Melinoe, Goddess of ghosts and patron and mother to the residents of this cabin

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Name: Axel Roberts



Name: Preston Blake Prescott

Gender: Male

Age: 18

God Parent: Melinoe

Mortal Parent: Birch Prescott

Appearance: He has short blonde hair and sky blue eyes. He is very muscular and weighs 212 Ibs. He is 6'0". He has a tattoo on his right arm of a half black half white dog. He has scars on his back and stomach from the nights his father beat him. He has cuts on his wrist. He usually wears v-necks, jeans, a sweatshirt to hide his cuts, and vans.

Personality: Preston is a very unstable person. He acts like everything is fine on the outside, but his inside is dark. He is dark and mysterious. He always is having thoughts about why he is alive. He cuts himself almost every day. He was once a very intelligent and bright boy but that person isn't around anymore. He still works out. He uses this to relieve some stress that he has. He has an addiction to smoking and alcohol, but only drinks and smokes in private. He is openly gay. He is a flirt, but is afraid of being turned away. He will not tell his secrets, and does not trust many people.

History: Birch Prescott was a pastor at Crossroads Bible Church, in San Jose, California. Birch was interested in ghosts, so he would watch ghost shows, research haunted houses, and occasionally went on ghost hunts with some friends. He went on a tour of one of the most haunted houses in the country, The Winchester House. While there he met a woman. Birch was very attracted to her so he went up to her and started a conversation. Her name was Abigail Maine and she was also interested in ghosts as well. He asked if she would like to go on a date with him. She gladly accepted. The next night they went out and she went home with him. They had a fling and Abigail left him. Birch never heard from her till 9 months later, on April 16, Birch found a baby outside his door with a letter from Abigail saying,

Dear Birch Prescott, Birch I am so sorry I had to leave. I had no choice. This is your son. Name him what you like. Please take care of him. You need to keep a special watch on him. His life could be in huge danger later on. I want you to send him to a special camp when he is older. Thank you for the great time. Please be careful Birch. Love, Abigail Maine P.S. The dog is for him. His name is Phantom.

Birch promised himself he would take care of the boy, for Abigail. He raised Preston to be a good Christian boy. They went to church every Sunday. His dad sent him to a Catholic Private School. As a child he made outstanding grades and was one of the top in his class. He always knew he was not the same as other children, and this always bothered him. He would go home and ask his dad why he felt different, and his dad would tell him he did not know. Preston loved his dog, Phantom. When Preston was not at school, Phantom was always with him. They did almost everything together. As he got older, Preston was always one of the more popular boys. He played basketball, football, and baseball, so he was popular with the jocks. He also played saxophone, so he was also popular with the band kids. Preston and his friends would always hang out and his friends would start to talk about cute girls and Preston did not like those conversations. This also worried him. Preston ignored this and forced himself to date girls that liked him to cover his true feelings.

When Preston was 14, he told his father that he was gay. Birch did not react well. Birch was furious with his son. Birch beat Preston for months, and every time Birch did this, Phantom would bark and try to stop it. Preston became depressed and did not talk to his friends. His grades dropped, because he did none of his work. He started not to care anymore. Phantom tried to play with him, but Preston ignored him. The rumors eventually spread around the school and he was bullied everyday and beat up by his peers. Preston started to cut himself. He would sit in his bathroom and continuously cut himself. He eventually thought that alcohol and drugs would cheer him up and make him happy again. He was wrong. These just made him worse. He became an alcoholic and addicted to cigarettes and drugs such as sleeping pills, stimulants, and pain relievers. Phantom tried to stop many of these things with continuous barking and clawing at the bathroom door or Preston's door. Again these efforts had no effect. Preston managed to hide this all from everybody. Preston would hide out in his forest, with Phantom of course, when he wanted to get away from the rest of the world. He loved the forest. Here his mind could be clear and he felt like he was away from all his troubles. One day he went out and was sitting on a boulder. Out of the trees came a bird like things coming at Preston. Preston got up and ran from the birds. Phantom also ran. Suddenly he felt a sting in his right shoulder. He looked at it and saw a feather in it. The birds were shooting him with their feathers! Preston was very confused. More feathers were coming at him. Some missed, but others were hitting him. Many were also hitting Phantom, and every time he yelped. Preston and Phantom had feather arrows all over them. Preston plucked them out as he ran but more kept hitting him. One of the birds tackled Preston down. The bird forced its gold beak into Preston's arm. Preston cried out in pain but he was far away from his house. More birds landed on him and started to rip into his flesh. Preston started crying and yelling for help. He looked over at Phantom and saw that Phantom was also being attacked. Phantom had a deep gash in his right back leg. Phantom and Preston were doing their best to fight the birds off but it wasn’t working. Suddenly loud music started to play. The birds flew up in the air scared of the music. Arrows started flying taking down several birds. Finally all of them were dead, but they were gold dust. Preston tried to stay awake but he passed out. When he woke up, he was in a hospital. He was told that they did not know what happened to him but he should be fine. Preston asked about his dog, and they said he was fine as well. A week later he was sent home to his terrible life. His dad did not treat him different. He still beat him and treated him like he was nothing. Preston knew he needed to stop this torture.

