NAME: Erika 'Rikki' Donovan Erika Main Pic 2

AGE: 14 years

PERSONALITY: Erika is bubbly and out-going, and prefers to be called 'Rikki'. She often says stuff like: 'BTW' and 'FYI'. She is a gamer, and loves things like her 3DS. She would not give up her gaming things for the world. She doesn't have many because she was never very well-off, because her only her step-dad worked, but she considers herself lucky because some people don't have anything. She fears fire, from when she was little. (see history) She is American.

APPERANCE: Erika has shoulder length brown hair, and brown eyes. She is of average height. Her style is casual, she prefers bright coloured top and gliterry scarves to sparkly dresses. Unless it's a dance, then she'll wear a dress. She has an even tan.

HISTORY: Erika was born on the 7th October. Her mortal parent was called Timothy Donovan, a mortal who could see through the mist. Despite this, Ariadne did not reveal who she was. To him, she was just a pretty girl he had waited upon and fell in love. It was a one night only affair, in which resulted in Erika. She was carried down from Olympus, and given to Timothy.

Her father cared for her greatly as a baby, but one night, when she was two, he left her with a baby-sitter and went down to the pub, where he met another woman. A woman he loved even more than Ariadne. They came home to their flat together, both drunk with love. Unfourtunatley, the woman he loved was already married to a man, and she had a step-daughter, Ellis. When Ellis' dad found out that her step-mum was having an affair with Erika's mum, he drank lots. He eventually got cancer, and died when they were 4. Ellis was upset, and would cry at night. Because she shared a room with Erika, it upset her to. They may not of known each other for a long time, but they felt like sisters. Timothy got a new job, manger of a big computer firm. They earned a lot of money, and Erika and Ellis became quite spoilt. At school, they were teased because their parents WERE rich, and people thought they were stuck-up, posh and snobby. Not long after, a fire broke out at the house in the night. Erika was trapped in her room, got badly burned. Flames licking at her door, she tried to break out. Eventually, a fireman grabbed her, and got her out. She has been afriad of fire ever since. The majority of her possessions were destroyed in the fire, apart from a silver braclet with greek letters that (Unknown to her) said 'Erika'. She didn't even know she owned it.

After the fire, they were re-housed to a council flat. It was dark, as none of the electrics worked, and was full of damp. Erika was constently getting coughs and colds, and got really ill. She didn't go back to school 'til she was 6, two years later than most people, and once always getting into trouble. After she had finished her first year, she was diagnosed with both ADHD and dyslexia. {C She used to be teased because she was rich, but now she was teased because she was poor. She hated it and would start to hide herself in the toilet all day. She was only discovered when the Reception teacher brought some kids in and she said "That cubical has been locked since last week. Come out." So Erika had too, and she was taken back to her classroom. By the time she was 10, her father and step-mother had raised enough money to send her and Ellis to a boarding school.

Ishtar Main Picture


Jasper Main Pic


The boarding school was a school for kids with troubled backgrounds. They soon made friends with two girls, Jasper Norton, a Japanese girl and Ishtar O'Dunnmore, a runaway. Erika started improving in all her lessons, but she excelled in music.

She started to take guitar lessons, and she loved them. She could express herself playing, and would do it almost 24/7. She didn't take grades, just played for the fun of it. But then the bullying started again. People had found out about her past, and decieded that they didn't like her for it. The only people who didn't was Ishtar, Jasper, and a crippled boy name Tom. Tom kept an annoying close eye on Erika, following her, and weirdly, sniffing the air when she was about. Eventually, Erika was so fed up of the teasing, she ran away. She packed her few possessions into a bag, and escaped by climbing out of a broken fence panel.

She stayed sevreal nights in a deserted warehouse, living off the few packets of crisps and bottles of water she had salvaged from the school kitchens. One night, when a storm was raging, a bolt of lighting hit the building. She saw shadows on the ceiling of what she thought was a goat man and three girls. Suddenly, she was surronded by fire, dancing up and down, licking at Erika, just like the house fire. She was terrified, and tried to run. She bumped into things, and then made it out. She ran into the road and...a car hit her.

Erika woke up in hospital, her leg in a plaster cast. Sat round her bed was Ishtar, Jasper, Ellis, Tom and a girl with pink hair. Ellis hugged her, and explained what happened. Ellis then brought out a necklace, with Libra scales on, and explained about the gods, which Tom, who was actually a satyr had told her. Erika said:"Good joke Ellis. Now, what's wrong?" Ellis sighed and explained about demigods. This time, Erika could see the seriousness in her eyes, and believed her. "OK." she said. "So, we are demigods?" "Yes" Tom replied. "You, Ellis, Ishtar, Jasper, and Terra here." He pointed to the girl with pink hair who introduced herself as Terra Wood, daughter of Deimos. She explained about CHB, and how they must go there. At that exact time, a nurse came over and said: "Time to die demigods!" She took of her uniform, revealing a metal leg and a hoof. An emposai.

