Name: Adrian Heywood

Age: 19

Gender: Male

God Parent: Poseidon

Mortal Parent: Sandra Heywood


Personality: Adrian is one hyper guy. He loves to be active, and is full of energy. He is very quick when it comes to running, or sports, but is also a very quick thinker, and can come up with plans, answers, and excuses on the spot. Even though he has lots of energy, he knows when he has to be calm, like in serious situations. He is very brave and confident of himself, and like to put himself in difficult situations. He loves girls, and guys, and is a huge player, but if he finds the right person, he will settle down. He is very tolerant of different people, and does not judge. Most of his days he is nice to every one, but when he is mad, he is very violent. When he is by himself, he does get emotional, and always thinks about Mary Jane, his dead child, and that night his friends were killed. He puts on his normal attitude for show, but he breaks down when he is by himself.

History: Sandra Heywood was a lifeguard for a beach in Florida. One day on th job, a man started to scream for help from the water. She ran out to him, and helped him to shore. When she asked what the problem was, he answered "I was drowning and i needed a pretty girls help." After the situation cleared, he told her his name was Austin, and asked her out on a date, which led to her house, which led to Sandra getting pregnant. When she found out she was pregnant, Austin was gone. Nine months later, she gave birth to twins, Adrian and Jessica.

Adrian and Jessica grew up very close to eachother. They were best friends growing up and did everything together. They had the same friends, were always in the same class, hung out after school with friends, and went to the beach together. They knew eachother's secrets and always had eachother's backs. Sandra loved this about her children. She knew nothing could seperate the two.

When the twins were in seventh grade, they were attacked by a gian black dog that jumped into there backyard. Jessica screamed and started to run inside, but when she turned to look for her brother, the dog was on top of her brother. She screamed for her mom, but remembered that she was not home. She did not know what to do. Her brother was being mauled and beat by a huge dog. She screamed for help, but no one came. She then acted on impulse. She ran and picked up a near bye stick, and threw it at the dog. That got its attention. The dog then ran to her and was about to pounce on her, when an arrow peirced its neck, turning it to gold dust. Jessica looked around, and she saw nothing. Then the gate opened and her best friend, Mary Jane came running in. She asked what had happened, and Jessica explaine. When Sandra came home they rushed Adrian to the hospital, and he soon recovered.

In 9th grade, Adrian joined the football team, and was very good at this. Jessica was not into sports, and did not like the kids who played sports. This caused a giant rift in their relationship. They stopped hanging out with eachother and found different friends. Adrian would not even speak to her at school. Jessica was saddened by this and she stopped talking to him completely, even at home.

Two years later, they were walking home, Adrian with a group of friends, and Jessica, who was way behind them, was by herself. Out of the sea came monsterous seal like creatures with dogs faces. They came running at Jessica. Jessica let out a horrible scream and srtarted running away. Adrian turned and saw the monsters running after Jessica. Adrian ran after them, pushing his friends aside. He ran as fast as he could. He had to save his sister. Jessica had ran into an alleyway and was in a deadend, no where to go. Adrian ran into the alley, and screamed at the monsters. It got their attention and some started to run at him. Adrian was scared to death. He put his hands up in fear when they got close, and the ground shook. When he looked up all the monsters had been knocked off their feet, and were starting to get up. Adrian yelled for his sister, who ran towards him. When she was almost there, one of the monsters tackled her. The monster started to scratch her, when an arrow peirced its back. It rolled over and turned to golden dust. Adrian and Jessica did not stay to find out what had happened, they just ran away from the scene and ran home.

After that incident, Adrian vowed to always stay with his sister. He only hung out with his friends if they allowed her to, which they did. Jessica was eventually accepted into the group, and she became popular. She and Adrian dated many people, and were know as the most popular people in school. Their relationship mended, and became stronger than before. They were always on the look out for the monsters that attacked them, and could always tell they were being watched. Eventually the two graduated and went off to the same college. They were doing well in college, until their first spring break.

That spring break, the twins decided to go out to a cabin in the mountains. They decided to bring Adrian's girlfriend, Mariana, and his bestfriend, Brandon. Jessica brought her bestfriend, Mary Jane, and her two other friends, Aeriel and Amber. The group got to the cabin, and they immediately started to party. They blared their music and got their drinks. They were having so much fun. That all changed the third night. They saw on the news that a serial killer was on the lose in the cabin resorts area. The group was terrified. The girls wanted to leave, but the guys wanted to stay, so they stayed. Later that night, someone was pounding on the girl's room window. Jessica was sure it was nothing so she went to check it out. When she put her head up to the window, a hand came through the window and stabbed her in the head. Jessica fell to the floor, lifeless.

