Anika Irving (Mika)

Name: Anika Madoline Irving

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Personality: Anika believes in what you would call 'wishes upon stars'. She was never taught that the tooth fairy wasn't real, it was impossible for Santa to climb down a chimney, and that superstitions overall weren't real. Being confined to herself for many years, Anika is a bit unwilling to open up to strangers and usually replaces talking to real people by talking to her "friends" who are just figures of her imagination. Overall, she's just a eighteen-year old girl that acts a bit top young for her age, has a vivid imagination, and believes in wishes. She has an irrational fear of enclosed spaces, silence, and fire and will do anything to avoid them.


History: "When you wish upon a star, dreams come true." Do you remeber the lyrics to that classic Disney song? When you were young, you must've believed it but once you grew up, your imagination got thrown away with your innocence. Unlike most children, Anika's entire life was started when her mother, Stefani Irving, had faith and whispered her deepest desires to the stars above. Stefani was an single mom with two children; her husband was arrested after owing more than he could pay and left the barely surviving family with a heavier burden. She longed for a man who could act like a father to her two children, a man who could respect her, and a man who could help carry the heavy burden if the debt. As she walked inside, she didn't notice the stars winking at her.

While she worked her second job as a waiter at a diner, her children were at home playing soccer when Levi accidentely kicked it into the street and was almost hit by a sports car trying to retrieve it. The driver stepped out, smiling, and asked if he could join them, which the young boys automatically agreed to. They played for hours until the man got a call and left a couple minutes before Stefani got home. She was informed about the "awesomest man who had a really cool car" and she tiredly ignored them, telling them not to talk to strangers. Everyday, the same routine happened until curiosity overwhelmed her and she stayed at home, lying to her boss saying that Ezekiel had a cold. Unfortunately, the man didn't appear, instead she found her ex-husband pounding on the door, demanding to come in. She quickly hid the children upstairs and called the police, saying that he had escaped from jail but they said he was let out early for "good behavior". Finally, he burst into the doors and immediately started wrecking the house. All she could do was watch helplessly while protecting her children until he headed for her and started hitting her. Suddenly, a man stalked in, swung his fist and her ex-husband, knocking him to the floor, and beat him into unconsciousness. He helped her up and introduced himself as Alexander, the man who had taken care of her children while she was gone and she suddenly felt a recognition in him. Stefani was extremely love with him and he was everything she ever wanted; handsome, respectful, hard-working, and a wonderful father. Not soon after he confessed his love for her and they got married, they slept together and she became pregnant with a girl. Alexander truly felt something with his mortal woman but knowing that it was for the best, he left her with a baby, an explanation, and a spark of hope in her dark life. Fortunately, before he left, he manipulated the Mist to appear that he died in a car crash and left everything with his wife, giving her also a new beginning.

Anika Madoline Irving was born on January 11th to a happy, simple, fatherless family with a mother and two brothers who loved her to death and swore to protect her. When Anika was young, she loved Disney movies. The idea of having a fairy godmother, a star, or magic to wish upon totally enthralled her and not long after, she began to believe in wishes. For her, it seemed like the stars were actually talking to her and she soon replaced having real friends with the stars. Soon, she was old enough to enter school but she immediately was labelled as weird and an outcast for not being normal. Anika couldn't have cared less about what other people said about her and relied on her imaginary friends, which she still has to this day, to keep her company.

Her life was simple, boring even, and she never suspected that she might've been a demigod. Elementary went by in a blink and middle school was a blur until she reached high school. Both of her brothers decided to join the army but not long after, they were announced to be dead. Anika was devestated, she locked herself in her room days until she came out, never the same. She became more distant, quiet, sensitive, a bit traumatized as she swore that she could hear her brothers talking to her, only to discover that it was a figure of her imagination, and a bit dissapointed to find that her wishes didn't come true.

