Name: Dade Avery

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Personality: Dade is a quiet, insecure boy which is absolutely petrified of doing anything wrong. He tends not to speak to people unless the speak to him first. Dade questions everything in life, from simple, Can I do that? to, Why exactly are there people on earth? He can be too nosy for his own good but it's all with good intention, or to him it seems good. Dade, although he loves music he is absolutely terrible at playing instruments, but if you put in ear plugs he is quite the little musician. He has an addiction to using the words "maybe" and "perhaps".

Appearance: Dade has platinum blonde hair cur in a somewhat scene-ish/emo-ish style. He has crystally ice blue eyes that sparkle in the light. He has a small build and could qualify as scrawny. His skin if kind of pale, but not white pale.

History: Once there was a man, he thought of himself as nothing, and no one could ever change that, not even the love of his life, Eris. Eris met the man, who's name was Greg by the way and they instantly clicked. Greg however showed no love for her, but she was determined to bare his child so with this she....okay you know where I'm going here she raped him and shit.

Eris was happy when she found out she pregnant as she finally had something to remind her of Greg, but then she remembered something, as soon as the her beloved child was born she would have to give it up. Saddened by this she asked Eileithyia to prolong her pregnancy so that she could keep the baby close to her for a while longer, however, this only worked for a few days before Eris couldn't take pregnancy anymore so she gave birth to Dade. Reluctantly, Eris gave the baby to Hermes to deliver to his father, however, Eris remembered he'd probably not want anything about her near him, so she asked Hermes to deliver him to an orphanage, and say his parents were killed in a car accident.

It was a snowy night when Hermes finally located an orphanage. When he found one he put Dade on the doorstep with a note, rung the doorbell and left. The baby was found by a nun. She scowled and quickly brought the young boy into the orphanage. Her ice blue eyes glanced over the young boy as she placed him into a crib. The young boy woke the next morning by a nun who looked him critically. Most children would start crying from this look, but the only thing that happened with Dade was that his bright green eyes gleamed in the light. As Dade got older he was forced to start going to church and a catholic school. Dade was beaten for being left handed as the nuns said "Left handed people are the devil's minions". Dade soon learned to use his right hand, but when possible he would use his left hand.

As he grew older the nuns started to see that he wasn't as normal as he should be. They said that he started having delusions after he said he kept on seeing "monsters" out the window. It wasn't until one Sunday in church a two harpies flew in and started attacking him. The nuns eyed him critically as they thought he was ducking and screaming about nothing, however, there was a satyr in the church as well, the priest to be exact. He quickly saw the harpies and tried to hurry up his sermon to try and help Dade, who he was supposed to protect. The satyr, who's name was Frances, only took up the job to protect the young boy. Dade managed to escape to the bathrooms. Frances managed to get to him before the harpies found him and dragged him out of the church and pushed him into his peace of crap car. Dade was confused but he was slightly happy to get rid of them god damn nuns, even if it meant going on a roadtrip with a priest.

Frances told Dade that he was a demigod during the drive and told him that he was taking him to a camp. They managed to get to camp safely, well if you exclude one hellhound they easily managed to get away from. Dade, though, tries to avoid Frances at camp though somewhat fails.

Weapons: Does a water-pistol count?


Name: Chantal De Leon

Age: 18

Gender: Female


  • Eris (mother)
  • Domark (father)
  • Therese (sister)
  • Dominic (uncle)
  • Flora (cousin)
  • Mike (cousin)


I can consider myself selfish and stubborn. I could also be sarcastic at times. It would be best for you to stay away from me when I am in a bad mood though you can always feel welcome to hang out with me if I am in a good mood. I love reading books. The best ones I have is the Harry Potter series as well as the Hunger Games series. To be honest, I enjoy it when people fight each other. I love quarrels and I am fond of watching people wrestle on T.V. It must also be the reason why I love reading the Hunger Games. I am also a girl full of wits. I may be vile but I am intelligent. I spent most of my childhood studying and reading academic books. I am a smart one, remember that. I hate people who are always being stupic, much like my uncle Dominic who won't stop until he gets the family fortune even though he knows that he won't stand a chance against us. I also hate my dumbfounded cousins, Flora and Mike who are always causing trouble. So if you think you are stupid and is an idiot, better stay away from me or else you die. And just so you know, I have a short and bad temper.



