Name: Isabelle Bridges

Age: 14

Personality: Isabelle is shy and calm. She is often in the shadows and forgotten.

Appearance: Isabelle has long brown hair and chestnut brown eyes. She likes to wear pale colours like white and cream.

Mortal Parent: Susan Bridges

God Parent: Morpheus

History: Isabelle was born on the 17th of October. Her mother was a bakery owner. Susan was quite poor but had enough money to get through life and to have some pleasantries. Isabelle was brought up in the shop and learnt at an early age about the Greek gods. Her mother would tell her every day about her dad and always said that someday she would see him, she said it like he would come the next day. When four she started a primary school, she learnt most things at the school but her mum taught her about other things like cooking and other things.

At the school she was never teased much, as she was smart and good at most things. She had Dyslexia and ADHD but not much and it didn’t show. She was brought up well but she was terrified about the gods and monsters. When eight her mum gave Isabelle a pen/C.B sword that Morpheus had given to Susan.

When ten her mother was going to take her to the park and Susan had forgotten her bag and went inside to get it. A storm spirit found Isabelle, while chasing another demigod called David Barns, and attacked her. Isabelle and the storm spirit fought and the storm spirit made the house collapse in the process. Her mother died. In anger Isabelle killed the Storm Spirit. She ran away crying to the park until one of her friends from school found her and asked what happened. Isabelle told her what happened and the girl took her to the local adoption centre.

She was took into the adoption centre and made friends with a mortal girl called Katie Mill. She was made to do terrible chores and work for food. Isabelle HATED it there. She acted like a perfect orphan and was treated better than most at the orphanage. She was adopted when eleven by Elvis and Georgina Dale. Elvis and Georgina treated Isabelle well but she hated it as it reminded her of her mum so she cried almost every day. Eventually she ran away.

Isabelle was found and was adopted again. She ran away. Every time she was adopted she ran away shortly after. When thirteen she was found by a satyr called James Dane. He took her to camp by the grey sisters’ taxi. Isabelle loved it at camp and was claimed on her first day there.

Weapons: A pen that transforms into a C.B Sword

Anthem: Nobody’s perfect by Jessie J

Fatal Flaw: She is very shy and never takes risks that sometimes need taking.



Name: Asura Pendragon (Originally Cecil Pendragon)

God Parent: Morpheus

Equipment: He wields a katana named Kami-Sureiya, but also has shurikens, a pair of nunchucks, a blowgun with darts, and even a kusarigama. Naturally, all of his equipment is made of Lethenian Copper.

Personality: Asura's personality is similar to his counterpart Cecil's personality, but due to his experiences with both his friends and Zeanōto, it has branched out considerably in many fundamental aspects. Like Cecil he is caring towards those who he is close to, and does to a point dislike violence, however; he isn't afraid to hurt others in order to protect himself or them, and in times of anger wants to cause pain to those who are trying to harm him. Also, their tempermants differ in terms of anger. As Cecil is usually slow to anger, Asura has been seen to be enraged fairly quickly, and when his anger crosses a certain point, he looses all control and vents his anger, usually in extremely violent ways. Also, while Cecil was generally able to let things fix themselves without interfering, for Asura it is almost impossible. He is strongly independent, and hates being told what to do. Asura also seems to be smarter than Cecil, as he was able to see through Zeanōto's lies quicker than Cecil was. Also, if he is not in rage, he often thinks before he acts, unlike Cecil, who was extremely impulsive. Though, this tendency to think before he acts was also taught to him since his "birth" by Zeanōto, so it could be argued that this part of his personality was from Zeanoto, instead of Cecil.

History: Cecil was born to Morpheus and Ai Pendragon, in the city of Ordina, in Andorra. Having two loving parents, Cecil learned from an early age his heritage as a demigod, and that he was a child who would help the gods one day. Thus, the first ten years of Cecil's life were his greatest, even when his father had to leave when he was four, for Cecil had a basic understanding that Morpheus had to leave because he was a god. However; at ten years old, his world changed forever. His mother was killed by a thief, and he was sent to Sapporo, Japan, where his only living family left lived: his demigod grandfather, Zeanoto. Unlike his parents, Zeanoto was a cunning, callous, and pragmatic man, who didn't care for anything or anyone but himself. And for almost his whole life, he had wanted one thing: to become a god.