Her mother, noticing the dramatic change, was offered a job as a manager at a restaraunt in a small city in the countryside, which she immediately agreed to and they moved. Stefani tried coaxing Anika out of her mute state by bribing her and finally succeded when Anika laid eyes on Hercules, a beautiful white horse. She spent hours taking care of him, riding on him, and talking to him until she encountered some other girls. They made fun of her for being a "spoiled city girl" and other things and normally, Anika wouldn't have cared but after her brothers' death, she became more sensitive and almost burst into tears.

Her tormentors continued for the rest of her school year until one day, the main girl's boyfriend, who's name was Derek, defended Anika and broke up with his girlfriend. Soon enough, they slowly got to know each other, became friends, and slowly grew into so something more. One day, they were holding hands and walking to class when they were stopped by the new principal who demanded that they come to her office. They uncertainly agreed and sat down to see their principal morph into a snake-like woman who attacked them but was sliced in half by Derek. He ran while dragging Anika along with him, explaining that Greek mythology was real, he was a son of Apollo, and that he went to a camp every summer for people like them. He drove to her mom's restaurant, explained quickly, and boarded a plane to New York where they hailed a taxi to Camp Half-Blood and knocked the driver out when they got there.

They started running towards the entrance, only to be stopped by a harpy that thought they were off their curfew.It attacked them but Derek managed to fight it off, giving Anika to run into Camp, who turned back and saw a dead Derek. She angrily let her anger take control of her and when she opened her eyes, the only remains of the harpy was a pile of dust. Years passed, and Anika turned sixteen when she finally realized, she could make her dreams come true. All she had to do was go into the Underworld and somehow get her brother and Dereck back. The idea possessed her and finally, one day, she snuck out of Camp and travelled to Los Angeles by herself.

Anika reached the entrance to the Underworld but

Moo - Astre Lindon

Astre child of Astraeus

Name: Astre Lindon

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Family: Stephanie Lindon (Father), Astraeus (Father)

Personality: She is a soft-spoken young woman who always tends to keep her secrets bottled up inside of her instead of telling them to anyone. Ever since her mother's death, she has had occasional bouts of minor depression. Also, she has hidden her passion for astrology from caring and kindhearted person. She is also optimistic, and always sees the good in people, no matter how corrupted and evil. She is very friendly and charismatic, able to befriend almost anyone she meets.

Appearance: Astre has long, dark, and flowing auburn hair that reaches pas She has large blue eyes and a symmetrical face. She has a rose vine tattoo from just below the knee to above her ankle. She is 5'6" and is very thin/skinny, being petite in frame.

History: Stephanie Lindon was born to a rich and successful banker and a lawyer in New York City. Ever since she was born, her parents had wanted her to follow in her dad's steps and become a banker. However, this was not the case and secretly, she aspired and dreamed of becoming an astronaut. She did not tell her parents this until one day when she was 7, after school, her father caught her drawing planets. When he asked her, curious, why she was drawing, she told them of her passion for astrology.

That night, she was given an enormous lecture by both her parents in the kitchen and her dad beat her until she was knocked unconscious. For 6 years, she worked hard in school, pretending to please her dad, but really actually working towards her dream of becoming an astrologist or an astronaut. She eventually graduated from high school with high marks in every subject and then confronted her parents about her dreams and ambitions. This time her parents, hearing reason, let her attend MIT. She then afterwards went on to work for NASA with a master's degree, as an astronaut.

After several years, when she was 32, she met another astronaut named Ricardo who also had a deep passion for astrology and they soon became friends. However, even that didn't last long and they soon fell in love. After a year of dating, they'd made love and had child, Astre. Her lover, Ricardo, then revealed that he was actually Astraeus and that Greek Mythology existed. He then left her, with only a star charm.

As Astre grew up, Stephanie quit her job at NASA and went to live in Bloomfield, New Jersey. She got a job as a professor in mathematics and bought a house. Since she did not live too far from the school, she frequently picked up Astre from school and Astre lived the life of any other average American kid. As she grew up, her mother nurtured and encouraged her love of the stars and eventually she fell deeply in love with astrology.

