Name: Donovan O'Brian

Age: 16

Father: Carson O'Brian
Mother: Lyssa
Brother: Mitchell O'Brain
Sister: Hannah O'Brian
Step-Mom: Christina Demelle-O'Brian

Personality: Donovan is a fun loving kind of guy, he can be self centered and cocky at times but he will always be loyal to the ones he trusts. Donovan is very strong-headed and wont go down without a fight, especially if it is something he passionetly cares about or want's to take the thing/person down. Often being seen as an outcast, he tends to stick with people he has gotten to know and trust and will never talk to someone he just met.

Appearance: Donovan has short brown hair that is usually covered with a hat. He has peachy skin and is very fit. He has abs to complete his surfer boy look and is sometimes seen whereing earrings. His eyes are a deep green and are warm to look at.

History: A young Carson O'Brian was working a crime scene case one hot summer day. The heat was to much for him and he and a couple friends went out to a local town pub after they had finished looking around the crime scene. The four friends ended up getting drunk and had to call a cab. But before the cab had came a beautiful young woman walked into the bar and Carson decided to stay and flirt with her. His friends left and Carson continued to drink with this woman he had just met. Unknown to Carson the beautiful woman he was talking to was Lyssa. After having more drinks they ended up going into the washroom together and they had a bit to much fun. The next morning Carson walk up in the bathroom stall. He went home and continued to sleep in hisIreland home.

Almost a year passed and Carson was still working as a crime scene investigator, he was coming home late one night when he saw the same girl from the bar standing at his door with a baby. Confused Carson approached the woman and she quickly handed the baby to Carson and ran off. He unsure of what to do, took the child inside and unwrapped the blanket. When he did a note fell out, Carson carefully set the baby down and reached to the floor to pick up the note. It said "Dear Carson, I hope you will take good care of our child, please keep him safe for as long as you can. I hope he will make it and I hope to see you sometime again. -Lyssa" Thinking it was just a coinsidence that the girl had the same name as a greek goddess he went out and bought everything he would need for his son. When he returned he decided to call the little boy Donovan.

Donovan was an adventurous little child, always playing in the puddles when it would rain and going swimming in his pool. When Donovan was 3 years old Carson got married to a woman named Christina. Christina seemed to not really care much for Donovan or children. She wouldn't help him with anything and when he would ask for help she would pretend like she couldn't hear him. When Carson told Donovan at age 7 that Christina was pregnant, Donovan became more distant towards his family. But when the new baby boy was born, Donovan tried as best he could to help out with the newborn. He liked Mitchell more then he did his parents and would spend all day playing with him. In a way Donovan felt like Mitchell was his only family member as Carson and Christina were to occupied with trying to keep Mitchell happy over Donovan.

Over the next two years Donovan grew in personality, becoming cocky and arrogant towards his father. Especially now that he had a new sister named Hannah. He felt like Christina was trying to push him further away from his father and that she wanted to replace him with her own children. Donovan soon decided to run away and live with his grandparents in Scotland, but he didn't make it half a mile before his father found out and took him back home. Furious Donovan began to tune his family out except for Mitchell and Hannah. He would only go to school then come home and go right into his bedroom. He felt abandoned and unwanted.

When he turned 14 things got even worse. He would get into verbal and physical fights with his father, well Christina favoured 7 year old Mitchell and 6 year old Hannah. Donovan finally moved out of his fathers house in Ireland and in with a friend much to his fathers unliking. Only coming back home for three weekends out of the month. But this made things extremly awkward for the family, and the only reason he would visit them was to see Mitchell and Hannah. His father would only make small talk and would barely talk to him. Eventually he stopped visiting them at age 15 and would only see Mitchell and Hannah when he skyped them. One day well Donovan was walking home from school, a hellhound pounced onto his back knocking him to the ground. When he fell he got knocked out and when he awoke, the hellhound was gone. Presuming it was just an over excited great dane, he continued to walk back to his house.

