Name: Eddie Bennett

Age: 16

Godparent: Zelus

Mortal Parent: Kayla Brock

Model Name: Vince Sant

Weapons A Celestial Bronze Longsword

Eddie is normally very angry and antisocial. Most people annoy him very easily. Due to his nature as a child of Zelus. He is very prideful, always wanting to be superior to everyone. And getting very competitive and envious when someone beats him. He takes any sort of competition seriously. Due to what happened, he deeply hates Riley. Using him as a scapegoat for his guilt.

Kayla and Kylie Brock were 20 year old twins who lived in Lexington,Kentucky. The twins were very competitive and considered many people as rivals, including eachother. One day Kylie's competitive ways had attracted Zelus. The two had dated for about 2 weeks. One night Zelus was invited to Kylie's house while Kayla was out. Just as the two were about to consummate their relationship, Kayla had walked in on them. Once she did Kylie had yelled at her sister and argued with her. Causing Zelus to leave the house. But the next day, he had called Kylie again. They tried to resume their relationship. But Kayla had become taken with Zelus. She was also jealous and competitive of her sister. The Brock sisters had fought over Zelus' affections for about a week. In the end, Zelus had chosen Kayla. The two had a very passionate one night stand. Of course Zelus had left her. After a month Kayla discovered she was pregnant. Since she didn't want to raise Zelus' child. She gave birth to the baby boy, named him Eddie and left him at the local foster home. Where he stayed there for about 2 years

A few miles off, there was a local sheepfarm. The owners were a married couple, both were about 30. Their names we're John and Cait Bennett. But they were both secretly demigods. John being a son of Aristaeus, which granted him skill with the sheep. While Cait was a daughter of Demeter. Who made the leaves nice and plentiful for the sheep and sold some fresh produce on the side. Mr and Mrs. Bennett had a satyr friend named Marty who lived nearby in a small forest. He sniffed out monster for them in exchange for keeping him fed with fresh fruit. Marty had sensed Eddie at the foster home, along with another demigod. He let John and Cait know about them. And since they could'nt have their own kids due to physical complications. They decided to adopt them both. Marty led them to the foster home where they found Eddie who was a young 2 year old boy. The other demigod Marty sensed was a newborn baby named Riley. The lovely couple had adopted both boys. Of course it was far too soon for them to know Eddie and Riley's godparents.

Riley and Eddie grew up happily on the farm. They helped take care of the sheep. Attended a nearby school. Riley and Eddie knew they were adopted. But still considered themselves brothers and never seemed to worry about who their birth parents were. Their parents decided it was time to tell them the truth. Mr and Mrs. Bennett explained how the greek gods were real and that the whole family were demigods. Riley asked who he and Eddie's godparents were. Mr.Bennett merely replied "only time will tell son" So for the next few years. Riley and Eddie began their demigod training. Learning how to fend off monsters on their own. But as they grew. The sheep started to become very loyal to Riley like they were with Mr. Bennett. And also like him, Riley grew a taste for honey and other sweet things and whenever a sheep went missing, Riley was always the first to find it. The Bennett's had realized Riley was also a son of Aristaeus. While Eddie on the other hand, was an accomphished basketball star at school. He was very strong willed and competitive. Taking winning very seriously. At first, they thought Eddie was a child of Nike. But that was simply not the case. Eddie was also very envious. He easily got jealous of others. He also had an aura of superiority and taunt. Marty had noticed how other kids at school were jealous of him. So he figured out that Eddie was truly a son of Zelus.

