Ember Glass, Broken

Name: Ember Glass

Appearance: Ember has blond hair and purple eyes. She’s slim with a height of 5’6. She has a flexible body which is great for dancing and gymnastics.

Personality: Ember’s a perfectionist. She's extremely competitive and will do nearly anything to win. Whenever there’s someone around, she acts tough and never shows her tears. She’s naturally is kind to children (and to most animals)—the perfect babysitter. She hates being a liability.

Immortal Parent: Zephyrus

Mortal Parent: Kaylee Glass

Birthdate: September 28, 1997 (15)

Weapons: : Kusarigima, a Japanese weapon where a sickle is connected to a long metal chain. At the end of the chain is a metal ball. It was bestowed by Zephyrus and takes the form of a pair of black diamond earrings. In times of need, she will only have to touch one earring for them to transform. The earrings will disappear and morph into the kusarigima which automatically appears in her hand. Her necklace turns her turns into full suit armor. If she ever loses them, it’ll come back in the form of her earrings and necklace which will automatically appear again, hanging on her ears and neck by 10 minutes.


Kayla and Kaylee Glass, twin sisters, came from a long history line of half-bloods having affairs with the gods. When they were turning 15, someone killed their father—a bullet to the heart was all it took. The twins followed their father’s footsteps. At day, they would appear normal, having jobs as artists—specifically painters. But on some nights, they would deal with black markets and catch the most wanted people, disguising themselves and claiming the reward. With the help of their powers, they were able to do so and earn a fortune, going unnoticed.

One day, Zephyrus and Eurus met the twins in a casino. Zephyrus and Kaylee had the typical “love at first sight” thing; however, Kayla also fell for Zephyrus. But then, Eurus loved Kayla. After a few months of dating, Zephyrus and Kaylee “made love,” and Kaylee got pregnant. As soon as Kayla and Eurus found out Kaylee was pregnant with Zephyrus, the ugly green monster of jealousy got into Kayla. She then lied to Eurus about her feelings and seduced him into sleeping with her; that resulted to her pregnancy.

Of course, Zephyrus left when he found out Kaylee was pregnant. But, he did leave her a gift—actually, a gift for Ember. Zephyrus gave Kaylee a box, and the box contained a pair of earrings and a necklace. He told her never to open it until Ember was at least 13. Instead, Eurus gave Kayla a box which contained a diamond ring and necklace for Amber.

After their children were born and were at home, Kayla paid the maid to switch the children, since she wanted to have Zephyrus’ daughter. The maid did so and kept quiet. After all, both of the babies were about a month old, so no one would know the difference; the crime could easily be made since they all lived in one enormous manor.

One fateful day, Ember and Amber were both seven and at school. While Kaylee was at the studio, Kayla was alone at home. She was shot and killed by someone who owed her a great sum of money. The news came out, and Kaylee picked the children up from the kindergarten and drove straight to the hospital. While Kaylee was tensely driving the car, with the two children at the backseat, the car was abruptly crushed by a massive truck. Only Ember survived the tragic accident with a few minor bruises, since she unintentionally opened the door and was saved.

After the tragedy, Ember stayed in an orphanage for seven years. She always tried her best to not be a burden by helping with chores and whatnots. Despite her beauty and manner, mortals often judge her and bully her, due to that incident; she gained a fear of being laughed at and became a perfectionist.
After a year in the orphanage, Ember befriended Cody, a boy who had the same birth date and time of birth as her and was also a half-blood. He defended her when the others mistreated her—the two then became the best of friends. They told each other secrets and became really close. Whenever
Cody was there, Ember never felt lonely; she was interested in Cody’s skill in soccer and “magic” tricks that were actually logical tricks. His massive knowledge about Holmes and other mystery novels and stories also fascinated her.
When they were 14,
Cody wanted to test his deducting skills to find the will of Ember’s mother. He already grew so much since before; he can actually tell the person’s occupation just by shaking their hand like Holmes. Since his house was burned and demolished when his parent was murdered, he couldn’t try to solve the case anymore. However, Ember’s house was left untouched after she left, and the police did try to find the wills but failed. The two then tricked the head mistress into letting them leave for their friend’s one-week get together in London by writing letter and using other people’s voices to talk on the phone. They even went as far as paying a person to act like their friend’s mother to trick the mistress.
Once the two were permitted, they went to Ember’s mansion and looked everywhere. They were about to give up hope until when Troy found solved the so-called mystery. He then took Ember by the hand and led her to the library.
Cody turned the clock’s hands making it twelve o’clock. The second it rang, the walls moved, taking them to a hidden stairway. The two then went down and found documents, diaries, and… the will. What Ember found in the basement about her family not only shocked her but hurt her deeply as well. Luckily, Cody was there to comfort her; she then took the box Zephyrus wanted her to have and her mother’s childhood comb. The two then waited until the week was over and went back to the orphanage. She also changed her name into Ember instead of Amber.
When the children were both 15, Troy’s “aunt” came to the orphanage saying that she’d adopt him. Hearing the news, the heartbroken Ember immediately burst out of the orphanage door with Troy running after her. Unknowingly, the children were followed by a harpy who was disguised as Troy’s aunt.

The two stopped on a hill top where both promised to never leave each other behind. The harpy suddenly attacked, Cody, protecting Ember was badly hurt. Cody told Ember to run but she refused. During this “love scene” Aphrodite happening to pass by, she secretly watched the whole “love scene” and was touched by their “love story” and helped them by shouting “CONSENTRATE!” The children looked around but saw nothing, Ember and Cody both concentrated on protecting each other and their weapons appeared. The two children were able to adapt to their weapons, especially Cody He read about the weapon in an old Japanese book he borrowed from the library. Together, they defeated the harpy, unfortunately, after the battle Cody fainted and was immediately taken to the nearest hospital.

