The Winner Is:



Name: Ana Melia Caerulean

Gender: Female

God Parent: Aphrodite, obviously!

Mortal Parent: James Caerulean - Sports agent and former bodybuilder
Ana baseball dress

Ana - Sports meets beauty.

Appearance: Ana is a young woman in her late teens. She stands 5'8" tall with long, blond hair and light green eyes. She has a build like a sports model, which she works very hard to maintain. Unlike many of her siblings, she is not afraid to get sweaty or dirty. However, she still tries to look her best in those situations and will pick designer workout gear and outdoor accessories over generic stuff in a heartbeat.

Personality: While many children of Aphrodite focus on fashion and relationships, Ana is much more concerned with the beauty of the human body. That is not to say she doesn't like to get dressed up or have a day at the spa, after all she does have to show off the results of her work. She also has no problem flirting with the boys and breaking a few hearts wherever she goes. But fitness is her religion and she will never take a day off from working out or taking part in some type of physical activity.

History: James Caerulean was a young man with a lot of ambition and a newly acquired sports science degree when he first became a personal trainer and entered the world of prefessional body building. While considered a near perfect body by many, he was never willing to subject himself to performance enhancing drugs and therefore always seemed to get edged out from winning any major competitions.

He did make many useful contacts though throughout the sports industry and eventually worked his way into a position as an agent for a wide variety of athletes. The combination of money, good looks, and knowing how to work red carpet events eventually earned him the notice of a goddess. It was only a one night stand, but it was an encounter that rocked his world more than any other moment in his life. When he was presented with his baby girl some time later, he welcomed her in every way he could. His new princess reminidng him everyday of just how happy life could be.

Ana grew up as the center of attention in her house. Always able to sweet-talk daddy into buying her anything she wanted. She also learned just how far good looks can take you and soaked up everything her dad could teach her about staying in shape. The fact that many ways to keep fit were so fun and so competitive only fueled her desire even more.

The possibility of being even the slightest bit godly though, never even crossed her mind until after a rather intense field hockey match with her private school's top rival. Ana took a few bruising hits early on and decided she was going to payback the other players twice over. The penalties were a fair trade for getting to provide her opponents with grass and mud facials the hard way. The fact that her team won was just icing on the cake.

Soaking in the shower alone after the match to soothe her own bruises, it came as no surprise when a couple of her opponents showed up in the locker room, looking for some kind of revenge. Ana put on a superior air at first and only got more confident when one launched a kick at her and she evaded it, slamming the girls knee into a locker door. The metallic clang from the impact though sent a sudden shiver of fear through her body. When she looked at her opponents again, their human appearance seemed to almost evaporate. She was now facing several monsterous beings, each one a compbination of animal, metal, and some things she couldn't wrap her mind around.

Ana screamed and ran, her still wet feet sliding around every corner she took. She quietly thanked her dad for all the tumbling and gymnastics lessons as she jumped, twisted, and rolled her way past any obstavles that got in her way. She took refuge in one of the rooms used by the band for storing their equipment, startling one of the poor band geeks who was in the room taking inventory.

After only a few moments, the monsters busted down the door, looking for blood. The geek boy actually seemed to calm down at the sight of the momsters and turned to give Ana am appraising glance. "So, it's you, is it? Not at all what I was expecting, but it is what it is. Let's get you to safety then, shall we?" The boy said as his own features seemed to melt and shift into something animal. Ana rubbed her eyes to clear them and looked up again just in time to see some sort of goat-boy going all matrix kung-fu on the monster girls.

He couldn't seem to knock them out, but he did keep them away from Ana and, after several minutes, they started to slow down. He turned and grabbed her hand, quickly leading her out a window and into a heart-pounding 2 hour chase through the city that would have left anyone in lesser shape a snack for their pursuers.

They took just enough time to return home and let Ana put together one bag of clothes. Goat boy wouldn't let her take two, which was upsetting, but she conceded the point when a howl in the distance reminder her of how little time she had. She left a message for her dad and then followed her new protector to her new life at camp.

Weapons: Upon arrival at camp, Ana has no formal weapons training. However, she is proficient at so many sports that swinging a bat accurately or hurling small objects like a 90+ mph fastball are just natural reactions to her now.


Name: Satoshi Shih

Age: 18

Appearance: Satoshi is a Taiwanese-Japanese handsome male with dark black hair and dark-brown eyes that change colors into dark greyish-brown or just an endless void of black depending on his mood. He has a quite athletic body from playing soccer, baseball, basketball, etc.

Personality: Satoshi is an outgoing guy, he likes getting to know people and making friends. He loves sports and doesn't really care about what other people think about him.


Name: Ása Hauksson

Age: 17

God Parent: Aphrodite

Mortal Family: Andrés Hauksson (father) & Jerry Smith-Hauksson (step-mother)

Personality: Ása is shy, and quiet. She's not mute, although she rarely speaks. She hates being deaf, though knows it is her own fault. Obviously, her fatal flaw is her deafness, and her anthem is Fix You - Coldplay. When she gets too know someone, her inner personality comes out. Then she is bubbly and friendly. Ása is very musical, and before she was deafend could play the clarinet. She knows the position of the keys off by heart. Ása can read lips. She also has mild ADHD and dyslexia.

Appearance: Ása has long, pale-ish blonde hair and ice-blue eyes. She wears hooded jackets to cover her face, and her jeans, which are tattered at the knees. She's 5'9" in height, and her body is of average shape and size. Ása is Icelandic, and speaks with and Icelandic accent. She is left-handed.

History: Ása Hauksson was born to Aphrodite and Andrés Hauksson on the 13th November, in Iceland. Andrés, though raised in a family of actors and models, always had a love for science, especially volcanos. Despite his family's disapproval, after college he decided to move to Iceland, to pursue a career as a volcanologist, instead of an actor or model like his family wanted. Andrés fell in love immediately, and approached her. She then realized she loved him back. They organised a date.

After several months, Aphrodite realise she was pregnant. She then decided to tell Andrés about being a god. So, that night she said was pregnant, with their demigod child. Andrés freaked out. He did not believe in the gods, and thought she was an absolute psycho. He shouted for all he was worth, until she could take no more, and left.

Five months or so later, as Andrés was setting out for work, he almost tripped over a bundle of blankets. He picked it up and a note fell out. It read:

'Dear Andrés,

This is Ása, our daughter. I cannot look after her on Olympus, so she is yours. When she is older she will need proper training, so when she is around 13, a satyr will seek her out, and take her to Camp Half-Blood.

Yours, Aphrodite.'

Andrés was still freaked out about the whole 'god' thing, and disliked Ása strongly. He didn't mistreat her, but didn't spoil her either. She got her basic needs: food, water and the other essentials, but nothing special.

