Name: Rex Lawrence

Current Age: 16

God Parent: Hebe

Mortal Parent: Regis Lawrence

Weapon: An old antique key that turns into a CB sword

Personality: He spent the first 8 years of his life watching the woman who he thought was his mother get sicker and die, so he tends to be a bit shy and reserved when he firsts meet people. His biggest fear is losing his loved ones.

History: Regis was once happily married to his high school sweet heart, Linda. They married right after high school, and held off starting a family until they both finished college. Upon graduation, and Regis getting a decent job, they started working towards having their first child. After a couple of years of trying, they could not seem to get pregnant, upon seeing a specialist his wife found out that she had ALS. The doctor’s concluded that due to the type of ALS, she had maybe 5 years before becoming completely paralysed, and if she was lucky, 10 years before she would succumb entirely to the disease.

They were devastated, not only would they not be able to have the family they so longed for, but the clock was ticking on how much time they had left together. Over the first year, Linda hated seeing her husband so sad, and she wanted more than anything to give him a child that he could love and care for long after she was gone. She started researching online, hoping to find someone that would be willing to be a surrogate. While taking a walk in the park, she ran into a beautiful woman, full of youth and vigour, Hebe introduced herself as Theresa and asked why Linda was crying. Linda told Theresa (Hebe) the whole story, including how she talked to Regis about having a surrogate but that he could not imagine raising a child without her.

Theresa (Hebe) felt horrible for the woman and her situation, and in a moment of sympathy, revealed that she was Hebe, goddess of youth. Hebe told the woman, that she could mimic Linda’s appearance and he would never know it was not Linda. Linda wanting so badly to give her husband a child, agreed. Later that day, before Regis came home from work, she left and Hebe came and took her place. Regis had no idea anything was up, until nine months passed and they found a baby on their doorstep. Linda insisted they kept the child and raised it as their own, Regis not wanting to deny his wife any bit of happiness agreed. They named the child Rex.

By this time, Linda was already three years into the disease, and was confined to a wheel chair most of the time. Regis hired a nanny as well as a day nurse to help take care of his son and wife. The next 7 years were hard on the family, and Rex spent more time with his nanny than with his own parents. When Linda passed away shortly after Rex’s 8th birthday, Regis was damn near broke and drowning in medical expenses that the insurance company would not cover. For a couple of years he wallowed in his depression, but then just before Rex’s 11th birthday Regis came into some money upon the death of his mother. He decided to invest the money into the hunt for gold in Alaska. By the time, Rex was 12 they were living in Nome, Alaska and Regis was working on a gold dredge hoping to strike it big.

Rex had a mostly uneventful time in Alaska; he was a quiet child, after having grown up around so much loss and sadness. He did not have too many friends in school, but he was not all that unpopular either, just unnoticed. This all changed when he turned 15 and was attacked by a monstrous dog during hockey practise. He could not believe his eyes, at how enormous the dog was. He would have been killed, were it not for the fact that he kept an old antique key on him at all times, that his mother had left for him, with a note to keep it with him always. The key turned into a sword, and before he could react, a classmate yelled out at him to stab the hellhound with the sword. After a little bit more of a fight, he was able to stab the hellhound as it turned to dust, he looked over at his classmate and suddenly realised his classmate had furry goat legs. The classmate revealed himself to be a satyr, and explained to Rex that he was a demigod and what that meant. Together they tried to explain to his father, but his father refused to believe, that there was any way the woman he had dated from such a young age, the woman he had watched die, could have been a goddess. Later that night, Rex packed a small bag, and with his emergency cash, he slipped out and met up with the satyr. They took a plane to the JFK airport, and a taxi to the camp borders, where they ran into a harpy, but being so near camp there happened to be some other demigods nearby that helped them kill the harpy. Rex was claimed almost immediately as a child of Hebe.


Name: Isabella De'Paulette


Age: Was 16 but Hebe blessed her to the age of 13 again.

Gender: Female

Parents: Alec De'Paulette (mortal father), Hebe (mother)

Personality: Isabella is quite free-spirited, with a sense of freedom and childish innocence in her. She is bubbly and optimistic, with an elegant set of manners when in public. When just with her friends, Isabella is known as "Bella" or "Bell" and is humorous, sweet, but fiesty too. She is graceful with all her movements and is known to be very flexible, from years of dancing and gymnastics. Despite her strict upbringing, Bella is very childish at times in a sweet way, and serious only rarely.

Looks: Bella has sweet, long ginger/brown hair, which suits her crystal blue eyes very well. She has naturally pale and smooth skin, causing a graceful and elegant, almost fragile look to her. Bella is thin, but is not described as a stick but more of a little bird, who spreads her wings more often than not. Bella wears tights most of the time, with singlets or jeggings. She hates to wear constricting clothes, as she is doing dancer moves here and there all the time.


The sky is my freedom, and as I lift my wings, I shall fly away. I will be free..


Alec De'Paulette was a handsome man, with soft eyes and a graceful body. He had sweet manners and a love for all creatures. Most would say he was a very talented man, kind and loving. It was a joke among many of his friends that he was the one the ladies sang for in all their famous songs. After all, he did attract many lovely woman. Including one goddess.

Hebe had been looking for a kind soul, not withered by age. And Alec De'Paulette, being a young eighteen with a great career and personality, caught her eye. She struck up a conversation one late night in the park, where he had been walking his dog. Soon, they were meeting each other every night in a lovely, gentle relationship.