While they were in the hospital, she saw a map and a letter in Cody's pocket with a kiss of Aphrodite (she didn’t reveal her identity, though) on the letter saying it was a camp that was specially created for their kind. When he woke up, Ember asked him where he got the letter. Cody told her that he honestly didn’t know. She then explained the map she found was the same map that was in Zephyrus’ jewelry box. They then knew where they had to go.

After Cody came out from the hospital, the two packed their bags and ran away, leaving a letter to their favorite care-taker and some friends. While the two travelled to camp, they encountered a battle against a Cyclops. The Cyclops could’ve finished them off if it weren’t for a group of huntresses shooting arrows from the trees. Once the Cyclops was killed, Artemis came out from the group, took only Ember into her tent, and asked Ember to join the hunt. Ember already said no and gave some reasons, but Artemis told her to decide by the next evening. She was then given a brochure about being a huntress.

The next morning, Cody found the brochure in Ember’s jacket and was seriously pissed. He confronted Ember about their promise. Ember, infuriated, went to Artemis. Just when she was about to give her vow, Cody ran up and apologized. Ember then apologized to Artemis for bothering her by changing her mind. Luckily, before the enraged Artemis could say anything, Aphrodite appeared and confronted Artemis about Ember’s real answer. Of course, the two again bickered about maiden-ship and love. Aphrodite took the children into her car and proudly told the children about her saving them twice now and her beliefs. The two were then taken to camp. While blushing like mad, they acted like nothing happened and entered camp.

Extra Fact:She absolutely loves black diamonds.

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Breeze Nightingale, Wonder

Name: Breeze Nightingale

Age: 18

God Parent: Zephyrus

Mortal Parent: Frankie Nightingale

Personality:Breeze is very care-free and hyper young woman with a love for fashion design. She is known to suffer from Somniloquy, talking in her sleep, she usually talks in Ancient Greek while sleeping but on occasions she does talk in English. She also has Monophobia, a fear of solitude or being alone. She is also moderately skilled at ballet dancing.

Appearance:Breeze has long flowing blonde hair and golden brown eyes, her skin is pale-ish in colour and she is quite petite and 5'3". She is often described as "cute" and/or "hot" but prefers people to call her beautiful as she find "cute" too girly and "hot" makes her feel like a sex object.

History:Frankie was born to two merchants, who sold illegal/stolen goods on the black market. Her parents where, by far, the poorest of the merchants and therefore didn't have enough to sell so couldn't make a lot of money.

Frankie however was blissfully unaware that both he parents were merchants on the black market and grew up a peaceful life.

But one day her parents were arrested after the police found their stolen goods in the basement. She, however, was put into an orphanage, only to be adopted by parents much worse.

Mrs. Tanbree was an old lady, with a strange liking to cats. Her husband was a rich, young business man, of course, he had earned most of his money in a different way, gold-digging.

The old lady instantly feel in love with Breeze and decided to adopt her. Her husband, who's name was Richard, was very sceptical at first, but eventually allowed it.

As she grew she was smothered in love by Mrs. Tanbree, but soon she grew quite ill and Richard was forced to look after her, by this time she was 15, Richard started playing little "games" with her.

Soon these "games" became more and more forced on her, soon it turned into full blown rape. Mrs. Tanbree however was deaf and couldn't hear her screams. Eventually Mrs. Tanbree succumbed to her illness and died peacefully in the middle of the night.

Soon, at school, one day she told her friend, Charlie, of what was happening. Charlie said they could run away, live in the forest forever, no one would notice, the could go anywhere.

So that night, before Frankie could suffer her adopted father's sick, twisted "games". She escaped, meeting Charlie near the water fountain in the park.

Charlie was the first person Frankie ever loved, but he never returned her feelings. Although he actually did, he knew he could never tell her, as he was afraid of ruining their friendship.

Frankie and him changed their surname to Nightingale, they were as free as birds now, without their parents.

Although this didn't last long, Charlie was out hunting in the forest one day when he was ambushed by an animal. He was lying there, slowly dying, until a strange man showed up.

The strange man walked over to him and pushes his flowing blonde hair away from his bloodied face. In his last words he asked the strange man, who was Zephyrus, to protect Frankie and keep her from harm.

Zephyrus, who was truly in tears from this tragic love story, agreed to protecting Frankie, soon the life in his eyes flooded away, leaving nothing but a lifeless body lying on the forest floor.

Zephyrus quickly found Frankie setting up a fire near an opening. He quickly changed his appearance to clone Charlie's.

Although he was trying to be Charlie, he was truly falling in love with Frankie, with her sunkissed skin and her deep, serious brown eyes. He decided to just admit it one day, and told Frankie that he loved her, and soon the two of them were in a serious relationship.

Soon though, by accident, Frankie became pregnant. Zephyrus understood this as a way to get her to true safety, away from the forest, so he asked her one day, and she agreed. The two of them found a little village by a lake.

They quickly bought a house and lived in the village for a while, but soon Breeze was born and Zephyrus had to leave as per usual, decideing it was time, he told Frankie the truth about what happened in the forest, and who he really was.

Frankie was shocked, but in the end the only thing she could do was cry, she became more depressed after Zephyrus left, and quickly turned to drink.