When she was seven, her mother, Stephanie, remarried and she met her step-dad for the first time. Initially he was sweet, charming and funny but then he only reserved that personality for Astre's mother. When Stephanie was not around, he'd unleash his true personality and often beat Astre calling her dirty names and refusing to let her go out with her friends. Also, whenever she got a bad mark, needed help with something, or wanted to go somewhere, he'd whip her with whatever was at hand.

This abuse continued until she was 15. One day, when she came home, he was standing at the door waiting there. Before she could react, he hit her with a wooden plank. Having signs of satyriasis (the genderal opposite of a nympho), he raped her. When Astre tried to tell her mother, behind Stephanie, her stepfather, John, made a sign signifying the slitting of a throat. Under threat of death, Astre hid and buried her memories deep under until one day, it eventually slipped out of her, when she told her friends. Her friends, horrified, convinced her that this was extremely serious and that she should take this matter to the police.

So the next day, she contacted the police but when they got to her house, there was no trace of John, he'd seemingly vanished. Stephanie, learning of the abuse Astre had to go through was shocked and crying, she promised to be a better mother. With John out of the house, all seemed well until a month later. Astre had gone out with a few friends to a party at a friend's house and when she returned home, she found her house in flames. Fearing for her mother's safety, she ran into the house and found her mother dead, trapped beneath a pillar. On the wall beside her body, there was a note scrawled in blood, her mother's. It said: "You should not have told"

Knowing that to be John's work, she was about to leave the burning building when she noticed something in her mother's hand, it was a note and a star charm. Taking both of these items, she ran out of the house. When she got outside and had called the 911, she read the note. It said:

"Dear Astre,

I cannot tell you how much I love you in just this letter as this might be the last thing I do. John is out to get us, he is hunting us and though he's on the run, neither of us are safe. He is coming to kill you my dear beloved and you must run. Don't stay around to be adopted by someone else or he'll kill them too. This might sound crazy but you HAVE to believe me. Ok, honey, John is a Laistrygonian giant, cannibal giants from Greek mythology. The 12 Olympian gods, and the Greek monsters from the myths, they're real. John is actually a cannibal giant, which would explain why when you were younger you always said that he had 'one eye'. He didn't immediately kill you because unlike other Laistrygonians, he was overconfident, sure he could kill and eat you at anytime and his lust for women overcame his hunger.

If you are reading this, I am probably dead, but I won't leave you for dead. Your father, Astraeus, if you remember him from the Greek myths I told you, told me that there was a special place for kids of the gods like you. It's called Camp Half Blood and it's located on Long Island Sound, which is not too too far but still some way to go. I've already arranged for a satyr to meet you. He's at your local high school. Now hurry, go before Child Protection Services or John finds you! Oh and your star charm, it's a gift from your father. It morphs into a sword.

All my love to you,


Stuffing her note into her pocket and holding the charm in her hand, she ran as fast as she could to her high school. Sure enough, there was a satyr there waiting for her. It turned out to be one of her friends, Drake. They got into Drake's car and they headed to Long Island Sound. All was fine until they were on the road to the town nearby Camp Half Blood. They were driving down the road when suddenly, a massive boulder slammed into the car from the right side. It flipped the car over and off the road. The two of them were alive and they got out of the car but Drake had broken his right foot when the car had flipped.

Seeing that he was slowing down Astre too, he told her to go, sacrificing himself to John, as she ran. She continued running down the road as John was distracted by eating Drake. She'd reached the base of Half Blood hill when something grabbed her from behind. It was John. As he lifted her closer to his mouth, she activated her star charm and a sword appeared in her hand. Despite having no training, she slashed his arm, making him bellow in pain. He dropped her and she ran up the hill, with John in hot pursuit. She finally reached the entrance when several demigods rushed out from the camp and went to fight the Laistrygonian. They killed him and Astre made it to camp, safe.

Weapons/Armour: She has standard Camp armour and she wields her Celestial Bronze star charm-sword, along with a Celestial Bronze rapier.

