Name: Amelia

Gender: Female


God Parent: Hedylogos

Mortal Parent:



Lady Mystic Spades

Galaco by ledogawa-d5adc94.png


Species: Half-blood

Parents: Jordan Spades and Khione

Personality: Mystic has a complex personality being a mix of an INTP and an ENTP. She is kind and can be considerate, though always expecting something in return. She is also creative, original, resourceful, and intellectually quick, good at a broad range of things. She has an excellent ability to understand concepts and apply logic to find solutions. Oh yes, she absolutely loves MATOKIs, fangirling over them and the band after seeing them around the place. Occasionally, she can be found carrying plush toys of the MATOKIs around the Broken Covenant, especially Kekemato, Shishimato, and Dadamato. She carries the mask of a innocent, harmless princess most of the times; once that mask is taken off, she can become a tyrant queen.

Though Mystic can be both cheery and affable, but when things are rough, she knows the limits of it. She is a very cunning, manipulative, and persuasive lady. Using both her charm and looks as assets, she is able to make various people kneel and obey her like a queen. She is also bratty and spoiled thanks to her family, who she dearly misses. She is calculates too much about life; she doesn't know the meaning of "contentment," answering that it, like all immaterial things, cannot be measured. She also over-thinks and distrusts people often, giving her a load of unnecessary burden and anxiety. Mystic is semi-individualistic, having no interest in following, but leading others. She hates losing and has difficulties in finding fault in herself. She is also a woman of high standards, getting what she wants and shunning those she hates as taking pride in her "royal" blood.
More Shots of Mystic:

History: During the late 18th century, there was a man born to a prominent family with the bloodline of being aristocrats, yet was tortured by his life. Though society then was changing, the family still held its pride of the title even if they received no special power. All throughout the man's life, both men and women of age flocked around him to gain favor, yet he felt indifferent. He found life as a temporary place; he always looked above, waiting for his heaven to begin. At a young age, he was always pressured to do better than the other boys and was bondage with expectations as he bowed down to his mortal father's biddings. At the age of 20, he even complied to marry an exquisitely rich, manipulative, and beautiful woman he did not love, just to please his father and the company.

Once Jordan was married, his life went even more downhill. Inside, he finally understood the feelings of his mother and why she had a secret affair with his biological father, Zephyrus. He couldn't love his wife, Pauline, no matter how beautiful or cunning she was due to her inhuman heart. Pauline was always cruel to both children and animals and always expected everything to be done right by the maids with her doing nothing at all; if not, she would curse and stave them for a day and Jordan had to secretly help them. Being blunt, he had not noticed Pauline did these to make him busy to be loyal to her and capture his attention. Secretly, Pauline loved him dearly, yet Jordan was very tired with this woman, which gave perfect timing for a real lover.

Once in a while, Jordan would visit a place of his memories alone. It was a small hill where he often ran off to. When his mother was still alive, she would take him to the top of the hill and have a picnic, even sharing to the unfortunate without another word. This time, he saw a family eating merely some fish and bread barely enough for them, yet they were happy. Of course, he had brought extra food and shared it with them while they, in return, asked him to share lunch. He missed the love of a family, yet he could never imagine having a family with Pauline. After lunch, they thanked each other for the meal as Jordan walked through the snow, back to his "hell."

As he was heading back, there was a "clumsy" woman who "accidentally" slipped, rolling downhill. Being a dashing prince with shining armor, Jordan jumped in front and hugged her tightly, him being the shield. The woman secretly bended the snow, making their fall like a blissful and semi-painless moment. Yes, the woman was none other than Mistress Khione, goddess of snow. One they are at the base of the hill, Jordan was speechless, in awe of her beautiful and innocent face under the snow. She introduced herself as a mortal by the name Khione. Jordan insisted to walk with her until she could walk better and she permitted him. The two chatted like love birds singing a duet, everything seemed to be in tune. As Khione didn't know where to take him, she told him she could handle it and thanked him for his kindness. Sad to bid farewell, Jordan had not asked her for another meeting, remembering Pauline. Khione insisted for it though, saying it would be as "acquaintances" since she had not fully showed her "appreciation." Now that Khione has tested him, well, the woman's crush had grown into beautiful love.

Nearly two years passed, Jordan was too blinded by love and a dream to be a father that he fell too in love with Khione. Soon, they had a "fling" and Mystic was brought to Khione. Jordan was happy and getting all divorce papers ready once he knew Khione was pregnant. He wanted to start a family with her and kept it a surprise until Mystic was born, yet was inevitably mistaken. Once Mystic was born, Khione revealed her identity and Jordan was heart-broken, yet happy he now is a father of beautiful blonde girl. Jordan decided to name her Mystic, being a mystery. Khione gave Jordan a little crown, saying to give it to their daughter once she's eight, proclaiming her as their little princess. He gave Jordan a journal with the feelings she has for him, also a few letters for Mystic once she turns 12. She kissed them both goodbyes as she faded into the snowy scenery.

After Jordan took baby Mystic home, Pauline suddenly sunk into depression. She would only allow maid servants to take her food into her room and ate a small portion. She couldn't believe the rumours were true, she loved Jordan too much that she didn't expect this to happen. For two and a half years of being husband and wife, he has not made a move on her and now he comes in with another's woman's baby. She started to be her normal self to the servants, children, and animals; the servants even made fun of her. Jordan didn't understand, yet pitied his wife that he dismissed those servants who had been cruel to the lady. One of the maidservants, Pauline's only close friend, explained to Jordan of what Pauline intended to do. Gradually, Jordan began to have feelings for her. Gradually after a year, Pauline accepted the apology and was charmed by Mystic that she didn't desire to have another child with Jordan. After the incident, the family continued to lie about Mystic being adopted.

As a child, I grew up in a spoiled and glamorous environment. Unlike most Aristocratic families, my parents allowed me to freely communicate with all social classes, yet unusually for my parents, I always preferred the A class. My charms over-flowed to my parents, maidservants, teachers, and fellow townspeople. I was always the talk of the town with being multi-talented and a young prodigy: archery, chess, care taking, cooking, ice-skating, music, sword-play, history, philosophy, literature, and the arts; name it and I could give you a glimpse of success. I didn't have to work my way through life's pain, but had my parents support me in whatever I wanted. I always acted humble and no one saw through my tower of pride and egotism; it was a gift for me to be able to lie and hide all my true emotions.

Like a queen who had riches, beauty, brains and more, I could have everything I needed, but were multiple things that were not in my control to obstruct me from what I wanted. I was lonely though due to the fact of rarely finding people, who are truly honest, having only a few to no true friends. People always tried to gain my favor, but I was not born yesterday to not know it was all for the future of being the next in line for the family fortune. Throughout my childhood, I must admit I have only found one boy interesting, yet he broke my heart after hearing him boast to his friends like I was a prize. This disheartened me into ever seeing the good in people; they merely used me as tools, so I must take my fee. I also guarded myself more and more and was disgusted by the look of most men until today.

As time passed, my parents noticed me becoming a semi-carbon copy of my grandfather. Inside, I knew he took the opportunity to corrupt an innocent soul after I was heartbroken at the mere age of eight. Every day, I would go see him and he would bombard me with sermons and his own philosophies, changing my view of the world to the worst. Little by little, I noticed that his words were all true and actually thanked him, who told me he simply wanted the "best." I didn't know how it all started, but soon, I locked myself in the his presence over my parents, much to their disliking; whenever my parents told me to stop seeing my grandfather, I would rebel and answer against them. I could not take waste of the opportunity to learn, to improve; my mind was suddenly reprogramed.

At the young age of ten, I became depressed and the more did I not know the meaning of contentment. I mean, it can never be measured, so what truly is its definition? I do not understand, inside, I'm crumbling from confusion. I worked harder and harder that I accidentally discovered my powers. As I was practicing with my swords by the manor's garden, an assassin’s knife was thrown towards me. A part of me felt a cold surge in my veins as I wanted to clash it with my sword, but something interesting happened. The knife froze midway, much before than I could even deflect it. I looked around and saw nothing, but myself and the eyes of the people who wanted to kill me. I screamed and called for the guards as they were arrested, but their story did not match the evidence. By the time they have arrived, I had touched the icy knife and had reverted it to its original style. I then felt a cold snowflake-form engraving at my palm, which at that point I did not know was a claiming sign. Secretly, I harnessed my power and practiced none stop, only giving time for grandfather.

At the age of fourteen, I was attacked by an empousa at grand masquerade. Having everyone recognize me as the young girl wearing a crown, the empousa must've easily spotted me at the balcony pondering. I was surprised when the door flung wide open and turned to see a beautiful half woman and veracious half snake. She must've not been aware that I had already prepared myself in dire situations like this. I transformed my crown into twin swords as to clash with her long claws. As I got close enough, I froze half of her body as I enjoyed beheading her and watching her turn into golden dust. After realizing what I have done, a part of me called myself no different from her. With my lips sealed and face pumped with innocence, I returned to the center of the ball to continue the night of misery.