She became less and less able to look after Breeze, but promised herself that she'd stop drinking the next day. The promise was never fulfilled. Soon neighbours were complaining about her drinking, so the police decided to take her to rehab, weirdly, they left Breeze with a neighbour.

The neighbour's name was Tina Goldman, she was a striking young woman with golden blonde hair. She found Breeze highly annoying, but kept her anyway.

Frankie was tortured at rehab though and died, sadly, after she took an overdose to end her suffering. It is said that her last words were: "Must. Find. Charlie." and if you enter that room at midnight exactly the same words will replay through your mind forever, this was purely a story some people had made up to stop people from staying at that place, well at least the though it was.

Breeze didn't deal well to her mother's death, in fact, she didn't deal with it at all, she blocked to from her memory, but at night she started talking in her sleep, usually in Ancient Greek so no one could understand her, but occasionally she would talk in English, when she did, it was usually about her mother.

Tina was annoyed by her talking, as she needed her "beauty sleep", so she sent Breeze to sleep down in the damp basement, with rats and spiders and a ton of old stuff, like an old TV, broken toys and even a destroyed cat bed.

Breeze's true dream was to become a ballet dancer, although she never got any lessons she taught herself, watching old videos on the old TV she became quite skilled at ballet dancing.

Breeze was sleeping one night when a young man named Stephen creeped into the house. Stephen was a satyr and of course smelled Breeze in the house.

He managed to get Breeze out of the house and into his car before either she or Tina noticed. Breeze was knocked awake while they were speeding along the motorway at nearly 100 MPH. The two of them were being pursued by an Empusa, they managed to reach Half-Blood Hill before the Empusa actually attacked, weirdly, it's first target was Stephen, not Breeze. The Empusa managed to kill Stephen, Breeze ran over to help him but another demigod restrained her as two others defeated the Empusa.

After the Empusa was defeated they allowed Breeze to walk over to Stephen's dead body. Breeze bent over his dead body and found a knife in his coat pocket, she decided almost right away to keep this knife as a reminder of him. A couple of days after she entered camp for the first time she was claimed as a child of Zephyrus.

Weapons:She has a knife that was originally Stephen the satyr's.

Siena Baehr, Ontario

Name: Siena Baehr

Gender: Female

Age: 17

God Parent: Zephyrus

Mortal Parent: Patricia Baehr

Appearance: Siena has long straight dark blonde hair and sparkling green eyes. She stands at 5ft 9in tall and has sun-tanned skin. Siena has a muscular build.

Personality: Siena is the type of girl that doesn't listen to commands, she makes them. She is a fierce party animal who doesn't give a damn about what people think of her. She's flirty, fun, and definitely spunky. Siena has Necrophobia, or the fear of death, ever since her near death experience. Her anthem is "Can't be Tamed" by Miley Cyrus.


History: Patricia Baehr was a bartender working in Miami Beach, Florida when she met Zephyrus, under the alias of Derrick Gomez. Derrick walked up to the bar and started talking to Patricia. It was love at first sight for her, but she tried to hide it the best she could. She was doing well until he asked her out. That's when she lost it. She started breathing heavily and almost fainted. Derrick quickly calmed her down, and she left work earily for her date.

Patricia and Derrick's date was at a beautiful Italian restaurant in Miami called Ciao Bella. Patricia thought that it was the best date of her life, and apparently Derrick thought that too. After that date they both went back to Patricia's apartment in Miami. I'm pretty sure that we all now what they did at Patricia's apartment so I'll just skip that part. So, the next morning Patricia woke up and Derrick was gone. That upset her a lot. She really actually thought that he was the one. But, he wasn't. In the coming days, Patricia began getting sick. She thought that it was just food poisoning from the restaurant they went to, but it wasn't. Patricia was pregnant.

Siena Michelle Baehr was born on May 1, 1995 in Miami, Florida to Patricia Baehr who was now a single mother. Patricia really did not want a kid. She never wanted a kid. They were just too much work, too much time. And she didn't have enough. But, she kept her. Maybe, just maybe Siena wouldn't be a horrible child, maybe she would be great, and she was, well only as a child. Growing up Siena was a very well rounded girl. She excelled in many things, such as sports, academics, and being social. But this all ended when Siena turned 14.

When Siena entered 9th grade, she knew she would be exposed to new things, but she was always told never to get involved in them. But she didn't listen. She was dating a 12th grader named Jake Mitchell. Jake and his friends all smoked Marijuana together, and one day they wanted Siena to smoke it too. She did. After that she became addicted, and every night they would all go out and smoke pot together. Siena wasn't proud of it, but she couldn't stop now. If Marijuana wasn't bad enough, her boyfriend also introduced her to alcohol. Just like with the drugs, she became addicted to the alcohol. For years they would smoke it together, until Jake died. He died from a overdose, caused by mixing alcohol and marijuana together. Now, Siena was terrified. She didn't want that to happen to her. So, she told her mother. Of course she was grounded for life, but she also went to rehab.

