Name: Cecilia Levine

Age: 18

Family:  Phlegethon and Agatha Levine


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Personality: She is manipulative, taking advantage of other's for her own benefit. She can be ruthless and ambitious. She regards her father with cold disdain. She has no problem with sacrificing lives and using others to obtain what she wants, even going as far as using her friends. She believes that only the strong should survive and exist. She can also be sadistic, arrogant and selfish. She shows little regard towards people's feelings and what they hold dear. She can also be a rebel, having no regard for rules. She does what he wants, without putting the opinion of others. However, she can also be reckless and stubborn because of her personality. Like fire, she is determined, valiant and has an indomitable spirit. But like fire, she can be snappy, hot-tempered and uncontrollable, which can destroy her relationships with others.


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Look at me. I'm burning.

Dark Alessa Gillepsie, Silent Hill

Deep in the mountains of Norway, very far from civilization, sat a tiny village. Very little outsiders managed to venture into the forested area for its remoteness and difficulty on traversing. The people of the village were kind of sticky to their ancient beliefs, deities, pagan things and all that. One of those people was Agatha Levine, the daughter of a so-called pagan priest in the village. Following the ancient rules of the pagans were strict, and if you were caught doing a violation, death was imminent.

While Agatha was in the higher parts of the mountains to get water in a small stream, she saw a ball of fire floating near the stream. She was immediately scared. In their village's tradition, fire used / created magically was the sign of the devil and those who were proved of this act must be killed. She quickly ran downhill, away from the ball of fire. However, it chased after her. As she stepped on a rock, she slipped, fell down the slope and was knocked out unconscious. The ball of fire continued to go after her, and she couldn't do a thing to save herself.

When she woke up, the face of a man she described as "bright and pale" greeted her. A piece of cloth was wrapped around her with dark blood congealed on it. She must've injured herself when she fell. The man introduced himself as Brann, an archaeologist from Norway's capital, Oslo. He explained that he was going to examine some ancient ruins near the village. And to Agatha's knowledge, outsiders peering into their ruins was violation of their village's rules. She quickly held him off, but for some reason, she was quickly swayed by Brann, as if a powerful force made by deep feelings pushed her off her sense of tradition. Brann asked her to help her find the ruins, and she agreed.

They walked a rather long and dangerous path to reach the ruins, and during those times they did small talk. The sun has set long ago, enveloping the mountains in darkness. The flashlight that Brann brought was the only light that guided them along the path. And finally, they reached the said ruins, and there they agreed to sleep for the night. Unbeknownst to Agatha, she was raped by Brann. In Norwegian language, Brann means 'fire'. Yes, Brann was the ball of fire from before. And yes, Brann's true identity was Phlegethon, the river of fire. While Agatha slept, she just felt a warm sensation in her dreams, but never knew what Brann did to her.

When she woke up, she found herself alone at the base of a crumbled altar in the ruins. She didn't find Brann, and thought that he left without telling her. Seeing she can't do anything in a ruin, she left it and went back to the village. After being scolded for wandering too far, she was discovered to be pregnant. As Brann/Phlegethon's true identity was hidden during the act, the power of fire within the fetus was also hidden. No one knew that Agatha's soon-to-be born child was the "sign of the so-called devil" of their pagan tradition. Eventually, she gave birth to Cecilia, and she was the most beautiful child the village's had seen for ages. She had blazing orange hair like her mother.  They didn't care who was the father, but instead they cared more about the future of their village. The position of priest / priestess would be passed onto her someday and according to one of the pagan fortunetellers, she would become a powerful leader. 

However, as she started to grow up, the power of fire within her began to immerse. She came in contact with fire many times, but never got burned. The villagers began to become suspicious of her, and kept close watch. She, unlike the others, didn't like the village's strict tradition and violated it. But since she would be the future priestess of the village, she was spoiled. She always rebelled.

When she hit thirteen, while on the mountains outside the village, she was attacked by several hellhounds and harpies. Out of fear, she threw fire at them, turning them into dust. Scared of what will happen if the others knew it, she kept it to herself. This happened once every year, and luckily no one knew. 