Once I turned 16, my grandfather started to talk about the engagement market, but her parents did not like the sound of it. At this age, my beauty and charms have flourished even more, making me the envy of all women and desire of all men. My grandfather talked me to be engaged to another family also with the bloodline of aristocrats. I trusted him and never complained a word for I wanted to please him after he has taught me much. My parents, however, was not happy of this plan, believing that it would not make me happy, so they plotted to extend the engagement by boarding the infamous luxury ship: Titanic, in hope I might find love aboard the ship. My grandfather carefully instructed me not to fall in love as I left him for the trip.

Abroad Titanic, my parent's efforts were wasted. Though I must admit the ship was a wondrous invention of man with luxury and high prices, I did not find it more interesting than a place I can have closer contact with my element. At day, I took my time to avoid contact with anyone on board and find a place I could train later at night. At night, I secretly escaped from my room and went over to the balcony to expand my limits. No one could notice a girl in the middle of the night, especially passing through icy glaciers where she could camouflage in. Through this experience, I have gained more strength and awareness of my powers and its limits. My parents were not happy of what I did, but that was the least of my concern---or at least until the full rise of the black moon.

As the story goes, everyone knew what happened to Titanic: it sank and the ocean swallowed over 2 thousand lives. At two in the morning, I was trying to control over glaciers through the upper balcony. I was stunned to noticed a movement from a glacier of not from my actions. I ran over to look from the railing, but was unbalanced and stumbled due to the sudden clashing of the glacier and ship. My mind froze as realization took in; I knew it was mere hours till the ship would sink and no one would be able save it. I ran back to the cabin rooms, carefully not letting any staff notice my awareness. Taking off all the lady-likeness I was trained in, I pounded the door of my parent's cabin room. They opened the room in shock as I commanded them to pack their things and we are leaving. I was forced to tell my parents the truth of me being awake in the middle of the night, and they were as well. They told me that I was not adopted and my mother was the goddess of snow, which explained my powers. They gave me a medium brown chest, saying it was letters and a gift from my biological mother. My mind was spinning; it was more confused than ever. I accepted these and actually asked for forgiveness of my rebellion. Together, we have packed our necessary things and are ready to leave once the staff was willing to tell the truth.

Once the staff allowed the release of people to enter the lifeboats, we quickly rushed to the lifeboats area. As we got on board a lifeboat, the sudden rush of people rocked our boat and fought to ride it. They explained themselves and that they were important like us. It was a life or death situation and everyone wanted to live. Here, you can see money has lost its value. As the boat being lowered rocked, some of us on the boat fell towards the ocean. Secretly, I used my powers to keep the rope frozen so it could be lowered down safely. Father and mother hugged me tightly, but there was one who grabbed a hold of my chest from my true mother. I saw it plunge down the ocean with the man and was enraged that I went after it by diving myself. Father, out of impulse, joined me to his death; while he told mother to live for him. Surprisingly, the pain from the freezing water did not bother me, but only the impact of the water. As soon as I got hold of the chest, I noticed father's voice calling my name. My eyes filled with tears as I swam near him and called him and numbskull for jumping in with me, yet with his chilled voice, he told me: "There are no limits for a man who loves his family. I have brought you into this world, and a real father will not rest until he knows his daughter is safe." My heart filled with regret for answering him back all the times and even insulting he and mother, but it was too late now. The only thing we could wait for was none other than death, inevitable death.

Two hours have passed; father and I were still floating above the ocean. I watched it all as we only had one small barrel to grab on and keep us from sinking. I have seen the lifeboats with even 12 people leave, the corpses of broken dreams, and the ship that held its pride so high is a tribute to the ocean. Everyone was waiting to die, there were no lifeboats coming back. No hope filled the hearts of the remaing people as some had their faces already turned blackish blue. It was the aura of the black paradise resonating throughout the ocean. With nothing to grab on, father's life slowly drifted away from his body. He told me I would survive and I must live no matter what. There was no more reason for me to live if I ever survived. I couldn't take it anymore and it seemed as if I was choked and forced to puke. Suddenly, I could not continue to hear his wishes. Everything drifted away from me and turned black. I knew I was going to die, not from the freezing water, but from grief and exhaustion.

That dark morning, Jordan saw his daughter close her eyes. He placed his hand over her head as he felt it warm and smiled. He knew it was his last time to ever see his daughter. He breathed his last wish for his daughter, Mystic: "Please save her." Much to his favor, his wish was granted.

Without concern for her own name or sake, Khione interfered to heed the last words of her previous lover and save her own daughter. She begged Zeus to let her saved her daughter and gave him multiple reasons. Zeus allowed her to do so, seeing there was no need to waste another beautiful and gifted lady's life. Seeing many have already passed, Khione took her unconscious daughter and held her in arms as she transported her to a place where more icebergs cover the ocean, where no one can find her. In hope her daughter would have a better life in the future; she split the ice into two then proceeded to place her daughter inside, preserving her.

‘’What filled my world while I was "asleep" was pain and suffering. Mother did not know what suffering she placed me through. Throughout the one hundred years, it all felt like a coma, pondering if I was in hell. Every dream was dark maze of nightmares with me infinitely going from a wrong path to another wrong path. I was trapped in an abyss of the memories of pain and sadness of father and all the people I last saw. The heroic deeds they have done that I was too selfish to do; the deeds they knew they've done to get them nowhere, but death. All my regrets blurred happiness and hope. Hugging the brown chest was the only thing I felt; I can't feel anything else that was real, yet my tears wanted to flow out. My hands were cold with no one to hold them. I wanted to wake up.’’

After a hundred years, the time has come for Khione to set her daughter free to a place where she can be nurtured: Camp Half Blood. She came back for her daughter and took her to Camp Half Blood. She explained herself along the way, but Mystic was still scared from her father's death and the nightmares. It would never make her the same again, ever. Khione told her that in due time, she will get over it. Her mother told her she would have to stay in the Hermes cabin, but she didn’t hear this well. As Mystic arrived into Camp Half Blood, there was no cabin prepared for her once she told that her mother was Khione. They placed her under the Hermes cabin like the rest of the unnoticed children. She, being prideful, did not accept her fate and stormed out of camp----on a cold winter night.

‘’Once I got out of the environment where no aristocrat must dare inhabit, I saw the drastic changes of the world. Billboards, posters, daily influences; everything was fascinating. It seems like the mortals have been given a new time. It was beautiful, but I was out of place. Scanning through the various shops and homes, I noticed the low tones of a group of delinquent men composing of seven close behind me. As I hit a “dead end” alleyway, they taunted me of my old fashioned appearance and grabbed both of my arms; I closed my eyes out of impulse. Before I could even freeze them, I felt droplets of blood and gusts of forceful winds. I opened my eyes and looked upward to the source of the gusts to meet two pairs of eyes that shined maniacally under the moon like my own. The speechless duo composed of a boy and girl that were not far from my age; the eye-catching blue haired boy and the blonde girl both radiated silent disgust. I turned to the two men who were supposed to grab hold of me; they were unconscious and heavily bleeding from slashes. I finally took hold of myself and looked at the duo with masks before taking care of the other five by freezing their feet. The two jumped down from the roof, with the aid of the girl using her wind powers, to accompany me. Together, we were able to knock every single of them unconscious and leaving a bloody scene as we escaped.’ ‘

‘’As they took off their masks, they introduced themselves as Ember Glass and Kyler Dale. I was escorted by the two to a luxurious “penthouse” I could stay. Though Kyler was quite silent, Ember was able to explain everything to me well. Apparently, Ember found Kyler roaming outside of camp; she noticed Kyler was a part of the BC and attacked him. After fighting, they realized their common interests and saw no reason to kill each other; they found respect for each other and explained their situation to each other: Kyler was in love with a daughter of Hephaestus Ember has never heard of, while Ember wanted to improve more after losing. With the money he has earned from modelling before, which shocked us, Kyler then invited her to a house where asked Logan Lautner’s mom to buy under her name. As they went home from getting new clothes in the mall, Kyler felt the gang’s jealousy towards each other in the “who gets the girl” talk. The two then saw the possible item they could hide their appearance with, which were the cosplay masks they bought to originally be a gift to a friend. Seeing they had no other choice, they wore the masks and came to my rescue. After glancing at my clothes not from this century, they knew I must be special like them. They gave smiles as they have accepted a new friend into family.