Terra grabbed her sword, and started to fight. Ellis one minute was holding her necklace, and the next minuite, twin daggers. But, Nurse Everton went for Erika, disabled and un-armed. Ellis threw her one of her daggers, which Erika caught, closed her eyes, and tried to stab. Terra sneaked up and hit it. Erika made one more hit, a really lucky one. The empousai disentegrated into the floor, leaving them all panting.

Time passed, and Erika's leg healed. Two months after the empousai attack, they set off for camp. They left their parents texts, and travelled across the country. When they reached NY, the took the Grey Sisters Taxi. Unfourtunately, a cyclops had followed, and as the were walking up Half-Blood Hill, it attacked.

Ellis transformed her daggers and Erika took one of them. Terra started to stab at it, but it kept coming to Erika. Erika tried to fight it, and almost made it over the boundary line. The cyclops seized her, and she passed out.

She woke up to find Ellis and the others standing over her, hugging her and caring for her. Ishtar explained that a group of other campers had defeated the cyclops, leaving Erika free. She was claimed soon after, and now lives at camp year-round.

MORTAL PARENT: Timothy Donovan


WEAPONS: Silver Bangle - Shield

FATAL FLAW: Fear of the Unknown - she won't charge into battle unless she knows what things lie in her path.

ANTHEM: Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO ft. Lauren Bennett, Goon Rock

~Angel Wings~

NAME: Lilias Rousseau


AGE: 17

PERSONALITY: Lilias has a rather mellow personality. She's generally cheerful and laid-back, though shy at times. Despite her blindness, she's optimistic about her situation and retains a positive attitude, and generally wants to fix her problems. Deep down inside, Lilias is insecure and doesn't have much self-confidence. She's often found playing guitar in her free time.



Lilias without her mask

Lilias has frizzy auburn hair and dark blue eyes. She either leaves her hair down or ties it in a ponytail, depending on the weather. She has fair skin and stands at a height of 5'8". Lilias' taste in clothing is rather laid-back, so she usually wears casual clothes that aren't too flashy. S



Dominique Rosseau was a third-generation French restauranteur, whose family had owned the acclaimed restaurant, Au Soleil, for several years. He first met Ariadne when she dined at the restaurant, although they didn't talk to each other. Despite that, Dominique was intrigued by her. They met again while Dominique was taking a stroll through the local hedge maze. They had a brief conversation, and she introduced herself as Ariana Belrose. After that brief meeting, she began visiting his restaurant every week. They eventually became close friends, and later, lovers. A year later, Lilias was born. Rumors flew around about the child, started by rival restauranteurs in an attempt to tarnish Dominique's reputation. Ariadne didn't want to, but she had to leave shortly afterwards. She left without a word and stopped coming to his restaurant. Dominique was distressed and missed her greatly, but he knew that he had to move on.

He raised the child to the best of his ability, naming her Lilias. He never talked to her about her mother, but Lilias gathered from the rumors that she had been a cruel, heartless women, and resented Ariadne for leaving Dominique. She did poorly at school, partly because of her dsylexia and ADHD. Her classmates teased her mercilessly, and made fun of her for being a bastard.

Though she performed poorly academically, Lilias found that there was one thing that she excelled at -- music. She saved up enough money to buy herself a guitar, and taught herself how to play. Her father wouldn't allow her to take lessons, as he felt that the guitar was a worthless instrument. Dominique wanted her to take up the violin, but Lilias refused. She spent her summers helping around in the restaurant, washing the dishes. She was an awful cook and rather clumsy, so Dominique made sure to keep her away from the knives and the stove.

By the time she entered middle school, Au Soleil's business was going downhill. The food quality had worsened, and many customers were drawn to the newer restaurants. Critics criticized it harshly. A month before Lilias was about to graduate from eigth grade, the restaurant was closed because of a rat infestation. It never opened again. Dominique sunk into a depression, refusing to do anything all day but sit and stare at the ceiling. He barely ate and rarely slept, most of the time ignoring everyone who attempted to speak to him. Lilias began skipping school to take care of him. As a result, her already poor grades dropped even more. Nevertheless, she managed to graduate from middle school with a passing grade, but she barely passed. During the summer, after much coaxing and convincing, Lilias got Dominique to see a therapist, who talked some sense into him. He got a job working at a small Italian restaurant, and things slowly began to get better.

