Name: Rory O'Brien


Age: 16

Anthem: Bullet From a Gun by The Script

Mortal Parents: Alice Flannegan and Bridget O'Brein

Personality: Rory is very bright-minded and organized. He likes to focus on getting by the day and looking forward to the next day. He likes playing music, listening to music, singing and dancing to music and writing music. He loves to donate to good causes: blood, money, clothes, food, almost anything. He is bisexual.

History: Rory's mother was a prostitute in Belfast, Ireland. When she gave birth to Eurus' child, (soon to be named Rory), she gave him up to adoption. When the baby was born, he was adopted by a lesbian couple, Alice and Bridget, and named Rory O'Brein, after Bridget's late father. As he was growing up, Rory took guitar and vocal lessons and became a popular talent. But he ignored the praise her recieved for his music, and focused on his acedemics. One of Rory's friends, Declan, suggested they start a band with his older brother Toby. Declan was a guitarist and Toby was an excellent drummer. The boys practiced, but never put the band idea into action. When the Declan and Rory were 15 (Toby was 17), the band now named "City Noise" was finally starting to come together. Rory was still half-hearted about becoming a musician, but followed his friends. After a year of playing charity events, performing at schools and few pubs, the boys were approached by a talent scout named Martin Donoghue. Martin told the boys that they could be stars and offered them a recording contract to which they accepted, with Martin becoming the band manager.

A year later, the band was finally going to become known. Rory was still unsure if he wished to be a part of his friends' rising fame. Their first two songs became hits within the city and a few weeks and the boys were harassed more and more at school about their stardom. Rory finally decided to quit the band when he was 16. The night of his final concert, he got a phone call from the police. His mothers were both at the hospital, suffering from severe wounds from an aledged breaking and entering. He got to the hospital a few minutes after his mother Alice died of her wounds. When Bridget woke up, she told Rory what happened: she told him that she was attacked by a large man with a baseball bat. Once he was assured that Brigdet was stable, he told Martin what happened. Martin then revealed that he was a demigod son of Apollo and that he had been sent here to watch Rory. After agreeing with Brigdet that he would only go one year, year-round, he would become a summer camper. But Rory wasn't ready to leave. He decided to wait until he graduated in the next two months.

After two weeks, Bridget left the hospital and Rory left the band for good after Alice's fuenral. Seeing how miserable he was without music in his life, Bridget set up a small gig for Rory at an old friend's pub. He played two cover songs and an original song of his own collection and was pleased to do so. After he left the pub, he waited for Birdget to pick him up, he was approached by a large man. He told Rory that he liked the show and Rory thanked him, hoping the man would leave. He then grinned devilishly and said: "I hope you liked the show, too, because it's your last one!" The man ripped a pipe from the side of a bulding and swung at Rory. He rolled to the side and looked back at the man, now much larger and uglier. Rory ran for his life, the monster chasing after him. After running for two blocks, he stopped, panting and tired. The monster was nowhere to be seen. As Rory started to jog a little further, the giant appeared around the corner, swinging the pipe. Rory ran, but tripped over a garbage can, fearing the end. As the giant inched closer, Rory screamed for help. Suddenly, a cluster of arrows shot through the air and hit the giant in the chest. He crumbled to shiny yellow dust, Martin climbed down from a fire-escape in the alley near Rory. He told Rory how he was watching him since the hospital incident, knowing he would be attacked. Rory and Bridget came to the realization that this was real and he needed protection. Martin sent Rory to New York the next month, escorted by a satyr.

Appearance: Rory has shaggy blond hair that he sometimes styles into a fo-halk. He has freckly and pale skin with blue-grey eyes and long eyelashes. He has a round button nose and naturally slim features.

Weapons: He uses the basic Celestial Bronze sword and armour.

Fatal Flaw: Rory may be smart, but he often thinks too much. Because of this, he is slow to react and isn't good at quick thinking - snap decisions are difficult.

~Angel Wings~

Name: Jocasta Elwood


Age: 117 (appears 19)

Anthem: Break by Jason Walker

Mortal Parent: Charlotte Hayes


Jocasta has a chilly personality, and is blunt and aloof. She says things as they are and is willing to take any consequences that come with her actions. She cares only about those who are important to her, and will go to any lengths to protect them - even if it means having to kill someone. She's very strong and independent, a result of her time spent as a Hunter.

