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Xurxo Ospinos


Xurxo Ospinos with his armor

Name: Xurxo (pronounced SHUR-shu) Ospinos

Age: 16

Godparent: Phobos

Equipment: Xurxo wields an Acheronian Silver longsword, a gift from his mother. He also wields a bow with Acheronian Silver arrows, which he took from his brother to use, in honor of him. He also has armor which he wears into battle.

Personality: Though he used to be a terrible bully and spiteful person, after the events concerning his step-father and brother, he has changed significantly. He is now very kind to almost all he meets, though it is more of distant politeness, as he has trouble trusting others. Remnants of his past demeanor are shown in his grudges. If he or a close friend of his has been slighted, he wil stop at almost nothing to avenge himself or others. He also has a tendency to judge others too quickly, and jump to conclusions.

History: In Chicago, 1996, Phobos fell in love with Amanda Ospinos, a spunky demigod daughter of Zeus who had always endured a tough life, both by her step-parents and by gangs once she moved into her own home. Within a year, Amanda gave birth to Xurxo, and a few months later Phobos sadly had to leave.

In order to make a good living for her son, Amanda married Kyle Fernandez, an charismatic and ambitious man. With him was his step-son Alexander, who was also a son of Phobos. Alexander was the reason Fernandez was wifeless. His wife had cheated on him with Phobos, and he had divorced her. Mysteriously, she had died a few days later, giving him custody of little Alexander.

Fernandez, for whatever reason, deduced that Xurxo had more potential than Alexander did. So he gave up Alexander to an orphanage, and forced Amanda to swear on the Styx never to speak of Alexander.

Thus, Xurxo lived a fearful life under Fernandez, who frequently beat him and Amanada, and made his life a living hell at home. In school, life was not much better, as gangs members (secrectly paid by Fernandez) beat him up as well.

It when he was 7, during one such beating, that he unintentionally used his powers. Shocked with fear, the gang members backed off, only to have Xurxo proceedd to beat the cr@p outta them as they cowered before him. This was the start of Xurxo's bullying days. For 7 years afterword, Xurxo became a terrible bully, ganging up on kids, and even making his teachers scared. He was moved from school to school every year on account of his brutality. Yet nothing could stop him. While his mother despaired, his step-father only grew happier every day.

Eventually, one day a new kid moved to Chicago and transferred to the current school Xurxo was. Xurxo, like usual, tried to beat the kid up after school. However; the kid had other plans. He was a child of Phobos too, with better control of his powers. Using them, he quickly beat up Xurxo, and his "friends" quickly turned on him, joining with the new kid. Soon, the kid became the new bully, totally outstripping Xurxo in physical ability and brutality.

Eventually, Fernandez, who had frantically tried to figure out the new kid's identity to snuff the life out of him, found the kid to be Alexander, the child he had long ago abandoned to an orphanage. Proud of how his son had become, he first killed off Alexander's adoptive parents. Then, he regained Alexander as his own. Alexander was more than happy to have his father finally recognize him. Not only was his father rich (even though it was through gangs), he could beat up on Xurxo at school and home.

For a year, Xurxo's life turned upside down. The bully had become the bullied, the torturer the tortured. He became the pariah of his whole community. He was hated by those he bullied, and those who had been at his side as he bullied. Discovering what his bullying had caused, Xurxo decided to never bully again should he get out of his current situation. But it seemed unlikely that he would ever get out his horrible life. That is, until one fateful night.

One night, he was walking home when he stumbled across a group of Alexander's cronies beating on a poor defenseless girl. Reminding himself of his vow, he stepped in, and with little trouble protected the girl. Carrying her to the nearest hospital, he helped her to the hospital bed, and went home. The next day, the girl, thankful for what he had done, invited him over to hang with her and her friends. Though at first they didn't trust them, and he didn't trust them, they soon warmed up to each other. Soon, Xurxo began befriending more and more people, and his life became bearable again.

Meanwhile, Alexander had begun leading actual groups of the gang he was in, the Iberian Dragons, a splinter group of the Latin Kings that helped its patron gang grow. With this newfound leadership, he began terrorizing the neighborhood. He broke into homes, assaulted countless people, and due to his father gained immunity from the police. Xurxo, horrified by what his brother was doing, tried to convince his brother to stop. But Alexander refused, and in retaliation sent some of his lackeys to kill Xurxo. Caught by surprise, Xurxo was tied up and they planned to drag him away to a chemical plant, where they would kill him. Fortunantly, before they were able to do so, some of Xurxo's friends found him and were able to save him.

Realizing how truly dangerous Alexander and his gang were becoming, Xurxo and his friends decided to fight fire with fire, and formed their own group, the Crimson Wings, to combat the Iberian Dragons and take them down. Xurxo and the others secretly moved themselves to the Crimson Wings' headquarters, where they could fight without their families being a target.

For a month Chicago became a battleground between the Iberian Dragons and the Crimson Wings. Pitched fights occurred almost regularly, and everybody and everyone, much to the Crimson Wings' dismay, was becoming battered and bruised. Eventually, even Xurxo's mother, who he took great strides to protect, was attacked by the Iberian Dragons. Enraged by this, Xurxo focused on stoping the conflict, seeing how much damage both sides were doing.

