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Name: Micah "Paralia" Daft

Gender: Transgender, Female, even though she looks male. She likes to address herself as female.

Age: 20

History: Euphomios was a regular man in Ancient Ithaca. He did not seem to raise attention to anyone. He did not break the laws, and was a very well known Good Samaritan. One evening he went down to the coast of the Ionian Sea, where he met a lovely woman. The woman, who was named Agnes, approached him, and the two started to have a wonderful conversation, which led to a more serious relationship between the two, and Agnes eventually became pregnant. Agnes then disappeared from Euphomios, and he never saw her again, thinking that he would not see his child either. A couple months later, a baby was lying on the floor of his house, with a note attached. The note read:

"Euphomios, I’m sorry for leaving you so hastily, but it was necessary. I had no choice to. This is your child. Her name is Paralia. Take good care of her please. She is very special, and I am sorry for lying to you. My name is not Agnes. You’re Love, Psathame Goddess of Sand Beaches."

Euphomios knew then that his child was a demigod, and her life could be very dangerous. So to keep her confined, he moved to the outskirts of town, and built a house near the shore and beach. Paralia lived her whole life in this home, being confined from the outside world. Her father never let her leave the house; afraid she would be attacked and killed. Euphomios tried to protect her as much as he could, but when she was 13, she had her first attack

Paralia had waited for her dad to go into town, so she could go down onto the beach and play. About an hour into her fun, she heard a rustle coming from the trees. She walked over to the forest, and when she tried to look into the trees, a huge black dog jumped out at her. She fell onto her back, and screamed. She scrambled to get up, but the beast had her down good. She struggled and screamed for help but no one came. The monster kept clawing and scratching at Paralia. She knew that she was not going to make it past this attack. The dog was about to take its final blow, when a wave came up and washed the dog out into the ocean. When Paralia looked up, she saw a girl come out of the ocean and run up to her. The girl asked if she was alright, and Paralia answered no. The girl picked Paralia up and ran away from her house. Paralia then passed out.

When Paralia awoke, she found herself in a little building, lying on a bed, with bandages all over her. When she tried to move, she was told to stop by a woman who was sitting in the corner of the room. She told Paralia that she was a healing nymph, and it was her abilities that saved her life. The woman also explained that she was a demigod, and she was at a place called Camp Half-Blood, a training camp for people like her. Paralia asked about her father, and the nymph told her that he had been notified that she was safe and at camp, and that it was best if Paralia stayed there.

Soon Paralia was released from the infirmary, and was claimed by Psathame. Since Psathame had no cabin, Paralia was placed in the Hermes Cabin. For nine long years, Paralia trained to be able to protect herself from dangers of the mythical world. Through this time, she made many friends, and was very popular at the camp. She was chased by many boys, but she never dated any of them. She had no attraction to them at the time, so she did not date at camp. One night Paralia was walking to the beach near the camp, like she did every night, when she was attacked by a group of boys from camp. They physically abused her and raped her, and ran from the camp. Paralia was left lying on the forest floor, until Artemis found her. Artemis healed the poor girl, and asked her what had happened, and once Paralia told her, Artemis asked her to join her hunt. Paralia agreed.

For hundreds of years, Paralia followed Artemis, and became an excellent huntress, but after thousands of years, Paralia started to have desires for men. So Paralia went behind Artemis' back and slept with a man from the town nearby their camp. Paralia loved the excitement, so she did this almost every time the group made a camp next to a town. Paralia had many partners, and never thought she would get caught. Until recently the thought of getting caught never came to mind.

The huntresses made camp right outside Las Vegas, and Paralia left to find her a man. To her luck she did not have to travel far. She met a tree spirit nearby their camp. Paralia talked him into having pleasure with her, so they had at it. About an hour later, Artemis appeared out of the woods, and found the two together. Paralia pushed the spirit off of her and begged for Artemis' mercy. Artemis could not believe that she had done this. Artemis asked how many times she had done this, and Paralia tried to lie, but Artemis did not fall for that. Artemis smirked, and screamed Psyche. The goddess appeared, and Artemis told her what she had in store for the two. Artemis wanted Psyche to punish Paralia, by taking the soul of the spirit and letting it free, and take Paralia's soul and put it in the spirit's body, because Paralia could not keep herself away from him, so she can be him. Psyche did as directed and in the next moment, Paralia was a male! Paralia got up and ran away from Artemis, weeping. 