Ob - Seren Annwyl

Seren Annwyl

Name: Seren Annwyl

Personality: He has a calm demeanor, but is prone to fits of anger if one so brings him to that point. He is very resourceful, able to adapt to many situations quickly. Though he isn't exactly "smart" academically, this doesn't mean he's stupid. Rather, he has his own unique volume of knowledge. He's also a man of action. He cannot, and often refuses, to sit around and twidle his thumbs while important events happen around him. He wishes to take an active part in everything that happens to him. Prideful and stubborn, he is very hard to convince of something he does not believe in.

History: Seren was born to a poor family in Wales. His mother, Anna, was a single parent, who was working at a low-paying job as a worker on the beach. One night, while she was on her break, she went to one of her favorite places on the beach to look at the stars. A man introduced himself as Seren and watched the stars with her, talking about all the different constellations. Liking him, the two started seeing each other more. Soon; they became friends, lovers, and eventually husband and wife.

After a few months, Anna was pregnant with Seren. Then her husband had to break the sad news to her. He was really the god Astraeus. She wasn't totally surprised, as her mother had been a demigod and had told her about the gods. But never did she think that a god would fall in love with her. In any case, a few weeks after Seren was born Astraeus had to leave Anna. But before he did, he promised her he would find someway to make sure she and Seren were taken care of.

The few years after he left, Seren's mother tried to give Seren a good life. Though she wasn't able to send him to school due to money issues, she tried to teach him the best she could when she wasn't at work. When she was, a neighborhood friend made sure he wouldn't get into trouble. However; he still wondered the streets, learning how to stay out of trouble by himself.

Then one day, a tekhine attacked Seren while he was walking about his town. He wouldve have died if a nearby key smith, a son of Hephaestus named Ben, hadn't saved him. Taking him under his wing, to the gratitude of Seren's mother, he taught Seren how to protect himself from monsters and control his powers. He even gave Seren his Bo Staff and Knuckles on his birthday.

Eventually, Ben and Anna fell in love with each other. Soon, they got married to the delight of both the couple and Seren. Ben, being rather wealthy, was able to send Seren to school. Two years later, Seren's younger brother Tynged was born after it was thought he would die due to complications. In order to celebrate, Ben and Anna took the family on a cruise that sailed near the coast of Venezuela.

However; while on the cruise disaster struck. A great storm suddenly appeared, hammering the ship with powerful waves. Then, a powerful lightning bolt struck through the funnel of the ship into the generator. Causing a huge explosion, almost everyone on the ship was either killed or seriously injured. Miraculously; Seren survived, though he was trapped floating in the ocean by a piece of metal.

After floating for a few hours in the ocean almost unconscious, a crew on a fishing boat found him extremely far away from the site of the cruise explosion, almost on the opposite side of the coast. Helping him up, they eventually found that he had lost his memory. The only memory he managed to keep was of his name.

For a few weeks he wondered the countryside, staying from shelter to shelter in order to survive. He probably would've died if a demigod living there had not found him. Seren told the demigod who found him, Armenio, how he had ben found and been wondering the coast. Hearing that Seren had lost his memory, Armenio suggested Seren go to New York, where a friend of his named Amanda could restore his memory. She was a child of Mnemosyne, had as such had the power to do so. Giving Seren money for a plane ticket, he wished Seren luck.

However; at the airport he was attacked by a group of hellhounds. Being chased, he accidently got on the wrong plane. By the time he realized it, the plane had already landed in L.A.

In L.A., Seren refused to give up. Searching the city for days, he eventually stumbled across the entrance to the Underworld. Strangely, Charon told him that an entrance to New York was located there. Then even more suprisingly Charon allowed Seren to ride without pay. Once there, the the strangeness continued. The fury Alecto lead him to Orpheus's path, cackling all the while that Seren would be back very soon just like Hades had said, as a bet for some reason. Beginning to worry, Seren quickly left Alecto and went to New York.

Once there, Seren found Amanada, and she set to work restoring his memory. Coinciding with the strange incidents as of late, it took Amanda two weeks to fully restore instead of the day that she promised. When he asked for a reason, she said that his memories had been tightly locked inside him, not lost. It was as if someone purposely had trapped them so that he couldn't remember.