It was then that one of the Crimson Wings' members was finally able to locate the Iberian Dragon's hideout, an abandoned factory at the edge of town. Launching a surprise attack, the Crimson Wings were able to infiltrate the base, and soon both gangs fought fiercely, for the battle would certainly dictate who would prove victorious, the Crimson Wings or the Iberian Dragons.

It was there that Xurxo finally faced Alexander. Though Alexander tried to goad Xurxo into joining the Iberian Dragons, he wouldn't have any of it, and after Xurxo angrily told Alexander off, they battled. Unlike the last time, the battle was even. Both Alexander and Xurxo battered themselves to near exhaustion, and yet they fought on. Both wanted this rivalry to end, though the method how to was different between the two of them. However; neither could gain the upper hand against the other, and soon, both trying to end the fight, ferociously attacked each other for a final time, their powers of fear emanating from them. The combined attack and use of their powers left both almost incapacitated, barely able to move an inch.

It was then that Fernandez arrived. Proclaiming that Alexander had been proven useless, Fernandez shot Alexander in the head and killed him. Xurxo, horrified, questioned why Fernandez would kill Alexander. Fernandez then revealed what he had been planning: Wanting a powerful son to become a powerful gang boss, he would use his son as a means to become a truly powerful gang boss himself, and from there further even more goals, though what they were he would not elaborate. When he thought that Alexander was too weak, he instead gave away Alexander and tried to use Xurxo. When Alexander came back, Fernandez gladly molded him into a gang boss. But now with Alexander dead, Fernandez could take over. All he needed to do was get Xurxo out of the way. Aiming the gun at Xurxo, Fernandez prepared to kill Xurxo.

While Xurxo and Fernandez spoke, Xurxo's mother Amanda, having finally healed her wounds and realizing that Fernandez was planning to kill Alexander and Xurxo, she rushed to the factory. Unable to get in, she did the only alternative to stop Fernandez. Being a daughter of Zeus, she called down a lightning bolt, which caused an explosion in the factory. She died in the explosion sadly, when debris crushed her.

After the explosion, Xurxo was able to climb out of the remains of the factory. As he climbed out, he found his step-father pinned under some debris. Having Fernandez's gun, Xurxo was tempted to kill Fernandez. Fernandez even try to goad Xurxo to kill him, as he rather be dead than embarrassed and shamed like this. However; Xurxo refused to let his anger and fear control him again, and instead shot the gun upwards, to help the police choppers locate their location.

After Fernandez's arrest and subsequent placement in prison for life, Xurxo had a funeral for his poor mother and step-brother. After the funeral, Xurxo lingered at his mother and step-brother's graves alone, and promised them he would not let people like Fernandez ever hurt people again. It was then that his father appeared. Phobos congratulated his son on his mastery over his fears. However; Xurxo wasn't so happy to see him, blaming him and his fear for ruining his life and family. Though he didn't hate his father, he made it quite clear he never wanted to see Phobos again. Phobos, saddened by his son's anger, left.

A week later, while he and the Crimson Wings were helping rebuild Chicago, that night he received a message from his father to go to Camp Half Blood in order to master his powers and be protected from the monsters that lurked. Though at first he refused to go, his friends convinced him they could hold down Chicago while he went to camp to train. Promising to return soon, he found a satyr that would take him to Camp Half Blood. A week later, he arrived.




Name: Demonax Richard Fortuna

Age: 17

Personality: Demonax is… for a lack of better word, twisted. His sense of right and wrong is fluid, if he thinks something is alright, then in his world, it is. He is emotionally scarred from his experiences at the orphanage, and will without warning hurt anyone who as much as looks lecherously at someone, particularly children. He is surprisingly flirty, considering his emotional baggage, but in a way, it’s just his way of covering the scars of the Orphanage and James.

History: At sunset, the 31st of March in 1990, Mariah Fortuna was sitting cradled up in her home in Auburn, terrified beyond imagination, just as always. She suffered from the phobia commonly known as “Omniphobia” or “Fear of everything”. Mariah literally feared everything, from spiders, to water, to air, to silence. Suddenly someone knocked on the door, making her shudder in fear. As the knocking continued, she eventually gathered enough courage to open the door very slowly, being careful with every step she took and every inch she opened the door.

On the other side of the door was Phobos, in the shape of Richard (insert last name), the psychologist. He had been in the mortal world for a while, and had observed the various phobia which had been named after himself, and found that while they were fun to watch in the short term, they were just pathetic in the long run. That was until he had sensed Mariah from afar, felt the feeling of an extreme concentration of fear in one place, and, his inborn curiosity awakened, he went to find out who exactly was causing this feeling.

When he arrived on the 25th of February 1990, he had immediately assumed the role of psychologist, since he had found that in this role, he could get close to the people with phobia easier. He managed to get the position as her personal psychologist rather easily since the last one quit his job, due to “Asteniaphobia” or “Fear of patients”.

He slowly got to know her through his job, actually starting to regret being the cause of all her fear. Without realizing it, he was slowly falling in love with her. And it just so happened that she was slowly falling for him as well.

