Name: Tristam Cain

Age: 17


  • Zeus (Godly Father)
  • Madeline Cain (Mother)
  • Erin Cain (Grandmother)

Personality: WIP


Weapons/Possessions: Nemean Lion Fur Coat


And when I breathed, my breath was lightning.

–Black Elk

"Watch the lightning as it dances across a purple sky
'descending and ascending
being followed by a sudden thundering boom
'which causes the earth to tremble and shake with fear
then all at once everything is still
'and as suddenly as it began, a spark of light flashes across the sky"

You're in Zeus' Cabin, visiting a friend when you noticed an open door. Alone in the common area, you stand up and walk inside. You see a small book, a diary open just lying there on the bed. Your curiosity got over you and you picked it up. You start reading.

Once upon a time, as my grandmother always told my mother, there was once a beautiful woman named Erin Cain. Yes, my grandmother told my mother the story of what happened with her life decades ago. She always told my mom that she can still remember it like it all happened yesterday. It was the year 1975 and my grandmother was still a young woman around her mid-20s. It was that very same year when the god of the sky and lightning, Zeus fell in love with her and coveted her.(Yes, it might be a shocker but the Greek gods do exist and they live somewhere in New York City) But there is one problem... Zeus made a pact with his brothers, Hades and Poseidon to not have any more child with mortals and thus, he was forbidden to have kids with my grandma. Well, they both loved each other but they can't just you know.. do it. Zeus returned back to Olympus and from there, he watched over my grandmother almost every day.

Now... I trust that you know Ares, the mighty god of war.. yes? Okay good... well, he was pretty upset that Aphrodite, the oh so beautiful goddess of love is married to Hephaestus, the god of forges and also his brother and he decided to be mean about it. He won't accept the fact that he can't have Aphrodite for himself and thus, he decided to have a fling with a mortal. He knew about Zeus' desire to have kids with my grandmother and so he went after her, knowing that he could have a child with her and Zeus can do nothing about it. Ares disguised himself as a very handsome mortal and went to Denver, Colorado, where my grandmother lives. They met at my grandma's flower shop where Ares told her that she has beautiful flowers for sale. Ares bought one and gave it to my grandmother. Charmed, my grandmother went with him on a date and spent the night in a hotel where they had a one-night stand. My grandmother became pregnant with well.. my mother and Ares, feeling fulfilled, left her the next day.

My grandmother felt sad and lonely for another god left her again. She named my mother Madeline and moved from Denver to San Diego, California hoping to find a better life. My mother grew up as an attractive lady, always cheerful, always kind, always generous and she grew up to look just like my grandmother when she was younger. The stories of my grandmother about Zeus inspired my mother to become a pilot when she grow up. It became her ambition and dream to roam the skys in different aircrafts and become part of the U.S. Air Force being a child of Ares herself. My mother's elementary, middle school and high school life is very dull as she always told me. Nothing exciting happened nor anything thrilling and romantic. "It's just a regular school life... always boring... with nothing to do than fall asleep in your history class or whatever..." my mother always quoted. She finished high school with nothing but a diplomat... no medals, no special awards and no certificates. She attended a school somewhere in Canada which specialized on pilot training after graduating. She eventually finished the course and became a full-pledged pilot and afterwards, she joined the U.S. Air Force.

Now Zeus.. he watched my mother grow up and he was still mad at Ares for what he did to my grandma. Then suddenly, Zeus didn't care about the Big Three pact anymore. He visited my mother and disguised himself as a new commanding officer of the Air Force. They hung out for a few weeks and soon started dating. Then, one night, Zeus courted my mother and impregnated her with... me. Zeus left the other day telling my mother than he's been suspended but the truth is, he went back to Olympus and from there, watched over us. My mother, due to being pregnant, was sent home to San Diego and went back to living with my grandmother. My grandmother thought it was time to reveal the truth and told my mother that she was a demigod. Grandma Erin didn't know that Zeus was my father and neither did my mom. Five months later, we were attacked by a ferocious monster.. I think it was called a Hellhound or whatever it is called. My grandmother died during that incident because she tried to protect my mother from the monster. My mother ran outside the house and managed to escape the monster by hiding in the dump. The smell contained my mother's demigod scent and thus, she was never found by the monster. My mother went from San Diego to San Francisco where she was found by a satyr and brought her to Camp Half-Blood. Ares refused to claim her because he doesn't want any daughter of his to give birth to a son of Zeus in his cabin so my mother spent all her time at Hermes' Cabin. My mother didn't feel appreciated by the other campers and made fun of her cause she's pregnant so she decided to leave Camp and go to New York City. Aided by two of her friends from camp, she was able to rent a small apartment in Manhattan and settled there for the rest of her pregnancy.