She liked it there, until one day. Her nurse, turned into a harpy. Siena ran out of the room, only to find that everyone in the office turned into some sort of monster. They all chased her out of the building where she ran and ran for miles, until she finally lost them. There were bleeding opened scars on her legs and arms and she was famished. In the forest, with no one there. How would she survive. Many times she thought of suicide, but she didn't. She just layer there waiting for nature to take it's course, but then she heard a sound in the bushes. It was a girl. She said that her name was Liza Summers and that she was from Camp Half-Blood on a mission to bring her to camp. Siena was shocked, and knew that she was way too tired to move, but Liza had a better idea. She said that herself could Shadow Travel to camp with Siena in her arms. Siena had no clue what this meant, but apparently this girl was special. And that's what Liza did. In a matter of seconds, they both appeared in a camp-like place with a whole bunch of kids running around. That's when Liza explained everything to Siena. Who she was, what Camp Half-Blood was, everything. Siena was hesitant to accept all of this, but with some convincing from other campers who seemed more trustworthy than Liza, she believed everything, and started her new life as a Demigod.

Weapons: A Celestial Bronze Mace

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Alberta Elmont, Star

Name: Alberta Elmont

Gender: Female

Age: 17

God Parent: Zephyrus

Mortal Parent: Kwani Bashir

Appearance: Alberta is African American, with large brown eyes, dread locked black hair, and a 5'10 stature. She has several piercings on different parts of her body.

Personality: Alberta is a fun loving girl. Sarcastic and witty, she likes to dance to her own beat and not follow orders. She is definetley a leader-type personality

History: Kwani Bashir was the wife of a tribe leader in Ethiopia, Africa. She was free spirited and disliked her husband, the chief of the tribe. He was sullen and dark, often pumped full of crack cocaine or other drugs that he payed heavy fees to import. Because he was spending the money, the tribe had begun to fall into extreme poverty. Kwani had to work much harder to make the colorful woven rugs that sustained her family and several children. One day, Kwani was wandering by a mud wallow, looking for dry grass to make into rugs, when Zephyrus caught sight of her. One sight of her, her hair waving in the breeze, and Zephyrus was hooked. He used his wind to spirit her away to a cave. Kwani was frightened at first and begged this strange man, who said he was a god, to return her to her home. But slowly, with time a patience, over a span of three months she began to love Zephyrus back. She began to believe that he was a god.

Meanwhile, back in the village tribe, gossip was heavy. Some thought Kwani had been killed by a lion or other predator. Some believed she had run away. The Chief was too busy with his drugs to care, however, and the search party that was sent out came back empty handed, for Zephyrus was determined to keep his love.

After three months had passed, Kwani realized she was pregnant. Zephyrus had to return to Olympus for a meeting of the gods, and told Kwani to stay put, and he would be back. Kwani wanted to stay with him, but began to realize she couldn't hide here with him forever. Her baby would be born in about 7 months, and a barren cave, even a cave with a god sometimes residing in it, was no place to raise a child. Kwani left, leaving a note to Zephyrus telling him what she had decided.

Kwani managed to find her way back to the village, which was only about three miles from the hidden cave. The villagers were surprised, but welcomed her back. But then they heard her stories. Kidnapped by a god? They thought it would anger the spirits, and people began to get restless. Her standing was only made worse when they realized she was pregnant. When she said she was pregnant with the god's child, the village angrily drove her out, fearful that the spirits they firmly believed in would punish her.

Kwani wandered for days, thirsty, unable to find anyone to take her in. But Zephyrus was still watching over her. He sent a little lantern, floating in the wind, to guide her to a small city, Gode. There she collapsed, and was taken to a small hospital. She remained there, fractured, her mind gone from the heat and the oppresion of her village. After a few weeks, she went into labor for Alberta. The hospital was well staffed, but Kwani was dying. Her sadness at being cast out, her bad condition, and her pain was too much for her to bear. Her last words were to an American doctor, who was in Ethiopia on a Red Cross trip, asking her to take her child. The doctor, a woman named Anna Elmont, said she would, for she had pity on this mother and had always wanted a child of her own, because she and her husband were unable to have children.

After the proper papers were filed, Anna started the process of adopting the baby. Since Kwani hadn't named her, Anna named her Alberta. After a year of the adoption process, Anna was allowed to take Alberta back to the States.

Alberta grew up privaleged. Her adoptive father and mother were rich doctors, and she had a happy childhood. But she was desperate to find her real father. So when she was sixteen, she signed up for a Red Cross mission to Ethiopia, with her parents consent. There she found her father, old, senile, and stripped of his Chiefhood by one of his sons. He had wandered crazily out of the village a few years ago, high on drugs, and had been living in the wild ever since, knowing how to get food and water in that barren land. Alberta found him and took him to a hospital. But he was too old and too drugged up to save. So Alberta listened to his final words, telling her about how her mother had said she was a demigod, or something. Alberta just chalked it up to his crazed brain and sunstroke. Her father died, and Alberta finished her trip and was at the airport to return home. She arrived in a US airport, but was suddenly attacked by a very pale "man" in a suit. She saw him turn into some sort of monster, and screamed, preparing to be hit by his claws. But as she screamed, Zephyrus remembered his long lost, dead love and saw that she was his child. He created a large wind that pushed the monster into a wall, long enough for Alberta to run away. The monster, frustrated at having missed a meal, disappeared.

Alberta returned home and told her parents what had happened. They were distressed. They had recieved a visit while she was gone from a satyr, who told them all about her parentage and the danger a demigod would be in just living in Atlanta, Georgia. They hadn't believed him, and threatened to call the police. The satyr had left, leaving them with a card with a phone number on it. But after Alberta described what had happened to her, they called the satyr in fear and asked him to take Alberta to Camp. He came and took her away. A few days later, after having hijacked a car from a used car lot to get them there faster, they crossed the border to Camp Half Blood.

