Sherly (DQ'd for WIP

Dorothy Winchester
Daughter of Astraeus
Wishing Star


Name: Dorothy Winchester

Gender: Female
Age: 21

  • Father: Astraeus
  • Mother: Kate Winchester †
  • Daughter: Gloria Winchester †



"You don't have to be ruled by fate. You can choose freedom. And I still believe that's something worth fighting for"

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Kate Winchester had always been a beautiful, bright young woman. However, with little money she couldn't really afford anything. She caught the eye of Astraeus. She'd always dreamt of stars, every night she'd stare at the sky in wonder. They had an affair that lasted eight months, but when he left a month later Kate gave birth to Dorothy Winchester.

That's where I come in. She decided to nickname me Doe. Not long after she had me she met another bloke, he moved in for about a month then left. Mum had a second kid and called him Anton. He was ok but pretty boring. He was just a normal mortal, nothing cool about him in the slightest. He was also incredibly stupid.




  • Main Weapon: Bow and Arrows
  • Extra Weapons: A knife, a sword.


  • Pet(s): A tiger called Sirius and a Teacup Pig called Gloria
  • A diary

Brocky (DQ'd See Bach for Reasons)

Bianca Loraine
Daughter of Astraeus
Former Goddess of Shooting and Falling Stars
The Sassy Shooting Star
  • Name: Bianca Loraine
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 17 (Biologically: 170)
  • Family:
  • Appearance-
Bianca Loraine.png

ATTENTION: Due to a past win, I have decided to use the famous model prize, so yeah, don't complain! xP

Bianca Loraine 2.png

It was late 1843 and it was a night like no other on Mount Olympus. All the gods, spirits, titans who sided with the gods and the personifications were for once all together for the largest celebration of the year. Everyone was cheering and dancing, some getting drunk, and others getting frisky. While all the gods dwindled off to go to bed, other stayed up. Soon Astraeus and Asteria went into the same room and ended up having sexual intercourse. At the time Zeus was angered, and neither Astraeus nor Asteria wanted to speak up about it.

Before anybody else had figured out, Asteria knew she had gotten pregnant, at first she was overjoyed, but soon she decided that she did not want to have a child. Not having any idea what to do, she considered and abortion. But she didn't want Astraeus to feel bad about them having sexual intercourse. So she plotted an idea in her head, there was a nearby hospital just in the center of Greece where a woman was getting surgery. Asteria with the help of Mnemosyne posing as a doctor, took out the fertilized egg from Asteria's stomach and planted it into the young woman who was getting the surgery done. Ironically she was also going to be a mother, which Asteria figured the mortal would just think they were twins.

When the mortal was giving birth however nine months later when she was giving a natural birth at home, only one child was born, and she had been full grown. With Asteria and Astraeus looking over, they witnessed her birth and knew she was their child. With the mother not making it through the birth, it left Astraeus and Asteria's child alone. With a swift conversation on what to do, Astraeus went down to earth and took his full grown child to Olympus. Knowing she had token over the mortals whom from the other child gaining her immediate size, Astraeus told Zeus she was just a nymph he had created, naming her Sataeusia.

Sataeusia had lived on Olympus for a month before Zeus found out she was a goddess. When he confronted Astraeus about it and he had lied, with Zeus being angered by his lying he took it out on Sataeusia. He confronted Hecate and with her help recruited Circe with a bargain, that would soon be announced to Sataeusia herself. The two magic goddesses combined their powers and took away Sataeusia's immortality with an intense spell that nearly drained all their energy, leaving her as a normal mortal being.

Heartbroken of what happened to his daughter Astraeus along with Asteria pleaded to Zeus for a second chance, which he did not allow. With that he banished Sataeusia to Circe's island where she worked as a servant. Now under the name of Bianca, she worked for Circe for one year, much to Zeus' unknowing, Circe took a liking to Bianca and cursed her so she would never age. With this curse Bianca managed to serve Circe up until the late 1880s. Her life was very plain, and everything seemed to be heading into one direction, the direction of Bianca's continuous serving of Circe.

A new year strolled along and Bianca was given a break from her services, Circe gave her a week to explore and do as she pleased. However, when given this opportunity, was worried it may be a bad choice to leave the island. Eventually giving in to the temptations of a vacation, Bianca ventured of to Spain. Once getting of the plane she had taken, Bianca bumped into a young man, that unknown to her was a son of Zeus named Eddie. The two became very close and became a couple in a matter of seven days. However, two days had passed and something was about to go wrong. Bianca returned to her flat she was renting in Spain and saw the son of Zeus tied to a pipe, as the pipe had been broken, steam was burning the skin of the young man. Bianca quickly grabbed a knife from the kitchen and cut him free.