Then, tragedy struck. In late July, Lilias received the news that her best and only friend, Jessica Hawthorne, had commited suicide. Shocked, Lilias went for a walk in the hedge maze to clear her mind. She suddenly noticed a harpy following her -- though she didn't know that it was a harpy at that time. Freaked out, Lilias began to run, only to be cornered by the harpy. She was getting ready to make her last stand when a boy that she vaguely recognized tossed a celestial bronze sword to her. Lilias grabbed it and stabbed at the harpy with it, adrenaline coursing through her. She managed to get a lucky hit and the harpy dissolved into a pile of dust, though not before scratching her on her right arm. The boy then introduced himself as a satyr, and gave her a small piece of ambrosia for her wound. He told her that she was a demigod and asked her to go to camp. Convinced that he was either crazy, or that it was all a mean prank or worse, Lilias ran away from him. The satyr followed after her, but couldn't keep up and eventually lost her in the crowd.

The moment she got home, Lilias hid the sword -- which she had forgotten to return -- under her mattress, and tried to pretend that she had never been attacked by a harpy. She refused to think about the event, attempting to erase it from her memory. Nevertheless, it haunted her in her dreams, and she slowly began to fear that she was losing her mind.

Things only got worse when she entered high school. The bullying got worse than before, and Lilias often returned home battered and bruised. She hid her bruises from her father, not wanting to worry him. Her grades were awful -- she had 2 Ds, 3 Cs, and a C-. When she was a sophmore, stressed and depressed, Lilias fell in with the wrong crowd and began drinking and doing drugs in an attempt to get away from her problems. Her father eventually found out, and had her see a therapist. Lilias temporarily stopped drinking and doing drugs under her father's watchful eye, but things didn't get any better. Her grades were even worth than before, she was constantly harassed and bullied, and she felt that she was sinking under the pressure. Eventually, Lilias couldn't take it anymore. She ran away from home.

She lived on the streets, drinking uncontrollably and playing the guitar in order to earn money, which she used to obtain more alcohol through illegal means. Lilias slowly started to lose her vision. Her vision had been poor before, though not bad enough to require glasses. However, ever since she started drinking and became more and more stressed out, it had began to decrease. By the time she was 17, Lilias had become half blind. One day, a hellhound attacked her. Unable to defend herself, Lilias was certain that she was doomed. However, she was saved by a demigod named Charlie, a son of Ares, who was a summer-only camper. He was staying at home for the school year. He had noticed the hellhound and followed it, eventually killing it and saving Lilias in the process. Charlie told Lilias to go to camp and she agreed, knowing that she wouldn't last much longer on the streets. He escorted her safely to camp, where she now lives year-round.

WEAPONS: A celestial bronze staff, which was a present from Charlie

PETS: A guide dog named Ciel, given to her by her mother when she reached camp

FATAL FLAW: Her fatal flaw is her insecurity. Lilias doesn't believe in herself and often doubts herself as well as others. This may lead to hesitation when making decisions in battle, which could kill her. This also causes her to have a hard time trusting people and making allies.

ANTHEM: Illuminated by Hurts


Soldier by lpetersSoldier by charlesratteray-d312cir

Name: Adam D'jerno

Gender: Male

God Parent: Ariadne

Equipment: He carries a simple CB sword

Personality: He is very frustrated and worried almost all the time. His anger is random and uncontrollable, and often will snap at the smallest things. Within him he holds a great sadness at all the people he has killed, yet he seems to harm almost everyone around him.

History: Adam D'jerno was born during WWI. His mother was a factory worker and his father a soldier. His early life during the war is not significant. His mother had to get her mother to watch him while she worked, and his father was never home, instead experiencing the harrowing battles that accompanied the war, instead of spending time with his son. When his father came back after the war, when Adam was seven, he was never the same.

Adam's father became a heavy drinker, and spent all the family's money for booze and stock gambles that crashed at the beginning of the Great Depression. Soon, the D'jernos were kicked out of thier home, and tried to make thier way to California, where they hoped to find work. However; in a small Winsconsin town called Blurry Creek, Adam;'s mother fell terribly ill, and the family was forced to stay in the town for a month, where she died. His father, who became extremely violent at the eve of her death, started visiting bars every night to start giant bar fights with the other drunks. Three nights he did this, and the third time he was killed, a piece of glass used to stab into his head. Thus, Adam, at 16, was left alone in the world.

In order to survive, Adam swindles, stole, and when neccessary killed people for money and food. Through out the whole Depression, as he killed and stole, he soon began to spiral downwards in terms of morality and compassion. Little by little, he became a monster who simply wanted to kill.

