Name: Reagan Witchers

Age: 17

Mother: Nemesis

Father: Daniel Witchers

Half Siblings: Nemesis' Cabin and Ruby Witchers

Step-parent: Natalie Witchers


Personality: Reagan is very loud and judgemental. She never takes things lightly, and will always get revenge on those who do her wrong. Generally, she is hard working, respectful and kind. She takes the things that have happened to her family seriously, and can turn cold to anyone who disrespects them.

History: Joey Abram was a small Polish boy who was taken to the Warsaw Ghetto when he was only 6. He was joined by his father and two older sisters. His mother had gone missing only days before, her location and status was unknown. At first, he thought the Ghetto was a big place, where the Jewish population of Poland came and had some fun together, little did he know that he was awaiting death.

When the uprising of the Ghetto began, him and his sisters were sitting in their room, talking. Their father was out working, oblivious that he'd return and not see his children again. When the first gunshots and cries were heard, the three siblings huddled close together, moving with the crowd. Before long, they were on the truck that would take them to a Labour Camp. For them, they were on the back truck, the one that was trailing behind.  A scream from the crowd watching attracted the attention of one of Joey's sisters, Mary's attention. The scream itself had come from their mother, who was standing frantically telling them to jump off. At first, the siblings didn't, scared that they'd be lost from their mother, but after a few minutes of their mother running after the truck, they did. By this time, the truck was away from any populated road. Joey's mother, Sara, quickly ripped their bands off, and taking them with her. Joan revealed to her children that she had her Jewish identity stipped from her, and converted to Catholocism, in an attempt to save her children. Years after the war, she revealed that she'd married a Polish army officer, who gave the family new identities.

In 1960, Joey and Mary had migrated to America, giving themselves new names. Joey was now called Robert, and Mary was called Bethany. There, they managed to end up in the Lotus Casino. The two stayed there for many years, until one day, a group of demigods had gone in, and pulled out as many people as they could. The siblings were two of the twenty people who were taken away from the Casino.

Once out of the Casino, they parted their ways. Joey went to England, and Mary went back to Poland. Now in England, Joey met a girl named Ophelia, and married her, having one son named Daniel.

Daniel grew up to be a lawyer, who's sole purpose in life was to defend his clients to the end. He prided himself when he won a case; it meant he had a higher reputation. He was called handsome, and attracted Aphrodite, Tyche, Demeter and Nemesis. Each goddess tried to pursue him, but it was only Nemesis who he had sights on. He pursued the goddess until she gave him a chance. The two started to date, and before long, Nemesis had left, due to her being pregnant. This left a heartbroken Daniel, who quickly married to a local girl named Natalie. In the space of them getting married, and going on their honeymoon, Reagan arrived on her father's doorstep, with a note that explained about her and Nemesis. Daniel named her Reagan, and simply told Natalie that she was from a previous relationship.

Reagan grew up well for the first few years of her life; she gained a little sister, Ruby, her step-mother adored her, yet her father was never around. It seemed that from her 3rd birthday, to her 5th, he had gone off her, and decided to take even more pride into his work. Growing up, Reagan used to always say to herself 'What would Dad do?', in hopes of finding the right answer. As she grew older, Reagan excluded all the efforts that her father had done, in a hope that he could repair his relationship with his 12 year old daughter. She always pushed him away, stating that she wanted nothing to do with him.

Walking home one day, she ran into a cute innocent poodle. The poodle itself looked innocent, until it changed to a harpy. Reagan began to run in the direction of her home, hoping she'd make it that long. Whilst running, she tripped, dooming herself to the harpy. She shielded her face, expecting to feel the pain of the talons ripping through her, yet it never came. Un-shielding her face, she saw not only some golden dust, but her father, bleeding to death before her. Not even to this day, does she know how he killed the harpy. Watching him die, made her snap inside. She hastily apologised for pushing him away. The last thing she saw of him was his smile. A real smile, not one he put on when he won a case.

Life without her father made Reagan hold things more close to her heart. For example, when she was 14, she met Ace Varen, an older boy around the neighbour hood. Despite the two year age gap, the two grew close, and before long, they dated. Natalie always knew about Ace, and encouraged Reagan to keep a stable relationship with him, but when they had to move away, Reagan refused, stating that she didn't want to leave Ace. Then she was a side she had never seen; a side that scared her. He grew angry, chucking things in all directions. He got so angry, he placed their arms side by side, and made a unique scar, so that they knew that if they should meet the other again, that they'd be reminded of what happened that day. Reagan left and moved to Ohio, always thinking she was the cause of his outburst.

In Ohio, Reagan became more reserved to herself, and hardly spoke out for what she believed in. It wasn't until her 16th birthday that she regained her confidence and began to find herself. In the next few months, she became more outspoken about what she believed in. That's when it happened. Her step-mother and sister were walking into town one day, when they were stopped, dragged into an alleyway, and were beaten, left for dead. Reagan waited at her house for the other two to come home, but when they didn't, she got curious and went out to seek them. She reached the alley that they were in, and rushed to them. By that time, it was too late for Ruby, and she could only save Natalie. After she had recovered and was alright again, Natalie moved them to London.

Now in London, Reagan pursued her dream in becoming a lawyer, just like her dad. She finished her education, and went on to get a course at one of the local colleges. Natalie had always remembered Daniel saying that Reagan was a demigod, and had also heard about this camp that he had been advised to take her to. One day whilst returning from college, Reagan walked in to see Natalie with a suitcase, claiming that Reagan had to go somewhere. At first, Reagan refused to go, not wanting to leave England for another time. After a few days of arguing, Natalie managed to get Reagan on the plane. The only way she would though, was if her best friend, Lulu was on it with her.

During the ride, the girls talked and laughed about the recent news in their college. New couples, how the teachers embarrased themselves, stuff like that. When they arrived in America, they didn't go straight to camp. Instead, they around, exploring New York. Unknwon to Reagan, Lulu was a satyr, who had been protecting her. It had seemed that every monster attack Reagan had endured, excluding her first, Lulu had been there.

