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Lily Aliquis

Name: Liliy Aliquis

Gender: Female

God Parent: Deimos, though was created by Mnemosyne

Equipment: She wields two spears, Lux (Light) and Obscuro (Darken). Lux can absorb and discharge blasts of light, while Obscuro can absorb and discharge blasts of darkness. She also wear a cloak that makes her invisible when she is in a dark or over-shadowed place.

Personality: She is often easily confused and frustrated if things do not go as planned or in her favor, though she usually is able to come up with a back-up plan. Her anger is extrodinary, and she will go to great lengths to sate it. Also, if something or someone that involves her is in danger or something, she is not one to stand around and wait, rather she would go fix the problem herself. She is also strongly independent, and yet at the same time solemn and melancholy at times as well. She is also smart, and usually thinks before she acts, unless angered.

History: When Alexa Melehan died from the drakon attack, Mnemosyne decided to try to save Alexa, as she had promised Alexa's real father Alexa would have a good life. However; Mnemosyne was only able to save a small shard of Alexa's soul from passing into the Underworld. Trying to make the most of what she had, Mnemosyne took a memory from Raphiel to use as a body for the new Alexa, and slipped the shard of Alexa's soul into the body, therefore recreating Alexa, though not completely. Since she only had part of Alexa's soul, she only had part of Alexa's memories and personality. All she could remember was a boy named Raphiel, and a drakon. But being incomplete, this Alexa clone soon began to fade, as the shard of Alexa's soul was slowly fading, as well as the body itself with barely no soul to support it. Fading more and more rapidly, Mnemosyne decided she was gonna fade anyway, and tried to unmake her. However, the clone was able to escape Mnemosyne, though eventually the clone became so weak, as she was fading quickly, that she fell unconscious. Luckily, Deimos was walking by, in a sad mood after seeing his daughter Lily die a few days ago. Finding the unconscious Alexa clone, and finding that it remind him of his recently deceased daughter, he decided to help the clone.

Sneaking down to the Underworld, Deimos was able to steal Lily's soul, and was able to revive the Alexa clone by sending Lily's soul into the body. However; the girl that awoke wasn't either Lily or Alexa, it was a combination of both, as the piece of Alexa's soul was also in the body. Telling the clone, now calling herself Lily due to what Deimos called her, to go to Camp Half-Blood, Deimos returned to Olympus.

Now Mnemosyne was worried that Lily had been revived. Afraid Lily would remember how Mnemosyne had tried to unmake her and join the Broken Covenant, she stole them away from Lily. Deimos, angry at Mnemosyne for taking away Lily's memories, had a violent argument with Mnemosyne. At the height of the argument, Mnemosyne became so angry she threw all of Lily's memories away down to Earth, to spite Deimos. All the thrown memories collalessed into a single being, a boy called Aliquis. Being nothing more than memories, Aliquis had no purpose, no meaning in his life. Coincidentally, Aliquis and Lily meet each by accident, Lily was running away from a hellhound, and Aliquis saved her. Aliquis then decided to follow Lily and become her protecter, as well as help her regain her memories, which she was determined to retrieve.

They explored much of North-Eastern America for many months, trying to find where Lily's memories were, Aliquis guarding her as best as he could, using two spears he won from a fight with an evil demigod, Lux and Obscuro, as weapons. While they were travelling, Hades, who was searching for Lily's soul as Deimos had stolen it from him, finally realized Lily had not only Lily's soul, but a piece of Alexa's soul too! Two people that should be dead, yet they lived still. Agered greatly, Hades sent monster after monster after them, trying to claim the two souls. Finally, Hades sent all three Furies after Lily and Aliquis. They ambushed the duo in a dark forest, and after a long fight, the Furies mortally injured Aliquis. Angered greatly, Lily unleashed her fear powers, sending the Furies scurrying back to the Underworld in pure terror. Holding Aliquis in her hands, she cried for him. However, he told not to be afraid, that she could protect herself now, and that she had been the best friend a person could ever have before dying. In reality Aliquis simply was absorbed into Lily, as he was her memories.

