold build a strong follow mostly on their personality, they are also a wise choice."
  • Devon: "Hmm, it's a shame that Lexi's safe this week, isn't it? Regardless, I appreciate the input compa. Know that you will be safe this week, your blood will not be on my hands. But dare I say, perhaps there are other people that are out to get you. I will say no more than this for now, but I'd be happy to talk another time. You know where to find me."
  • Ryurik: He smirks at the statement. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious, but I thank you for your time Devon." He stands up and nods. "And you know where to find me if you need someone convinced." He makes his way back to the door, closing it quietly behind him.

Alice Worries Too Much

  • Alice: Alice knocks on the door to the HoH bedroom before letting herself in. She was very nervous. Looking around the room Alice nodded slowly, admiring how nice the room was. Very spacious. Turning to Devon she gave him a nervous smile. "Hello, I don't think we've met before, I'm Alice."
  • Devon: Devon sat on the couch, pondering his outfit for tomorrow: first impressions count, But second impressions are what really matter. He had two outfits laid out on the brown couch, now he just needs to decide between the two. "If it isn't a new face, un gusto conocerlo Alice. Please, make yourself at home. What brings you here to my humble abode?"
  • Alice: Alice moves closer, trying very hard to appear as though she had an idea of what she was doing there. She glances at the two outfits Devon seemed to be deciding between. "I think the outfit on the right matches your overall aesthetic more." Sitting down on the edge of the couch, Alice sighs a little and jumps right into it. "I know I didn't do amazing during the contest. Being honest I haven't seen any Big Brother before. But now I know what I'm up against and I'm willing to do almost anything to stay in this competition for at least another week."
  • Devon: "Wonderful, the outfit on the right it is." He goes to hang the other outfit back in the closet. "Now where were we? Ah yes—you have my word, but for every ally comes another enemy. Convince me, will you? Who might be less deserving of staying in this competition? Who won't you hesitate to throw under the bus if given the chance? You did say you'd be willing to do almost anything, prove it." Devon smirks.
  • Alice: "Well, I haven't met too many people yet, but the two that did the worst were Cain and Ryurik. I haven't talked with them so I'm not sure what they bring to the table. The only person I refuse to vote against currently is Mercury."

Lilith Requests A Parlay

  • Lilith: After the Nomination Ceremony and her conversation with Primrose Lilith wanted a chance to talk with Devon alone if she could. She makes her way to the HoH bedroom and knocks lightly on the door. "Devon? It's Lilith. Can I come in please?"
  • Devon: Devon greets Lilith at the door with an apple in his hand. "Lilith, cariño, I'll always I have time for your company. Now tell me, what's on your mind?" Before giving Lilith a chance to answer, he puts his finger up to her lips. "No, wait—let me guess. Is this about the nominations?" He smirks before taking a bite out of his apple with a slow, audible crunch.
  • Lilith: Shes a bit shocked when Devon presses his finger to her lips. She nodded slowly before sliding past Devon into the bedroom. "A bit yes. A bit no." She takes a seat on a chair and folds her hands in her lap. "I wanted to ask about things moving forward." She looked up at Devon a slight glint of concern in her eyes. "We've already gone through one whole week of challenges and it dawns on me I haven't talked to many of the residents of the house. So I wanted to talk to you a bit. I know I can't participate in the POV this week but I was curious who you would change your nominations to if you won?"


A common area for all houseguests, it's a bit more realistic to talk game out here given the size of the backyard, but again I would keep it to a whisper unless you're the only one outside. There's plenty to do outside, including; going swimming in the pool, taking a dip in the hot tub, working out at the gym, or just playing with some of the sports equipment given to the houseguests. There's also a shaded lounge section in one of the corners with some comfortable outdoor couches, or you could laze about in the hammock. Anyone can roleplay here!

Meila and Caleb

Meila: Slipping her feet into the clear blue of the pool, Meila rests her hands on the surrounding pool pavement, taking a brief look at the clear, sunny day—or at least what she can see of it from the backyard. She always admits that some part of her found this whole scene a bit skeptical. They lived in a world with Greek Gods, for all she knew, they could be stranded on the middle of an island and they only find out when they're unlucky enough to get booted. But it was never a concern she felt the need to voice, so she kept her skepticism to herself. Dipping her legs further into the pool, she took around, hoping to find herself in the company of someone she might feel like talking to. But after being here for awhile, her standards weren't very high anymore, and she was prepared to start conversation on her own.