When the two were running from the flat, they had taken a short cut through an alley. It was late at night and a festival was going on just down the road, when they reached the gate to the festival and ran inside, things were just as they would normally appear. Goofy clowns, fun rides, and candy, however when the two ran into the house of mirrors, they bumped into the man who had kidnapped Eddie. With both of them being out of breathe from running, the man was able to drag them both out of the house of mirrors through the back door. With only one bullet in the gun he was carrying, he trained his gun on Eddie. Just as he pulled the trigger, Bianca jumped in the way and got the bullet to the heart. Leaving her bleeding out in front of her boyfriend.

With the police patrolling the festival hearing a gun shot, they rushed to the scene finding a dead Bianca and a grieving boyfriend. But as Zeus saw her saving his son as an act of selflessness and bravery, he went down to the festival pretending to be a doctor, and with that took Bianca back up to Olympus, where with the help of Hades, brought her back to life. He decided to give her one more chance to be a goddess and with that, Hecate and Circe lifted the spell that had once taken away her immortality. But as she did not want to leave her life as a mortal behind, kept the name Bianca.

With Bianca's new acceptance amongst the gods, she felt more at home then she ever had in her entire life. However, there was always one or more gods who would throw her the cold shoulder. But soon everyone warmed up to the fact that there was a new god amongst them and it was almost as if they were a big happy family. But when Bianca had been an outcast, what she did not know was that some of the Titans had been conspiring against the gods in order to remove her from Olympus and gain a member in their army. They planned for years on recruiting Bianca, but whenever they attempted to meet her, another god accompanied her. With only one chance left before the Summer Solstice of 1987, the Titans quickly worked together, finally sending Hyperion to France where Bianca was residing for a fashion week.

Hyperion soon encountered Bianca whilst arriving at the airport in France. She had been waiting for a designer to arrive, but he had yet to come. Hyperion saw this as good a time as any and persuaded her with a concoction to leave France and get some dirt on the gods and see if they were planning anything. When Bianca arrived back at Olympus, nothing had happened however. She waited for Zeus to arrive in his throne room late one night and soon, got him drunk enough to the point where he spilled some major details about some of the gods going down to Greece to build a cult. However before Bianca could reach Hyperion, the concoction faded and Bianca realized what Hyperion had done. She then rushed back to the throne and informed Zeus that few Titans were planning something, presumably an attack. Zeus deeming these details as the truth, informed the gods not to go down to Greece.

When the year of 2000 came, Bianca was having a hard time deciding whether or not she truly wanted to be a goddess anymore. With the help of her old friend Circe, the two informed Hecate of this plan and the two sorcery goddesses quickly got to work on a spell to turn Bianca into a demigod, for only one reason, they both enjoyed speaking and hanging out with Bianca and wanted to see her happy, which she was not. While the two goddesses worked on the spell, Bianca continued living her life as a goddess. Everyday repeating as it had the day before. Many years had passed and Hecate and Circe still had yet to create a spell that wouldn't take away Bianca's godly nature and turn her mortal, and a spell that could turn her into a demigod, but it would evidently kill her. Each test failed, with many more to come.

It was now the year of 2012, and Bianca had lost all faith that Hecate and Circe could create a spell that would turn her into a demigod. Until, late one gloomy night when Bianca had been walking around Olympus and Hecate came running up to her. She informed her that the two sorcery goddesses had created a spell that worked and would not kill her, nor take away her godly powers. The two went to Circe's island and the two goddesses chanted the spell, that took away Bianca's immortality, leaving her a demigod. As well as her curse that Circe had put on her when she had only been a servant, Bianca was now a demigod. She left for Greece, leaving her trust in Hecate and Circe. Hecate not wanting Zeus to go off and kill her, set a curse upon all the gods and goddesses besides Astraeus, Circe, and herself, for them all to forget who Bianca was, and that she was indeed a former goddess.

Bianca spent one year in Greece, fighting off monsters, enjoying the sites, and exploring her families heritage. While coming home from a day at a bar she had gotten a job at. She bumped into Astraeus, who was still having trouble with the fact that Bianca left without informing him. But soon he forgave her for leaving, and volunteered to give her the coordinates of Camp Half-Blood. After what seemed to be an endless year. Bianca was ready to leave Greece in sights for New York.

