Name: Timothy (Little Tim) Dulanie

Gender: Male

Age: 8

Mortal Parent: Wilma Dulanie

Appearance: Little Tim has a brown mop of hair, blue eyes, and olive-tan skin. He is 3'11".

Personality: Little Tim is a bundle of energy and makes everyone feel upbeat however, he can be a little annoying. Little Tim rarely cries but is often very sad.

Weapons: 12 Celestial Bronze throwing balls. Each ball catches on fire mid-flight and is the size of a baseball. Little Tim chucks them, his shoes, and any other objects that could do damage, at his enemies. Also, his automaton teddy bear.

History: Little Tim was born in England. London to be exact. He moved to America at the age of three. However, he moved accidentally. He went into his room and got his teddy bear. He opened the door walked through and suddenly he was on Olympus by his dad.

"Hello Timothy." His father said. "I have a gift for you."

Janus handed him 12 celestial bronze throwing balls. Now go out this door and you will meet your destiny. But, of course Little Tim was 3 so he said:


So in Janus took Little tim's teddy bear and flung it through the door. Little went chasing after it. On the other side he came out at an Orphanage. He stayed at that Orphanage for five years without being adopted. A couple days ago, Tim decided enough was enough. So, he packed his bags and set off on the road with the clothes he had on, his teddy bear, his throwing balls, An atlas, eight slices of bread, and a jar of jam all bundled up in a burlap sack, except the clothes. He wandered for two days. Little did he know he had attracted a monster, the Hydra. He was very close to camp Half-Blood although he had actually come this way to get strawberries to eat. He was Half-Blood hill. He was almost there. He ran for the border but the Hydra intercepted his path. He was terrified. His burlap sack felll to the ground and the contents spilled out. Luckily, the Teddy Bear kicked into action. It leaped at the Hydra, its' hands turning into a buzzsaw and a blowtorch. While expertly avoiding the Hydra's heads it cut off and burned the heads one by one. After it defeated the hydra, the teddy bear turned back into a teddy bear. Little Tim grabbed his things and ran across the border to camp Half-Blood. He was home. Powers: Little TIm probably has many powers. We just don't know what they are yet. All we know is he can use existing doorways to come out wherever he wants and travel to anywhere.


Name:Jason Teig

Personalty:He used to have split personalty disorder but a theripist cured it. His permanet personalty is that he is quiet, but when he talks everyone listens. He has a natrual born leader skill.


History: Jason's mom met Janus at a circus show one night. He had two faces, she thought it was just two men. She asked one of them if he and his friend would preform for her niece's b-day party. He said yes. He went to preform and then he asked her on a date. They dated for three months without her finding ou his secret. When she became pregnat he revealed himself, and she freaked out and kicked him out. When Jason was born on January 21 Jasons mom was gonna put him up for adoption, instead his grandparents took him in. Somehow his granpa trained him to control his powers. By the age of 10 he could walk through the door in his room and end up at his classroom. By 7th grade he made his teacher walk in the classroom and end up back home. Eventually a hydra came after him. He simply chased it through the door, he had no idea where it went though, he went to Olympus where he met his dad. He gave him the keychain then took him to camp.

Mrdaimion - WINNER!!!!!

Name: Eliza (short for Elizabeth) Yocky

Mortal Parent: Heather Yocky

Equipment: Eliza only has a small, non-celestial bronze, knife from her days in the gang. (Read History for more info.)

Personality: Eliza has big anger management problems, as for getting angry easily, and finding ways to deal with her anger. Due to this, she causes to snap out a lot at people, and constantly forgets to watch what she says, getting her into trouble constantly. She doesn't seem to mind though, although now at camp she's starting to watch her mouth a little more carefully. Inheriting it from her mother and father, she also loved to explore, although until she discovered her Demigod powers she never got the chance.

Due to her history with gangs (again, check History for more info), Eliza has a special hatred in her heart for people who participate in similar events now, even though Eliza's (although she won't admit it) skilled in the arts of "the Streets."

Age: Fifteen.

History: Eliza's mother, Heather Yocky, first laid eyes on Janus when she was traveling to write a book about Greece. She never saw Janus's other face, due to him always keeping the backside of his head covered with a backwards hat and a hoodie, and, to put it frankly, Heather wasn't really looking for anything in particular. Heather sensed something... Strange about this man, and started to follow him. Eventually they both grew a fancy to each other, and started dating.

