Name: Serafina de Klein

Age: 12

Appearance: Short, thick black hair, inquisitive blue eyes. Petite figure, 4'8"

Serafina de Klein is a daughter of Harmonia. Her Father, Jakob de Klein lived his youth in Holland, and moved to New York to complete further education. Jakob was an educated individual, who had high respect for women, and had good standards and morals. His goal in life was to become a successful Zoologist, but that all changed. While he was studying, two goddesses took a fancy to him. Eris, the goddess of dsiscord, and Harmonia, the goddes of concord. To stop dispute, they asked the goddess of marriage, Hera to choose who would get with him. Hera chose Harmonia over Eris, due to her still being vengeful about the Trojan war and the Judgement of Paris. Eris, who was completley unhappy about this decision smiled and the plotted a plan.

Harmonia went to Jakob and the two connected like two peas in a pod. They had a secet affair, and Serafina was conceived. Everything was perfect for Jakob, except the fact that Eris was making sure that all of Jakob's concentration was on Harmonia, and not his studies. When it was time for him to sit his final examinations, he failed miserably. No one would employ young Jakob despite his real talents, and finally, Jakob de Klein was resorting to drug abuse and alcohol. All of these things were happening because Eris was jealous of Harmonia, and so she had cursed Jakob.

When Serafina was born, Jakob's spirits were lifted, momentarily. Whenever he was around the child or Harmonia herself, he would be calm and peaceful. However, on the girls first birthday, Harmonia was forced back into Olympus by Eris, as she was accused of "neglecting her duties as a Goddess". Jakob was heartbroken and now hit rock-bottom. He became worse, and for the next few years of Serafina's life, he sent her to a boarding school, where she was treated like an idiot, as she had learnt to develop "selective mutism" from seeing and hearing her father's rages at such a young age. When she was ten, she was taken home, as she was expelled from the school for "Attacking a man who supposedly had one eye". Jakob would beat her until she bled, for she was (and still is) a petite girl. He would have almost killed her, if she had not used her (undeveloped) powers to calm him down.

One night, in his rages and a neighbour had called the police. He was about to deliver the final blow to her, when the police broke the door down and arrested him promptly. The took Serafina and sent he to an Orphanage, where a satyr, (In disguise as a man interested in adopting a child), sniffed her out and brought her to camp.

Personality: Serafina is shy and timid, with slective mutism, and dyslexia. She does not have ADHD, and in fact, she could sit in the same spot for hours on end, in a boltd position. She hardly speaks, and only does if neccessary.



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Octavio and Sofia (Octavio on the bottom and Sofia on the top)

Names: Octavio and Sofia Aquilar

Age: Octavio - 17 Sofia - 18 when she died

Godparent: Harmonia

Equipment: Octavio wields the sword Verdad (Truth). When Morgawr bound Sofia's soul to the blade, its magic corrupted the steel, causing it to be able to discharge Darkness. However, once the sword was reforged and both cursed and, indirectly, blessed by Harmonia, it gained some additional abilities. It will glow when it is in darkness, and the light it emits can be seen even thorugh the darkest darkness. Also, it can destroy illusions with ease, either by a flash of light or physically destroying it. Finally, when the blade is touching bare skin, it forces those touched to speak only the truth.

Personality: Octavio is melancholic most of the time, always serious and to the point. He sees no time for fun, and is usually thinking of how to survive, or how better to defend camp, attack BC, etc. However; he is also very forgiving, and is always able to give people a second chance.

Sofia, on the other hand, is sage-like. Having dealt with the evil of Morgawr for so long, she is familiar with most forms of dangerous and evil magic and legends. However; she also knows how to have fun, well, at least in her sense. As a ghost, she helps advise Octavio, as well as defend camp.

