Name: June Ackerman

Image: June North

Personality: June is a fun and free girl. A loon. Shes very lucky, and victourius, luck is always rolling her way, and she always has some sort of victory. June is also very helpful, sly and very,very sneaky, so sneaky she may as well be a child of Hermes.


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Steven Ackerman was a sweet guy. He was slightly lucky and victorurius. He was very happily married to a beautiful woman named Elizabeth Gadway-Ackerman. He loved Elizabeth, but Elizabeth could not have children, which saddened Steven. He always wanted a baby to care for. So he went to Nike and had an affair with her. They met in a park and Steven was alone. Nike seduced him and they ended up having June. June appeared on Steven's doormat about 9 months later.

Elizabeth raised June as her own. June loved Elizabeth like a mother. June did ballet and Elizabeth showed her how. June would play the piano for Elizabeth, and on days, Elizabeth would listen to June instead of ballet. June loved both activities. June was a multitasker, and she had a bit of ADHD. She was a little bit crazy, and she made friends easily. June and Elizabeth were the closet friends. Elizabeth was a nice mom, according to June.

June had a journal she would write stories in about Greek myths. Nike and Tyche were her favorite to write about. She was victorius in everything she did. June would write about Nike being her mother, though she didn't know it was true. Elizabeth liked to hear June read these stories aloud to her. Steven Ackerman died when June was 13. June was attacked after her father died. Before her father died, he gave her a celestial bronze dagger and told her the truth. She killed the harpy that had attacked her. She told Elizabeth what her father said. Elizabeth would look around for an adult demigod. She found one and the older demigod trained June at home. When June was 16, the older demigod told her of camp. Elizabeth asked if the demigod could bring her and the demigod did. June was claimed by Nike


Personality: She's a down to earth, smart *ss, tough chick. She doesn't play around and she always has her friends backs. She quickly learns from her mistakes.Although she's not book smart she is street smart. Aliyah is extremely competitive and excelled in all the sports and matches she's been in. She accepts defeat and knows when she is wrong, making her very mature.
Mortal Parent:Jason Smith


Yes my name is Aliyah, and yes I'm named after the singer. My dad is in love with her even though she's dead...but not nearly as in love as he was with my mom. My dad's name is Jason, Jason Smith. He was a college basketball player and a good one too, until he had a fatal injury involving his knees. That's how he met my mom. She was posing as a reporter and interviewing him on how he felt about leaving the world of basketball. Of course my headstrong and naive father claimed that the injury wouldn't hold him back and that he'd keep going.Even though he was wrong, this declaration of determination caused my mom to fall in love with him.

They dated for two years when my mom got pregnant with me. When she told my dad he was eccentric and being the good hearted man he is, he proposed. Unfortunately my mom couldn't accept. When he asked why (almost in tears) she explained to him that she was the goddess Nike. She also explained what that would mean for me. Mom gave my dad a pair of rings and the address to camp.She gave him strict directions to give me the two rings the morning of my 12th birthday and explained how they worked. The next day she was gone and my father was heart broken. A few months later a baby was on this doorstep, that baby was me. In the basket with me was a piece of paper with one word on it Aliyah.

My dad raised me well. I loved sports and martial arts. So I played soccer, basketball (of course), softball, and volleyball. I took jiu jitsu and muay thai competing in matches as well.My dad had warned me about monsters attacking when I got older so he wanted me to be prepared. In school I wasn't the smartest girl in the class. I was diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD at age ten and I still haven't overcome it. I wasn't very popular either, in fact people were kind of scared of me. Elementary school went by in a blur of teacher yelling at me, detentions/suspensions, and kids crying because of me.

Middle school... well middle school was when life started to get interesting. You see, I'm from Morris Heights. A neighborhood in The South Bronx of New York. But in middle school I moved to to Bronxdale which is in the Northeast Bronx. Everyone in my original neighborhood knew who I was and knew not to mess with me. Sadly in my new neighborhood my rep didn't get transferred like it did with my school. So of course, because I was a new kid on the block, a group of imbecile kids (3 kids to be exact) decided to try and jump me.