After about a month daily visits and sessions, Phobos decided he would try to take her out in the open, to see other people, new places. And that is what had happened on the 31st of March. He had taken her out, to a small restaurant, which were rarely full, and the park which had many private places.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. The restaurant was filled to the brim and all the private spots were either taken or unavailable, for various reasons. Mariah became more and more frightened of all the noises, the sights, the feelings that were going through her. By the time they were on the way to the park, Mariah was shivering from fear and stuttering at every word, nearly making her incomprehensible.

And it made fury surge through the veins in Phobos. He had unconsciously “claimed” Mariah as his, and to see these mortals hurt her, was enough to make him furious. He nearly lost all control of his temper and killed them all, but with a large effort he managed to keep it under control.

But that didn’t mean they went unpunished. Everyone in the city were haunted by nightly horrors, horrible enough to make them lose sleep, go paranoid, some even killed themselves. Everyone, but Mariah. Phobos was slowly removing her phobia, one at a time, and not too quickly. If he did it too quickly, the other gods might notice, and he would be punished.

After years of removing her phobia, one at a time, and spending time with her, he finally admitted to having loved her ever since that day, and she slapped him for being so silly to think she hadn’t noticed. She then kissed the cheek she had slapped and told him that she loved him as well.

They officially started dating, since she no longer had any major phobia, and after a while, they consummated their love. The union resulted in a child, whom Mariah insisted be called Richard as a middle name, while Richard insisted on him being named Demonax as a first name. And so Demonax Richard Fortuna came to this world.

As it always happens with gods and mortals, Phobos had to leave Mariah shortly after she had given birth to Demonax. He thought that it would be easier if he just disappeared, and so he did. But it didn’t. She searched high and low for him, using the little money she got from the job he had helped her get for it instead of raising the child.

It was all in vain, and slowly her phobia began to return and eventually she could do little more than sit in her room all day, rocking back and forth. The now 5 year old Demonax had always been neglected and as such didn’t find it strange that his mother didn’t come with food for him the first few days. He went to kindergarten by himself, as he had since he could find the way without help, and after a while the people working there noticed that he was little more than skin and bone.

They called the Children’s protective service about it, and when they came to check the inquiry, they found his mother sitting in her room, rocking back and forth, the whole room stinking of, well, you can figure that out.

They removed Demonax and sent him to an orphanage, while they sent his mother to an asylum. It wasn’t a good one. It was the type where the “doctors” rape you, or let the other patients do it, the type where you are beaten regularly as part of the treatment, where whipping is a standard punishment. She died in there.

Back to Demonax, it wasn’t an orphanage that treated the children well either. The so-called caretakers would routinely take a few children from the dorms at night and they would return at morning, looking beat up and scarred.

Demonax avoided this for several years, since he was too young for even them to touch him. He grew to be close friends with another boy a few years older than himself, named James. They stuck together and hid together at night so they were sure they wouldn’t be taken. Unfortunately, the caretakers had wanted to have James since he was a beautiful kid, so after a while, they just took him during the day, and locked him up so they could use him later.

Demonax was furious. His best friend had been taken, and he could do nothing. He accidentally made one of the caretakers see his worst fear, but the others quickly knocked him out and threw him into the same room as James. He was 10.

When he woke up, he saw the sight he feared the most. Two caretakers were holding James while the other two were raping him. And as they saw that he had awoken, they weren’t slow to do the same to him. He tried to scream, but couldn’t. No one would be able to hear him anyway. They were in the desert, with no other living creatures in a radius of several miles.

And it continued that way for the next three years. In the days the two would comfort each other in whichever way possible, holding each other close, eventually ending up kissing a bit once in a while. But in the nights, they were raped, beaten or whatever the caretakers thought would be fun that night. On his thirteenth birthday, Demonax was claimed. He had no idea what it was only that James told him the same had happened to him when he turned thirteen.

That night the caretakers tried to torture Demonax. He had started resisting more and more at their nightly “sessions” and they thought it would be a lesson. And they were right. But not about who the lesson was for. The moment they took out the tools and looked at Demonax evilly, James charged at them, protective of his friend/part-time boyfriend. He was knocked out cold by a hit to the temple, but not before giving one of the caretakers several scratches in the face. They started to advance at Demonax, which turned out to be a bad idea.

Already furious by their assault at James, he somehow channelled his anger towards them, making them experiencing their worst fear over and over again. Having been abused by them for years he didn’t really care what was happening to them as long as it was horrible, so he tried to wake up James.

After having slapped him a few times, he, James, finally woke up. Demonax quickly relayed what happened, and James told him to get a bag. Hurrying, he complied and returned with a backpack. James quickly filled it with canned food that could be eaten straight from the can and told him they were leaving.

On their way to the nearest city, they met a single dryad, sitting by her tree in the desert. Thinking her a lost tourist, they went to talk to her, even though it was late, and they needed to get to the city soon. She was surprised that they could see her, and asked them a few questions, one of them about the strange thing that happened on both their thirteenth birthdays. Their guarded looks were answer enough, and she explained the whole thing about the gods being real, and the same with monsters.

Both boys were unhappy about the idea of gods being their parents, since that would mean that they could have stopped them from harming them. They moved on, trying to stay alive on whatever food they could acquire, once in a while finding a small bag with some canned food, and once even a four daggers, two in some bronze-like metal and two in a silver-like metal. They instinctively knew, however, that they could not sell them. They did not know why, but they knew that they couldn’t.