Caleb: The past week had been nothing short of dramatic, but then again, he supposed that would be every week here in the Big Brother house. Despite his initial reservations, he'd noticed that he was starting to grow fond of the whole dynamic, but that was also probably because he hadn't really been in the chopping block yet. Wanting to unwind for a bit and take some distance from the whole toxic scene from within the household, Caleb switched his clothes with a pair of light green swimming trunks and slipped on his flip flops, making his way to the pool, which to him, it seemed like almost no one seemed to take advantage of. Their loss. He thought fatally as he made his way towards the backyard. Upon arriving he noticed Meila there, dipping her feet into the crystalline mirage that was the pool. With a small smile of acknowledgement, he scooted over next to her and mirrored her movements. "How's this week been treating you so far?"

Lilith and Ryurik

  • Lilith: After the POV Ceremony Lilith was even more uncertain of her vote than before. She walked out into the backyard and sat down as far from the door as she could and took a moment to think. Who should I vote for? I don't know anyone but Ryu and Prim so far...
  • Ryurik: Ryurik strides out of the house and heads over to the outdoor weight equipment. After getting his weights onto the bar at the swat rack, he turns around a see Lilith sitting across the yard, He smiles at her and waves for her attention. "Afternoon, Lilith." He moves to set up for his lift.
  • Lilith: She looks up at the voice and sees Ryurik and smiles at him. She gets up and wanders over closer jumping up with the aid of a wind spell to sit on top of the squat rack. "Hey Ryurik. I wasn"t quite sure what to expect of the POV ceremony but its definitely shaken me a bit. How about you?" She tilted her head slightly, hoping she wasn't the only one who was confused in this game at the moment.
  • Ryurik: He glances up and can't help but smiles and chuckles at her setting herself up on the rack. "I wouldn't say shaken, but more concerned if I ever get caught up in that. I'm just trying to take each week and contest as they come for my worrying"  He takes a sharp breath as he lifts the bar of the rests and steps back, starting he set of swats.
  • Lilith: She watched the giant man lift the weights and couldn't help but marvel at his strength. She thought for a moment before speaking again. "I understand the concern Ryurik. But I was thinking, I have a friend already here with you and one with that girl Prim. I think maybe if we work together it could help mitigate some of the risk. Are you okay with the three of us working together?" Her tone was low and no one but Ryurik could as her voice was carried not through sound in the air but rather a small spell speaking directly into his ear as if she were speaking to one of her puppets.
  • Ryurik: He grinds through his ten repetitions before setting the bar back on the rests. Backing out from under the bar and laying his arms over it, he looks up at her. "I see. What do you two wish from me and what is my return on this negotiation?" He whips his forehead with the back of his hand as he stands up and waits for her answer.
  • Lilith: "We are planning on voting for Rocky. And as for a payoff you will have my word that until it becomes welly and truly necessary i will not vote for you and i will negotiate with you every stage of this competition. We will be like two dolls being puppeted by the same puppeteer." She smiles coyly hoping the payoff would be enough for him.
  • Ryurik: He looks up at her, before a smiles creeps across his face, shaking his head. "Well, now I can't agree to that since I have already cast my vote, As for your mutual cooperation, Primrose had an opportunity earlier to talk to me. She didn't mention you being a part of the group. And she was rather cryptic with who she wanted me to vote for." He stretches out his arms before getting back under the bar, setting his position. "Maybe talk to each other and figure on one plan instead of each to your own. But I did agree to her deal, and I will you as an other party to that agreement." Heaving the weights again, and getting ready. "You have my word I will vote with the group next time,"  starting his next set.
  • Lilith: She hadn't really had time to talk to Prim about much of the situation either so it made sense there had been a miscommunication. "I appreciate your time. I hope we can work together going forward. I don't want anyone to see us being too buddy buddy this early so before too many people wander out here I'll leave you be. Just know I'm really glad to have you as a friend in here." She alighted back on to the ground and bowed slightly at the waist to him before heading back through the sliding glass door to rest.