Jocasta wears a mask of indifference in order to hide the pain of her past. She's sealed away her emotions in order to cope with her bitterness and anger. She does what need to be done, despite risking being hated by others. In truth, Jocasta's very lonely, but she refuses to give in to her misery and sink into despair. She walks a fine line between sanity and being consumed by grief.



Charlotte Hayes was never drop-dead gorgeous, but her personality made up for her slightly less than average appearance. She was very independent and creative, and had a passion for life which shone through her sunny smile. Eurus met her one day while watching a Broadway production (gods need to be entertained too, and messing around with mortals' lives gets rather boring after awhile). They formed a tentative friendship when Eurus - who had assumed the name Lester Bennett - ended up sitting next to each other. Gradually, Eurus fell deeply in love with her. However, Charlotte didn't return his affection. Eurus proposed to her several times, but was rejected each time. Eventually, Charlotte decided to break off their friendship, as Eurus was starting to creep her out. Eurus stalked her for several months, eventually cornering her in an alley and raping her. The Hayes were a respectable, well-to-do family, and was horrified when they found out about Charlotte's pregnancy. As a result, they disowned her.

Charlotte managed to smuggle a few heirlooms out with her, selling them one by one in order to survive. She eventually ended up on the outskirts of New York state, cleaning houses in order to get by despite her rapidly deteriorating health. She considered getting an abortion several times, but didn't have the money and couldn't bring herself to do it. Charlotte eventually confided in a sympathetic employer who she had developed a close friendship with. Soon after, she went into labor. Charlotte died giving birth, and her employer kept the child, naming her Jocasta, as Charlotte had wished.

Jocasta's adoptive parents, Eleanor and Lewis Foster, adored her, as they had always wanted a daughter. She often went horseback riding with her adoptive brother, Charles Foster, and developed a great love of horses. Jocasta knew that she had been adopted, though she never talked about it and didn't ask questions about her biological parents, as it was a sensitive subject for her adoptive parents. Besides, she was perfectly content with her life. Most monsters ignored her, since being the child of a minor god, she had a very faint scent. When Jocasta was nineteen, the Fosters went on a trip to Canada, which Eleanor had always been fascinated by. However, a hellhound attacked them in the Adirondacks. Eleanor and Charles were killed trying to protect Lester and Jocasta. To the mortals, the hellhound appeared to be a savage, hungry bear, but Jocasta saw it for what it really was. Before she could warn Charles, he attacked the hellhound, making a valiant attempt to defeat it. However, the monster easily brushed him aside, dealing him a fatal blow. Just as the hellhound was about to kill Jocasta, a silver arrow flew into its back and the monster crumpled into dust. An auburn-haired girl carrying a silver bow and arrows and a group of young women carrying similar weapons stood before Jocasta. The Hunters had been on a hunting expedition and luckily for Jocasta, had arrived just in the nick of time. Artemis explained who she was, and offered for Jocasta to join the Hunters. Orphaned yet again, with no fortune to speak of and nowhere to turn, Jocasta agreed out of desperation.

She stayed with the Hunters for many years, eventually becoming an expert archer and a skilled hunter. However, Jocasta had a rival -- Marjorie. The two girls had never gotten along, and constantly competed in everything. Jocasta detested Marjorie - the daughter of a happy and wealthy couple - for throwing away her easy life of privilege for so-called 'adventure', while Marjorie envied the amount of attention that Jocasta received from Artemis. They constantly bickered and played cruel pranks on each other. One day, one of Jocasta's pranks went too far. She dared Marjorie to face a drakon on her own, not expecting Marjorie to accept the dare. Marjorie was nearly killed. The Hunters only arrived to save her just in time. The prank was the final blow to Marjorie's pride, the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.