The suspicion reached its peak when she was seventeen. Out of shock, she accidentally set fire to their village's temple, burning it to the ground. Agatha went to rescue her child, she witnessed Cecilia coming out of the temple, unscathed. Fire blazed from her arms as she exclaimed, "Look at me! I'm burning!" The priest and the villagers also saw this, and quickly screamed, "Look at her! She wasn't burned! The devil! She's the daughter of a demon! Demon! Demon! Demon!"

The very next day, she was put into trial for what happened. She was threatened with instruments of torture, but she tried proving her innocence, and that the fire was accidental. The priest didn't have any choice. They have to execute Cecilia for the "magical" act. As the instruments approached her, a certain spark ignited within her. Around a few seconds, her chain was burned into a smoldering crisp by a sudden blaze of fire. From there, she ran away from the village, with her mother in the tow; but, Agatha refused to come with her for she was the 'devil's daughter'. From then on, her mother abandoned her, leaving her alone. As much as she wanted her mother back, she couldn't do anything now. She had to escape death, and she blamed her powers for it, even though at the same time she kinda liked having it. And for some reason, she blamed her unknown father for not staying by their side when things got tough. But since she rebelled many times, she knew she can survive alone. She went down the mountain as careful as she can, and managed to reach the base in a few hours.

Midnight descended on the mountains, and that day was Cecilia's eighteenth birthday. She stood alone in a quiet and bumpy road, hoping that someone would pick her up and go somewhere. As much as she knew that she didn't reached the outside world, she knew that she had to escape. Luckily, a small truck happened to pass by, and the driver 'warmly' invited her to join the ride. Actually, the driver was Phlegethon, who asked permission from Zeus to talk to his daughter for a little time. There he revealed the truth about everything, which left Cecilia even more enraged. She said, "How selfish of you!" and without hesitation, she slapped him. Phlegethon welcomed the slap freely as a sign of humility, but Cecilia wasn't moved. She refused to go with him anymore and tried going down the truck, but he knocked her out unconscious.

When Cecilia woke up, she found herself lying on beside a tree in Slottet in Oslo. A boy by the name of Nixon Thorsen (a child of Mnemosyne) noticed her. Nixon at the time was visiting Norway, his hometown. He asked if she was okay, and treated her to some bread and coffee downtown. Cecilia had to take advantage of Nixon's kindness, as she didn't have anything with her. After they had their fill, they were suddenly attacked by harpies. That's when Nixon discovered that Cecilia was a demigod. He then invited her to come with him to Camp Half-Blood, in which Cecilia agreed. After all, she had to take advantage of his kindness, despite thinking of the risks given. 

They arrived at Camp a day after their meeting. Nixon, seeing that she can control fire, he thought she was Hephaestus' daughter, but days passed, and Cecilia wasn't claimed. She grew very impatient and left without the Nixon and the other campers' knowledge. Now alone again in a place she didn't know, she wandered off in New York City. A while later, Phlegethon showed up again, still with Zeus' permission; however, this was the last time. He greeted her a belated happy birthday, much to her annoyance. She quickly turned around and left him standing there, but as she turned to a corner, a hellhound jumped right in front of her, knocking her out again. Luckily, Catherine Grant and George Ahmad, members of the BC passed by and killed the hellhound. Phlegethon talked to them, and asked her to take her with them, for The Sanctuary was the only place left for her. Despite having anger on the gods, they complied to his request, and brought Cecilia to the place. There they asked Heinrich Alten, the leader of the BC, to let Cecilia join. Happy to get a new recruit, Heinrich took her in and from then on, she served under the Broken Covenant, in hopes of that one day where she'll have the power to return the favor her father gave to her.