Prim and Andres Pt. 2

  • Primrose: Prim laughed hysterically as Andres bounded out the doors and into the backyard with her over his shoulder. She felt almost like a child being hoisted up so easily. She was starting to realize what pure fun Andres really was. He was flirty and spontaneous and even though their relationship had started out as a flirtation she could see him being a true friend in the future. Before she knew what was happening, Andres pulled her into a bridal carry and they were in the air. With a splash, she was under water and when they came back up a second later her head was pressed against his chest. He let go of her and let her float into an upright position. She was laughing herself almost to tears and so was he. "You asshole," she laughed, "I just curled my hair!" She wiped the water from her eyes and looked up at him. His face was plastered with a boyish grin and his hair dripped water. With another bout of laughter she splashed him in the face and turned away in anticipation of revenge.
  • Andrés: "Que? No jodas, your hair looks better wet." By this point, the spoon has floated to the bottom of the pool, and the ice cream has gone god knows where in the pool. All he knows is, the pool looks stickier than normal with the spilled food. His towel? Also somewhere around the pool. Guess he's just going to have to deal with walking around the house later wet. "Hay!" The water gets in his eye, his first instinct to wipe it. "You're on, cabrona." He uses both of his hand, and the strength of his arms, to try and send a large wave at her. with it, rides some of the ice cream, leaving the potential for her to also get ice cream at the back of her head. The smell of the pool and the heat of the sun is all it takes for him to remember his home. These, and the plastic lawn chairs, and the bustling traffic, are what made Miami look and feel like Miami.
  • Primrose: Prim had been expecting a wave of water to collide with her back. What she wasn't expecting was the gentle clunk of the ice cream carton on the crown of her head. She turned back to Andres with a look of mock offense on her face. Then with raucous laughter she lobbed the mostly empty container out of the pool with as much ice cream as she could scoop out. In the chaos of the moment, it seems both she and Andres forgot they had the ice cream and by the looks of Andres' soaked towel he had forgotten about that as well. She retorted with another splash and said, "In accordance with the laws of the Water Fight council, you are hereby under arrest for war crimes and using non water based weaponry with cruel and unusual results." She smirked at him and splashed at him again. "I mean there is ice cream in my hair. That is cruel and unusual if you ask me."
  • Andrés:He lets the water hit him, closing his eyes and grimacing as he's expecting him. It sprays across his body and partially his face. He himself is not laughing, but he has an amused smile from her laughter. It's cute. "Was that too much, cabrona? Here, dejame arreglarlo." He wades through the water, over to her, and then delicately, attempts to wash some of the ice cream out of her hair. "Tu mama blessed you with good hair, huh?" Andrés is fully concentrated on running his hands through her hair.
  • Primrose: Prim blushed as his fingers ran through her hair. Andres knew what he was doing and she couldn't tell if this was part of the game to him or not. Andres didn't really strike her as the strategic type, but more of the fun, spontaneous type who came to the house for a good time. She placed a finger on his neck where a water droplet had formed and followed its trail all the way down to his stomach. He didn't flinch, but his smile grew wider. She looked up at him, her finger still resting on his abs, and said, "We'll call it a truce?"
  • Andrés:Things feel as if they're suddenly moving in a very specific directions that he is quite enjoys. "esta bien. Truce." He slowly stops running his hands through her hair, instead using a finger to move some of the hair that's fallen on her face behind her. The son of melinoe, sly as the ghosts his mom represents, moves his hand down from her ear to her jawline, lightly cupping her face in his hand. He's making sure to not break eye contact with her, allowing his smile and gaze to speak for themselves. "Is there..anything else you want to do while we're still here?"
  • Primrose: Prim blushed heavily. She knew what he was implying, and part of her wanted to agree, but she things had never moved this quickly for her. Prim didn't think there was anything wrong with a more sexually liberated approach to life, but she had to admit to herself that it wasn't exactly romantic and she had always been a romantic. Regardless, she got up on her tip toes and got within an inch of Andres' lips. She held for a second, letting the anticipation build, and then she kissed him on the cheek. "I'll see you around." She said with a mischievous grin and started to leave the pool.
  • Andrés:His face flushes a little, eyes trained on her lips...which miss. Is the kiss on the cheek what he's expecting? No. Some mujeres just like the chase. I'll see you around? Chinga, que significa? There's only one way to find out. Andrés attempts to catch her hand before she exists the pool. "Espera, you sure you don't want anything else cabrona?" He looks her up and down. "What I was doing with your hair...I know how to move my hands anywhere." He's got the latin touch.
  • Primrose: Prim turned back towards him and smirked. She knew what he wanted, but she wasn't going to give it to him that easily. She definitely wanted to make sure he was on the line a little longer, so she couldn't end the chase just yet. With a laugh, she went back to him, grabbed the back of his head and kissed him. This would be just enough to keep him hanging. Then, she turned around without a word, and left the pool.