At first, Lulu explored New York with Reagan, in hopes of eventually getting her to Camp. But soon after an attack by a flock of Stymphalian Birds, Lulu raced to camp with the demigod. After some convincing, Lulu managed to get Reagan to stay at camp.

Weapon: Celestial Bronze Tomahawk


Name:Chloe Alexander


Godly Parent: Nemesis

Mortal Parent: Alex Alexander

Lives With: Sam Harp

Personality: She usually keeps yo herself because at her home she had to always to quiet. When she is talking to you for a while she will start to open up more. She is kind of self-conscious because she had a lot of scars.

Appearance: Chloe has long curly blonde hair, she also has dark green eyes. She can also tan really well unlike some blondes. She is very flexible as she is a ballerina. She is also 5'3 and weighs 122Lbs.

History: Alex was a Chef at a five star New York restaurant, He was a very attractive man. He also had a girlfriend but since he worked long shifts he only saw her at night. When Alex finished cleaning the kitchen like he does every night, he was walking to the front to lock the doors. He slightly turned his head one way and saw a beautiful woman, and he stopped in his tracks. She smiled at him and he couldn't stop himself, he was walking over there. When he sat down at her table and introduced himself, She said her name was Amy.

Alex sat and talked to Amy for a little while and then Amy invited him back to her place. He agreed and told her to wait a second. Alex went back into the Kitchen and texted his girlfriend and told her that: "the kitchen was taking more time than he thought to clean...busy day." With that he grabbed his coat, put his phone on silent and, turned the lights out. He walked out of the building with Alex. After a long....interesting night he woke up around 9:30 and got his things together and left. When he arrived at his house he walked in and Ellie, his girlfriend was still asleep he made it look like he slept on the couch the night before and then he made her breakfast. It was now Sunday so he didn't have to work until two. When Ellie awoke and came downstairs and saw the messy blankets on the couch she knew that he did come home last night.

Alex and Ellie spent the rest of the morning together. Alex always thought she was a little clingy but he loved her. He didn't know what made him sleep with Amy last night, he did feel bad...but didn't tell Ellie. As Alex became more distant with Ellie over the next few days, She began asking questions. Ellie was asking why was the kitchen so dirty in the first place, he told her busy night and things get spilled. Then she asked why no one stayed and helped if it was so dirty, he just shrugged his shoulders.

After a few more weeks he began to act normal again with Ellie, but he still couldn't stop thinking about Amy. She was so pretty and so sweet. As months went by he hadn't heard from Amy at all. He was really depressed, after one night he thought he was in Love with her. A few more months passed and there was a knock at his door, when he opened it he was glad Ellie was at work because it was Amy...and she was holding a baby.

Alex began to panic, He invited Amy inside and then she explained herself. She told him that she was a goddess and that she cannot take care of a child. He was so frustrated he smashed some flower vases. When the woman left he was enraged and he just stared at the kid. Once he got a plan he desisted to tell Ellie that he was going on an 8 month long food convention trip and he leaves before she gets home. Ellie was disappointed but she understood.

It took him 2 days to get to California by plane. For a while he walked around then he noticed something out of the ordinary and run down building with a lot of shouting, he was always looking for more money and when he walked in, it was like a jackpot. People in there were selling little girls to...Child molesters. He didn't care about the child he began to Call Chloe so he signed her up.

The net bidding day was in 5 months. Alex hated to wait that long but he did it anyway. after the months passed he was exhausted by this child and didn't want her anymore. As he sad there waiting for people to place bid on Chloe he was anxious so see how much he would get. In the end he ended up getting $3,000. I guess people really like babies.

When he left California he felt bad, but hey he thought: "I got $3,000 in my pocket." When he got back he told Ellie that he was mistaken about how long he was going to be gone. Of course Ellie was happy to see him....and yet she still knew nothing about the baby. To explain the money he brought back, he told her that he won a few cook offs.

As years past, Chloe didn't go to school, she was kept in a cellar in a small town. Her owner started beating her at age 2. At first they were just slaps, but as she got older kicking and punching was added. Sam was his name, he was in his mid 30's with short brown hair and brown eyes. In her free time while Sam was at work or out drinking, she always stretched, because she wanted to be a dancer.

Chloe was very flexible for being only six and she also had great balance. Even though she always had bruises, once she even had a broken finger, She still did turns and jumps. When Sam came home and saw her, he would beat her, simply because he didn't want her to have fun.

The first time Chloe was raped was when she was 10, she was so young and so scared. Chloe also didn't know what to think. She felt so gross and she wanted to leave. Every time she threatened Sam that she would her always told her: "Were would you go? Your father didn't want you, he sold you to me!" Once Chloe cried he beat her even more.

When Chloe reached age 14 she ran away while Sam was at work, she hid in the woods for a night and then the next morning she was on the run again. After around a months of traveling slow as ever and eating scraps and dancing in subway stations and on streets for money, she reached Las Vegas. She felt like she was being followed and then someone grabbed her and covered her eyes and mouth. 

At this time she knew she was being kidnapped and she felt that it was a dude and she was frightened even more. When he slipped her a pill, 30 minutes later she felt....calmer and settle. Then she fell asleep. The next thing she knew was that when she woke around 3-4 hours later she was in a completely different area. Chloe realized he had taken her on a plane.

Chloe was looking at her surroundings and saw a sign that said "New York". When the man left her alone for 2 minutes, something attacked her, Chloe did everything she could to protect herself, but she was so scared. The last thing she remembered was falling toward the pavement then she blacked out. When she woke up a goat was taking care of her. The goat lady told her she was safe and at camp half-blood and that she had been in coma for 2 and a half weeks. Chloe didn't even know the year when she awoke, little things like that were gone. Know Chloe walks around scared and skeptical because she is afraid of being abused again.