History: A long time ago, during the American Civil War, when both demigods and mortals fought one of the bloodiest wars in history, there were two demigods, one Roman and one Greek, who abhored the war that was going on. They were children on Concordia and Harmonia respectively, and though they tried thier best to stop the war at thier respective camps, they were unsuccessful. Angered by thier refusal to accept peace, they left, and met each other in thier travels. Having the same ideas for a peaceful existence, they decided to search for a home where they could be safe from the war. For the length of the war they travelled around the US, trying to find a home. Along the way they found outcasts much like them, Roman demigods who had been rejected from Lupa's pack or hadn't found Wolf House at all, or Greek demigods whose satyr guides had failed them or died. Criss-crossing the states, never staying in one place too long due to monsters or warring demigods. Eventually, they reached Lake Michigan, the last place they hadn't travelled to. The two children of Harmonia and Concordia, who had become leaders of the group of outcasts, prayed to the gods for a place where they could live in peace and safety from the war. Thier mother heard them, and raised an island in the middle of Lake Michigan, connected to the mainland only by a small strip of land that was invisible to all but those who wished peace to the island. Full with joy and gratitude, they named their island and home Harmonia, both in honor of thier mother and for the harmony between the Roman and Greek outcasts. They were led by the two children of Harmonia and Concordia, so that the power would be equal for the Greek and Roman demigods. Eventually, Harmonia became the home of demigod outcasts who had no home, always led by the Roman and Greek sons of Harmonia.

However; even though the outcasts were safe from the war, and then later from being alone, they still had to fight off attacks from monsters and other nightmares of myth. Thier greatest and most persistant enemy however; was the Morgawr. It was the Python Apollo slew reborn, only instead of a serpent's body, it was given a scaly human body, uncanny intellegence, and control over magic, by Gaea. She knew that a union of Roman and Greek demigods might defeat her one day, so she sent the Morgawr to destroy them. He was extremely powerful, not only having great strength, but with the help of a crystal Gaea fashioned for him, had control of destructive magic, and yet, he could not conquer the demigods' home. For years he attacked the island with little success, plan after plan failing. Unfortunantly, one of the outcasts, a demigod son of Mars, betrayed the camp, and led the Morgawr and his army of monsters to the isle of Harmonia, and a massive battle ensued for the survival of the demigods and their home. Morgawr himself unleashed so much magic in his attempt to eradicate the demigods, he slayed the son of Concordia and shattered the very bedrock of the island, and slowly it started to sink. The remaining son of Harmonia begged his mother to help them. And she answered his prayers.

She transported the island to the coast of Galicia, a region in Spain. At first, the demigods did not know where they were, and even after they figured out where they were, they started to doubt how they could survive in a place none of them had been before. However, the remaining son of Harmonia reassured the demigods, and soon, the island was once again active and happy. They renamed the island Armonía, in rememberance of their old home. However; never again did a son of Concordia live at the camp, not even step a foot in it. It was as if her children could never find the place again.

Unfortunantly; the camp was not the only thing that relocated to Spain. Morgawr also was transported there. However; he hid from the demigods. He was waiting for the perfect plan to destroy the demigods once and for all.

This is where Sofia and Octavio come into the story. Two children of Harmonia, they lived in the nearby town of La Coruña, unaware of thier heritage. For years they grew up generally oblivious to their real family and Armonía, though thier father wasn't. Eventually, when Sofia came to the age of 10, and Octavio 9, their father decided to take them to camp, where they would be safe from monsters who constantly hunted them. Morgawr found out about the father's plan, and a devious plan formed in his mind.

As the trio travelled to Armonía, many draecnae attacked the trio. Their father died saving them from the draecnae's ambush, living long enough to pass his sword to Sofia, so that she could protect herself and Octavio. For hours they dodged and avoided the draecnae long enough to reach the little strip of land that connected Armonía to the mainland, where they were surrounded. Octavio was stabbed in the chest, and presumed dead, and Sofia was captured. Octavio was saved by campers, who were able to save him from his wounds. Thinking his sister was dead, he trained furiously in hand-to-hand combat, so that even without a weapon he would be able to protect his friends, though he always blamed himself for his sister's "death".