Not so Me-Time

  • Primrose: Prim had come to like spending time in the backyard. It was much more open and full of air than the rest of the house. With 24 people under one roof, things can get it stuffy. It wasn't long after the first nomination ceromony that Prim made her way to the patio and sat at one of the benches. It was a little chilly outside so she brought a blanet with her from her room. The flames were garish and vibrant in the outdoor light. Gods, she hated that blanket, but at least she was warm and could enjoy some time away from the chaos of the house.
  • Lilith: The young puppeteer had felt incredibly uncomfortable during the nomination ceremony. She was never really known for enjoying confrontation of any sort. She had changed into a short black Yukata before the ceremony and the chill night air was not comfortable on her skin but she needed to escape the house. As she stepped out she saw Primrose who she met in her room after everyone had first moved in. She waved at the young woman and walked over, hugging herself lightly. "Well that certainly was an event. How are you holding up Primrose?"
  • Primrose: Primrose sighed and wrapped her blanket more tightly around her. She was happy to have company outside, but she was not quite happy to relive the nomination ceremony so soon. However, she understood Lilith's question, it was the most interesting thing to happen that day. "I feel... okay. I'm not sure. I really don't want to see anyone go home and I have no clue who I'm gonna vote for. I mean we don't even know if Mercury and Cain are the final nominees. It's just stressful, you know? I was having fun just making friends. I feel terrible for them."
  • Lilith: She nodded slowly as Primrose spoke, mirroring her feelings deep in her core. "I understand what you mean. I haven't even had a conversation with either of them. Or really anyone for that matter except for you and the giant man. I wonder what the contest will be for the power of veto." She frowned slightly her brain spinning at a million revolutions per minutes. "I just hope that things don't get crazy this early." She couldn't help but laugh a bit. "But enough unpleasantness. Tell me a bit about yourself Primrose. I'd like to get to know at least a few people out of this game."
  • Primrose: Prim let out an audible sigh of relief. She didn't want to make Lilith feel bad for asking, but she was ecstatic to move on to a new topic. "Well, where do I start," Prim laughed, "I'm from Malibu, California. I live with my father who was also the producer of the two televisions I starred in and I won two Emmys for my shows 'Ellie's Fairytale' and 'Behind Closed Doors'. Does that sound braggy? It's not meant to, it's just my life." Primrose laughed. She did sincerely hope Lilith didn't think she was bragging. In truth, it had been a long time since she had friends who weren't also famous actors or musicians. That was the life of someone who had been acting since she was 8. Prim never had time to be a normal person, so she hoped Camp Half-Blood could be that chance. That's why she joined Big Brother in the first place. "What about you?" Prim said with a smile, trying her best to seem approachable and friendly.
  • Lilith: Lilith couldn't help but giggle at Primrose's relief. She listened to Primrose's tale about her life and couldn't help but marvel at her life. But she could sense a note of wanting to be on equal footing not treated like some untouchable star. "You have an exciting life back home. My life isn't quite so fanciful but still full. I was adopted from Japan after my family died. I grew up happy and strong with my sister Zella, shes a daughter of Hephaestus but she just left for home because father isn't doing well." She cast a small spell and a puppet emerged from a black sigyl and carried over a chair and she sat in it as the puppet sunk back into the sigyl. "Now I pass my days here at camp refining my spell craft and playing with my puppets." She smiled slightly and let another small puppet fall into her hand from a black Sigyl and toyed with it in her hands mindlessly. "I wonder how many friends I will make out of this game. I hope you'll be one of them at the very least." She smiled weakly at Primrose, feeling a bit shy of the impressive girl.