Adrian heard the screaming and ran in to find his sister dead. He started to scream at the girls to get out of the room and that they had to leave. The girls ran out of the room, except for Mary Jane. Adrian looked and did not find her. He ran back out and told the group they had to go. They started to leave, when the man busted through the front door. Aeriel and Amber screamed and ran to the kitchen of the cabin. The rest of the group ran back to the girls room. Five minutes later they heard the last of Aeriel and Amber's screams. Adrian, Brandon, and Mariana crawled through the window of the girl's room. They ran to the their car and jumped in. They started to drive away, when the man was standing in the road. Adrian swerved the car to not hit him, and the car flipped. When they got out of the car, Mariana did not survive it. Adrian and Brandon started to run back to the house for safety. They locked the doors, and poorly boarded up the door and the girl's window. The man got through it and killed Brandon after he got in. Adrian went out to the back and tripped over a body. When he looked it was Mary Jane, who was alive. He helped her up, and the two ran throught the forest, eventually getting to a road, where a car stopped and picked them up, taking them to a police station. They explained the situation to them, and the two were taken back home to their parents.

Three months after the incident, they had all the funerals, and Mary Jane and Adrian started dating. They had felt close after the incident, and eventually got stronger feelings. They eventually got married. During their marriage, Adrian found out about greek myths, because Mary Jane was a satyr. SHe was actually Jessica and his protector. About a month into the marriage, Mary Jane got pregnant. Throughout the pregnancy, Mary Jane had many mental breakdowns, worse than any she had had befoe. Two months into the pregnancy, she killed herself, because of the grief she felt, leaving Adrian alone with nobody to love. Adrian went into a deep depression, not contacting anyone for a long time. He eventually became his old self, hiding his true feelings. Adrian was attacked by the same type of monsters that attacked him and his sister many years ago, which almost killed him. If it wasnt for the strange goat man that saved him. The goat man explained what was going on, and what he was. He took Adrian to camp, where he was claimed by Poseidon.

Weapons: Two CB Short tridents that can fold up into a spear like weapon.



Name: Avril Mckenny

Gender: Female

God Parent: Poseidon

Mortal Parent: Annie Mckenny

Appearance: Jasmine Fargery





Name: Finnick Harris

Age: 17


  • Poseidon (Father)
  • Nahla Harris (Mother)
  • Kiano Harris (Step-Father)

Personality: Finnick is cocky and extremely flirtatious guy. He radiates life, and an easy going nature along with a self effacing humor. He’s also bold and strong. He’s very likeable and knows what to say and when to say things. Sometimes he can be dense and sometimes he can have a short temper though he’s mostly sweet, and gentle. Finnick also has a very idealistic personality. When something he believes in is being challenged, he won’t hesitate to fight for it.

History: Nahla Harris, a college graduate of the University of Southern California, was cellabrating her 21st birthday at a beach party with some of her friends. Although she was happy about her birthday, she was in much of a partying mood so she decided to go for a walk along the beach. While she was walking, she suddenly ran into a young man, knocking them both over. The young man though, was not any ordinary man. He was the sea god, Poseidon. Nahla was very embaresed but, the man said that it was fine. He interduce himself to her and they sat there together on the beach talking.

After a couple of weeks of them meeting each other at the same place, they fell in love with each other and soon after, they found themselves in bed together. Not long after, Nahla learned she was pregnant and the couple was overjoyed though Poseidon knew he would have to leave soon as he was a god. A few days after Finnick was born, Poseidon left, leaving a saddened Nahla and a newborn Finnick. At first, Nahla was angry that Poseidon had left her but, soon decided that it was for the best and Nahla became a marine biologist, studying a rare species of fish called the Conspicuous Angel.

Over the years, Finnick had a pretty normal life. He went to school, where he was tease because he had ADHD and dyslexia, then after school, one of his mom’s co-workers would pick him up and drop him off at Nahla’s office. Finnick loved watching his mom work with the marine animals and sometimes, Nahla would let him help her with her work.

When Finnick turned ten, Nahla was offered a job in Cape Town, South Africa. She eagerly accepted and within the month, they we flying to South Africa. Finnick was happy about moving to Africa because he hoped that at his new school, the other kids wouldn’t tease him and they didn’t. They easily accepted him for himself. Finnick made friends and soon was taught how to surf. Nahla also began dating one of her co-workers, Kiano. At first, Finnick wasn’t really sure of Kiano but, he soon began to like him.