However; Sofia had not died. After being captured by thye draecnae, she was going to be slayed once the draecnae had found a place for shelter. The Morgawr found them,and saved Sofia from the draecnae. Once she was in his clutches, he told her a huge lie of how the campers of Armonía had refused to help her little brother, and he had died because of their choice. This sparked a deep anger and rage in Sofia, and she willingly became Morgawr's servant. She recieved a crystal like the Morgawr's that let her control magic, and that, combined with her natural powers, made her extremely powerful, as she was able to stop people from attacking before slaying them with her own destructive magic. For years Sofia spread chaos and evil, and attacked Armonía whenever she could. Eventually she became known as La Bruja del Caos, The Witch of Chaos.

For years this went on, Sofia sending monsters and evil beings to attack, while Octavio and the others fought back and defeated them. Neither Octavio or Sofia knew that their sibling was acually alive. However; when Octavio and the others killed Sofia's pet drakon, a monster she highly prized, she became angered beyond comprehension, she attacked the camp herself in her fury.

Octavio realized that the Witch who had been terrorizing them for so long was acually his sister. He tried to reason with her, but Sofia could not believe that Octavio was alive, and she attacked him for his "lies". They battled fiercely, but even with Sofia's overwhealming advantage, Octavio was able to pin her down with her own sword, and forced to realize the truth.

Realizing she had been living a lie for half of her life, she agreed to help Armonía to atone for her sins. For two weeks she helped protect the island from monsters, and also bonded with her brother, who she hadnt seen in 8 years. At the peak of their happiness however; disaster struck.

Morgawr suddenly attacked Armonía with an army of powerful monsters, desperate to either gain back his valuable servant, or kill her. In the midst of the massive battle that followed, Sofia confronted Morgawr. She shattered the crystal that let her control magic in order to show Morgawr she would never listen to him again, and so that he could not control her through it. Though breaking the crystal weakened her, she still battled Morgawr bravely. Their battle raged throughout the island, destroying everything that got in thier way. Octavio joined in the battle, but he was no match for Morgawr, getting buried underneath the rubble of a building.

Unfortunantly; the battle turned for the worst. Morgawr was able to get under Sofia's guard, and in a massive explosion, killed her. His vengeance had not been sated yet, so using his dark magic, he trapped Sofia's soul into her blade, and stabbed the weapon into the ground, unleashing powerful energy that shattered the bedrock of the island, and as like last time, the island started to sink.

Octavio was able to dig himself out of the rubble at this point, and saw the massive carnage around him. Dead bodies of his comerades layed everywhere, disgustingly mutilated. Water and pieces of rock shot up in the sky and flowed and craked everywhere as the island sank. And in front of him was the body of his dead sister, with Morgawr smiling evilly at him.

Octavio's anger boiled over, and grabbing Sofia's sword, attacked Morgawr in an angry, rage-filled frenzy. He would've been slayed instantly, but Sofia spoke to him through the sword, and was able to direct his fury into a fighting strategy worthy of Athena. Octavio and Morgawr battled ferociously, their blows so hard rubble and rock were turned into dust beneath them. Finally, they reached a stalemate, Octavio set to pass the sword through Morgawr's head, with only a shield of darkness protecting Morgawr. At first, Morgawr tried to trick Octavio into joining him, trying to seduce him into the darkness Sofia had been in. When that didnt work, he began degrading Octavio and Sofia, calling them cowards and fools. This only angered Octavio so much, he shattered both the sword and the shield protecting Morgawr, and he cut Morgawr's face in half, killing him. However; with the sword shattered, Sofia's sword was released and sent to the Underworld, a badn event indeed for Octavio. With Sofia and everything and everyone he knew and loved gone, he snapped and went insane.

It's unknown how long Octavio was mad. He feels like it was a year, yet it seems longer. In any case, in his insanity, he viewed almost every single thing as an enemy that had to be killed, including anyone he happened to see. In the time he was insane he killed hundreds of people, thinking that all of them were out to kill him, with Sofia's shattered sword, which he carried around with him. Even the authorities could not capture him. He soon became known as El Diablo de Galicia, the Devil of Galicia.

