Name: Genesia la Verne

Age: 15

Gender: Male (even if the name sounds female)

Family Members: 

  1. Father = Notus
  2. Mother = Alice la Verne
  3. Mortal Sister = Allison la Verne
  4. Mortal Brother = Aaron La Verne

Personality: Genesia is very stuck up. He is extremely rude and is not very kind. He was part of a posh family so this helped, his mother brought her up in that way. He loved treating most other children like dirt during school. He was the teacher's pet, however, and acted very good around his teacher.

History: WIP

Possessions: He owns a bow and arrow, which he called after his mortal-brother Aaron, so he called it, "La Aaronee". The bow is small, but deadly. 

Genesia's bow and arrow, small, but deadly.


Name: Aubrey Willows

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Family Members

  • Father: Notus
  • Mother: Lynn Willows
Aubrey Willows.png

Personality: Aubrey is a self-proclaimed rebel. But to everyone else she is up tight and always has her eyes set on victory. She loves a good challenge and is always willing to try new things. She has extreme mood swings due to her being bipolar, and because of this not many people like being around her, in the fear she might end up being aggressive and violent towards them.

History: Lynn Willows was once a bachelorette in New York. She had slept with multiple guys for fun, but soon lost interest in casual sex. She wanted something ever lasting, someone she could spend her life with and raise a family with. Will at a local bar she bumped into a young man, Lynn fell in love and as did the young man. Very soon the moved in together and the man proposed to Lynn. She happily said yes but when the wedding came, she was left at the alter all alone.

Now an emotional wreck, Lynn went to the same bar she had met her ex-fiancé. She had gotten intoxicated and was acting like a fool, embarrassing herself and making out with random people. Soon Notus walked into the bar and saw as Lynn at her lowest point of the night. Notus taking pity on her, took her to a motel and laid her in the bed. Lynn not wanting him to leave, took off all her clothes and pulled him into the bed. The two soon began to have sex, and when morning came, Notus was gone, and with Lynn not recalling the last night, and her seeing a condom package ripped open on the floor. She knew she had sex with someone, just not who.

The next month while Lynn was working at a bank, she became ill quickly, and began throwing up in the bathroom. With only one thought on her mind, it had to be the one night stand. With Notus now watching Lynn, he saw her throwing up and discovered the child was in fact his. He tried to be safe, and used a condom, but it clearly had broken without him knowing. Eventually he forgot about it, and nine months later Lynn gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, who she named Aubrey.

Aubrey grew up always loving life and being full of energy. But when she turned three years old, she had being diagnosed as being by bipolar. With Lynn never planning on having a child, she soon decided to put her into a foster home. But the week Aubrey had arrived, was the week she had gotten kidnapped. She was only five years old, and was now kidnapped by a Broken Covenant member, and she was forced to live in the sanctuary with her kidnapper.

Aubrey grew up with a twisted opinion of the Broken Covenant, she thought that some weren't bad, but others were, and when she had reached seven years old, had decided she would join them. Her kidnapper who happened to be a cloud nymph, explained to her about Greek gods, and that Aubrey herself was a child of Notus. Aubrey didn't mind that she had to live with her kidnapper, in fact she kind of started to like him. But when her bipolar episodes became more frequent with her age, the kidnapper was becoming fed up with it. Soon she left Aubrey at the foster home she was originally meant to be in.

Aubrey was always cautious of what she did, with the looming thought of monsters and the gods always in the back of her mind, she never felt safe anymore. When she had reached thirteen years of age, she was outside playing with some of the other foster care children when she had been grabbed by the arms and was taken up onto a rooftop. When she slammed into the floor and looked up she had saw a group of what appeared to be large birds. But soon discovered they were harpies. With Aubrey having little no chance to live, she did the only thing she could think of. She jumped off the roof and when she remembered what the cloud nymph had said about Notus, tried to ride the winds, and much to her surprise, it worked. She had managed to safely get back to the ground.

After that incident, Aubrey's grandmother who just heard about Aubrey living in a foster home, took her in. When she had reached the age of fifteen, Aubrey told her grandmother about her father. Her grandmother obviously didn't believe her so Aubrey simply moved on. But the harpies soon found her again, and when she returned home from the mall one night, she walked in to see her grandmother dead on the ground. Harpies were flying all over the room, and more kept coming in. Worried of what would happen, Aubrey grabbed a katana and began swinging it aimlessly with her eyes closed. When she had opened them, most of the harpies were gone, or had turned into dust. Except for one that appeared to be the biggest of all of them. Soon the harpy lunged towards Aubrey and Aubrey went into a state of shock, but luckily the katana was raised and the harpy impaled itself in the chest.