Spending time as a performer, Bianca finally decided to head for Camp Half-Blood, where she soon arrived on the day of June sixteenth, 2013. But when she had arrived, a massive shock jolted through her body. It was in fact her former boyfriend Eddie. He had joined the Broken Covenant and was glad to see Bianca. She had been electrocuted and near death by the hands of her former flame. However, luck came her way when a group of demigods came walking by that spooked the son of Zeus and he ran deep into the woods, when they encountered Bianca they immediately took her to the infirmary, where she had healed for seventeen days, she had finally woken up and moved into Astraeus' Cabin.

Bianca Loraine 3.png

Bianca is full of sass and proud of it. She loves to be the center of attention and will often fight for it. She tends to enjoy conflict and will not hesitate to put someone into their place. Sass and conflict seeking aside, Bianca has a large heart and tends to fall in love more easy then most. Bianca is a hopeless romantic and has been ever since 1843. She will usually forgive you right away as she strongly believes in second chances, but cross her twice and there will be hell to pay, and she will guarantee that you get it one way or another.

  • Weapons:
    • Main Weapon: Spear
    • Extra Weapons: Two small daggers, a sword, and a bow
  • Possessions:
    • Pets: A cougar named Ruskius
      • How she received Ruskius: Bianca received Ruskius from her father Astraeus before she left for Camp Half-Blood, he had asked her what she wanted most in the world, and she replied by saying a cougar. Which Astraeus gave her after receiving one from a man who worked at a wild life foundation.
    • Cellphone: An IPhone 5
    • Other: Nothing

Dead (DQ'd for WIP)

Maxie Mynatt
Son of Astraeus
Star Explorer

Name: Dexter Maximillian Mynatt
Age: 17

  • Astraeus (Father)
  • Sophie Mynatt (Mother)
  • Liesl and Ronald Mynatt (Grand mother and father, respectively)

Personality: WIP


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Wonder (DQ'd for WIP)

Sheridan Wilson
Daughter of Astraeus
Eternal Slave of Death

One day, we build dreams with people we love. Next day, we woke up to reality that nothing's permanent in this world. Love comes and goes, People stay and leave. Life is a constant cycle of CHANGE.. of finding and losing.. of making and breaking.. of holding on and letting go.. of staying and moving on.. of dying and living again..but that's it, live it as it is.. most importantly, enjoy everything while it lasts.
Self portrait by the window by NerySoul.jpg

Name: Sheridan Wilson
Age: 18 (Physically, born 1331)
Mortal Parent: Victoria Wilson
God Parent: Astraeus
Personality: WIP

Life consists of many shades of color, the shades being people, their colors a limited life set onto a brush. Perhaps they control the one at the top end with the emotional color they let out, or allow themselves to be controlled by the hands of fate. They are all drawn on the artwork of life…bumping into one another, steering each other in different directions, maybe even blending together.
Life’s just a piece of artwork. It may be simple lines, but there’s just so much meaning to it.

How To Die in 50 Seconds
An Autobiography of Sheridan Wilson


As the sun rose over London in 1300 a young woman named Victoria was born into the Wilson family, her skin as white and as fragile as snow. Whilst most families would have been in high spirits about the arrival of a new child into their family the Wilsons were not, they were hoping for a male to carry on the family name, to not get married and have to lose their last name and replace it with a new one like Smith or Taylor as of this her parents decided to let the young girl’s other relatives take care of her these relatives so happened to be Anne and Michael, her aunt and uncle.

Growing up Victoria loved everything about her home; she lived in a small mud house near where she was born, while she never knew who her real parents were she loved her aunt and uncle as if they were the genuine thing. WIP

The Pictures of a Fallen Star
Scrapbook by Sheridan Wilson

Sadly2 by nerysoul-d31qpdi.jpg



Name: Stephanie Landon
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Father: Astraeus
Mother: Kate Landon

-Her Kitten Kit
Her iPhone 5


Kate Landon was a daughter of Psyche, who had been to camp and crammed into the Hermes' cabin. She became a musician on the violin and one day was playing in Carnigie Hall, when she caught Apollo's attention. After the concert, she met Apollo and she and Apollo had an affair, Apollo got Kate pregnant with Stephanie's older brother Donovan Landon.

Kate continued her profession in music, but then quit and became a scientist for stars. This attracted Astraeus. Astraeus was handsome. When he met Kate for the first time, it was in starbucks. Astraeus had offered to buy Kate a drink, Kate accepted thinking that Astraeus was a normal man. What Kate did not know was that he was a god. The god of Stars. Kate and Astraeus had an affair one night after coming back from a bar. This is how Kate got pregnant with Stephanie. Astraeus left a note explaining everything

When Stephanie was 4 years old, she had a birthday party where one of her guest was an adult demigod daughter of Hecate. It was her aunt. Her aunt Lauren was not really fond of Stephanie. Just as Stephanie blew out the candles her aunt used witch craft and her wand to make the cake explode in Stephanie's face. There was a lot of crying and the only laugh was coming from Lauren Landon.