‘’For the three weeks we’ve been together, we all gained and improve mentally, emotionally, and physically. They have trained me to become better and stronger. Surprisingly, all of us had common goals and dreams: to be the best. We realized our common fear and insecurities as we trained daily. I was pushed by them to be able to learn counter attacks towards each member; in return, they learned to counter mine as well. I mostly learned from Ember since Kyler had to go back and forth from the BC to keep anyone from suspicion. I have also been taken to different stylists to have my appearance renewed, so I may fit in society. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to my new found friends, but their kindness does not stop there.

‘’Kyler rarely opened up, but he did one night; it made me glad for him to trust me. One day after telling me his story, Kyler invited me to join the BC; I told him that I do not resent my mother. Ember said nothing towards the matter since she told me she no longer sees the BC as weak after meeting the both of us. As I pondered, my mother has not done anything good or bad; how can I hate her? He told me about the new fraction: “Civitas Popularis.” I liked the sound as to ask of its details. He told me it was a fraction perfect for democracy. I knew the concept of democracy and my grandfather’s teachings. I gave him my answer after a day streaming through in what society calls as “Google” about democracy. I realize it was perfect for me. I no longer have to see the darkness of Camp Half Blood; I can be free to fight for my cause. I accepted to Kyler’s request with the promise to come back and see Ember with him.

‘’Afraid to ask Kyler of where we are, I observed his actions silently and heed toward his orders. Kyler led me towards a secret entrance and I was again amazed by technology. Following him through what seems like endless hallways, he stopped to talk to a few automaton guards guarding a door which glistened with gold and bronze. After a while of interrogation, they opened the door which led to a grand throne room. Kyler told me from onwards the door it would be me, my fraction leader, and the overall leader of the BC by the name of Henrich. I cautiously entered the room as a man with a mask and terrifying yet powerful aura turned to me. Reluctantly, I kneeled to him and introduced myself and cause. With a calm tone, he then called for the fraction leader of Civitas into the room. I noticed a man with glasses and dressed in the utmost decency has newly entered the room to stand beside “Henrich’s” right hand. Narrating the same story and cause I tell you now, I waited for both of their approval.

As the story goes, both memories were given to me: hot and cold. Realistically speaking, mother had no offence against me, but I believe she did not leave me a blessing either. If there were things I have collected from my memories and lessons, one is that: The love for power drives everyone into madness; most revealing their true intentions after time. Most rulers give difficulty in the part of accountability and self-judgment. I believe a democratic world would change it. Democracy is not only the idea of human development, but also a value. Learning to share power, its individuals can exercise their human rights and freedoms. It allows information to spread out and gives better justice from different point of views which cause second thoughts and fear towards the doers of wickedness. Everyone would speak up without fear to tell their leaders for democracy simply means: for the people and by the people. There would be a drastic change that will cause all rulers to perfect their flaws. Democracy will also give people an assurance of safety once they have voted for a responsible and efficient leader; its people wouldn't have to worry about tyranny or poor monarchies led by underserving leaders. It will also give an opportunity to ascend for power to most. Demigods wouldn't become an endangered species anymore. It would hear to the crying children of the gods and goddesses with their irresponsible mortal consorts. The gods would be thrown into court and no more will we hear of these emotional case; they would be below the law, our law. The new government would also be a reach out to the mortals as well, giving less discrimination and more of unity. If there is a way to make a better change in the world, why retain the current one? We are given time to improve ourselves, thus, we must serve that purpose and treasure that gift. As a conclusion, I can assure you the Broken Covenant's Civitas Popularis has its goals made for it, thus I will do my all to serve it and treasure my gift.


Weapon: Mystic owns twin blades by the name of "Miracle." They will appear on both of her hands when she "thinks" she needs it. When not in use, they revert to her small crown that magically will come back to her in 5 minutes if "misplaced."  

Fraction:Civitas Popularis


As the story goes, both memories were given to me: hot and cold. Realistically speaking, mother had no offence against me, but I believe she did not leave me a blessing either. If there were things I have collected from my memories and lessons, one is that: The love for power drives everyone into madness; most revealing their true intentions after time. Most rulers give difficulty in the part of accountability and self-judgment. I believe a democratic world would change it. Democracy is not only the idea of human development, but also a value. Learning to share power, its individuals can exercise their human rights and freedoms. It allows information to spread out and gives better justice from different point of views which cause second thoughts and fear towards the doers of wickedness. Everyone would speak up without fear to tell their leaders for democracy simply means: for the people and by the people. There would be a drastic change that will cause all rulers to perfect their flaws. Democracy will also give people an assurance of safety once they have voted for a responsible and efficient leader; its people wouldn't have to worry about tyranny or poor monarchies led by underserving leaders. It will also give an opportunity to ascend for power to most. Demigods wouldn't become an endangered species anymore. It would hear to the crying children of the gods and goddesses with their irresponsible mortal consorts. The gods would be thrown into court and no more will we hear of these emotional case; they would be below the law, our law. The new government would also be a reach out to the mortals as well, giving less discrimination and more of unity. If there is a way to make a better change in the world, why retain the current one? We are given time to improve ourselves, thus, we must serve that purpose and treasure that gift. As a conclusion, I can assure you the Broken Covenant's Civitas Popularis has its goals made for it, thus I will do my all to serve it and treasure my gift.

–Mystic Spades


Name: Ace Varen

Age: 19


  • God Parent (Father): Phobos
  • Mother: Kayla Varen
  • Uncle: Ted Varen
  • Aunt: Lisa Varen
  • Godly Uncle (Considered Guardian Angel): Deimos

Personality: If you had to describe Ace in one word, it would be Ace. He is corky, crazy, wild and hyper all rolled into one. He very rarely will get mad, even when being insulted, the reason for this is because he will just tune you out when you are insulting him. He is easily scared and will normally jump, or punch you in the nose if you scare him.

Appearance:  Ace has curly brown hair and light green eyes. He dresses very casually and it is usually represnting his personality.

Ace Varen.jpg


Ace 2.gif
Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.

–Ambrose Redmoon

Upon arriving in England, seventeen year old Kayla Varen was searching for her deceased fathers missing brief case, that held the secret to Kayla's true birth mother. She always believed that there was a chance of the Greek gods being real. Her father always telling her Greek mythology when she was a child, held the possibility close to her. Her father never telling her, that she herself was a daughter of Eris. When she walked up to what used to be her fathers old home, she walked inside, to see there had been no one inside for years. The paint was chipping and the furniture was covered in white sheets. Beginning to walk up the stairs, the steps creeked and moaned. Half way up, a step split in half and Kayla fell through. She fell into what appeared to be a small celler. She began to look around, and saw her fathers brief case.

Her mothers true identity was write in front of her. Nervous she unbuckled the straps and opened the brief case. Unsure of what exactly she was looking for, she began to pull documents and books out of the brief case. At the very bottom laid a small journal. Kayla grabbed the journal, and saw her fathers hand writing. She began to read and well reading, she discovered that her theories of Greek myths being real, was true and that her mother was Eris. She finished reading the small journal and saw no door she could escape from. She began to panic and when she heard foot steps from above, quickly scurried into one of the corners and hid.

When the foot steps began to approach the stairs, Kayla went into a panic attack. She was worried that the home owner had returned despite the fact the house looked old and that no one had entered for a couple years. Until she saw a man pop his head through the hole in the staircase. He asked if she needed any help, and fearfully she said yes. He deemed himself as the owner of the house, he used to rent it out to travelers, but now since it is old no one wanted to stay their. What the man wasn't telling Kayla, was that his real name was Phobos. The two spent the whole day together, visiting stores, having lunch, and eventually dinner. When they finished dinner, they returned to Phobos' house and Kayla stayed the night.The next morning, the two woke up, Kayla quickly said her goodbyes and went to her grandmothers flat a few blocks away from Phobos' house.

Now at the age of twenty one. Kayla returned to her home in Australia and met Phobos once again. The two picked up where they left off, and eventually had sex. When Kayla woke up, Phobos was gone, and she returned to her grandmothers flat in England. Eight months later, she gave birth to a little baby boy who she named Ace. When he was born Phobos visited Kayla and when trying to explain his true origins, was pushed out of the house by Kayla and he never got to explain. Phobos, soon visited his father Ares and told him what had happened. Angry that a mortal would treat his son that way, sent a boar guardian to set Kayla and Ace's house on fire, much to Phobos disliking. He demanded Deimos to help him with this problem as Phobos helped Deimos once when he was in need and since Phobos always said Deimos owed him one, he figured he wouled get Deimos to save him. Deimos put a protective sphere on Ace just before the house began to burn down. The flames soon engulfed Kayla and her grandmother, and whe the smoke and flickering flames had been put out, the fire department saw little Ace sitting in his crib.