But one thing, Marty did not notice was Eddie's jealousy. Eddie was jealous of Riley, because of how their parents seemed to favor him over Eddie. As a true child of Zelus, this was quite a problem for him. So one day when Eddie was 16 and Riley was 14. Eddie had a plan. There was a Hydra Marty had sensed a few hours ago. He told Mr and Mrs. Bennett about it who then told Eddie. Eddie was supposed to tell Riley about it. But he had other plans. He told Riley there was a sheep that had gone missing outside. So Riley ran out to get it. Eddie had planned for the Hydra to kill and eat Riley. But when Riley was attacked by the Hydra. He had managed to outrun it. He quickly ran back into the barn house where Eddie and Mr. Bennett were shaving sheep for wool. But the Hydra had followed Riley's scent and attacked all 3 of them. Mr.Bennett quickly led his sons into battle. But Eddie was still jealous of Riley. So he foolishly tried to lead the charge and quickly started attacking the Hydra. Much to Mr. Bennett's dismay. As one of it's heads tried to bite at Eddie's neck, Mr.Bennett pushed him out of the way. Causing his head to get bitten off. Before the Hydra could finish off Eddie and Riley. Marty arrived and used his reed pipes to tie down the Hydra in thick vines. Marty led to the two boys to the house where Mrs. Bennett was. Riley and Eddie were angrily arguing. Riley blamed Eddie for everything. Eddie felt guilty about Mr. Bennett's death and just got more mad at Riley. But Marty was urging them to get out. But it was too late, The Hydra broke free and broke into the house. Heavily damaging it. Marty managed to get Riley out of the house before it collapsed. Marty then took the dramatized Riley away from the area. The Hydra rose from the rumble in the house and left. Marty and Riley then began their journey to camp. But Mrs. Bennett had pushed Eddie into a safe corner before she was crushed by the rumble. Eddie with his innate strength managed to dig his way out of the rumble. He knew what happened was all his fault. But the young boy merely wanted a scapegoat. Someone to blame instead of himself. He chose to hate Riley because he led the Hydra to the farm. He spend two weeks on the road. His training made it possible to defend from all monster attacks. One day he was met by 2 BC members Zeki and Leon. They saw he was a wayward spirit. Eddie knew of Camp but he didn't want to go. Since he didn't exactly care for the gods wondering "what did the gods ever do for me?" and still hated Riley. They told him of the BC, an army sworn to bringing down the gods. Eddie accepted their invitation. He joined Leon's faction, Veritum Unitum.

But Zelus had cursed Riley for leaving Eddie for dead. Aristaeus was of course angered by this and wanted revenge. So instead of going to Zelus himself, he found Eddie and poisoned him with honey. Honey that would slowly damage Eddie's mind

At first Eddie didn't care for the gods. Wondering what did they ever do for him. But after Aristaeus had poisoned him. He realized something, he realized that the gods merely used children as their pawns for battle. Not caring about their will being or anything. Driving his hatred for the gods. He wants them out of power and for no one to replace them.


Name: Tyler "Ty" Keller

Age: Never ages (18)

Gender: Male



  • Godparent: Delphin
  • Mortal Parent: Amity Keller
  • Twin Brother: David Keller
  • Half-Sister: Cleo Keller

Personality: Tyler is normally very kind and goofy. Normally going as far as making friends everywhere he goes. He is not like most Broken Covenant members, as most may be bitter towards the gods, he is not, except for a select few. He is nice and doesn't like to see others pain. He is open to any new changes and tasks. Whether or not it turns out good or bad for him, he doesn't really care. He will approach new things with an open mind and in doing so he gives everything a fair and equal chance. He is very curious and can also be over protective of most things. Tyler often corrects people that his name is no longer Tyler, but instead Ty. As he feels it represents his past he would much rather forget. Most of his actions are based on what he thinks is not only better for him, but also for his mother or family. He is cautious around new people as he has been almost raped by a nymph, and it is hard to gain his trust.

History: Amity Keller, was once a beautiful young bachelorette in the year of 1995. She lived in up town New York with her best friend Victoria Mark. When Victoria had gotten tickets to an expensive cruise, she immediately asked Amity if she would care to join her. She happily accepted the offer and within a few days the two girls were on a luxurious cruise. There room was lush with exotic plants, and the air smelled like ocean breeze. Amity was content with her decision in joining Victoria, until there was a storm, setting them off course.

When sailing off course, they went into the Mediterranean, where Amity had caught the attention of both Delphin and Triton. With the constant arguments between the two, Poseidon told them both that which ever one Amity showed interest in first, would get to see her. As the arguments began to decrease Poseidon carried on his duties. Soon Triton took the form of a young business man. Amity and Victoria were at the bar when Victoria said she was going to go back into the room. She soon left leaving Amity at the bar. Triton soon came in and the two began talking to each other. While talking, they had a bit to many drinks leaving both tipsy.

Triton who was not as drunk as Amity, was planning on taking advantage of her. They wondered into his cruise suite and Trion began kissing her passionately. Amity being disgusted with his behavior ran out of the room in tears, where she soon bumped into Delphin. He felt bad that Triton would attempt to take advantage of her, so he was her shoulder to cry on. Not soon after the two began to date. Delphin respecting that she did not want to have a sexual beginning to the relationship. But as time went on and the cruise was coming to an end, they agreed now was the best time.