During Donovan's third year in highschool he was usually seen as an outcast. As he wouldn't want to talk to anyone except for a small group of friends that included his girlfriend Sierra. He would usually spend all day with her and she would usually come over to his friends house. The two soon moved into a nearby boarding school. Donovan was soon overcomed with new people and he was pushed higher up the social ladder. He was welcomed into the "popular clique" extremly fast. After three months of school Donovan was walking around campus late one night when something began to growl at him from the bushes, thinking it was just a dog he kept walking. He soon heard muffled yips and yaps coming from the bush. Unknown to Donovan the animal in the bushes was a hellhound who had just been killed by Sierra. Donovan soon broke up with Sierra after they had a fight in front of his friends. But the two remained good friends. It was near the end of the semester and Donovan was heading home for the break. He came home to his father dead in the living room and Christina with a slit throat in the kitchen. He had no clue where his two little siblings had disappeared to until his iphone begin to ring. He answered hesitantly and a girl began to speak. She stated very clearly she had taken Mitchell and Hannah and that she was residing in a nearby cave. Donovan quickly found his way to the cave and the girl revealed herself as Quinn Black. She said the only way for him to rescue his siblings was to take them to his grandparents and return to the cave at midnight.

He soon took Mitchell and Hannah to his grandparents house, and grabbed his lucky necklace that he got from Sierra from his now rubbled old bedroom, quickly he returned to the cave. Not seeing Quinn anywhere he continued walking deeper into the cave. When he reached the end Quinn jumped out of a small opening and knocked Donovan's feet out from under him. Not knowing what to do, he panicked, until he ring necklace began to glow, he quickly took it off his neck and it turned into a katana. Donovan quickly swung his katana at her but she evaded the attack. Soon she was knocked out by a large rock and a small figure stepped out. It was Sierra, she looked dirty and her clothes had been torn to shreds. She quickly explained who Quinn was and that she was from the BC. She then told Donovan he was a demigod son of Lyssa, despite the fact he didn't believe her, she continued to talk. She then said she was a nymph sent to keep an eye on him until a satyr could come to take him to camp. The two soon ran out of the cave and a young male stepped out in front of them. Revealing himself as a satyr, Donovan hesitantly went with him. The satyr took him to the nearest airport. They flew all the way to camp and when they arrived Donovan ran into Sierra again. She wanted to tell him something so she led him to the lake and told him how much she risked for him. Explaining how many monsters had tried to kill him up to the age of 16. She also stated that the necklace she had given him would always be with him, and that when in trouble, it will turn into a katana. Donovan shocked, stood up and ran off into Lyssa's Cabin.

Posessions: Katana called Phantom, his Iphone and his laptop.


Name: Kathryn Wright

Age: 17

Family - 

  • Lyssa (Mother)
  • Nolan Wright (Father)
  • Diane Howell (Aunt)
  • Grace Howell (Niece)

Personality: Kathryn is a prideful fighter. She isn't very social and enjoys being a loner. She's more open with her friends but, it's hard to become friends with her. She's an excellent boxer and gymnist. She hates being in crowds and the public but, when she's nervous she talks in portuguese, her born language. She hates herself on the inside because she blames her father's death on herself. Because of that she doesn't like getting close to people because she doesn't like to hurt people unless their in a fight.


History: Nolan Wright, a professional boxer, was partying with his friends one night after winning a boxing match when a young woman walked into the bar and that woman was Lyssa. Nolan was extremely drunk and began flirting with Lyssa when she started next to him and she flirted back. As the night went on, Nolan’s friends along with the other people in the bar left until it was just Nolan, Lyssa and the bartender. Around two in the morning the bartender kicked the two out and Nolan took Lyssa back to his apartment and made love.

The next morning, Nolan woke up with a hangover and Lyssa was gone but, there was a note left on his pillow saying that she had fun. He was a bit shocked at first but, put it at the back of his mind and quickly forgot about it.

Nine months later, Nolan was walking up his apartment from boxing practice when he notice a small basket with a Irish wolf hound sitting next to it as if guarding it. He walked slowly up to the dog and basket when the dog stood up and ran down the street, disappearing down a nearby alley. Nolan sighed and was about to kick the basket over to the garbage can when a quiet cry came from the basket. Nolan bent over the basket and moved the blankets away from the basket to find a small baby looking up at him with little grey eyes.