Soon Ace was put into the care of his aunt and uncle. They, having no children, spoiled him and bought him everything he could have dreamed of. When he turned two, and was just starting to walk. He wondered outside into the back yard and crawled out of the fenced in yard. He soon wondered into the street and was hit by a car. But when his aunt and uncle camer outside and saw him, Ace was just sitting in the middle of the road smiling at them with a big goofy grin. But when they looked at the vehicle, it had an indent in the front and it had been flipped. Unaware why Ace was not harmed, they quickly took him inside and began to discuss it in the privacy of their bedroom. Phobos well at Olympus, remembered that Deimos had never taken the protective sphere off of Ace. He quickly looked for Deimos, and when he found him, demanded he take the sphere off of Ace. Deimos tired of his brother nagging him attempted to take of the protective sphere, but the spell was not lifted, and Ace continued to be protected by the sphere.

Ace kept getting into situations where the sphere had saved his life. At age six, he should have been killed over nine times. Now a week before school was over, a bully in grade eight pushed Ace into a locker, he was stuck in the lucker for a week. With his aunt and uncle looking frantically for him. Ace's life was holding on the sphere's power. Phobos, seeing his son suffer demanded Deimos try again to take the protective sphere off of him. Once again, Deimos had failed, and when the twin brothers approached Hecate and asked her to take the sphere off, she said yes and took the sphere off of Ace with ease. Now having no savier, Ace fainted from dehydration. Soon his aunt found him and took him home. The sphere had only protected him from the pain, and when it was lifted the pain rushed into Ace's body. He screamed in pain for a day. Soon the pain subsided.

When Ace turned twelve, he had his first monster attack when he was playing in the backyard of his house. Having no weapon, the monster easily took Ace down. His uncle, being able to see through the mist. Was shocked that the cyclops was attacking his nephew. He ran to the shed in the backyard. Grabbed his old hunting crossbow, and shot the monster. The arrow being celestial bronze, killed the cyclops.

Now at age sixteen, he returned to his home in Bristol, a town in England. He met a girl two years younger than him. Her name was Reagan Witchers. The two eventually became close, and not long after, began dating. But soon, Reagan told him she had to move to Ohio, despite her not wanting to leave, she had to go with her step-mother. Ace, became angered and began to chuck things at walls. The anger grew until her grabbed a knife and placed their arms side by side. He began to cut both their arms in a unique way, leaving scars. He explained that wherever they are they can remember each other, and if they do meet again, they will be reminded of that day. Reagan soon left, leaving Ace alone. He soon found out his aunt and uncle had died in a car crash. Ace saw his life crashing down, as everyone he loved, was leaving him.

Ace had finally discovered who his father really was when he ran into Deimos on the schools playground. He quickly led Ace into a class and told him everything, from when he was born, to how Ares plotted his mothers death, to how Deimos had saved him. Ace being shocked and angry, fainted and fell into Deimos' arms. He soon awoke at Camp Half-Blood, with Deimos at his side. He explained that he would be safe at the camp, gave him a crossbow, and vanished.

Ace stayed at the camp up to age nineteen, he had only went on one quest and when he did, he had bumped into Aphrodite and Ares in a restaurant. Aphrodite had been pleasant and caring towards him, but Ares knew that he was the child of his son, and Ace also knew that Ares was the one who killed his mother and great grandmother. Ace tired not to loose his temper, but his anger had got the best of him, and he quickly began yelling at Ares. His quest mates dragged him out of the restaurant and they carried on.

When Ace returned to Camp Half-Blood, he found out about the Broken Covenant. Despite having strong connections with to three of the Greek gods, those three being Phobos, Deimos, and Aphrodite. He sought out the base of the Broken Covenant, and when he found it. Then Aphrodite and Deimos appeared before him, Aphrodite, being the most curtious of the two, hoped him the best of luck in his future and told him that Phobos was proud of what he has become. Deimos being mildly disappointed gave him a hug and said he would always watch over him, he then put the curse that had once saved Ace many times, back upon him, for him to be protected by accidents. Deimos soon vanished, with Aphrodite soon following, and Ace walked into the base of the Broken Covenant.

I may have defied death, but the effects are ever lasting, I will always feel the pain of what had happened, and will never forget those who helped me, I may have joined the dark side, but my loyalties will always stay with them. I may be weird, and a bit crazy, but they love me for me, and that is all that matters.

–Ace Varen


My life has been revolving around the gods decisions. My mothers death was one of the biggest, I hate Ares for it. I only have ever trusted three of the gods, and the rest I believe should just go rot in Tartarus, the ones I don't trust, I think are cruel, useless, and arrogant to mortals. The fact that they can not see their children afterwards is one of the many rules I dislike. I belive that they should get to visit them whenever they feel. The fact that they treat mortals with little respect, is down right wrong, and they of all people, should know we are all equal. Without everyone treating each other with respect, the world will end up, a miserable and bland life. Always being treated as if you are nothing, is nto a way to live, the gods treat us mortals and demigods as if we are disposible. If we were the immortal ones, I am sure that the gods wouldn't want us to treat them like how they treat us.

–Ace Varen

Weapon: Crossbow called Slayer





A thief believes everybody steals.

–E. W. Howe

Name: Daire Montanez

Age: 15

God Parent: Enyo

Mortal Parent: Antonio Montanez

Appearance: Daire stands 5'4", has brown eyes and brown hair with slightly blonde parts. She usually prefers to wear sunglasses and likes her hair in a pony tail sometimes, she usually dresses casual and a bit of vintage sometimes.

Personality: Daire is a bit quiet and shy when you first meet her, although once you get to know her you know the hyper, friendly, crazy, cheeky and dishonest side of her. She can be a b*tch if people annoy or anger her, she basically hates people who are just plain annoying. Although she loves to write stories and is pretty good in creative writing, she has a wild imagination and is a bit eccentric. She can be impatient and selfish at times though, but that rarely happens. Daire loves to trick people into doing things for her and she lies almost all the time, although she enjoys sleeping and is a klutz. She also can persuade people very easily. She was been called freak, weirdo and other insults when she was younger, and she never cared about that. She can be mean, bossy, rude and sarcastic sometimes.

History: Marika was a daughter of Apollo. Born to Leyla Ariza and Apollo, Marika grew up to became a professional dancer and Spanish performer. Her mother told her that she was a half-blood at age fourteen but Marika never cared until a monster attacked her and she was taken to camp, she left when she hit the age of eighteen. She soon met Papi Lopez, one of her fellow co-workers and the two fell in love. After a few months later she became pregnant and she explained to Papi that she was a demigod. She had her first child and called her Mari, Mari loved to read and dance as a child but she injured her foot badly so she stopped dancing.

They soon had Antonio who had a love for dancing and acting. Antonio grew up and became a professional dancer and actor in Spain, everybody loved how he acted and dance. When he hit twenty-five he met Enyo in one of his acts, she was wearing a mask and a black gown. Enyo looked at him and smiled, Antonio fell in love with her immediately. He bought her flowers and anything a girl could want, but she just smiled and shook her head. A few days later Antonio asked her out and this time she agreed and they started dating.

A year later Enyo became pregnant and she stopped seeing Antonio but all she said was that she was pregnant and this meant goodbye, Antonio was angry and furious at himself thinking that she left because of him not the baby. When he found the child on his doorstep he glared at it and gave it to his older sister Mari. Mari didn't understand anything but she found a choker and a note in the basket. She read it over and over again and she remembered the last two lines "Antonio keep our child safe and sound, and name her Daire. Just remember I love you." Mari told this to Antonio but he wouldn't listen and told her to keep Daire away from him.

As young Daire grew, the only thing that could keep her company was the stories she wrote and her aunt Mari. Daire never really cared about the world and she only cared about music, books, herself and her aunt. As she turned thirteen, when she went to a supermarket with her aunt a harpy showed up. Her aunt Mari asked her to run home immediately, and Daire did what she was told. The harpy chased her until a demigod showed up and stabbed the harpy with a sword. Daire looked up and was on the floor hugging her knees, it was a boy from her school in the same class. He smiled at her and helped her up and told her his name was Christian Sanchez and explained she was a demigod and why the monster was chasing her.

A few minutes later Mari showed up and hugged Daire, Christian also explained to Mari a bit more about how Daire was a demigod and that he was a son of Psyche. Mari asked why he knew a lot and Christian told her he was a demigod himself a son of Psyche. Just a few weeks later the two became close friends and they talked about their parents and when Christian asked if she hated her mother and Daire nodded and asked him the same thing. Christian nodded too. When she turned fourteen monsters started to stalk her even more and she started to get freaked out. She told Christian about what happened and he told her that everything would be alright.

Daire fell head over heels in love with Christian, she knew he was the perfect guy but she was imperfection. Christian was just a best friend and be would always just be a best friend, he always helped Daire with her troubles and introduced her to other people. But a few months later she had anorexia from dancing, she thought she could never make it to a ballet academy so she practice everyday for a few hours. Daire always had that creepy voice in her head saying head she'd fail like always. She was also scared of eating and thought she'd get fat but all she did was get more and more thin.