After about two months on the street, a childless widow of a rich man found the two boys. They had only helped her with a few things she needed done in exchange for a bit of cash, but she took them in. She had no one to care for, no one to live for. Her family had been dead for many years and with her being infertile, the death of her husband took away the last person she had to love.

The two boys stayed there for four years, becoming lovers during the second year. When Demonax was 17, the widow died, and left them whatever money and possessions she had left, since they had cared for her in the last four years of her life.

After that they had a huge argument. Demonax insisted that they should go to the camp that the dryad had mentioned, while James wanted them to go to the Broken Covenant. In the end, they ended up selling the possessions, splitting the money and each going to the place he wanted to go.

Deeply hurt by James’ refusal to join him on his way to camp, Demonax took some time actually getting there, but in the end he arrived.

Equipment: Demonax wields two Acheronian silver daggers, which he never bothered to name. They don’t have any fancy enchantments or blessings, just regular daggers.


Name - Clarissa Hall

Age - 19

Personality – Clary is quiet and doesn’t talk anymore after her “father” suicided. She has a deep fear of being near people and could scream or have panic attacks if there are many nearby. She also fears small cars and only gets inside one if she’s drugged or unconscious. She has a love for drawing and music but she’s too afraid to sing. The reason why she doesn’t talk anymore is because she’s too traumatized. Even though she spoke when she was killing the Cyclops, she won’t talk again unless she’s really high on emotion. She dislikes human contact and has a big problem with depression and anxiety which often lead to panic attacks.

Appearance – Clarissa has dark brown hair which can be mistook for black and matching dark eyes that can go from hot chocolate to coffee in less than a minute. She has pale skin, almost transparent since she never goes out in the sun since she was a kid and when she went to school it was always with a hoodie covering all her skin. She could be considered beautiful if she had a bit more of color and tried to comb her hair, but she doesn’t care about her appearance since there is no one to impress.

History – Alice Hall worked in one of the most unstable jobs, a model in California. Even though she had more body than usual and most people didn’t want to book her, she still tried since it was her passion. That fact made her self-conscious about her body and she had bulimia but she never let people notice that, fearing what would happen to her if they did.

When a client said she was too fat for the job, she had a nervous breakdown. She was so depressed she panicked and took too many pills to make her thinner. Her huge fear of being fat was noticed by Phobos. He found her barely alive from all the pills and lack of food and took pity on her. He made her healthy again and when she woke up and found herself normal she started crying again.

The god was still there since her fear was so great that he got interested in her, looking out for her invisible so she wouldn’t get scared, and when he saw her crying he became visible again and asked her what was wrong. Alice jumped out of the bed and when she noticed he was here she just looked at the ground and told him that if he wanted to kill her, he should do it fast. She didn’t want to live fat like this.

Phobos took her in his arms and told her she wasn’t fat, she was beautiful and when she looked at him, he noticed she really was. Alice kept denying it and when she tried getting out of his grip, he didn’t let her. He knew that her fear was growing and that she would try killing herself again.

He ended up taking care of her, giving her food and making sure she ate it all, not letting her take any pills and just keeping her company. She was a lonely girl and didn’t have many friends since she was trying too hard to become a model to socialize with people so there were no visits.

Phobos ended up falling for her and so did she fall for him. When she got better, he still didn’t want to leave, but he had to. Alice was heartbroken but when she found out she was pregnant, she was crazy. Her panic of being fat almost made her kill herself but her sister found out about her baby and took her to the hospital, where she spent her whole pregnancy, crazy and trying to kill herself.

When she finally had her baby, both of them had to be hospitalized, Alice because she wasn’t eating properly during the pregnancy and it had affected the baby and it was too weak. After two months, they were able to go back home and Alice grew to hate her baby. Clarissa, a name her sister had given, was quiet and didn’t really bother her but Alice couldn’t get her old body back and it was frustrating her. When Clarissa’s aunt came to visit she saw the baby crying from hunger and had to take care of her for three days until Alice came back home.

When Amanda confronted her, she said she needed a break from the brat and went to Las Vegas to have some fun for a week. Horrified, Amanda told her sister that she was a horrible mother and that she wouldn’t let her keep Clarissa if she kept being as reckless as that.

Alice didn’t care and was quite glad to see Amanda taking her daughter with her to Seattle. After all, Amanda would be a much better mother than her and she knew that very well. She had been married for some time but she wasn’t able to have kids, a fact that was almost breaking her and her husband up. When Amanda came home with Clarissa, he was delighted and didn’t care that it was his niece and he and Amanda raised her as their own child.

In the end, Clarissa grew up normally. Amanda found it weird how she seemed so fearless and always took the dares kids from her neighborhood were too afraid of.

Clarissa was popular and loved to be around everyone. Talking, playing, trying new sports, spending the whole day away from her house were normal things for her when she was a kid. Bad things happened to her sometimes, like the weird man that looked that only had one eye who stood on the school gates and almost kidnapped when she was five if her aunt hadn’t been there early to pick her up or the canteen lady who tried to give her poison (it was a bad day for the kid who stole her lunch).

Even though all of that happened, she never stopped being herself.

That is, until the huge accident when she was nine.