When Cecil arrived, at first Zeanoto was unsure of what to do with the boy. He didn't want him dead, as Cecil carried his blood and lineage, and didn't want to ruin that. However; he found that taking care of the child distracted him from his utltimate goal. That is, until he read the tale of Dionysus. He read how, once the god had proven his worth to the Olympians and gained a seat on the Council, he brought his mother Semele back from Asphodel to live in Olympus as a goddess, for she was the mother of an Olympian. Inspired, Zeanoto made a grand plan to make Cecil a god, and have Cecil make him a god as well for being his caregiver. In order to complete this goal, he began sending Cecil on an unending series of quests in order to prove himself worthy of godhood. In between quests, Cecil was sent to school, as Zeanoto wanted Cecil to be the smartest he could in order to further prove himself as worthy of being a god. This proved to be Zeanoto's dire mistake.

At school, Cecil was often bullied, for he know no way of defending himself against people, only monsters. Fortunantly, three kind fellow students named Akuseru, Donarudo, Namine, and her sister Risa befriended him. Risa and Namine themselves were demigod daughters of Mnemosyne, and the others were children of demigods and could see through the mist, and knew Cecil's heritage as a demigod once they meet. The four friends soon became inseperatable, and often helped Cecil on his endless quests. Eventually, Risa and Cecil even began to date. However; Risa and the others started to question why Zeanoto had turned a new leaf and decided to help Cecil (Zeanoto was quite imfamous in Sapporo), and began researching the Greek myths. Eventually, they discovered Dionysus' tale, and knowing how Zeanoto was, agreed that the true reason he was trying to help Cecil was not for his benefit, but to use Cecil as a stepping stone for his own rise into godhood.

Cecil, surprised and angered by the news, decided to confront his grandfather, and Risa offered to help. That night, Cecil questioned Zeanoto, and in anger, rashly stated that even if he became a god, he would never chose Zeanoto, rather bringing his mother back instead. Zeanoto, in rage and confusion over Cecil's rebellion and the disruption of his plans, attacked Cecil and Risa. In the fight that occurred, Risa was captured and Cecil was knocked into a coma.

With his plans on the edge of ruin, Zeanoto, in his dark and brilliant mind, devised an even more cunning plan, one that would not only make him a god, but put him in a position to conquer the other gods once becoming immortal himself. But first, he needed Risa. Forcing Risa to serve him under the threat of killing Cecil, Zeanoto forced Risa to manipulate the boy's memories in order to make him have nightmarish memories of a child just like him. For months Zeanoto watched as slowly, but surely, the nightmares of Cecil grow worse and worse. Eventually, one stormy night, the first part of Zeanoto's plan became complete. The nightmares Cecil had for the past five months became so strong that it triggered his powers, and the boy in his nightmares began to materialize. Risa, seeing the danger of what could happen, tried to stop and fix what she had done and send the boy from the nightmares back into Cecil, but Zeanoto forced her to finish, and once finished and the nightmare child fully materialized, he put her into a coma too. He then kidnapped her sister Namine and forced her to do the same thing for Risa. Once Risa had as bad as nightmares too, Zeanoto had Namine create to nightmare girl from Risa's manipulated memories. Once this girl had been created, Zeanoto killed Namine.

Taking the nightmare children into his home after that horrible night, he named them Asura and Shion respectively, and once he knew they were safe and protected by those he trusted, he traveled to the Underworld, to his father. Feigning kindness, Zeanoto pretended to be sorry for Risa and Cecil and, unsure if they would live or not, asked if the nightmare children could have life instead. Hades at first refused, not only because he did not have full trust of his son, but also because they might break the Ancient Laws concerning death. However; Persephone was moved, and convinced her husband that there had to be a loophole in the laws to have Zeanoto's wish come true. Thinking, Hades found a way for Zeanoto's plea to be complete. Working with Mnemosyne, he tied the two children to Cecil and Risa's life forces respectfully. He explained to Zeanoto how the pact would work: as long as Cecil and Risa were in a coma, the nightmare children would live. However; if the two died, or ever woke up, Asura and Shion would be reabsorbed into their original's life force.