Over the next weeks, Paralia renamed herself Micah Daft, since she was now a male she might as well have a male name. She also developed a deep hatred for Artemis and Psyche. She heard news about the Broken Covenant while she was a Huntress, so she started to look for their base. She eventually found BC members, who took her to the base, where she set out to join Ortu Justitiae.

Personality: Micah is usually very calm and relaxed. She likes to be left alone, and only wants to be bothered when it is necessary. She enjoys to hunt, and be in the woods. She also loves to be on a beach, an dlikes to relax there. When she is not relaxed and calm, she is very strict and rude. She is an exellent fighter, and almost never loses, if she has her bow and arrow. Even though she had her huntress powers stripped from her, she still has excellent aim, and still shoots well. She is a huge whore, and will sleep with anyone boy she can get her hands on, even though she was turned into a male. She does not like to keep a relationship, and immediatel calls it off after she gets what she wants. She is very sociable, and loves to make friends, only if they are against the gods as well. 

Weapons: Bow and Arrow, Hunting Daggers, she carries a jar of beach sand with her, always.


God parent: Psathame

Mortal Parent: Euphomios

Species: Demigod

Faction: Ortu Justitiae

Why should you belong to that faction, what are your core beliefs, why does their ideology suit your personality/beliefs?: Micah has nothing against mortals. She made friends with many mortals in her lifetime. The only race of beings she has anything against is the immortals. To her they are sick beings, and only care for themselves. If you do not do what they want you to do, they treat you like you are a peice of crap. She was treated like this by Artemis, and does not want this happening to any other Huntress, or demigod. Micah feels that if mortals and demigods work together, they can bring down the immortals, and they can take their place. Make them feel the pain and the suffering. Make the endure the pain they have caused the mortals and demigods for so long. Its their turn to be inferior.


Name: Katherine Hale

Age: 19


  • Mother: Styx
  • Father: Caleb Hale
  • Step-Mother: Loraine Abel-Hale


Katherine Hale.jpg

Personality: Katherine is fierce, mean, and everything that goes into being a cruel person. She shows little to no mercy in a fight and will go until blood has spilled. She doesn't care if she has to stab backs to get herself to the top, and while do it with a smile on her face. She wont take no for an answer and will never stoop to the level of bagging for mercy, if she is ever in a position where she is about to die, she would rather die knowing she had fought well, over bagging for survival. She pictures herself as a queen and will take no less, often demanding respect.

History: For years Caleb Hale had been waiting to settle down, he worked as a doctor and made good money. While working late one night, he dropped a syringe and it fell into his own foot. Very soon, he became dizzy, and he wondered outside, feeling the cold New York air on him was only making him feel worse. He stumbled into the Empire State Building, which just happened to be right beside the hospital, and found a nice cozy closet, soon falling asleep inside it.

Styx, who was coming down from Olympus where she had been talking to Hera and Zeus, was walking past the closet when she had heard Caleb thrashing around inside. Being unsure of his surroundings he hesitantly opened the door and saw Styx looking at him with a puzzled expression. Styx then asked him where he lived, and Caleb, through a dazed sigh, told her the location of his apartment. Styx then took him back to his house, and left without a second glance.

It was not until two years after that Caleb encountered Styx again. Having a hazy memory of her, he approached her and asked if they had ever met. Styx knowing the truth, said yes and explained how they had met. Caleb, not remembering it fully, was still a tad suspicious about their past together. Caleb and Styx spent the day together, and soon after they arrived at Caleb's apartment. They had arrived drunk, and Caleb had a rather devious plan. As Styx passed out on a spare bed, Caleb had raped her. Styx knew something was going on, but couldn't pin point the exact situation. Until she woke up, and noticed her jeans and underwear had been pulled off of her, and Caleb was no where to be seen.