He saw a note hooked to the blanket and he read it. The note explained that it was his baby from Lyssa. Even though he didn’t fully believe the child was his, he silently agreed to keep the child because he didn’t have the heart to leave her. He picked up the basket with the baby in it and took it inside. He named her Kathryn after his grandmother.

Nolan raised Kathryn the best he could, changing his boxing schedule so he could take care of her. While Kathryn was at school, Nolan would be at boxing practice. Kathryn believed that her dad tried his best to take care of her but she never really believed he loved her. At school, Kathryn was one of the school loners because she was never good at being social with the other students.

During the summer, Kathryn went with her dad to his boxing practices and when his coach wasn’t there, Nolan taught Kathryn how to box along with self defense.  She enjoyed her time with her dad even if it was only for a short while. At night while Nolan was at his boxing matches, Kathryn stayed home alone, doing her homework, making dinner and cleaning the house.

When Kathryn turned seven, she asked her dad if she could join the gymnastics team at the gym by her school. At first, Nolan didn’t know if he had the money but, after a couple of days of begging from Kathryn, he finally agreed to let her join. After school instead of going home, she went to the gym to take her class then after class; her dad would pick her up and drop her off at home.

When Kathryn was ten, her dad began to date a woman named Nora. Kathryn hated Nora but, never told her dad because he seemed happy for once in his life. Nora treated Kathryn like crap whenever Nolan wasn’t around till a year and a half later; Kathryn was lying in bed when she heard the door open and the sound of giggling. Kathryn knew her dad wasn’t going to be home till late the next morning so she crawled out of bed and snuck down the hallway.

She peeked into the living room to find a very drunk Nora making out on the couch with man. Kathryn was shocked and quickly pulled her phone out, taking a few pictures before sneaking back to her bedroom. By the next morning, the man was gone and Nora was passed out on the couch. Kathryn waited in her bedroom until her dad got home before telling him about the night before and showing him the pictures.

Nolan was furious about it and later, Kathryn heard Nolan and Nora fighting about it. The next morning, Nolan told Kathryn that he had broken up with Nora. Kathryn was happy but, felt bad for her dad. Nolan started spending more of his evenings at the bar with his friends, sometimes hoping that he would see Lyssa would come back.

After a couple of years, Nolan was heading home one night so drunk he could barely walk. He remembered a short cut through a dark alley so he decided to take it. He was passing through the ally when a group of men jumped him. He stumbled and fell before hitting his head of the cement. The men who jumped him didn’t know if he was dead or not so they grabbed his stuff and ran.

The next morning, an older woman was walking past the alley when she saw his body. She quickly called the police and when they checked his body, they found him dead. One of the officers recognized him from one of Nolan’s boxing matches and went to his apartment to find a tired Kathryn sitting on the couch. The officer explained why they were there and that her dad was dead.

Kathryn didn’t believe them, telling them that they had the wrong guy and that her dad was most likely passed out at the bar. He tried convincing her but, in the end they had to drag her down to the police department. After a couple of hours of arguing, Kathryn finally gave up, grief stricken. The police took her back to the apartment to let her pack her things then took her to a foster home outside of Porto Alegre to stay for a few days before sending her to live with her aunt.

The whole time Kathryn was staying in the foster home she was silent. When the social service worker picked her up to take her to Aunt’s apartment, Kathryn was a wreck. She didn’t talk, didn’t eat much and blamed herself for her dad’s death. The social worker felt bad for her and on the plane ride to New York, she tried to get Kathryn to open up but, it didn’t work. They soon arrived at her aunt’s apartment and Kathryn’s aunt Diane, a fashion model, welcomed Kathryn in with open arms.

Living with Diane was Kathryn’s 1 year old niece, Grace. At first, Kathryn hid away in her bedroom but, after about a month, Diane asked Kathryn to babysit Grace while she ran to the store. Kathryn agreed, and took Grace to the living room. Kathryn bonded with Grace quickly and started to become more open and happier than before.

Just a few weeks after Kathryn turned seventeen, she was getting home from school when she heard a loud crash from the kitchen. She paused for a moment wondering what was going on before heading into the kitchen to find the babysitter lying dead on the floor and a bird like human hunched over the body studying it.