Eventually, Octavio travelled south to Portugal, where he started killing again. At a small town however; a dragon suddenly attacked him. Unable to defend himself from the sudden attack, he was knocked out. Strangely, instead of eating him, the dragon flew away with him to a small house, where a man took Octavio, and the dragon flew off. Octavio woke up to find himself in a bed, with a man and a strange girl with...dragon wings looking over him. Though he tried to escape and kill the two, the man had tied him to the bed. With the help from the strange girl, the man was able to cure Octavio's insanity.

Though his insanity was cured, his grief wasn't. As soon as he was cured, he bid the man and girl good-bye, and prepared to leave. However, the man convinced Octavio to stay, as he had no home to go back to, and back in Spain he was wanted by the authorities. With nowhere to go to, he decided to stay. The man introduced himself as Daniel Borralho, and the strange girl as Cuelebre. For a few months he stayed with Daniel and Cuelebre, and warmed up to them, up to the point where he finally told them of what had happened to him before they found him. Once he told his story, they told theirs.

Daniel was once a popular blacksmith in Lisbon. However; when a rival blacksmith started forging items of higher quality than he did, Daniel's jealousy grew. After many times of trying to best his rival, Daniel grew so jealous he killed his rival in spite. He tried to hide the murder, but he was found out, and he had to run from the authorities, and soon he became grief-ridden over his murder. Cuelebre was once a daughter of Dionysus who was greedy and mean. Eventually, everyone in her small town grew so annoyed and angry at her insolence that they prayed for someone to teach her a lesson, as no one else seemed able to. Hera heard their prayers, and turned Cuelebre into a dragon, only to change back once she became kind hearted and the villagers agreed to change her back. Unfortunantly, Cuelebre became so angry that she was turned into a dragon that she destroyed her town and killed everyone within it. Realizing her mistake, and how bad she had been to the townspeople, she both lifted her curse, and permently sealed it as well. She could still turn to a dragon at will, but when she wasn't, she looked like a girl with dragon wings.

Daniel and Cuelebre found each other, and together they decided to atone for their sins by settling in a small town, and protecting it from any threat that might come to it. Once hearing their story, Octavio decided to atone for all the murders he had made, in a very special way. With help from Cuelebre, with her fiery breath as a dragon, Daniel and Octavio reforged Sofia's sword. Once it's forging was complete, it was renamed Verdad, and Octavio offered it to his mother as a sign of his willingness to atone for his sins. He then prayed for her to accept his offering.

The next day, Harmonia visited Octavio, Daniel, and Cuelebre. She accepted Octavio's offering to atone for the deaths that he had caused. Octavio offered to die so that his sister could come back to life, and thus atone for his mistakes. However, Harmonia decided to bring Octavio and Sofia back together again, so she offered a new solution. She would atone Octavio's mistakes, and bring Sofia back somehow, only if Octavio would labor under a curse, to which he gratefully agreed to. She cursed Octavio so that every drop of blood and every injury either he or the sword Verdad dealt to a being with a conscious, they would feel the same pain, both physically and mentally. She cursed the sword the sword and Octavio, and once the curse was complete, she travelled to the Underworld to retrieve Sofia.

Unfortunantly; once Harmonia left, Octavio was confronted by the very enemy that caused his insanity and murders: Morgawr. His pure hatred of Octavio and Sofia was so powerful it revived him hundreds of years earlier then he was supposed to arrive, so that he could slay Octavio. It was so powerful that Morgawr changed from a mere powerful monster to a being with a soul as dark as night. Octavio decided, though his friends protested, to face Morgawr alone.

He and Morgawr battled in a duel to the death. Though Morgawr was still powerful, Octavio had grown in strength too, and he was of clear of mind. Shattering the crystal that allowed Morgawr to cast magic so that the evil beast wouldnt be able to protect himself, Octavio cleanly swiped Morgawr's head off, finally killing the beast for good, and sending his soul down to Tartarus where it belonged. Sadly, Octavio's curse took affect, and he passed out into a coma, his mind unable to handle the pain.