Suddenly, as Aliquis died, she couldn't remember anything about Aliquis at all, only everything else. The reason for this was because since he wasn't in her memories, as he was simply her memoires personified, he wasn't present in her true memories, which made her forget him. However, she did remember a good friend had died because of Hades, and went back to New York to attack Hades in revenge. Travelling down to the Underworld with the help of a nymph, she bravely enter Hades' palace, and boldly challenged him to a one on one duel. Hades, eager at first to have the souls returned, agreed. However, when Hades won, and was about to kill her, Lily started to cry in defeat. She sobbed about her situation, about how Mnemosyne and Deimos had a part in her creation and eventual lose of her memories, and the lose of her best friend. Moving Hades, a rare thing indeed, he became angered at Mnemosyne and Deimos, and demanded they come and help set things right.Agreeing, Mnemosyne returned all of Lily's memories of Aliquis to her and apologized, and Deimos claimed her as his daughter. Hades, satisfied, sent her to Camp Half-Blood, where she resides now as a daughter of Deimos.


Name: Caelo Hendrix

Caelo showing his tattoo

Gender: Male

Parents: Mostly Deimos, but he is made parttly of other demigods. His mother is Cathryn Hendrix

Weapons: He has a collection of Knives and Swords that he uses. he also has a shield modeled after Leonidas' shiled. it depicts a version of Deimos.

Personality: Caelo loves seeing fear, but he can be a sofite once you get close to him. He is hard to accept as fear is constantly around when he is, but he can help you overcome any obstacle, including his specialty, fear. He is loyal to his father and his friends, and proud of his power.

History: Deimos sat on his throne, spiteful of his brother. Phobos was the clear favorite of his father, and more well-known to mankind. Deimos knew he hadn’t had much to do with his children, and they were his direct connection to earth. He put two and two together to find the solution to all of his problems.

He watched the future version of camp half blood from a distance, studying each and every camper's wort fears. Watching them made him realize that he needed more campers to spread himself with. Zeus and Apollo cabins were packed tight while his was practically empty. How could he leave his mark if he had no messenger to do so?

Deimos roamed the earth, impregnating woman after woman. He peered into the minds of each unborn child, seeing what their fears would be. If the child had an irrational fear, Deimos would make sure that child was never born. Finally, he came across a boy who would have no fears- after all, who better to spread fear than one who cannot be affected by it?

Deimos waited patiently for his perfect child to be born. The moment he was born, Deimos swept into the room stealing the child from the arms of his mother. In his wake, he left a mother crying from the realization of her worst fear; her son had been taken from her. This was the first of many fears the boy would recreate.

Deimos implanted the child with the fears of his future campers. He rebuilt the child using pieces of deceased campers, fueling the child's need for constant contact with fear and creating his personal machine imbued with the power delivering personal fears so harshly that he would be only second to his father.

For a while, the nameless child performed as expected. He practices on fellow students at grade school, teachers, lunch ladies, and even compete strangers. People started to shun him- churches thought he was a reincarnation of the devil, made completely out of hell. He was shuffled around a lot and always forced to change names. The boy had no identity of his own- he was a nameless product of his father, manipulated by the god himself.

As he grew older, things took a turn for the worse. At age ten, the boy experienced his first Rupture. When Deimos had created him, he had overlooked the fact that the bits and pieces of him would struggle against each other one day. Fears of the campers he was made of had been raging inside of him, oppressed by his inability to fear. When a fear broke out from within him, the boy ceased to be himself any longer, and became someone else. He was accused of being Schizophrenic when he would Rupture in front of other people. What everyone failed to understand was that his personalities did not come from a mental point- they were physically in him.

With his first Rupture, the boy's arms became scarred with a brand from his father. It was a symbol of pure fear, one that appeared different to everyone who looked at it. It was a tattoo that seemed to swirl on his arm, forming shapes intended to bring people to their knees. All the boy saw the entire time was a regular patterned tattoo- a gift from his father.