Caleb, soon arriving in Chicago realized what he did was wrong and felt guilt surging through him. He knew that he shouldn't have done it, but also knew that settling down, was a bit worse then casual sex, which Caleb valued more. Unknown to him, Styx was up in Olympus visiting some of her fellow goddess', when she began to feel ill. Soon when going back to her home, she discovered she was pregnant, and she remembered the night she had with Caleb, now fully understanding she had been raped.

Nine months had past, and Styx had given birth to a baby girl. Styx, being unable to care for the child herself, was going to give it to Caleb. Feeling she needed revenge, Styx took the child to Lyssa, where Styx then asked Lyssa to make the child want to kill her father when she had gotten older. Lyssa being more than happy to, filled the child with rage, that would not come out until her early teens. The next day, Styx took the child to Caleb, leaving her in a carriage on his doorstep, with a note saying "Here's your baby, good luck!"

The next day, Caleb woke up and walked outside to get the mail, to his surprise he saw the little baby girl. He saw the note, but tossed it aside and took the child inside, naming her Katherine. Caleb was happy to have a child of his own, but he also knew who Katherine's mother was, and every time he looked at Katherine, he saw Styx. Trying to forget it, he quickly moved on to making his new daughter's room.

When Katherine had reached the age of seven, the rage had already began to kick in, and she would stop responding to her father, talking to him, and almost cut him out of her life. She attended an all girls school in the heart of Chicago. Much to her disliking, she never fit in. All the other girls talked about boys they had seen outside of school or make-up. But Katherine preferred talking about things they didn't like. Do to this, nobody really paid any attention to her.

Soon at the age of twelve, her rage had fully kicked in and what Styx had wanted all along, had happened, Katherine had killed her father. While she came home from school, her father was sitting at the kitchen table buttering his bagel. Katherine unsure how she would pull it off, went upstairs and found something she never thought she would find. In her fathers dresser, was a gun fully loaded. As it would attract to much attention, she quickly put it back into the dresser and walked back down into the kitchen. Spotting a small knife, she picked it up and chucked it into the back of her fathers head, where he than fell to the ground dead.

Katherine, knowing she couldn't stay at her home she was raised in, quickly packed some things and ran out of the house. But she didn't even make it one block before she was grabbed and taken into the woods, where she then saw a giant fence made of steel bars, and at the very top, she could faintly see barbed wire. Upon getting inside the fenced in area, Katherine soon realized there were multiple people walking freely around, so she knew it was not a place for kids who get kidnapped. When she soon got set down in a circular room with five glass bowls surrounding her, one with hot burning ashes, one with dirt, one with glass, and one with water, and another with stone. The man who had taken her into the room gave her a knife and told her to slit her hand, then let the blood spill into the bowl she wanted. The bowl she picked would represent what beliefs she had, and how she would be treated around the compound. Hesitantly she cut her hand, and let the blood spill into the burning coals, little did she know this decision would change her life at this camp.

Little did Katherine know this was not an ordinary compound, it was a compound that meant life or death for people like her. Outside the fencing were monster attacks just waiting to happen. While inside the fence was a safe heaven for demigods who didn't know about Camp Half-Blood. As Katherine was unaware, she herself was one of the people they were protecting, and the guy who had taken her, was in fact a nymph. Now this was not like Camp Half-Blood, they taught the demigods about war and how to take down the gods, Katherine not seeing the point of this, decided to leave the compound. But when she did, it was clear she could not leave without harming others. When she walked out of the gate, a blood curdling scream pierced through the trees, and once again, and more followed. Katherine ran back inside and saw many other demigods laying on the ground dead. When Katherine had spilled her blood into the bowl of hot burning coals, it linked her to the many demigods who choose the burning coals before her. What the leaders did not tell her was if someone had left, everyone who choose that bowl, or "faction" as the called it, would die, and death would soon follow Katherine were ever she went.