When she was school age, she went to the local primary school, and was nothing special. Her father got a major promotion at work, when Ása was seven. But, it would mean moving to the U.S.A if he took it. After much deliberation, they decided to go.

It took three months, by which time Ása was eight. Of course, Ása was not Andrés' first priority, but once his work and their house was sorted out, Ása was next on the list. She was registered at the Elementary School. Ása was bullied, and had no friends. She struggled with her work, and her form teacher suggested she was tested for dyslexia.

The educational psychologist's name was Jerry Smith, and unfortunately for Ása, her step-mother-to-be. After a few tests, Ása was diagnosed with mild ADHD and severe dyslexia. During that time, Jerry and Andrés had become closer, so close in fact that they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Time passed, and Ása was becoming less and less important to her father. He did not realise the struggles she was going through. She was being bullied for many reasons. Her dyslexia, her accent and when she misunderstood things because she spoke little English. Even worse, Jerry and her father had got married.

The bullying showed no signs of stopping, and by the time Ása was fifteen, she was about ready to commit suicide. Then she met Andrew and Nicholas. They were the ones who always were in trouble. When Ása approached them, she expected them to tell her to push off. But, to her surprise, they were more than happy to accept her.

Ása dealt in drugs and alcohol, which she obtained through illegal means. She also got to try skateborading, which she loved. She was perfectly happy, until the accident. Ása was skating along, and tripped. The board smashed, and the shards flew into her ears, deafening her for life. It was then she lost her hearing. When that happened, Andrew and Nicholas didn't want a deaf girl with them anymore. She was left on her own once more.

When Ása's father found out she was deafend, he kicked her out. She was just sixteen. Deafend and living on her own, Ása did not know what to do. For a week, she busked with her clarinet to get food, and asked for directions to the food shops. This was not enough to survive on. She eventually plucked up the courage to ask a policeman to the nearest Children's Home.

Ása attended the local High School, and was taught to lip read by a special education teacher, who also set her homework. She worked hard, and then was rewarded by being able to go on a field trip to the Statue of Liberty. That was where her first monster attack was. A harpy posing as a tour guide caught her scent and attacked. Ása had no idea what was going on, only when the harpy's claws scratched into her back did she realise. She screamed in pain, and suddenly, she felt dust fall onto her back. A hand helped her up from where she had fallen. She noticed a girl with short, slightly curly auburn hair holding two dagger. Her name was Katniss La Rêve, and she had noticed the harpy whilst she was in the area on The Sleep Potion Quest.

"Ása?" The person said. "Are you okay?"

She read his lips.

"Yes...I think so," she replied. "Who is this?"

"Darren Hughes. Look, you're not going to believe me, but you are a demigod. Half-Greek God, Half-Human. You need to go to Camp Half-Blood. It's the only safe place for people like, well, us. I'm a satyr. We look for demigods all around the world and take them to Camp. Ása, do you believe me?"

Ása thought for a moment. "Yes. I-I think I do. It makes sense, why I never met my mother."

"OK. Shall we go to Camp?"


The started on their journey to camp at the end of the school day. As they made it to the middle of New York, Darren pulled a large, golden coin out of his pocket. A drachma. He summoned the Grey Sisters Taxi, which took them to the boundaries of Camp. He thought they were safe, and that no monsters would attack him and Ása now. He was wrong. Just before they crossed the border line, a hellhound bounded up. Darren shouted for Ása to cross the line, but being blind, she had no idea where this 'line' was. She staggered out into the path of the hellhound. Darren ran as fast as he could to inside camp, where he shouted for help, which came in the form of Catherine Bellard, Swallow Boucher and Tyger de Young. Catherine took Ása's hand, and took her inside camp, whilst explaining who she was. Swallow and Tyger finished off the hound.

After entering Camp, Ása was quickly claimed. As she entered Aphrodite's Cabin with Catherine, Catherine pointed to a small black Labrador and bow. Ása picked up the note that was with them and read it. It said:

Dear Ása,

I know you are deaf, so this is a hearing-dog specially trained for you. Oh, and here is a weapon, a bow. Have fun at camp!

Love ~ Mum xx

She now lives at camp year round.

Weapons/Armour: Ása owns a bow called κουφαίνω ομορφιά (Deafen Beauty), a present from her mother, Aphrodite. She has the standard camp armour, shield and sword.


Name: James Acherin

Age: 19

God parent: Aphrodite

Mortal parent: Nathaniel Acherin (Deceased) {C}

Personality: James is suspicious of most people, but doesn’t show it on the surface, preferring to be able to find out if his suspicion is correct or not. His way of hiding this is by flirting with literally everyone. However, he always breaks it off before real emotions get involved, since he doesn’t want to be hurt again, like it happened with Demonax. He is vicious if angered, and not above using charmspeak to make people drop their weapons while he cuts their throats.

History: James Acherin was born to Aphrodite (under the alias of Rachel Smith) and Nathaniel Acherin. The two had met in Paris, and while Nathaniel didn’t give her a second glance, that only made her more obsessed with getting him.

So she tried. Again and again she tried. Everything from asking him out and bringing him flowers, to being in his apartment when he got home, dressed in skimpy clothes which barely covered the most private areas, and sometimes not even those.

But little did it help. You see, not only was Nathaniel asexual, but he also didn’t have any emotions. An unexplainable defect from birth had removed his emotions. As such, he had no interest in sex, and Aphrodite’s advances only served to annoy him (annoyance was the only emotion he had not lost). After repeatedly having told her to get the f*ck out of his apartment, he grew tired of it, and in the end agreed to take her out, even if only once.

That was a mistake. Having had one date, Aphrodite wanted more, and when she got that, more. She declared them a couple, much to the amusement of his friends, since they knew how cold he was. She kept trying to impress him, trying to make him love her, not having realized that he couldn’t feel love, just thinking that the fact that she couldn’t feel what he liked and disliked was a twist of fate.

While she had declared them a couple, they had still not consummated their love, since every time she tried to make him do it, he just ignored her or went to sleep. And it frustrated her to no end.

Not only did he pointedly refuse to acknowledge her as a person he loved, he ignored her attempts to impress him, ignored the fact that she dressed in clothes so small they would fit better on a young teenager than an fully grown with curves, even if they accentuated said curves quite much, he also refused to f*ck her.

So she went to Hecate, telling her about the problem. Thinking that Hecate could help her make a more subtle and effective potion, she exchanged a vial of pure love for a strong love potion, made to mimic the effects of love, including the slow build-up level and the sexual attraction. It would even make him ignore any absences she might have, be they a day, a week or even a month. However, it had to be administered twice each day, or it would stop working immediately. Aphrodite waved off the concern and went back to Nathaniel, starting to cook him breakfast and dinner, slipping the potion into his food as easily as stealing candy from a child.