In any case, Seren thanked Amanda for her help, and snuck onto a plane heading for Wales. Wanting to see his family, once he got to Wales he rushed to his home as fast as he could.

He found it and the town he had lived in for his whole life destroyed.

Searching his house, he asked a neighbor where his family had gone and what had happened to the town. At first, the lady only told Seren of how the town was destroyed. A storm almost identical to the one that appeared during the cruise had hit the town, totally wiping it out. However; she would not say what had happened to Seren's family. Finally, after an hour of begging, she told him.

Seren's whole family had died on the night of the storm. When they were getting out of the house, the baby and Anna had become trapped in one of the rooms. Desperate to save them, Ben would not leave and kept trying to break them free. In the end the house had collapsed on them, and the boiler exploded. There had been no survivors.

A rage unlike no other came upon Seren. Realizing that Hades had been betting on him dying along with his family, his anger reached unfathomable levels. Storming onto a plane to New York, he broke through Orpheus' Path and down to the Underworld once again. Raging down, he prepared to battle Cerberus, only for the dog to let him through. Alecto then arrived, telling Seren that Hades expected him. Starting to mock him, Seren replied by smacking off her head with his Bo Staff with one swipe.

Raging into Hades quarters, he angrily challenged the god to a match, and win back the souls of his family. Hades agreed, thinking it nothing more than trivial. Though Seren fought his hardest, Hades was able to easily swipe away his attacks. Finally getting bored, Hades slammed Seren across the room. Unwilling to accept defeat, Seren surprised Hades and was able to cause him to stumble, dazed. Angry now, Hades blasted Seren back again, and summoned his sword to obliterate Seren. However; one of Astraeus' servants appeared, and commanded Hades to spare the child as he had promised. Hades refused, and in a flash of light Seren was transported somewhere else. He was unable to figure out his location before passing out.

He awoke to a young woman tending him in bed. Calling herself Calypso, she explained how she had found him injured on the beach and took care of him. After a week or so of being taken care of, Seren received a letter from his father. It read:

Dear Seren,

I'm sorry for what life has put you through so far. It's not fair that you're family had to be taken away from you so suddenly, after what good times you all had. But I want to at least explain why these things happened. Then maybe you can try to forgive me.

You see, your little brother Tynged was never supposed to be born. He was supposed to die of those complications your mother had. For whatever reason, only Hades knows, he survived. The storm during the cruise was caused by Zeus, who by Hades had requested to do in order to kill the child. For whatever reason, Tynged survived again. Thanatos himself came in order to carry away those who had died in the explosion, including you. However; your parents saw him, and figuring that you may be almost dead, made a promise to him.

They offered their lives in exchange for yours. Thanatos agreed, but for some cruel reason Hades decided not to have Thanatos collect on them immediately. Instead, he waited until the day the storm hit your town, by Zeus' doing again, except this time it was by the Fates themselves who made the request. In any case, your parents should have survived, but due to their promise they perished as well. I trapped your memories within you so that you would not have to suffer the loss of your parents and brother...but my plan failed obviously. Maybe my plan failing wasn't as bad as I thought, but I am getting off topic. I dont know why Hades played such games with you, sending monsters, taunting you, and all that. Perhaps its because we have a sort of anmosity towards each other, or maybe Hades just didn't like you. Whatever the reason, I apologize for him too.

Now, I know you're probably wondering what to do now. Well, in a day or so of this letter arriving, a small canoe will appear. It will take you to Camp Half Blood, a place where you can be safe. I wish you the best of luck my son.


At first, Seren did not want to go, preferring to stay with Calypso. Angry at his father for not trying to help save his parent, he swore never to go to Camp Half Blood. However; with Calypso's gentle convincing and after Hermes, who visited Calypso from time to time, talked with him a few times, he finally got onto the canoe and sailed for Camp Half Blood. After a few hours his canoe landed on the beach, and he as formally claimed as a son of Astraeus.