Now a fair distance away from the compound, Katherine encountered a small group of fir breathing horses. At first she found it cool, until one burned the hem of her shirt with fire. Afterwards Katherine just wanted to cut off their heads. But she swiftly moved through out the forest, and most of the horses paid her no attention, except for one who seemed to be infatuated with her. She continued to run with the fire breathing horse right on her heels, burning the souls, soon Katherine was overpowered and knocked over to the side. The horse now standing over her, determined to kill. Until Styx took pity on her daughter and a small sword appeared in her pocket in the form of a hair pin. Unknown to her at the time, Katherine struggled to get to her feet, and when she almost did the horse knocked her down again. But do to the impact, the pin slid out of her pocket and turned into a sword before her eyes. Remembering one small lesson from the compound, Katherine swung the sword, and slashed the horse in the throat, causing it to dissolve before her.

Two years passed and Katherine was now living with her grandmother in Ohio. Unknown to her grandmother that Katherine had in fact killed her son. Katherine being at the age of fourteen now, had no interest in any human interaction besides her grandmother, who she cared dearly for. Katherine didn't tell her grandmother about her father, and the horses for one simple reason: She felt no need to explain herself. But she knew the time would soon come that she would need to explain everything to her grandmother, and when she does, she wont know what to say. It was as if she wasn't the one in control when she killed her father. Something soon clicked, she remembered a lesson from the compound, and soon understood fully why she was so special, she was a child of Styx, but was she the one who controlled Katherine to kill her father? She had no clue, but she did know she would get the answer, sooner or later.

Now at the age of eighteen, three days before her nineteenth birthday, Katherine was going to the mall to meet p with a group of friends when she was suddenly knocked unconscious. When she awoke, she was in an abandoned alley, 'Not again!' she had thought to herself. Soon a large Cyclops walked up behind her and gripped her hair tightly. Pulling her into a building, the Cyclops ignored Katherine's screams and yelps. When they stopped, the two were in the middle of a giant room. Soon when all the lights flickered on, Katherine saw she was in a ring, and within it, hellhounds, Cyclops, and other various monsters were chained up clawing there way to get to Katherine. She soon remembered about her hair pin, and quickly pulled it from her hair letting it fall. The pin morphed into a sword in front of everyone and soon Katherine began to slice and swing her sword at the monsters. When she had finished, only two monsters remained, the Cyclops who had dragged her in, and a larger Cyclops sitting on a pedestal. She quickly made a mad dash for the exit, and managed to avoid the two Cyclops who were now pursing her.

When she arrived at a small run down building, she knew she had to stay put. But what she didn't notice were the huge groups of demigods, nymphs, and other creatures who were now swarming around her. Afraid the may attack, Katherine drew her sword, but the swarm did not try to attack them, instead they welcomed her. Two days passed and it was now Katherine's birthday. She was walking down the hall of the building with a girl her age, the girl explained how they were all apart of the Broken Covenant, a group of demigods and nymphs who go against the gods. The girl asked Katherine to join, and the next day, she agreed to it, and as the group went to the headquarters, Katherine went as well, ready to start a new life for herself.

Weapons / Possessions: Sword called Phonique


The gods have been in power for to long, and as they grow stronger with every demigod child that is born, as do the ones that rebel. It has been a good run for the gods but it is time that a new group of gods take over. Who better to fill those shoes then children of the gods who do not have a special place at camp. The children of gods that do not have a cabin are exiled to either choose the Broken Covenant, or take their chances on the streets. If new gods emerge, then we as a whole can start over, and change the rules that the current gods are so wrongfully following.

–Katherine Hale


Name: Hope (Nothing More, Nothing Less)

Gender: Male

Age: 16 (Physically), Unknown (Chronologically)

God Parent: Elpis

Species: Flower Spirit


Adorable,cartoon,cute,disney,peterpan,quote-cecc28bdecb80182665066d80c4cc911 h.jpg
When the world says, "Give up,"

Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."