After a while, it started working, and Nathaniel “fell in love” with her. He took the initiative to have her move in with him permanently, eventually even having sex with her “voluntarily”. They used protection, since he still didn’t want children, and she wanted to be able to stay with him longer.

She disappeared sometimes, often she would only see Nathaniel once or twice a week, but he didn’t notice, since she’d told him to drink the potion every morning and evening, under the guise of being a health drink.

After a year or so, he proposed to her. And she said yes, even though she knew it was temporary. As soon as they’d been married, they consummated their love, this time not using protection. She got pregnant with his child and they were “happy”.

One day, she decided to stop giving him the potion, believing and hoping that he would truly love her. Oh, how wrong she was. Finding out that he’d been drugged for the better part of 2 years, he threw her out. He almost literally threw her out of his apartment, with the message that he never wanted to see her again.

She went back to Olympus, 6 months pregnant and sought out her lover, Ares, seeking comfort. Not normally one for comforting other people, even Ares melted at the sight of Aphrodite. Her clothes were torn and ruined, her face grimy, her hair wild, her eyes hurt. He immediately took her in his arms, whispering the most comforting things he could in her ear.

Unfortunately those things included, “Who the hell is the bastard who did this to you? I’ll kill him.”

Hesitant to answer as she was, she obeyed her lover and whispered the name in his ear, before cracking into another fit of sobs and crying. Ares continued to hold her close until she fell asleep, after which he went to find Nathaniel, and succeeded. And let’s just put it this way, Nathaniel didn’t live to see another day.

When the time came for Aphrodite to give birth, she had Apollo help her through it, after which she was forced to place the child in an orphanage, since the father was dead.

She chose a small orphanage in Kentucky, which seemed to have some nice caretakers. And it did. Right until about a year after the child had been placed there, when they were replaced with other, almost evil, caretakers.

As he got older, James was beaten daily. He was a good looking child, but he was dyslexic, so he didn’t do well in the “school”, which the orphanage hosted. Every time he misread a word, he would be hit. Every time he couldn’t do an assignment, he was beaten. As you can imagine, there were times where he almost died.

But he held on, and forced himself to learn it. He forced himself to learn how to read, how to spell and other things he needed to learn. Then one day, Demonax arrived. An isolated, closed child, with the look of a person who’d been neglected horribly. Of course, James didn’t see all this. He was only 7 after all. He just saw a child his age who needed a friend. And he became that friend.

At night, however, the “caretakers” had taken to select some children from the dorms, take them away for a night, and then returning them in the morning, beat-up, half-naked and scarred.

James and Demonax avoided this for several years, since they stuck together and hid together at night so they were sure they wouldn’t be taken. Unfortunately, the caretakers had wanted to have James since he was a beautiful kid, so after a while, they just took him during the day, and locked him up so they could use him later.

James were feeling hopeless, at 12 years of age he knew what was going to happen, having spoken to a few of the more open children about it. Then Demonax was thrown into the room, bound and out cold, a sure sign that they would take him as well. He moved Demonax, so that his head were in James’ lap as he stroked Demonax’s hair.

A few hours later, the caretakers returned, forced him away from Demonax, stripped the clothes of him, and then they raped him. When Demonax woke up, they raped him as well. It was even more painful to watch Demonax be raped than being raped himself.

When he reached 13, as he was in the shower, a strange sign appeared over his head.

And it continued that way for the next three years. In the days the two would comfort each other in whichever way possible, holding each other close, eventually ending up kissing a bit once in a while. But in the nights, they were raped, beaten or whatever the caretakers thought would be fun that night. On his thirteenth birthday, Demonax was claimed. He had no idea what it was only that James told him the same had happened to him when he turned thirteen.

That night the caretakers tried to torture Demonax. He had started resisting more and more at their nightly “sessions” and they thought it would be a lesson. And they were right. But not about who the lesson was for. The moment they took out the tools and looked at Demonax evilly, James charged at them, protective of his friend/part-time boyfriend. He was knocked out cold by a hit to the temple, but not before giving one of the caretakers several scratches in the face.

After having slapped him a few times, he, James, finally woke up. Demonax quickly relayed what happened, and James told him to get a bag. Hurrying, he complied and returned with a backpack. James quickly filled it with canned food that could be eaten straight from the can and told him they were leaving.

On their way to the nearest city, they met a single dryad, sitting by her tree in the desert. Thinking her a lost tourist, they went to talk to her, even though it was late, and they needed to get to the city soon. She was surprised that they could see her, and asked them a few questions, one of them about the strange thing that happened on both their thirteenth birthdays. Their guarded looks were answer enough, and she explained the whole thing about the gods being real, and the same with monsters.

Both boys were unhappy about the idea of gods being their parents, since that would mean that they could have stopped them from harming them. They moved on, trying to stay alive on whatever food they could acquire, once in a while finding a small bag with some canned food, and once even a four daggers, two in some bronze-like metal and two in a silver-like metal. They instinctively knew, however, that they could not sell them. They did not know why, but they knew that they couldn’t.

After about two months on the street, a childless widow of a rich man found the two boys. They had only helped her with a few things she needed done in exchange for a bit of cash, but she took them in. She had no one to care for, no one to live for. Her family had been dead for many years and with her being infertile, the death of her husband took away the last person she had to love.

The two boys stayed there for four years, becoming lovers during the second year. When James was 19, the widow died, and left them whatever money and possessions she had left, since they had cared for her in the last four years of her life.

After that they had a huge argument. Demonax insisted that they should go to the camp that the dryad had mentioned, while James wanted them to go to the Broken Covenant. In the end, they ended up selling the possessions, splitting the money and each going to the place he wanted to go.

James, hurt deeply by Demonax refusal to join him on his way to the Broken Covenant, went to the approximate area the nymph had told them to avoid, if they didn’t want to run into the Broken Covenant. He was found by a few members, a satyr and a few others, who recognized him as a demigod and cornered him. He told them that he wanted to join, feeling betrayed by the gods.

They led him to an interrogator, who spent the next 6 hours making his life a living hell with all the questions, still it was nothing compared to the orphanage. Being satisfied that he was honest in his wish to join them, the interrogator sent him to Heinrich Alten, who explained what the Broken Covenant was all about, in more detail than the nymph had.

Throughout the years, his hate to the mortals had grown stronger, to the point where he hated every single mortal, but the kind old lady who’d taken them in. And his hate had grown to the point where he would gladly kill all of them himself. He went to Dante, kneeling in front of him with gritted teeth, as he disliked having to kneel to anyone, asking to join the faction.