Kathryn stood there shocked then anger took over and she grabbed the closest thing to her, a chair and swung it at the creature. It screamed in pain and stumbled away from the body and straight into the glass window, falling to its death. Kathryn dropped the bottle and searched the house to find Grace asleep in the arms of a girl younger than Kathryn. She stopped in her tracks and the girl noticed her for the first time before saying “Are you the demigod?”. Kathryn stood there for a moment before saying “The what?”. The girl rolled her eyes before telling Kathryn that her name was Julia Skyros, how she saw the monster, which she called a harpy, and explained everything about the gods and goddesses.

By the time she finished, Diane had gotten home and Kathryn told her aunt about what had happened and Diane agreed to take the girls to camp. Kathryn packed some things before her aunt drove her and Julia to camp. When she arrived at camp, she was claimed by Lyssa and stays in Lyssa’s cabin.



Name: Andre Gregory Monroe

Age: 18

Parents: Lyssa and Gerard Monroe


Personality: He doesn't like being asked with personal questions and with this, he becomes reticent, uncommunicative and taciturn. He hasn't got much sense of humor. Technically, he just shrugs off most jokes that come to him. He's a person who pushes away those who would otherwise be considered his friends. Though withdrawn, Andre hides a sad self deep inside. After all the tragedies he experienced before coming to camp, he acts the way he does for fear of getting close to people. He's afraid of losing the feelings of comfort loved-ones provide. He does not believe in fully relying on others, as friends and family are inevitably lost and in the end he will be alone.

History: Gerard Monroe was a dog trainer at Lincoln, Nebraska. He was well known around the city for his talent at training dogs. That's when he met a beautiful lady with a beautiful chihuahua dog. She allured Gerard like some sort of beauty and love goddess, but she wasn't Aphrodite nor Venus. She was none other than the rabid goddess, Lyssa. And falling in love with a beautiful woman with a beautiful and well-trained chihuahua was easy for Gerard. A few days after they've met during one of his dog shows, they found themselves in love with each other.

A month passed, and they're madly in love with each other. They would meet everyday, and Lyssa would accompany him and watch him train the dogs. She was delighted with this. And a few days later, they ended up in bed. And a few days after that, they realized Lyssa was pregnant. This made the both of them very excited, but also warned Lyssa of the final months she has to spend with him. Unfortunately, even before Andre Gregory was born, an tragic mishap occurred.

While Gerard was preparing for his dog show, one of the bulldogs escaped from its cage and attacked him. He wasn't wearing protective clothing during that time, and he wasn't able to defend himself as the events played out too quick for him to react. He received severe multiple bites, which caused a severe case of rabies. Lyssa wasn't there during the time, and wasn't able to help him. The paramedics brought him to the nearby hospital, but he died along the way. When news came to Lyssa of her lover's death, she was saddened. This left her no choice but to give Andre away upon birth as she can't raise him due to Zeus' decree. The fetus inside her womb was only one month old at the time.

About eight months later, she gave birth to Andre. Shortly after, she laid him at the doorstep of an occupied house in Lincoln, and left him there while hoping that he would be raised well. As she left, she sensed Greek power coming from the house. But as she had no more time, she shrugged off the matter. The very next day, a man by the name of Isidore, found the baby Andre on the doorstep with a note stating his name. Conscience urged him to take the baby in, and raise him like his newly-born son, Rico.

And over the past years, Andre grew up with Rico under the care of their father (adoptive father to Andre) like normal children would. They attended school like everybody else, but was immediately diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. This made them a target for jokes and insults, but they stood up for each other, like real siblings. But of course, they never knew Andre was adopted.

However, things started to change when they hit the age of thirteen. Strange events began to occur in their small world, and what's worse is that they were being chased by monsters. In a surprising turn of events, they were able to escape these attacks. When they were sixteen, they were attacked by hellhounds and harpies, and that's when a terrible tragedy happened.

They tried running away from the monsters, but were forced to fight as they were cornered. But as Andre was about to attack, a rabid and anguish-like sensation surged within him. He was awakening to his powers, without him even knowing it. That's when he became terribly rabid, and accidentally attacked Rico out of rage. Yes, he was able to fend off the monsters, but in turn, he killed the person he considered as brother. Yes, he killed Rico.

