Jury House
A house for those who have been evicted in the latter half of the game. Those who are part of the jury will live here until they are given the opportunity to vote for the winner at the end of the game. Until then, wait for your enemies or friends to join you, think about what you could have done better, and root for your winner.

General Roleplay

  • Aria: It had been nice to have the house all to herself for a week, but after a while Aria enjoyed the influx of people to keep her company. By the end of the second week, she had finished up the last of the coursework she had brought, and now the jury house had become a more relaxing version of the Big Brother house. She floated lazily on the heated pool, staring contentedly up at the clouds.
  • Mooyoung: He was lazing around himself. After the startling eviction, he hadn't thought to be angered immediately, instead saved his anger for later. In the meantime, he took the time to relax in the jury house, which was much better compared to the tense atmosphere of the Big Brother house. He had come out to the pool where Aria was and was swinging his legs around in the water as he sat on the pool ledge.
  • Aria: Feeling some movement in the water coming from where Mooyoung was making ripples, Aria drifted over to his side of the pool. "Heyo Mooyoung!" she greeted, still floating on her back. "Enjoying the amenities of the jury house? I didn't get to talk to you that much at the Big Brother house, but I remember seeing you at the pool a couple of times."
  • Mooyoung: His gaze drifted over to Aria as he lifted a hand to shield his sight from the harsh glare of the sun. "Uh, sure?" he said uncertainly. He recognized Aria obviously, and felt slightly bad she had been voted out, although you can't really change public opinion, now can you? "You must be enjoying it then? I don't know how I'm feeling about it though."
  • Aria: "If I'm stuck here anyways, might as well make the most of it," Aria smiled, latching onto the side of the pool and flipping herself upright. "To be honest, I didn't expect to see you here so soon. What's happened since I left?" she asked.
  • Mooyoung: "Redhead, whatever her name was nominated me to replace Chase, who saved himself as expected. Anyway, it's the battle of the normies now," he said with a shrug. "Ah, ticked I never got to be Head of Household before they kicked me out but what can you do?"
  • Aria: "I guess the more normal you are, the more likely you'll stay alive in a social game like Big Brother. Maybe I should've tried to blend in more instead of doing homework all the time," Aria lamented. "But, like you said, what can you do? No matter how much I tried, I wouldn't have been able to blend in as well as the people who can blend in naturally. Can't really change what's already happened, so I've just been enjoying myself here at the jury house until I have the chance to actually affect something once again." As she talked, Aria noticed that Mooyoung hadn't gone into the pool past his knees yet. "Hey Mooyoung, want to go for a swim in the pool here? It's a nice way to get your mind off of the game and relax a bit!"
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