Reason to join Opus Superum: He wants to join Opus Superum because he hates mortals. He thinks they’re worth less than the air he’s breathing, since that’s at least useful. He wants every mortal to die, except for those they find worthy to mate with the gods, to create new demigods. To him, the gods exist only to continue the production of demigods until they can figure out how to do it without them.

Equipment: Two celestial bronze daggers, twin daggers, which he never bothered to name. A gift from his godly parent, though he would never admit it.

Jasmine Campbell

Name: Cassandra Walsh

Age: 16

Mortal Parent: John Walsh


Cassandra, or often called Cassie by those closest to her, can be described in just a few words. Shy, quiet, sad and untrustworthy. Around Tom, she shuders and feels happiest.

Appearance: Cassandra has long, blonde locks that fall past her shoulders, although it’s unknown if it really is her natural colour. She has eyes that glimmer like sapphire, and are even the same colour. Her skin is smooth, like a baby’s. She often wears dresses and old fashioned clothes, opting for light blue, brown and white. She sometimes likes to wear daisys and roses in her hair.
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History: {C}Aphrodite and John Walsh met at somepoint in March. My mother never loved him, but he loved her. He was a poor man, living in a tiny house in the country. But he thought of thousands of lies. He said he was a millionaire, and that he would get her anything. The promise of the best things is what made her start a relationship with him. How she must have hated it when he took her to a home that stank, wall paper tearing, so messy vermin wouldn't be able to live there. She was disgusted she had been feed lies, but before she could leave he kissed her. The kiss was amazing, and after a while, she fell in love.

I was born on a cold winter’s night in December. They named me Cassandra. Aphrodite took her leave instantly, but gave me a locket and a set of bow and arrows, to be used when I was older. My father never cared about me truly. He missed Aphrodite, and saw me as a reminder, making him angry and upset. I was a small, sickly child. I was ignored by my father as soon as I became seven. He thought I could take care of my self, which, I could not. I barely ate because I couldn’t cook proper food, in fact, all I ate in a day was a slice of toast and a bit of cheese, and all I drank was two sips of Water. I would try to steal my father’s food, which would result in a beating. I loved school, as I could get free food there. My teachers thought my small size was natural, and I never told social services. I lived my life like this until 11…

This was my first monster attack. Walking to school from our shack of a home, in the country somewhat near Liverpool. A fury attacked. I thought it off best I could. I had found the locket my mother had given me the week before and kept it on. It accidently touched the Emerald jem on it, and it turned into a knife. I had a good aim naturally, and I threw it at the fury. It hit it’s head, and it died. I ran to retrieve the knife, and as I touched it’s blade it transformed back. I ran instantly to school. I was never really visited again for years by monsters. My life returned to normal, not eating enough, being beaten, e.t.c. But my father had become a drunk, and at 15 I reminded him so much of my mother, he thought she had returned to him…And he raped me. It was the worst thing that happened to me in my life. I screamed, cried, begged for him to stop, but he wouldn’t. Finally, after about an hour or so he stoped. I ran instantly, dashing out of it. I ran to a lake, and sat under a tree. I cried for ages, rocking myself. Then I heard a voice near me.

“Hey, that’s my thinking spot. What you doing there?” The voice said. I looked around to see the owner of the voice, and saw a tall blonde boy looking at me from my right. I got up instantly.

“I-I’m sorry. I’ll go now I guess.” I said quietly. My face was still damp from crying.

“What got you down? Someone bullyin’ you or som’in?” He had genuine concern in his face, his eyes locked on mine. I had to tell someone, I just had to. So, in as little detail as possible, I explained how my father had raped me and that I had run away from him, terrified. He put an arm around me, and from that moment we were friends. His name, Tom Kensington.

I returned home eventually, hoping my father would be sober. But I was wrong. He raped me again for months. And everytime it happened, I ran to the tree to talk to him and he would comfort me. Very slowly, I realised I was in love with him. I kept my feelings hidden, scared if I told him he wouldn’t love me back and would be slightly creeped out. He kissed me once, but I know it was just comfort me. Our relationship became closer than ever, but nothing romantic. The rape and hurt continued, but Tom was the only thing keeping me from killing my self. And then he said something unexpected. He wanted to leave to America with me, to get me away from my father. I said yes without hesitation. I crept to my home, took my few possessions (My locket, the bow and arrows and a drawing Tom did of me) and ran to our tree. He was there waiting for me. The second I saw him my step quickened. He held up two tickets for a plane to America. We headed to the airport, where we both were attacked by a fury nearby. Tom instantly attacked it, but he failed on his first strike. I reached for an arrow and shot it at the fury, distracting it for a moment, giving Tom time to think of a new attack. He grabed my knife and stabbed the fury, whilst I shot another arrow. We finished off the creature and ran into the airport. People stared at the spots of blood on Tom from the Fury scratching him away. I stoped him quickly to wipe the blood away from his face in the toilets, and we headed to the check in. After several hours, we arrived in New York. We had no clue what Camp Half Blood was, so of course, we never sought it out. He, now 17 and me 16, found a small apartment for us. We only lived there for a month, when we were walking along, and we bumped into some satyr called Dan. At first, we didn’t know he was a satyr, but he sensed we we’re demigods. He explained everything, and to get out things and meet him there, in the exact spot we had met him. We quickly ran home, collected only our precious items, my knife, bow and arrows and a tiny bit of money, and Tom, a pocket watch, which we found out transformed into a shield, from his godly parent. We met the satyr, and he led us to camp.

Equipment: Cassandra owns a set of bow and arrows and a knife that transforms into a locket, both of which were a gift from her mother, Aphrodite.

Posey and Elf

Name: Emmalie Cortez

Mortal Parent: Jared Cortez

Appearance: Emmalia


She has an outgoing personality and is always trying to make others laugh. She loves to be in the center of attention and she is generally quite a disorganized person. She has an addiction to music and carrots <3


Emmalie or known as Emma to her friends was born to Aphrodite and Jared Cortez who was just a famous model for Calvin Klein. Aphrodite fell in love with this mortal immediately and decided to get closer by attending the next Calvin Klein Fashion Show. Jared spotted her sitting in the crowd, it wasn't hard. There was a faint goldish glow around her, and he fell in love with her. Aphrodite managed to charmspeak a guard into giving her a backstage pass, and when Jared came back in from the stage he was greeted by the same beauty that he saw in the crowd. She introduced herself as Layla, but Jared was only half listening. She was even more beautiful up close and he felt a desire for her. Apparently feeling was mutual because 9 months later, Jared found a baby girl in a gold basket lying on his front porch, along with the baby came a note:

Dearest Jared,

I am Layla, sorry to have left you after 4 months. I had... Well, I will tell you the truth Jared. I am Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty and Love. This baby here is no ordinary one. She is half god, half human. A demi-god. Please take care of her, and name her whatever you want. When she is 14, take her to Camp Half Blood. Directions are included here. Also give her this eyeliner stick when she turns 13, I hope she finds it useful... Remember I always love you.