Eventually Aubrey had moved in with a close friend from her school, and when she reached seventeen, had joined the girls soccer team. While coming home from a practise, she was tackled to the ground by a lycanthrope, with the monster being so close she could smell it's breathe, she knew she was going to die. Until an arrow came whizzing by and lodged itself into the neck of the lycanthrope. With the dust flying into her face, somebody stepped out from behind a garbage can. It was the cloud nymph that had once kidnapped her, and she quickly scooped Aubrey up in her arms and ran from the Empire State Building they were at, to Camp Half-Blood, where the nymph currently lived. Aubrey passed out and soon woke up in the infirmary, where the cloud nymph soon told her, Notus had claimed her.

Possessions: Katana called Night-Wind


Name: Kim Jung-Hwa (actually my name is Jin-Ho >.<)

Age: 17

Gender: Male


  • Notus (Father)
  • Kim Dong-Yi (Mother)

Personality: Jung-Hwa is a hardworking and loyal person. He strives to do his best in everything. He values his family above all else and would do anything for them. He wants the best for his family, who have known nothing but poverty. Jung-Hwa is very caring and loyal, especially to those whom he considers special to him. Jung-Hwa is basically a good friend, someone whom you can trust. He'd never backstab a friend, even if the odds were against him. If you tell him a secret, he'd much rather die than betray your trust. Should you happen to be a person whom he has taken a disliking to though, he would most likely scowl at you; talk to you sarcastically. Contrary to his caring nature towards his friends, Jung-Hwa can be pretty mean to those whom he has taken a disliking to.


History:  Kim Dong Yi and Soo Min Rho, curious and mischievous Korean daughters of Morpheus, found a twin glistening poppy red-colored lockets poking out of the ground while on a certain quest. Attracted by the beauty of the two lockets, they took them and selfishly wore them without even asking or finding out who owned those. Unbeknownst to them, the two lockets belonged to Hypnos, their father’s father, who accidentally dropped them in the mortal world. The lockets held overwhelming and supernatural power, and that anyone who wears it can enter the astral plane just by entering anything with a window, bring their physical body with them and bend the very plane to their will to a small extent, something that contradicts the real astral projection; but because of the power brought by the lockets, it was made possible.

Being so curious on trying out the lockets’ power, they decided to enter the astral plane via a large television set. Inside, the astral plane was a parallel world with ever-changing dream-like projections. Souls of those who can’t pass on and astral projections of living people roamed the astral plane. Being very mischievous and curious, they tried to possess the bodies of those they considered enemies, and caused trouble to the outside world without even causing their physical bodies to be harmed.

This greatly irritated Hypnos, as the two girls caused chaos in the astral plane because of their selfish deeds, disturbed his very domain, and the fact that they didn’t return the lockets upon finding them. Having enough of it all, Hypnos confronts them in the astral plane as they were about to possess another body. He demands them to give the lockets; they tried running away, but he stopped them with a flick of a finger. Hypnos was unstoppable in his domain, of course. In the end, Dong Yi and Soo Min gave back the lockets to Hypnos. As he kicks them out of the astral plane, he forewarns, “From this moment, I tell you, that in the future, your sons or daughters will suffer the consequences of what you did. You dare run away from my own domain? Fine then. Your own children will try to get away from me in the future, but I will not let them. I assure you that. Curiosity has a price, and you are paying for it.” With that, Hypnos disappeared, and the two were brought back to the real world.

After that confrontation, the two got into a fight. They blamed each other for picking up the lockets first, and in the end, their friendship was shattered, and they decided to quit camp, go back to South Korea and live their separate lives. Even before they left for their homeland, Hypnos has already made future arrangements; arrangements that will change the future of the two young ladies’ children.

Soo Min Rho returned to her ancestral home in Jeju Island and lived with her step-parents. Her family strived under poverty while Kim Dong Yi, her sister, lived a fabulous and rich life in Seoul. She had a job as a waitress on a nearby restaurant and worked hard just to earn enough money to support her family. One night, when she was walking from work, she was attacked by a Cyclopes. Unfortunately, Soo hadn't brought any of her weapons and was defenseless. Notus happened to be in residence and sensed the monster. He then barged in, destroyed the monster and saved Soo, whom he instantly fell in love with. Soo felt grateful and soon fell in love with Notus. They started dating and well, you know the idea. Notus disappeared right after their child was born and told Soo that he was a god. It wasn't that hard for Soo to believe as she was a demigod herself and knew that Notus would have had to leave sooner or later.