But yet, like other gods and goddesses, Hebe could not stay with her mortal lover. So one night, she just didn't arrive at their meeting place. Or the next, or even weeks after. Heartbroken, Alec drowned his sorrows in alcohol. He spent most of his time going out in one night flings, drinking, or just plain sleeping.

A few months later, a miracle happened though. A tiny baby appeared on his footstep, a single word on a piece of paper with the baby. Isabella. Alec picked up the baby, and the little girl opened her eyes. Crystal blue eyes, like her mother. The only woman who had those crystal blue eyes had been Hebe, his and his ex-lovers daughter. That was the moment Alec promised to fix his life up.

He married Lola Dane-De'Paulette a few years later, when Isabella turned three. Lola was a strict rich woman, with lots of rules. She found it disgusting that her husband had a bastard daughter, and that he actually adored her! As Isabella started getting older, she gave strict ruling to her.

Alec had a job as a politician and was away a lot, months at a time sometimes. Lola made Isabella do chores, learn to cook, be a perfect student, learn the piano and get top results, become an expert at cleaning and most of all, how to never go out and make friends.

Isabella by the age of thirteen felt like a bird in a petshop. Locked up, wings clipped, never to fly free. She started dreaming of turning into a bird and flying away, of finding love and of being free. Her father did not notice her sad looks as she was forced to do extra study or to make dinner suddenly. Because Isabella went by in life, her thoughts being her own. She wished to have a friend, to be able to let out her thoughts. But yet, she was locked with Lola having the key.

Isabella by the age of fifteen could tell many strange stories of her life. Like the old woman who had stalked her across a mall, but Isabella had been able to catch a bus away. Or the time a giant black dog came from an alleyway to attack her, when she was able to climb up a vine graph and onto a roof using her graceful movements.

At sixteen, Isabella had had enough. She looked like a child many said, and she wanted to have her childhood

Before she was free, she was constricted in life

back. She wanted to be able to run among daisies and to be able to sing with the birds, to talk to her crushes for the first time without homework stopping her and to make friends. She wanted to be happy.

Heartbroken as she accepted that she would be a bird in a cage her whole life, Isabella climbed onto the highest roof in her town one day. She spread out her arms and was going to jump, to fly into death happily when a voice told her to stop. She looked around, searching for the voice only to not find it.

Suddenly, a woman appeared behind her. She was beautiful, young and sent out a superior aura. The woman explained she was Hebe, goddess of youth and that all the Greek god and goddesses were alive. She talked about Olympus, Camp, myths being real, heroes, demigods and Isabella wished again to have her childhood back, to be able to learn more about these things.

As if reading her mind, Hebe offered Isabella the choice to be young at thirteen again, after telling Isabella she was her real mother and proving it to her by claiming her with the symbol. Isabella accepted and was in awe as she became thirteen again, seemingly mentally, emotionally and physically. Hebe then took Isabella to Camp Half Blood.

I am now a real bird, a song bird. I shall sing my songs in the early morning and fly across setting skies. I will show I am now free, and we will all dance in our freedom. We are out of the cage, we are young!



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Name: Samuel "Sammy" Evans

Age: Thirteen

God Parent: Hebe

Mortal Parent: Harold Evans, deceased

Appearance: Sammy is a brown-haired ten-year old boy that is underweight and a bit short for his age. If his mother did not heal him after he came back from the dead, he would've had scary burns and scars around his eyes that intimidate people but they're gone but the blindness stays with him.

Personality: Sammy is extremely quiet and tried to avoid people since he doesn't like talking and hates people pitying him or teasing him for his blindness. He seldom talks for he finds that he does not have a reason to and when he does talk, it's usually barely above a whisper. But even though he hates being around people, he has a kind and soft nature. He loves nature and usually spends his time in valleys and forests, staying for hours, listening to the animals and wind. Also, he has a major fear of fire since it killed both of his families.

History: Harold Evans was an eighteen year old boy who was trying to provide for his eleven brothers and sisters; his father was a soldier that died in combat and his mother died of a heart attack caused by depression weeks after. He lived by doing low-paying jobs such as delivering newspapers and helping out construction workers. Then, one day, he met the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, Angelina, Hebe in disguise. He thought he would never win her heart because he was a poor, parentless peasent but Hebe loved his personality and kind heart so she started helping out his family to get closer to him. After a year, she granted him with a baby and explained who she was. He was devastated and little bit upset that he had an extra mouth to feed but all angry thoughts disappeared after he saw the baby, which he named Samuel or Sammy.

Sammy lived happily with his family who loved him to death but never had enough to eat so he grew up weak and fragile. One day, the fireplace exploded across the living room, killed two of the children, and continued spreading across the house. They tried to put it out but couldn't and it slowly took the other nine of Harold's siblings' lives. Finally, Harold and little Sammy were trapped in the bedroom and Harold, trying to get out, tried to race across the house but a flame licked Sammy's eyes and when they get out, Harold discovered that he himself was severely burned. When he managed to get out, he saw the firefighters coming and when one approached him he told her to take care of Sammy and died.

The firefighter, an unmarried young woman named Jennifer Lyson who was a daughter of Hephaestus, adopted Sammy and took care of the blind child but had no idea that he was a demigod. After six years

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