Jocasta had always been friendlier to boys than some of the other Hunters, a fact that Marjorie exploited. She didn't get her revenge on Jocasta immediately, leading Jocasta to think that Marjorie had forgotten about the incident with the drakon. However, she was secretly plotting and bidding her time. One day, the Hunters killed a hellhound which had been about to attack a mortal teenage boy, inadvertently saving the boy's life. The boy fell madly in love with Jocasta the moment he laid eyes on her. Taking advantage of this, Marjorie told the boy to come back to the clearing later that night if he wanted to get to know Jocasta. The boy agreed. Marjorie then blackmailed Jocasta to come to the clearing later that night, threatening to tell Artemis that Jocasta had forced her to take on the drakon by herself. Jocasta agreed, albeit reluctantly. Marjorie then left Artemis an anonymous note saying that Jocasta was meeting up with a mortal boy at the clearing.

After night fell, Jocasta reluctantly made her way to the clearing. She was shocked to find the boy there. Before she could leave, Artemis walked into the clearing and saw the pair of them together. She instantly stripped Jocasta of her immortality and turned the boy into a jackalope. Jocasta pleaded with Artemis, but Artemis refused to listen. The Hunters left, leaving Jocasta alone and forsaken. The smug expression on Marjorie's face was forever imprinted into Jocasta's memory. She spent the night in the forest, eventually deciding to head to Camp Half-Blood. She vaguely remembered the route to Camp, having visited it several times over the course of the years. After a few dead-ends and wrong turns, Jocasta found her way to Camp. She was attacked by a few hellhounds and the occasional harpy, her time spent as a Hunter giving her the skills necessary to survive. Being a minor demigod, her "smell" was rather faint, so most monsters ignored her, choosing to go after the children of the Olympians instead. Jocasta now lives at camp year-round.


Jocasta has unreadable chestnut brown eyes. Russet brown curls fall down to her chest in a large, tangled mass. She usually wears a loose-fitting teal tunic cinched around the waist with a belt, dark blue pants that are easy to move in, and supple leather boots. Jocasta wears an arm guard on her left arm and a leather bracelet on her right wrist. She stands at a height of 5'8".

Weapons: Bow and arrows, from her time spent as a Hunter

Fatal Flaw: Jocasta's fatal flaw is that she's extremely closed off, and unwilling to open herself up to others. As a result, she stands alone and will most likely one day die alone. She's also often too stubborn to listen to reason.


Name: Fall Loch

Age: 13

Mortal Parent: Apolline Loch

Personality: Fall is kind and loyal. She will be forever greatful to Twilight Abbott and Kye Porter. She could be described as troubled, and likes to keep herself to herself. Her favourite things are books.

Apperance: Fall has shoulder-length wavy, red hair. Her eyes are green/blue. She is about 4'3", quite small for her age. She was little make-up, just some mascara, and her favourite clothes are pale colours, escpicially white, strappy tops and jeans.

Fall xx.jpg


Apolline Loch was a beautiful women. She was a French-born model, and had been on the cover of lots of magazines. She had never married, though had been through lots of boyfriends. Her hair was platinum blonde, and her eyes baby blue. Many people, as said before, were drawn to her, including 8 gods.The gods didn't know that other gods had had kids with Fall. Eurus was the final one. He was drawn to her because of her eco-side. Before she became a model, she was an eco-oligist, and being the god of Autumn, Eurus wanted to protect nature. He fell for Apolline, and they were together for one week. In that time, Apolline became pregnant. She already had 5 kids, but she thought she could handle one more...thought.

Fall's start to life was okay. Her mother treated her fine, and she had lots of nice things. Her mother was kind, but missed Eurus and her other boyfriends greatly. Her mother would cry at night and pray for him to come back, and the troubled Fall and her siblings massivly. Fall was only one, and her siblings would go and hide in the eldest brother (later found out to be a son of Thanatos)'s room. Fall was left alone, and would hide herself away in her wardrobe. She was scared, and had no idea what was going on.

When she was 4, she was due to start school. But, with her mother in the state she was, Fall didn't. Her eldest brother taught her reading ,writing and maths. Fall soon realised she loved reading & writing, and could sit emerssed in a book for ages. For all her birthdays up until she was 7, her main present was a book. She loved this, and despite all the troubles, her life was perfect. Or so she thought...

Zeus was angry that so many of his brethern had fallen for the same mortal. He cursed the children, so one of them would NOT make it to Camp Half-Blood. Apolline, oblivious to his curse, told her children all about CHB. She knew about this because Eurus had told her.They knew they would have to go there one day, and when that day was, they did not know.