Weapons: Bow with multiple different kinds of Celestial Bronze arrows


Name: Ricky Lee

Age: 16

God Parent: Nemesis

Mortal Parent: Alex Lee

Personality: Ricky is serious and anti social. He rarely ever laughs or smiles

History: Alex Lee was a Korean American boy who lived with his mother, Mina and his father Robert in New York. Life was normal and peaceful for Alex. He played, went to school and had friends. Robert Lee was a police officer who worked hard to do his duty, to protect innocent people. One night there was a shootout. Two local gangs we’re fighting for territory. A number of cops had arrived on the scene, including Robert. It was a long bloody battle, but in the end many of the gang members we’re either shot dead or arrested. But another result of the incident was that Robert has died from a bullet to the head. Mina and Alex we’re heartbroken at their loss. Alex was only 8 years old when he lost his father.

2 years after the funeral, Mina had remarried a man named Patrick Holmes. The main reason Mina had married him was so Alex could have a father figure. It was a terrible mistake. Patrick was a very abusive man. He normally beat and sexually assaulted Mina. Alex normally went to bed, hearing the screams of his mother. When he was 12, Alex had grown tired of his step-father’s ways. So he had struck Patrick in the head with a baseball bat while he was yelling at Mina for not buying enough beer for him. Patrick was knocked to the ground and he saw that Alex had hit him. Alex had demanded that he stopped abusing his mother. This had greatly enraged Patrick, he called it “an act of disrespect”. Patrick proceeded to overpower Alex, taking the bat out his hand. And had savagely beat him.

After this night, Patrick had started to beat Alex more than Mina. At first Alex took the beatings well, knowing that he was protecting his dear mother. He had hoped his mother could do something. But she never did. This went on for 6 years. The beatings had only got worse and worse for Alex. But these beatings had changed him. Alex had thought that all people we’re selfish and cruel along with the world around him. He even stopped caring for his own mother.

When Alex graduated high school. Of course there was no money for Alex to attend college. Alex didn’t care about attending college. He just wanted to leave his terrible step-father he hated. And his mother he hated as well, for just watching his daily abuse. So he decided to join the U.S army. Once there Alex was a prodigy. Going through his training with ease and becoming an ace soldier. He killed his enemies with no remorse. Outside of the battlefield, Alex was very antisocial. He didn’t talk to or befriend anyone. He didn’t care about his comrades, even to the point where he’d allow them to die by enemy hands. All he cared about was doing the only thing he was good at, killing.

A year later when he was 19, Alex had 52 confirmed kills in battle. He enjoyed the idea of killing so many people. But something he didn’t like was serving his country, saving people. Things he didn’t care about. Since he had lacked empathy. So Alex had went to his counselor, claiming he couldn’t handle army life no longer. He had then received an honorable discharge.

After leaving the army, Alex had decided he’d never return to his family, little did he know. Patrick had died of a heart attack and Mina was left alone. Not knowing of what her son had become. So he had dove into the world of crime of Chicago. And had used his military training to become an assassin. Alex had become one of the best. He had enjoyed the idea of killing people and simply being paid for it. He would only have to worry about himself. After he had become 23, he met a very strange and beautiful woman at a bar. Her name was Clarisse, Alex had found her very attractive. That and she was different from other woman. Alex had introduced himself to her. Clarisse took a liking to him. He took her back to his home. Where they then engaged in very intense sex. This had continued every night for 2 weeks. But after one night, Clarisse had disappeared. But Clarisse was secretly Ne

mesis, greek goddess of revenge, balance and retribution.

Once Alex had realized she was gone, he didn’t care too much. He just saw it as a sexual relationship and nothing more. Nemesis had left because she was impregnated by her lover. 9 months later, she had given birth to twin boys. She named them Ricky and Sean. And had left them by Alex’s doorstep, Once Alex had saw these two babies, he realized his former lover had given birth to them. Alex had considered leaving them outside to freeze in the cold, but then he had an idea. An idea to use the twins to serve him for when he grew old. He’d have them to continue his work and protect him from the enemies he made.

So he moved to Oklahoma to raise his new pawns. Once Ricky and Sean had turned 5, he then started training them in the art of assassination. He has very strict with them. Only caring about their progress and nothing more. Ricky had done quite well, while Sean was somewhat weak. Normally passing out during his training. The boys had went to school like normal children. They we’re very close and loved each other. This went on for 8 years. He had managed to turn Ricky into a successful killing machine at the age of 13. Sean on the other hand, who had the same amount of training. Wasn’t nearly as good as his brother. Alex had grown sick of this. So with no remorse whatsoever, He had shot Sean in the face in front of Ricky. He was mortified and was enraged at his brother’s death.

So when his father went to sleep. Ricky had alerted the police of what had happened. He had also told them of his father's  assassin work. So they had sent in the SWAT team, easily overpowering Alex and taking him away. He was quickly sent away to life in prison, but had sworn revenge on his son. While Ricky was put in protective services. After a few weeks the young boy had met a kind young old woman. She was very nice and loving. This woman was Mina Lee, Ricky's grandmother. She was informed of what happened to the grandson she never knew she had. Once she told him who she was, Ricky quickly hugged her. Mina had taken Ricky back home with her to New York. Where Ricky had then actually had a normal life. No training or strict treatment. Ricky had quickly bonded with his grandma.But Ricky went kept a large number of assassin weapons in his room, since had took some money his father kept laying around. With his father's connections, finding the right dealer was easy. 

 And with this he continued his training, because we wanted to make sure he could protect himself and his beloved grandmother

But after a few weeks of living with her. Ricky had went out to buy some milk. Then he noticed a harpy flying after him. Ricky was of course, confused and tried to fight it off. Luckily he never left home without a weapon. So with the knife he stabbed the harpy, deep in it's eye. The harpy squealed in pain, but did'nt die. Ricky was confused and just ran away. His training had come in handy. Ricky had considered telling his grandma. But he decided she probably would'nt believe him, even if she did, she'd only worry. So Ricky had decided not to say anything. For the next 3 years, Ricky had easily avoided all these strange monsters. He was attacked by hellhounds, empousai, harpies and even the occasional cyclops. 