Equipment: He wields a set of Aetherian Stone knuckles and a Bo staff made out of the same material.

Nicki ~ Oliver Duvall

Name: Oliver "Ollie" Duvall

Gender: Male

Age: 17

God Parent: Astraeus

Mortal Parent: Bonnie Duvall

Appearance: Ollie has long-ish brown hair, which he doesn't really care about, so it's always messy. His eyes have a light brown, almost honey, color. He has an athletic build, not so muscal though, but he is in good shape. He stands at 6'1". He loves to wear beanies, and has a lot of them.

Personality: Ollie is mostly kind to people, and makes friends easily. He is communicative, outgoing and sometimes just crazy. He was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia when he was 8. He loves skateboarding, it is practiculary his whole life. He's always there to help his friends, and would do anything to protect them.

History: Bonnie Duvall was still in college in 1993, in her senior year. She wanted to be an astronomer. Of course, that caught Astraeus' attention. He introduced himself as a graduate of Bonnie's college, and after getting to know him, she found herself falling in love with him.

They started dating a month later. Astraeus was helping Bonnie with her assignments and soon enough she graduated, and was one of her year's best students. A few months later she found out she was pregnant.

Astraeus stayed with her until she gave birth to their son. She named him Oliver, and was very happy. But a couple days after little Ollie's birth, Astraeus told her he had to leave. Before departing he explained everything about his true nature and told her about Camp Half-blood.

Even though Bonnie was broken hearted and wasn’t quite ready to raise a child on her own, she tried her best. Ollie had a good childhood in general lines. Although most of the kids in his school considered him a freak, he managed to make a few good friends. One of them was Rhi Stark. Rhi was strange. She read a lot, wanted to be alone a lot, and it seemed like she was always dreaming, but she had a kind heart and that was all that mattered to him.

Ollie and his friends used to spend most of their time skating and soon enough it became their passion. Ollie was quite good. He loved skating so much that he kinda forgot about school, and his grades fell down. Bonnie was concerned, but she wanted her son to be happy so she didn't say a thing.

Ollie never really saw his mother. She had three jobs, and Ollie was spening more and more time with his friends, often sleeping at their houses. Despite that, they had a great relationship, and if Bonnie ever needed help he would rush home to help her with anything she needed.

Soon after Ollie turned 15, Rhi introduced him to one of her friends, Anya Melnikova. Anya was a ballerina, a bit too girly, and great at school. Or in other words, she had nothing in common with Ollie. They used to fight a lot, but Ollie had a secret crush on her.

Rhi knew this of course. On her sixteenth birthday, she made a deal with Ollie he would talk to Anya and she would learn how to skate. Ollie soon talked to Anya. He asked her on a date, and to his big surprise, she agreed. A couple of days later Anya became his girlfriend, and they both were happy.

After a while, Rhi disappeared. When Ollie asked her mother, aunt A, where her daughter was, she told him that she got transferred to a private school in London. He wasn't convinced, but decided to leave it there when he found a letter from Rhi in his mailbox. It didn't have an address, but she wrote about how cool her new school was, so Ollie sighed and let it go.

Several months later, Ollie and Anya were having a walk in Central Park when something really weird happened: a creature that seemed like a lion, but was too strange to be one attacked them. Ollie didn't know what to do, and before he could react the monster attacked his girlfriend and she was badly injured.

That was when a strange girl with short hair and a bow in her hand appeared. She shot a few arrows at the monster and it turned to dust. "What was..? Who are..? Um.. HUH?!" Ollie mumbled, trying to form a proper sentence. "We don't really have time for talk. I'm Melody, the thing I killed was a Chimera, and that's all for now" the girl said. She took out something that looked like a big gold coin and threw it up while mumbling a few words in Ancient Greek.

A taxi cab appeared seconds later. Ollie picked Anya up in his arms carefully and sat in the car, next to "We don't have time for this" Melody. A few moments later they arrived at a hill and Melody ran to what looked like the entrance of a camp. Ollie followed her, praying that Anya was okay.

