Mr.Mikachu - Kallista

Name: Kallista

Gender: Female

Age: Appears Eighteen

Family: Themis (Mother), Unknown Father, Agathe (Grandmother)


I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am pretty, but not beautiful. I have friends, but I am not the peacemaker.

–Marilyn Monroe



There's a time for everything; a time for war, a time for peace, a time for love, and a time for hate. Most of all, there's a time for justice. My name is Kallista and this is the story of my hunger for justice:Adalpha was a young priestess in the temple of Apollo and had beauty which was occasionally compared to Aphrodite; men longed to be her but couldn't due to her oath as priestess. Eventually, she broke her oath; she slept with a man who eventually left her pregnant with a child. Her best friend, Agathe, aided her with concealing the pregnancy and, when she gave birth, gave up her priestess title to adopt the child and moved far away.

The child was named Icarius and he was known within Troy for his fiery and stubborn personality. He grew up under the lie that Agathe was his true mother but, when he was finally told about his true parentage, he went into a blind rage and left home, determined to find his true parents. On his trip, he met the most attractive woman he had ever laid eyes on; he pursued her until she finally gave in and they had a brief affair.

Afterwards, he left and continued his mission; soon, he ran into a woman who said that she recognized his eyes. She said that she had only seen that shade of grey of eyes on one person; Adalpha, the head priestess of the temple of Apollo. Icarius decided to see if she would have any recognition of him and journeyed to Troy. He asked around for her house and soon reached it, before running into her parents and claimed to be Adalpha's son. They were outraged that he claimed to be their daughter's son, thinking that their daughter stayed a virgin and that he was trying to access their money, and immediately called for him to be arrested and thrown in prison.

Themis, who was the attractive woman that Icarius met on his trip, soon discovered that she was with a child but knew that he could not raise a child in prison so-once she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl-she left the child on Agathe's doorsteps. Agathe took the child in, naming her Kallista, and raised her; swearing not to make the same mistakes.

Kallista's Point of View

Unfortuanely, grandmother died when I reached age fifteen and she was forced to live by herself. Soon, I met the most beautiful male that I had ever seen. His name was Paris and he was extremely charming but, if stripped of his charms, he was only a young man who cared for bulls. He would visit my house everyday and we would talk for hours and hours until the sun started to set and he would return home.

One day, he arrived and asked if I would accompany him to town. When I agreed, he took my arm and led me to the center of town. He betted a crown for anyone who owned a bull that could defeat his in a fight. No one could until a wild bull came crashing down from the mountains and slaughtered Paris' bull. We all turned to Paris, expecting rage but instead, he laughed and hung a wreath upon the bull's horn. I swore, at that moment, I fell deeper in love with him.

It was a special night for both of us but, afterwards, I never saw him again. He vanished without a word and, discovered a few weeks later, with a child. I was enraged and swore revenge and "justice" upon him but when I saw him again, now a prince, I couldn't do anything. I had fallen in love and it restrained me.

One night, months after I gave birth to our child, I was visited in a dream by a man who reminded me of Paris but ever more handsome. He introduced himself as Apollo-god of sunlight, arts, and others-and said he had been watching me. He offered a compromise; if I gave him what he wanted, he would give me freedom from my love for Paris and everything else holding me back. In my weakest moment, I agreed and he kept visiting me every night in my dreams, satisfying his needs.

More months passed and I was starting to doubt the god's promise until a girl still in her adolescense stepped into my house, followed by a pack of more girls around her age. She introduced herself to me as Artemis, goddess of the Hunt and my salvation. I took the oath, I gave myself up to the goddess's will, I gave up my life.

I had stayed within the Hunt for twelve years before my mistress received that Troy had been breached by the enemy in the Trojan War. Siding with the Trojans, she sent us to go help and we arrived as quickly as possible but we were too late; a lot of innocent people had already died. There was nothing to do anymore but to watch and that's what we did; what could we do against waves of soldiers? As much as I loathed Paris and wanted him dead, this was not justice.

Suddenly, I heard a scream behind me and turned around; lying on the floor was a weak boy around age twelve with blood pouring out of his side. When I kneeled down to help him, I noticed his eyes; a rare and unusual shade of grey that I had only seen on one person. Myself. This boy was my son.