After a day, Harmonia returned from the Underworld with Sofia behind her, though as a ghost. It was the only way Hades allowed Sofia to leave the Underworld. However; they came to a sad scene. Daniel and Cuelebre were desperatly trying to help Octavio wake up, while he laid in the bed, unconscious. Sofia possessed his body, and talked with Otcavio's conscious, and was able to wake Octavio up from his coma. Once Octavio was awake, Harmonia decided to send the two of them to a place where they would be protected: Camp Half-Blood. After Octavio said goodbye to Cuelebre and Daniel, who decided to stay where they were, Harmonia transported them to New York City. Once there, they found a satyr guide to lead them to their new home, Camp Half-Blood.


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Emily Lincoln

Name: Emily Jacqueline Scott Lincoln

Age: 17

Equipment: She Utilizes a rather Gruesome looking Sword, That looks VERY painful for the Receiver. She also carries a Camera with a strap around her neck, as she likes Taking Photos.

Personality: She LOVES Photography, and aspires to be a Photographist, or Noetic Scientist. She doesn't talk much, and she's shy. she has a VERY low level of Self-Esteem & Confidence, also.

Appearance: She usually wears knee high navy blue boots, red plaid jackets, Sorta Dark green skirts, A Dark Blue shirt, and wears ALOT of bracelets. She has yellow eyes (She found the weirdest contacts), and had blonde hair, but died it pink.....

History: Kevin Lincoln was a hippie fused with electronic music maker, driving around in a teched-out Volkswagon bus. One day, at a Peace Activists meeting in Iowa, he met Harmonia. They fell in love, having shared interest in peace, and tranquility. They were very Passionate towards each other.

On July 1st 1994, Emily was born in Madison, WI. She was a rather interesting girl, bringing a soft spoken attitude, a unlimited amount of positivity, creativity, and spunk, and finally, a heart. Sadly, Her Father was arrested for molesting a child when she was 6, so she was placed in a orphanage.

She'd always get picked on by the older kids, as they called her the weird pacifist. She was finally adopted when she was 11 by The Scott Family, and they moved to Ontario, Canada. She now had 2 little Brothers, Donnie and Cody, and a Older Sister, Miranda. they owned a Yellow 5th-Generation Chevrolet Camaro.

Her Relationship with her brothers are Well, her older sister like a mentor, her Mother is Fairly Good, but she HATES her father right down to the core, as they always argued about everything, including fashion style, Hobbies, studies, etc.

One day, while out on the city (17), a Hellhound attempted to kill her. She got the hell scared out of her, and panicked. luckily, Johnathan white was sent to svae her, and used his bardiche like never before. she fainted by the Trauma of the attack, and next thing she knew, she was in the big house hospital, lieing on a bed, healing. She soon found otu about her heritage.


Name:Claire Concord

Mortal parents: Adrian Concord

Falling Angel


Weapons:Claire has a single, 3 foot long Imperial Gold staff (with a Celestial bronze orb at the end), given to her by Harmonia when she was young and first became a Daemon. Since Harmonia is one for violence, the staff was only made to amplify and guide her powers. However, the larger end can be used for bashing if nesessary. Claire also carried a knife in the shape of a cross that she found in the Camp. She hopes she never has to use it against any Demigod.

Personality: Claire is a very lighthearted person who seems to be very in tune with other people and their emotion. She loves psychology, psychiatry, and anything pink. She usually has a very high tolerance level and a nice level head. She is great at rationalizing and solving problems. However, Claire can sometimes have a dark, rebellious side. She has been known to lash out before at random times, giving her the appearance that she is bipolar.

