WIP/DQ'd for not finishing

Name: Emmalyn "Emma" Calder

Age: 15 turning 16

Mortal Parent: Jason Calder

Godly Parent: Tyche

Appearance: Emma has dark brown hair and piercing green eyes.They are her most striking features.She stands at 5'6" and weighs 109 pounds.Emma's body build is slim and agile,which is good for climbing.Emma has a small scar on her right cheek which she got after trying to eat a pair of scissors when she was three.


"Me? Well,I'm just a girl,a kind of neglected girl,actually.No one bothers about me,not even my father.It's like I'm invisible,like I don't exist.A lost astronaut,lonely like a satellite...but I'm made fun of for being part-Kiowa,I still feel embarassed for being one.My father was descended from Oaklahama,in his early life he grew up learning the ways of the Kiowa tribe,until the age of eight.He's an actor,he can play any role,except for a character of Kiowa descent.I think he is ashamed as I am...but I don't know....."


"Can anybody hear me? Or am I talking to myself...?"

Jason Calder is a famous Broadway actor born to an Irish father and a mother of Kiowa descent, in the 1970s.Jason stayed in Oklahama until the age of 19,when he got accepted to The American Musical and Dramatic Academy,a.k.a AMDA.Jason had a passion for acting ever since he was 9 years old.In his whole primary and secondary education,he starred as the main character in every drama performance in his school,even if the character was a girl!

"My mind is running empty,in search for someone else?"

When Jason graduated from AMDA -he was 23 then-,he was asked by a popular director named Paul Manning to star in his latest film.He accepted it,and went to the filming in New York a few weeks later.Jason starred along with a famous actress,whom he dated briefly.When the film was finished and sent to theatres,it was a huge hit,and that was when Jason started to get really popular,especially with the ladies.With his amazing green eyes and dashing smile,he would make them go crazy.When Tyche first saw Jason-in a pub-she fell in love with him,and decided to go up to him in disguise of a woman called Laurelie.

"Who doesn't look right through me?
It's all just static in my head...can
anybody tell me why I'm lonely like a satellite?"

When Jason first laid his eyes of "Laurelie",his couldn't take them away from her.He got from his seat and walked up to her.They started flirting with each other,and Jason took her back to his house an hour later.When they reached Jason's house they went all the way to Jason's bedroom and made love.When Jason woke up next morning,Tyche was gone,as if she'd disappeared.Jason was saddened by this.

"Cause tonight I'm feeling like an astronaut
Sending SOS from this tiny box
And I lost all signal when I lifted up
Now I'm stuck out here and the world forgot"

A few months later,on 10th October,1996,Jason heard a knock on his apartment,he got up from his chair and went to open the door,and on his WELCOME mat was a small red basket with a little green bundle inside.He opened up the blanket to find a green-eyed baby.It was Emmalyn.Jason also found a note next to the basket that said:

I'm so so sorry,this is Emmalyn.

Take care of her.


Jason was..happy by this,he had a daughter.He was going to take care of her,love her,and treat her well like any other loving father would.And he did,or he thought so.Emma grew up in luxury,since her dad became became rich and all after doing Paul Simmons's film.But she felt lonely,because her dad was busy all the time.It was like he never noticed her.Or she thought.Jason actually really loved and cared for her,and was trying to not get her involved with his life.

"Can I please come down,cause I'm tired of drifting around and round..Can please come down?"

Emma herself got a bit of fame for being Jason Calder's daughter,she tried her best to ignore that fact.She went to a posh school,where she definitely didn't belong.All the students looked so...bling and shallow,compared to Emma.Emma wasn't treated well either.She got made fun of and criticised of how she looked and dressed by the other kids.The teachers weren't even better.It was hell to Emma,lonely,without any friends,and Jason didn't bother at all!

"I'm deafened from the silence,Is it something that I've done?"

Then Emma turned 14,she was fed up with her life,having no friends around,her father not caring about her-he actually did care for her,but she doesn't know it.So when Jason went out for a photo shoot,she packed her stuff inside a random bag,and ran away,escaping through the balcony of her bedroom,but she did drop a pair of earrings given by her father on her bedroom floor while packing her things.She didn't even bother to leave a note.Emma ran,all the way into the forest near her house,for quite a number of hours before her vision grew blurry and she passed out of exhaustion.