We were forced to leave soon afterwards and I couldn't save him; I couldn't save my son. The next hundred of years bored me; I had nothing in my life to live for so what was I to do? The immorality started to bore me and I started longing for death. Eventually, my mistress came to me. She told me that she had known of my situation even before I did but chose to ignore it, not wanting to lose a precious fighter, sister, and friend. Artemis said that if I chose to leave the hunt, she would understand. And so I did.

The huntresses were camped out in California so my only problem was getting across the country to Camp, the only place safe. I hitchhiked across the country to Camp; fighting monsters, leading other demigods, and helping out the mortals in anyway I could. Finally, three months later, I arrived in Camp, where I currently reside and am looking for a new life.


Wolf - (DQ'd for WIP)


Wonder (DQd for WIP)


Hydro - Travis Nash

Name: Travis Nash

Title: The Heroic Rebel 

File:Linkin Park - What I've Done (Transformers)


Gender: Male            

Th (25).jpg

Age: 16

God Parent: Themis

Mortal Parent: Jeffrie Nash

Personality: Travis is cool and calm. He’s fun loving, laid back and even willing to pull an occasional prank. But he knows not to take a prank too far. He does have a sense of justice like all Themis children. He mostly does what he’s told. 

History: Jeffrey Nash was an experienced police officer. He was a hard working and dedicated cop. He had a strong sense of justice. One day during a bank robbery, Jeffrey had bravely dispatched the 3 heavily armed robbers. Themis had saw, she was enchanted by his bravery and heroics, she went down to the mortal realm and met him. Jeffrey was enchanted by her beauty and mutual sense of justice. After 6 months of dating, Themis found herself pregnant. She had told Jeffrey of her pregnancy and left the next day. Jeffrey found himself in a depression after losing her. 9 months later, he found a baby left on his doorstep. There was a note saying “This our baby son, raise him well with strong morals. Raise him to be as brave and heroic as you”.  Jeffrey named him Travis and took it upon himself to raise him.

Travis had a seemingly decent life. He got good grades, stayed out of trouble and made friends. But raised with an over baring father with very high standards. His father would always push to do well in school and behave. Stressing him out greatly and making hard for him to relax. Eventually Travis started arguing and rebelling against his father. Purposely getting bad grades and getting detention just to defy him. Of course this caused the two to have a very strained relationship. When he was 13, strangely he had started experiencing monster attacks. Travis had managed to run away, whenever he told anyone about them. They never believed him.

One day when he was 15, Travis’ dad was shot and killed while being mugged. The police couldn't find the killer. Travis was grieving his father’s death, until he realized what he had to do. Travis had decided to run away and run down his father’s killer to bring him to justice. 

Travis' Scythe

He took all the money from his father’s bank accounts and ran off. A week later, Themis became aware of Travis’ situation. Instead of trying to stop him she wanted to Travis to succeed on his mission. So while he slept in a motel one night she send him a scythe that turned into a ring when not in use. It had a note on it which said. "Use this to defend from monsters until your mission is completed. Then there will be a safe place for you to go". While on the run, Travis had been attacked by a number of monsters. He used his scythe he named “Judgement” along with his quick wits to survive. But unknown to Travis, his mother had sent a satyr named Alphonse to secretly watch over him.

This had all went on for a year. Travis had stolen everything he needed. Travis had finally found the man who killed his father. After Travis had quickly subdued him and before he brought him in to be arrested. A stymphalian bird had swooped down and attacked him. Travis knew he couldn't handle it and ran. This was when Alphonse had sprung into action. He used his reed pipes to summon a large number of vines to restrain the bird. Then Travis had quickly struck it the head, slaying it. Travis had thanked him, but he noticed the killer had escaped in the commotion. Travis was enraged and was about to go after him. But Alphonse stopped him and told him of Camp Half-Blood. Travis refused to go. But Alphonse had told him that his father would rather him be safe at camp. Travis begrudgingly followed Alphonse’s wish and went with him to camp. 

Karin- Winter Lee (DQ'd for WIP)

Name: Winter Lee

Title: Asocial Judge

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Godly Parent:Themis

Mortal Parent: Justin Lee

Personality: Winter is a very well behaving girl. She only talks when she is, either spoken too, or to thrown in a bit of snark if she feels she can get away with it. Lady like and calm, Winter likes to solve things by talking, never fighting. Has an unmistakable way of arguing very, passive aggressive, almost never raising her voice above a whisper. She wants every thing prefect and fair. Winter has a very idealistic, and slightly warped view of the world, always assuming the best in people, even when it's obvious there is none. Cannot stand people breaking rules, and very strict. She has good intentions, but a bad way of expressing them.