Although he was created, the boy did have a mind of his own. He separated from his father, wandering like many demigods his age did. He came across another demigod named Jared. Jared was a son of Zeus, one who knew what it was like to lose control of his powers. He understood the boy, and learned to live with fear right next to him at all times. The boys traveled together around the country, avoiding monsters. Eventually, the nameless child became known as “Crash”, simply because of the way his entire body seemed to crash when he Ruptured.

One night, when Crash was twelve, he had an extremely bad Rupture. This one was not like the others, and it was targeted directly at Jared. One of his alter egos revealed itself as Diabolos, or Devil. Although Jared had gotten used to having his fears displayed in front of him, Diabolos branded Jared's mind with image after image of all of his worst fears. The last image he showed Jared was a picture of Jared sitting alone in a forest, slowly dying from an unknown cause. Jared worst fear was of losing his friends and being alone again. The image literally drove Jared crazy. Crash woke up from unconsciousness the next day to see his friend dead. Jared, a twelve year old boy, had stabbed himself to death from insanity. Crash stood there, fear suddenly creeping on him. His own fear developed in that moment, one Deimos had not foreseen. Crash had become afraid of himself.

Demios descended on his son, who he had been watching tirelessly. Crash asked his father why Jared had killed himself, and where the knife had come from. Deimos explained that he had placed the knife in Crash's pocket, and that Crash was the one who had handed it to Jared in his state of Rupture. Crash broke down into pieces- his current fear brought on an onslaught of Ruptures all at once. Deimos picked up his child, erasing memories that needn't be there. He hid the boy's only fear deep within his heart, giving the boy just one more piece to Rupture from. Deimos knew all along he should have never let the boy roam, and he now regretted his decision.

When the boy woke up, he knew very little of who he was. His father told him the name that he had kept from him for so long. Caelo finally had an identity. Deimos made him feel proud of his power, helping him get over his hidden fear. Soon, Caelo had learned to embrace his Ruptures, control them, and use them to his advantage. Caelo had become a sadistic, fear-loving child bent on crippling others with sheer terror, and his father had never been prouder,. He dropped the boy off at the entrance to Camp Half Blood, excited to see how his child would make a mark on the world for his father. The last words Deimos spoke to him were, “And remember, no matter what happens, father always knows best.”


Name: Jake Dreyfous Tagg

Gender: Male

Mortal Parent: Lisa Dreyfous

Weapons: His bow Dirus which is Latin for dread

Personality: He is the embodiment of fear so that is all he is. Scaring people, making people feel fear

History: Jake isn’t a demigod. He is an automaton, created by Hephaestus. When he short circuited, Hephaestus threw him to the junk pile. He laid there for years, his anger building. He saw more and more people pass by, saw they’re terror as they were attacked by the guardian, or as they fell from stealing a simple item. This terror gradually seeped into him, giving him energy. Deimos saw him, boiling, wanting ot escape his junkyard prison. So he created him. Gave him a life force, feeding off of terror. The more terror he saw and made, the more powerful he got. Deimos treated him as a son, training him till he was at his Apex. His programming was still wrong though. Hephaestus came to warn Deimos when he saw what Deimos was doing, but it was too late. He had created a monster. Jake rampaged causing terror throughout the US. Deimos simply left him to his own desires, ignoring the damage he was causing. This went on for a few months until Zeus came to Deimos and told him to control Jake or lose his godly position. So, he did the only thing he could do. He led Jake to camp half-blood, claiming him as his own son, hoping they could straighten him out.


Name: Edberto and Briareus Andrews
E and B

Gender: Both Male

Parents: Deimos and Bellatrix Andrews (A mortal who can see through the mist.)

Equipment: Twin Blade and Double headed spear


Edberto – Being the oldest among the twins – though he’s just one hour earlier to come out from their mother’s womb before Briareus – he keeps himself in charge and learns to be more mature. He’s not-so talkative and thinks clearly before doing an action. He has a high level of temper. Edberto will accept any insults anyone would make but do not ever try it to his brother (over protective).

Briareus (Call the dude Briar for short) – An importunate lad and can’t keep himself silent, brought by ADHD too. The only one he listens to is to his brother unless you can get his respect and heart. Unlike Edberto, Briar is hot tempered and likes to create a trouble every single hour.