Eventually, the Great Depression ended and WW2 began. Though the US at first did not enter the war, they did begin encouraging recruiting into the army. Adam, who at the time had fallen far to being a person who valued and enjoyed killing more than everything else, joined in the hopes of killing even more people.

However, at the fort where he was sent to train, Adam had the fortune of meeting Mickey McLancey, a soldier who was weaker than most of the other soldiers (he had barely passed the health regulations in order to get in), and as a result was often bullied. Soon, Adam found himself strangely piting the kid, and protected him from the other soldiers, who eventually learned to leave Mickey alone.

After a time, Adam and Mickey grew close, and the two became best friends. Mickey told Adam all about his wife Anna and his son Randy, both who had supported his decision to join the army even though he wasnt physically strong. Though it took a while, Adam also revealed his past, with the death of his parents and what he had to do in order to survive.

With help from Mickey, Adam slowly recovered from his dark immoral ways. Though his acts of kindness were small at first, soon he became the compassionate young man he was before his father came back from war, all thanks to Mickey.

It was then that the soldiers were finally called to battle. The Allies had made a desperate plan in order to stop Hitler's advance, and they were sent for the first wave of the invasion: D-Day.

Unfortunantly, for Mickey and Adam, the attack went all horribly wrong. They were part of the first landing ship, and in the charge to get to the machine guns Adam and Mickey were seperated. Well Mickey panicked, and in a rash desicion, he charged alone, thinking others would follow. Well no one followed, and the machine guns fired on Mickey.

Mickey was repeatedly shot, and within a minute fell to the ground. Adam tried desperately to reach him, but other soldiers held him down so he wouldnt get shot to death. Another soldier, a medic, was able to crawl over to Mickey and try to revive him. Unfortunantly, it was too late. Mickey was dead by the minute.

This enraged Adam to incomprehensible levels. His first and only friend was gone, and he couldnt even protect him. Breaking free from his comerades, and taking Mickey's body and hiding it somewhere safe, he procedded to charge the machine gun that had shot at Mickey. Though he was able to kill the people that operated the gun in a furious rage, he wasnt able to protect himself when other enemy soldiers over-powered him and captured him.

Once captured, German scientists, who were acually demigods, decided to try a test on Adam. They had recently stolen a prototype armor from one of Hephaestus' forges. Wanting to see if they could mass-produce the armor, they forced Adam to try it on in a remote labratory. However; when Adam tried it on, the armor disrupted the chemical balance in his brain, and he went wild. Killing all the demigod scientists, he accidently made the generators that powered the lab blow up, and he was buried as the building blew up and collapsed.

Years later, archeoligists dug up the site, and found Adam's body, which had been preserved by the armor. Not knowing what it was, they took him to a labratory in Italy, where they tried to revive him, which was successful. However; when he woke he thought he was still captured, and went on a massive killing spree, starting to kill not only the scientists but also everyone in the town. He wouldnt slain everyone if it wasnt for Mickey's ghost.

Mickey, like all souls, had been wandering around Asphodel, unknowing as of what was going on in the World Above. That changed when Melinoe sent for him, and ordered him to stop Adam. Her son was in that town, and he had prayed to her to help him live.

So the spirit of Mickey went up to the living world, and appeared to Adam. Stunned, Adam calmed down enough for Mickey to explain what had happened, and to convince Adam to stop. Realizing what he had done, he broke down at Mickey's feet, ashamed for what he had did. Mickey, feeling sorry for his old friend, told Adam of a place that he had heard of from other ghosts called Camp Half-Blood, where he could help the gods, and try to right the wrongs he had committed.

Adam agreed to go, and sneaking onto an airplane, was able to get a ride to New York. However; once he left the airport, the cops around there reconized him as the person who killed half a town's population in Italy. Stealing a car, with the police in a high speed chase right behind him, he rushed to the safety of Camp Half-Blood. Though he was able to avoid most of the cops by the time he got to the hill. However; one determined cop had followed him, and as he walked up the hill, the cop attacked him.

It was so fast Adam didnt have to time to think about what he was doing. He grabbed the man's neck as he lept, and in a single fluid motion, snapped his neck and slammed him into the ground.

Realizing what he had done, Adam knelt to the ground, and simply cried. As much as he wanted to stop, to leave the bloodshed behind, he had finally convinced himself that he would never be able to. With sadness and anger flowing through him, he started to flee from camp, thinking they would never accept him now.

However; Mickey's ghost appeared one last time and stopped him. Mickey whispered words of encouragement and hope, trying to convince his friend that redemption was possible. Finally, with doubt in his heart that he could redeem himself, Adam entered camp at Mickey's word, for it was the only one he came to trust.