History: WIP

Sage-Gavril Burgstaller (DQ'd for WIP)

Name: Gavril Burgstaller

Names Meaning: Strong fortress

Nickname: Gave

Gender: Male

Age: 9

Date of Birth: December 20, 2003

Godly Parent:Themis

Mortal Parent: Jerry Burgstaller

Personality:  Gave is an friendly outgoing, energetic, and curious boy who enjoys to explore his environment especially the outdoors. Gave also has a high sense of reason and integrity, where he would go out of his way into helping anyone that has been wronged or hurt. He is extremely independent and dedicated because once he sets his eyes on a goal he will do will whatever it takes to make sure he will fulfill it. Gave fatal flaw is that he is extremely impulsive where he doesn't think about the consequences of his action, which often lead him into trouble.


History: WIP

Hyu - Ivan "Vans" Concord

Name: Ivan Concord

Gender: Male

Age: 14 (Physically), 17 (Biologically)

Parents: Frank Concord (Father) and Themis (Mother)


Personality: He's free-spirited, careless, happy-go-lucky and jaunty. He does things on a whim. He does what he wants, doesn't care what others think and does what he thinks is right. Cheeky and talkative, he uses informal words and most especially urban language. Yes, he's very friendly. But like every people walking the Earth, he's got a bad side. Despite being carefree and careless. he's pretty selfish. As expected from a child of Themis which is to be fair and unbiased, he, however, breaks this trait. As much as you want him to think everything through, he does the first thing that comes to his mind. Pretty reckless, if I daresay. Despite having a ton of troubles throughout his life, he suppresses them perfectly, as if nothing bad ever happened to him. He keeps a cheerful demeanor all the time, but becomes determined to fight when it calls for it. He's enduring and quick to adapt, being fortified in the streets.

History: Frank Concord was as ordinary as any other American living in Las Vegas, Nevada. He's got a good life as a bachelor in his rather big house. He got everything he wanted. Frank is a playboy and loves to go on blind dates. He made several girlfriends from some of the blind dates, but eventually ditched them because he easily lost passion. After several attempts (and obviously failures) of finding that one perfect woman, there came Themis, disguised as a beautiful mortal woman. It all started from small talk. Getting bigger. Eventuallly, they fell for each other. There's something about this woman, Frank thought. Confirmed. He found the perfect woman he needed for life. 

And they realized a baby was swimming in Themis' womb. Yup, she's pregnant after a one night stand at Frank's house. But, as most gods do to their partners, they leave when they expect to have a child. Frank poured all of his energy to find Themis every single day, hoping to find her, bring her back and marry her. But he didn't succeed. He searched whole Las Vegas, but no sign of her. Depression immediately smashed him on the head and his heart was sliced in half. He was so sad. He didn't even get to see their child. On September 2nd, 1998, Themis gave birth to a bouncing baby boy which she named Ivan. Seeing she couldn't take care of him like all gods because its prohibited, she dropped the baby at Frank's doorstep. Of course he guessed it was their baby because she's the only woman to be pregnant in his line of ex-girlfriends. Despite a bit angry because Themis left him, he treated Ivan as his only memory of her and swore to take care of him.

Ivan grew up a wild child, causing trouble both at school and home, but that's what Frank even love his son more. He loved Ivan's carefree personality and lets him do what he wants without supervision, which led to his "I can do what I want" attitude. Everything went absolutely well at the Concord household, but their happiness was cut short by a terrible tragedy.

When Ivan was nine, they were walking down a rather very dark street after they met one of Frank's former college friends. It was dead quiet and no people passed by. They reached a fair distance in the street when a few criminals, ranging from 5 to 9, ambushed them. Frank quickly pulled Ivan to his side as the criminals pointed their guns at them. Ivan shifted his head to his right and saw a bunch of children about the same age as him crying and caged in large metals bars, their clothes were tattered and dirty. They were drooling, indicating they were hungry. They were actually kidnapped children, forced to do what the criminals want. 

One of the criminals, without hesitation, pulled the trigger and shot down Frank, right at the head. Upon falling down, two of them grabbed the crying and wailing Ivan. dragged him and locked him to the cage with the other kids. What did they do to Frank's corpse? They just dumped it under a massive pile of trash at the corner. No one  ventured much in these parts, including the police and garbage collectors so no one would actually notice a dead body decomposing. Well, the smell of his body mixed with the odor of the trash so it fits. 