She recovered in three months and she continued dancing. Mari soon became very sick and couldn't work, Daire went to find some part time jobs after school and at night she started to steal some fruits and vegetables in the night market. Nobody caught her and she stole the from the same shop every night, the person who ran the store was an old lady named Alyza who was slightly blind and was a child of Zeus. A few months later Alyza found Daire in the shop grabbing some of her fruits in a sack, she stared at her and blinked a few times. Daire gulped and didn't say anything, Alyza sighed and told her to explain why she was stealing her fruits and vegetables. Soon Daire started explain about her aunt and how she was sick.

Alyza told Daire that she'd give her some of the food if she worked in the shop every Saturday and Sunday, of course Daire excepted and started to work there. As time went by Mari recovered in a few months and Daire didn't want to stop working with Alyza, she told Alyza that her aunt recovered but she would still like to continue working with her but she didn't need to give her anything. Alyza smiled and nodded. When Daire went back to school she told Christian about Alyza and how she helped her. He told her the he would like to meet Alyza, Daire told him where she worked and Christian went to the shop with her. When the two arrived Alyza greeted Daire and didn't realize Christian was there.

Christian didn't speak much and only spoke to Daire not Alyza, and he asked Daire to talk what he wanted to say to Alyza. When the two had to go back Daire asked why he asked her to say everything, Christian kept silent for awhile until he said that he doesn't trust her. Daire was confused until she asked him why, he explained that he thinks that she is a demigod and that she wants to make them to like their godparents. Daire shrugged and rushed back home quickly.

A few months passed and a monster attack happened. Daire was have a nice walk in the woods until a manticore appeared, her eyes widened and she started to run as fast as she could. She bumped into a hunter and she fell over, when she stood up she continued running until she saw that the hunters killed the manticore. Daire stared at them like they were from outer space, she soon talked to Artemis and she asked Daire if she'd like to join the hunt. She didn't reply and she told them that she ask later and she ran back home.

The next week a bunch of monsters started to chase her and Christian. The two ran until the bumped into a demigod and satyr, the demigod managed to kill some of the monsters while the satyr called the grey sisters. Daire had no idea about what was happening and when the grey sisters appeared the demigod and satyr pushed Daire and Christian inside while the hurried in too. She was clearly annoyed about what happened and asked about where they were taking them, the demigod explained to her about camp while the satyr gave her a choker and explained that it could turn into twin swords. While he gave Christian a sword. When they arrived at camp there were still a few monsters, the demigod dragged Christian and Daire inside but he didn't want to go. Christian took out the sword and started fighting, the demigod soon joined in.

They managed to kill all of them. When the two went into camp, they didn't like it at all. Christian said that it was pretty weird and Daire said she hated the place, so the two ran away from camp. When they left together Daire confessed to him, Christian sighed and said that he'd like her as a best friend only. Daire was heartbroken and the two went different ways, a few days later she found out that Christian died in a plane crash since it was on the news that a few people died because of that. A few hours later Enyo appeared in front of her. Daire sighed and ignored her, Enyo tried to reason with her to go back to camp and have a nice life there. Daire still ignored her until Enyo finally managed to send her to camp. When she arrived she heard something about the Broken Covenant, as she learned more about it she wanted to join immediately. And she's currently staying there.

Weapons: Daire has a choker, that can turn into twin swords: έγκαυμα (énkav̱ma) and διάβολος (diávolos)

Faction: Civitas Popularis


I have desire to see my mother and the gods suffer, I don't think one person should have all the powers and that there should be a new era of gods. The gods don't even 'rule' properly and there should be a democracy, also there should be equality not just giving the powers to just one god. Also, who do those idiotic gods think they are? Leaving their children behind and thinking they're so powerful and almighty! Pfft, they're just a bunch of weaklings who can't rule properly. A democracy will let everyone agree and will let people vote! Oh yea my mom thinks she can appear in front of me just when I hear my first love dies and tells me I'm a demigod and not to betray her, uh excuse me who would listen to a lady who leaves you when your born and never bother to speaks to you until now.


Name: Godfrey Strauss

Age: 16

Family: Koios and Evangeline Strauss nee' Bieler


Personality: He doesn't like being bossed around, and likes to do things in isolation. After his experience being tricked by a goddess, he became the type who won't easily give in for offers. He will do anything to release the bad odor of a person's offer, in case that it may become a form of trickery. He's obstinate and tenacious on his opinions, and will shove anyone who dare stands against his ideals. He always keeps a hard face, but he's approachable, unless if he's in a bad mood.

He is not the type to patronize his enemy, nor one to celebrate in the face of victory. Despite having the idea of equality among gods, demigods and mortals alike, he has great anger on Apate, and the mere mentioning of her name sends him to rage. Due to the incident with his father, he began to have masochistic tendencies and a bit of a schizophrenic mentality. Being well-educated and an innate child of Koios, he possesses a lot of knowledge, but only shows his intelligence during times of trouble, distress and when faced with difficult problems.

Though appearing certain in his abilities, he doesn't gloat or boast them, choosing to give off a hard air of confidence in the face of battle or any kind of trouble. He will try to not waver, even if the enemy or the situation is overwhelming. This was unexpected to a young man raised inside a mansion and never went out, but it was. He will try everything from his own end to get out of trouble, even if it spells the word "risk." Despite his ideals and views, the mere mentioning of Apate's name sends him into scathing rage and even sometimes physically sick.  


We awoke one morning in September, and the world lurched on its axis.

–Jeb Bush

A child was made after the union of the love of Evangeline Bieler and Koios, Titan of the Northern Pole and Intellect. Evangeline sought shelter under the roof of her stepfamily, which treated her well ever since she was found wrapped in loincloth on a rainy Vienna night. They were over protective of her, and when they found out that she had an affair with another man despite being engaged, they became very angry at her. They treated her with disdain, and the same emotions befell on the unborn child.

The man engaged to Evangeline, who goes by the name of Leyson, forced her to kill the child and quickly have sexual activity with her instead. In return, she refused, shocked on what he said. She decided to break their engagement, and quickly ran away from their home, while keeping in mind to keep her child safe. There, she realized how much she needed Koios in her time of need, but he had to leave for mysterious reasons.

Not minding her empty-handedness during that time, she continued to run away as fast as she could. Even if he cannot hear it, Evangeline pleaded repetitively for Koios and his helping hand. As much as she was somehow angry on him for leaving them in their dark times, she still loved him.

Still in Vienna, but relatively far away from her home and Leyson, she stopped in a park named the Augarten, exhausted both physically and emotionally. Running away without anything at hand was really foolish, but it was better than being raped by a lustful ex-fiance. 

And it was better than noticing a weird-looking woman with wings and lower body of a bird. She blinked too fast her mind can't process what she's seeing. Unbeknownst to her, she was gifted with the Sight. Thinking that it was just a trick of the eye because she's tired, hungry and thirsty, she tried ignoring it. But when the woman flew a bit closer to her location, she freaked out and ran away. Fortunately, the woman—which was actually a harpy—didn't notice a crazed mortal woman running off after seeing her.

After a while of running, Evangeline bumped into a rather good-looking man. For once she thought he was Leyson, but its just a thought. Nothing else. The man asked what was wrong with her, as she looked very pale and shaky. Evangeline told him that she was tired and hungry. The man introduced himself as Jurgen Strauss and invited her to come with him to his mansion to soother her troubles. He radiated an aura of kindess and hospitality, which made her say yes immediately. At least, she can hide away from Leyson and her stepfamily's eyes for some time.

Jurgen's parents, Alexander and Barbara, happily welcomed Evangeline to their home and treated her to expensive cuisine. Coming from the lesser classes of society, she refused to eat it at first as she seemed way out of their league. The rich parents insisted for her to eat as she sure needed it. Necessity finally struck her head, and gave in. After savouring on delicious meals, they invited her to sleep for the night, in which she did so.

The next day, Alexander, Barbara and Jurgen talked about the latter's future fiancée. Immediately, they connected this topic to the woman Jurgen found in the Augarten last night Yes, she had the looks and attitude. They shrugged off the fact that she's from a lower class, as they never looked at people that way. The only thing they needed now was to know her family background, to see if her parents agree.

When they asked Evangeline of this matter, she lied that she had no family anymore, and that she was kicked out of her friend's house for staying there for too long without doing anything to help herself. They understood her fully, and asked her if she wanted to live with them as long as she likes. She felt very shy and low because of the offer, but she said yes as she had no more place to go. 