When Amanda came to pick her up at school on her birthday, she promised to take Clarissa to the cake store to choose the best cake there for the party that they would throw later. Clarissa was really happy and when she got into the car, she noticed that the weird guy who had tried to kidnap her when she was younger was again, looking at her. Only he was hidden by the shadows of a big oak near the school gates. He smirked at her and licked his lips, but Amanda called her attention and she stopped looking at him.

When they got out of the store with a big chocolate cake and a strawberry shortcake for the next day, Clarissa saw the man looking at her again, on the other side of the street. When she tried to look better, he had disappeared. She looked around, but he was nowhere to be seen. She shrugged it off and went to the car.

When she and her mother (Amanda, but Clarissa always thought it was her mother) were going near a cliff on their way home, something hit the car from the side. They overturned and almost fell on the cliff but the thing hit them again from behind. Amanda tried to help Clarissa but they couldn’t move because of the airbags.

Clary had suffered a concussion and she couldn’t see because of the blood on her eyes but when the drivers door was pulled from its hinges and her mother was taken away from her seat, she saw the guy who was stalking her crushing her mother with his huge hands. She screamed and tried to help her but she couldn’t move. She saw the life leaving her mother’s eyes when she told Clary to run away and that’s the last thing she remembers from that day.

She woke up a week later on the hospital with her father sleeping on the couch near her bed. When he noticed she was awake, he crushed her on a bear hug that made her scream and push him away. She was afraid of his touch and didn’t want anyone near her. The doctors had to sedate her to be able to come closer and her father was getting more heartbroken by the minute.

The doctors asked her lots of questions but she couldn’t answer most of them. They said that the trauma had probably made her forget what happened next. Clarissa turned into a broken shell after that and her “father” was getting desperate since she was all he had left after Amanda died. When she woke up a few days after her 10th birthday to find out he had hanged himself on his room, she went crazy.

All her fears got even worse and they had to take her to a Mental Hospital. She wouldn’t talk, she wouldn’t let anyone near her and she wouldn’t do anything apart from looking out to the window and eat.

The Child Protection Agency contacted her birth mother and Alice was really mad. She had lost all her hopes of becoming a model when Clarissa was born and 10 years later she finds out that her sister had died and her husband killed himself. When she came to the hospital and saw Clarissa she was even more furious. She looked just like her father and it was a fresh memory of how he had abandoned her.

She refused to take custody of her and she fought on court against it. The government gave her two options: she could either take Clarissa and make sure she gets the help she needs or she needs to pay the government back and future child support. Since Alice didn’t have the money to pay for it, she was stuck with the first option.

Her anger couldn’t get any larger but she accepted as long as the state helped her pay the hospital bills. Clarissa was taken out of the hospital by force and through lots of screams. She kicked and bit and scratched anyone who tried to touch her until they were able to sedate her.

When she woke up in California instead of Seattle, her real mother explained how she was her mother and that Amanda had only been her aunt and nothing else and how now she would be living with her instead of in the hospital. Clarissa was still weak from the drug but in her heart, she felt horrible.

Over the months, it was clear that Alice hadn’t become a better mother, let alone a better person. She often came home drunk and now was a prostitute since her dreams of being a model had been frustrated. Of course, she never forgot to scream at Clarissa about it, putting the whole blame on her and her father.

Instead of using the money the government gave her to take Clary to a psychiatrist, she used it to herself. She didn’t care about her daughter and made her go to school even though Clary hated it. The kids made fun of her since she didn’t speak anymore and always slept on class.

The bullying only got worse once she was in High School and she passed most of her classes in the bathroom, too afraid to get near all those people. It had already been hard enough on middle school and she had finally gotten used to not screaming near people but now that they were so mean, she had just regressed back to when she was ten.

She started to cut and do drugs without caring about her health. Her mother made her do all the chores and never gave her enough money for groceries. When she came home drunk, she sometimes got mad and hit Clary but fell asleep on the floor full of vomit. Clary had to clean it and get her mother to bed and leave before she woke up in the morning. When her mother brought her clients home, Clary wasn’t allowed to be in the house so she usually slept in the cemetery.

When a transfer student from New York came and tried to befriend Clary, she was scared. The last time someone tried to befriend her it was only to humiliate her in front of the whole school so she avoided the guy the best she could.

When she was sleeping on the cemetery a few months after the guy was transferred, he found her there. When he confronted her about it, she ignored him. She tried pushing him away but when she touched him, a huge roar echoed through the night. She recognized it as the sound of the man who had killed Amanda and screamed for the first time in almost 8 years.

The boy was surprised and when he turned around, he saw the huge Cyclops. He pulled a bronze sword out of somewhere, Clary was too scared to think of where, and tried to attack it. The Cyclops and him started a fierce fight but Drake didn’t stand a chance. The monster was twice his size and weight and he was caught by surprise.

Still, he was able to mortally hurt the monster but was knocked to a tree with a wave of the Cyclops hand. Clary was terrified before but after Drake fell unconscious the flashback of her mother’s death brought a wave of rage to her.

Out of that rage, the Cyclops suddenly trembled in fear. Clary stood up and got the bronze sword of the ground and attacked the monster. She was full of hate and pain and unleashed it all on the monster that made her lose everything. He wasn’t fighting very much, almost frozen in fear, but Clary still had a hard time fighting him. She slashed his crotch and when he bend over she put the sword at his throat and demanded to know what had happened the night Amanda died.