As months went by, Fall's mum improved. When she turned 9, her mum registered her to the local primary school. She enjoyed it, although she was behind. She was diagonosed with dyslexia, one of the demigod traits. She studied hard, and got mostly A's/B's. She made friends with a boy in her class, called Kye Porter. They spent a lot of time together, mostly talking. One time she said: "I'm a demigod." Kye replied: "I know." This lead too a major confusion on Fall's part. "How do you know about demigods?" she asked. "I'm a satyr, one of the keepers for CHB. I find new demigods and help them to camp safely. Get your brothers and sisters and your stuff. C'mon, we have to go."

10 minutes later, Fall, her siblings and Kye were waiting on he doorstep of their flat. They started to walk whilst Kye explained about how they were gonna get there. As CHB was located currently is the USA, and they were in the UK, they would have to fly. They took a taxi to the nearest airport, where Kye drew out 6 tickets. On the plane, they were given transforming weapons, which luckily, as they were in necklace/watch form, didn't set off the metal detectors. They took the flight to the USA, and 6 hours later, they were on there way to Long Island. Fall lay back, thinking nothing could go wrong. Of course, life of a demigod wasn't like that. As they entered New York, a large hellhound came running at them. Fall's eldest brother jumped in front, and the hellhound landed on him. As if by magic, the hellhound distegrated. Her brother lay on the ground, his sword aimed upwards, his eyes glassy. He was dead. He was stabbed in the heart by the hellhounds claws. A demigod, who was on a quest in the area, saw Kye, Fall and the others, and ran fowards. She was a Hades kid, Twilight Abbott. She helped remove the body, and take it to camp.

As they drove into Long Island, a dozen metal birds started dive bombing the car. Stymphalian birds. "I can take them!" Twilight said, drawing her Stygian Iron sword. She slashed at them, and six of them flew off, leaving six behind. "Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase used music!" she cried. On hearing that, Fall pulled out her Blackberry Curve 9360 and played her favourite band. They birds went beserk, and flew off, leaving them alone. Kye said to the GS to get quickly to camp. As they reached Half-Blood Hill, they saw a trio of campers fighting a trio of dracnae. Twilight jumped out to help, dragging Fall with her. "I'll teach you how to fight!" Fall transformed her necklace and attempted to kill the middle dracnae, along with Twilight and Annamay Cartwright. Annamay stabbed the dracnae, and it died. With two down, and one two go, Fall made a great effort, along with her family to kill them. She managed, and they fell to the ground.

Zeus was angry that only one of the Loch children died. While ever they lived, Zeus would torment them with many monsters. He didn't mind his family having kids with mortals, but 6 gods falling for the same one?!? He was outraged. He sent monsters to torment the kids, and everytime Fall was out of camp, in the forest, a hellhound or dracanae would attack. Fall became wise to these attacks, and would always have her sword on her when she went into the forest. After she had been at camp about 3 weeks, she was claimed by Eurus, and moved into his cabin. Not long after, she got into a nasty fight with a hellhound, and ended up needing healing by an Apollo kid in the Big House. When she woke up there were 5 figures round her bed. Her siblings...all of them. Including the one who died. "You came back!" Fall said. He replied: "Hades took pity on me, he's mad at Zeus for sending monsters at us. He brought me back here, safely, as a ghost son of Thanatos. I was claimed." They were delighted. Fall spent most of her time training to fight monsters, now she knew of Zeus' curse, she thought she was gonna need it. Eurus felt sorry for his daughter, as every time she left camp, a monster attacked. Obviously this happened to every demigod, but they always seemed to go for Fall and the other Loch kids first. He felt sorry for her, and sent her a dog, to be her pet, and to help protect her. It was a Americian pitbull terrier, and Fall named him Dice, like the object, as he was black and white. She finally settled into camp, and loves her new life there.

Weapons: Autumn leaf necklace that turns into a Celestial Bronze sword.

Fatal Flaw: Personal Loyalty - she is to loyal to the people who are her friends/family. She would sacrifice herself to save anyone of them.

Anthem: Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

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