Four months had passed after the cruise and Amity had discovered she was pregnant. After Victoria generously took her to the hospital, she was surprised to find out, not only was she carrying a baby, but she was carrying twins. She was overjoyed with the fact that she would soon become a mother that she moved out of her penthouse, and bought a small apartment more appropriate for a family of three. She had quit her job as a waitress and got a job as a lawyer, already having a degree in law. When the nine months of her pregnancy had come, she had given birth to two adorable baby boys. Who she had named Tyler and David.

Tyler and David grew up always at each others throats. Either play fighting or real fighting. By the time they turned four they had broken more lamps than they could count. Although still always at each others throats, they would always be seen together, whether it be fighting, or just playing, the two were always together. They had very distinct difference in personality though. Tyler having a more energetic and fun loving side, while David was more fierce and angry. There personalities began to separate the older they got.

At the age of four Amity got married to a wealthy young business man named Trevor Anthony. Tyler and David, being young at the time, could not tell he really wasn't there father. They treated him like he was and loved him just as much as Amity. A year had passed and the marriage had began to go south. They two bickered almost every morning and night. After a month they had gotten a divorce, leaving Tyler upset, while David moved on quickly. Two years later and the Tyler had joined his schools swim team. Although because he was only seven, he was not allowed to compete. He would stay in the shallow ends and was quickly advancing in ranks, and by the time he had turned eight, he had surpassed the speed of all the other children in his rank. Always coming out with a win in the practice heats.

Two years had passed and Amity had decided to take her boys on the cruise she had met Delphin on. Hoping to possibly see him once again. But with no luck, she had not seen him. Triton seeing this as an opportunity to see Amity once again, boarded the boat in the Mediterranean. While Tyler and David were playing in the halls outside of the family's suit, when a Karkinos leaped onto the boat and began attacking the twins. Tyler jumped over the claw, but David's shorts got caught and he was soon dragged under the water. With the Karkinos killing David, Tyler watched in horror, quickly running into the empty suit, with his mother no where to be found. Soon a young man walked in and deemed himself as Triton. Amity ran in and so Triton not remembering how he had once tried to seduce her. Amity and Tyler now heartbroken that David had been killed, good hardly bare to go anywhere after the cruise was almost over. After Amity and Triton began to see each other, hoping she would soon forget about her son's death.

Triton had one rule that he wanted Amity to agree to; she had to put Tyler up for adoption. She agreed and Tyler went to live with his grandmother in New York. After a year of Tyler living with his grand parents Amity took Tyler back in, and to his surprise he had a new sister named Cleo. But not soon after the family was back together, Amity died in a car crash, and with his grandmother passing away of old age, Tyler and Cleo were sent to live with some relatives in the Dominican, where they had owned a five star resort.

Tyler now at the age of thirteen was untouched by monsters since the cruise ship. With devastation seeming to follow him, a tsunami flooded the area. With Tyler and Cleo being children of Delphin and Triton respectively, they were able to breathe underwater. But the rest of their relatives drowned in the deep water. Soon after a day of trying to stay afloat. They encountered a pod of dolphins sent by Poseidon. With the siblings soon arriving at his palace, they were escorted to rooms immediately, with Poseidon explaining that they were children of Delphin and Triton. The next morning when walking into Poseidon's thrown room, he had invited them to stay at the palace for as long as they needed. Cleo wanting to leave immediately, left the palace and went to boarding school in Greece. Tyler only staying with her for a week, stayed at the palace afterwards. With him training under the sea, he felt more at home.

After a year of training, a Karkinos attacked Tyler, and with him having a celestial bronze short sword with him, he was able to maneuver his way around the monster, eventually managing to jab the monster's under belly. Poseidon witnessing Tyler's success at killing the monster, asked him if he would like to have a position training the few water deities' children that resided at the palace. Tyler accepted Poseidon's offer and soon began training the younger children of Poseidon, Delphin, Triton, and Amphitrite. Along with other sea deities children, Tyler felt like he was actually beginning to fit in. One night after some late training sessions, Delphin pulled Tyler aside and told him to leave. He had told him that staying at the palace for any longer would only cause Delphin and Tyler to become a threat, as he thought that with his son now living in the same area, that the gods may begin to worry. Tyler refused to leave and he soon went into his bedroom.