"I know that they're millions,I can't be the only one who's so disconnected."

A few hours later,Jason came back home from the photoshoot,and went up to Emma's room to check on her.When he opened her door,he found an empty bedroom.Jason grew puzzled,then he walked towards the backyard,Emma was no where in sight.Then he searched all over the house for 25 minutes,Emma was no where to be seen.Jason grew worried.He went back to Emma's room and sat on her bed.He looked at the floor,thinking.His eyes suddenly spotted a pair of ruby earrings lying near the balcony...those earrings were the ones he gave her a lon time ago,he realized,and the balcony...the door was open.

"It's so different in my head,can anyone tell me why I'm lonely like a satellite?"

Jason picked up the earrings and walked towards the balcony,down below was the view to the backyard,and the forest was right behind it.He looked more closely,and he saw footprints leading all the way into the forests.Jason grew panicked,he ran all the waydownstairs and called the police,the police came a few minutes later.He reported to them that Emma had ran away into the forest.Then he led the police to the backyard,into the forest,where they started to search for Emmalyn Calder.

"Now I lie awake and scream in a zero gravity
And it's starting to weigh down on me.
Let's abort this mission now
Can I please come down?"

Emma woke up covered in leaves,she felt very sore.So she got up,stretched and positioned herself in a more comfortable position.Emma took a loaf of bread out of her bag and began to eat it.While eating,she thought about her home,her father in particular."Are they worried? Are they looking for me? Is dad worried and looking to? Probably not." that's what Emma thought.After eating,Emma got up and decided to continue walking through the forest again.

Four hours passed,Emma wandered through the forest,Emma had never known that the forest was so huge.The day went on by slowly,and it got dark sooner than Emma thought.She stopped under a huge tree and decided to sleep there for the night.But then she heard a growl behind her,she turned around,and about twenty feet away was something so terrifying that Emma was as frozen as a statue.

"So tonight I'm calling all astronauts,
all the lonely people that the world forgot.
If you hear my voice come pick me up,are you out there?
Cause your all I've got!"

Forwarding a few weeks later...

Jason Calder has looked for Emmalyn in the forest for a long,long time-with the help of the police-he never found any evidence of her.The disappearance of Jason Calder's daughter was put on the news,(since he was Jason Clader.)

He was worried out of his mind,and he blamed himself for Emma running away.Jason never wanted to neglect Emma.He really wanted to spend time with like any father and daughter would do,but unfortunately,time isn't a thing most movie stars usually have."Annoying as it is," Jason always thought.He kept on searching,though not finding anything..he never gave up.

Rewinding back a few weeks ago

"And tonight I'm feeling like an astronaut,
Sending SOS from this tiny box..."

Emma was still frozen like a statue when that creature,-which was a hellhound,she found out later-charged at her.Emma cringed for her death,but she heard a sound like an arrow,she opened her eyes.To see the arrow land on the beast.It disintegrated on the spot.Emma let out a strangled gasp,and got up shakily.She saw a girl,running up to her with a bow and quiver hanging from her back.


Weapons: Emma owns a silver horseshoe necklace,which is a symbol of her mom,Tyche,whom also gave it to her.It will turn into a dagger by tapping it three times.


Name: Andromeda 'Andie' Carisch

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Mortal Parent: Victor Carisch

Godly Parent: Tyche

Personality: Andromeda is mute. She hasn't uttered a word since she was ten years old. Her choice why of communication is her notebook, in which she records each and every conversation she has. Andie's very shy, quiet, and often has a deer caught in the headlights kinda of look about her. Although she's very mature, she can freak out over the littlest of things. She has panic attacks when it comes to facing her phobias. Her anxiety levels are high and she's always, always on alert for anything that might try and attack her. Andromeda's smart and creative, and loves art and music. Art is her number-one passion and is never seen without her sketchbook. She also loves Harry Potter.