Though, his easy-going life started to change when he turned thirteen. Monsters began attacking him slowly at first. Finnick was an excellent running though and almost knew the whole city by heart. But, his luck seemed to run out when was fourteen. It had just finished raining when he was cornered by a hellhound. He was sure what to do so he closed his eyes waiting for his death when sudden he felt a tug in his gut. He peeked his eyes open and sudden watched as all the puddles of water shot toward the hellhound, hitting it all over with the water until the hellhound gave up and ran off.

Finnick was exhausted, so he stumbled to Kiano’s house which was only a few blocks away. When he finally made it, Kiano was just arriving home from work when he notice Finnick and he went up to see what was wrong when Finnick collapsed from exhaustion. Kiano caught him before he landed on the sidewalk and carried him inside, laying him on one of his guest beds. Kiano called Nahla and she was there within minutes.

When Finnick finally woke up, he told Nahla what had happened, though he was scared she wouldn’t believe him. Nahla believed Finnick so she decided it was time to move. Kiano told them he would move with them which Finnick was happy about because he was one of the only father figures he’d had in his life. So within the month they were planning to move to London, England as Kiano and Nahla got jobs offers there.

For Finnick, the move was hard because he would be leaving some of the first people who really accepted him but, he managed. When Finnick started school in London, he changed himself from who he really was. He became cocky, and didn’t really care what people thought. He would date one girl one week, and another the next.

A few weeks after his seventeenth birthday, the school decided to take the senior class on a week-long trip Rome, Italy. Finnick didn’t really want to go but, Nahla told him he needed a vacation so he went. One of the days, they were going touring when Finnick got separated from the group. He started wandering around trying to find someone who spoke English when a young girl around his age came up to him and started flirting with him. The girl started creeping Finnick out so he tried to lose her until she cornered him in an alley.

When he looked at her again, she wasn’t a girl anymore. She was a half donkey, half robot thing and it attacked him. Finnick was too shocked to do anything so she knocked him to the ground with ease. The creature was just about to bite him when she exploded to dust and standing in front of him was a satyr. The satyr helped him up and explained everything while they stopped by the hotel Finnick’s class was staying at so Finnick could get his things.

Finnick was so confused about the information about the Greek gods and goddess but, he believe the satyr since it helped the monster attacks make sense. The satyr quickly brought Finnick to camp and he was claimed by Poseidon. Ever since then, Finnick has lived in Poseidon cabin.



Name: Scarlet Waters

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Mortal Parent: Jenna Waters


Personality: Scarlet is quite Uptight and takes everything seriously. She can be rude at times, but, only when she is majorly stressed. She is honest most of the time, except when trying to spare someone's feelings. She is Responsible, and organized, to the point of extreme perfectionism. She has little patience and adaptability She is quite confident and trusting, once you get to know her. She can be arrogant quarrelsome at times, though. Above all, she is conscientious. Her one love, is surfing. Surfing calms her nerves, and takes away the stress.

History: Scarlet Waters was born on June 17th, 1997 to Jenna Waters, a Mortal who could see through the mist, and Poseidon in her mother's hometown, Miami, Florida. At the time of Conception, Jenna was a young, hot 20 year old. She loved the water, and loved surfing. She had known many Demigods, and, they had explained to her all about the Greek Gods and Goddesses. She had bought a house on the beach, and was going out for a midnight surf, when she saw him. He was helping a beached whale back into the ocean. She quickly dropped her surf-board, and started helping. Once the beached whale was back in, the two started talking. The man thanked her for her help, and she asked him about himself. She thought that this man seemed firmilliar, and once she looked into his eyes, she instantly knew who he was. She asked if he was Poseidon, the God she had worshipped for being the God of the Sea. At first, he denied it, but, she told him she was a mortal who could see through the Mist. He, then, confirmed he was, and she instantly became star-struck. Before he could leave, she asked if he would care for a snack at her place. He accepted, hesitantly, and once back at the house, Scarlet was conceived.

On the day that Scarlet was born, and Jenna and her went back home, Jenna saw something on the step to her porch. It was a small box, that held a celestial bronze sword and shield. Jenna, knowing what it was, brought them inside, and stord them away for when Scarlet was older. Scarlet grew up near the ocean. Her mother didn't think it was right to send her to Camp at such a young age, she wouldn't have anyone to play with. Her mother had taught her about Demigods and Greek Gods as young as the age of 3. A year later, Jenna began to homeschool Scar, as she felt she could do a better job than the Public School's teachers. As young as age 6, she began to stress over whether or not she would be able to live up to other Demigods, especially since she was a child of the Big Three. That was when her mother taught her to surf. This became her stress reliever and she became better and better at it. Her mother occasionally trained her, keeping the weapon in the cellar. However, Scar did not have many lessons on the one thing she needed it most on, her aim.