I was born in the local hospital on November 4, 1995. My mother had difficulties when she went to labor but fortunately, she survived. We lived in peace in our small apartment, never disturbed by any monsters, never visited by any gods. I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 7 and stopped attending school at age 9 due to poverty. My mother got kicked out from her recent job and we ran out of money to even buy me school supplies. We soon left our apartment and using the last bits of the money my mother saved, we went back to Denver, Colorado and lived in our ancestral home with a few of my relatives. My mother died when I was 13 due to breast cancer and I was left alone with my relatives who treated me nothing like family.

I ran away from our ancestral home with a small rucksack I sewn myself. I filled it up with a small amount of energy bars from my stash and 1 bottle of water. I also brought some weird coins I got from my mother's old purse cause I thought it was a good luck charm. Okay, so as I was saying, I ran away from our house. I don't know where I'm going... I just wanted to find a better home. I soon reached Centennial, Colorado after travelling a few days. I met satyr named Enrique who told me I was a demigod. A demigod.... wow...... I was a bit shocked at first but after thinking of the weird things that happened in the past like I wasn't electrocuted when I touched a high-voltage stun gun seemed to fit in. I believed the satyr. He told me that I needed to go to a place called Camp Half-Blood somewhere in my old home, New York City.  Before we can even leave, we ran into a group of demigods who told them they were on a quest to defeat a Nemean Lion. The satyr and I decided to tag along and went with them. We found the Nemean Lion in the Willow Spring Open Space who is scaring away Dryads, Naiads and a bunch of satyrs. The group of demigods attacked but no matter how hard they try, none of their wepaon would pierce through its skin. I remembered something from the old Greek stories my mother used to tell me. I remembered that Hercules once fought the Nemean Lion. It's skin is unpierceable and must be targeted by the soft spots like the eyes or the mouth. I started shouting at them, telling them to hit the Lion by the eyes or by the mouth. The Lion foolishly opens it's mouth and roars in attempt to intimidate them but luckily, someone shot an arrow and it pierced right through the flesh in his mouth. The monster lost focus and started running in circles as the pain surged through his body. Then, someone run straight towards the lion and pierced it's eyes. The lion bursted into dust and the group cheered. I ran towards the dust, curious. They were about to leave when I discovered a lion's fur coat buried in the dust. I told them about it but they told me I can keep it. After all, I did tell them how to kill that monster. I wore the fur coat everytime during our journey to Camp. Enrique has some spare money which he used to buy the two of us train tickets and tag along with the Campers. There soon came the time when we have to part ways as we don't have enough money to afford a plane ticket to Ney York City. Enrique and I traveled by foot and during one night, we were attacked by two harpies. I learned how to use throwing knives from the other campers though I wasn't that accurate. I threw a knife at the first harpy and it pierced right through her wings. The monster turned into dust. The second harpy tried to avenge her comrade by digging her talons on my shoulders. Fotunately, the attack was ineffective as I have my Nemean Lion's fur coat on. I took a knife from my pocket and stabbed at her chest. The harpy disintegrated into dust. Enrique and I kept on travelling. We reached New York after a month of walking. We encountered only two monsters on the way thanks to Enrique's monster-sensing abilities.

We soon arrived at Camp Half-Blood and I discovered that I was a son of Zeus.

You feel a little bit dizzy after reading for so long. You hear someone calling your name, telling you to come to the Archery Range and practice. You close the diary and lay it down the bed. You walk out of Zeus' Cabin and go with your friend.