Jared took the instructions to his heart, he decided to name the girl Emmalie and he took care of the child very well. Emmalie grew to be a very gorgeous girl, blonde flowing mane, green sparkling eyes... A guys dream girl. She attended The Hayfield School, and there she became best friends with Louis Tomlinson.

Emma met her first monster at the age of 13, she was walking to school one day and applying the eyeliner her dad gave her, when suddenly a hellhound came rushing out of the bush snarling. In shock, she threw the eyeliner stick up in the air and back came a sword. Emma was quite amazed and shocked, but she didn’t complain. She figured out how to use it and soon she had a dead hellhound at her feet. She continued her walk with the sword in her hand but no other mutt came at her.

When Emma got to school she immediately shared this with Louis who took this all as a joke. Emma didn’t bother trying to convert him; she knew he would never take anything seriously.

When she got back home she didn’t tell her dad, because she didn’t want him to worry. So the meeting with the hellhound was just a little secret.

A year later, Louis started falling for her and Emma felt the same so they started dating. It was the happiest time of her life, but when the 25th of November came her dad told her she had to leave to some kind of camp. Naturally she put up a fight, she said she was having the best time of her life now., as she was saying it she was also crying. Her father couldn’t bare to see his daughter in such pain and said “Okay, okay darl you don’t have to leave but if something strange happens you promise me that you’ll tell me and we’ll leave at once!” Emma nodded her head, but she wasn’t gonna tell him about attacks. NO WAY!

It was about then when her dad found a new girlfriend – Mei Ling, she always wore a strong scent of perfume on her… A kind of woodsy smell… She didn’t really suspect anything of it, so Emma carried on with her life. The only change was that Mei Ling always walked Emma to school. Emma soon became friends with her

Turned out, Emma didn’t have to lie to her dad. Nothing strange happened, no monsters came charging at her, everything was peaceful.

It was about 2 years later when Louis joined the X-Factor. Emma was there when h performed and supported him till the end. Unfortunately he was rejected when he got to boot camp, however Simon Cowell didn’t want to waste such talent so he put Louis with 4 other boys called Niall, Liam, Harry and Zayn as a band. They called themselves One Direction!

Everytime Emma saw them practice, she would see the same girl on the other couch, everytime the practice ended the girl would rush up to Niall. So Emma assumed she was Niall’s girlfriend. Emma plucked up the courage to go up to her and chat, she found out the girl’s name was Emelie and they became fast friends.

At the end of X-Factor, even though the boys got 3rd, they were still very popular. One Direction ended up recording a few songs and making a few music videos and BAM they rose to fame. Soon there was a tour in America! Louis invited Emma to come with them and she agreed quickly Niall did the same to Emelie and Emelie also agreed.

It started out fine, everything was running along smoothly but once, in an after concert party, Emma caught Louis making out with some kind of girl. She ran away crying and met up with Emelie in a nearby Café. Emelie told her that Niall wasn’t paying as much attention to her as he should; other girls were also hogging him. Emma and Emelie decided to run away to somewhere else. They had money and that was all they needed.

Emelie and Emmalie set up a place to meet up. And that day, they ran away. Away from One Direction. Away from Niall and Louis. Away from the tour. While on the run, a monster could apparently smell their scents. A harpy had been following them for a few minutes, flying in the air, where Emelie and Emmalie didn't know. Until it attacked them.

Emelie didn't know what happened; it all happened so quick. A boy of about 17 came up to them, walking with -what it looked like - a limp. He took out a bronze sword that glowed and stabbed at the harpy. Emelie got to her feet and dragged Emmalie off, running once again. This time it was away from the harpy. Emelie feared that the demigod thing was true but didn't want to think about it.

The two girls soon came across a flyer looking for more people to work at a circus. The girls, needing spare money and had no jobs, immediately considered auditioning. After auditioning, they found themselves with the circus group. Emelie, knowing gymnastics from when she was younger, became a gymast, doing Tumbling and Trampolining. Tumbling came easy to Emelie, since she did lots of it when she did gymnastics. She learnt Trampolining very quickly and excelled in both performances and rehearsals. Emelie was determined to achieve the best, if not, better.

However, a flyer on a wall changed their plan. It was a flyer to join the circus!

“Come and join the circus and forget ALL your problems! Fun times guranteed!”

That was all they needed to know, Emma and Emelie were pretty good dancers so they decided to audition for it.

Morgan was the woman who ran the circus, she was impressed by the skills and assigned Emma as a horse performer whilst Emelie does the acrobats.

After a few months, the owner fired her niece, Phriek, but, for some reason, she also fired Emelie and Emmalie for reasons beyond anyone's knowledge, for they had nothing to do with the animals being let out. Emma, quite miserable at her being fired, wandered around the grounds with Emelie. Phriek, their circus-mate, was nowhere to be found or seen. It had been like she disappeared off the face of the earth. The two girls encountered, what Emma thought, the same boy who had covered for them in the harpy attack.

The boy told them to follow him, and, after exchanges lots of glances with Emmalie, they agreed to follow. A while later, they got to a hill and saw people wandering around. This place had kids, young and old. This place was where Emelie could call home. It was Camp. The satyr, not saying a word about his name or anything, left them at the boarder, knowing that, being new, it was quite exciting and somewhat nerve-racking.

Weapons: That eyeliner stick thing

{C}Name: Emeliya "Soaring Dove" Quinn Murphy (She's usually called Emelie instead of Emeliya)

Gender: Female

Mortal parent: David Murphy

Loryn 5

Emelie again, self-photograhy

Appearance: Emelie is a quarter Chinese so she has dark-ish/sometimes light brown, long hair. She has a side fringe, which she changes her fringe all the time, so it's sometimes on the right, sometimes on the left.She has hazel eyes, which go the colour of her hair in the sun/light. She's 5'7", around medium height for her age. She is pretty, and mostly wears makeup. She has a build of a gymnast, since she did it for 4 years when she was younger. She was also a gymnast for the circus she worked for.

Personality: Emelie is headstrong and is ready for any adventure, apart from hiking. She intends to achieve whatever she sets out to do. She loves photography, including self-photography. She is a fashion-freak and always wants to help a friend in need, when choosing what to wear. She's the kind of girl that's first in a designer shop, and last out. She can be bossy sometimes, and very girly. She can also be bitchy and is not someone to stand in the way of.