Once he was assured that Asura and Shion would not fade into nothingness unless he expressedly wanted to, he moved the comatose Cecil and Risa deep underground, defended fiercefully, and then supervised and cared for vigorously so that they wouldn't die while in a coma. In order to make sure that Cecil and Risa would truly never wake up, he called upon a servant of his, a son of Mnemosyne, and moved the most important memories of both (Cecil's memories of his mother and Risa's memories of her love for Cecil), and planted them into Asura and Shion. Therefore, the two sleeping children's minds had nothing to live for, and so would do nothing to wake. Once this was done, Zeanoto began executing the second part of his plan.

He began to train Asura and Shion by doing the same exact thing he did with Cecil: send them on endless quests to test their courage and mettle. However, unlike before, he didn't send them to school. He didn't want outsiders interefering with his grand plans. However; the pair started to become curious about school. Even though they tried to convince Zeanoto otherwise, he refused to let them even near school. He became so paranoid with it that everytime they came back from a mission, they would be heavily guarded until they had to go on another quest. Eventually, Asura and Shion grew to hate this intense guardianship so much that after they had completed their latest quest, they never went home. Instead, they snuck to the school. Having distant memories of two boys in the school, they decided that finding them was the best bet in order to evade Zeanoto.

Eventually, the pair found Akuseru and Donarudo, who recognized Asura and Shion's appearance as almost identical to their long-gone friends, and knew these kids had to deal with Zeanoto. Once they were relatively safe at Akuseru's home, Asura and Shion explained Zeanoto's persistance with them becoming stronger and his paranoia about them not going to school. Akuseru deduced that Asura and Shion must be somehow connected to Cecil and Risa. They eventually came up with the conclusion, though it was wrong, that Asura and Shion had been two homeless kids on the street who Zeanoto kidnapped and replaced their memories with manipulated versions of Cecil and Risa's. The four decided that, in order to stop Zeanoto, Asura and Shion had to go to Cecil and Risa and return their memories, as well as get their own returned. Asura and Shion agreed, though nervous as to how they were going to sneak in.

A week later, when Zeanoto, mad with worry and rage, finally found their location, Donarudo led the other three in his bold plan to get into Zeanoto's home. While Zeanoto stormed Akuseru's house, Donarudo and the others were able to sneak in through an unlocked hatch that lead to the entrance of the basement (the hatch had been primarily used for garbage). Once there, the four snuck through the corridors of Zeanoto's underground complex, avoiding guards, and circumventing the security measures in the sections where the guards weren't able to look after fully.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, they reached the deepest room of the complex, where, to their joyous and yet sad eyes for Akuseru and Donarudo, Cecil and Risa laid, comatose.

Asura, hoping to revive Cecil quickly so that they would have help when facing Zeanoto, rushed to Cecil's side in order to figure out how to wake Cecil. However; since he was in such close proximity with Cecil, and furthermore in possession of the necessary memories needed to wake Cecil, Asura was absorbed into the sleeping boy's consciousness. When this happened, the alarms sounded, and Shion, Akuseru, and Donarudo were forced to fight off guards.

Meanwhile, inside Cecil's consciousness, Asura tried to give back the memories that he had to Cecil, in order to wake him from his coma. However; Cecil though that Asura was something that Zeanoto had created in order to finally either control him or destroy him fully, and attacked Asura fiercely. Asura, unable to convince Cecil otherwise, fought back with equal power. Now usually, had things had gone the way it should have, Asura wouldve have been simply absorbed back into Cecil. However; during his short year of life, he had subconsiouslly used the power from Cecil's soul in order to fashion his own. Thus the reason why he wasn't fully absorbed into Cecil: two souls cannot inhabit one body, and thus they had to fight in order to see who would gain control of the body and who would be absorbed and destroyed.

While that was happening, Shion, Akuseru, and Donarudo were able to seal the room off from the guards for the moment. Shion, desperate in order to have the plan succeed, explored the computer console in the room for information. She soon stumbled across the truth about how she and Asura were created and developed, and also what Zeanoto was planning. Realizing what must be happening inside Cecil, Shion entered Cecil's consciousness as well, as she had a memory of Cecil's within her too, and was able to use it to travel to Cecil and Asura.