Meanwhile, on Olympus, Nemesis watched over this fight. She was greatly angered that Andre killed her own son. Yes, Nemesis was Rico's mother. That was the Greek power Lyssa sensed years ago. And so, with the flick of her hand, she cursed Andre. What curse? Aside from dyslexia, he began to suffer from dyscalculia (mathematical and arithmetic difficulty) and dysgraphia (writing and spelling difficulty). These two disorders were Nemesis' curses on him for killing Rico. Distraught of everything that happened, Andre rushed home to heed for Isidore's help.

But upon arriving, he found the house's front door open. Several holes filled the porch's wall, and the smell of blood whiffed from the opening. He quickly rushed inside and found Isidore dead and bloody on the floor. He looked around and saw all cabinets and drawers opened and cluttered. Their house was robbed, and Isidore was killed in the act. Shattered by the chain of horrible events, he ran away from the house with nothing at hand, hoping to escape all of it. 

As he ran, he met with a hellhound. Helpless and emotionally weak during the time, he wasn't able to defend himself and was attacked easily. He fell to the ground wounded and unconscious as satyr from an alleyway killed the hellhound. He quickly carried Andre and brought him to Camp Half-Blood.

They arrived hours later and the satyr immediately brought Andre to the infirmary. A day after, he woke up, and that's when the satyr explained everything to him. However, because of the discovery of why he accidentally killed Rico, he feared that he may do the same with the campers. He refused, despite the satyr's warnings, and left camp to live by himself.

Weeks later, with luckily no monster attacks, he suffered from hunger and thirst. Fortunately, a gang approached him and told him to come with them and get food. Setting aside all problems in exchange for food, he agreed. 'Getting' food was literally in meaning. They snatched food from covenience stores in downtown New York City. But he didn't do his job well, and one of the gangsters, who was named Trent, thought of eliminating him from the group. And eliminating him was also literal in meaning.  He decided to kill him. While they were eating, Trent put potassium cyanide on Andre's food. As Trent offered the food to him, one of their other mates, who was named Oliver, saw the food and grabbed it. He quickly ate it out of hunger, not knowing that there was potassium cyanide in it, and the amount put in was rather many. Within a matter of minutes, Oliver began to have seizures, apnea and cardiac arrest, followed by a flow of blood from his mouth. Finally, he coughed up a large amount of blood and collapsed, dead. All of them just stared at his corpse, with Trent shocked that it wasn't Andre who got killed. To cover up for his mistake, he slipped the small vial of the poison into Andre's pocket and blamed him for killing Oliver. Of course, he denied it.

They all threatened to beat the crap out of him, but Andre kept denying. Finally, he suddenly used his powers again unknowingly, and nearly killed the gangsters. After finding out what he did, he ran away, distraught again of everything that's happened. That's when he bumped into the same satyr from before. Explaining what happened, the satyr persuaded him to come with him back to camp, where it is safe. Thinking that the police may come and get him any time from now, he reluctantly agreed at last. As much as he hated the risks, he decided that going to camp will put him out of law's hands... For now.

Ever since then, he resided at Lyssa's Cabin after being claimed. Up until now, he still doesn't know where his dyscalculia and dysgraphia came from. Also, up until now, he can't believe what he did to the person he called 'brother', and what happened back at the gangsters' place.


Full description of his 'Ricochet': It doesn't actually fire bullets, but instead fires small poison-tipped needles that distracts others for a very short time. The poison is not fatal, just enough to stun a person. This was a gift from his mother, Lyssa, after successfully making it to camp and as a comforting gift.


Name: Neil Emerson Washington III

Age: 16

Parents: Lyssa and Decimus Emerson Washington Jr.

Appearance: Neil is the perfect description of 'geek cute'. He has light brown hair and eyes that seem to reflect the color of his clothes. He wears contacts, but it is gray so that his look would still be natural. He wears his glasses only when his contacts are either lost or broken. His body is fit from all the sports he does, which include soccer and tennis. As for his clothes, he never wears anything too fancy unless there is an event which requires him to do so.