The Cyclops was still scared and told the whole story. He had been paid to kidnap her for the BC by a strange girl with clear hair and his order was to kill anyone who was in the way as long as it was silent. When he had killed Amanda, Phobos had sent Clary a small present in the form of the Cyclops worst fear.

The monster had been so scared he ran away, leaving the girl there to die until a couple came and found her there. Clarissa’s anger only rose and she demanded the woman’s name, but the Cyclops turned into smoke before he could say it.

Dead tired, Clarissa fell on her knees and the boy dragged himself near her. He told her about Camp, a place where she could be safe from that woman and train to kill her. He was a son of Apollo so he healed her wounds but his own were too deep for him to heal. He ended up dying there and Clary decided to run away from home. She hated her mother and had no reason to stay in Los Angeles so she simply took the first plane she found to New York

Weapons – She kept the celestial bronze sword Drake had as a battle spoil and also got some simple Acheronian Silver knives she found in the Armory.


Name - Sergei "Yrot" Kolchak

Age - 19

Personality – Sergei is a quite person, despite the fact that he's mute, blind and deaf. He is a sullen shadow of a guy, unwilling to talk to anyone due to his horrid disfigurations. He has no interests and only likes using his powers on those who despise and/or laugh at him. He thinks that he has no reason for being alive, being a "freak" and all. He prefers being called Yrot, which in Russian means freak, as he does not address himself as still living.
Sergei Kolchak

Appearance - Because of the chemical pool incident, not many human features are left of him. His eyelids, which were sealed shut, effectively blinding him, turned black, and his teeth were stained a horrible yellow. The clown mask that he'd been wearing was chemically integrated into his face, somehow leaving his ability to eat and breath intact. He always wears his golden-black circus jacket, to hide the disfigured and mutilated flesh left on his body, and he always wears gloves, black pants, socks, and shoes for the same reason. However despite his appearance, he is a somewhat unusual child of Phobos, developing and discovering most of his powers when he was extremely young.

History - Alena Kolchak was a fashion model in Russia, one of the best, until she met Dmitri Konstantin (actually Phobos). She'd been having a few secret drinks in a Moscow bar that she lived near when a man about her age came in.

Immediately, she caught his eye and despite her being drunk, they chatted a while and then decided to go to her apartment. After that day, Phobos regularly visited her, and the two dated for a few months.

They were still only dating when Alena discovered that she was pregnant. Furious and fearful of losing her job as a model, she angrily resolved to ask Phobos why he'd impregnated her without her knowing the next day. But however, he never did come back, only leaving a note saying:

"Dear Beloved,

I cannot express my deepest gratitude to you for loving me. I have no choice but to go for my being here would just infuriate you further. You will not believe this but it is crucial to the survival of our son that you bear. I am a God dearest, one of the Greek Gods from Greek Mythology. My name is truely Phobos, not Dmitri. In accordance with Greek Mythology, there are monsters, REAL monsters that will try to kill our son. You must promise me that he will not die at the hands of them, do whatever's possible. Do this not for me, but for our child. I implore you! When he comes of age, the age of 13, I will claim him and you must send him to America, to New York. There is a special camp there for children of the gods on Long Island. Take him there and he will be fine. Goodbye beloved.

All my love,


However, the letter did little to squech the flames within her and only re-kindled her fury at him. She burned the note and vowed that she would never speak of him again. Another month had passed and then she'd finally given birth to a boy. She named him Sergei. Overseeing his growth, Alena watched as his Demigod powers developed.

There were many instances when he was only a few months old where Alena would receive nightmares in the middle of the night and then wake up to see Sergei standing by her bed, head tilted, and laughing creepily.

Paranoid with fear and her hatred of Phobos, she convinced herself that the child was actually possessed and that the gods did not exist. She then sent him to an orphanage at the age of 3, renouncing him as her son.

At the orphanage, growing up, nothing could be considered ordinary. Every few days and/or weeks, staff and children alike would come screaming hysterically into the orphanage administrator's office, telling tales of unexplainable things such as cradles moving on their own, shadows on the walls, and glimpses of shadow people, ghosts.

However, the orphanage administrator dismissed these tales, telling the staff members and children to stop exaggerating and that the things they saw were merely the trick of the light.

And so, Sergei grew up in the orphanage, feared by staff members and the other children alike. However, one night (Sergei was 7 years old then), when all the children were supposedly asleep and the orphanage administrator writing paperwork, the lights in her office flickered. Thinking it was only a burnt out light bulb, she decided that she would change it tomorrow. However, it then turned off completely.

She stood up, a little anxious and scared. Then suddenly, all the lights in the hallway just outside her office flickered on and off in a pattern, the light's flickering on and off from one end of the hallway to the other and then it started again from the beginning like a wave. Disturbed, she blinked and then saw there a 7 year old Sergei at the end of the hallway. Behind him, she saw a massive shadow on the wall behind him, seemingly ready to grab him. She also heard what she thought was a low growl and then, the shadow came down the length of the hallway wall, towards her!

With that, the director passed out, and the next day, she was taken to the hospital, and announced dead, of a heart attack. Also during that night, Sergei had escaped that orphanage and with using a phone book, found out where her mother lived.