  • Primrose: Primrose smiled brightly at Lilith. She was a little spooked by the sudden appearance of the dolls, but she was a seasoned actress after all, so she played it off as awe and wonderment. Prim caught a glint in Lilith's eye that she recognized very well. It was the look she had gotten from so many when she told them who she was, if they didn't already know. It made her giggle slightly. It had been some time since someone had looked at her that way. It reminded her of the life she missed while at camp. Then her face fell. She had missed the detail of Lilith's father's illness. "I'm sorry to hear about your father," Primrose smiled hesitantly, "but I'd be happy to call you my friend."
  • Lilith: She smiled happily at Primrose. "I'm glad to call you friend. I'm sure with Zella home father will be fine. I wish I could go back too but Zella's aura has always been weaker than mine and she will attract far fewer monsters." She twisted the puppet into a picturesque pose in her hands and then let it spin between two green sigyls that created a slight whirlwind to facilitate the rotation. "I know talking about the game isn't fun but I was thinking a bit about the Veto. I don't want to make any enemies yet so I think I should talk to Devon about it before the game just in case I do end up winning it somehow." She chewed lightly on her thumbnail as she thought for a moment. "I'd like to keep Ryurik around, hes a nice guy and I think he could make a good ally and friend..." She tossled her own hair slightly in annoyance. "Man its so hard to think about these things this early. I don't know if I'm cut out for all of this!" She let out an exasperated sigh and let her hands fall into her lap. "But I don't wanna just coast through the competition either. Sorry I'm using you as a sounding board for my thoughts Prim-chan but I really need my thoughts to fall into some sort of line."
  • Primrose: Prim blushed when she called Ryurik "a friend". She had offered him up as sacrifice to Devon, even though she didn't want to. She would have to rethink that if he was important to Lilith. But she simply smiled and said, "Don't worry about it. I totally get the impulse to talk about this stuff. It's nerve-wracking. My biggest fear is that people will assume that I'm manipulative because of my mother. And I have no idea what I would do if I won the power of veto. Luckily, I can't play this week so I don't have to worry about that. I wouldn't worry too much about Ryurik though, if Devon was going to put him up he would have. Ryurik got last place in the HoH competition and yet he's been saved. Cain, on the other hand, was second to last and she was put up. The only assumption I can make is that he was going to take my advice and put up the two," Prim paused and looked sheepishly at Lilith, but continued, "weakest competitors, but Ryurik bought his safety somehow. All I can say is I wouldn't be surprised if there was an alliance there now."
  • Lilith: "Ryurik seems like a smart man. I can't blame him for saving his own skin. And you have a point in putting the last two up on the chopping block especially this early when none of us really know each other. I'm just glad hes safe for now." She thought for a long moment remaining silent. "I hope I can get to Devon soon to ask him about some of this stuff too." She frowned a bit her concern about how to proceed causing her to struggle with a bit of anxiety.
  • Primrose: Prim frowned along with her and then said, "Well, the Power of Veto competition is bound to happen soon. We'll just have to see what happens then. In the meantime, I'm gonna head back inside. It was great meeting you and I hope we can remain close friends throughout our time in the house. I've got you back." Prim smiled and pulled open the sliding glass doors, reentering the house.