Hope has longish black hair which he sometimes dies red for the heck of it. It's cut in a somewhat "scene" style but he hates being called that. His eyes are sky blue and his skin is very chalky. He stands at about 5'6.


Life,change,text-e0524c6226638814de4206251d1090fa h.jpg
Be careful to leave your sons well instructed rather than rich, for the hopes of the instructed are better than the wealth of the ignorant.


Hope is very pessimistic, but tries his best not to be for his mother's sake. He questions anything and everything, he's quite a innocent and doesn't tend to get anything sexual or dirty. Hope also has a calming aura around him, not to a magical extent or anything but his presence calms people to an extent. His fighting skills aren't the best so he's always trying to find a different way than fighting, he'd much rather discuss things in a civilized manner than fight in anyway whatsoever. He puts other people before himself and thinks of the gods as selfish, narcissistic, power hungry maniacs.


Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

–Albert Einstein

I'm not really your normal flower spirit, I wasn't planted, I wasn't created, nor was I changed into one by Persephone. I just appeared. My mother, as I call her, Elpis, the goddess of Hope, got trapped in a jar which that woman Pandora opened, I can't blame her for her curiosity because I too would have opened it, but my mother was the only one that remained on earth to comfort mankind. She held flowers in her arms everyday and night without fail, one of these flowers however contained me, a flower spirit. One morning when she awoke she saw me and asked me who I was, thinking I was probably a mortal or something of the likes. I shrugged and just said "I don't know.". She smiled sadly, obviously pitying me before she asked me if I knew my name, I again just shrugged, she then looks at me sadly before naming me Hope, the most powerful emotion, the emotion I lacked.

Elpis, my mother, and I travelled around usually visiting mortals in need of a little hope, I remember once we had to comfort this woman who just lost her child to a serious medical condition, she was a lovely lady, I still wonder what happened to her. I never really noticed how vain and selfish the gods were until the 3 goddesses, Aphrodite, Hera and Athena, competed with each other for the golden apple which Eris had left. I didn't know that at the time of course but in the end I ended up putting 2 and 2 together and came up with 4. From that moment on I loathed the gods but I always kept a smile on my face because you'll never know what they'll do if they found out about you hatred. I prefered being around mortals than gods, they had a more joyful look about them, they weren't as stubborn, vain and selfish as the deities I'd came in contact with. It wasn't until about 1997 when I confronted my mother Elpis about it. Elpis wasn't like most other gods, she was more humble, she was good, she wasn't power hungry, she loved helping mortals in need, although I hated most gods, I could never hate her, not after what she's done for me.

The next morning I awoke to find my flower planted in a flower pot beside my bed and a note from my mother explaining how that if I couldn't stand being around the gods I could go to camp or just wander the wilderness with my flower, I had to smile at my mother's kindness, now that I'm writing my life story I regret leaving her, but at the same time I don't, it's weird. I wandered the wilderness for about 10 years living off plants and animals, I tried to eat more plant than animals as technically they're not like alive like you and I but I found it hard to as I am a plant, in retrospect. It was me and my flower, a beautiful iris, wandering around for what seemed to be forever until around 2009 where a found a cave in Blue Ridge Mountains, I stayed there until I saw a few people walking up the mountain, curious of where they were going, I followed them and somehow ended up in this castle like building. I found out I had found the Broken Covenant, I'd never heard of it before, which was surprising. I found out about what they stood for and I joined the Ortu Justitiae, agreeing with their ideology the most.

Weapons: Hope prefers to stay out of fighting as much as possible but when he does get into fights he uses a crossbow.

Reason: "I feel as though the gods only care for themselves and their egos, mortals may sometimes be like this but at least they can change, unlike the gods which will forever be power hungry and narcissistic, the mortals, demigods and nymphs alike are all caught up in all the gods' business, they don't care if anyone of us gets hurt and all this has been going on for over 2 millennia, they've been in power longer that the discovery of gravity and that's far too long. We need new gods to rule, ones that help people in need, ones that aren't narcissistic and most of all ones like my mother, the only god in which I cannot ever seem to hate." ~ Hope