As she lived with them, she discovered that they run a very successful company that even encompasses cities and towns near Vienna. One time, after a party held by the Strauss household, Jurgen got very drunk. Evangeline brought him to his bed and looked after him, as his parents were still at the party. They slept together unexpectedly, and after a few days, they thought Jurgen made her pregnant.

Over the next few days, she experienced symptoms similar to morning sickness, but was actually out of fatigue (the baby inside her womb was just one month). When they found out about this, they made preparations at rapid speed. Alexander and Barbara said that the future heir of the company will come, and they engaged the two of them quickly. At first, Evangeline didn't have any feelings for Jurgen, but eventually fell for him during those times. Finally, they were married, and the baby was already six months old.

A few months, when the child—who was named Godfrey—was born, unfortunate incidents happened. Alexander experienced severe heart attack and died a week later due to heart failure. On the other hand, Barbara was shot several times by a member of the Strauss family's rival company, who grew extremely envious of their success. While doing this, the killer's apprentice made a snuff movie of it to scare and threaten the family members and employees alike.

The killer was smart. When he came back a fortnight after the murder, he silently entered Evangeline's room and pressed her fingers on the disc (the culprit was wearing layers of anti-smudging gloves), to make them believe that she made the snuff movie. This was to create chaos within the family household, and make them fall apart. In greater extents, to bring the company down due to bad reputation. When Jurgen found out of the snuff movie and Evangeline holding it, he accused her of killing his mother. When Evangeline wanted proof and tested the disc to forensics, they found her fingerprints in it. 

When they went home after that, Jurgen and Evangeline got into a heated argument. She tried proving her innocence, but her husband couldn't believe what she had done. He immediately imprisoned her, and had total control on Godfrey's life. He "excommunicated" and divorced his wife out of anger of "what she did". And so, Evangeline suffered in prison, wrongly accused and extremely sad. Losing all hope that things will be back to normal, she committed suicide by grabbing a police's gun and shooting herself.

As Godfrey grew up, Jurgen, as the new head of the company, hid all matters and facts about his mother. He lied that she died while giving birth to him. His anger on Evangeline was passed on to his stepson, and he became severely controlling on him. He became so strict on him that Godfrey never knew freedom. He never had friends nor classmaters, as he was taught at home. Yeah, he grew up smart (being a child of Koios), but he grew up lonely and leashed. 

Truth be told, he never knew what's in store for him, as his life made a giant turn for the worse when he reached the young age of fourteen. He began to to grow ill and sick for unknown reasons. Nobody found out the cause of his sickness, but when everything was about to turn for the worse, Jurgen stepped in the matter and told him he knows the cause and the cure for his sickness.

He brought him to a dark room at the mansion's basement. Godfrey wondered why his "father" would bring him to such place to cure him; but once he says it, he has to obey, not matter what it is.

Upon reaching the room, Jurgen lunged at him and easily strapped his hands and feet to metal cuffs, which were attached to a metal plate resembling a bed. He resisted, but the cuffs were too tight to even budge. Jurgen, on the other hand, went for a worn-out cabinet and pulled out a weird-looking rod.

He began to explain in a rather mad voice, "You… That incredible and dangerous power inside of you is too much for your body to take. That’s why you have gone ill. You are a demigod, Godfrey. You are. I can sense it with my magic. I, a son of Hecate, can use magic to cure you. This will be quick and thorough, but a bit painful. All the same, it’s for your own good, yes?"

Actually, this was in Jurgen's checklist. He wanted to get rid of him because of Evangeline. He feared that, since Evangeline was "bad" (which was actually not), their child (which was not even his child to begin with) would also be bad. Right when he was born, he sensed the power of a demigod running within him. What he meant by curing him is to suck his powers out of him and transfer it to him.

Now, you're maybe wondering why he hasn't got a monster attack yet. Well, he did. Actually, his father saved him from some hellhounds when he was thirteen, and casted a forgetting spell on him (similar to Obliviate). This is to ensure that he doesn't go ranting about seeing scary-looking dogs trying to bite his limbs off. And, this is to ensure that it is Jurgen who will get his hands on him, not those silly monsters. How selfish. Going back...

All the way, Godfrey was confused. Me? A demigod? Hecate? Magic? What are all those? Did he mention using magic to cure me? He opened his mouth to protest, but he was shocked that nothing came out. Yes, he was feeling terrible fear he couldn't speak. Vincent used the opportunity to start the operation.

Using a dark magic spell that drains the power of a demigod, he "cures" him. With a dark purple bolt emanating from the rod, he began to scream and struggle. It was painful as hell. He didn't felt any pain like this before. It was so painful he wished he died. However, during the process, his magic backfired. An overwhelming flash of purple light bathed the room. In a matter of seconds, the backfired magic power destroys Jurgen's body, killing him for good. As for the guinea pig, his mind was shattered by a third. He was still sane, but never the same. The magic power within him remained, but the magic power from Jurgen's spell caused him to be masochistic, and a bit schizophrenic.

Upon realizing that he now had the freedom he never had before, he ran away from the mansion and started to live out his life alone. As he walked by on the streets of Vienna, he began to become unable to make decisions, have the inability to be independent and have a conflict of intellect after being free from his father's grasp. He never knew the outside world, which made him socially and mentally weak.

After a few days, after treating himself to some food using the remaining money he had, hellhounds appeared right in front of him. He didn't know what to do, and didn't have anything to think about. But that's when a certain woman arrived and drove the monsters away. The woman introduced herself as Apate, the goddess of deceit and trickery. From there, she explained the Greek world, his true identity as a demigod and that she saw his past and current situation. 

Using her powers of deceit, she tricked him. She told him that she will give him what he needed most, what he needed for his life and what he really wanted to face the world. What's worse is that she told him the truth about his mother, Evangeline. She told him that she was an attentive audience to her lifestory. Godfrey listened intently to her as she unravelled his mother's story:

You were still inside your mother's womb when her stepfamily knew about her pregnancy to you. Leyson, her fiance was angered to know she'd got into an affair with your real father. He is as lustful as an incubus and has murderous intentions as the Phonoi. He wanted you to be killed. He wanted sexual advances to your mother. Because of these attempts, your mother fled from the place she called "home". It is because of that man that you have to experience the pain dealt by your stepfather, Jurgen Strauss. HE sent your mother to prison for doing something she never did. If it wasn't for the man engaged to her and his intentions, you wouldn't suffer like this. Do you want revenge, my dear? Do you want him to pay for his debts to you and your mother?

Blinded by his desire to destroy his weaknesses and to have revenge to Leyson, he agreed to the goddess' offer. Triggering the trap, she put him to a deep sleep using a sleeping perfume given to her by Hypnos, and put him under her treacherous control.

For two years, he was puppeted by Apate. She played with his mind for those two years. He would eagerly steal from others, use fraudulence as much as possible, and even caused physical trouble when he comes along the way. She twisted his thoughts, making him believe that it is his own doing. Yes, Apate rooted out his weakness and used it to her own advantage. All of this was just her warm-up for him. To make sure that her plan wasn't wrecked, all monsters that tried to get after Godfrey were tricked by her to go the opposite way.

For her main event on Godfrey, she finally led him to the place where his reeking vengeance was attracted to like a magnet. She kept him busy for those two years, just to ripen his age a little more for something he never expected. And of course, those two years of dirty work kept the goddess entertained and wanted to play with him more. But in the end, she has to fulfill her promise to him somehow... While keeping the word "trickery" intact.

One quiet night, Apate pulled Godfrey's strings, and led him to Leyson's house, which was a house about thrice smaller than his former home. Leyson was rich like Jurgen and his family, but to a lesser extent. At that time, he had a knife with him, which he stole from a butcher. He was as slick as fox. He entered the house effortlessly and sneaked into his room. Filled with great vengeance, he raised a dagger and similar chants began to play:

Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her mother forty whacks; when she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one.

For Leyson's case, he only gave him forty stabs. From there he felt as if a giant thorn was taken off his chest. Revenge is sweet. However, that was the time where Apate cut off the strings, and that's when Godfrey realized what he had done. Blood was all over him. He was holding a bloody knife. In front of him was a bloody body and a bloody bed. Under him was bloody floor. Before he have gone nearly crazy, Apate said her parting words,

This is what you wanted, my dear. I may not be Nemesis, but you have done well, my little puppet. You have sought the revenge you seek for ever so long. You should thank me for leading you all the way here. And what is more? You are now stronger than before, not the frail Godfrey jailed in a mansion for all those years. This is my gift for you, dear demigod. From now, you have things your way. Do what you want with your life. But before I leave your life, I give this little token of appreciation and pride.

The room's door closed shut. His consciousness began to fade, and he fell on the bloody floor, with a ship's ticket poking out of his pocket.