Aside from all of that, the twins are very alike. They think the same and always agree on things. They enter and solve every problem in life together. And they are a very great tandem.


Bellatrix Andrews, a high-ranked soldier who is notable for being a brave, smart and pretty woman, was on leave that day. She was on her way to the store when suddenly the market blew apart. Alarms wailed and people screamed in panic. At the other side of the road Deimos stood, grinning widely and looked very please. Without any hesitation, Bellatrix lounge at him. The god was about to attack but too distracted by her beauty. And there the story started.

When Bellatrix gave birth to the fraternal twins, as most gods do, Deimos left her but she understands his reasons and didn’t want to spoil the god’s duty. But Bellatrix asked a favor to Deimos, for the last time: that Deimos is the one who’ll name the kids. “Edberto and Briareus Andrews…the clever and strong warriors.”

Naturally, the twins grew up without seeing their dear father. Still, their mother kept telling them about their endless love story and the god’s adventures, so they didn’t really know nothing about him. Though afterwards, they reckon that their mother was just making things up or perhaps she’s just too obsess in Greek myths. But neither of them can explain the strange happenings in their life since they were born. For instance: being attack by a legion of sea-lion like looking dogs or having a chase with a giant ice cream man which happens once or more times every year. But that wasn’t the only reason they had to transfer to a new place after another. They were trouble kids, making dangerous and scary acts in order to create riot and to terrify people. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only problems they had, their mother was assigned to a far place to do her duty to the country. So the twins were left with their nanny as their guardian.

Then a terrible disaster happened. One day, when Bellatrix was fixing her papers inside their barracks for her rank promotion. A group of known terrorist attacked them. Many soldiers were killed, and to the twins’ worst nightmare, she was included at the list. And so, at the very ripe age of 8, the two became orphans with nothing but their mother last words. “Never leave each other”.

They were sent to an orphanage instantaneously after their mother’s burial. However, the two didn’t like everything about the place. So they made an immediate plan in three weeks. Their operation was a success but after that they had no clue what’s going to happen.

The twins, being sons of a soldier were trained and knowledgeable in survival skills, lived freely behind the midst of those who might harm them. But their team was once tested in an unexpected circumstance.

Phobos discovered the twin’s condition in pronto. He was prompt to find out the boys’ fear. Then he plotted his evil scheme as though it’s just a hobby of his. He knew that the two were confident and firm together so he decided to divide them apart while figuring out their worst fear.

In the very morning, when they were barely awake, two Cyclops came after them. When they’d somehow pulverized the first one they got split by the other’s anger and by a new batch of monstrous pigeon-like birds (stymphalian birds). That’s their worst day ever. They were hopeless and pathetic during those times. Edberto ran out of ideas and Briar lost his tracks together with his bravery, both had forgotten how to fight.

When Briareus was trapped, Janus appeared. He asked him to choose whether he would pass through the door behind Janus and go to a somewhere “safe” without his brother or face a certain death. But Briar did not choose any of it. He recalls the Labors of Heracles and about demon birds, he had no choice but to reveal his hidden talent. He sang. Some of the birds got distracted, the other went flying away, even Janus who was watching happily disappeared, but still, many of the birds remained. Before Briar turned to pieces, he reached the bridge; below it was Edbert fighting the Cyclops using a ruined trumphet. Briar tackled a crate that smashed the giant into ashes. However, the stymphalian birds were still busy tearing Briar. But they’d found a way to help it. Edberto played the seemed-not-in-the-tone-trumphet while Briar sang.

Deimos was furious when he heard this story. Instead of confronting Phobos when he sees him, he greeted him and gave his thanks for doing such a cruel idea that nearly killed his children. It’s because the twins learned a very important thing that their mother used to say: “Two is better than one.” They improved their teamwork a lot and survived every danger or problem they met.