When he was 16, Ricky had come back from a day at school. Normally his grandmother would come and offer him an after school snack. He looked across the house for her. Until he walked into the kitchen, just to see his grandmother's corpse. She was stabbed all across her stomach, chest and one last time in the head. Standing over her body was none other then Alex. Ricky's father who had managed to escape prison. He tracked down Ricky to his grandmother's house. Ricky was furious to see his father, even more to see what happened to his loving grandma. He asked his father, why he killed her. He simply replied "I figured i would finish off the old bat, just to make you more miserable in your final hours". He then tried to shoot him in the chest, Ricky had easily dodged the bullet and ran into his room. Quickly gathering a number of weapons. And then attacked his father, After a long battle. Ricky stood over his father's body, a katana was sticking out of his chest. But Ricky was heavily injured himself. There we're numerous cut wounds across his body and a bullet lodged in his left arm. He had lost alot of blood.

A number of hellhounds had smelled Ricky's blood and had burst into the house. Normally Ricky would'nt be worried, But with the injuries he had sustained, he was actually very scared. He had ran away as fast as he could. But eventually the hellhounds has caught up with him. Luckily for Ricky, two campers Michel Breeze and Travis Nash had saw this. So the two quickly used their Celestial Bronze weapons and easily dispatched the hellhounds. Ricky was barely conscious and had no idea what was happening. Michel and Travis had quickly took Ricky back to camp, where he was healed in the infirmary. Once he head awoken, the boys had explained to him that there we're in a safe place for demigods like them. Michel and Travis had figured he was a demigod, since the hellhounds we're attacking him. An hour later, this was confirmed when he was claimed by Nemesis. He now resides at camp. 

His theme

Seether- Walk away from the sun Lyrics

Seether- Walk away from the sun Lyrics

Weapons: His Celestial Bronze naginata 

Th (86)

His Naginata


Name:Annora Simons


God Parent:Nemesis

Mortal Parent:Ryan Simons


Personality:She comes off as a bit vindictive and some would even say a bit bitchy.

History:Ryan Simons was one of those guys who stood out in a crowd and made you take notice of him. It probably helped that he had the shiny badge when he was in uniform but that is not the point of this story now is it? No you want the story that involves sex and other naughtieness. Well fin here it is. One night Ryan decided to take his motercycle out after work for a short weekend excursion. Just him, a tent, a cooler, and the open road. On the way to a campground that he was known to frequent he stopped at a minimart to get some gas and supplys. You know hot dogs, chips, soda and the like. Well as fate would have it a man followed him into the store with his face covered by a large scarf.This made Ryan suspicious as it was quite warm out but he brushed it off as a way to keep bugs off the mans face and went about his business. While he was down the chip aisle grabbing munchies for his camping trip he heard the man start shouting obsenitys at the poor teenage girl behind the counter, so being the good cop he was he slide his gun out of its ankle holster and quiet as a mouse made his way down the aisle and up behind the punk. He placed his gun against his head and said in a loud comanding voice, "drop your weapon you are under arrest." Well our crook was desprite as this was not he first place he had robbed on this small streatch of road so he did something stupid. That is right he decided to fight Ryan. After a tough battle and a black eye for our crook the police arrived and arrested him. Ryan just bought his food and left to go camping.

When he arrived at the campground he pitched his tent decided to take a short nature hike before he started his dinner. While on the trail admiring nature and gathering wood he met a fellow camper. She was beautiful with soft red lips, soulful eyes and a body that could drive a grown man crazy.The two walked together for awhile and then Ryan invited this fine lady, who said her name was Anne back to his camp site for a dinner of hot dogs over an open fire and potato chips. then after dinner they got to kissing wich lead to gropeing wich of course led to them naked in his tent having unprotected fun. Anne then kissed him good night and said she had to get back to her own tent. Nine months later "Anne" showed up on his doorstep with a pink wrapped bundle and admitted the truth. She was Nemesis, and she had came down to spend a night with him after she watched him stopping the robbery. She then laid the bundle in his arms and told him this was there daughter who he needed to take care of and name and get to camp when the time came. Then she just turned and walked away from her daughter and Ryan. 

Annora was a pretty good child respectful of the law but with a little bit of a biker girl edge do to having ridden on the back of her father's motercycle almost every weekend from the time he took possesion of her. HSe was a good little daddy's girl of course but as she grew up some people took her want to make sure justice was always done as her being alittle bitchy and so turned the other way when at 13 a classmate cornered her after school and looked to be arguing with her. In reality she was a harpy and was trying to kill her. Annora paniced and grabbed the closest thing wich happened to be a celestial bronze tipped arrow that had been shot into the school wall at some point and stabbed her classmate with out a thought killing her and branding her as a bad child. When she told her father about it that night he comforted her and decided that he really needed to look into getting her to camp, but first he wanted to teach her basic selfdefense and how to use the weapon her mother had left as a present on her birth. it took about 2 years for her father to feel confident for his daughter to be on her own and was more then willing to let her go to camp with a passing music nymph named Philomela.

Annora got along well with the group of 4 girls having gotten to know them wel on there almost year long trip to camp. arriving about a month before she was to turn 16.