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User:ItsjustJake- Nicholas Erro Dare

Name: Nicholas Dare, a.k.a "Ro" or "Nich"

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Mortal Parent: Lin Dare, stepfather Derek Matthews:

Nich Dare
Nicholas is very pale, especially for someone with Japanse inherited looks. He has hair so blonde, it is often called white, and his skin in nearly matching. He has an angel's kiss of freckles running across his nose. Nicholas is lanky, and very thin. His most outstanding feature is his intense blue eyes. They are electrifying and captivating, and have made more than a few people double take.

Personality: Nich is a very free spirited boy, with a severe case of ADHD. He is a wanderer; he always has been, and always will be. His inibility to become attached to or stay at one place has kept him alive. He finds the beauty in eveything. Even though he cannot draw to save his life, he is an art connosieur. He has trraveled all over, so he has come to have an appreciation for all customs, religions, and people. He enjoys the little things in life, and a variety of them. He is very easy going and doesn't mind change. Despite this, he is very solid in his own beliefs and is unwilling to change those to please other people. His ideas may be... out there... but he has a big heart and an open mind.

Fighting Style: To adapt to living in the streets, Nicholas had to learn how to fight. He learned directly from the wind by watching it flow and swirl about. His fighting style mimics that; his actions are very flowy, he is quick to adapt, and he is always moving. He prefers parrying over blocking, and speed over strength. He is fond of using many small jabs instead of large hits, and he has incredible rreflexes.


  • One of Nich's Bo Shuriken
  • Chained Knives
  • Hidden Stiletto Knife
  • Arm Knife with blow dart attachment
  • Celestial Bronze Jutte

  • A pocket watch that transforms into a Celestial Bronze Jutte
  • A pen that transforms into a chained knife
  • Hidden Stiletto Knives (3)
  • Arm Knife with blow dart/ bo shuriken attachment
  • Pouch that never runs out of thin, needle-like Bo Shuriken


A street rat, a scoundrel, a hobo. Throughout literature, these names are all directly derogative, given to the people of the streets. Despite that, the homeless person in question rises above and becomes something greater- a prince, an oracle, a best friend. However, life is not a story, and Nicholas Dare was none of these things. He was nothing but a homeless orphan. He had no real friends, no family, and no home.

The story begins with a bright eyed boy. “Bright” would be an understatement in this case. Nich, who always spelled his nickname using his first four letters, had the most captivating blue eyes known to man. They were electric, intense, and aged beyond his years. Nicholas had lived in the streets since age twelve, and had seen what no fourteen year-old boy ever should. But behind the lively lens was a sort-of wisdom, one not found from school or parenting. Nich was wiser than an owl, craftier than a fox. He held wisdom through experience. He had lived it all.

And so Nicholas carried on his back two clichés, both burdens he did not wish to have. He was the cliché orphan you read about, who had one outstanding quality to redeem himself. Nicholas would sigh, staring into the sky looming overhead. Even the air above him could not match the beauty of his eyes. He knew he would have to carry these burdens wherever he went; just like the sky above him, he could never escape them. The world was open and wild and free for Nich to roam, yet he had never felt more utterly trapped.

Nicholas woke up on some sunny morning, rubbing his eyes to adjust the the light surrounding him. He had no working watch- from the sun's position in the sky, he knew it was almost noon. He had no calendar- he knew it had been about two weeks since he last read a calendar marked as May 1st. Now, with his bearings about him, Nicholas rose. He shook the dirt off of him silently, even though he knew most were inseparable stains. He kicked his temporary residence- a cardboard box- to the side as he ducked away to go through a series of alleyways.

As Nich entered the main road, he tucked his hand into his pocket. He touched his only two possessions- a broken pocket watch and an inkless pen. They were nothing special to anyone else, but to him, they were the world. They were his world. They were the possessions of his parents, long gone. As he touched the two tokens, it felt as though he was touching the dancing flames of the night that ruined his life. The licking, swirling, and biting flames...

Nich looked up just as he was carried into the crowd. He weaved in and out of the mass of people with ease, as he had for years now. He expertly ducked, tucked, and bobbed under arms and through legs. As he emerged from the other side, he looked at the flow of people. Some wore hats, some wore jackets, but all had a home to go to. Nich continued on his path through several more alleyways to a familiar marketplace.

Nick joined another crowd who gathered around small stands filled with fruits, vegetables, and other homemade or handcrafted goods. He closed his eyes for a minute- he knew this route by heart. He quickly found what he was looking for- a large, well stocked produce stand.

Nich smiled for the first time in days. The stand was very busy today, and it would be more than easy to sneak in and snatch what he needed. He dipped between a couple, snatching a small watermelon and a bag of grapes. As he ran away, he spotted a row of fresh hanging chickens at the end of the stand. His mouth watered at the thought of fresh meat; he couldn't resist. Still running, he reached to grab one. As his fingers touched the mesh bag containing the poultry, a hand grabbed his wrist. Still in a forward motion, Nich snapped back from the strong grip on his wrist. The watermelon fell, smashing on the ground. The grapes fell besides them. If someone wasn't looking on before, they would be now.