History: Emelie was born in Mullingar, Ireland, to David Murphy on 3 November 1994. Her birth name was Emeliya Quinn Murphy, but since no one could say Emeliya right, she had people calling her Emelie. Her father was very happy until her mother left. Then he started drinking. At first, it wasn't that bad. He sent her to school at 5 years old. She loved it. Everyone was so nice and welcomed her. She couldn't wait to go to school the next day, especially when her dad was drinking.

Emelie never told anyone about her father's drinking. She kept it bottled in inside her, her anger building, until she couldn't keep it in anymore. Emelie was 10 when she nearly killed her own father. She was so angry at her father that she made a cloud of makeup that surrounded them and started to suffocate him. After she got a grip, the cloud disappeared and her father regained breath.

Neither Emelie nor her father mentioned the event again. Emelie was too frightened that she almost killed her father to even acknowledge the fact that she made makeup surround them and suffocate her father. She apologised over and over again, knowing that she will never really be forgiven. Her father told her time and time again to forget about it, but Emelie never really did. She hated herself and what she did and regretted it.

When Emelie was 13, she was attacked by a harpy. A nearby satyr managed to help her though. The satyr managed to kill the harpy and save Emelie. After they ran away, the satyr advised Emelie to come to Camp with him, but she refused. She wanted to stay with her father. She was in - you could say - denial that she was a demigod. She didn't want to believe that she was any type of freak.

Over the next year, her father's drinking got worse. She didn't dare to tell anyone, in fear that they'd treat her differently. For most of that year, the demigod thing never struck her. All she could think about was her dad's drinking and his health. She moved schools a few times, changing secondary schools, to a school nearby Coláiste Mhuire, a boys' school. Outside that school is where she met Niall. They instantly clicked and became friends. They supported each other all the time. Emelie finally found the courage to speak to Niall about her father's drinking. Neither did he treat her differently, nor did he ignore her father's drinking problem. He supported her all the way.

After Emelie turned 15, Niall entered The X Factor, a singing competition for over 16s. She supported him all the way. Even him failing after he got into bootcamp. However, he was put with four other boys, Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn. They then formed the band, One Direction. Louis had a pretty blonde girl with him, and Emelie soon found the courage to talk to her.

The girl was named Emmalie Cortez. They became the best of friends, instantly. Emelie soon forgot about her father's drinking, even though she had to put up with it every night. Emelie confided in Emmalie, just like she had with Niall. Soon enough, the two Ems were as close as ever.

Emeliya and Emmalie became background dancers for One Direction and loved it. Emeliya, being a gymnast, had some dancing qualities and intended to use them before. Emelie and Emmalie both went to all of their tours, being both the audience and the background dancers.

One night, a year and a half later, when she came home from a rehearsal, she found the whole house covered in glass from glass bottles, obviously from her father's drinking. She came to find her father standing in the middle of the kitchen with blood stains all over. Little glass shards stuck out from her father's skin, piercing it and making it bleed. Emeliya, frightened about what had come over her father, phoned the hospital immediately. The ambulance came and took her father away, leaving her all alone.

She visited Emmalie and told her what had happened. Emmalie told her that they should go on the US Tour with One Direction. Unable to say no, she agreed and started to pack. She attended rehearsals regularly, and went out with Emmalie, Niall, or the whole of One Direction.

After leaving the UK, Emelie found she made a wrong turning. She never intended to on the US Tour with 1D; it was all to take her mind off her father. Niall comforted her on the flight, though he was a bit annoyed that she didn't tell him about it. Even though she had said not a single word to Emmalie, it felt like they had a whole conversation with their eyes.

As soon as they got to the US, Niall's attention was more focused on the tour and the girls than on her. Every time Niall went to talk to her, he would say something about the tour. Emeliya had been keeping her anger in, but the last time he mentioned it, she could't hold it anymore. She yelled at him, even slapped him.

Emelie and Emmalie set up a place to meet up. And that day, they ran away. Away from One Direction. Away from Niall and Louis. Away from the tour. While on the run, a monster could apparently smell their scents. A harpy had been following them for a few minutes, flying in the air, where Emelie and Emmalie didn't know. Until it attacked them.

Emelie didn't know what happened; it all happened so quick. A boy of about 17 came up to them, walking with -what it looked like - a limp. He took out a bronze sword that glowed and stabbed at the harpy. Emelie got to her feet and dragged Emmalie off, running once again. This time it was away from the harpy. Emelie feared that the demigod thing was true but didn't want to think about it.

The two girls soon came across a flyer looking for more people to work at a circus. The girls, needing spare money and had no jobs, immediately considered auditioning. After auditioning, they found themselves with the circus group. Emelie, knowing gymnastics from when she was younger, became a gymast, doing Tumbling and Trampolining. Tumbling came easy to Emelie, since she did lots of it when she did gymnastics. She learnt Trampolining very quickly and excelled in both performances and rehearsals. Emelie was determined to achieve the best, if not, better.

Emelie had the stage name of Soaring Dove. The Soaring was from her Trmpolining and Tumbling acts, but, she added Dove on the end to make it sound cooler, without knowing that it was the symbol of Aphrodite, her mother. The stage name was sometimes shortened to SD.

After a few months, the owner fired her niece, Phriek, but, for some reason, she also fired Emelie and Emmalie for reasons beyond anyone's knowledge, for they had nothing to do with the animals being let out. Emelie, quite miserable at her being fired, wondered around the grounds with Emmalie. Phriek, their circus-mate, was nowhere to be found or seen. It had been like she disappeared off the face of the earth. The two girls encountered, what Emelie thought, the same boy who had covered for them in the harpy attack.

The boy told them to follow him, and, after exchanges lots of glances with Emmalie, they agreed to follow. A while later, they got to a hill and saw people wandering around. This place had kids, young and old. This place was where Emelie could call home. It was Camp. The satyr, not saying a word about his name or anything, left them at the boarder, knowing that, being new, it was quite exciting and somewhat nerve-racking.

Weapons: Emelie has a sharp, CB spear and 2 CB throwing kniveswhich return to her after she has killed the monster.


Name: Dominique Logan

Age: 18

God parent: Aphrodite

Mortal parent: Alex Taylor

{C}Dominique is an 18 year old caucasian female. She stands at 5'11, weighs 135 lbs. She is slender and curvy in build and has red hair and blue eyes. She also has a tattoo of a bird's nest on her arm.

  • Dominique Logan
  • Nathan Firenze
  • Sasha Taylor

Personality: In short, Domi is a scorned lover. She is deep and pensive. Often independent and rarely trusting. Since Nate's disappearance, she has become very bitter and short-tempered, often reckless when she's angry. She is bisexual.