That night, Kate and Lauren went into the kitchen. Kate cursed at Lauren for ruining Stephanie's birthday. The 2 demigods fought and through the air-vent this is how Stephanie found out about demigods. And she was one. Those words lingered in the back of Stephanie's mind until she finally dicephered them at age 9.

When Stephanie was 9, she opened a dictioinary and looked up Demigod. Demigod meant half god and half human. And she was that. She threw the dictionary. She hated her mom for doing this to her. She hated her dad for being a god. She hated everyone right now. She ran downstairs and there was a note on the fridge. It was from Kate Landon, her now dead mother. Kate had to be back at 8:30 and it was 2 days until Steph realised she died.

Stephanie was brought to an adoption center where she was adopted by 2 demigods, Shaylene and Riley Laxford. They knew she was a demigod, but who was her godparent is what they wanted to know. She loved stars and always observed them. They finally figured out her godparent. Astraeus. Stephanie's first monster attack was at age 12. She was attacked by a harpy. Luckily Riley was with her and he killed it. Stephanie asked what it was but Riley was quiet. Riley and Shaylene kept Stephanie in the house for 2 years until she was 14, only allowing her to go to and from school. Then she met Lyle. Lyle was a boy, a son of Hecate, so sweet but so fragile. His heart was made of glass, Stephanies older brother Donovan would say. Lyle was in love with Stephanie and Stephanie was in love with Lyle.

Next, she was attacked at age 16. It was a harpy. Shaylene killed it this time. She decided at 18, it was time for Stephanie to go to camp. So for the next 2 years, if a monster attacked Riley or Shaylene killed it. When she was 18, as promised Stephanie went to camp and was claimed by the god of stars. Astraeus.

Stephanie is an energetic, smart, kind spirit. Shes helpful, shes nicer than most, as her mom would say, shes brighter than a star. Her mother calls her as bright as a star and as dark as the underworld at times. Shes sassy, greedy and bitter at times.

Stephanie was inspired by me, since I can be dar, but nice when I want to, but I also added a little special touch that is my sisters part in it. My sister, Elizabeth, Is my step sister and shes as dark as the underworld just like me at times, so I made Stephanie a lot like her

Stephanie Landon.jpg


Keira Aisling
Daughter of Astraeus
The Bitchy Star

Keira is a full-on bitch and sometimes a brat. She wants to get her own way whether someone likes it or not. She's very demanding, spoiled, and sarcastic. Not only that, but she also back talks and doesn't like people. She would ignore them by walking away, putting on her headphones and listen to music, or just ignore them completely. But, under all that bitchiness might be kindliness. She just needs someone to break it out of her. The only person she likes is Mikayla and her mother, sort of. She only cares for them. As for the rest of the world, she hates.

Would you like to know my story? Well too bad! Well, I guess I don't have a choice, so here it goes. My mother, a 20 year old college student, was walking to class when she bumped into a young and handsome man. He helped gather up my mother's books and introduced himself as Andre Thompson. My mother, Bridget Aisling, started to flirt with Andre, asking him if he would like to go out sometime and every time he refused. My mother kept begging and begging when one day Andre got annoyed and finally said yes. One thing led to another, they went to the pub, got drunk, went home and you know the rest. But, before the brisk of dawn, Andre left my mother, and she never saw him again. But, a month later she found out she was impregnate with me when she had a big appetite but kept... you know what? Let's skip that part. Anyways, she didn't want me, but didn't abort me because it costs too much and she didn't have the money. She kept me, but she thought she was quite young. Soon led after another, she gave birth to me, named me Keira, and gave me to my grandmother so mother can finish up college. I knew, somewhere in my heart, mother would never love me. But, I was only a mere child.