Nicholas broke free from the man’s grasp. Just as he turned to run, he caught a glimpse of the man’s face. He seemed tired, but his eyes were wide as if searching for something. They only got wider when he looked into Nich’s intense blue eyes. Nich thought nothing of it- his eyes startled people all the time. So off Nich ran. The man chased after him, practically bleating. Nich spotted a familiar face- a little girl with tough features, guiding him forwards. “This way, Nich!” She called to him and waved like a madman. Even though Nich knew these streets better than the back of his hand, he nodded as if taking instructions. She smiled and darted down the alley in the majestic way that she did. Within minutes, they were safe. They had made it to a safe house. The gang the pair belonged to had several hidden among the streets and alleys of the canal city, Venice. Both changed clothes, as members often did. This kept them from looking too recognizable. When they were ready, the two took off for a gang meeting. The “gang” they were a part of wasn’t a gang in the ‘violence and money’ sense. In fact, they were focused on peace and equality. Their only goal was to stay alive and stay fed, which meant stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. In this case, they were the poor. They worked together to feed each other. While most considered each other as family, Nich grouped them as nothing more than kids he needed to feed. He was not their family, but their leader. He knew who his family was, and they were long dead.

Nich’s mind flashed back to that dreadful night. It was an electrical fire, they said, that started from one of the game systems in his room. Of course, Nich didn’t know that at the time. He tried to stop the flames by blowing them out. He made the winds move around him, something Mommy had told him he could do, that he was special for. But the wind was only good for engorging the flames. Nich was rescued, but his parents were not. It was his fault- he couldn’t stop it, he couldn’t save them. Nich made himself forget he could bend winds- it would only cause people harm.

Without a family, Nich was sent to an orphanage. Nich was a smart boy, however. Once all of the remaining belongings were brought to him, Nich had already hatched a plan. He sorted through the safe brought to him. He removed only a few items: a father’s favorite pocket watch, his mother’s favorite pen, a key to his inherited fortune in the bank, and his birth certificate. He placed the key on his necklace, knowing he could not access the vault until he was of age. Then, he took a lighter to his birth certificate. He sat, watching the irony- he let fire destroy his parents, and now it was destroying him. The only remaining proof of his existence was buried in some government storage area. Not that anyone cared. He knew that as he slipped out of the window of his orphanage, he would never be missed.

Nich snapped back to reality when the graceful girl with the curious eyes touched his hand. She pulled him over to a pile of gathered food. There were loaves of bread, ranging in freshness from one hour to one week. There were a few fish, caught in one of the many canals, no doubt. There was game and meat, and even a couple eggs. Nich felt his stomach- he wasn’t starving, so he decided to let everyone else eat a larger portion. As they ate, the girl pulled him off to the side.

They held eye contact for a minute. In two years, she was the closest thing Nich had to a family. They found each other’s arms, squeezing tightly. As much as Nich didn’t want to believe it, this was his little sister. He had always been an only child. But now, after the death of two loved ones, a new beginning had begun. Nich held her closer; he couldn’t bear to lose someone else. He knew the worried look in her eyes and immediately called her on it. “Liv, what’s wrong?”

Liv pushed Nich’s blonde hair out of his face. “Nich… may I see your pocket watch once more? I know you don’t like to have people touch it, but-“ Before she could finish the phrase, she found the desired keepsake in her hand. Nich smiled as her speech stopped. Liv turned the pocket watch over, and bolted upright. ‘I knew it!” She screamed. The kids surrounding her, aging from eight to fifteen, all turned to look at her. Without another word, she grabbed Nich by the hand (again) and pulled him off to some unknown location.

Less than ten minutes later, they were standing in front of a Japanese pawn shop. It’s title, displayed over the shop in a neon cursive sign, matched the faded cursive on the back of the pocket watch. The two orphans ran inside. The store was abandoned, but was filled with all sorts of Japanese relics and treasures. They approached the front desk at which a quiet, elderly lady napped. As they touched the counter top, she arose quickly. Her eyes widened at the sight of Nich's eyes. They widened in the same way that the merchant's eyes had. Standing now, she beckoned the children. "They said you would come some day, and indeed you have. I have something for you child. A box. With presents. From the parents. You come, now." Pointing at Nich, she walked into a back room through an open doorway.

As Nich started to follow, Liv grabbed his arm. "Nich, something doesn't feel right. Don't go back there." Liv knew what she said would not make a difference. If it even had a slight chance of being from his parents, Nich would do anything to see it. They locked eyes, then hands. Cautiously, they walked into the secluded area.

The room was larger than most garages, and filled with boxes and windows. Liv looked around nervously, her eyes flickering from box to box. "Keep your watch close, Nich." Nich was confused, but did as she said. There was an air about Liv now that she had not possessed before. It was as Liv was now leading him in the world. She had taken charge, and he dared not disobey any word she said. So, with his hand clutched tightly to the pocket watch, he approached the fragile-looking woman. She stood in the center of the room with a single box in her hand. "Long ago, you get watch from here. Watch was special" The woman twitched in front of them, her neck jerking to the side. "Daddy Zephyrus wants you safe. You make better snack." As she spoke, her body writhed and her speech became choppier. "You will be snack. For me." Finally, it sounded as if bones and joints had popped and snapped out of place. The lady's skin shriveled up and began to fall down the body. Nich was expecting a skeleton underneath the skin. Instead, he was faced with a hideous creature. It had the torso and head of a lion; from its back protruded a goat's head; for a tail, it had a living snake.

"Chimera! Roll, Nich!" Nich did as he was told, leaping to the side. The beast opened its mouth and spewed fire from it. The flames scorched the ground where Nich stood just seconds ago, leaving a dark black mark. Nich looked down at his watch. Somehow he just knew... if he pulled the crown out just like that...! The watch seperated, and a blade grew from the side where he had pulled.