It all began when Decimus Emerson Washington Jr. was born to Emerson Washington and Mary Alice Washington. When he was college, Decimus worked as a barista and a performer in a local Starbucks in New York, and did many other jobs such as bartending to keep himself alive and to pay for his apartment rents. One day, while making drinks at Starbucks, a woman who introduced herself as Evie flirted with him. The two flirted for quite some time and did the same until they had an affair one day. Evie never came back to the same Starbucks and Decimus was heartbroken . 9 months later at January 26th 1996, Evie came back to Decimus holding a baby. Evie explained everything to Decimus at his apartment -- that she was a goddess, that the child was a demigod and that he needs to protect the baby until such a time. Decimus couldn't believe it at first and kept repeating on his mind asking "Could this be true?" He finally believed her and named the child Neil Emerson after his own father.

When he was younger, Neil was a peculiar child and was a bit socially awkward and had a few friends. He was always a smart boy and always had straight A's but his dad always had a lot of buisness trips and had to hire a babysitter for Neil. Neil grew up quite effeminate because of the absence of a father figure and he was always bullied for it. One night, his dad came back to the apartment and stayed there and told his son 'I noticed how sad you were and I quit my job for you.' At that point, they had a decent amount of money to pay bills and keep themselves alive. The prescence of a father figure made Neil more masculine and made him more of a man.

Since he was a child of Lyssa, a minor goddess, he wasn't attacked until such a time. One day, a week after his 16th birthday he was attacked by a Hellhound while he was going from school and as a primal instinct, he ran away and as he was running a girl attacked the hellhound and banished it. She introduced herself as Mairead McMillian she said that she was a demigod and so was he. He ran home with Mairead and his dad explained everything to him. His real mother, that he (Neil) was really a demigod and that he needed to go to a camp for demigods like him. He entrusted Mairead to take him there safely, but before that he told him what his Decoder ring was really for: Protection. He explained to him that if the letter is set to 'N' it would turn into claws. Neil turned the letter dial to 'N' and sure enough, it turned into claws. As Mairead, was guiding him to Camp, a group of 3 Harpies attacked them both. Mairead took out her mace and swung, killing one, the other two however, was focused on killing Neil. Neil set it to 'N' and lunged at the two harpies, killing them both. Both Mairead and Neil ran as hastily as they could to Camp. Neil thanked her for escorting him safely to Camp where he was claimed by Lyssa moments after. Mairead then guided him to Lyssa's Cabin, where he and his half-sibling would be safe.

Possessions: His decoder ring which turn into claws which he decided to name "Ragesplitter", his iPhone 4S, and a laptop.

Personality: Neil is a rebellious, fun-loving, friendly individual. He is great at making friends and loves hanging out with them. A lot of girls and sometimes guys have a crush on him because of his personality, his brains and of course, his looks, this sometimes triggers a hint of vanity in him which causes him to believe that he is better than everyone else. He is very disciplined and adventurous, he is a natural born equestrian causing him to want to ride/befriend horses everytime he sees one.


Name: Eleanor Rockford

Age: 17

Parents: Pierre Rockford and Lyssa


Eleanor has long, silk black hair, and a slim figure. Her eyes are a dark chocolate color that seem intimidating, but also beautiful at the same time. She has tiny scars around her body, past bruises and cuts from her abusive guardian, that can't be seen from afar. She's tall, at 5'8". Her fingers are long and crooked.

Personality: Her personality is a bit of a complication.. Eleanor outside acts polite and everything of the sort in front of people, but inside that mind of hers it's a different, very different story. The thoughts that run across it are cruel, judgmental, not exactly loving. She's self-centered at times and can get a temper flare easily. Trust issues included. Eleanor had it harsh back then, which explains most. She acts like she hasn't but she sure has. She cries, everynight when nobody's there. Like a piece of glass, Eleanor's breakable..

History: Lyssa walked along the streets of Paris, managing to look like any regular citizen, though the fact that she was a lot more prettier than any of the women there-unless Lady Aphrodite was somewhere around, roaming about through the city of love. She sighed, it had been, over 70 or 80 so years since she'd last stop by in Paris? Yes, back then she had fallen in love with a man, whom was very old by now and had probably died already. Lyssa took a moment and traced back towards all the memories she had shared with him.. really unlike the goddess of rage she's supposed to be.