Weapons:a bracelet that turns in to a Chakram


Freya Dimitrov <p class="MsoNormal"> Godparent& Mortal Parent:  Nemesis and Kian Dimitrov <p class="MsoNormal"> Age: 14 <p class="MsoNormal"> Appearance: <p class="MsoNormal"> “This girl, no older than ten, walked by me on the streets of NY, in the midst of summer. Her hair was fair, strokes of lemon gold brilliance pouring down to her back, silky soft to the touch. Her skin was tanned by the NY sun, so that it was a pleasant shade that I nearly swooned at; any guy worth his salt would have been at least close.” <p align="right" class="MsoNormal" style="text-align:right"> Lucas Riotos, citizen of NYC, age 15 at the time of the event <p class="MsoNormal"> Freya is a teenage, blonde young girl- her hair is almost golden, as if spun with pure gold- it could have been, if myths like Rumplestiltskin were true. It falls down to just above her waist like a curtain, neatly framing her face. Electric blue eyes blink under thin eyebrows. Her skin is lightly tanned- as she often, as a young child, having been allowed free rein by her rich father, used to sunbathe a lot, and still does. She is of a slim build- she wears size five Nike trainers. She often wears casual clothes- i.e. T-Shirts and jeans. <p class="MsoNormal"> Personality: <p class="MsoNormal"> "Always fight fire with fire, that's what she says to me, as she walks back through the door, on those rare occasions that she visits home. That's what my Freya does- always has been. Always a sarcastic answer for everything,she does. But you know what? I don't actually mind. She was born to a goddess, and she's mine. I like the way she is." <p class="MsoNormal" style="text-align:right;"> Her father, Kian Dimitrov <p class="MsoNormal"> Freya is very clever, but also VERY sarcastic.  Her pet saying is “Wit is for those not clever enough to be sarcastic.”  She’ll probably come up with a sarcastic answer to everything you ask her, and she is rather good at making people around her feel uncomfortable. She tends to be rather intimidating, and sometimes rude, but if you can crack through her shell she's a kind person at heart. She finds it hard to trust people as too many people have betrayed her, and her cabin-mates are probably the only people she can trust,at least with her life. <p class="MsoNormal"> History <p class="MsoNormal"> "If only things could have been normal, normal like my friends' lives, I could have lived a better childhood- not lost my mother and father. It all sped by in a blur of colour, washed away by a stream of death and despair. But why am I saying "If only?" I cannot change past events- they have happened; history's events are set in stone like our very existence- even after we die we exist, as food for the ants. You see, life is never fair, we are all dented in some way."

Kian Dimitrov was an American politician, in the President, Bush at the time, it must have been- the President's government. I only know my history by heart as it was told to me again, and again, and again by my father, who was rarely at home after my tenth birthday; and even before then I saw the babysitter's face more often than his. <p class="MsoNormal"> The sky was a deep, cobalt blue, with clouds slumbering lightly upon it, carried by a gentle breeze that left moisture on the leaves of surrounding oak trees, their red-gold leaves, tainted by the autumn season, falling slowly to the ground, to land with a soft patter- and then be stepped on by some person's size five shoe. <p class="MsoNormal"> You see, the family lives in NY, and my father, like me, had lived there all my life- and he was strolling unconcernedly down the pavement towards his train to work, when he bumped into a woman, with a leather jacket and gold rings on her thin fingers. <p class="MsoNormal"> Little did he know, this woman had been pursuing him for his rather good-looking appearance- his hair in an auburn mohican, his eyes sparkling with the mischievousness that still lived on inside him- and all of that stuff that girls might follow a guy around for. <p class="MsoNormal"> "I'm so sorry!" he yelped, his paperwork falling to the floor, along with the dull clunk that signified his briefcase falling. But his eyes were all on the woman, covered in leather and gold, looking no older than 21, by the train station where he caught his train to work. <p class="MsoNormal"> The train rumbled in, and it turned out the woman was going to the same place he was. It was sort of scary; the woman sat next to him, and they nattered to each other, as if they had known each other for their whole lives.



Name: Maria Karlov

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Parents: Daniel Karlov & Nemesis

Appearance: ABOVE

Personality: Maria has an attitude. She doesnt like alot of things and stutters her sentences because of how she was treated when she was younger. She can be cheery around people she trust but she'd rather stay in a cavern of sadness

History: Daniel Karlov was a amazing painter from Long Island. He was called upon a lot to paint for people. One day he was called to paint a woman. The womans name was Drita Luljuraj. Drita was a beautiful woman with red hair and blue eyes. Daniel painted her picture very detailed. Daniel fell in love with Drita and asked her to go out with him. She naturally accepted.

Drita and Daniel dated for 3 months and had an affair. The affair led to their baby girl, Maria Camilla Karlov. Drita had to explain that she was Nemesis and gave Daniel the address to camp. Daniel took the address and put it in a safe place.

People still called upon Daniel, especially woman who liked to have affairs with Daniel. Daniels mother, Elita Karlov found out about this and took Maria. By this time Maria was only the age of 2. Nemesis got revenge on Elita for taking Maria by using magic to kill Marco Karlov, Daniels father. Elita died when Maria was 3 forcing Maria to go back to Daniel.

In Maria's childhood when she was about 4, Daniel got married to a mean woman named Lilliana Karachi. Lilliana beat Maria. Nemesis found out about this and killed Lilliana with magic. Daniel was furious that Lilliana was dead, but he didnt know that Lilliana beat Maria.

At the age of 5, Maria went to school. Maria did not like school so she often lashed out and hit the other children with her fist. They were rude children. This got Maria kicked out.

At 8, she met her first friend who was also a demigod but she didn't know. The kids name was Abbey Starter. Abbey was a stubborn girl which is why Maria got along with Abbey. Abbey and Maria have been best friends ever since they met in 3rd grade.

At age 10 her fathers sister visited, Angelina was a mean girl who also abused Maria like Lilliana did. Maria lashed out on Angelina. Nemesis used magic to kill Angelina silently in her sleep. This didn't affect Maria though Angelina's twin Carina blamed Maria and said that she killed Angelina in her sleep. This sent Maria to delinquent center for a year. When she cam out she started to stutter a lot.