Once, there was a girl who has everything she wants

She is rich, yes definitely she was

Her family is a noble one. They are treated like royalty

Though someone behind the curtains wishes to steal the fortune of this family

This person turns out to be no other than the jealous brother of the heir

But the heir doesn't want to fight him for he can't hurt even a tiny bear

But due to Eris, the goddess of discord

The brothers fight with full efforts

And now this girl who has everything she wants

Fights with her father to claim the victory she wants

My father is Domark De Leon. He is the eldest child of my grandparents, Mariana and Edward De Leon which are the heads of a very rich family who lives in a mansion at Sacramento, California. For so long, my grandparents wished for an heir to their family line and at last, it has come. My father, Domark became the heir of their family. A few years later and my uncle, Dominic De Leon was born. Of course, my father was happy that now he has a brother.


I wield a paint brush. Yes, a paint brush given to me by my mother, Eris when I arrive at camp. It goes with a color palette. I use it for painting and for combat. The paint brush turns into a rapier sword while the color palette turns into a Shield made of Celestial Bronze.



Name: Channing Maimie Torbert

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Mortal Family:

  • Charlie Torbert: Father, deceased, demigod son of Nyx.
  • Brady Torbert: Uncle, deceased.
  • Ava Tobert: Aunt, deceased, demigod daughter of Athena.
  • Thomas Torbert: Cousin, demigod son of Apollo.
  • Timothy Torbert: Grandfather, deceased.
  • Harry Walker: Current Legal Guardian

Personality: Channing is a stubborn girl who will never back down willingly. She is a person who is very determined to finish tasks, but usually focuses on the more useless, minor things. She is one who doesn't talk much, and prefers to speak in a few words. Channing has stopped from her habit of talking in third person, but will eventually do so every once in a while. People around her call her sadistic and/or insane at times, but she just shrugs it off, not bothering on what they say about her.

Channing is always in denial when it comes to facing someone's death. Especially when it comes to her loved ones. However, Channing has grown to stand being around the dead and seeing blood, sometimes feeling calm or relaxed around their presence. Channing also has a good taste in food, and has always been a pretty good baker. She also has an eidetic memory, so she can practically remember everything that she has seen, heard or dealt with.

Appearance: Channing has wavy red hair that goes past her shoulders, which she dyed some parts orange a few years back. She has sky blue eyes and is almost always seen with a thin layer of black mascara and red lipstick, blood red to be exact. Channing stands at five-foot-seven. She also loves to wear dark clothing, as it is one of the only reminders of her family before their deaths.

History: Channing's father was Charlie Torbert, a son of Nyx. With his father being a baker at his family's bakery, Charlie was used to the smell of fresh bread and cakes. But Charlie had always dreamed to become a doctor, ever since he was eleven to be exact, as he wanted to help people and he was already at the top of the class when it comes to biology. Hell, he even enrolled into medical school just to do that. However, Timothy made him quit from the doctor job as Brady lived his dream, as a dancer in Broadway while Ava was pregnant, leaving Charlie to be the only Torbert child available to work there. Grudgingly, Charlie did get a job there, but he began to become hate of his father. And day-by-day, year-by-year, the hatred grew and grew and grew. It grew until Charlie himself was plotting a way for revenge. Specifically, for murder.

After an extremely busy day at the bakery, Charlie went to the local bar to unwind. That was when he met Eris, who was disguised as a young woman named Erika. Feeling that he could trust her, he told Erika his story. Eris was, to say the least, amused at this. But at the same time, she seemed to support him with his idea, as she herself wanted him to live a chaotic life. After a few words in exchange and a whole lot of drinks later, Charlie invited 'Erika' into his apartment. And well, you know how this always ends up.

The next day, when Charlie is still asleep, Eris secretly got her things and silently left. But, after a quick reconsideration, she decided to come back to leave a note. She realized that if she does leave hints that she supports his idea in murdering his family, that could possibly cause the most chaos that she has ever made with one mortal. Not to mention that she would get a new 'toy' to play with. With a smug smirk and the chaotic plan in mind, she quickly scribbled the note on a clean napkin and left the note on what was her pillow before leaving him. When Charlie did wake up, he found the note and read it. It read:

Do what you want to do. If you do want to kill them that badly, just do it. ~ Erika

Exactly four months after meeting Eris, the letter kept spinning in his head. At the same time, he continued plotting. Then, it hit him. 'Erika' was actually supporting him. He knew, that, if someone was actually supporting him with this idea, he should really consider doing it. He immediately grinned at this idea before he grabbed a few different kinds of poison before he set off towards his first kill, his own brother, Brady Miller.