Back in.. say 1928, Paris, France. There was a man, his name was Pierre, Pierre Rockford. Pierre was the son of a brilliantly rich man, Jean Rockford. That man had so much money he didn't know what to do with most of it. Peter grew up intelligently, with many books and record players. Pierre was an adorable and chubby little boy in his childhood. But as he grew older, the chubbiness became more slimmer, strong and angular. By 20 Pierre was a very handsome young man. That was a one of the things about him that Lyssa felt attracted to him for. The others were due to his intelligence and personality.

Lyssa and Pierre met not a long time later. Lyssa had bumped into him and had spilt his tea all over his lap. Oh, such wonderful memories.. She had apologized to him and they both started talking after a while. After then, for the duration of the whole trip, Pierre had been spending every hour he could with Lyssa, both were never seen without each other for even a small minute. They has gotten attached immediately, Pierre could never stop thinking about Lyssa, as did she. After not for long the two had blossomed in a relationship.

Then one day, things went a little different.. you know what I mean. And the next day... Lyssa was gone, leaving behind a heart-broken Pierre. Since then Pierre yearned for her, missing her presence next to him, her beauty, everything about her. Lyssa to was pretty devastated herself, but it was the way of the gods, sadly. After nine months later, Lyssa had given birth to hers and Pierre's child, a baby girl. She went to Pierre's house, and there she left the child wrapped in a bundle of crimson cloth, with a note attached to it, saying: This is our child, let her be a reminder to you of me, and let it be known that I love you, Pierre. Goodbye, and I'm sorry. Then she left.

Back from the memory, Lyssa stopped walking and took a deep breath, looking around Paris, she smiled sadly, then thought about Eleanor, one of her daughters. Eleanor was very different from what she used to be as a child, now. Lyssa wondered whether she would stay the same way.. Or maybe, just maybe, she would change, Lyssa hoped. She trailed out other thoughts and then continued walking, taking a turn into an alley, dissappearing mysteriously after. Now, this is where the story of Eleanor shall start.

Pierre was surprised when he found the the baby bundle in front of his door. He picked it up and read the note, getting sadder and sadder as he read it, but the baby made him turn into all smiles after. To him, she was the prettiest and maybe the brightest baby she had ever seen. He named her Eleanor. Eleanor had lived a normal and happy life with Pierre. She was so bright and creative... But then when she was 8, Pierre had been on the way home at night, as he was about to turn into his street, a group of drunk men had gathered around him and they messed around with him, also demanding for money. When Pierre said no, they just attacked him. Pierre couldn't stand up for himself as there were to many of them, and he was killed... The men realized what they did, they took his body to the forest and buried him there, location to them unknown.. then forgotten.

Eleanor cried when her father didn't return home, she cried and cried, thinking that he had left her. An elderly woman came walking near the their house. She heard young Eleanor's cries and came over. She was shocked when she found Eleanor all alone without Pierre. She took her hand and gently talked to her, trying to sooth her down. Then she took her hand and brought her back to her home. It was small and quaint, but very cozy and warm. The elderly woman-Helga, her name- made her a mug of hot cocoa and put then put her to sleep after.

Eleanor lived with Helga since then, she was home schooled by her and taken cared of well. Helga also had a son, that would come to live with her after he had lost his job. His name was Gordon. Gordon was 28 years of age, and what Eleanor and Helga were obviously unknown of, he was one of the men who killed Eleanor's father. Gordon was a drunkard, and abusive. When Eleanor was 11, he started beating her, hitting and bruising and doing all the inappropriate things whenever Helga wasn't there. Eleanor hated it, he enjoyed it. Helga had gotten to old and she was deaf, so she couldn't hear Eleanor's screams, no matter how loud they were.

One night, sadly, Helga had gotten very sick. A fortnight later she had died. This left Gordon to be Eleanor's official guardian. He took this as an opportunity to do whatever he wanted with her. The years passed, Gordon got more and more abusive everyday. Eleanor from then on was different, she wasn't the bright child she used to be anymore. Darkness had taken her over. She became more depressed and bitter. Her thoughts were getting more twisted, her temper was also not getting any better. She was scared. Gordon was so abusive, she couldn't take it anymore. So one night when Gordon got drunk and slept deeply after coming back from the bar, she took this as a chance and ran away. She was only 15 then.