Sunnie Shan

1AAAAAAAAdaughter ofAriadne


NAME: Sunnie Shan

ANTHEM: Price Tag

Because she dont care about money

AGE: 13

PERSONALITY: People describe Sunnie as a goody two shoes as she loves helping and was amazing at school. Sunnie is always kind and she doesn't make enemies easily.

APPERANCE: Sunnie has chestnut hair and dark brown eyes. She loves fashion and is often wearing the latest trend. Sunnie loves wearing jewellery but not too much and she hates the colour black.


Sunnie was born in New York in a large fancy house with her dad, Joseph Shan. Joseph had chestnut hair and green eyes and was charming and convincing as he was able to talk anyone into doing something. Her dad owns a designer clothes shop, in the nearest mall, and is very rich and is able to buy Sunnie any type of clothing, exessories or jewellery she wants. Before Joseph got the clothes shop he was a park designer and he designed a large labyrinth and in the middle was a statue of Ariadne. That and the fact he was so charming was why Ariadne was attracted to him.

When Sunnie was four she was sent to Glass Primary School. She was amazing at most of her lessons and was smarter than most children. Sunnie was soon the teacher’s pet and she never got told off. Whenever she went on a school trip she saw weird things as if someone or something was watching over her. First she saw a really tall man with one eye which was actually a Cyclops but luckily it didn’t attack as she was in the school mini-bus before it could get close to her.

She was diagnosed with ADHD when she was 8 and she hated it.

She was bullied at school for being so smart and often came home crying or with many scratches and bruises. Since her dad was hardly ever at home he never knew what was happening to her. Eventally Sunnie found out what to do she would try and ignore them and if they didnt go away then she would call her dad.

Sunnie loved being able to wear the best clothes and stuff but hated the fact that her dad was hardly ever there he was always doing work. It actually was usefull that her dad was rich and powerfull because she made many freinds and when she took them to her shop they were amazed. When she was ten her dad gave her a pendant of a maze which turned into a C.B Sword when she touched four different parts of the maze in the correct order, obviously she didn’t know this but she loved it anyway. As she grew older her dad let her design some new necklaces or earirngs and her dad would send them to a jewelerry designer and they would become reality, she loved this and often made pieces for her freinds.

After a while the bullying stopped as she was now known as Sunnie the cool girl with designer clothing not Sunnie the goody two shoes.

When she was twelve she was found by a Satyr and she was took to Camp Half Blood by the Grey Sisters Taxi. She was claimed as a daughter of Ariadne and she helped the satyr find new demi-gods for a while. She went to a boarding school and found a demi-god there called Violet Colfer they took her to camp. From then on Sunnie has been training against monsters and her dad told her about the pendant as it was a gift from her mother that she had given to Joseph to give to Sunnie. She found that she was amazing at finding her way through places and now she is best friends with Violet Colfer.

WEAPONS: A Maze Pendant/C.B Sword

FATAL FLAW: If she sees her enemy on the floor dying then she will take pity on them so she is easy to trick.


Name: Arabella “Bella” Aivirrne


Age: 17

Personality: Over the years, Bella grew colder and colder as a way to protect herself from others cruelty and prove she's better than those who defied her. Before her grandmother died, she was a sweet, naïve and gullible child, but after that, reality came crashing down on her and she became harsh, cynical and distrustful. Even though she stopped drinking and smoking after her grandmother died, when she gets stressed she finds a cigarette to smoke and relax. She is a great gambler and learned the hard way how to make people respect her.


Bella with short hair

Appearance: Bella grew her auburn hair ever since she was a kid, since her grandmother always said its color was beautiful and cutting it would be a sin, so it used to reach way below her waist. She cut it for the first time when she was 14, right after joining a streeet gang and started to grow it back when she was 16, so it is now a bit below her shoulders. She barely uses make-up, apart from a thin coat of eyeliner to make her bright blue eyes pop. Her clothes are simple and were her grandmother's when she was young, so her style can be called retro and “out-of-fashion”. She sometimes wears some old glasses from which she took out the lenses, since she doesn't need them.

History: Liam Aivirrne, one of the best gardeners in a small town in Arizona, used to take care of the main attraction of the town, a huge maze made in the 1800's in an European style. Trimming it every day was his most well paid job, since Town Hall was always worrying about attracting tourists. One of these tourists was a young woman, with piercing blue eyes, which seemed very interested in the maze. She talked to Liam and came back every week, making Liam excited for every Thursday coming. The young woman named herself April, and always seemed enchanted by Liam's work with the maze. Soon, she corresponded Liam's love and bore a child with him. She had to leave, but named her daughter Arabella, and left Liam with the bitter-sweet memory of her long skirt ruffling with the wind while she left.