At age 12, Maria was attacked by a hellhound. Se picked up a sharp piece of celestial bronze of the sidewalk and stuck it into the hellhounds neck. She went home and didn't tell her father. The monsters left Maria alone for a few years but then she as attacked again by another hellhound at age 15. This time she told her father who took out the address to camp and brought Maria who was claimed by Nemesis. A girl from the Hephaestus cabin gave Maria a dagger.

Weapons: Dagger


Name: Dylan Fitzherbert

Age: 17


  • Jeremiah Hemsworth (biological father)
  • Carlos Hemsworth (grandfather)
  • Margaret Hemsworth nee' Valour
  • Nemesis (biological mother)
  • Gideon Fitzherbert (stepfather)
  • Rhianna Fitzherbert (stepsister)






Jeremiah Hemsworth had always wanted revenge for his father, Carlos Hemsworth who was assassinated when Jeremiah was only a child. His main suspect on who ordered the assassination was Yvan Spallanzani, his father's greatest rival when it came to the Olympic industry. Yvan had always been jealous of Carlos ever since the athlete started participating in marathons.

For years, Jeremiah had tried to track down Yvan however, unbeknownst to him, Yvan had already fled from England to the United States. This caused Jeremiah to look like a fool, searching for someone in a place where that person could no longer be found in. Unable to find Yvan, Jeremiah stopped and simply lived with his stepmother, Margaret, in their small apartment in London, England and always thought about the stories his father told him about his mother.

“A stormy night, that is…” as his father always started.

Carlos Hemsworth met the goddess Nike on a very stormy night. He boarded a cruise ship that would take him to the United States for a marathon that he was to compete in but things really went against his plan. A savage storm came and caught the ship in it. The storm, a result of the anger of titan of storms at seas, Aigaios caused large waves that smashed the hull of the ship, causing it to flip and sink.

Fortunately for Carlos, he was on the deck at the time and managed to dive into the ocean before the ship fully sank. He caught up with one of the emergency inflatable boats and rode with them until they found a rescue boat that brought them to the mainland.

Carlos had left all of his belongings on the ship and had nothing but the clothes he was wearing. He felt hopeless that time. But that was when he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life. It was the goddess of victory and the charioteer of Zeus, Nike. She saw the look on Carlos' face and asked him what happened. Carlos told her the story of the ship sinking and how he lost his luggage in the sea. Nike felt pity for Carlos and decided to help him out. She booked him a room in a nearby hotel and took him out for dinner. They soon fell in love with each other and had an affair that night.

Eventually, the day of the marathon arrived. Before the actual run though, Nike gave Carlos a small pendant in the shape of a torch; a… lucky charm, if you will. She gave it to Carlos, her own special way of ensuring victory for him in the marathon. True enough, Carlos won. After the awarding ceremonies, Nike gave Carlos a surprise, his luggage, which Carlos found quite shocking. He started asking Nike how she got it and that's when she told him the truth about her identity. It was hard to take in but as Carlos loved Nike deeply, he believed her. Nike also told him that she was pregnant with Carlos' child and that she was to give birth in nine months. Nike didn't really want to leave and Carlos felt the same. He wanted Nike to stay with him and raise their child together but it was against the law of the gods. Nike promised to come back and deliver the baby personally to him. And so, Nike disappeared in a shower of gold and Carlos booked a plane to take him back to London not long after.

Nine months soon passed by and Carlos heard a knock on the door. It was Nike with their baby wrapped in cloth, whom they later decided to call Jeremiah. Nike gave Carlos a ring which she told him to guard and entrust to Jeremiah by the time he turned 13. Then, the goddess bid him farewell and left for Mt. Olympus. Carlos was naturally saddened by the fact that Nike left him but managed to find enough happiness in Jeremiah to sustain both himself and his son. He eventually found another woman, Margaret, and married her. She then became the stepmother of Jeremiah. Margaret was kind to Jeremiah and loved him like her own.

After a few years, Carlos became a very famous athlete and, not long later, was murdered by an assassin, hired by a very jealous Yvan Spallanzani.

Back to the main story, Jeremiah and his stepmother always moved from place to place due to the fact that they were escaping the media who wanted to interview them regarding Carlos’ untimely death. The incident was tragic and it had impacted Margaret and Jeremiah far too greatly. The two tried their best never mention it inside the household but despite this, the emptiness they felt still lingered. Moving houses saved Jeremiah from monsters who were after him. They eventually settled in an apartment building in Manhattan, NY, overlooking the Central Park. Jeremiah was already 26 at the time and was quite famous due to his athletic career.

One day, early in the morning, Jeremiah went for a walk in Central park. He always went before dawn to ensure that no one from the media would see him. As he walked, he saw a jogger who seemed rather familiar. Yes, it was Yvan Spallanzani, the man who hired an assassin to kill his father. Jeremiah shouted at Yvan and started accusing him, which wasn't a very smart thing to do because it gave Yvan the opportunity to run away. Jeremiah didn't want to let Yvan get away again. He wasn't going to let his father’s murdered migrate into some country and escape. Jeremiah ran after him and eventually cornered him in a dark alleyway. Jeremiah lunged at him but Yvan managed to grab a broken pipe and smacked Jeremiah on the head which rendered the young athlete unconscious. Yvan took the time to escape and left the son of his former rival on the ground, unconscious.

A few hours later, he was found by the goddess Nemesis who admired his passion to avenge his father. Admiration wasn't the only thing Nemesis felt for the demigod; she also felt love. She sensed that Jeremiah was a demigod and fed him ambrosia and let him drank a bit of nectar. Not long later, Jeremiah regained consciousness. Nemesis told him that she was the one who nursed him to health and that her name was Nemesis. Jeremiah didn't know what to say. Another goddess in his life? But naturally, Jeremiah felt grateful that Nemesis fed him ambrosia and made him drank nectar so that he could regain his energy. Jeremiah gave Nemesis his contact number and the next day, they went on a date. Nemesis told Jeremiah how she admired his passion to avenge his father. Jeremiah soon warmed up to Nemesis and found himself falling deeply in love with the goddess. They eventually had an affair and just like most demigod stories, Nemesis became pregnant and gave birth to a child after nine months.