Soon Tyler began to see what the gods really were. Loud, arrogant, and power hungry. Those would be the words he would use to describe them. After years of Tyler's services and training other children of sea deities, Poseidon explained to Tyler that on his eighteenth birthday he would put a curse on him so he would never age, as a "reward". Although Tyler didn't see it as a curse, he saw it more as a wish he had dreamed of for awhile. He then went back to training. Where a group of Telekhines attacked him. Managing to kill three out of the five easily, he moved on to the next two. These two posed a much bigger threat, they were double in size, but when Tyler maneuvered around them, the large builds worked against them. They were much slower but still had a more strength then Tyler. Nearly getting killed in the process Tyler managed to jab one of them, and slash the other, killing them both.

The next morning it was Tyler's seventeenth birthday, and everyone celebrated. The only one missing was Delphin. Trying to forget about it, Tyler took some liquor and sat in his bedroom. After finishing the bottle, he ran into a servant of Poseidon who was also a little bit tipsy, escorted Tyler to bed, he quickly passed out and the nymph left the room. She bumped into Delphin in the hall and he asked her for some assistance, she agreed to it and he told her to do anything she could to get Tyler to leave the palace. She developed a plan, and soon she would set it in motion.

A year passed and Poseidon granted Tyler what he had promised. He had gotten a "curse" put upon him and he would now never age. The nymph who had helped him the year before had began to get everything ready for the plan. That night Tyler celebrated his eighteenth birthday. Where he had once again gotten drunk, and the nymphs plan had begun. She herself pretended to act drunk, while Tyler was in his room sleeping, the nymph snuck in and took of both their clothing. She layed on top of him and began to thrust down. With Tyler not knowing, he just felt an odd sensation growing. Only a minute after it started he woke up and began screaming at the top of his lungs. Pushing the nymph off him and she quickly grabbed her things and ran, he quickly got dressed and felt embarrassed and violated, but as he had not been aware at the time, he was not erect, he was relieved he was still a virgin. Tyler now feeling unsafe in the palace packed his things and went to the boarding school his sister was at, or was supposed to be at.

Soon after arriving he found out his sister had been killed, but what he didn't know was that it was by a hellhound attack. Along with Poseidon's rage soon to follow, Tyler looked for the safest place he could find, he bought a ticket to a spot he thought nobody would ever find him Blue Ridge Mountains. Upon arriving at the airport he witnessed a group of demigods going up the mountains and into a sanctuary. As the saying goes "curiosity killed the cat" and Tyler was the cat following what might be his stupid curiosity. When he arrived and pushed open a large door, he saw a large room with demigods every where. One soon welcomed him to the Broken Covenant.

After a week of staying at the sanctuary, Tyler was finally tested, passing with flying colours. With his past fuming inside him, Tyler was eager to join, so he could seek revenge. With his new found anger towards the gods he felt he belonged at the sanctuary more then he did at the palace. Soon Poseidon caught wind that it was Tyler who had nearly raped the nymph, despite it being the opposite of that. He sent two nymphs to capture him, and he was dragged back to the palace. Triton knowing the truth about what really happened spoke up, and saved Tyler from being executed. He was soon spared, and the nymph was banished from the palace. Poseidon feeling greatly sorry for what Tyler was put through, left the anti-aging curse on him despite him going against the gods and leaving. Tyler then went back to the sanctuary where he officially joined the Broken Covenant.


My father instructed a sea nymph to rape me in my sleep, did you really think I would support the gods after that? Triton made my mother abandon me just so he could prove to Delphin that he won the final battle. Whether I like it or not, the gods have pretty much ran my life, some of my bonds may be good, but the rest can all burn in the underworld. If they weren't immortal I would attempt to send them there myself. But as they are immortal, I can't do anything about it. I was used as a tool to train others, for what you may ask? But what else could it have been then to save the children's asses when it came down to battling. When it came down to it, my own father ended up wanting me to leave so much he arranged for my rape. For what reason would I have to end up liking them after such a thing? That is why I turned towards the Broken Covenant, they aided me and formed me into the one I am today.