Liam didn't have the means to raise a child. Town Hall paid a gardener well, but it still wasn't enough. He sent Bella to Oklahoma, to his mother's care. Anne Louise was an active Christian and took the girl in. She raised her to be a good Christian, and Bella always tried to learn everything she taught.

As a child, girls always bullied her because of her old clothes and her messy hair. She always woke up late so she couldn't brush her hair well, but after she talked to her grandmother about it, she woke Bella up earlier and brushed her hair neatly everyday. Her hair was her big pride, with its auburn color being envied by other girls.

When Bella was 13, her grandmother fell ill. Heart-broken, she started to take care of her hair alone and made sure it looked great so her grandmother would be happy. With her long hair, old retro clothes and her fake glasses, the bullying only worsened and she was soon skipping all the classes she could.

When an older transfer student came, he was very interested in the weird girl who barely appeared in class. He was able to make Bella fall in love with him, but she didn't know in just what she had gotten herself into. He was part of a street gang and made Bella part of it as well.

Her already bad grades dropped even more during 8th grade. A boy once came to her and told her she was a demigod, half mortal, half god. She flipped him off and didn't care about any thing that he said, but he insisted on her keeping a bronze pocket knife. She took it, it was free after all. She almost didn't graduate, but was able to after her grandmother explained the whole subject to her in time for the final tests. Bella was very worried about her, but couldn't do anything. She started to really become part of the gang in order to fill the huge space her grandmother was leaving open.

She was always stealing, started to drink at 15 and was always in detention. She lied to her grandmother about it, saying she got a part-time job and she had to stay later and could buy all that stuff with the money they paid her. Her boyfriend was always trying to make Bella do even more, try to sell drugs in the school and things like that, but she said no because if people in the school caught her, she was going to not only be expelled, but they would also tell her grandmother.

When she was 16, the gang got in a fight with another one from a city nearby. They passed about two months trying to make the other one lose their leader or the main members. Bella was one of them, a good fighter that could make any guy fall on her feet in 5 minutes fighting. They called her the “Country Cinderella”.

Because of that, the rival gang targeted her. What she didn't know was that their leader was a cyclops that had gotten bored of his life only eating lost mortals and wanted more fun in his life, and watching mortals kill each other because of his orders was one of his favorites ways to pass time. He smelled the demigod blood in Arabella and told the rest of the gang to bring her to him.

They kidnapped her when she was going home after a fight and were only able to do so because she was already weak from the fight and didn't notice them when they drugged her. When she woke up, in the cyclops lair, she noticed the fact that a thin mist was covering his eyes. Then she looked at it better and noticed there was only one eye.

The cyclops wanted to have her for lunch and she was too terrified to move. She tried to run away, but the members of the gang had locked the doors. She was trapped and with a hungry cyclops behind her. She thought it was better for her to die fighting than screaming in fear and got her pocket knife. The cyclops charged and she dodged, cutting his wrist.

The battle went on for some time and she was getting tired of it. The cyclops had many wounds, but she wasn't that good either. She had gotten an internal bleeding from one of his punches and was loosing consciousness quickly. She charged at him and buried her knife on his heart. He disappeared in a puff of sand just when she fell unconscious.

She woke up at the hospital and the first thing they told her was that her grandmother had had a heart attack when she found out she was at the hospital and died before getting to the hospital . Bella was very depressed after that, broke up with her boyfriend and quit the gang. She then tried her best to be the girl her grandmother wanted her to be, not a delinquent hanging with her grades.

She studied more and was able to raise her grades. On her 17th birthday, she was taking pictures deep in the forest near her house, she found a dryad. The dryad noticed she was a demigod and told her it was best if she went to camp, or monsters would attack her. Bella asked if cyclops were real then, and when the dryad nodded, she believed her story and felt bad for not believing the boy.


Bella with her camera

She went to talk with him and told him she believed his crazy story and wanted him to take her to this camp the dryad told her. The boy, who was a young satyr, nodded and told her to pack her stuff because they were going to New York. After she got everything she had, her camera and had sold the house she went with the boy to camp.

She was amazed with how many half-bloods there were, but didn't want to get close to them, for fear she might have to leave someday.

Weapons: She doesn't have any special weapons apart from her small pocket knife and her own strength. If she could pick a weapon in the armory she would just change her normal pocket knife for a Celestial Bronze one.