Preston dealt with his issues for 2 years. One evening his dad left the house to do grocery shopping. Preston got rope from his garage and tied it tight around his neck. After awhile he had trouble breathing and knew he was going to die. Phantom was barking loudly and Preston thought he heard a voice in his head telling him to stop. His father walked in soon enough to save the boy. Birch called 911 and the ambulance came and the put him in a mental institute. He was always being watched and he was tied down. After a couple months he was released from the institute, but he had to always be watched.

Preston now hated his dad for beating him and ruining his death plan. He stayed with his father for 3 more weeks and eventually packed up all of his stuff and sneaked out of the house. He took a jug of gasoline from the garage and poured it all out around the perimeter of the house. He then took a match, lit it, and threw it in the gasoline. The perimeter burst up in flames. The house started to burn. Preston ran from the house and went into the forest, Phantom right behind him. He ran for 2 hours when he stopped at a motel and stayed the night there. There he found out that his plan worked and he had killed his father. The police said that Preston was not at the house and they were searching for him. He was now a fugitive.

Preston left the motel the nest morning and headed for the woods. As he was running through the woods, and huge bat type creature swooped down at him. A voice, the same voice that told him not to kill himself, told him it was Tisiphone, the avenger of murder. The woman came at him and tackled him. She screamed "How dare you murder your own father! You have committed Parricide, and you will suffer!" She raised her claws to attack but Phantom attack her. She stood up and threw Phantom. He hit a tree and fainted. When Preston stood up, Tisiphone took out her fiery wipe and wiped Preston twice, once on the chest, the other on the arm. Preston cried out in pain and fell to the floor. He wished he had a weapon to fight back. Tisiphone picked him up and threw him onto a rock. When Preston looked up he saw a sickle sitting on the rock. He felt a sudden rush, like he could win the battle. He picked up the sickle and ran toward Tisiphone he slashed her arm and she grabbed his arm and bit it. Preston screamed and punched her face. Tisiphone let go and was disoriented. Preston took his chance and swung the sickle at her head. He heard a scream and when he looked back there was a pile of dust. Preston went to Phantom and woke him up. They then started to run again.

They ran for months from the police. They took buses from California to Chicago, where he was caught but the Chicago Police. Preston and Phantom were boarding another bus when the police caught him. Preston told Phantom to run. The police took him to the jail house. A week later he was put in court. His lawyer was a female with beautiful blonde hair, and beautiful blue eyes. When the judge told of Preston's charges, he knew it was over. The lawyer was very persuasive though and by the end of the trial all the charges were dropped and Preston was free to go. As they were walking out the lawyer introduced herself as Peitho, goddess of persuasion. She said he was lucky that his mother pleaded her to help him. She then grasped onto his shirt and the next thing he knew they were on a hill with a tree, with a camp on the other side of the hill. When he looked back he saw that the goddess was gone.

When he walked into the camp a symbol appeared above his head. A bunch of kids ran up to him and said that he was a demigod, a son of Melinoe. He then heard that voice in his head yelling his name. The Phantom jumped on him and started licking him. The voice told him that it was Phantom. The voice was Phantom. The kids explained about what was happening. They then took him to his cabin where he unpacked his stuff. Phantom then came to him with something in his mouth. He dropped it in his hand. The object was a ring. The ring then turned into a double headed scythe. Preston turned it back then put the ring on his finger. He took the sickle out and twisted the handle and it turned to a ring as well. He walked outside his cabin and he knew that this was his true home. Possessions: Preston has a black lab named Phantom. He has had the dog since birth. Melinoe left the dog as a present. Phantom has a telepathic connection with Preston. Phantom can also see the dead. Preston also has a double headed Scythe named Θάνατος δρεπάνι, Death Scythe. Melinoe gave it to him when he was claimed. Melinoe also gave him φάντασμα δρεπάνι, Ghost Sickle, and Ασπίδα των νεκρών, Shield of the Dead. The Scythe turns to a ring and so does the sickle. The shield turns into a watch. He has an iPod 5g, a Droid Razr Maxx, and a pair of beats.