–Tyler Keller


Name: Annaliese Paige Denim

Age: 15

Gender: Female

God Parent: Circe

Faction: Veritum Unitum

Mortal Parent: Hank Denim

Personality: Annaliese is a normal girl once you first see her. She can be sweet at times but, other times, she can be as sassy as Eris. However, something that makes her stand out, is her fascination of Blood. She is so fixated with it, that, she is said to have a fetish for Blood. Another thing that makes her stand out from the crowd, is that she sometimes does acrobatics out of no where. She enjoys things being fair, and just, and hates it when they're not. She prefers others not to know of her Blood Fixation as well, fearing that they will find her weird, and seclude her.


History: Hank Denim was a Demigod, son of Eros. He was sailing into the Sea of Monsters, in search of adventure. He managed to bypass Scylla and Charybdis but, not without difficulties. His boat had been wrecked, and he had managed to escape on a lifeboat. His right, and dominant, arm had a very deep cut in it and, there wasn't much he could do without it. After a few hours of floating, a hole in the life boat, most likely made by the two hags, became evident, as the life boat began sinking. He began to panic but, there was not much he could do without his dominant arm, so, as the lifeboat sank beneath the water's depths, he allowed the waves to take over him, welcoming the oncoming death.

Hank, however, ended up being washed a shore on a remote island. Circe's island. He was welcomed by Circe's servants, and, was taken to Circe. Before she could turn Hank into a guinea pig, he managed to seduce her into sleeping with him. Afterwards, Circe realized what she had done, she became enraged, and turned Hank into what he truly was, a snake. She threw him into the ocean afterwards, hoping he would drown. After that, she didn't really remind herself of her time with Hank, but, 9 months later, Annaleise was born.

Circe kept Annaleise on her island for the first few years. Annaleise was taught by her mother's servants, as her mother was always too busy. She learned a few spells, and a bit of sorcery. However, after a while, she began to become tired of just her mother's servants as play mates, so, she asked her mother if she could go to the mainland for her 7th birthday. Her mother dropped her off at a hospital without a second though, glad that the hassle of raising a child was no longer in her hands.

Annaleise was then put into foster care. She loved her Foster Mother, who had cared for Annaleise as if she were her own. She made few friends, and, the ones she did make, she ended up scaring away when she used the spells she knew. She soon became aware that the mortals did not know that the Greek Myths were reality. She started to pray to her mother for a few friends that would understand her. Her prayers were never answered, so, she assumed it was unimportant to her mother. Annaleise was slightly angry at her for this but, accepted the fact that her mother would've been busier with something else. Her mother taught her some things that she didn't learn in the school that her Foster Mother had enrolled her in, like Gymnastics/Acrobatics, and baking.

One day, when she was 12, she found her Foster Mother murdered in their home. She began to weep on the floor, silently beside her, when, she noticed the blood puddle that surrounded her mother. She thought that it looked tasty, and, that it was a one time thing. She swiped some up with her finger, and, tasted it. Surprisingly to her, it tasted better than the best thing she had tasted previous. She couldn't stop herself. She licked up all of her Foster Mother's blood from the floor. Afterwards, she was so disgusted with herself, she forced herself to throw up, and then, ran away.

After a few hours of running, she began to weep, and prayed to her mother for a second, and last, time. She prayed that none of that ever happened, and that her Foster Mother was still alive, and, she didn't lick up all the blood. Once again, her mother ignored her, and, ignited a spark in her. She became very angry with the Gods and Goddesses. She heard stories of her mother down-talking the other Gods, and, she couldn't believe her mother was just like them. She began to run again, away from her home town. She soon came upon a hellhound. She managed to defeat it with the spells her mother's servants had taught her.

She continued to run for three more years. She came upon many more monsters, defeating them with her magic, and, sometimes just running away from the monster. However, one day, she ran into a BC member. She told him her story, and, he referred her to the BC. Even though she took a bit of convincing, she joined the BC, she joined the Veritum. It was there that she got her sickles, and her back up daggers.


Reason: "The Gods, they use us as tools, as if we are their play things, and, then, they give us nothing in return. It's not fair! When I prayed to my 'mother' she did nothing! How come there needs to be rulers over us? Over the mortals? We can take care of ourselves just fine. It's clear we can from the way that they send us to our deaths fighting for them! They don't deserve the power they have over us. They don't deserve any of it. No one should be in charge. No one at all. Then the world might be in peace. No one deserves to rule over the other. It's just not fair."

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