Fatal Flaw: She doesn't trust people easily and will doubt anything people tell her unless there's proof that what he/she is saying is true or someone she trusts tells her to not doubt it. This has sometimes led her into dangerous situations, but she continues doing it for fear she might lose more people she cares for like her grandmother.

Anthem: Missing - Flyleaf


Name: Franco Monticello

Age: 17

Anthem: Not Over you - Gavin Degraw.

Mortal Parent: Anton Monticello

Weapons:Wields a CB longsword called Rubix in the form of a pocket knife when not in use.

He also possesses a CB roundshield called Maze that takes the form of a watch when not in use.

He has a leather-bound journal of puzzles, mazes, and visual games he's created.

Personality: Franco is a broken man. He is often pessimistic and depressed. He finds himself brooding and staring into space solemnly. He was once courageous, bold and daring, but since coming to camp he has had his self-esteem and sense of self-worth all but destroyed. He is still Very much in love with his lost love, Roslyn, who broke his heart, and by extension broke his spirit. He is very introverted, and is hesitant to open up to or trust others.

Appearance: Franco is an Italian male. He stands at 6’3, weighs 205lbs. He is very muscular and has a dancer’s build. He has short brown hair that he keeps neat.. He has stubble of the same color, as well as grey eyes.



History: Franco Monticello, or as he called by friends, Franc or Frank, was born to Anton Monticello and Ariadne on January 28, 1995 in Asheville, Virginia. Anton often smiled when he told Franc the story of how he met his mother. He had been lost for several hours, trying to find a party his friend was throwing when he had decided to give up and go into a nearby bar to have a drink, when he saw her, the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. He went up to her and asked directions. She gave him perfect directions, as if she were reading off of MapQuest, and he immediately understood it. He offered to buy her a drink to repay her. She accepted, and then soon, they found themselves talking all night, having many of the same interests. Not long after, they began dating and eventually Ariadne revealed herself as a goddess (though he never told Franc this) and told him she would have to leave him. Anton was heartbroken, but understood. He always told Franc that the nine months she was gone were the worst of his life. Then one night, Ariadne returned with a small bundle wrapped in silk blankets. Anton gladly took his son, named him Franco, after his father, and only smiled at the goddess. Ariadne smiled at him, kissed him on the cheek and told him that he would never see her again, and that he had to make sure that he would go to camp when old enough. He agreed and watched slightly heartbroken as the goddess he’d fallen in love with left.

Growing up, Franc was always rather content not having his mother around, as Anton provided for him rather well. He always made sure he got plenty of exercise and kept in decent shape. He also had him take lessons in sword fighting classes from a young age, much to Franc’s chagrin. He would often ask why he had to and Anton would tell him that “You never know when a sword may save your life.”

On Franc’s 13th birthday, Anton, gave him a gift that had appeared at their doorstep, telling him that it was from his mother. Inside, he found a pocket knife, and a wrist watch. Glad to have something from his mother, Frankie began to make a habit of carrying the items around as often as he could.

In school, Franco was quite rarely seen without a puzzle book, newspaper crosswords, word searches, or Sudoku. As he got older, when he would easily solve and complete the different puzzles and activities, he would pull out his leather-bound journal and scribble down his own. However , despite his mental acuity, he still suffered from ADHD as well as Dyslexia, which often lead to him being bullied and picked on by many of his classmates, who often referred to him as the “broken nerd” or “damaged poindexter.” He was hated by many of his peers, with the exception of two classmates, a girl who had similar problems than him named Roslyn, and an older-looking student who was labeled as a crippled stoner, Colin. And so, based on a mutual lack of hatred for one another, the three became good friends.

Not long after, Franco and Roslyn began to develop feelings for one another, as they had many of the same problems and often found solace in one another. It made him happy how she would confide in him, telling him of her troubled past, and all the issues she had with her home life, and how everyone seemed to only fight around her. He told her of the seemingly immense pressure his father would put on him, and she just seemed to understand. Within weeks they were dating, and were in love with one another.


Franco and his love, Roslyn

One day, when Franco was sitting in a history class, he began to notice Colin staring at him and sniffing him, like he’d made a habit of doing lately to both him and Roslyn. When he voiced suspicion about it, she told him that she’d spoken to some friends that she’d recently met who may have an explanation. Later that day after school, he met up with Roslyn and they drove up to the Blue Mountains to meet up with her friends. They pulled up to a clearing in the mountains. There he saw three guys around his age with dark features. Roslyn smiled when she saw them and hugged each of them. The largest of the guys stepped forward. “So, this the guy, Ros?” “Yea, this is my boyfriend Franc.” “Awesome. Well, Franc, let me be the first to welcome you then to the Broke-“ Three arrows erupt from his shoulder. Franc turned and saw Colin running at them, but he noticed that his legs were working….and were covered in fur.