Where she ran or how long did she, Eleanor forgot. Maybe for over an hour? Or two? Oh well, as she was running, she saw a big, giant-like creature. She stopped running and froze. The giant roared and stomped over to her direction. It was a huge, laistrygonian giant. It lunged at Eleanor, she would've been killed if an arrow hadn't zoomed across the air and landed promptly on the giant's chest. The giant roared once again and crumbled into ashes. Eleanor breathed in heavily and looked around. She saw a girl heading towards her way with some sort of weapon in her hand.. a bow. The girl asked her if she was alright as she took back her arrow. Eleanor couldn't speak that much, but she managed a meek nod. Then the girl started to explain. Her name was Marlene, and Marlene was a daughter of Nyx. She'd been running for who knows how long now, and was a trained fighter. Marlene also told Eleanor that she could be a demigod, since the giant had attacked her like that.

She even explained Camp Half-Blood and how it was the only safe place for demigods to roam and live in. But Marlene had left because she wanted to explore the world, she was a daring type of lady, whom would go up for any sort of challenge. She'd been through valleys and mountains and whatnots, and had battled with many monsters and survived due to her demigod training. Eleanor was awed. Marlene asked her whether she would like to join her. Thinking of exploring throughout the country would be indeed an amazing experience, Eleanor accepted. Then Marlene walked off, leaving Eleanor to follow her behind with gratitude.

The next two years passed, Eleanor and Marlene became the best of friends, like sisters, running across the country, exploring towards new things, and knowing that they have each others' backs whilst fighting of monsters that got in their way. Eleanor never had a weapon of her own, so she'd borrow Marlene's from time to time when needed. That sadness and bitterness had almost left her entirely. Almost. All the things that Gordon had done to her, she will never forget or forgive for, a piece of her would still be there, burning with hatred and depression. But with Marlene on her side now, Eleanor couldn't think of what could go wrong..

One night however, while Eleanor had stayed and kept watch of their current residence, Marlene went out hunting for food for the two of them. As she was hunting, she saw a a number of cyclops. When the cyclops had sensed her, their eyes lit intensely with hunger, and both lunged at her. Marlene did her best to fight them of, but there were to many of them she couldn't stand a chance, in the end she had been killed. Just like how Pierre had been, only, he wasn't eaten.

Eleanor grew worried, then angry, when Marlene hadn't returned. She didn't know that Marlene had been killed and assumed she had just left her here alone. The same way father had years ago.. She thought. Her sadness and bitterness soon returned, Eleanor had gone back to her old self.. the twisted rage, and breakable, like glass, yet again.

Eleanor just sat there and wept, wondering what she had done to make Marlene leave like that. A few yards away, Lady Artemis saw the weeping girl and was puzzled. There was nobody around except for her, nobody to rely on or trust. She wondered why would anybody just leave her there alone like that. So she offered her a chance to join the hunt. Now with nowhere to go, Eleanor accepted Artemis' offer.

A night after Artemis found her.. as Eleanor was sleeping, Lyssa herself appeared in her dreams. She told Eleanor that she was her real mother and she was indeed a demigod... unfortunately. Lyssa also gave her a gift, a bow and arrow, known as φρενίτιδα, meaning Frenzy. The next morning Eleanor woke up, the actual weapons were just next to her as if they were there for a while.

Eleanor, being quite adept in fighting now over the past two years, served Artemis well. And for a really long time had she stayed by Artemis' side, she gained the goddess' trust and respect and became one of her best hunters. Eleanor's attitude hadn't changed much, the bitterness was there and her thoughts were indeed twisted. She didn't show it though, most of the time.

Around the 2010's Eleanor decided to take a break. She wanted some time for herself, to get away from duties and relax. Despite that she liked going on the hunts with the other hunters, she has had her struggles, a quite a lot of times was she nearly killed. She told Artemis all of this. This slightly saddened the goddess, but it didn't surprise her much, looking at Eleanor's back story. Artemis then granted her permission and took away her immortality. She told Eleanor that she would always be welcomed back to the hunt whenever she wanted. Artemis sent Lora Mubarak, one of her hunters, to escort Eleanor to Camp Half-Blood, knowing that she would best safe there.

The End.

Weapons: φρενίτιδα, her bow and arrow.

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