After a year of peace, a terrorist happened to pass by (in a secret operation of bombing). He got pity of the two being all alone by themselves and got an idea. He asked them to bring the bomb to its destined place and to activate it for money. It’s easy for them to do it since it’s easy for kids to sneak without adults questioning them. Besides, the twins were happy to help and seemed excited. They seriously ‘like’ causing trouble and destruction, not aware of people being hurt. Their operation was a success but that’s not the last. The terrorist adopted them because they’re useful and handy in things. They’d stay like that for 4 years. They’d become the famous “Demon Twins” at the underworld and black market. They’d work for the most notorious criminals and corrupt officials in the world. But no one ever knew their real name. And they later got sick of it.

At their 13th birthday they decided to blow up some terrorist bases and sell some information to the government. They did that for revenge; pay back for their mother’s death. Deimos knew this. Since the twins reached the age where they’ll be attack more frequently he gave them gifts. He sent Hermes to do it. For Edberto; a celestial bronze spear, and twin blades for Briar.

When the twins got bored, they find Hermes and they asked to work for him. Hermes agreed to it to lessen his jobs a bit. They deliver and stole ancient/ non-ancient artifacts; they also buy orders and et cetera, until they reached 16. But they can’t help doing other things that doesn’t involve their role. One time for example, they tried to sneak inside the Intrepid Military Museum (Ares’ Temple) and stole his chariot. It was a big mistake; Ares was impressed instead of turning them into rats. He discovered their full history. He proposed a contract with them to be his long-time warriors, means immortality. They accepted it eagerly. As a sign of their contract, Ares burned his symbol at the right arm of Briar and Edberto; two crossed bow, so that everyone would acknowledge that they were the servants of Ares and they would set every of their victory as a gift to him.

Phobos was not so happy about it. So Deimos asked a favor to his father right away. Since the twins were still in a young age, they must’ve prove their selves and trained more to prepare for their life-time duty. Ares allowed this without hesitation and sent them to Camp Half-blood.


Name: Terra Wood

Gender: Female

Mortal Parent: Susan Wood

Weapons: A dagger: Reign of Terror

Personality: She is dark and dangerous, after her encounter with the minotaur, but also creative, and kind-hearted. Can get a bit high-spirited and hyper, but not very often.

History: Terra was born on the 4th July, in New York. When she was about 3 months old, her mother, Susan Wood, said to her: “My beautiful daughter Terra. I must tell you this before I die, whilst you are too young to understand. You are a demigod sweetie, a daughter of a god. Well, more THE god, Deimos, god of terror. He’s your dad, and you are named after him.” She then kissed Terra, and wrapped her up in a blanket. She took her downstairs, and out of the house, the state, the country. She grew up in an orphanage in London, believing she was the daughter of two business people who had died in a plane crash. On her 9th birthday, she received the same present that all of the children in the orphanage get when they’re nine. £5. But something was different when she turned nine. She noticed a bird in her bedroom, carrying a letter. It said: ‘I await you’. She immediately ran downstairs, and showed the matron, but she just said: “Dear, there is nothing there!” She paced up and down, wondering what it meant. On her 10th birthday, she again received £5, and yet again, another note, this time reading: ‘Look down’. Same thing, the matron thought it was blank. Finally, the day she turned 11, a note came this time saying: ‘Look out of your window!’ When she looked, she saw a satyr. “Ohmigod!” she screamed, grabbed her bag and ran out. The satyr said that she was a demigod, and something stirred in the back of her mind. She had a mad flashback. A man with full battle armour, a woman telling her she was a demigod…then, a hellhound cam running over the hill. Terra screamed, and the satyr shouted for her to stand back! So, like you would, she ran forward, seized a weapon from the satyr, and helped fight the hellhound. Finally, after 10 minutes hard fighting, it fell to the floor. They got the next flight to CHB, and within hours, they were there. She started off in Cabin 11, with the Hermes’ kids, but eventually got bored. Her fatal flaw is wandering off, and that is what she did. Her scent was picked up my a minotaur, who charged after her. Being unarmed, she ran up to Half-Blood Hill, and charged into camp shouting: “MINOTAUR MINOTAUR!” Some of the more experience campers, Annamay Cartwright and some other, went and defeated it. From then on, Terra was known as the idiot who let the Minotaur in. Soon after, she was claimed by Deimos.



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