Seeing they hauled another child in the mix, they put on gas mask and gassed all of them, putting them to sleep. A while later, a hi-jacked truck arrived at the place, where they put the cage full of kidnapped children. They also stepped up in the truck's container to secure the kids as they drove off and got out of Las Vegas, no sweat. They drove across the country and their wheels brought them to the Big Apple: New York City.

Ivan, along with the other kids, grew up as slaves, doing juvenile crime for the big boys. They were forced to steal money and food from unsuspecting victims. They were given little food to eat and they were treated like hogs or dogs. Ivan still retained his happy personality, but under that personality lies grief and anger. Grief for his father's death and anger for his father's killers which were right in front of him. He couldn't stand up for himself and let justice take over, but he was scared they might kill him on the spot. He all kept it to himself while keeping a happy demeanor as a front. Surprisingly, Ivan is the one who worked hard the most out of all of them, but of course he was only forced to do this.

When he hit fourteen, an empousa jumped out of nowhere and flashed its claws on the frightened Ivan. He didn't make any more thoughts and ran for it. Of he ran in the bustling roads of New York, trying to keep a very good distance away from the "chicken lady", as what he had called it. Being deprived of breakfast that day and the dinner before that, he was hungry and slower. Eventually, the empousa caught up with him and clawed him on the arm. He yelped as he witnessed the harpy being hit by a taxi. He saw this as an opportunity and hurried off. Upon reaching his "home", which was a run down warehouse, he collapse. His eyes stared at the bloody corpses of his friends, all sprawling on the floor. One of them was still gasping for air, so one of the criminals shot him to death. Then he pointed his gun at Ivan. But he was held off. He was told he was the "star student" and he wasn't involved in the children's revolt, which led to their deaths. They decided to bring him back to Las Vegas, where they will continue their criminal acts. Ivan, still scared by everything that happened, reluctantly followed them. He still kept all of his anger to himself. He was bound in chains as he was loaded to the truck. Upon arriving, they made him do dirty work again as they played poker and all gambling stuff. 

As he was roaming around the streets of Las Vegas, he was attacked by another empousa. As usual, he ran for it. He found himself standing at the front doors of the Lotus Casino and Hotel. He figured the empousa won't come in this place as it seemed weird for something hideous like that to come in play. And no one seems to mind a poor teenager going in so he went inside. You know what happened next. He was offered with a Lotus Flower, ate it and entered a trance like everybody else inside. He actually stayed there for three straight years. Why did Themis didn't do a thing about it? She wanted to keep him out of trouble. When he hit seventeen, which was a good enough age, she talked him out of the trance. Still wondering who the heck the voice came from, he got out of the casino for the first time in three years. 

A satyr happened to pass by and smelled Ivan's demigod scent. He immediately talked to him about everything he didn't know, which he didn't believe. But when he remembered the "chicken lady" attack three years ago and when he saw the satyr's goat legs, he was awestruck and finally believed it was all real. So the satyr took him to Camp Half-Blood back at New York, while toppling down the monsters along the way. They finally arrived at camp, where he was claimed by Themis after the evening muster.

Weapons / Possessions: 


Minxie - Ella Lovelace

Name: Ella Lovelace

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Parents: Themis and Andrew Lovelace


Personality: Ella's personality's very volatile. She's very headstrong and confident. In al realness, her attitude and personality depend on the situation she's in. Ever since the tragedies she experienced occurred, she's been a lot more wary and cautious of her surroundings, though in general, she's very welcoming. She strives to do everything to the best of her abilities, and she won't tell a lie, an impact her father made on her. 

History: Themis met Andrew while he was guarding the cemetery he worked at. Themis had been visiting the graves of one of her sons which had been wrongly received the death penalty. She was slightly crying, though her sobs were inaudible. Her face was wan, she muttered the word mortals, her voice full of scorn. Andrew went to comfort her, like he did with most people who came to mourn a death of a loved one.

He began by approaching her cautiously, then he greeted her. She was insanely beautiful. Her black hair cascaded down her head in thick waves, a waterfall of darkness. Her complexion reminded him of a dead person's: colorless, pale, ghastly. She told him her name was Jessica, and her son had died. She told him she rarely visited. Andrew gave her a loving hug, and thought. He really liked her. Andrew carefully offered her to go to dinner. Themis, already on Earth decided to ask if she could go now. He agreed, and they had dinner. When they finished he brought her home, and unknowingly impregnated Themis.