Appearance: Andromeda is 5'6" tall, and very slim. She's anorexic and bulimic. Her weight is 36 kg, very, very light for her age. You could describe her as 'petite' and be very close to the truth. Andie has long, silky, shiny light blone hair which has a few light pink highlights in. It's always very lucious as she keeps it in very good condition. Her eyes are smoky grey in colour and are quite wide and beautiful. Her eyelashes are light like her hair, but she always covers them with a tonne of mascara and eyeliner. She often paints her neat lips almost a flesh colour.


Hej. Mitt namn är Andromeda Carisch, även känd som Andie. Jag är en sexton årig ​​flicka från Sverige. Detta är min berättelse, berättelsen om mig, som sagt av min far, innan han dog. Resten skrev jag - vad som hände efter att han passerade. Detta är berättelsen om mig. Jag, Andromeda 'Andie' Carisch.

Hello. My name is Andromeda Carisch, also know as Andie. I am a sixteen year old girl from Sweden. This is my story, the story of me, as told by my father, before he died. The rest, I wrote - what happened after he passed. This is the story of me. Me, Andromeda 'Andie' Carisch.

Victor Carisch was a kind, smart young man, working as a translator for people immigrating from England to Sweden. He lived in a small flat, even though he earned quite a lot. Victor was 32 years old and wasn't in a relationship, until he met the love of his life, Tyche.

One of Victor's colleagues, Joan Abramsson was retiring. He was invited to her leaving do at the local bar and casino, 'The Crown'. Minutes turned into hours as Victor drank and gambled. He lost almost all his money, which attracted the attention of Tyche - not everyone was this brave, even when they are drunk. She approached him at they ended up going back to Victor's flat and we all know what happened then.

Everything was great. Tyche and Victor fell in love. Tyche had no intention of having a child with Victor, as she knew that meant she had to leave. But unfortunately, one night, when they were having sex, Victor's condom split and the egg and sperm connected. Tyche realised when she missed her period and sat down to explain everything to Victor. Luckily, he believed her and promised he would to their child to Camp Half-Blood as soon as he or she was old enough.

Andromeda 'Andie' Carisch was born on the 9th May. In her babyhood she was well treated as Victor loved his baby daughter dearly and she was spoiled. Andie was a very happy and loved her life. It was like this, up until she started primary school.

She started Trä Väl Primär (Wooden Well Primary) in her home town. Her first teacher was Frun. (Mrs.) Ek, and was very pleased with the small amounts of progress she made. Andie loved her primary school and everything was good for her. Until, aged 10, her father was diagnosed with cancer. Worse, it was too far gone for anything to be done. He died only 6 months later, three weeks after Andie's eleventh birthday.

Detta är den tidpunkt då min far, Victor, dog. Deprimerad, slutade jag prata, och har inte mumlade ett enda ord sedan.

This is the point in time in which my father, Victor, died. Depressed, I stopped talking, and haven't muttered a single word since.

So, with her father gone, social services tracked down her grandmother, who was living in New York City. She was almost immediately transported there. When she arrived, she smiled at her grandmother. There was an instant connection. Through the use of paper and pen she explained about not talking. Her gran then gave her an iPad so she could use notes to communicate. Andie loved her new life. She loved her school, even though she was dyslexic, and she loved her gran. It was all perfect.

Andie's thirteenth birthday. Picture the scene. She wakes up and finds her grandmother dead in her bed. She passed because of cardiac arrest in the night. Andie didn't know what to do. So she did the only thing she could think of. Run away.

As soon as she was out on the streets she was attacked by a hellhound. Having no idea what is was, she ran and ran and ran. It followed her in close pursuit. She ran until she was behind a bin, and hid there. Five minutes passed. Cautiously, Andie looked up. Nothing. EXCEPT a man with goat legs. Andie screamed.

"Ssh!" the man said. "Be quiet! Don't want to draw any attention to yourself."

Andie nodded. She wasn't gonna talk.

"Look, you're a demigod. Have you grown up with a single parent?"

Andie nodded again.

"That's 'coz your mom or dad is a god. You need to come to camp."