Once inside, Shion tried to stop the two from fighting, and for them to merge peacefully. Unfortunantly, none would back down, and the combat just grew more intense. Unable to think of another way to stop them, when they charged for the last time, each blade poised to kill the other, Shion jumped in the way and was impa. Both Cecil and especially Asura, shocked, backed off. Catching Shion as she fell, Asura held her disappearing body in his hands, and cried.

Cecil, seeing Asura in such a state, finally believed in what Asura had been saying all along. Apologizing for what he had caused, Cecil promised Asura that he would get his revenge on Zeanoto. Asura agreed, and satified with the promise, he and Cecil merged. However; when Cecil and Risa woke up (when Shion died she simply was reabsorbed into Risa with her memories, because Shion's soul went to the underworld), it was Asura who woke up, not Cecil. Asura realized that Cecil had meant that he himself had to go and have his revenge on Zeanoto.

Once they awoke, Risa and Asura learned of what Shion had discovered on the console. Zeanoto, realizing that the time for..something, was running short, had decided to travel to Mount Olympus early, in order to enact the final part of his plan, which had been named the "Pandora's Box of the Gods".

Rightfully worried to the max, the group decided Asura and Risa chase after Zeanoto to Greece, as they had a personal grudge against him, while Akuseru and Donarudo stayed behind, and make sure nothing in Zeanoto's mansion or anything in it could help Zeanoto's plan.

Asura and Risa were able to sneak onto a flight to Greece, and once they arrived, they travelled to Mount Olympus. Once there, they encountered Zeanoto, and when they saw him horror filled them. He had been outfitted with powerful automan armor, and in his hands he wielded...he wielded Hades' own sword!

Though they thought otherwise, Zeanoto saw them, and blasted them out of their hiding place. Berating them for even thinking to attempt to stop him, he announced that he was going to change the fate of the gods, and that no two people who shouldn't even exist would stand even a hope of a chance to kill him. Determined to defeat Zeanoto, Asura and Risa attacked him.

At first the fight was relatively even, but as it continued on, Zeanoto's power eventually started to overwhealm Asura and Risa. Finally, at what seemed to be the peak of the battle, the enormous collision of Zeanoto's, Risa's, and Asura's powers caused an explosion, flinging the three combantants back. Only two of them stood back up.

Risa had been unable to stand the power of the explosion, and was almost dead. Asura, thinking her dead already, flew into a powerful rage, and attacked Zeanoto with a renewed zest. Sadly, even with his new motivation Asura wasn't able to conquer Zeanoto alone. Only with the help of Morpheus did he overcome Zeanoto.

Asura locked swords with Zeanoto, and it seemed that Zeanoto would win the contest of strength. However; Morpheus whispered words of advice to Asura, and lended him the strength he needed. With a mighty heave upwards, Asura's sword pryed Zeanoto's blade from his hand. Snatching it quickly, Asura impaled Zeanoto with the sword of Hades, killing him instantly.

Sadly, Risa was barely alive when Asura was finally able to reach her. Knowing there was no time to bring her to a hospital and possibly save her, he asked her if she wanted anything before she died. She requested he tell her about Shion. Asura, tearing at the memories, sadly told her about how kind Shion was, and all the adventures they had together. At the end of his tale, Risa commented that she was glad that at least an aspect of her had been friends with Asura. And with that, she died.

Asura, after burrying Risa at the foot of Mount Olympus, stayed in Greece for a few months, having no money, and no will, to go wither back home or to a demigod camp in America that Donarudo and Akuseru had heard about from Risa and Namine and had told them about, before setting off to find Cecil. Morpheus, worrried about Asura, appeared to both Akuseru and Donarudo in their dreams, asking if they could find Asura in Greece, and bring him to camp. Telling them the location of both Asura and Camp Half-Blood, he was able to convince them to find Asura.