Around seven in the morning, he woke up, and all at once, it all struck him. The blood all over the room was congealing already, and a heavy foul smell whiffed from Leyson's pale corpse. He quickly got up and went for the door, but he realized that the other residents of the house may find him. He went for the window and smashed it open. He went out of the window and climbed down a pipe, while receiving some cuts from the broken window glass. He went for his pocket to find a money to get out of the city and found a ship's ticket instead.

He tried his best to not be noticed, but his clothes were covered in blood all over. Fear and anger both surged within him. With Apate's parting words he realized he was tricked. He was blinded by his weakness. He never wanted to kill in the first place. He just wanted to... No, that was Apate's trick. If he wasn't that weak he wouldn't have fallen for such trickery. She even had the nerve to give him a ticket out of his living hell. But he had to take advantage of her "gift". But, Austria is landlocked. Great, he's been tricked again. For once he thought the ticket was his hope out of here, but it only made him long for that certain exit greater. Damn goddess.

An idea came to his mind, but it was rather hard to do: sneaking in an airplane. He eventually threw the idea off, and brainstormed for ideas that may help him. Time passed and nothing came into his mind. He had to use his last resort. He had to come back to his home and get his passport and some money, while not being noticed. He doesn't have an idea on what happened now to the mansion ever since his stepfather's dead. He has to do whatever it takes to get out of this place of tragedy. He mustered up his courage and wits and rushed for the mansion.

He was shocked when he found out what happened. The mansion was now abandoned. The gates were closed to a tight lock. No people roamed the once fresh and lush gardens at the porch. No signs of anything or anyone. The company and family must have crashed, for no one managed it the past two years. It was the perfect opportunity. He climbed the elaborate rusty gates, and entered the backdoor, which for some reason wasn't locked like the others he checked. He quickly went for his room, and surprisingly, he found his passport there, untouched. Even some of his clothes were still in his wardrobe, as if the people in the mansion still hoped for him to come back. Euros also were also found at his room, which was enough for one flight to any place in the world. He quickly changed clothes and rushed for the airport.

While choosing the place he wanted to go, he decided to choose a place far from Europe, as the essence of Austria lingered, according to him. Finally, he chose New York, and rode the airplane going there. He felt relief for the first time in years, but the great anger within him still churned. Outside the plane, something unpleasant moved. Something creaked. At first he didn't mind it and slept in the ride.

About seven miles away from New York, the unpleasant movements and creaking grew worse. And a few minutes later, something popped, and the heavy screech of metal can be heard. The plane began to make disturbing whirring sounds; it began to rock like a chair, only sideways. Everyone began to panic, but Godfrey kept himself asleep. A few minutes passed, and the pilot announced that there was multiple mechanical failure at the plane's parts. Airplane bags popped out of the seatbelts of seats, and the passengers quickly held onto it, breathing heavily and nervously. Everything happened so fast.

At last, the plane plummeted to the waters, making its parts go apart. Most of the passengers lived as the impact wasn't that strong; however, Godfrey, who had now lost consciousness completely, had drifted off the plane crash site, with a big piece of wood from the plane's luggage compartment (construction materials) supporting him. He floated mindlessly, not knowing where will he end up.  

He woke up at the shore near Long Island Sound, with a girl having ginger hair standing beside him. The girl revealed herself to be Cecilia Levine, daughter of Phlegethon and lieutenant of the Broken Covenant. She was on her way back to the Sanctuary after killing the Athena's Cabin's head counselor, Troy Johnson, by slitting his throat. She asked if he was interested in joining the Broken Covenant, but what only he replied was confusion. Cecilia sighed and explained things to him. That's when the thought of Apate's trickery on him and Jurgen's hocus pocus on him. He has enough reason to join the said organization, and agreed. She nodded and took him with her to the Sanctuary.

From then on, he led the life of a demigod of the Broken Covenant, swearing that he will do anything to make the gods pay while keeping himself sane, and make everything in his life equal again. When he arrives at the Sanctuary, his power, which Jurgen had described as "incredible" and "dangerous" began to resurface. Every now and then his powers go haywire, making him suffer for short periods of time. He had to seek isolation everytime he experiences this and endure it while having two separate opinions on how he looks at it: 1.) a congenital punishment and 2.) a way to make himself stronger.

Weapons: He wields four celestial bronze daggers that can turn into keys when not in use. They are attached to his belt with a keyring. When lost, the daggers revert back to its key form and goes back to him in a few minutes. By applying his powers as a son of Koios, he can use magnetism to control all daggers at the same time and attack with these simultaneously. He can also use it in ones or twos in melee combat, and as throwing weapons.


You know, I never knew I was the son of some ignorant Titan father. I never knew I was raised by a demigod stepfather right until he revealed my identity during his final hour and my supposed doom. It seems that his mother, this so-called Hecate the goddess of magic, has power given to her children that was rather uncontested by the likes of me. I mean, she ignored her own son and let him use magic that could have destroyed my life and very so myself. As much as I would like to call her naive, what do I call myself during those times? I was naive myself, my judgment controlled by my stepfather. I never stood up for myself, nor let my eyes see the truth of my mother's sufferings even before I was born. My ignorant Titan father never even helped out my mother to even at least a single bit. How f*cked up was that? And here comes the worst part: all these were used against me by that wretched goddess. I was again self-deemed naive. I was too open to my weakness that she used me to do things I never even wanted with my freedom right after my father's death. She even led me to commit a bloody crime. Do all of these happen to stray demigods like me? I wished there was a sliver of hope for the likes of me and those who can relate to me. These gods, and the others, are they like this? Blinded by power that everything has become immoral, unequal and unbalanced? Was there any justice between us? Joining this faction is the righteous one for me; as much as I want to smack all those gods in the face for everything not only me but everyone else had gone through, I can't. We can lead a force to bring them down off their silly thrones, but that would be like replying unfairness with unfairness itself. We'll all just look like jerks in the end. I'd say stop superiority and inferiority. Its time to put everything to a complete balance. Drastic changes are needed to change the pace of this world infested with inequality and with everyone working together to form some sort of democratic rule, we can all have better lives. Its time to change these serious shit, and I'm game. That's it.

–Godfrey Strauss


Name: WIP


  • Psyche (mother)
  • ______ (father)
  • ______ (stepmother)

Appearance: WIP

Personality: WIP




MuchAdo (done in a day so slight formatting mistakes may be made.)

"I don't know what's right and what's real anymore

And I don't know how I'm meant to feel anymore

And when do you think it will all become clear

Cuz' I'm being taken over by the Fear"

-The Fear, Lily Allen

Name: Alix Tessa

Age: Fourteen

Gender: Intersex  (raised as male therefore the male pronoun “he" shall be used.)

Family: Hermaphroditus and Christine Tessa

History: When Hermaphroditus was transformed from a handsome masculine man to an androgynous fusion with the jealous naiad Salmacis he made two prayers to the gods which would become instrumental in Alix’s life.

One, that all those who bathed in Salmacis’ pool should suffer the same fate as him, the second was a secret prayer to Aphrodite, where he asked her to ensure that he would never fall in love or willingly have children so that they wouldn’t have to suffer the embarrassment of having him as a father. In return he would serve as the god of bisexuality, effeminacy and become another fertility god like Aphrodite to cater for the growing rate of women who prayed for fertility. For many years both of these deals were kept by the gods and during times of great death such as WWII Hermaphroditus would prove  invaluable in restoring the earth’s population. However as society developed and family size dropped accordingly, there was much less demand for his needs and he started to neglect his pre-ordained duties.

Instead, he spent his time in the mortal world  with those who did not adhere to the gender binary society had established . For a while he was happy, finding companionship and solace among those whose hearts and minds differed from their physical bodies. However this did not last long, Herm, as he was known there soon realised the discrimination these people faced every day and after witnessing a sickening transphobic murder of one of a friend in Turkey he fell into a deep depression, believing that he served no purpose in the world.

He locked himself away with the intention of fading away from the world much like Pan, but this did not happen. Instead Aphrodite herself, saddened by the decline of her son convinced him to take one last trip with her to say goodbye to the gods at Mount Olympus. Before meeting the council she deliberately led him to a bar where Christine Tessa was waiting. Christine was an ambitious lawyer who had recently undergone surgery after hormone therapy to become female, yet she was still unable to bear children of her own. Aphrodite took pity on her and had decided to set the pair up. Thanks to her love magic they immediately hit it off and started dating. Although Hermaphroditus was reluctant at first his mother’s magic proved too strong and he eventually succumbed, fathering a child by Christine. Due to Hermaphroditus' extraordinary fertility magic, Christine developed a womb and was able to conceive a child, defying science and logic.

As no human doctor could deliver the baby due to the perceived biological “impossibility” Aphrodite asked Hypnos to put her into a state of anaesthesia for the birth. As Alix was born, a healthy baby boy Aphrodite’s spell wore off and Hermaphroditus realised that he had broken his vow. He pleaded with his father Hermes to drown the newborn in Salmacis’ pool to erase this reminder of his mother’s trickery before Aphrodite and the other gods found out.