Jin-Ho Rho, the child of Notus and Soo, grew up as a hardworking, industrious child who dreamed of becoming rich in the future. He didn't go to school as his mother's paycheck was only enough to sustain their family's basic needs. He would go fishing with his grandfather in the morning, help his grandmother with the chores during noon and work as a delivery boy during the afternoon. Fortunately for Jin, Soo decided to check on them as they were running late and had brought her bow with her. She saw the commotion and hopped on a rowboat and went to the fleet of rocks where the Telkhines were trying to get Jin's unconscious body. Soo used all the training she had on Camp years ago and destroyed all the monsters with ease. She brought Jin's body on the boat and steered them back to the main island. The body of Jin's grandfather was retrieved not long after, thanks to Soo asking help from nearby fishermen.

Jin was distraught and believed that his grandfather's death was his fault. He began blaming himself but his mother convinced him that it wasn't his fault, that things like this happened when you least expect it. "Nobody is to blame for your grandfather's death," Soo had said firmly, despite the tears in her eyes. Jin finally calmed down and soon found another job as a newspaper boy in order to help his family more.

Every time he reaches a new age, Hypnos' "time bomb" decreased, which meant that his punishment for his half-granddaughters' bad deeds drew nearer. And at the dawn of his and Jung-Hwa (Dong Yi's son)'s 17th birthday, the "time bomb" "exploded". The special gift Hypnos imbued within the two children sparked to life, and they suddenly entered the astral plane. As if on a trance, they journeyed across the astrally parallel South Korea. In a matter of time even before they wake up, they astral possessed the other's body: Jin-Ho possessing Jung-Hwa's body and vice versa. As if like a switch, Hypnos turned off his special gift, locking them permanently in the body of the other.

The very next day, Jin-Ho woke up with a yell. He was NOT in his body. Everything physically on him was changed all of a sudden. He didn't know where he was, or who the people are around him, and certainly why the heck did he change. When this was found out by the other members of the family, they thought their "Jung-Hwa" was cursed or possessed or something. Well, that certainly hit a mind jolt to Dong Yi's mind. She remembered the day Hypnos has warned her and Soo Min: "From this moment, I tell you, that in the future, your sons or daughters will suffer the consequences of what you did. You dare run away from my own domain? Fine then. Your own children will try to get away from me in the future, but I will not let them. I assure you that. Curiosity has a price, and you are paying for it." Well, she wasted no time. Despite the fact that they hate each other, she contacted her old friend. She then found out that her "Jin-Ho" was also acting very strange. She reminded her of Hypnos' warning back then, and they decided to meet up to try and resolve the issue secretly. They tried pleading to Hypnos via dreams, but he never answered their voices of help. Eventually, they decided to bring their children to that one place, in hopes of their children themselves solving the crisis they are facing: Camp Half-Blood.

They first oriented them with everything regarding the Greek gods and all that, and they let them take it all in before sending them to Camp, as to prevent confusion. They didn't tell them about Hypnos' punishment, for the meantime, to make them accustomed to their new bodies. A week later, they brought them to New York City and into Camp Half-Blood, where they bid them goodbye and left.

As of now, Jin-Ho (now Jung-Hwa) and Jung-Hwa (now Jin-Ho) try their best to be together all the time, while getting used to their switched bodies and at the same time, being ignorant to how and why this unusual event happened to them. As for being claimed, Jin-Ho was claimed as son of Notus, and Jung-Hwa as son of Poseidon, despite of having some trouble with the two of them.

EvangelineSmileyFace and MuchAdo

Names: Raul and Raina Aguinaldo

Ages: Both Sixteen

Gender: Male and Female


Raul: He is pretty average, standing at 5'10 and weighing in at 150 pounds. His body is fairly athletic due to always moving around, and he shares the same dark brown eyes and tanned features as his sister, though he takes pride in being taller. His short chocolate brown hair is the same shade as Raina's and, not unakin to hers, sometimes seems amber-brown under bright sunlight.

Raina: Raina is around 125lbs and is a smaller 5'5" compared to her younger brother and often gets teased about it (nothing that a blowgun dart or a slap to the back of the head can't fix). Her dark brown eyes are so similar to Raul's and their skin shares the same sun-kissed hue. Her hair falls in waves to halfway down her back and she always ties it up during training. She has a slender build with speed and stealth as some of her greatest assets

Family: Elena Aguinaldo (mother), Notus (father.)


Raul: As a son of Notus, he can't stay still for long and is extremely claustrophobic. Since he grew up in a remote area he is used to large open spaces to hunt and explore in, and delights in nothing more than teasing Raina and socialising. His humour is merely a way to make light of any negative situation, and Raul is definitely an optimist. He will try and impress other guys and girls into thinking he's cool by doing stupid dares or pranks, as Raina is the mature one. He relishes in acting like a kid now and then, hoping to brighten up any gloomy circumstance. However he can become extremely serious if it concerns his family and as the man of the house he firmly believes that it is his duty to protect his sister and Ma at all costs.