At first Andie didn't believe him, but the she saw how serious his face was. She nodded. She then picked up her iPad from her bag and typed 'Let's go.'

As Andie was in Manhattan, it was only a short walk to camp. When she reached the boundaries, a symbol appeared above her head; it was a four-leaf clover, the symbol of Tyche. The satyr explained how that meant she had been claimed and Tyche was her mom. Three years she spent at camp, hiding in her cabin and only coming out for meal times. Now she's sixteen, she's ready to face the world.

Och det är jag. Min historia, skit ursäkt för ett liv som är mitt. Tack för din tid. ~ Andie

And that's me. My story, the crap excuse for a life that is mine. Thanks for your time. ~ Andie

Weapons/Armour: Andromeda owns a necklace in the shape of a horseshoe, the symbol of her mother with a Friesian horse head in the centre, which turns into a celestial bronze sword. Andie named it Τυχερός άλογο which means Lucky Horsse. It was a present from her mother, Tyche.

Pets: Andie owns a female 17.2 hand high Friesian horse, named Starbucks Coffee as a show name, and Coffs as a stable name. She was present from Tyche when Andie first arrived at camp, as she had always longed for a horse. Coffs lives in the Stables.


Name: Alisha "Ali" Donnell

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Mortal Parent: Peter Donnell

Godly Parent: Tyche

Personality: Alisha is obsessed with bunnies. She takes her bunny anywhere and everywhere. She gets over emotional about animals, as she is a vegetarian, and will freak out if meat is even in her presence. She doesn't even have the heart to kill Animals. She is rather childish, even for her age. She throws tantrums if she doesn't get her way, and, will giggle uncontrolably at anything even remotely dirty.

History: Alisha was born on July 7th, 1998, in Illinois, to Tyche, the Goddess of Luck and Brady Donnell.

Brady was a fourth generation Demigod, already, being the son of Eris and Patricia Donnell, who was a daughter of Persephone and Alex Donnell, who was the son of Demeter and Zeke Donnell, who was the son of Ares and his mother, Alexis Donnell. However, when the two met, he had no clue she was a Goddess.

When the two met, Brady was passing a casino, as Tyche came out. They introuduced themselves, Tyche, claiming to be Lilac Bernard, knew of him, as well as his history. She wanted to steer clear of him, as she sensed nothing but bad luck in his future. However, Brady asked her out, and she couldn't think of a reason not to go out on one date, so, she accepted.

However, they both felt a connection on that date, so, they decided not to end it. They continued to see each other, although steering clear of Brady's dad, as he wanted him to be with a Goddess, like him. They continued to go out for four months, before they decided to show true physical love.

A seven months afterwards, Tyche found out she was pregnant. She wasn't about to reveal herself, after almost a year of the relationship. So, while Brady and his mother were at Lincoln's Tomb, as a little trip, she left the baby behind a bush, along with a note. Brady seemed to be the only one to notice, and read the note,

"Dear Brady Donnell,

Hello my sweet. It is I, as you know me, Lilac Bernard. This, is our daughter. I found out I was pregnant, almost two months ago. 'Please, my sweet. Do not take your anger out on our little angel but, I fear I have not been entirely truthful.

I am not really Lilac Bernard. I am Tyche, the Greek Goddess of Luck. I knew from the start that you were a Demigod, but, I didn't realize I would have suck feelings for you.

Forever Yours,


Brady was excited. He now had a Demigod child. But, he was also rather scared. He hadn't expected to be a father yet. However, one Patricia saw the baby, she demanded they keep her, and raise them themselves.

Alisha was home-schooled all her life. However, the subjects they taught were different, including Combat and Greek History. Alisha didn't mind, and she always thought everyone studied these lessons. Alisha's life was pretty ood, even getting, and defeating, her first monster by age 10. However, her life took a, rather surprising, turn on her twelfth birthday.

It was said in their family that the girls officially become women on their twelfth birthday. Alisha woke up, knowing this would be a big day for her, and came down from her attic bedroom. She saw her kitchen filled with platters upon dishes. She was excited, as she eyed her presents.