Jeremiah knew that Nemesis would leave soon and he felt sad about it. He gave away the child to a foster home and lived peacefully with his stepmother. The child was soon adopted by a single father named Gideon Fitzherbert who had a 3 year old mortal daughter named Rhianna. He called the child Dylan and the three of them, lived together in Midtown, Manhattan.

Dylan grew up as an impulsive and cocky child. He was very confident of himself and thought that he could do whatever he wanted. He became quite spoiled, unlike contrary to his sister who was very humble, quiet and smart. Dylan was diagnosed with dyslexia at age 7 and ADHD at age 10. Rhianna attended a private school while Dylan attended quite a number schools. His dyslexia and ADHD really affected his behavior which caused him to get expelled from numerous schools.

When Dylan was 13 and his sister 16, their father brought them to Yellowstone National Park for camping. Rhianna brought her boyfriend, William, along so they can have some quality time. At night, they made a campfire where they gathered around and told stories. Rhianna got tired easily so she went to the tent to rest. She heard William's cellphone ring and took it, reading all of his text messages. She found out that William had been cheating on her and decided to break up with him at the very moment. Rhianna didn't want to spend the night with him so she told Gideon to send him away. Gideon tried talking to Rhianna but she insisted on sending William away so Gideon had no choice but to call William's father and ask that he take his son home. William's father arrived a few hours later and brought William home with him.

Later that night, a hellhound managed to pick up Dylan's scent and attacked them. Gideon died, trying to protect his children. Rhianna and Dylan managed to run away into the woods but were soon cornered by the same hellhound. They were about to get pounced on when a silver arrow whistled past them and hit the Hellhound, disintegrating it to dust. The arrow was revealed to have come from one of the Hunters of Artemis who asked Rhianna to join them. Rhianna, who broke up with her boyfriend earlier, decided to join… on one condition. They must escort Dylan to a safe place.

The Hunters' brought Dylan to Camp Half-Blood where he was claimed as a son of Nemesis. The Hunters soon left camp to proceed with their hunting and Dylan went on and lived peacefully at camp where he trained vigorously. On his 15th birthday, he found a box on his bed which came from his mother, Nemesis. He found a Celestial Bronze sword that transforms into a key when not used. He also received a bow and a quiver of silver arrows from his sister. At age 16, he received a quest to save a camper who was caught by Cyclopes. WIP.


Name: Valentina La Vern

Age: 17


Personality: She's bitter and cares only for herself. Only smiles when her plans go right or when she sees someone she dislikes suffering. Some call her sadistic, but she just likes seeing karma paying back what was owed. She's usually quiet and you should be sure not to mention Themis to her or she'll turn into a mad beast and pass hours and hours talking any and all things bad she knows about her. The only way she calms down is listening to musicals, which she has a passion for.


Garrett La Vern looked just like the regular guy strolling around the fine streets of London. He had nice expensive clothes, was clean and didn’t smell like dirt. That classified him by looks as a good person. Little did the people that saw him pass by in the street know, he was an expert thief. And he had just stolen everything that was in their pockets.

When they got home, they’d probably wonder ‘Gee, I was sure I had my pocket watch inside pocket’ but would shrug it off, thinking they had just left it somewhere around the house. Meanwhile, Garrett was selling said pocket watch in his trustful dealer by thrice it’s worth.

Truth was, he was a son of Themis. And the titan was ashamed to have such a son. She asked her friend, Nemesis, to punish him for breaking so many laws and bringing shame to her name. Nemesis agreed and set off to London. When she found Garrett though, she saw that though he was a thief, and a very skilled thief at that, he had honor and pride. He only stole from those who weren’t in need and was always kind to all sorts of people no matter where they came from.

She was impressed one day, when she followed him invisible and saw that he passed by a drunk man raping a young girl. Garrett immediately stopped and went to help the girl. He fought the drunkard and scared him off. He took the girl home and took care of her. He personally brought her to her house and explained what happened to her parents. Nemesis thought to herself that while he was a thief, he was in no way a despicable man.

She saw herself falling in love with Garrett and desperation grew with the love. She had promised to punish Garrett, not fall in love with him. She decided to test him, if he passed her test she’d lie to Themis; if he didn’t, she’d do as she had promised.

She turned into a poor woman and was on the street begging for money the time Garrett was passing by. One rich man she begged to tried to step away and a car splashed mud all over his fine suit. Maddened with rage, he yelled at the goddess and was about to kick her when Garrett held him back with a cold smile. “Sir, I don’t believe it’s the poor woman’s fault the car splashed your suit. And you should know that a gentleman never lifts a finger against a lady” He said and Nemesis told herself that he had passed on her test. When Garrett offered to help her getting back home she told him she had no home. He took her to his house instead and made her a warm cup of Earl Grey tea.

They chatted and Nemesis noticed that while he stole so much, his house didn’t have any trinkets or any stolen goodies. It seemed to her that he had sold all of the things he robbed. The next morning, Nemesis woke on his bed and felt grief wash over her. She told Garrett she couldn’t be a burden to him and left.

Back at the Olympus, Nemesis told Themis her job was done. But a gossiper, Aphrodite, knew the truth. She had smelled the love in Nemesis and told everything to Themis. Enraged at the lie Nemesis told her, Themis decided that instead of just punishing him, she’d kill him once and for all.

Nemesis wept for her dead lover, but didn’t let it show to Themis. She kept her cool and acted as if nothing had happened. Months later, Nemesis noticed her belly growing and was sure she was going to have a child. Desperate to hide it from Themis, she trusted her baby girl to one of her sons who lived in Italy and told him to tell her everything when the time came.

The child was named Valentina and she grew up knowing nothing about her heritage or that her parents weren’t really her parents. She wasn’t really a normal child, always prone to pick-pocketing and lying her way out of situations. Her adopted parents were worried that it showed her father’s habits on her and that she may get caught someday.