History: Alex Taylor was a nice average man, with nice above average looks. He was but simple writer from Alabama, which, at the time, was all Eris wanted, complex sex with a simple guy. After a night of lust with Alex, Eris left satisfied, telling him that she wouldn't be calling him or be bothered to talk to him again. Having developed a great infatuation with the goddess, Alex was saddened by her indifference and was feeling low for days.

Seeing their friend in such low estate,Alex's friends insisted that he go out with them to go clubbing. While initially reluctant, he agreed to go with them. He then found himself sulking in the corners,looking depressed and becoming inebriated fairly quickly. It was only once his mental faculties were shot that he was approached by an utterly stunning woman, or at least what he thought was,in his foggy state of mind.

{C}She introduced herself as Alicia, and that he was cute, but that was the last thing he remembered her saying. He was as intoxicated by her beauty, the sound of her voice, the way she smelled, as he was by the alcohol. Given how initially attracted to her he was, it was no means difficult for the woman to seduce him.

He awoke the morning feeling ashamed of what he'd done, acknowledging his feelings for Eris. Alicia, as she left, kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ears. "It's ok, hun. That slut didn't love you anyway. Though unlike her, I'll come back." In that one moment, his guilt faded. He grew to care deeply for Alicia though she soon told him that she'd have to leave him. He nodded solemnly as she left.

After several months, there was a knock at his door. He opened it and much to his chagrin, there was Eris, carrying a baby. He let her in and she told him that he had to take care of their daughter, named Sasha. Only an hour later, Alicia appeared in the house, revealing herself as the goddess Aphrodite, she too carrying a baby. "Ah the divine slut. Always one to try to take my toys." "He's a man, Eris, not a toy. Why must you toy with his emotions like this?" "You're one to talk. Anyway, I see you've been busy since I left, Alex. Either way, here's your daughter. Take care of her. I'll be watching." Eris leaves in a huff. Aphrodite turns to Alex. "If you like, I can take her to someone else. I can't put you through raising two demigod children." "No, I know a friend of mine who wouldn't mind her."

Alex then took Aphrodite's daughter, he named her Dominique, to a friend of his who had been unable to conceive with her husband, Sheila and Charles Logan. {C}Domi had a decent upbringing with the Logans. And they did their best to provide for her. Though she cared for them, she somehow felt that they weren't her real parents, but she admired their willingness to take her in. As she got older, she found she would often attract the attention of both boys and girls around her, the first of which was a little black boy who she knew from school, Nathan Firenze. Despite how badly she treated him for always being around and stalking her, he was hopelessly in love with her from the first time they met at 8 years old, and had pursued her affections for years.

As the Logans were still friendly with Alex, they would often visit him, insisting that Domi go with them to socialize with his daughter Sasha. She had a distinct hatred for Sasha that she couldn't exactly explain. All she knew is that she hated her, and for some reason, deep down it felt justified. On the way back from one such visit, there was a terrible accident.

Charles was speeding and wasn't paying attention, deep in conversation with Sheila. He never saw the 18 wheeler coming as it slammed into the sideof the sedan. Domi looked over and screamed as she saw it and closed her eyes,braced for the impact.

But it never came. She opened her eyes and saw that she was encased in darkness and felt herself being pulled. When the darkness faded, she found herself in Nathan's arms. She looked at him ans he looked different than before. She hadn't noticed how much he'd grown, bulked up, or how handsome he had become. In that one moment, while still devastated that her parents died,she fell in love with him nearly instantly. She quickly asked how he'd saved her, and he simply responded. "I'm a freak...." Still shaken she hugged him, then after a moment asked why he didn't save her parents. He hugged her back. "I can't control it. I saw that you were in trouble and it just happened.......I'm sorry. I should've tried harder." She held him tighter and said it was ok.

Domi stayed with Nathan until the police arrived and held his hand as they asked her questions.

Feeling responsible, Alex offered to take Domi in to live with him and Sasha. She agreed, wanting a sense of familiarity in the place she would call home. Alex was pleased to be able to live with his 2 daughters. He approved of Nathan, and often had him around to do yard-work and things of the like, so he was often around to be with Domi.She and Nathan soon began to officially date. Domi got along well enough with Alex, even though she didn't know he was her father. He was always nice to her and did his best to do right by both her and Sasha. Then there was Sasha. Sasha hated Domi just as much as she hated her. They were always bickering over the most trivial things, often leading to them screaming in each other's faces. On one such occasion, the argument (over Domi wearing Sasha's shirt) got particularly heated, and got to the point of her ripping the shirt off of Domi. {C}At that point, she began screaming even louder. "WHAT THE F*CK IS YOUR PROBLEM WITH ME?!! She got close to her face as she yelled. Then suddenly, Sasha pulled her towards her and kissed her deeply. While at first shocked, Domi then gave in and kissed her back, and soon began caressing her body, and before either realized what happened, they'd had sex three times already. Despite their new-found lust for one another, both Domi and Sasha still had a distinct hatred for one another, and simply fell into a habit of hooking up on a regular basis.

Domi never told Nathan of her relationship with Sasha, though over time he grew somewhat suspicious. One day, while hanging out with Domi in town, Nathan was harassed by a group of white men for being with "one of their women". He lost his temper and uses his powers, nearly killing them. The police were called and they took him away. Domi, being distraught her lover was taken from her, confided in Sasha albeit physically.

After being released on a technicality after 2 months, Nathan rushed to see Domi, only to catch her in bed with Sasha. He looked at them both with a look of not only anger, but hurt and exasperation. He turned and left. Domi immediately dressed and followed after him. She caught up to him outside of his house. He turned to her in disgust. "No, Domi. Don't even bother. I'm done. This is just more proof that I need to go. You saw what I did to those guys. These mortals can't contain me. One of the guards at the prison, this young guy named Colin, he told me I wasn't like the rest of the people in the world,I'm a demigod. And I have to go to this place that's safe for me in New York. I've been practicing this teleportation deal lately so I think I can do it. Though, you seem happy with Sasha, so why am I even telling you this?" He went inside the house and pulled out a bag. He looked at her one more time and nodded. "Goodbye, Dominique." She looked at him and ran to hug him as he began to shadow-travel away.

Suddenly burdened by a passenger, Nathan only made it halfway to New York in North Carolina. He stumbled and drops his possessions and turns to see Domi and a look of rage consumes his face. "Why'd you do that?! Haven't you hurt me enough?! Or is destroying my future on the menu for you now?!" On the brink of tears, all Domi can bring herself to do is throw herself around him and nearly plead "But I love you." He tries to push her off and shadow travel again, but she doesn't let go and is brought with him.