By the age of 9, mother did care about me, but she never showed it really. I could tell. Because, on some night on starry nights, I would climb on the roof and star at the stars as they dazed me. Mother yelled at me to come inside, but I learned how to mute out people from my own world. It was hard, but I eventually got it. Mother would have to climb on the roof as well, risking her life, for me to come inside. I didn't care if I slipped and fell from a 2 story building. I had the sky, and the sky was the limit. I would get spanked afterwards and go to bed without and supper, but who cared? I surly didn't. I would watch the stars until they fade. I got tired, yes, but I forced myself awake, which wasn't a healthy choice. I would fall asleep in class and went to the principal's office. I told him that I kept myself up all night, but I didn't tell him why. And I also told him they the board looked like alphabet soup. He told me that I had dyslexia, a learning disability. He called my mother and she came to pick me up. She then decided she was going to home school me. I was glad I was leaving because the other kids picked on me and I felt like I was being watched, and I was because I caught my stalker stalking me. The teachers chased him away, but wondered if he was my dad, but it never occurred to me as so until now.

At age 11, a new family moved across the street, and mother made me make friends with the girl my age. I didn't like socializing with others, socializing with my mother was bad enough, now a new girl? I refused, but she kicked me out of the house until I made friends with her. I walked up to her and she gladly introduced herself as Mikayla. I just simply said my name was Keira. She was all cheery and I thought to myself; "Why is this girl so happy?" but, I asked if we could be friends and she gladly accepted. Turns out, it was half bad. She liked to watch TV, play video games, draw, and paint, like I do. We had so much fun, and yet, when I got home, I actually thanked my mother for kicking me out of the house, and for once in my lifetime, she was proud of me! If felt good, but I didn't get used to it all so quickly. It felt to me Mikayla was the one I would rely on. But, I didn't know she was my protector, protecting me from monsters I didn't even knew I had. I was pretty young and didn't believe in monsters, but when I was 12, it all changed.

When I was 12 along with Mikayla, we were walking to the park, and it was pretty far from my house, maybe like a 12 minute walk, since my mother's car broke down last night, and we heard growling. I tried to ignore it, but it became louder every time. Mikayla and I turned around to see a huge dog, bigger than the size of a Great Dane. It was growling mostly at me like I was it's dinner. Mikayla got out a tiny sword and it looked like it was made out of some sort of gold? I didn't know. But she ran around it, stabbing it in different places and it eventually evaporated into gold dust. I didn't dare touch it for what might lie within. I know it was gold dust, but I didn't want anything to happen to me. Mikayla explained to me that I was a demigod, half human, half god. I was dyslexic because my eyes weren't meant for English but for Greek. I was so confused, but she told me to forget about it and went to the park. At the park, there were lots of kids there and Mikayla knew I hated people as much as she hated books. I tried to avoid the kids as much as possible, but a lot of them were screaming at my face. So I yelled that if you didn't shut up that they would have to deal with my fists. The adults warned me not to yell like that to their kids again because the kids ended up crying, like I cared. Mikayla practically dragged me home and I stayed inside for most of the day.

When I was 14, I was still home schooled and I stayed inside for most of the day, trying to avoid not only people, but any monsters. Mikayla came over and gave me a bracelet. She said for me to press the gold button in the middle. I thought it was funny, but when I did, it turned into a spear! Mikayla said it was hand crafted by a kid at a camp she was talking about. I thought it was a regular spear when I noticed the tip was made out of gold. I asked Mikayla if it was gold, but she said it was special type of bronze. I nodded, and the spear changed back into a bracelet. Mikayla helped me put it on, and thanked her for being a good friend and it was the first gift someone has ever given to me. Well, my only gift. And I treasured it.

Now I'm 16 years old. When I went outside, two of the dogs came from a bush. I got out my spear was ready for attack. One lurched at me and stabbed it in the chest, killing it. The other charged at me and I slashed it face, killing it from the brain. Mikayla taught me how to fight during the summers just in case anything like that happened. Mikayla saw, and she was impressed, but it was time for me to go to that special camp Mikayla talks about non stop. She said if I didn't get to camp, I would be risking my life, but I already did by going on the roof every night to look at the stars. So Mikayla came out and said she was a saytr. Part goat part human. I stared at her, wide eyed and shocked. But she said there was no time to stop and stare. We went in my mother's car, hope she wouldn't mind, and it was a 45 minute drive. Luckily we didn't run into any monsters on the way, but as soon we got out, a few hellhound blocked our path, half of them going for the car. The rest, Mikayla and I, along with the help of a few other campers, killed them. But the time we were done fighting, Mikayla noticed my hair and how I dyed it. It was originally brown, but I changed it. She liked it and so did I. We walked into camp was a few cuts, but nothing major. I was a bit proud of myself, and went off to find my cabin, as Mikayla said.

  • Weapons:
    • Main Weapon: Spear
    • Extra Weapons: Throwing Knives
  • Possessions:
    • Pets: None
    • Cellphone: Windows Phone
    • Other: Skullcandy Hesh Headphones

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