When she was 9, her mother and her were telling stories in the backyard, mindlessly playing catch, when a Hellhound ruined their game. Jenna, hardly phased, as she knew a monster would arrive soon, grabbed Scarlet's hand and dragged/ran with her. She brought her to the side of the house which led to their cellar room. As she and Scarlet descended down, the Hellhound started to chase after them. Once they got to the room, Jenna began to throw stuff aside, and quickly found the sword and shield, handing them to Scarlet. Scar, however, was frozen with fear, as the Hellhound quickly descended down the stairs after them. She, slowly, regained her confidence, and swung randomly, at first hitting a shelf, but, on her second try, she managed to hit the Hound in the face, slicing it's nose off, and turning it to dust.

Jenna realized they had to practice more than what they had been. Jenna worked Scarlet day in and day out, occasionally fighting real monsters that showed up. Until, a few weeks before her 16th birthday. That day, was like all others, at first. Scarlet was eating lunch outside, after finishing Math Class. She had asked her mother to leave her alone, as she had a headache, and watching the sea alone made her feel better. However, out of no where, a huge cyclops appeared. She tried to run for her weapon but, the Cyclops grabbed her. She, however, frightened, accidently created a minor earthquake, knocking the Cyclops off his feet. She managed to scramble back to her house, and, once inside her house, she grabbed her weapon out of her hall closet, where her mother insisted on keeping them. As the Cyclops broke through her front door, he spotted her. She, however, began to swing at him. Her aim was still pretty bad, so, her swings missed and the Cyclops knocked her back. Jenna came rushing in, hearing the crash. Seeing her daughter on the ground, almost unconsious, her motherly instinct took over. She tried to distract the monster, so it would leave her daughter alone. However, he swatted her to the side as well. However, Jenna's head hit against the wall, against a picture frame. Scarlet, seeing this, managed to get to her feet, and stab the Cyclops in his back while he wasn't looking. The Cyclops turned to dust.

Scarlet rushed to her mother's side, frightened for her life. Jenna was slowly regaining consciousness, but, quickly losing blood from the wound she suffered after hitting her head on the picture frame. Jenna, with the remaining few seconds of her life, told Scarlet she loved her, and where Camp was, as that is where special kids like her should go. Scarlet, softly cradling her mother's body in her hands, promised her that she would go there, and she would be safe.

A few hours after Jenna's death, Scarlet had fixed the front door, and, had barried her mother's body in the sand, close to the ocean, the place she loved the most. She, afterwards, slowly, packed a bag of necessities, taking her Surfboard with her, to keep her relaxed, especially after her mother's death, and, kept her sword in her hand, just in case. She hitchhiked her way to Camp, and, since the mortals were blinded by the Mist, they didn't realize she was carrying a sword, but, a hiking stick. Once she got to Camp, she found her secondary weapon, her Whip, after she was claimed by her father, Poseidon.



Name: Jin-Ho Rho (actually my name is Jung-Hwa)

Age: 17

Family: Soo Min Rho and Poseidon


Personality: WIP (though for the record I could summarize it as confusing >.<)


♪Row, row, row your banana-split boat gently down the Stream of Consciousness. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is Max's dream.♪


Kim Dong Yi and Soo Min Rho, curious and mischievous Korean daughters of Morpheus, found a twin glistening poppy red-colored lockets poking out of the ground while on a certain quest. Attracted by the beauty of the two lockets, they took them and selfishly wore them without even asking or finding out who owned those. Unbeknownst to them, the two lockets belonged to Hypnos, their father’s father, who accidentally dropped them in the mortal world.

The lockets held overwhelming and supernatural power, and that anyone who wears it can enter the astral plane just by entering anything with a window, bring their physical body with them and bend the very plane to their will to a small extent, something that contradicts the real astral projection; but because of the power brought by the lockets, it was made possible.

Being so curious on trying out the lockets’ power, they decided to enter the astral plane via a large television set. Inside, the astral plane was a parallel world with ever-changing dream-like projections. Souls of those who can’t pass on and astral projections of living people roamed the astral plane. Being very mischievous and curious, they tried to possess the bodies of those they considered enemies, and caused trouble to the outside world without even causing their physical bodies to be harmed.