History: Claire was born to Adrian Concord and Zathara Concord. She was a perfect baby, cute as could be, with big blue eyes and pale soft skin. Harmonia took note of her, seeing into her angelic heart and knowing that she would grow up to be a kind, calm person. Harmonia descended upon the two happy parents, first disguised as a long lost relative. She watched the baby closer, and watched her parents even closer than she watched the child. One day, when harmonia was sure her parents could raise her correctly, she revealed herslef and explained her motive. She wanted Claire as a Daemon (nature spirit). Her parents thought hard about it, finally agreeing. How could they refuse a goddess? They only asked for their daughter to visit often, and their request was agreed to.Harmonia adopted her daughter, gifting both the powers that her children normally recieved and new Daemon powers to Claire. Claire was now doubbly ready for her future role. She also gave her parents tips on hw to make her heart bigger, kinder stronger, knowing her important role in the future. Her parents raised her to be a good person, kind and considerate, so that she would be a "good" Daemon, like Harmonia wanted. Claire always giggled at how that sounded- it was almost like the Good Fairies in a fairy tale. She learned right from wrong, and trained to support and guide souls in both life and death. harmonia watched the child grow, checking up very often, and falling in love with the girl as if she were her own daughter. When she was old enough, Claire was assigned to a very special place, one her parents were both proud of. She would be guiding the souls of Campers from Camp Half-Blood in life and eventually to the Underworld in death. She remember they day she was told clearer than any other day; she was just barely 13 when her mothers- both of them- told her. Claire was proud at first- SHE was chosen to escort Demigod souls! She realized that even though she had been trained for years, she couldn't bear the sight of seeeing kids, nearly her age, dying. She didn't resent the gods, and she knew they were doing all they could to help their children. However, this didn't dull the stabbing pain she felt whenever she guided a demigod to the underworld, seeing their blood scarred bodies, mached up limbs, and solemn pale faces. She pondered life and death a lot. Eventually, she thought about herself dying. She looked at her pale, ghostly skin. She was a spirit- not dead or alive. She began to notice the fun that the campers were having at Camp. She noticed the relationships, which she longed for; the friendships which she admired; the heroic actions that inspired her. She decided that it was better to live a short life as a Half-Blood then living forever as an escort to the dead. Being the true middle between divine and a mortal beings, she was torn. Finally, she seemed to have had made a decision. It pained her to do so, but she broke off all ties with her family (both immortal and mortal) and, one day at Camp, she never left. She had asked a friend to take her shift as Camp Half-Blood Escort, and her friend had quickly and happily accepted. Provided that her mother didn't try to bring her back, Claire was free.

However, another power was upset by this, even more so than her mother. In the underworld, Hades sat on his throne, fuming. He has gone out on a limb, GIVEN the right of Demigod escort to a Daemon that wasn't even his own child, and she had rejected it. And, to ass injury to insult, she has sent a crappy replacement. Hades had not been more furious in a whole week! So, Hades does what he does best. He placed a curse on her. Everything she had been taught seemed to wash away with the curse. It was almost as if she'd been raised to be an evil Daemon, tormenting and enraging people. Her rebellious side came out, and the new Calire was not pretty. Harmonia watched; she had understood the decision her child had made, even if she hadn't approved. She had fought the curse of Hades with a blessing. The curse and the blessing clasehd against each other. Eventually, the love from harmonia beat out the anger from Hades. However, the evil still lies in her, dormant for the most part. Now, when Claire gets angry or upset, the evil Daemon inside of her wakes up, pouring out nothing but hatred and sin. This has made Claire appear bipolar, and she is often rejected for it. However, she is still gifted like a child of Harmonia, and she always manages to calm herself down and ignore the rude comments. She tries her best to mend the broken bonds she creates with her anger, but some things just cannot be fixed with a demigod's power.

Needless to say, Claire is not allowed into the Underworld or Olympus; both punishments for her actions. However, she doesn't mind the ban and wouldn't go to either territory if she had the choice anyways.

Appearance: Claire had pinkish-white hair and very fair skin. She has sincere deep blue eyes that appear far wiser than her years.. She is short and slender. She still has a whitish, spririt-like sppearance to her.