The larger guy then steps towards Colin and held out his hand as flames shot from it. Colin then ran in an arch out of the way of the flames, nocking three arrows, the sprints at him, baseball sliding at the last minute. He threw fireballs down at him, each missing, and then Colin fired the three arrows, hitting his chest, throat, and skull. One of the other guys turned to Roslyn. “You see?! He’s a monster and he’s trying to kill us all!” Franco looked confused. “What? No, Colin’s our friend….” “With goat legs? Rod, c’mon we have to protect ourselves.” He grabbed her arm and began to pull her into a doorway in the mountainside. Franc’s eyes began to glow as he yelled, “NO!!” and a labyrinth sprouted from the terrain around them, separating himself and Roslyn from the others. Scared, Roslyn looks at him and says “Franc, did you..?” “I don’t know, but I know we gotta get out of here.” With his uncanny ability to traverse the labyrinth, they began to find the path out of it. Eventually, they both ran into Colin who was looking for them. Upon seeing him, Roslyn began to back away and run in the opposite direction. Confused and angry, Franc yelled at her “Ros, what are doing?!” suddenly a harpy erupted from one of the walls and attacked her. From behind her, tendrils of shadows reached out and strangled the monster, and the guy who was speaking to her before shadow-traveled behind her. “You see, Ros? He’s a monster and he’s turned your boyfriend against us. We have to go.” He put his hand on her shoulder and when she began to turn to go with him, Franc’s eyes glowed again “NO!!” and the walls constricted around him, and shadows creaked out of the cracks in the walls. Roslyn then turned to him and screamed, and suddenly he couldn’t move. He then fell to one side, and hit his head on a wall and blacked out.

He woke up to Colin shaking him and violent winds. He quickly rose to his feet to see hurricane-like winds blowing everywhere, and Roslyn in the middle of the clearing with the last guy talking to her, and looking at Colin with a great deal of disdain. Franco runs at her, only to be blown away by powerful winds. “Please, Frankie, we’re talking…” Suddenly a labyrinth wall appeared right in front of them, blocking the wind. Franc ran at it full-speed, quickly climbed up it and pulled out his pocket knife, and the blade extended into a full sized sword in his hand. He dived over the wall and the guy pulled out his own, sword, blocking the attack. He blew him back with the wind. The guy looked at him with a bored expression “Nico…..” The guy from before shadow traveled in front of him with a sword drawn. “Handle him and I’ll kill the satyr.” Under his breath Franc mumbles to himself “God, I wish this f*ckers will get lost….” Suddenly both men’s eyes glazed over and both began to look panicked and lost. Colin quickly pulls out his reed pipes and begins to frantically play “Duel of the Fates” and a nearby tree’s branches reached out and grabbed the guy, pulling him in. At the same time, Franc looked over at Nico and simply raised a labyrinth wall in front of him, walked up to it, and kicked it over on top of him. He cried out in pain as it began to slowly crush him. He then jumps on top of it and taps his watch and it expands into a rounded shield. He then brings it down on his neck, severing his head off.

He then turned to see a tree hugging the last man apparently to death, then suddenly the tree’s branches expand again, and in the tree can be seen a lump in the trunk that shrank into nothing, and the winds stopped. Colin stopped playing and dropped to his knees, exhausted. Roslyn then walked up to him and hugged him tight. “Now, what do we do?” She then raised onto her tip-toes and kissed him. “Franc, you know I love you, but-“ She suddenly stabs him in the side with a hunting knife. “-this is where I belong, baby. And I’m not going to let that monster stop me.” She then slashed at his head, leaving a large gash, then slashing his leg. Franc fell to the ground, screaming in pain as Roslyn began to walk into the doorway in the mountain. Blood then blinded his vision, and he watched slightly heartbroken as the goddess he’d fallen in love with left..... Colin then staggered over to him and gave him ambrosia and nectar, healing his wounds, telling him they had to go.

The two managed to reach Roslyn’s car and left the mountains. Colin told him of the camp in New York they were now on the way to. How it was a safe haven for demigods like him. Franc spoke very little on the trip there, devastated that the girl he loved could hurt him so, both physically and emotionally. He even bid his father goodbye wordlessly when they went to his home to gather his things. Understanding his heartbreak, having felt it himself, he simply hugged him adn said,"The hurt will go away eventually, son." The trip was fairly short and upon reaching the camp borders, Franc was claimed as a son of Ariadne, and passed out from exhaustion nearly immediately.

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