{C}He nearly collapses as they both land near Half-Blood Hill. Nathan warily rose to his feet and turned to Domi again. "Why can't you leave me alone?! You kick my heart in the ass and all you can say is 'I love you'. Bullshit. If you cared for me at all, you wouldn't have cheated on me with that slut!" An Apollo Camper near the border could hear the yelling, and assumed it was a new camper being attacked. {C}He grabbed his bow and ran to the source of the commotion.

"I've done nothing for years but try to win your heart, but you don't care because you're just incapable of thinking with your brain rather than your genitals. And I AM DONE!!" As he yells louder and louder, and as dusk falls, shadows begin to swirl around him, and the fear and hurt in Domi's eyes grows. {C}In his rage, he picks her up by her shirt. "I'm sick of you only hurting me. now GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!!" Suddenly an arrow sprouted from his shoulder and he drops her, growling in his increasing anger.

"Y'know what? F*ck all of this. I don't need this stupid camp, and I don't need you." He looks Domi directly in the eye. "I hate you." The words hit her like a fist and she fell to the ground, crying hysterically as Nathan faded into the shadows.

The Apollo camper ran to her side and asked her if she was alright. Between sobs she says, "I'll never be alright again" as he leads her into camp. Just then, a glowing heart appeared above her head as she was claimed by Aphrodite, then she cries harder, sobbing hysterically as she stewed in her lost love.

Equipment: Two half-sized crossbows, which she was too distraught to name. Gifts from Aphrodite.



Name: Chantal Blanche

Age: 18

God parent: Aphrodite

Mortal parent: Michel Blanche

Appearance: She has straight honey colored hair cut a bit above her shoulders and bright blue eyes. She's short, standing at 5'3" and dislikes being remembered of it. She doesn't use any make-up since it's too much work to pass it everyday. Even though she's a child of Aphrodite, she dislikes taking care of her appearance. She always thinks that doing that, she'll turn into one of her father's dancers and she'd prefer to be as far as possible from that.

Personality: She's lazy, quick minded and also quick tempered. She's straightforward and says what she's thinking without caring about the other's feelings which oftens leads as her being called rude. She's prideful, curious and someone that doesn't care for other's opinion and rarely gives a crap about listening. She's the one that talks more than listen and has no problems with that. She likes shopping and loves clothes but she doesn't care for make-up.

History:Such annoying people, always wanting to know about my life. Yeah, yeah, whatever, I’ll tell you if you stop bugging me. But of course, before you know my story you need to know why the heck I was brought to this stupid world.

My dearest father, Michel Blanche, was a filthy rich guy with a strip club named “Le Cabaret” on the bad part of Paris. And yeah, he was also hot and young since he had inherited the club from my grandfather.

Well, the love goddess just loves to see the guys taking their clothes off (since there are both male and female strippers there) and found out about my dad’s cabaret. She decided to go there and my father is a real flirt. He saw the gorgeous woman sipping her champagne and went straight to her.

Not sure if goddesses can get drunk, but from what my dad said, she looked pretty drunk to him. They went to one of the rooms backstage and yeah, it’s kinda obvious. You can imagine what happened there and I’m not going to write that, so think about that yourselves.

So, after a few months, he had already forgotten about her when a little baby appeared on his doorstep with a little note:

“Well, I’m not really expecting you to remember me,

But this is your kid.

Take care of her and send her to America when she’s about 15, kay?

XOXO – Aphrodite”

Father wasn’t really that happy but he took me in anyway. Growing up in a strip club might seem like a bad experience but that was my life and I never saw anything weird with it. The girls taught me how to dance when I was young and I loved to wear their shiny clothes before they needed it back for the show.

‘Course, dad didn’t care much about me. I grew up with the dancers and they were my family instead of him. When I turned 13, my father thought I should become one of the dancers. He didn’t plan on letting a girl lead the place when he got old and wanted the son of a friend of his to be instead.

Well, none of us wanted that to happen. The boy, Gabriel, didn’t want a job like that. He wanted to be a writer and that didn’t go very well with our parents. They were on the brink of forcing us even though we were both so young until one of the dancers (who was already going to be fired since she was almost 30) ran away with us to Étretat.

She raised us as her kids and since we were so far from Paris, no one ever suspected that we weren’t really her kids since we were all blondes and had blue eyes. She sent us to school but I hated it there. The kids were always mean and pulled at my hair calling my ugly. The dancer (who I started calling mom) always told me that it was because they were jealous but I didn’t believe her.

My father found us that year and came for a visit. He didn’t want to bring us back to Paris, he just wanted to talk. He showed me the note my mom had left with me and said that if I needed anything, I could go see him back at the club.

That night, I had a dream. A gorgeous woman appeared and told me she was my mother. She told me she was Aphrodite and that I should go quickly to America before monsters would notice me and my brother, who was also a demigod like me, but she refused to tell me who his mother was. She told me my “mother” was a nymph that she had sent to make sure my father wouldn’t forget to send me to Camp, but gave up and told her to bring us here.

The dream was cut when I heard a scream coming from Gabe’s room. I rushed there and when we talked, he said he had a weird dream with his mother. Our “mother”, who we now knew it was a nymph, came and explained more to us. She said that she was going to take us to Camp like our mothers had ordered her to do and that we should pack quickly since she was tired of living in a small town so monsters wouldn’t get smell us.

We denied and said we wouldn’t get out of here. The nymph was sad but couldn’t do anything so she decided to teach us how to fight. She was a love nymph so she wasn’t very good, but she taught me how to use my powers and tried teaching us how to wield weapons.

He was a Phobos’ kid so Rosa, the nymph found a fear nymph to help him with his powers. She was also much better handling weapons and taught us a few moves. It was fun and we spend about 3 years like that, training and leading our lives like we used to.

When we were 18 Gabe and I decided to try our luck and go to America. We were afraid of what would happen when we left the small town that was our cover against monsters but we went anyway. When we got to Paris, we entered the wrong alley and ended up face to face with a big hellhound. We fought and killed it and we got to our plane just in time.

When we came to New York, two Cyclops attacked us. We fought, but Rosa and Amellie (the fear nymph) died protecting us. We killed the Cyclops and ran to get a taxi. When we found one, Gabe turned to me and said he didn’t want to go to Camp. When I asked him why, he told me he didn’t want to see his “siblings” or even think about who his father was.

He didn’t want anything to do with the gods or even think about their existence. He had only come with me to make sure I didn’t get hurt. He kissed me goodbye and left me there in the 5th Street wondering what the heck just happened.

When reality crashed on me, I found a taxi and went to camp as fast as I could. I walked to camp and when I got there, I told them I was an Aphro kid. And now, I live in my cute little pink cabin. Please, note the sarcasm.

Weapons:She has two celestial bronze scimitars that Amellie gave her during training that she didn't care enough to name

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