Faction: Opus Superum

Reason: "I want to return the favor. My father didn't even show up at the right time when I was in danger. And all I get after years of longing for him was a simple birthday greeting!? Oh yeah, he's a god, but he didn't even care about his daughter. He's trying to be oh so humble despite having done so much pain to me. And how low of him to just rape my mom even if they've just met!? And all this time, my father didn't do anything when I was attacked by those monsters. Yeah, he did took me for a ride, but that doesn't even sum up all of it. That's it. Unleashing my puny demigod chains will be for the best. And I'd love to see my father under the power of my foot, crying for mercy. He didn't give me the help I needed long ago. Hope has ran out of me that my father would help his little daughter. And once he's stepped on, I'll make sure he won't get the help he needs."




Name: Kuroi Kage

Age: He doesn't know (17)

God Parent: Perses, God of Destruction and Peace

Mortal parent: He doesn't know

Appearance: I've made an illustration.

Faction: Veritum Unitum

Reason: I've been a weapon, an instrument, a utensil of the gods for gods know how long. It is time I turned against the oppressors; it is time for a reversal.

Personality: Kuroi has a form of post traumatic stress disorder. His life has been so full of violence, he doesn't even remember most of it, just a haze of blood. This also makes him forgetful. He doesn't really know how to interact with other people, but makes a conscious attempt to not be a loner. He is angered relatively easily. He is tired of fighting his whole life and wishes for peace, but realizes that peace shares an intimate relationship with destruction. In order to establish peace, the gods must first be overthrown, and so he continues to fight as long as necessary. Although he does not like to kill, he has relatively few qualms about it, and will kill for a good reason without a second thought.

History: "How did I get here?"

Well, how far back are we going? If we are delving into my origin, I'm afraid the details are... blurry. How I became the weapon I am now, where I obtained my skills, and who my mother is... I can't tell you that. My memories are a quagmire, a haze of blood and destruction. Here is what I do know.

I worked for the gods for years, often for my father, Perses. What kind of work? The messy kind. I was a monster slayer, a hit man, a saboteur, an arsonist. Whatever needed to be done, I did it. In return, the gods gave me... something. They would give me some slight compensation, be it money or food, but never enough to truly repay me for my efforts. Only enough to live, to endure for the sole purpose of serving them the next time some job came along they were too high and mighty for. I think I may have even worked for mortals in the past, when in dire need of money.

And so, my life bleeds together, one day into the next, the next into the past, and so on in a maddening cycle of chaos. How did it begin? How? Nothing is clear anymore. It's as though my mind has jettisoned that information to make room for more blood and killing.

One day I lost a fight with a drakon; that was the catalyst. It was only by extreme luck a managed to escape. As I crawled away from the fight, too tired and damaged to continue, I prayed for help. I was dying and I knew it. I waited and waited. No help came. The gods forsook me without a second thought. Never mind that I was on one of their assignments, trying to destroy a drakon because they refused to do any work themselves. I pondered the possibility that it might be about to end, the blood, the violence, the confounding story of my life. I realized for the first time that I hated it, the bloodshed, the rampant violence, my life as a whole. It was then help did come, but not from the gods.

I noticed a kid, someone in their late teens, walking through the forest where I hid. I called out to him, and he noticed me. It did not take long before I learned that he was a demigod as well. He offered me a flask of nectar, but I refused. I explained my lot to him, and told him I had decided it was time for me to move on. I was done with bloodshed. I would make my exit from the world.

He scolded me, explaining how, if I chose to die here, the gods would just find another tool. It would never end. To the gods, I was an expendable resource. He said that if I wanted peace for myself, to go ahead and die, but if I wanted peace for the world, to endure and fight against the gods. I took the nectar from him and swore to dedicate my life to the gods downfall. He smiled and told me that he had to keep traveling, but he hoped we would meet again, as allies. As he left I called out to him, asking "What is your name!?"

He hesitated before responding, "My moniker... is Strike."

And so, I must continue to do what I hate, to fight. Now, however, I do it for a peaceful future!