Not surprisingly at all, I beat their *sses. After that no one messed with me. I was glad that this neighborhood wasn't filled with hard headed fools. In school the teachers were prepared for the worst of me and acted like they knew me already. Just to make them feel stupid the whole year of sixth grade I acted like an angel. Well... up until the last day of school. The very last day (May 31) when I made twelve a gang called the Black Spades invited me to join. I was stupid and hadn't realized that gangs were for punks, so I joined. Most people would have had to go through an initiation beat down, but those kids who had tried to jump me when I first moved into the neighborhood were apparently part of the gang. So, because I was able to beat them up I was welcomed with warm arms and no beat down.

On my home from where I was welcomed into the gang, a hellhound attacked me. I didn't know what it was, at first I thought it was a a great dane that had gone mad; but when I saw it's eyes, I knew it was one of the monsters my dad had told me about. Lucky for me, that morning as a birthday gift, pops gave me those two rings I told you about earlier. He explained how they worked and as soon as I clapped my hands together causing the rings to make contact; I had a pair of dual cb swords , just like he said I would. It was a lot of work and I ended up with a lot of bruised and scratches, but I showed that hell hound who was boss.

When I got home and I told my dad what had occurred he looked at me with pride; not knowing that moments before the monster attacked me I had joined a gang. The summer went by with a breeze and the beginning of seventh grade was good too. I was still trying to be an angel and do good in school. Towards the middle of seventh grade was when things started going downhill. My gang had gotten caught up in a turf war and of course I had to participate. I had begun slipping with the angel act in school and at 1:45 pm it was gone completely. I walked out in the middle of class and hurried to get at the meeting spot before the clock striked 2. The teachers tried to call me back but I ignored them and just kept walking.

I arrived right on time and the faught began. I was doing good protecting myself and my gang buddies; but then the the cops showed up just as I shanked some chick in the stomach. I figured that either someone snitched, or my teachers called the police since it's illegal to play hookie. I was arrested and put in juvie for two years. My past record didn't help me out either, neither did my cruel judge, but my amazing lawyer did. My dad was extremely angry and ashamed of me. Even so, he always came to visit. A week after my detainment a new "kid" came in. She was butt ugly and had two snake tales for legs. I now learned that they're called Scythian Dracnae... or is it Echidna?Any way that thing came in and as soon as she,it,whatever saw me, I received a big toothy grin.

This ticked me off and I couldn't wait to turn it to dust. Not too long after we got into a "fight". She fought well, but all my training and instinct kicked in; making her fighting not good enough. It took some time, but I was able to defeat her. By the time the officers got to us... it was just me and some dust.Sadly this added onto my time, whatever the guards and inmates had seen apparently it wasn't good. A year later another freak came along. It looked just like the last one but only one snake tail and it was posing as a guard. When it was "lights out" she decided to go in for the kill, but I was prepared.

Causing a lot of ruckus and earning a lot of bruises I killed her. This also added to my time there, once again I have no idea what the gaurds and inmates had seen but I'm guessing it wasn't good. In total I had six extra months.A week later a satrys came posing as a guard. She would've taken me to camp sooner, but she had no idea on how to get me out of the juvenile detention center. As months went by more monsters came (2 to be exact). Both of them were petty little things, but by the end of my second year I got a whole twelve months added to my time. I'm still positive that wasn't legal, but no one pays attention to those types of things.Plus whatever the gaurds had seen may had made it legal.

On my last year I didn't have any attacks until the very end. Right when I finally got out a cyclops attacked me. My satrys, Melody and I tried to outrun it, but it was impossible. Luckily, my dad was on his way to get me, so we had a ride to get away. He drove quickly, heading towards camp. He dropped us off near the camp gates, but not close enough. As soon as we got out of the car that damn cyclops had caught up.