Name: Mikayla 'Layla' Logans



Mother: Harriet Logans-Frayon

Father: Zeus

Step-father: David Frayon (disowned)

Siblings: Lacey Frayon, Reece Frayon and Tera Logans (Twin; deceased)

Personality: Mikayla is quiet and secrective. When she opens up, she's kind and thoughtful. Despite this, she has a very explosive personality; not wanting to take the easy way, and trying to push herself.

History: Harriet Logans was an air hostess, who was favoured for her hospitality and kindness; this is what attracted Zeus to her. At first, Harriet dismissed him, stating that she wouldn't cheat on her high school love. Zeus now pursued Harriet, wanting a child with her. One night, he asked Eris to curse Harriet's boyfriend and make him cheat on her, so Zeus could have an affair with the young woman. As to plan, Harriet's boyfriend cheated on her, and she kicked him out of her home, turning to Zeus, who was 'Jared Cross' for comfort.

The two eventually had an affair, and Zeus left three months after impregnating Harriet, leaving her pregnant with twins. Soon after Zeus left, Harriet moved to New York from Toledo. Nine months later, Harriet gave birth to twin girls, naming them Mikayla and Tera. Growing up, Mikayla and Tera were happy and comforted their mother through every bad date and sorts. When she was 8, Tera was diagnosed with Brain Cancer, and was given a year to live. Despite this, Harriet, Mikayla and Tera remained positive, and always went out on days out and tried to make Tera's last months of life enjoyable. And on their 9th birthday, Mikayla witnessed Tera's death, early in the morning.

Now only having one daughter left, Harriet was determined to make Mikayla's life happy and carefree. At first, she wondered if she should pray for Lady Artemis to allow Mikayla onto the hunt on her 15th or 16th birthday. Having a daughter of Eos as a mother, Harriet grew up with Greek Mythology, and knew that Zeus wasn't Jared, but the King of the Gods, as he had that...regal aura. Harriet shook the idea away, as she wanted her daughter to have a chance of a love life. When she was 12, Mikayla was attacked by a harpy whilst walking with her mother around a park in Toledo. Harriet grabbed Mikayla's hand and ran to the car and drove back to New York. Back in New York, Harriet excluded Mikayla to leave the house, in addition, marrying a son of Hecate to insure Mikalya's full safety.

Eventually, Harriet fell for her husband, David Frayon, and the two had two daughters, Lacey and Reece. David began to neglect Mikayla when she turned 14, as her presence caused to many monster attacks. Each time, David did help, but only to the wishes of Harriet. Harriet tried to include her more, yet David excluded her each time. When she was 15, near 16, Harriet sent her to camp. On the drive, David kicked Mikayla out of the car, as it had seemed that she had made one of her younger sister cry, when in reality, her other sister did. Mikayla ran after the car for a few minutes, before failing and running into the nearest gas station. There, she sat down on a bench outside and stayed there for a few moments.

Assuming something, a man approached her, with the thought that she was a prostitute, and asked her for her age. Mikayla quickly lied and said she was 16, despite her birthday a month away. The man then asked her if she wanted to earn some money. Now she had given up the hope that maybe her mother would come back for her, Mikayla accepted and was escorted back to the man's room. The events that happened that night did lead Mikayla to be a prostitute, and on her 16th birthday, she met a man who she fell in love with. Said man paid her to have her have sex with him one night, and as Mikayla wasn't phased any longer by this, took the money and did her deed.

Oblivious to her, the man was Hyperion and he had impregnated her with his child. Desperate to make her child's life enjoyable, she got counselling sessions, and stopped her 'job'. Just before her 17th birthday, Mikayla gave birth to a baby girl, who she named Terra, after her sister. After a few months of having Terra, Mikayla felt the strain of caring for herself and her baby, so she prayed to Artemis to care for her baby by letting her join the hunt. Around her 17th birthday, Artemis answered her prayers and took the infant Terra off of Mikayla's hands.