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Name: Garrett "Gary" Young

Title: The Twisted Ghost Whisperer

Gender: Male

Age: 18

God Parent: Melinoe

Mortal Parent: Aillard Young


We all learn to make mistakes and run from them with no direction; we'll run from them with no conviction 'cause I'm just one of those ghosts, travelin' endlessly. Don't need no roads, in fact, they follow me and we just go in circles.

–Misguided Ghosts - Paramore




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  • Name: Felicity 'Flick' Morgan
  • Age: 17

  • Personality: Flick has a very 'Deal With It' personality; classic 'bad girl'. She doesn't care about hurting peoples feeling or breaking their hearts. She's also a bit of a bitch, but doesn't care. She's very gothic and emo-y, but hates labels such as that. Flick feels she can do what she wants, when she wants. She has a mad obsession with Doctor Who, and won't miss an episode, ever. Weirdly,despite having her bitchy side, she can be kind and caring to people she loves, but that's not very often. Flick's very intelligent, despite struggling with reading and writing because of her dyslexia. Another thing she adores is art, especially gothic patterns.
  • Appearance: Flick has bright blue hair. She dyed it aged fifteen as a dare, but decided she loved it, so has kept it. It's nearly permentally a mess, and she always clips a bow in it. Her eyes are a very dark brown; so dark they look black. The make-up she wears is lots and lots of mascara and eyeliner with dark polish and light lipstick. Flick has loads of piercings; her ears, lip, eyebrows and belly-button. Her style is emo and gothic, and quite alternative.
  • History:

Braidon Morgan was a what you would call 'average' man. He was a lawyer, and had a loving wife. Everyday with the exception of Sundays he would go to work, work, then come home to a home-cooked meal made by his wife, Leala. Everything was great for him. Until he met Melinoe.

Leala was on a business trip to England, and Braidon was bored. He decided to go out to the pub for a drink, and that's where he met Melinoe. For her, it was love at first sight. She walked up and tried to seduce Braidon but it didn't work. She offered to buy him and drink, and being polite, he accepted. Many hours passed and Melinoe got him very drunk. That was when stuff started to happen. Braidon asked Melinoe to his flat and they slept together, except they did a bit more than sleeping.

The next morning, Braidon woke up naked and furious, with both himself and Melinoe. He ordered her to get out the house, now. When Leala returned, he told her the whole incident but luckily she understood and forgave him. Their life was normal until on the 7th April, a little bundle arrived on their doorstep. That bundle was Felicity. She came with a note which read:

Dear Braidon,

I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused, I really am. This is our baby daughter. But there is something else. I am the Greek Goddess Melinoe. When our daughter is old enough, please give her this necklace; it turns into some ninja stars for her to fight with. Yea, she's a demigod and monsters will attack. Last thing - she needs to go to a place in Long Island called Camp Half-Blood. Okay? Good.

Love, Melinoe.

Braidon didn't believe a word. But he kept the baby. He and Leala decided to call her 'Felicity'. She grew up a happy young girl, until she started school. She didn't want to leave her parents so cried and cried and cried. As she progressed through the elementary years, she struggled greatly with the work. Aged eight, she was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. Flick hated being different, being treated differently so started acting up. She'd mess around, and soon she got the label 'Bad Girl', when she started middle school.

Then Flick got really bad. Everyday she would skip class, storm out, smoke in the toilets, the exact opposite of good. Her dad would get loads a reports and in the end she was expelled. She didn't care. Her father tried to home school her but that didn't work. Flick was out of control. No-one could control her, no-one could calm her down. Flick became the fear of the neighbourhood, constantly ending up in police stations for shop-lifting, graffiti and other things. Nothing could control her. In the end, her father gave up, gave up on everything and sent her away. She was 14.

Flick ended up in a children's home in Vermont. Braidon took her and explained, he just wasn't coping and he'd given up. The care worker's found her police record and completely understood why. Still completely pissed, she ran away. This resulted in her first monster attack. It was a hellhound, and at first she had no idea what to do. She just ran and ran and ran. After she'd run a few hundred metres, she turned around and saw what she thought was a boy with goat legs killing the hound. She just shrugged it off and walked off. In the end, she decided to turn back to the kid's home after a long, cold night.

Three years later, aged seventeen, Flick was out streets when she was attacked by three harpies. They ambushed her and chased her around. Luckily, Flick had decent throwing skills so managed to keep them off by throwing items at them. Soon, a satyr intervened and killed them. Astonished, Flick went up to him and asked all about what happened. He explained. Flick believed him because of his sincere expression, and travelled off to camp.



  • Weapons/Armour:

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Name: Esmeralda Leif

Title: WIP

Gender: WIP

Age: WIP

Family: WIP

Appearance: WIP

Personality: WIP

History: WIP

Possessions: IP

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