The next day, his son walked into his room, and asked why he got home later than usual. Anything that Andrew didn't like being done to him, he didn't do to others, so he told his son he was on a date. His son, Daniel, didn't take it well. Daniel became more trouble than usual, then on, mostly because he was angry that his father easily moved on after his wife's death and partially because he didn't want to see his father with another woman.

There were no other visits from Themis, instead she just dropped off Ella. Daniel went berserk, asking him various questions. Not wanting to lie, he just didn't answer his 8 year old son. He'd tell him when he got his head clear.

After a day, Andrew explained Ella to his son. Themis had said she like the name Ella on their date, so he decided to name her Ella. Daniel, wanted to name her after his mother, though ultimately, Andrew's suggestion overruled.

Growing up with Daniel was extremely hard for Ella. She was deathly terrified of him, everything he did was wicked. She tried her best to keep her distance from him, though it was hard. Daniel was the type of person who would set fire to a butterfly, a beautiful one, just to watch it burn, spraying licks of ember as it crashed down. He never hit Ella, rarely interacted with her, though she usually saw the malicious pranks he pulled. His aura, his bare essence scared her to death, mostly because she thought he was going to hurt her.

When Ella was 8, and Daniel was 16, Daniel was hit by a car while walking home. For her father, the event was devastating, he didn't take the death well. It took him about two weeks for him to fully recover, though he never truly healed. Ella on the other hand, was happy. She was happy her brother died. And she was guilty because of it. The guilt would haunt her as she grew. Up until she turned 11 she saw apparitions of him, they were obviously figment of her imagination, on occasions, she sees them again.

Ella was 12 when she was attacked by a harpy. The attack was minor. It was killed by a group of demigods who were on a quest. They explained to her that she had to go to camp, and one of them went home with her, so that she could explain her situation to her father. Andrew was surprised, he was in disbelief. He didn't want to lose his second child, so he sent her to train at camp seasonly. 

The winter Ella turned 15 was the fastigiate of her teenage years. She met a boy, named Harry. The first moments of their relationships were truly beautiful, otherworldly, though the closer they got, the more possessive Harry became. He wasn't abusive, he only hit her once. She had been accusing him of cheating on her, she was right, and she knew it. She had seen him kiss another girl. Ella made the mistake of asking him while he was with his friends. He had taken her to a corner and whispered his reasonings to her, then he hit her and told her to leave. She broke up with him, and ran away.

The last week before she would return to camp she had been outside, unloading groceries from Andrew's car. Her father, went inside to go to the restroom. While Ella was struggling to carry a load that was obviously too much for her, she heard a vicious growl. So terrifying that she dropped the bags. She turned, left to right twice to make sure it wasn't a stray dog with rabies. The growling ceased for a few minutes, so she bent down and proceeded to pick the bags up. As she was getting up, a ginormous hellhound pounced on her back, sinking its teeth into her neck. Her father ran out to her when he heard her scream, a pool of blood already forming around her. She was hospitalised.

When Ella recovered fully and was released from the hospital, the first thing she wanted to do was get fresh air. So, after she got settled back in at home, she ran to a forest, where she ran into the Amazons, who were on a hunt. Half of them were tending to a pale black-haired girl, the others were fighting a massive eight-headed beast. She hid from a safe distance, watching the girls in combat, resisting the urge to join them.

After they got the Hydra to retreat, Ella approached them, they were led by a girl called Cassandra Pallas. She told them that she was a demigod and asked them who they were. Cassandra explained their group to her, and asked Ella if she would like to join. Willingly, Ella accepted their offer. Their leader was taken to Camp to heal and have leisure time.

After joining, Ella went to tell her father, who reluctantly allowed her to join. She was 16 when she joined. 

Ella had been with the Amazons for 2 years. On one of their hunts, they began fighting a new threat, though it wasn't a monster. They had been fighting a lightning spirit, who had been killing off their members who were daughters of Melinoe. Ella ended up assisted a group of questers, led by Cassadee Black, she was accompanied by Holden Snider, Alyce Montague, Drake Kingston, and Leia Anne Anderson.

When they had successfully eliminated the spirit as a threat and the questers departed, Ella decided to visit camp, so she said goodbye to the Amazons and went to camp, she was 18, hoping to find something safer, better, and different than her usual surroundings.

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