Now without an extra barrier, Mikayla set out to get to Camp, the place that had caused all of this. Equipped with a baseball bat she 'borrowed' from a past customer, she set out the way that she had remembered being taken two years ago. Whilst walking down what seemed to be a never ending road, a truck drove past, ironically filled with demigods who were returning from a quest. Mikayla jumped onto the back, hiding behind a crate of something, hoping to get close to Camp. When she passed through the borders successfully, she felt instantly at home. Despite feeling belonged there, she ventured out once more, only hours after she arrived, to the nearby petrol station to by a cheap heart shaped locket, in which she placed a picture of herself and Tera at the age of eight, and then on the other side, she placed a picture of her daughter. This for her symbolised a new life, one free of  her past, hopefully a place where the attacks of her past would be explained.

Possessions: WIP


  • Name: Alyson 'Ally' Everett
  • Age: 16
  • Family
    • Zeus (father)
    • Heather Everett (mother)
    • Joanne Everett (grandmother)
    • Dennis Everett (grandfather)
  • Personality: Ally is an outgoing and dynamic girl. She's funny, friendly and loves to party and generally have fun. She's very cheeky and just loud. However, she knows when to stop. She's kind, and incredibly loyal. If you make friends with Ally, she'll be your friend for life. As well, Ally is slightly awkward. She has bipolar, but tries desperately not to show it.
  • Appearance: Ally has thick, ginger hair. Ally loves her hair and would never dye it or anything, She likes it best when its all brushed out around her shoulders. Her eyes are a light brown colour. They are wide and she has long eyelashes. Ally stands at about 5'6" and 139 lbs. She is quite muscular, however not overly so. Her style is simple and casual, she loves summer dress type things. She wears a little make-up, just mascara and a bit of eyeshadow normally.
  • History:

Heather Everett worked as at a small restaurant which was located in Brooklyn, New York. She loved her job and taking care of animals. One night, she was walking home to her little flat when she noticed a nest of eaglets on the ground. Not sure what to do, she reached for her mobile, but the signal was dead. Suddenly, a car drove past. Heather called stop and the car slowed down and non other than the Greek god Zeus stepped out. The eagle being is sacred animal, he immediately started to help. They took them to the nearest animal shelter and after, Zeus invited Heather to lunch.

They started dating, and soon the lover affair became more and more passionate. Heather had fallen for Zeus, and soon, after *cough* many nights in bed, Heather was pregnant. She didn't reliase until two months later, and when Zeus found out, he told Heather everything. Heather's own mother was a demigod, so of course she believed him. Zeus left a necklace for their unborn daughter and said she must receive this aged 13 when a satyr would find her.

Heather was left alone, and seven months later Alyson was born. Heather relied a lot on her parents, Dennis and Joanne, to take care of Alyson when Heather went back to work. Ally loved spending time with her grandparents, and when she was five years old, Joanne crocheted her a little turtle toy.

She then starting the local elementary school. She was okay when it was just basic work, learning how to write and read the simplest things, but at eight years old she started to struggle more and more, fall behind. Aged nine she was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. As it became more obvious she found school work hard, people started to tease her and call her thick. The teasing turned to bullying and more often than not Ally would come home to her grandparent's house with tear-stained cheeks.

Life went on, nothing extraordinary happened until Ally was 13. This is when she experience her first monster attack. It had been a normal day and she was walking home from school. She sensed something was following her but she didn't know what. When she got to her grandparents' house, only her grandmother was there. When she asked where her grandfather was the response she got was "in bed."

What had actually happened was her grandfather had been taken over by a monster called Braxas, the Skinwalker. Ally decided to go and see him, her grandmother came up as well. Braxas lured Ally closer and closer when suddenly Joanne jumped in front of Ally. Braxas started to attack, and soon it was obvious there was only one winner. Joanne defeated Braxas to save her granddaughter. Ally had been hiding in a corner, but when she opened her eyes she saw a seen of true destruction. Both her grandparents were dead. She collected her things, distraught, but on the way home she met a satyr. The satyr explained to her what she already knew from her mum, and the took Ally to camp where she was claimed by Zeus.

One year later, Ally was sent on a quest for her father. She met the Amazons and loved how they acted, so decided to join. However, she still missed her friends and family and camp, so would go there every few weeks. This is Ally's life now, and she loves it.

  • Weapons: Ally carries the standard camp celestial bronze shield, sword and armour. She also has a spear which she received on joining the Amazons, and a scimitar from her father, Zeus which turns into a necklace when not in use.
  • Possessions/Pets: 
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