Name: Cole Pierce

Gender: Male

Age: 17

God Parent: Erato

Mortal Parent: Zeke Pierce

Appearance: Model:Dirk Uys

Personality: Cole has a funny way of never taking things seriously, he prefers to live life fast and unpredictable. His charisma and social skills make it easy to attract friends and lovers, before he gets bored of them. The main reason why Cole refuses to get into a serious relationship, he’s quite perverted and flirtatious and knows he’d get bored with the same girl for too long and would grow distant and cheat on her.

History: It was 19 years ago and the 2nd Titan war had just ended. The Titan God Koios was left on a sort of probation. He had a few children and was granted a cabin at camp, along with many other gods. Many of the campers received rash judgement and resentment, being the children of one of Kronos’ minions. Zeke was a 26 year old son of Koios, having attended Camp before the war started. Zeke decided to return to camp to help train his younger siblings at camp.

Cole was named Counselor of the Cabin, his other siblings always looked up to him and relied on him like a role model. He spent two years at camp, constantly Iris Messaging his older brother Aaron. Being a son of Tartarus, after leading a quest for the 9 Muses. Cole was quickly seduced by Erato, muse of erotic poetry. She being the most promiscuous of the Muses, decided a one-night stand was an adequate reward for the man’s work.

A few weeks later, Erato came to Zeke in a dream. So she told him that she needed him to raise their child. But they knew Camp Half-Blood was a great place, but not a place to start a family. So Zeke left camp and went back home with Aaron. Not too long after a baby boy had arrived on their doorstep, they decided on the name Cole.

Cole had a fine childhood growing up under the care of his father and uncle. They both had bonded for him, cared for him and raised him the best they could. From a young age, Cole noticed he had an interest in the fairer sex. Forming infatuations with the girls in school and he’d often go around kissing them without their consent. Aside from that, Cole was incredibly great in music class. Any instrument you’d place in his hand, he knew how to play with absolutely no training or experience. He had a sensational singing voice and could learn and master any dance move in seconds.

When Cole was 12, he quickly began getting suspended and kicked out from schools for sexual harassment. Much to Zeke and Aaron’s dismay, they had to keep moving around so Cole could get into new schools and to avoid monsters.After Cole had been singing at home, he accidentally used his powers and sung at such a high pitch he shattered every window and ruptured Zeke’s eardrums. He decided it was time to tell his son of his heritage.

Zeke informed of the demigod world and the events that led to his conception. Cole was somewhat shocked, but it did explain the strange sights he always decided to keep to himself. Zeke wasn’t ready to set off his son to camp, so he trained himself. Cole was able to defeat a few harpies with his training and toying with his powers over sound.So Zeke and Aaron came to the decision not to send Cole to camp, he clearly didn’t need it.

3 years later when Cole was 15, Koios was allowed off on parole for his crimes. Koios had a few children around the time of the second titan war, so the gods even decided to grant the titan of the north a cabin for children at camp. Koios’ intelligence allowed him to smooth talk the Olympians, earning their trust and favor.

But Koios had his own agendas, he had contacted 5 of his older children one of them being Zeke who was chosen to lead this mission. He told them to gather somewhere and steal a helmet for them, he didn’t tell his children how powerful it really was. The helmet belonged to Hades and would allow Koios to command an undead army of powerful demigods and eventually usurp Hades as the underworld King. Koios moving from one of Kronos’ subordinates, then Zeus’ to having the power of one of the 3 elder gods sounded wonderful to him.

Long story short, Koios’ plans had quickly come undone. As a punishment Koios and his 5 children were sent deep down to Tartarus. Cole and Aaron were heartbroken to find out what had happened. Hades was seething with rage and even went as far to summon a fissure under Koios’ Cabin and had it fall under. Barely giving the residents time to escape their father’s excommunicated cabin.

Aaron did his best to care for a distraught 15 year old Cole, but their relationship began to suffer since Zeke was always the one to settle any disagreements between the two. They would always get angry and argue constantly, how Cole would always in trouble for harassing the girls wasn’t to Aaron’s appeal at all. He’d always say stop acting like his mother, since naturally Erato would be the most lust driven of the muses. Presiding over erotic poetry of course. Cole blamed his mother for how much he couldn’t control himself, thinking if he had a different godparent or maybe a mortal mother he wouldn’t be like this.

Aaron was a child of Tartarus after all, meaning exploring his father’s domain and finding Zeke was child’s play. He had done this the first chance he got after Zeke’s imprisonment. The problem was, being a son of Tartarus didn’t mean he was strong enough to release his brother.

Cole was never informed of his uncle’s visits into the dark pit. The dark energies of Tartarus draining Zeke of his strength. The waters of Phlegethon just barely keeping him alive (I’m just going by House of Hades here..) Zeke never wanted his son to see his father in such a pathetic state. Koios’ failure aside, he was still plotting for his vengeance against the gods. Meanwhile Cole’s hatred for the gods grew. He hated Koios for being so selfish and the Olympians for imprisoning his father.

All Zeke had done was doing a job he didn’t know what it is for, his punishment was an unfair and just act. A year later, Zeke had decided he was ready to face his son. Being guided by Aaron, Cole was finally able to start seeing his father. He was still not pleased with how they couldn’t liberate him. These visits went on for a year and a half, Cole’s drive to save his father only grew. Now 17, Cole was met by his grandfather on his latest venture into the dark pit.

Over time, Koios had been trying to manipulate Cole. Trying to get him to work for him, convincing him he’d be able to free his father if he worked for him. First the son of music didn’t believe a word, but his desperation drove him to finally agree to it. Koios had received word of the Broken Covenant, seeing it as a perfect breeding ground to establish a new army to overthrow the gods with. Cole would join them and in secret, plot to overthrow Heinrich and convert it into Koios’ personal demigod army.Cole left with Aaron after that, having to leave home so he could serve his grandfather by finding the Sanctuary. Using his skill and handed down Celestial Bronze weaponry to defeat any monster that attacked him during his few weeks on the road. He eventually found a group of demigods on a mission for Heinrich. Cole told them of his feeling towards his mother, leaving out the details about his grandpa. They guided him to the Sanctuary where he joined Liberi.

Weapons: Chain Whip and Bow/Arrows

Reasons for Joining: His reason is that because of his parentage he's always leaned towards a heavy domineering lustful attitude towards others. Or at least that’s what he thinks. Being raised by demigods only and liking the idea of being a god himself is enough to stop him from feeling bad about using humans, and with his father's influence as a child of Koios as being intelligent, he also sees the strategic advantages to a faster end to the war against the gods if they have humans under their feet. He wants to be a god, to have the power, immortality and prove he’s better. All these things are true about Cole, he truly does believe in Liberi’s cause. But he knows spying for his grandfather seems like the only thing that shall get his father back with him.

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