And that was exactly what happened when she was 8. The teacher heard some kids crying of losing their lunch boxes and when she searched through everyone’s lockers she found them in Valentina’s. When the school called her parents, they said they’d take care of it. When they got home, they told everything to Valentina.

After that night, Valentina changed. She grew to hate her grandmother and swore she’d have her revenge on her for killing her father. She asked her adopted father to teach her how to fight since she was still too young for her powers to develop. Years later when they first started showing, he began teaching her how to control them. When monsters came by, they’d both kill it and Valentina loved it. It was rare for them to show so she sometimes hunted rabbits in the woods near her house.

She kept pick-pocketing and stealing things but now she was more careful. If anyone ever said a thing about her they’d see all the evidence pointing at them or at someone close to them and later, she’d ‘teach’ them not to get in her way.

Over the years, she gained the reputation of the heartless girl who you didn’t want to mess with. She didn’t care much for it, she only cared about getting stronger and then going to camp when she was older. When the city boy, Angelo, came to town it all changed though.

He came from Rome and the whole school buzzed around him like bees do around a flower looking for honey. In a small town like the one they lived in, not much happened and a city boy coming was more news then they’d had in the past 5 years.

Valentina didn’t care for him and kept being the same person she always was, but the boy got interested in her. She kept telling him off but he kept flirting and asking her out every day. After almost a year she gave in and went on a date with him. 

She ended really liking him and they started dating. Everyone was shocked but they didn’t care much for it, she was happy with him. She usually sneaked out of her house at night to meet up with him and never took her weapons with her. A year later, on their anniversary, Angelo told her that he was actually a demigod, a son of a greek god. And it turns out, he was a son of Themis just like her father.

She was shocked at the revelation and told him her father’s story. She asked him if he believed her mother was so fair that she’d kill her son while he was still an honorable man. He said that he didn’t have any opinion on her mother but said that even gods could make mistakes when angry. Valentina wasn’t sure what to respond to that so they said good-bye for the night.

Few weeks later, a manticore attacked the town. Three demigods in one place had smelled so delicious he couldn’t bear and went to hunt them down. Valentina and her adopted father went to fight it and when Angelo found out about it he went to help them. The manticore threw thorns everywhere and they were having trouble dodging them. When the finally killed the beast, Angelo had a deep cut near his ribs and was losing blood fast.

They took him to a hospital as fast as they could and he was dragged to the ER. Valentina wouldn’t leave the hospital until she was sure he was fine so her dad left her there waiting. She walked around so much she could’ve made a hole in the floor. When the news that he was recovering reached her, she almost ran to his room.

When she opened the door, she saw a woman in the room. She immediately asked who she was and she told her that she was his mother. Valentina called her a liar, said his mother was Themis and that there was no way she’d come here just for her child. When she heard that, Themis asked her how she knew that. Valentina told her that she knew Themis was a cold-hearted woman who killed her children for not doing what she hoped and the fates wouldn’t let her interfere in her son’s life.

She said that she was only visiting because she was worried about him, hadn’t done anything to her son. Visiting was allowed after all. And she asked what made Valentina say that she was such a horrible mother. Valentina said she was Garrett’s daughter, the son she killed just because he stole from the rich who didn’t value what they had. She yelled at Themis, but Angelo was still out cold to stop her.

Themis said ‘Watch your tongue, demigod, or you won’t have it for long’ and disappeared into thin air. Valentina, who was still tired from the fight, collapsed in the floor. She woke up in the sofa in Angelo’s hospital room and he was happily eating pudding while watching a silly cartoon in the 15 inch television he had in the room.

She asked if he saw his mother yesterday and he said no. She said nothing else about it, so Angelo didn’t ask. He knew his girlfriend was trying to take all the information she could from her discussion yesterday with the Titan. When Angelo got out of the hospital, their routine seemed to be the same as always.

Only, their routine was about to change. In the Olympus, Themis confronted Nemesis as to why she had not only lied about killing her son but slept with him and had a child of him. And most of all, why had she hid the girl from her. Nemesis said that she didn’t want Themis hate get to her daughter and that who the father was had no relation to it. The two goddesses fought through the night without reaching a consensus.

Themis said that she wouldn’t let the spawn of her disgrace walk around so easily, specially not after insulting her like that. She sent another monster after the girl, one who was to specifically kill her but not touch the other demigods in the town.

But when the monster reached the town it was the dead of the night. Themis had hoped to have her killed while she slept, but Valentina still sneaked out of the house to stay with Angelo. The monster attacked her in the middle of their date and Valentina was weaponless. Angelo, however, wasn’t and took his sword out to fight it. Valentina, desperate, could only watch and try to shake the monsters balance.

When Angelo finally slayed the monster, his wound of the previous fight opened and he had a new gash going from his heart to the middle of his stomach. He collapsed and Valentina ran to help him. She tried stanch the wounds, but she it was too deep and he was losing too much blood. She could do nothing but hold him while life left him by the liter.

She cried and begged for him not to leave her. He smiled and said that he would always be with her and asked her to forgive his mother. The light left his eyes and Valentina cried and cried. Her stepfather found her there in the morning, dirty with dried blood and tears, hugging Angelo’s dead body.

Angelo’s father didn’t blame Valentina, he even tried to comfort her but no one could heal the wound that cut her heart that night. After the funeral, she told her stepfather that she would go to camp so she could learn how to use her powers better so this kind of thing didn’t happen. She didn’t know that Themis was the one who sent the monster so her hate for her didn’t grow as much as her hate for herself and her uselessness.

Her stepfather couldn’t do much more apart from paying her flight and hoping she had a safe trip. Valentina traveled with the desire to become stronger and more powerful so nothing would happen to her beloved ones ever again.

Weapons: A celestial bronze set of throwing knives and a thin sword of celestial bronze as well

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