Raina: More often than not, Raina is the voice of reason and logic out of the twins and often acts older than she really is. She works hard to achieve what she has to, pushing herself to her mental and physical limits. Like her brother, she is claustrophobic. She is free-spirited like her mother and being in a tight space does her no favours. She often likes to put on an egocentric front and often holds the fact that she is the older twin against Raul. Raina is a realist, finding no reason to sugarcoat what is directly in front of her eyes. She doesn't mince words and often gives out the straight truth, no matter how harsh. She does have a sense of humour though and likes having fun with her brother, exploring new areas and whatnot. Nothing motivates her more than protecting her family and will make the sacrifice play if it meant keeping the most important people in her life alive.


Raul and Raina Aguinaldo had a pretty unorthodox upbringing from the start. Their mother, Elena, met Notus on a hot day in Palawan, Philippines. She ran an inn of sorts near a famed underground river, serving whoever the wind brought to her, better or worse. He was impressed by tales of her free spirited nature from travellers.

Always eager to explore, Notus disguised himself as a Southern American backpacker and took the trail himself. The two had an immediate connection, and she decided to show him the river herself. Eventually, they made love under the majestic cavernous ceilings in a riverboat. After a brief yet passionate affair, he was forced to leave and left her with a note, along with a piece of string and a pipe that he had in his pocket at the time. Unbeknownst to the twins, she had always kept these items out of a sense of nostalgia.

9 months later, the two twins were born, she decided to give them Spanish names after her own foreign lover and after the country's own history. The two children learnt to socialise quickly with the occasional travellers who found their way off the beaten track, learning odd tricks from knife throwing to tales of foreign lands. They grew to be so different yet … incredibly similar. Raina Aguinaldo was 2 minutes, and 37 seconds older than her brother, Raul, and often liked to hold that against him. Like any pair of siblings, they weren't without disputes and quarrels but they would hike to the North Pole and back if it meant keeping the other safe.

They also often played in the crystal clear waters leading to the underground river. They were forbidden to go to certain sections of the river by their mother for fear of monster attacks due to reports of the occasional missing traveller. For a while, the two remained perfectly content in each other's company, playfully experimenting with their powers as they began to manifest at the early age of 10.

Eventually, this changed.

They had seen all that Palawan had to offer and wanted to see more … One day when they were sixteen, they snuck out and together propelled the boat with small gusts of hot air through the catacombs, completely in awe at the beauty of the place until they found a dead body with a signpost that had faded and rotted away over the years. So much so, that whatever inscription inked onto it became to illegible to understand. Raina insisted they turn back but Raul wanted to push on and get to the bottom of it. As they carried on the water slowly turned red, bones peeking out from beneath the water. Raina felt uneasy but Raul could hear a song, one far more beautiful than he had ever heard before and insisted that they row ahead until they came face to face with a cohort of beautiful women.

Sirens. They had managed to find their way here and lived off of the travellers foolish enough to go this deep.

"I don't recognise this place." Raina whispered. She had lived along the river all her life. That statement shouldn't have parted from her lips. She tried to get her brother's attention.

"Raul. Raul!"

The sirens tried to seduce her entranced brother and pull him to the depths where the lack of oxygen would asphyxiate him. But not yet. They enjoyed playing with their food. But Raina resisted, concentrating all of her force on pulling her brother away and trying to blow the boat back as the sirens tried to sink it. Just as it all happened, the nearest siren near Raul was suddenly thrown off the side of the boat by a gust of wind.

Their mother had noticed their absence and had immediately fled to the scene. She tossed them the pipe and a cord of leather. The pipe transformed into a blowpipe for Raina and set of bolas emerged from the cord for Raul. The three fought off the crowd of sirens. They seemed unstoppable. They all moved in harmony, covering each other's back and weaknesses, relishing the sights of sirens dropped to the river's depths like rocks, one by one. All looked well until … a final siren managed to worm her way under the canoe and leap from underneath, slowly toppling it.

Knowing that if it got them underwater it'd be certain death, their mother jumped out of her boat and grabbed the siren's lustrous hair, the monster fought back with desperation and the two thrashed about in the water. The kids couldn't get a clear shot and were forced to wait as their mother and the siren fought just under the murky waters. After a long wait the monster floated to the surface, their mother was nowhere to be seen admist the dark currents and the only logical conclusion was that she had been dragged under by the river currents.