This greatly irritated Hypnos, as the two girls caused chaos in the astral plane because of their selfish deeds, disturbed his very domain, and the fact that they didn’t return the lockets upon finding them. Having enough of it all, Hypnos confronts them in the astral plane as they were about to possess another body. He demands them to give the lockets; they tried running away, but he stopped them with a flick of a finger. Hypnos was unstoppable in his domain, of course. In the end, Dong Yi and Soo Min gave back the lockets to Hypnos. As he kicks them out of the astral plane, he forewarns, “From this moment, I tell you, that in the future, your sons or daughters will suffer the consequences of what you did. You dare run away from my own domain? Fine then. Your own children will try to get away from me in the future, but I will not let them. I assure you that. Curiosity has a price, and you are paying for it.” With that, Hypnos disappeared, and the two were brought back to the real world.

After that confrontation, the two got into a fight. They blamed each other for picking up the lockets first, and in the end, their friendship was shattered, and they decided to quit camp, go back to South Korea and live their separate lives. Even before they left for their homeland, Hypnos has already made future arrangements; arrangements that will change the future of the two young ladies’ children.

So, Kim Dong Yi went back to her hometown, at Seoul, where her family owns a large kim chi restaurant chain. There, she was welcomed back by her mother and step father, a man who got engaged to her mother after her real father (Morpheus) left them all of a sudden right after they made love. Actually, her mother knew about her demigod identity, as Morpheus left her a note before he left, telling her to bring her to camp once she is attacked by any unusual monster she encountered. They kept this secret from the new head of the household, as he will only think that they are both crazy.

Shortly after her return, she took responsibility on helping her parents on the large family business. Shortly after that, she met Poseidon, the god of the seas and earthquakes. Well, you know what happened next. They fell in love with each other after Dong Yi served him with their famous kim chi, and hung out several times. From there, they made love, and eventually she gave birth to Jung-Hwa. He was treated very carefully and delicately as he grew up, but soon began to become rebellious after discovering new things when he went to school.

He's a son of Poseidon, a child of the Big Three, so monster attacks came to him earlier, at the age of twelve. Dong Yi, however, made safety precautions, as she herself, is a demigod. She hired an undercover satyr who disguised as a butler to keep Jung-Hwa safe and protected from any harm. So with the monster attack trying to obliterate him, the satyr came to the rescue. When Jung-Hwa awakened to his senses after passing out during the attack, he began asking questions on what he saw. Dong Yi told him that its was just some trick of his own sight, and told him not to worry because his butler will always be there for him to rescue him.

These attack occurred several times, with twice attacks each year. The satyr butler never missed a chance in protecting him, and Jung-Hwa was saved from harm's way. Every year, he began to be more puzzled on what is happening, but Dong Yi just kept on using the same excuse. However, during his latest attack, the satyr was defeated and died from the wounds he obtained. Jung-Hwa immediately ran for it like they always did, while honoring his "butler" who saved him many times before.

Every time he reaches a new age, Hypnos' "time bomb" decreased, which meant that his punishment for his half-granddaughters' bad deeds drew nearer. And at the dawn of his and Jin-Ho (Soo Min's son)'s 17th birthday, the "time bomb" "exploded". The special gift Hypnos imbued within the two children sparked to life, and they suddenly entered the astral plane. As if on a trance, they journeyed across the astrally parallel South Korea, with Hypnos on total control. In a matter of time even before they wake up, they astral possessed the other's body: Jung-Hwa possessing Jin-Ho's body and vice versa. As if like a switch, Hypnos turned off his special gift, locking them permanently in the body of the other.

The very next day, Jung-Hwa woke up with a yell. He was NOT in his body. Everything physically on him was changed all of a sudden. He didn't know where he was, or who the people are around him, why is he in such a shabby and low-living house, and certainly why the heck did he change into some other person's appearance. When this was found out by the other members of the family, they thought their "Jin-Ho" was cursed or possessed or something. Suddenly, her old friend, Soo Min, called. She reminded her of Hypnos' warning back then, realized it all good, and they decided to meet up to try and resolve the issue secretly. They tried pleading to Hypnos via dreams, but he never answered their voices of help. Eventually, they decided to bring their children to that one place, in hopes of their children themselves solving the crisis they are facing: Camp Half-Blood.

They first oriented them with everything regarding the Greek gods and all that, and they let them take it all in before sending them to Camp, as to prevent confusion. They didn't tell them about Hypnos' punishment, for the meantime, to make them accustomed to their new bodies. A week later, they brought them to New York City and into Camp Half-Blood, where they bid them goodbye and left.

As of now, Jin-Ho (now Jung-Hwa) and Jung-Hwa (now Jin-Ho) try their best to be together all the time, while getting used to their switched bodies and at the same time, being ignorant to how and why this unusual event happened to them. As for being claimed, Jin-Ho was claimed as son of Notus, and Jung-Hwa as son of Poseidon, despite of having some trouble with the two of them. Weapons/Possessions:

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