As they finally entered the camp, Anya took her final breath. A strange mark hovered above her. "So she was a Mnemo kid.." Melody whispered. "M-Mnemo?" Ollie asked, tears rolling down his cheeks. "Mnemosyne. Your girlfriend was a daughter of the goddess of memory".

The boy was shocked. He couldn't believe that his bloved girlfriend, his beautiful Anya was gone. Melody carried on to explain everything. She said that she was a hunter of Artemis, and the place they just walked into wasn't just a regular summer camp, but Camp Half-Blood, a special place where the sons and daughters of the Greek Gods could train and be safe. As Melody was talking about all the Gods and Goddesses, Astraeus claimed Ollie.

Still in shock, he walked to his cabin, trying to realize that this would now be his life.

Weapons: A sword he didn't name yet that he found on his bunk when he walked into the Astraeus' Cabin. Probably a gift from his father.


Name: Elisabetta Modigliani

Age: 16

Theme Song: Second Hand White Baby Grand

Personality: Elisabetta is a lover for art just like all of her family. She has a special passion for music even though she paints just like her grandparents. She learned to play the piano with her mother when they got to New York and it's one of her favorite ways to pass the time. Most of the hunters loved listening to her sing at night while they were eating dinner and those are her best memories of the time with the Hunters. She's stubborn and has a bit of fear of relationships. She is the type that thinks before acting and sometimes that can compromise her missions from thinking way too much.

Appearance: She has brown hair and bright blue eyes like her grandmother and a creamy pale complexion. She's 5'6" tall and weights 119 lbs.

History: Ever heard of Modigliani? No? Oh well, I’ll tell you a bit about him. He was a famous painter around 1915 and fell in love with a woman named Jeanne Hébuterne and died of tubercular meningitis in 1920. Jeanne killed herself the day after his death leaving their daughter orphaned.

Jeanne Modigliani was taken care by her maternal grandparents until Modigliani’s sister adopted her. She lived a pretty normal life, always wondering about her parents but her aunt never told her anything. When she was old enough, she learned the truth and wanted to find everything about her father’s life.

When she was around 30, she published his biography. She made father more recognized and she was proud of it. Her book made her travel from Italy to America and while on her tour of New York, she met a mysterious star-gazer that seemed very interested on her and her book.

He invited her to come to a café with him and she accepted. They talked and talked but in the end, they were both dying to see the other again. Fortunately, Jeanne’s next visit to New York didn’t take long and they passed again the night talking and observing the stars from his apartment terrace.

They passed the whole week Jeanne had like that until the last one. Eric, the man, was old-fashioned and didn’t want to sleep with Jeanne until marriage but they didn’t have the time. He gave in on their last night together and they spent it with more than just harmless kisses and small-talk.

Jeanne didn’t see him again during her next trips to New York, but she had more in mind than him. On that one night, she had gotten pregnant. Nine months later, a healthy baby girl was born. If you didn’t know it yet, it was me. Elisabetta Modigliani since mother never got Eric’s surname. She ended up moving to New York when I was 5 and she finally saw Eric again. Only this time, he seemed a bit different without his glasses and his uncombed hair.

His aviator hat was the only thing that looked the same. He was shocked to see the little 6 year old girl that was his daughter and warned Jeanne that monsters would probably attack us because of me. She didn’t understand it and when he said that he couldn’t be with her anymore because of me, she got furious. Cursing at him in Italian, french, Spanish and English, Eric ended up being kicked out of the house.

Mother soon found a boyfriend to substitute my father. His name was Damien and he was a normal accountant and didn’t look like anything special. I have no idea why the heck mother liked that guy but she did so I was stuck in my room every night he came over. That went on for a few years, I was about 16 when everything changed because of him.

One day, he decided to take us to Central Park. I kept my fair distance of them, they were too lovey-dovey sometimes with him grabbing flowers from the bushes and putting on her hair and she humming ballads and both of them dancing across the park. I was just acting like I didn’t know who they were and everything was doing great.