In Greece, Akuseru and Donarudo searched long and hard for Asura. Finally, they finally found Asura in an alleyway in Athens, begging for money. Horrified to see Asura in such a state, they forced Asura to tell them what happened. Once Asura told them, Donarudo and Akuseru tried to convince Asura to have faith again, that things would be better. It was a futile attempt until Akuseru finally got impatient, and asked if Shion would want him to be this way. Slowly realizing that maybe he was wrong that the world had nothing left for him, he finally agreed to go to camp, but before they went anywhere, he visited Risa's tomb, and there he swore to Risa, Shion, and Cecil that he would make the best of his life, no matter what.

Once they reached America, Akuseru and Donarudo lead Asura to the bottom of Half Blood Hill. Waving goodbye to his friends, he entered camp, determined to keep his promise to his friends. He would make his life the best he could.

LoveCatsOwls ~ Tyger de Young

Tyger Main Pic.jpg

Name: Tyger de Young

Age: 15

God Parent: Morpheus

Mortal Family: Alexandria de Young (mother), Ethan de Young (uncle), Emily de Young (aunt), Luke de Young (cousin).

Personality: Tyger is bubbly and fun loving, but can be mature. For a fifteen-year-old, she's is quite intelligent. She's also very proud of being British, and has a slight addiction to the 'Keep Calm and...' posters. She HATES racism, that's why her theme song is Black or White - Micheal Jackson. Her fatal flaw is daydreaming. Tyger rarely listens to long conversations, and this can lead to mistakes, sometime fatal. She has ADHD and dyslexia, and is also a mega-daydreamer.

Appearance:Tyger's hair is bright red. She ties it into loose plaits to keep it out of her face. Her eyes are brown, and she wears casual clothes like denimn jackets. She's quite tall, and slim. Tyger speaks with quite a cockney accent.

History: Alexandria de Young was always a fine dancer, and attracted the attention of many men. At one particular dance show, when Alexandria was 30, she met a man, not like any may she had met before. His name was Morpheus.

They spent many happy months together, and at the end, it left Alexandria with a baby girl. She was to be called Tyger. Just before her birth, Morpheus had to leave, like all godly parents do. Alexandria was understandably devastated, and decieded she couldn't care for Tyger, and left her to a Children's Home. Being young, she was quickly adopted by a couple named Hannah and Johnathan Morris.

She lived with them until she was three and a half, which was when her social worker tracked down Tyger's aunt and uncle, who were willing to take her.

When she started school, Tyger was teased because she had the name Tyger, and bright red hair. This didn't bother her though, she took it all in her stride. Nothing much exciting happened during her primary school years.

The action really started in her first year of secondary school, that's when she was diagnosed with ADHD. Her grades slipped rapidly, and the only lesson she really concetrated in was music. Her teacher, Dave Carmicheal, quickly saw this, and tried to get Tyger interested in playing an instrument. The drums. This was good, as Tyger could take out all her energy on the drums in the morning, then she was okay in her lessons.

Soon, it was realised that Tyger was clever. Very, very clever. So clever in fact that in her second year, she got offered a full schlorship to Madame Annalise Cooper's Academy for the Academiclly Gifted.

She enjoyed her time their, making friends with the two girls that shared her dormitory, Lilias Jeffries and Kathryn Ever Johnson, who were both daughters of Eros. But then, there was an electrical fire, and all the students were sent home.

A couple of days after Tyger's return, her Aunt Emily and Uncle Ethan made an announcement. Tyger was ti have a cousin, a little boy. Tyger was delighted, but then there was the bad news. With baby Luke around, her aunt and uncle wouldn't have time for her. She would have to return to the home. Tyger wasn't having this. She ran away.

For a few days, Tyger lived on the streets, before meeting a girl name Willow Evermore Barry. They became friends, and stayed together for ages. On the night Tyger turned 15, she was attacked by a hellhound. It charged at her, and with no-one to protect her, she thought was dead. Suddenly, she spotted on glinting arrow in the ground. She picked it up and realised it was a knife. Two, in fact. She knew what she had to do and started fighting. After a fierce fight, Tyger made a lucky hit and it disentergrated.

Will, after watching from the shadows, revealed herself as a satyress, and told Tyger all about demigods and Camp. They took a plane into New York, and the Grey Sister taxi to camp. She was then claimed as a child of Morpheus.

Weapons/Armour: Tyger owns all the standard camp stuff, plus a necklace that turns into two celestial bronze knives.

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