"So it was never broken... it just wasn't ready to be used..." Nick thought aloud as he weighed the blade in his hand. He examined it for a brief moment, recognizing it as a Japanese Jutte, or parrying blade. Somehow, it felt right in his hands. The chimera reared up to attack, then pounced into the air. It landed just feet from Liv. She was defenseless! Nich ran to help her, but it would be too late. Just as all hope seemed lost, the doors burst open. In stormed the merchant from before. He had hooves where his shoes were... and he began playing pan pipes. The Chimera froze for a moment to recognize the new guest. In that mometn of surprise, vines burst up throught the concrete. They ensnared the beast, pulling it down to the floor. As it fell, windows all around shattered and water poored in. Nich watched the streams gather around the Chimera, all following the guiding hands of none other than Liv. Nich shook his head. The merchant from earlier had hooves and his only friend could mentally move water. And he was holding a sword, which was a pocket watch less than a minute ago. What was going on?

Liv approached the struggling Chimera, the water following her. She held her hands over the beast. A large dome filled with water surrounded it's head. Chocking, it fought against vines and water. "Nich!" She called, "Stab it!" As Nich ran to it, time seemed to slow down. One of its claws stopped ripping at vines, and went for Liv instead. Just as he reached the beast and the girl, a large gash appeared on her torso. Blood poured down, flowing into the salt water. Nich stabbed down on the Chimera and it disintigrated instantly. The water flow stopped as Liv fell. Nich knelt to catch her. He gently laid her down, promising himself he wouldn't cry. He knew, deep down, the Chimera had started the fire at his house. And now, it had taken his last family member. Nich broke his own promise as he held his sister, lsitening to her hum her last words. "Nich, follow that man. Open the box, go to Camp. Make me proud." Her eyes closed slowly...

Three hours later and Nich was on a plane nound for America. He went through the box in his lap one more time, still confused out of his mind. First was a letter. It explained everything. The man he knew to be his father was a stepfather, and his real father was a god named Zephyrus; Nich was a demigod; both the merchant sitting next to him and Liv had been placed near him to protect him, should anything happen; and finally, he would be attending a 'Camp Half-Blood' for other kids like him. Other than the letter, the box contained a few other weapons. They had all been taken from the same Japanese pawn shop as his Jutte watch. There was a blade that attached to his arms that shot darts when he blew or shot air into the tube. There were a few black stiletto knives. There was a puch that had an infinite supply of thin, Bo shuriken. Finally, there was a note telling him that the pen he held could tranform into a set of chained knives in the same way his pocket watch could shift shapes. Nich closed the box, amazed that it had passed through security so easily. It reminded him of his past- his family used to celebrate their Japanese origin. He never truly appreciated the uniqueness of Japanese and Italian culture blending from the two halves of his family.

He looked over at his protector and companion for the journey. He was an old 'satyr' named George, who usually kept his hooves hidden. Nich could never thank him enough for his help... but he also had to wonder why he couldn't protect Liv. Of course, Nich took just as much blame for her death. It was yet another one to adding to his growing list.

Nich closed his eyes, allowing himself to grieve one more time. When they opened, they were landing in New York. Heart still heavy, Nich departed the plane too head for Camp Half-Blood. It would be his new home, his new family. At least, that's what they said.

User:Cosmiggy - Rafaella Jonnes

Name - Rafaella "Ella" Jones

Gender - Female

Age - 14

Mortal Parent - Adalaine Jonnes

Immortal Parent - Zephyrus

Appearance -


Ella is a short, American demigod. She is light skinned and almost looks pale. She has long black hair, almond shaped eyes with brown Irises. She mostly uses eye contacts so her eye color changes most of the time. She is 5' 4" in height. Her mother is a hair sylist which is why she loves to change her hair appearance every once in a while. She loves to curl or straighten her hair. She is also slim and thin.

Personality - Ella has a very cheerful personality. She has a sassy nature which is adored by many. She loves to smile and it matches her face perfectly. She is also outgoing and loves to do many activities. She is the type of person not to give up easily. A tramautic event happened in her life once which caused her personality to alter a bit. After that traumatic event, her always smiling face was mixed with some frowns and pout. Her always cheerful personality was now added with a little anger and sometimes, sad personality. Despite this, she still manages to keep her positive side up. She also loves to change her clothing styles and many things about herself.

Weapons - When she was claimed, she was presented a gift from her father, Zephyrus. The gift box contained a magical fan which will be able to let her control the air currents. It may raise her ability to summon gusts and help strengthen it up too. The fan is magical and may change it's form according to Ella's request. She mostly changes it to match her clothes. She was also gifted a Celestial Bronze shield which can transform into a normal looking bracelet.

History - Adalaine Jones was an owner of a hair salon and botique in Lima, Ohio. Adalaine was a beautiful and attracting lady. She had many suitiors but turned them down because Adalaine thinks they are not worthy of her love. All her suitors boast with their money and how they can afford every thing Adalaine wants. This was not what Adalaine wants at all. She thinks that money isn't to be associated with love and she also thinks that a man with a kind and caring personality will be her soulmate.

One normal summer day, Adalaine was in her salon, working. She was to close the salon for her lunch break. She was silently walking down the hill and into a restaurant when she was attacked by a thief. "I know that you are the owner of that Beauty Salon lady. Hand me your Money!" The thief demanded. Adalaine tried to plead to let her go but it isn't working. She did everything she could but the thief isn't cooperating. She was to hand her money when a handsome man came to her rescue. He was able to combat and defeat the thief easily causing it to run away. He then introduced himself as "John" to Adalaine. Adalaine was so thankful that John went to her rescue. In fact, she had fallen in love with him not just by his outside appearance but in the inside too. Little did Adalaine know that John was really Zephyrus. The Greek Personification of the west wind and one of the four directional anemoi.