Hermes did as ordered, taking Alix to the pool which as located in Yellowstone Park, attempting to drown the infant. A local nymph was alerted by the babies’ cries and prayed to the gods; suddenly Zephyrus swept the baby away and into his mother’s arms as she woke up from Hypnos’ spell. But Alix hadn’t escaped without injury, the waters of Salmacis’ pool transformed his body so that he was intersex like his father had prayed for years before.

Oblivious to all of this Christine woke up to find her baby in her arms with a note which read:

I'm sorry the father disappeared, but I must tell you that your child is different, special. He is biologically of neither gender and his father is a god, Hermaphroditus. One day I believe his father will come around but he must be protected until then. –Aphrodite

Astounded by the fact that she’d just carried a baby to term and barely remembered anything about the pregnancy or birth she didn’t question it and decided to raise him as a boy until he was old enough to decide his own identity if he wished to change his gender. He lived a relatively normal life as a baby, living in a rich neighbourhood in Queens. However this was soon to change, the first foreshadowing of events came when he was three. A communication nymph sent by Hermes himself followed Alix’s unique scent and tried to steal him away. Fortunately Christine entered the room just in time to find her son alone with the window open, unaware that he had just driven the nymph to frantically look for a mate with his latent abilities. Remembering Aphrodite’s note she set about protecting him actively from that day forth, hiring an armed bodyguard to protect him. Though this would not protect him from immortal pursuers, the bodyguard spent enough time that his scent started to mask the boys. Alix lived a pretty solitary life, often with only a bodyguard or nanny for company. At the age of seven he was sent to private school and was regarded as a freak since he displayed behaviour that wasn’t “normal” for a boy such as playing with dolls. These problems only got worse with puberty, the other children began to change where Alix didn’t and personally identified as neither a girl, nor a boy. The school eventually heard of this and urged Christine to send him to a psychologist, she decided not to tell him about his parentage and instead do as urged. As she guessed from her own experiences as a transwoman he was diagnosed with body and gender dysmorphia alongside borderline ADHD and dyslexia. Although he didn’t identify  as a particular gender despite his upbringing as a boy he eventually succumbed to peer pressure and began hormone therapy to start his transition into a male before having surgery. However the hormones seemed to have no effect which baffled doctors and upset Alix.

Because of this his insecurities became worse, aided by messages sent by Hermes who blamed him for Hermaphroditus’ depressive state. One day he actually managed to turn into the boy he’d always dreamed off during a depressive state, only to change back before his eyes. For him that was the final straw, he packed his bags and climbed away before anybody had chance to notice he was gone.

For 5 months he lived on the streets, portraying himself as a sullen young man who had just escaped an alcoholic father to fit in with a band of young street urchins, lead by the charming Marcus Swift. Together they survived by stealing, begging and scrounging what they could. As Alix’s control of his powers evolved he learnt how to evade capture by the police and monsters attracted to his scent through his ability to drastically alter his appearance and gender. Finding Alix at that time would have been like finding a needle in a haystack. Eventually this time of his life came to an end, as a satyr disguised as a store detective caught him red handed as he raided Macy’s department store once again, his birthday had passed by then so he was fourteen.

After being literally dragged to Camp Half Blood his parentage was explained to him by the camp directors and father reluctantly claimed him. After a night in the Big House he was assigned to stay in the Hermes’ cabin for the time being as there was not a cabin for Hermaphroditus’ children. As he went to open the door to the Hermes cabin the handles suddenly transformed into a cadceus , the snakes constricting his arm as Hermes  furiously sent images of his previous attempt to drown Alix and the declining fortunes of his mother who had bankrupted herself by searching for him. A son of Hermes found him lying on the ground and carried him back to his room in the Big House while the camp directors attempted to find out what happened.

The son of Hermes turned out to be none other than Marcus Swift who had led that band of street urchins in New York before discovering camp. The pair talked, albeit awkwardly, and Alix confided that he felt like a freak at camp. Marcus who was estranged from his father (may create Marcus later) told him rumours of a place that was planning to overthrow the gods among certain gods called the Broken Covenant, showing him what appeared to be a map to their headquarters that he stole from the director’s desk.  Alix was entranced by this information, believeing that the Broken Covenant held the key to creating a new world, a democracy where everybody even gods were subject to the same law. The pair promptly snuck out of camp during the middle of the night, just as Zephyrus and Aphrodite told the directors of Hermes’ and Hermaphroditus’ attempt to kill Alix fourteen years ago. They eventually found their way to camp, thanks to Marcus’ born ability to navigate and arrived at Civitas Popularis, where they were quickly accepted as family due to Alix’s potential (explained in likely role in BC)

Reason he joined the BC:

I'm not like these people; I don’t wield great or instrumental power. I cannot form great armies or fight them. All I am is a freak. Much as I hate him Hermes had the right idea to get rid of me, I’m a disgrace to my father and the undoing of my mother. But I have to join them, to redeem myself for the sins I’ve caused simply by being born, one day the earth, the sky and the underworld shall be ruled by them and a great democracy shall be forged. Gods like my father will be held accountable for their sins and people like me will be finally be accepted. Becoming part of this great organisation is more than I deserve but I pledge myself to thee, Heinrich Alden and I pledge that my mind will become as sharp as any sword. All I want to do is become like you, even if it takes me years of study I will become normal and prove myself worthy of Civitas Popularis’ name. –Alix Tessa."

Likely role in the BC: He is more of an observer or thief than an actual fighter, his powers tailored more towards espionage than direct warfare. However Alix’s powers could potentially be far more valuable to Heinrich Alten, as the sole child of Hermaphroditus he could be an extremely powerful boost to an individuals’ fertility, his ability to detect the fertility of an individual could be the key to breeding an army of demigods or descendents of Heinrich himself, using the most "fertile" candidates as mates. We cannot guess Heinrich’s own motives however he may see a lot of his own alienation in Alix which could potentially be manipulated for his own wicked gains.

Appearance:  The standard appearance that Alix assumes is that of an androgynous young person with downcast eyes. As he does not wish to be the centre of attention he wears dull colours to blend in and therefore looks sullen. His features are slender and he is a bit taller than most children his age at 5’6and weighing in at 120kg, his appearance alltered so that he can easily pass for seventeen at a pinch. His fair complexion creates a stark contrast with the rest of his colouring. But this appearance always changes as he pursues perfection, often dying his hair blonde or making himself seem younger or older to no avail.

Personality: Alix is a solitary individual and a trained mimic who often copies what he perceives to be the ideal behaviour of both genders. When masquerading as a man Alix appears to be a sullen young man whereas when he is in a female form he acts more stereotypically sweet and feminine, like the girl next door. The fact that Alix identifies as both yet is neither of these things leads to him being a confused and solitary soul who struggles to make friends. His deadly sin is envy as he can see beauty in all shapes and sizes yet when he looks in the mirror all he sees is an ugly freak that shouldn’t exist. People who he is especially envious of, or anger him by mentioning Hermes or mixing up his gender at the time can incur his wrath. Instead of socialising he puts his efforts into training and sharpening his body and mind so that one day he can prove to himself that he is good enough, which due to his body and gender dysmorphia is probably a self-defeating prophecy, in short nothing will ever be good enough. Inside he is a good person who is merely the victim of bad fortune, a socialist he believes in the democratic agenda displayed by Civitas Popularis wholly and dedicates all he can to it. His biggest desires are to finally accept himself for who he is and to one day meet his father and seek retribution for the evils his father and Hermes have placed on him throughout his life.

The blade of this knife is made from tempered steel to lessen the impact of any accidental injuries while training. The detail on the knife reflects Alix's preoccupation with appearances.

Weapons: Alix does not yet possess to aptitude to carry or utilize a weapon effectively save his powers as he has always been more about evading an enemy than confronting them directly. For him the sharpest weapon is his own mind, and he believes that by focusing his efforts into training he may develop his talents to the excellence displayed by his idol Heinrich. If he were to battle he would likely improvise with the terrain and people surrounding him, to supplement this the trainers at Civitas Popularis are putting him through a strict regimen of stealth and survival training. A lot of effort is currently being put into training him to use concealable weapons such as a blade that could be hidden under his clothing or a ballistic knife. These allow him to have the advantage of mobility and still let him blend into a crowd without causing mass panic. It is believed that once he has completed his training a celestial bronze knife may be created which transform sinto a hairpin and by clicking the side of the knife in its' hairpin form one can also fire it like a ballistic knife as well as use it like a standard issue weapon. However worries are that he will use the knife more often than not to check his appearance once he has transformed, instead of its' intended purpose but we will have to wait and see.

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