I told my dad to hurry and leave, I didn't need him getting hurt while I dealt with this one eyed freak. But, instead Melody told me to run and hurry.Let me tell you now, I only ran because I thought she was going to run with me. But by the time I was almost to the gates I heard her screams and realized she had risked her life for me. I walked into camp feeling weak and ashamed, even though I was immediately claimed by my mom Nike.


Name: Valencia Khanina

Age: 17

Mother: Nike

Father: Edgar Khanina

Personality: Valencia is amazingly shy and reserved. She really dislikes talking and being noticed by people. If she does manage to open up to someone, she can be funny and friendly. She does come across as cold and sarcastic. She becomes depressed or angry very easily. On top of this, Valencia trusts people easily, and gets majory disheartened when someone lets her down. She is very docile when it comes to opinions, and if someone speaks against her own, she won't fight back due to it.


History: Valencia Khanina was born to Nike and Edgar Khanina on the 11th March 1996. Her father belonged to the Russian Mafia, and had met Nike after departing from a meeting concerning his move to America. The two fell in love, and Nike didn't hide her identity, and both agreed that a one night fling would suit them much more. The next morning, the two parted, going their separate ways.

Months after the meeting of Nike, Edgar was relocated to America. There, he thrived in his crimes, and after each one, he'd move to a different city in a different state. In Brooklyn, New York, he settled and cut off all contacts from the Mafia he had. One day, a knock at the door revealed to him a small baby girl on his doorstep. The note attached read, "Edgar. This is our daughter. You can name her whatever you want. Treat her well, or else. When she's ready, take her to Camp Half-Blood. -Nike". On the back of the note, directions to camp were scribbled on. Edgar took his daughter in, and named her Valencia, after his favourite city.

As Valencia grew up, Edgar gave everything he had to make sure she enjoyed life. Her doted on her, and always called her is 'little victory'. He hated the feeling of being split from her, so he home schooled her, in the prevention that they wouldn't be split up. However, when Valencia was turning 6, the Mafia was catching back up to the family. Edgar quickly arranged Valencia to live with his cousin, Ivan on the other side of Brooklyn, in an attempt to save her. Ivan was welcoming of his niece, and, as if he had known that Edgar would have to give her uo, he accepted quickly, and had a room set out for her in a day or so. Once he said goodbye to Valencia, Edgar was taken back to Russia. Without her Dad, Valencia closed up, and wouldn't speak to anyone. On her 13th birthday, when she and Ivan were walking in the park, they were attacked by a hellhound. Luckily for her, Ivan was a demigod himself, and defeated the monster with little injuries. When Valencia asked him what it was, he would manipulate her, and tell her that it was a large dog. Being the girl she was, Valencia believed him, and, to this day, she finds it as one of her major mistakes.

As she turned 15, Ivan began to take advantage of her physically and sexually. This made Valencia close up even more, and the only way she could express herself was through fashion, or writing in a diary that Ivan had found, and became enraged at the thought of people finding out, and burned it. On her 16th birthday, another attack occurred. This time, it was a harpy. At the time Valencia was with her very small group of friends. Within the group, a satyr, Jordan, made sure Valencia was safe, before attacking the monster. Sadly, Jordan died, but, managed to repel the monster. Valencia returned home and told Ivan about what happened. Again, he told her it was nothing, and should let it go. For the next year, the abuse carried on, and Valencia became even more closed up. Only once did she try and run away, but when she was found out and returned home, Ivan made the abuse more intense to punish her. Desperately she wanted to tell someone something, but Ivan threatened her with her life if she did. On her 17th birthday, she received a note from her father, explaining about camp, and who her mother was. He also said how he planned to kill himself, and that he loved her more than life itself. Once reading the note over and over, Valencia packed up some bags, and ran away. With the help of a neighbour who she had confided in, she was taken to Camp, where she walked in and was claimed by Nike. Instantly, she felt like she was at home, where nobody would judge her for how she was.

Weapon: Celestial bronze sword

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