Rendez-vous dans le jardin

  • Primrose: Primrose stepped out of the bathroom after she had finished changing and made her way out into the backyard. She had put on her favorite swimsuit. It was a pink two-piece she had bought in Monte Carlo while traveling. Popping on her pink sunglasses, she made her way to one of the lawn chairs by the pool and laid flat. It felt nice to be by herself. Room 3 was ever so crowded, but the backyard was completely empty. Still, she wouldn't mind company, just as long as it wasn't 1/3 of the house.
  • Alex: Alex skittered out of his bedroom awkwardly }and headed to the backyard. He was never good at introducing himself that well, and hoped that maybe he would do better in an open environment. As he entered the backyard, he noticed Prim sitting in a chair and ran up to her. "Prim! I finally found you. How is it going so far? I'm glad you are here too." He smiled earnestly and hoped she was having a better time than him.
  • Primrose: Primrose lazily removed her sunglasses and smiled. "Hi Alex," she said, "I can't complain. I've tried to introduce myself to as many people as I could. I didn't go and say hi to room two though. Still getting around to it. Is that where you're staying?"
  • Alex: "Yeah that is where I set up my stuff! I hope I didn't steal anyone's bed. I would feel so bad about that." He replied as he sat on a lawn chair next to Prim. Alex naturally gravitated towards Prim since they came to camp around the same time and the two always did everything together. Hopefully, he and Prim could conquer this whole thing together. Alex crossed his legs and started to play with the drawstrings of his green hoodie. "Some of these people seem intimidating."
  • Primrose: Prim laughed to herself as Alex fiddled with his drawstrings. She sighed and answered, "Intimidating? No way! I think everyone has been super sweet so far. We have nothing to worry about Alex. These people are super nice. I'm mostly nervous about running into Emelio at this point. He does not seem to like Aphrodite kids."
  • Alex: Alex playfully rolled his eyes at Prim as he laughed. Prim always had a confidence about her in everything she did that Alex couldn't help but admire. "Of course the Daughter of Aphrodite and actress has all the courage. Things are harder for us normal people." Alex flopped backward onto his back still playing with his drawstrings and cross-legged. As he smiled to himself, he thought about all the people he had seen in passing so far, with special interest with the cute boys. Alex never thought of himself as particularly attractive, he was just the small geeky gay kid, but he couldn't help but blush at the thought of some of the other guys.
  • Primrose: Primrose giggled and sat up to look down at Alex. She could recognize that kind of blush from anywhere. After all, her mother was the love Goddess. She poked his shoulder playfully and simply said, "which one?"
  • Alex: "All of them- Ohmigods! I didn't mean that!" Alex's face turned completely red as he pulled his hood over and drew his stings in tight. Only the tip of his nose and a few strands of red hair poked out the small hole. That wasn't like him, he was too young to care about things like that, or maybe he was easier than he thought. Gods, he hated how Prim could read his mind so well. "It doesn't matter anyhow! I'm all about personality anyways!" He asserted with his hoodie muffled voice.
  • Andrew: Andrew opened the sliding screen door and walked out onto the fake grass in their backyard. A pair of aviator sunglasses reflected the image of the pool and the pair already out at it, framed by his dark, mid-length locks of hair. He wears a thin, loose-fitting white tank top with blue hemming, and a pair of gold and blue boardshorts. In one hand is a plain baby blue towel, in the other is a book; the fourth book in the Pretty Little Liars series. He pauses for a second to scan the backyard, deciding where he should sunbathe. He finally settles on the poolside just pass Prim and Alex. As he walks past them, Andrew gives them both a nod and smile before laying out his towel and laying supine poolside.
  • Primrose: Primrose lowered her sunglasses to watch as Andrew laid his things down. She was starting ot get what Alex was talking about. These boys were gorgeous. Her cheeks reddened slightly, but not in the embarrassed way Alex's had, but rather in excitement. Primrose had her fair share of boys in life. Being an actress and a daughter of Aphrodite didn't exactly make it hard. What she had never had, however, was someone who liked her for her mind or her talent. No one she could talk about books with or appreciate a good opera with. So boys would have to wait. She wasn't going down that road again with any of these boys. Prim was determined to meet the boy who would appreciate her constant Jane Eyre quotes and the goofy girl behind the beauty. Until then, she would sunbathe in peace.
  • Alex: He heard someone new center the backyard and hoped they wouldn't think he was totally insane for hiding in his hoodie like that. Hopefully Prim was able to hold of the situation because if he had to talk to a cute boy, he might actually implode on the spot. Alex slowly opened his his hoodie and exposed his face to the real world. He turned to Prim and gave her the look that said Omg! How do we handle this? He looks so cool!
  • Primrose: Primrose caught Alex's panicked look and let out a simper. Alex was so anxious about everyone who approached, like a skittish cat. Primrose took this as her cue to take the spotlight and save Alex. She was sure the scene would turn tragic if Andrew said something to Alex first. She smiled at him and slid her sunglasses down the bridge of her nose. With a wink to Alex, she turned towards the new boy and said, "Hiya. I'm Prim. Welcome to what I'm calling the "escape from horny roommates" sanctuary. What's your name?"
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