However, Charlie was interrupted when he heard a knock on the door. When he opened it, it revealed that 'Erika' came back to Charlie's apartment, looking larger than usual. When Charlie opened the door, the first thing he asked was "Are you pregnant?” Rolling her eyes slightly, she chuckled before she told him that she's four months pregnant, with his child. She also asked if Charlie has done any one of his revenge plots yet. Charlie only grinned before he said that he got it all planned, but is postponing it to support her pregnancy. Eris only grinned, fully reliving her role as 'Erika' again. They lived happily in the apartment until the young daughter was born. Seeing as 'Erika' wanted a first name that started with 'C', he eventually decided to name her Channing Maimie Torbert. During the time, Eris decided to give Channing a ring and a small, red cylinder as a present. Then a few months after the birth, Eris left the Torbert child's home again. And this time, she wasn't coming back.

Little Channing grew up to be a pretty happy kid. Especially due to the fact that her father was actually overjoyed when he realized that he didn't have to babysit his sister's son anymore, since he had his own daughter. They had a lot of fun at the bakery and in their home, probably throwing pancakes at each other again. It was like he completely forgot about his plans to murder his family. Eris, who was secretly watching the two this whole time, was slightly disappointed as he forgot about that. However, she also seemed to be slightly happy in seeing her daughter being happy.

One day, when Channing was six, Charlie had found the note 'Erika' gave him while he was cleaning his room. He decided to take spike Brady's drink with some sort of poison, in which will give the Torbert sibling a slow, yet painful death. Soon after he was poisoned, Brady still continued to live his life as a Broadway performer, but is covering his pain from everyone that he knows. A couple of days after Charles poisoned Brady; the said Torbert sibling took Channing to the park as he promised Channing to get some playtime there. When Channing went to go to the bathroom, Brady began to suffocate. And when Channing came back to her uncle Brady, she shrieked as she witnessed her uncle get into a seizure. A nearby park visitor heard her shriek and ran towards the two, calling 911 once at the scene. But it was too late. Once the medics arrived, they already claimed Brady dead. However, a tape recorder fell down from Brady’s pocket as he is being transferred on the stretcher. And soon, the soundtrack of the Phantom of the Opera played repeatedly. Channing, not knowing the song, was terrified for her life when listening to it due to the ‘creepy’ aura it gave. Along with the scary song, Channing discovered a note written in blood that also fell with the tape recorder. It read:

This is only the beginning of the Phantom.

And it surely wasn’t, exactly a year and a week after uncle Brady's death, a now seven-year-old Channing found her father coming into the bathroom with a bloodied hand. When she asked what happened to the hand, Charlie replied that he had an incident with cutting the vegetables. She was a bit suspicious at first, but decided to shake it off. When she came downstairs to pour herself some cereal for breakfast, she discovered that her grandfather was at the couch, looking as if he was asleep. Again, she shook it off, continuing to eat her cereal. But, what did scare her was that she witnessed a blood pool grow from the couch. With her bowl of cereal and a spoon in hands, she carefully tiptoed towards the couch. She immediately dropped her bowl and yelled "A-A-Aunt Ava! Could you, could you come here, please?" And with a quick sprint, her aunt Ava did come over to the child, only to discover what Channing found. Ava's father, Timothy Torbert, was dead. He appeared to be stabbed eleven times in the chest, with a bloody knife carefully placed on top of the coffee table near him. When the police arrived to investigate what happened, another tape recorder fell down from the corpse’s pocket. It accidentally clicked ‘play’ and like the previous murder, the sound track of the Phantom of the Opera played repeatedly. Being already traumatized of the song since the first murder, Channing went into a nervous breakdown. Apparently, during this, the police found a piece of paper that was still in Timothy’s pocket. Written in blood, it read:

The Phantom has struck again. Two down, one to go.

The police struggled to get Channing’s statement, but they eventually found out about the blood on Charlie’s hands. However, they accidentally told her about the note, which eventually lead to Channing submitting her own evidence, uncle Brady’s note. A few hours after the police got her statement and the note, her father went missing. Since then, she was forced to live with aunt Ava and her thirteen-year-old cousin Thomas, not that she minds.

After living a year and a week with her aunt Ava and Thomas, Channing was happy living with her family. Sure they had to move to another house, but she was happy that her aunt treated her like, the daughter that she never had. Eris, who was secretly watching Channing again, grew to be a bit jealous of Ava. Knowing that Charlie will trust ‘Erika’s guidance, ‘Erika’ told Charlie about his sister’s new location. While plotting the family murder, he realized that he was going to be the most reluctant in killing Ava; he planned on murdering her last. Deciding that it was time to finish what he had started, he went over to grab a baseball bat that he managed to scavenge earlier. He quickly got his cap on before he set off to Ava’s.