Weapons and Combat: Kuroi wields both a katana and wakizashi, both made of celestial bronze. He rarely uses them simultaneously, but instead uses the katana when in open areas and the shorter wakizashi when in tight corridors or other movement restricting spaces. He uses these Japanese weapons instead of traditional Greek weapons because it gives him an advantage against opponents that are used to fighting against Greek styled weapons and techniques. The Katana is named Hakai (destruction) and the wakizashi is named Heiwa (peace)


Name: Cameron "Cami" Hartly

Age: 20

Family Members:

Mother: Khione

Father: Travis Hartly

Twin Brother: Jackson Hartly

Personality: Cameron is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. Her personality tends to clash with others and she doesn't think about what she is about to say before she says it. She will never back down from a fight no matter the size.

Appearance: Cami has dark black hair and electric blue eyes. She has a very modern style and always has trendy clothes on.

History: Travis Hartly, was once an arrogant jerk to everyone. That is, until his two children were born. He was working late one night at his factory job, when a massive blizzard had appeared out of no where. Frightfully, he jumped in his vehicle and drove away. Half way to his house, the windshield whippers had frozen and would not move, making it impossible to see. Travis went spiraling out of control and went flying into the ditch. He was knocked out, and when he woke up, he had been in his cabin near the mountains of Vancouver.

Taking care of him was a beautiful woman, she had lovely icey blonde hair and pearcing blue eyes. Travis fell in love at first sight, as the two had been snowed in, they had to stay in Travis' cabin all winter. When the snow had ebgan to melt the woman left. Nine months later she returned with two children, handing them over to Travis, she quickly explained everything and ran off. Unsure what to do, Travis named the children Cameron and Jackson.

The twins grew up not always seeing eye to eye. But they would always end up sticking together in the end. One late night when the two 10 year olds were coming home from a birthday party. A goat like creature had ran acrossed the road, unaware of what they had just seen. They continued to walk around the block to their house. When they reached their front yard two hellhounds had jumped from the bushes. Frightened and shocked Jackson began to hyper ventilate. Leaving Cameron or as she preferred Cami, all alone to defend her brother, one of the hellhounds pounced on Cameron knocking her unconscious. She could slightly hear noises such as screaming and growling. When she had woken up, she was still outside, her brother Jackson had woken up, and the hellhounds were know where to be seen. But something new had caught her eye. A half goat half human species. The creature introduced himself as Timothy the satyr. He took the twins and brought them to a hotel. There Jackson began to hyper ventilate again, being away from home. He had dropped his inhailure and nothing could help him. His lungs had began to collapse and he had died within a minute. Horrified Cami ran out of the hotel and into the mountains.

She had only being up in the mountains for 2 days before Timothy had found her. He was furious and told her never to do that again, angry she stood up and pushed Timothy down the mountain, sending him flying down, breaking his neck and dying instantly. Guilty of what she had done Cameron went down the mountain and flew to her grandmothers house in London, hoping to start over. But her problems followed her, as when she turned 17 a second attack had accured. This time instead of two hellhounds, it was a cyclops. Her grandmother being ready for this moment, as she also was a daughter of Prometheus, handed Cami her old celestial bronze dagger to help her fight the monster. Untrained, and unready to fight, Cami charged the monster and she was swiftly knocked off balance, sent flying into a wall. Her grandmother had killed the cyclops well Cami was knocked out and quickly woke Cami up with some ambrousia. She then agreed that she would train Cami until she thought she was ready. Not wanting her to go to camp, as she also had the same beliefs as Cameron, she herself agreed to take Cameron to the Broken Covenant at the age of 20. After 4 years of gruesome training, Cami was ready and her grandmother drove off to the lair of the Broken Covenant. When they arrived, a blizzard had just finished and their vehicle hit a small patch of ice, sending them spiraling into a tree. Cami being more agile and newly trained, leaped from the vehicle before the impact, but her grandmother had went flying with the vehicle. In anger Cami grabbed her grandmothers lighter from her purse that had flown from the vehicle, and set the car ablaze, furious she walked inside and demanded to see someone she could talk to.

Faction: Ortu Justitae

Reason: Cami believes that the gods have been in power for to long, and because of this, are blind to what their children must go through and that they don't even care what happens in their lives. They don't care if you die, because in another month the god parent will just have sex with another mortal. She feels like it has been a long time coming and that they should no longer be in power.

Weapon: Dagger called Cane


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