Soon after, Elizabeth was born in New York, on March 26th, 1996, daughter of Janus and her mortal mother. Right after her birth and Janus got a look at her, he immedietly started to pack up and leave her, claiming that he needed to do some important research. He quickly left, never turning back, and Heather somehow never learned the truth about Janus being a God.

When Elizabeth was the age of nine though, tragedy struck her. Her mother was killed by a serial killer that was on the loose, and Elizabeth was sent to an orphanage. She was adopted two years later by Drew and Maria Heffley, although the family would regret it soon enough.

At the age of twelve, she ran into a gang. They, having no dignity, were planning to horribly injure, and possibly kill, her, but she first told them if they let her go away unscathed, she'd join their gang. At first they laughed at the proposal, but they quickly agreed to let her in when she swiped a knife, and quickly put it right in front of another member's neck.

Although she hated to admit it, she soon enough started to enjoy this life of crime she got, even if she was always picked on the more experience members. She changed her name to Eliza, too, due to Elizabeth sounding too stuck-up for someone in a gang. She thought she enjoyed it when she mugged an old lady, or beat up a wealthy business man. But that wasn't what she enjoyed, wanna know what she really liked about it? It let her have revenge on everyone else for knowing who their dad was, and their mother still alive, as she still secretly grieved about it. However, at the age of fifteen, she started to get too big a name.

{C}She was getting too big a threat for the leader of the gang, threatening to take over his position. And he didn't like it one bit. He ordered all other gang members to kill her for a reward. Once she heard the news, she started to run and they chased her around the city, until—by sheer luck, or Janus's will, who knows?-- when she was almost out of breath, she opened up one random house door to hide in, and she appeared at [[Camp Half-Blood, or in specifics, the Big House.

Everyone inside was shocked to see her suddenly appear, and Eliza, not noticing she teleported (she was still in a house that looked similar to the one she was hiding in) begged them to hide her from the gang, and they soon reassured her that she was fine. She was calmed down by this, until they got to the point where they said she teleported.

She started freaking out again until the leader of camp came in, and calmly explained everything to her about her life, as calmly as possible. He dubbed her a children of Janus due to her, er, "sudden appearance," too. He managed to calm Eliza down, who, as she was packing away her things, looked back at her life as a gang member, and realized how much pain she must have caused other people. She from there on swore to never go back to a life of crime like that, and got rid of all gang souviniers, aside from a small (sadly mortal metal) knife she used on the day she asked to join, and her name Eliza, partially to remember why she's not going back, and partially cause she always hated the name Elizabeth.


Name: Nicole and Natalie Lexington

Gender: Female

God Parent: Janus

Mortal Parent: Ryan Lexington

Appearance: Nicole is a blond, with natural brown highlights and Natalie is a brunette, they both have hazel eyes, are 16, 5'6, and weigh 100 pounds. They both like to wear makeup usually consisting of eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, and blush.

Personality: Nicole and Natalie are warmhearted and always there for their friends. They are brave, energetic, hard-working, and selfless. If angered they can have a sharp-tongue and are sometimes feisty. Nicole's fatal flaw is curosity while Natalie's is wanting to be perfect.

History: Ryan met Janus in a circus act when he was introduced as the guy with the two heads . Ryan was a famous scientist and was fasinated at the fact of a two headed human mutantion so she procided to date the two headed guy. They dated for months, Ryan always asked Janus if she could figure out why he had two heads but the awnser was always no. So Ryan would steal pieces of hair, clothing, and other things to test from Janus but came to no result why the mutation happened. Then one day she found the perfect way to test the mutation, by getting pregnant. When she did she became exited and only saw the baby in her belly as a test subject. When they were born, Ryan was first excited when she saw two heads peering out at her in the hospital, only to learn that the heads were not connected to a single body but two. She quickly threw them in an orphanage and left them there without a glance back. The twins lived in there until they were 10, when someone adopted them. The adopter was revealed to be another demigod son of janus sent by their father to take care of them. One day when everyone was watching TV the minotaur attacked. There protector quickly fought it off and took them to camp half-blood where they were claimed as children of Janus.

Weapons: none

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