When he knocked on her apartment door, expecting her mother to just turn him out, he unexpectedly walked into open arms. His mother, who by now was no longer too rich anymore and had a job as a sales clerk, hugged him and told him how sorry she was for abandoning him in her rage. She also told him of how there were monsters, monsters that would hunt him and try to kill him

The two's mother-son relationship flourished and as Sergei grew up, he learned to control his powers so that he did not scare his mom. The two grew back together and when he reached the age of 13, she sat him down at the kitchen table one day and told him that he was a demigod, the child of Phobos and herself. She also told him about Camp Half Blood and that the next day, they would journey to America and go to Camp Half Blood. Then, suddenly, he saw a sign above his head and he knew that Phobos had claimed him.

However the next day, when Sergei came back from school, he was surprised to see their apartment door's entrance with Police tape, barring him from entering. A policeman came out and told him in a grave voice that her mother had been physically assaulted and had received serious injuries and that she'd been taken to the hospital.

When he got to the hospital, it was announced that she was on death's door and that she only had a few minutes to talk to him. In those few minutes, she told him how dreadfully sorry he was for ruining his life for many a year, beating him when he was young.

She also said that a monster had attacked her, and that they were hunting for him too. She told him that she'd payed for him to go to a boarding school with all the money that she'd had left. She then passed away, only leaving a crying Sergei.

Life at the boarding school was dull and tough. He was constantly getting low grades, always at the bottom of his class. After school, he would be constantly bullied before being able to go back to his dormitory room. This vicious cycle of his life at the boarding school repeated every single day until one day, fed up with being bullied, he decided to stand up to the bullies. Using the powers he had locked within himself for 6 years, he unleashed a torrent of fear into the hearts of the bullies, sending them running.

As soon as the boarding school's principal caught wind of this, along with a few lies from the bullies that Sergei had beat them up and threatened them with death, he expelled Sergei from the school, effectively making him homeless. The dread and hopelessness he felt at going back to the same orphanage that he'd lived in for 4 years was too great and he decided to run away.

That night, as he picked out and ate scraps of food from the garbage can, he saw lights in the air and realized that it was the Moscow Circus performing tonight.

He'd always loved circuses and immediately went. However, having no money, he was denied. Being a quick thinker, he devised a plan to get in as one of the clowns riding a unicycle over a vat of lethal chemicals. He intimidated the guards using his powers and made them run for their lives.

Then, as he was watching the performance, with the clown gear on, the ring master told him to prepare to ride a unicycle on a rope just as he'd "trained". Alarmed by this sudden change of events, he had no choice but to do as told.

He'd never ridden a unicycle before and actually was making progress when he looked down and lost his balance. He fell, and landed in the vat. Amazingly, the chemicals did not kill him but it did its damage. His face, however, was stuck in a permanent wide grin, his teeth were yellow, his skin disfigured, he was blind, deaf, and mute, and the clown mask chemically integrated as part of his face.

He was taken to a hospital but there was little they could do for him, taking pity on him, they sent him to the only relative he had, his aunt, who lived in the United States, in New York.

His aunt, calling him a freak, turned him out. Without anyone to guide him, he called out and prayed to his father, Phobos, to help him. Phobos did, and on the way to Camp Half Blood, he was assailed by scythian dracanae. However, he'd always been a fast runner and outpaced them.

He reached Camp Half Blood and after the demigods had killed the snake women, they debated on what or who he was. To prove he was a demigod, he went past and through the border.

Equipment: He has none.


Name: Steven Lowsley

Age: 23

Personality: Steven is a careless and assertive character. He takes things rather easily, at times too easily. However, this does not apply to situations where those he cares for are involved, in which case he becomes protective of them and will sacrifice anything to help them. It is difficult to gain his trust (though he can be social), but he is able to gain others' trust rather easily. Steven finds justice only an imaginary concept, there being no right or wrong in his mind. As such, he is a moral relativist, not believing in any absolutes, seeing a supposed 'sense of justice' as a weakness. He is very charming and flirtatious, and tends to be a bit of a 'player' when it comes to relationships. He is homosexual. He is very skilled in stealth and combat, due to his past as an assassin.

History: Miranda Lowsley, an only child, was born into a rather good upbringing in California, not wealthy per se, but her family definitely fell into the upper middle class. Her parents' priorities were their daughter's education and behavior, and so she went to a private expensive boarding school for her entire life, with ideal grades. She graduated from Harvard University, seven years after first being accepted, with a PhD. Later on, she became a successful psychologist and made marvolous discoveries in the realm of phobias. This is what eventually attracted Phobos to her whilst looking for a potential suitor. He disguised himself as a fellow psychologist, Jason Garrett, with a specialty in phobias, revealing things to her she would never have imagined possible. From partners in research, they became close on a personal scale, first friends, then a couple. She was eventually impregnated by him and gave birth to a boy named Steven, a demigod.

After Phobos seemingly retreated from the face of the Earth, Miranda and her career slowly went downhill. At first, when her mind seemingly stopped being able to make any further discoveries about phobias, she began to publish the information Phobos handed down to her. They were rejected by the psychological community, despite being completely proven in her published works. Less and less clients showed up after this. She became a trainwreck and lost grasp over her career. After a short while, she met a man by the name of Paul Cosberg. Paul wasn't in any way related to psychology, and was actually a successful, wealthy jazz musician. Miranda fell in love with Paul, and she received the same love back, which wasn't such a bad thing for Steven, being only five. They dated for about two years, in which Steven was introduced to Paul as his father, and then Paul proposed marriage to Miranda. She inhesitantly approved.