All that was left was the bolas and blowpipe, and the two were forced to flee before any monsters came back. They made their way to their home where they scoured the house for any sign of their mother. They found a note hidden in one of the drawers.

You have served your father Aeolus dutifully for many years, keeping an eye on the monsters that buried themselves into the catacombs of where the labyrinth used to be. The Olympians often like to delegate the use of wind gods to look after remote areas, and I will always have to travel around and never see the children. Please do not let them swim in the caves and tell them everything once they have become of age. May fortune always find its way to you,
Your South Wind,

Confused, the two reluctantly left the room with the note in hand to find an old man by the river bank, playing mah jong. He told them of his name, Eurus, the God of East Wind and tossed them a unique mahjong piece, engraved with three lines downwards,. Unbeknownst to the pair he had been sent by his brother Notus, who was unable to directly interfere..even if it meant saving Elena and the twins. The tile was just a piece of the puzzle. 

"Not three lines," said Eurus when Raul stated the blatantly obvious markings on the tile. "Wind."

"Not downwards," Raina interjected, looking straight at Eurus as pieces began to click in her head and glancing down at the note for confirmation. "South."

With a smile and a twinkle in his eye, he sat them down in a boat and sent an easterly wind to guide them to a small cove.  A large ominous-looking vessel was tethered to a dock, facing an underground cave. The ship had three lines painted on its side with a skull and was named Letum. The two bravely stowed away on the ship, only to find out that it contained souls of the dead as they were being ferried from the Philippines to the underworld in droves. Eventually they were discovered by Nico, a death spirit who Hades had sent to deal with the latest wave of influenza in the Philippines. Intrigued by the pair, who had been the first living people with enough courage - or foolishness - to set foot in his ship, he took pity on them and vowed that if they could manage to hide and stow away on the cramped ship until they had dropped off the dead then he would bring them to a camp for demigods with him and search for their mother.

They did as told, staying in cramped conditions with little food or water for a few days. It was torture for kids of a wind god. They often grew very restless, tempted to just make their own way and throw caution to the wind, so to speak. Of course, voices of reason interceded and stayed, even though the mental debate never ceased for both of them. Eventually, Nico managed to complete his duty after escorting the myriad of souls to the Underworld and shadow-travelled back with them after tethering the boat on the Styx. They landed on a grassy verge just outside Camp.

"Camp what?" Raul asked.

"Camp Half Blood." Reina replied, peering at the archway with the very name engraved on it. "I can read it. I've never been able to read anything so easily before." She remarked quizzically. "Wait, half-blood?"

"Half-human, half-god." The death nymph explained and at that moment, a shimmering shape formed over the two children's head. They stared at each other's heads in awe and confusion.

"Three lines downwards." They whispered in unison.

"Notus." he said with a smile before turning away and striding off into the distance, searching for their mother back on board, where he could find some privacy.

They waited underneath the archway, trading theories and unanswered questions while they waited for him to contact the underworld. Other demigods and fantastical creatures approached them and beckoned them further into the camp but they refused until Nico brought news. However, he could not find her. First disheartened, they stood and bade him farewell until they saw his report in a new light. He was a death nymph, sent by the God of the Underworld and even he could not find her.

The twins looked at each other with a wry smile. "She could be alive!" They exclaimed with perfect synchronicity.

Instead of launching themselves into the unknown, unprepared, they promised to train hard at this Camp so that they can venture off to find her.

And if there's one thing the Aguinaldo kids were taught, it was to never break a promise.


Raul: His most cherished possessions are the bolas which his father gave him. They transform from a piece of cord when the coil is completely unravelled for easy access and are primarily used to trip or tangle an opponent so they may be dispatched by other means such as his sister’s darts or power usage. These are named μουσώνας in Greek, otherwise known as Monsoon in Greek. Raul named them after the hot summer rains brought to the mortal world by his father seasonally and the intention that one day, they will help bring his mother back to them.

Raina: Raina owns a wooden blowpipe called κυκλώνας. She named it Cyclone in Greek because like the natural disaster by the same name, her weapon can cause a lot of damage and comes from a good distance away.  She has a set of darts all secured within a wooden canister that she either fastens to a belt or around her waist. When not in use, she takes the blowpipe and bends it in half. The pipe separates into smaller tubes of various sizes, clicking together to form a set of pan pipes - that she can play quite well as a matter of fact.

As well as their weapons, Raul and Raina also possess the note they unearthed from a drawer in their home. Raina often likes to read this, feeling as though its a piece of their mother that she needs to cling on to. The mahjong piece that Eurus bestowed upon them can always be found on one of the twins, almost as though it was some sort of lukcy charm.

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