Adelaine and John started dating ever since their first encounter. Each time they have been with each other, their feelings grows and bonds stronger. One night, Adelaine and John was having so much fun in the amusement park. They played mini games together, rode rides together and even kissed in the Tunnel of Love. They didn't kept track of the time and so, they went into a hotel to spend the night. They had some alcoholic drinks and was a little drunk. Then, Adelaine and John had an affair that very same night. A few days later, Adelaine vomited and recalled everything that happened that night in the hotel. She took the pregnancy test and revealed that she was pregnant.

John still stood by her but the closer Adelaine came to the time of delivering their baby, the most anxious John was. He still supported Adelaine even though he needs to depart her and their baby soon.

A few months later and Adelaine gave birth to a healthy baby girl which has light and pale skin which she got from her mother and her black hair she got from his father. They named her Rafaella or Ella for short. A few days after Ella's birth, John disappeared. Adelaine didn't know where he went. She waited for a few months but John never returned. She thought that he found another girl and fell in love with her. Adalaine then never fell in love with somebody else since. She decided to focus her love and attention on raising Ella.

Ella grew up as a smart, quirky and lovable person. She was one of the most cheerful persons in Ohio. She was fond of playing games such as "Hide - and - Seek" and "Tag - You're it!". She also took interest on styling hair just like her mother and was a pretty good helper at their botique. She also attends a private school a few blocks away from their house. She has a lot of friends and was loyal to them. She was one of the class clowns and loves to see other people laughing and smiling. She belived that laughter was essential for a person. She believes it helps them forget their problems and focus on brighter and positive stuff.

Ella was loved and adored by many people. When she turned seven, she took interest on moddeling shows. She loved to watch beauty pageants either live or on T.V. After seeing many wonderful dress outfits, she took interest in it too. She drew many pictures of dresses, clothes and othe outfits. Her mother was happy to see her daughter, even though fatherless, content and satisfied with her life. She then bought her loads of clothes which Ella needs to sort out and match it outfit by outfit. She managed to create some dazing and wonderful styles and ever since then, she had the habit of changing her style every week.

When Ella turned thirteen, she started to attend the public school due to some financial problems her mother faces. She didn't complain and instead, continued on cheering people up. One day, when she was walking down home, she was kidnapped by a Crime Syndicate Group. Her mother was called to make her pay a million dollar ransom. Adalaine did have the money but if she gives it to the Syndicate Workers, there will be none left for her and her daughter. They won't survive. Ella, on the other hand, was scared. She didn't know what will happen to her and her mother. She doesn't want to be killed and she hopes that a plan will soon brew her mind. A few days later and she wasn't treated properly. She was fed once every two days and only four glasses of water a day. She was kept in a wooden prison cell. If only Ella has something sharp and pointy to cut through the wooden bars but no, She doesn't have one. A few days later and her mother was kidnapped as well. They were both thrown into the cell. "Mom! Why are you here? Why did they kidnap you?" She asked. "I-i wasnt-" Her mom said unfinished as she was cut in by the leader. "She wasn't able to pay for the ransom money in time and now, both of you will be dead." Fear and Hatred was visible in Ella's eyes. She and her mother will not be treated like this. She was enraged and then it happened. Ella was able to summon gusts so strong that it destroyed their cell. Ella didn't knew how but she knew she could. The more stronger gusts she summons, the more energy it drains. She was able to knock the group members unconscious escept for the leader. The leader was to shoot her mother if it wasn't for her. She created a big dome made of wind but it sucked all her energy out. She managed to summon one last gust which finished the leader off. After that, she passed out.

Ella woke up on her house, completely safe a few days later. Her mother was beside her. She asked her mother of what she recalls. "Mom, did I really do it?" She asked. "I dont know why but yes, you did it sweetheart. You busted us out with those windy powers of yours." Her mom, replied. Ella tried to forget what happened back when they are still in captivity on focused more on her life. That event however, traumatized Ella and is not the same Ella as she was before. Slight changes happened to her personality. She isn't that cheerful anymore, not that funny anymore. She is now, the serious Ella. But still, we can see a little bit of her old personality back, day by day as she forgets of that tramautic experience.

A year have passed and the old Ella was almost back. One day, she was walking to the coffee shop to have some coffee when she was approached by an old woman, begging for food. She was about to give himer one when it grabbed her and took her to an abandoned building. It revealed itself as a Harpy. It was about to attack her when she remembered her past. She summoned a gust and hit the Harpy but due to the fact that she isn't enraged, she hasn't got much control over her powers. A man suddenly entered the building. It has goat legs. He introduced himself as a satyr and helped Ela defeat the Harpy. They went to Ella's mom and the satyr explained everything about Ella. How she was a demigod, who John really is and the fact the Ella isn't safe anymore. She needs to be taken to Camp Half - Blood. A place for demigods. Her mother, thinking of what's best for her daughter, agreed and together, Ella and the Satyr went to camp where she was later claimed by her father, Zephyrus.

The next day, when she woke up in her cabin, she saw a gift box lying on the floor. It said "To Ella". She opened the box and found a letter. She read it and found out that her father has granted her weapons for her stay at Camp. Inside the box was a beautiful and magical fan which can help her control the wind currents, therefore, boosting her attacks. It can also change it appearance as requested by Ella. She lived a happy and peaceful life on Camp Half - Blood.

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