Until, Damien took us to a desert part of the Park. I was nervous, it was really weird not to have anyone around when you lived in New York. And when I was looking for a living soul across the wide field we were in, Damien turned into a manticore. Spikes grew from his back, a huge scorpion tail appeared, his hair grew larger and wilder and his teeth became sharp fangs. Mother didn’t notice the change at all.

I screamed to catch her attention, to warn her the monster father warned about was standing right beside her but when I did, Damien sent spikes on her heart and she fell dead on the bloody grass. I was frozen in place. What had just happened? It was impossible that mother simply died, just like that.

Damien smirked and started saying about how annoying it had been pretending he was in love when all he wanted was to get his claws on me. And of course, call the attention he had just gotten from the Hunters. My face showed my confusion, but I didn’t have the time to ask what he was talking about.

Dozens of girls came from the trees on the edge of the field, dressed in silver clothes and with silver bows aiming at Damien. He started throwing spikes everywhere, snapped some girls necks and poisoned some with his tail until a smaller red-headed girl came. She sent 5 arrows flying at his neck easily and Damien died and disappeared in a poof of yellow sand.

The girl was a bit shorter than me and introduced herself as the goddess Artemis. She offered me a place on the hunt, where I would have a place to be. I said that I would, if she could help my mother. Turns out, mother wasn’t dead yet. She had passed out from the poison but the Hunters were able to take the poison out and make her forget what happened with Damien.

When she woke up, I told her I’d be leaving. I didn’t give her time to react, I just said it and hugged her, leaving right after. I passed about half a century in the hunt. It was fun, the girls were my friends. I loved seeing Lady Artemis turn boys into the most random animals. I kept one of them as a pet, I liked his unique violet eyes that stayed with him even after the transformation.

When Lady Artemis sent me to Circe’s Island to fetch a potion she had ordered, I took him with me. Circe was tricky, she gave me the potion but also put something on my cute little pet while I wasn’t looking because on my way back, he turned back into a boy.

Shocked didn’t even cover half of it, but he grabbed me and pinned me against a nearby tree. He took my bow and my knife so I was weaponless and I knew he was a demigod like me, a son of Ares by what I had seen when Lady Artemis turned him. I was powerless and he took the potion from me and threw on the floor so the vial broke and the potion was spilled. I was distracted by that and struggled to get there and try to do something even though I knew I had nothing to do when he kissed me. Just like that. It shut me up and made me stop struggling and I knew on that instant he had kissed me just for that. I struggled more and kicked him where it hurt and when he doubled over and let my wrists go, I ran away from him.

My bow was broken in two and my hunting knife was on his belt so I didn’t waste time trying to recover them. Only, he was a fast runner. He caught up with me even though I supposedly got a better speed when I joined the hunt. I guess he was just excellent in track and knew some shortcuts around.

He didn’t seem that pissed off at me actually. Only from the kick, but he actually seemed grateful to me. He told me that he knew most guys would be lost in the woods and become falcon’s prey after being transformed and he was thankful that I had saved him from that. That shook my heart.

I was used to seeing guys be rude and always thinking that we were harmless but the boy seemed to actually acknowledge my powers. He kissed me again and Lady Artemis chose that moment to appear, wondering what was taking me so long. She saw us kissing and got really mad.

I tried explaining, but she took my powers before I could even start. When I finally wa able to explain, she sticked to her choice of taking my powers away but warned me to go to Camp where I would be safe. She gave me another bow and hunting knife as a last gift and sent one of the Hunters to help me get to Camp with Luke, the boy. Only he refused. He said that he had already spent too long in camp and was going home when we found him so he now would be going to live with his mom.

I felt a bit sad with that, but pushed the feelings away. I got one last goodbye kiss and he left, leaving me there. I ended up going to Camp and killed the monsters in my way easily. When I got there, the hunter left and I could only stay there with my siblings.

Weapons: A silver bow and two hunting knives that Artemis gave to her as a gift when she was leaving for Camp

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