After their grand marriage, Miranda was impregnated with yet another boy, Benjamin. After this, though, things started going downhill once more. Miranda shared her experiences with the mysterious man who left her and her child alone, as well as the information that caused her career to go downhill. Paul became infuriated and demanded she dismisses the information she published. After this, Miranda's career restabilized. Though, as she started longing more and more for Phobos (who she always knew as Jason Garrett) and sharing her longing for just friendship with him, he started to become more impatient, aggressive and violent towards her. It became pure domestic abuse which was inseparable from his sudden personality change.

After seeing that yelling at his wife wouldn't just budge, he started going physical, beating the innocent woman night by night when their children went to sleep. It also extended to sexual abuse of Miranda. Steven and Benjamin weren't all that foolish. They were slightly aware of what was happening, but were too afraid to speak up for a long time. This went on for years upon years, until Steven, at thirteen, was told he wasn't related to Paul by his mother, and decided to protect his mother in the midst of a beating. Without even realizing it, from simply yelling at Paul, he managed to implement fear in him and make him stop. After this happened for several nights, with Paul having nightmares in the nights about Steven. He eventually started beating Steven and Benjamin, whether they misbehaved or not. After time passed, Miranda filed charges against Paul for domestic and sexual abuse, as seeing her children hurt was far too much. She also filed for divorce. This got Paul behind bars, and as such, Miranda with full custody and compensations.

What Miranda didn't even realise is that she became psychologically dependant on Paul, and her career went downhill again, eventually ending in poverty. Miranda used to her perfect life with stable upbringing, as well as with a dominant partner in her life, she resorted to illegal drug dealing and consummation and alcohol abuse. Steven slowly learned to control his powers, of unknown origin to him, at this time, and he started to build muscle in order to protect his young brother and his mother from the many dangers the life in poverty brings. He also used his powers to intimidate students into helping him catch up with his studies while he skipped class. One night, at the age of 16, Steven's curiosity got the better of him and he followed his mother secretly into the streets, where she was trying to pay for her cocaine. The dealer claimed 'interest', and when Miranda couldn't pay, his 'bodyguards' pointed guns at her. Steven was infuriated and used his powers to scare them away, and then proceeded to 'beat the living hell' out of the dealer. After this, he decided that he has to take responsibility, stabilize their life and manage to get rehabilitation for his mother. He took advantage of his powers in order to rob food markets at first, but then went on to robbing stores of luxury items and selling them in the black market, teaching his mother to only put in small amounts every time for a while, not to raise suspicion. He never informed his family of what he actually did after school hours.

After graduating from high school, he decided to take a risk on a bigger robbery; he managed to rob a bank of a large sum of money and managed to get them out of poverty, and funded her rehabilitation, and he and Steven moved in with their aunt. After this, he decided to adapt an alias, X, and managed to rob many banks over a period of a year. These successful robberies intrigued an assassin organization who refer to themselves as The Order. The Order is a moral relativist organization who takes down targets for large bounties, if they deem the target worthy of death. They had to find out who X was and recruit him. After many stakeouts and research they found Steven and abducted him.

The Order told Steven of their mission in anonymity and in disguise, and decided to put him through a series of tests to see if he was capable of joining their ranks. He passed them all, being agile, having keen eyesight, and being skilled with stealth. They offered him to join them in their mission and he approved. Later that year, his mother returned clean, and they moved into a new house under constant supervision of Miranda. Steven managed to get a cover for his real occupation, using his affiliation in The Order to forge job documents.

Steven used his powers and social skills in his spying and assassinations and quickly gained the trust of his superiors, due to showing complete loyalty to the order, managing to hide his real occupation from his family and friends and completing successfully various missions. Everything was going well, in all, as he received large sums of money. He also learned to create poisons and use various gadgets which the Order provided. Later on, though, his mother committed suicide under mysterious circumstances and his aunt gained custody of Benjamin. Steven went on and lived alone, visiting his half brother frequently.

What he didn't know is that one of his superiors, Hayden Cross, was a demigod too, who was raised in camp and was a child of Phobos. Hayden caught on to Steven quickly, and concluded that he was a child of Phobos as well. He eventually revealed this to Steven, who trusted Hayden, and as such believed him. Hayden suggested he goes to camp, despite him being old, suggesting he needed demigod company and promising Steven a spot in The Order whenever he would like to return and Steven agreed. Shortly after Steven joined, he realised the fault in his actions, concluding that murder is not an answer and turning his back on The Order, but kept the rest of his ideology. When joining camp, he learned to adapt to various weapons used by demigods instead of firearms, including knives, crossbows and daggers. Steven has taken a short break to be with his brother, though, and has recently returned, seeing very little familiar faces and more new ones.


  • A customized Swiss army knife.
  • A watch, geared with many gadgets, including a zipline.
  • His crossbow.
  • A set of various poisons he made.
  • His dagger & knives.
  • A self-portrait he made.


  • Steven seducing a future victim.
  • Steven with his half-brother, Benjamin
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