Name: Arianne Chevalier

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 4.08.43 PM


Mortal Parent: Claude Chevalier

Age: 14

Weapons: Bow and Arrows, small daggers.

Personality: Arianne is a very gentle girl, caring and would do almost anything to protect those who are close to her. She loves dancing and reading. She's smart and is one of the very few kids her age that actually like school - that is, when she's able to go.

Appearance: Arianne has curly blonde hair that comes to her chin. Her eyes change from light gray, to deep shades of turquoise. She has a round, button nose and thin pink lips. She's lithe and agile, but still a little pudgy, like most girls her age. She wears little make-up - usually some lipgloss and a touch of blush.

History: Arianne's father, Claude, was born and raised in Southern Quebec. When he was 20, he joined the military as a Peacekeeper. After 2 years of service in Iraq, he became an activist and travelled to 3rd World countries to help with poverty and medicine. Because of this, he attracted the attention of Harmonia. She approached him one evening, and adressed herself as the goddess of harmony and peace, hoping to spike his interest. As much as he found her beautiful and compelling, he denied her. Harmonia, a bit enraged that she was denied, decided to keep trying. She devised a plan and put it to action: she came to him as a fellow activist when he was in Thailand and soon began a relationship. When Harmonia became pregnant, she knew she had to give herself up, but couldn't break Claude's heart. After Arianne was born, she decided to tell him, and so she did. Claude was angry and confused, but knew that he now had Arianne to care for. After Harmonia left and informed Claude about Camp and the monsters, Claude moved to New Orleans, Louisiana. He became a World Studies teacher and raised Arianne to be the best student she could be, so she would have a better future if anything happened. Claude hid nothing from his daughter, telling her about Harmonia, Camp and the gods. She trained in archery to be ready for any monsters. When Arianne was 10, she was attacked by her first mosnter, but defeated them successfully.The monsters kept coming, but Arianne was ready for them.

But one night, everything went horribly wrong. She was walking home from school when a cyclops began following her. When it accidentally knocked over a trash can, trailing behind her, it's cover was blown. But Arianne didn't have her weapon with her - she left it at home. Luckily, being only a block from home, she sprinted to her house. The giant charged behind her, gaining speed. She unlocked the door and burst inside, grabbing the first weapon she could find - a bronze knife, hidden under the hall table. She turned and whipped the knife at the giant. It doubled over, meters from the house, and melted into dust.

The neighbours, wondering what happened, started to come closer to the house to examine the incident. Arianne grabbed a new dagger and her bow and stuffed some food and money into her backpack and ran a few blocks to escape. After running for about twelve minutes, non-stop, she sank to the ground in an alleyway. She rested for a few minutes, but knew she had to keep going. She found a pay-phone and called her dad, explaining the attack. After half and hour of waiting, her dad picked her up. They always kept a bag of fresh clothes and supplies in the trunk of the car. Claude drove Arianne to the airport and together, they flew to New York. Claude explained that the only way she was going to truly be safe and ready was to get better training. Going their seperate ways, Arianne went to Camp.

Posessions: Arianne has her bow and arrows, small daggers that she uses rarely and a bronze breastplate. She also has a "lucky" necklace of a golden bird that she wears 24/7. She also wears her dad's old army jacket.

Fatal Flaw: Arianne's fatal flaw is that she's a little too self-confident. She rarely says no to a challenge, despite the odds, which can get her in trouble.


Name:Bridget Magee

Bridget Magee

Bridget Magee

Mortal Parent:Keith Magee


Weapons:Her locket when swung around three times turns into a sword but she hasn't figured it out that it does that.

Personality:Bridget is fiesty and a frce to be reckoned with but dosn't like to cause scences and tries to keep the peace in tough situations.

Apearence:Flaming red hair,pale skin, and silver eyes.