He knocked the front door of the said house, where Thomas opened the door. The latter froze at his appearance, only for Charlie to swing his baseball bat at his head, effectively knocking him down. Charlie then went over to his sister’s bedroom, where her sister stood, staring at the window. Charlie took this opportunity and hit her with his baseball bat. She yelled an ear-pitching scream as Charlie began to hit her again, again, and again. And yet while all this was happening, Channing just came home from a weekly science club meeting, not expecting the front door to be open, she quickly grabbed her pocketknife and carefully walked in. She yelped when she discovered Thomas lying on the floor, but was relieved to know that he was alive. Once she heard her aunt’s ear-pitching scream, she immediately called 911. Luckily, the police did come a few minutes after the call, exactly when Charlie was about to leave the house. Once he saw them along with his daughter, he began to run away from them. One thing’s for sure, he surely gave those cops a chase. Meanwhile, Channing stayed at the hospital with Ava and Thomas. But before she died, Ava shoved Thomas a piece of paper. “Go to this address.” She said. “Go there when strange things happen. Since you guys are actually demi-” She was interrupted as she stopped breathing. Both children unfortunately watched as Ava died on her hospital bed, leaving both children feeling helpless.

In the next few years, Channing and Thomas were then being taken care of by a man named Harry Walker. They also grew close towards the other siblings that lived with him, who were Jillian Walker and her little brother Bradley. The Torbert cousins trusted the Walkers, and even supported the two siblings when they found out that their father died. In exchange, the Walkers were supportive of Channing and Thomas as they witnessed Charlie gets executed for his three murders and Thomas’ assault. Luckily, some of the executers were demigod children of Themis and Thanatos. They knew that he was a demigod like them, and they made sure that he stayed dead. Even though Thomas was literally calmer when Charlie died, Channing couldn’t handle it and immediately broke down as he died. She was only ten at the time.

Life after the execution wasn’t quite the same as before. After rumors that Channing was a daughter of a serial killer and that Thomas was her cousin reached their school, the two were pushed away by most of their classmates. Most of them were terrified if they were similar to Charlie, but in fact they weren’t. However, there were very few that were still friends with them. Channing decided to exploit this by rebelling. She purposely acted like a rebel to the ones that feared her so they will not fear her as the ‘Serial Killer’s Daughter’. She did however, still became really close friends to the ones she considers to be worthy of her friendship. She even surprised her teachers by passing almost all her grades with flying colors, making her cousin playfully nickname 'Discovery Channel' due to her smarts.

At fifteen, Channing decided to talk a day off with one of her best friends and long-term crush Jacob, who was actually a demigod son of Hermes. Already sensing that she was a demigod, he purposely brought her to Long Island to bring her to camp. The two had had a lot of fun at Long Island. After a long walk around and a never-ending amount of stories, they ended up on a dirt road. “Where are we?” Asked Channing. “Just trust me in this Chan, just trust me.” Jacob replied with a grin. They continued walking up the path, slowly making their way to camp. Just a few meters away from the gate, Jacob saw that a Cyclops that passed them. Seeing as no one else was there, and they were seemingly weaponless, it was presumed that it was going to eating the two if they did get caught. While playing with her red cylinder, trying to come up with an idea, Channing witnessed as her cylinder grew into a full sized bo. Without thinking, she just ran towards the harpy and used the bo to smack the back of its head, effectively knocking it into unconsciousness. However, there was actually another Cyclops that was ready to attack them. Jacob then protectively stood in front of Channing and said, “Go, it’s your only chance. I can stop this guy.” Channing only shook her head going to stand beside him. “No, I’m going to help you! I’m not just gonna run, like, a, coward…” She said, her voice squeaking at the last few words as she saw yet another Cyclops approaches them. “And now, we both run.” Said Jacob. He bolted towards the Camp Entrance, forcefully dragging Channing with him. As soon as they arrived in front of the big house, Channing was immediately claimed as a daughter of Eris. Jacob only patted her shoulder in congratulations before running back to the gates. “Where are you going?” Channing yelled to him. “I’m going to bring your cousin over here! It’s for his sake!” Jacob yelled back, leaving Channing alone and confused in front of the big house.

She soon became a camper there, but is always returning to her home for taking care of the bakery. Until she has recently discovered that Jill became a year round camper, Channing decided to become one as well. From her point of view, in order to make sure that she stays alive, she has to become a year-round camper as well. She has been staying in camp ever since.

Weapons: Channing has a ring given by Eris at birth, which turns into a shield while pressing the center of it, though she hasn't figured out that bit yet. She also has a small red cylinder that can be turned into a full sized bo, also given by Eris at birth.

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