History:Bridget was born in Dublin,Ireland to to Keith and Fiona Magee(Harmonia disguised as a women he had met well walking in a park one day).When Keith met Fiona he was mesmirized by not only her beauty but what felt like a peacful glow from inside that helped calmed his wild spirtwhich had recently gotten him into trouble.They instantly fell in love and nine months later Fiona gave birth to Bridget, a beautiful little girl with flaming red hair ust like her father.Harmonia wanted to stay but she could not so one night she got up kissed keith on the forehead and left a note explaining who she really was and what Keith must do to keep their daughter safe. Harmonia did not know about Keiths past though and she did not know that he wouldn't always be there for Bridget.Before they had met Keith had been involved with the Irish Mob and had some debts he had not yet payed.When Harmonia and Keith were together the people of the mob stayed away because Keith was surronded by the power of peace and harmony that Harmonia gave off but with Harmonia gone the mob went into full force to 'collect their debts.Keith and Bridget were constently moving to keep Bridget safe.When Bridget was four ithe mob finally caught up to Keith so in order to keep her safe he toke her to an good orphanage out of town and left her thier with a picture of him and her mother and Bridget locket which was gven to her by Harmonia(her mother)when she was small.To this day Bridget dosn't even know if her father is still alive but refuses to lose hope and hopes they will meet again one day and that he will tell her about her mother he she knows nothing about.When bridget was 14,living in a good foster home with good foster parents,she was attacked by a harpy that had disguised itself as a b*tchy girl at school attacked Bridget well she was walking to class.Fortunatly one of the teachers at her school was a satyr looking out for demigods living in Ireland and brought her home to let her collect her things and say goodbye before he rushed her to Camp Half-Blood ,explaining to her what was going on, were she is living now.


NAME: Reilly Phillips

AGE: 15

GENDER: Female

GOD PARENT: Harmonia

MORTAL PARENT: Vincent Phillips

PERSONALITY: Reilly is shy and quiet, but can be confident when fighting. She has ADHD quite badly, and she also has dyslexia. She is the peace-make of the cabin, and often gets annoyed when people ask her to calm down monsters and stuff.

HISTORY: Fifteen years ago, on the 11 November, a girl name Reilly Phillips was born to Vincent Phillips and Harmonia. She was carried down from Olympus and left on the doorstep of Vincent’s house. Vincent was an accountant at a bank near where they lived, which was a semi-detached house in a large city. He earned a reasonable amount of money, and she lived a fairly peaceful life. Apart from school. When Reilly started, she was fine, but as she got older, things got tougher. She was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia, and it drove her mad. Seriously mad. She also had a horse of her own. A beautiful horse. She rode it all the time, until the accident. She was riding with her dad, when her dad's horse had a heart attack and collapsed, falling on her father and breaking his neck. He was drove to hospital. Reilly was placed in a Care home, and still went to her school. But one day, she was taking out and took the hospital. She was put in a room, and listened attentivly before she heard three words that changed her life. "We've lost him." He had died. But Reilly wasn't as sad as she should. She was full of peace and harmony. She was only seven when this happens. In the care home, she was teased. But she wasn't the worst teased. She was also splitting up the fights! Eventually, a satyr, who was prentending to be an orphan, came and told her that she was a half-blood, and she need to go to CHB. On the way, they encountered a draconae, which they had to fight. At first, it wasn't hard, and the the satyr got injured, leaving Reilly, an untrained demigod, alone to fight the draconae. She swiped at it's head, and attemped to stab it...and she did, but it did not fall. She slashed aimlessly, and then thought about the arguments she had calmed down. Maybe it would work with this? She thought of rivers, and flowers, and eventually the monster calmed down, and it started to snore. She ran up to the satyr, and he managed to get up and get her to the Grey Sisters Taxi, which took her to camp. As soon as she was there she was claimed a a daughter of Harmonia.

APPEARANCE: Reilly has light blonde hair and green eyes. She wears a lot of eye make up and always has her hair up in a bun or a ponytail.



  • Strong demigods are able to replace attacks with soothing auras.
  • Ability to charm weapons into refusing to attack.
  • Children of Harmonia can calm some people and monsters into losing their will to fight.
  • In their presence, people form friendships more easily, or reach agreements more easily.


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