Her grandmother came up to her, and asked Alisha if she was excited. Alisha responded as positively as she ever could. Then, Patricia told her that she needed to catch the main dish. She gave Alisha her present, which was a charm bracelet. However, she taught Alisha to turn it into a shield when needed. Then, her father gave her a hunting knife, to kill the Game with.

Then, Alisha embarked with her hunting knife and charm bracelet. She expected to be home by lunch, as it didn't even take that long to kill the monsters. While she was far into the woods, she came across a bunny. She looked into its face, and it looked back. She knew she couldn't kill the small animal but, knew if she didn't get the game, she would be punished.

Suddenly, at her feet, appeared a small basket with a note attached to it;

"Dear Alisha,

It is I, you mother, Tyche. Technically, I am not aloud to intervene in your life, even sending you this is risky but, I had to give you a present for your on-coming womanhood.

Just remember, thinking for yourself is being your own person, and a woman.

Now, this basket is charmed. It makes the inside much bigger than what it appears to be. This shall be very useful hopefully. Attached to this letter is a map to Camp Half-Blood, where other Demigodsd reside. It is your choice, my darling.


Alisha then decided that she would head to Camp. As she began walking, she noticed the bunny following her. She, not questioning it,decided to make the bunny her pet, calling him Dr. Snugglesworth. She, then fearing that her bunny will hate her forever if she ate someone he knew, became a vegetarian. The two embarked on their journey.

Alisha, along the way, managed to manipulate some people, claiming she was homeless and poor, to get money for food and Dr. Snugglesworth's things. She, ended up going the wrong way, though, for a year. She was forced to backtrack, and finnally make it to Camp, where she resides today.

Pet: She has a former-wild bunny, which she caught two years ago.


  • Alisha's Charmed Basket: Her gift from her mother for her twelfth birthday. It is a basket that is charmed to make the inside bigger than it appears. It is able to hold her bunny, it's stuff, and most of her weapons.
  • Alisha's Shield: Alisha, on her twelfth birthday, received this from her grandmother, as she, too, was a Demigod. It transforms from a charm bracelet, with a single bunny charm, to, when tapped, a shield.
  • Alisha's Hunting Knife: A knife that her father gave her to kill her rabbit, although she couldn't do it, and ended up just running away. It is kept in her Basket.


Name: Alexandra Alfebry

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Weapons: An Set of Arrows with tips of Celestial Bronze and a Bow, A Collapsible Spear made of Celestial Bronze (is a four-leaf clover ring when not in use, she needs to rub the Four-leaf Clover Design for the Spear to materialize on her hand. The Ring is always on her hand, No matter where she is and no matter what happens to it that they separate. Unless, The Ring is destroyed by the creator which is Tyche and Hephaestus themselves, The Ring would be undestroyable.)

Personality: She is highly-sophisticated. She is also very rude and persuasive. She tends to be very mean to people as she is a straightforward talker. She will tell you what she doesn't like about you without hesitation. She is a very tough spirit to break but one thing could keep her at bay: Love.


Caesar Alfebry met a woman. She's Tatiana Styles (Tyche in reality). Caesar was then very poor and he lived outside of the Las Vegas Strip. Caesar and Tatiana both fell inlove and they hit it off. That very night, Tatiana told him of a grandiose palace in the Las Vegas Strip. This palace would reach through the ages. He would have riches beyond compare. They both slept with dreams of tomorrow. The next morning, Caesar woke up inside a grand room with attendants to attend on him. He was astonished and he believed that he fell inlove with a goddess which really happened. Tyche visited him in a dream one night saying that she is pregnant and would return 9 months later to give him the baby as Demigods aren't allowed to stay in Olympus. She also told him that she is indeed a Goddess and She is Tyche, the Greek Goddess of Luck. She fell inlove with him because of his pure heart and simplicity despite the his luckiness of Nature's gifts.

After 9 months, Tyche arrived and left Alexandra in a basket with a Ring, There's also a letter that by 13, Caesar must bring Alexandra to a camp in New York. She has specified the directions and she left a map but when Alexandra turned 13, Caesar forgot Tyche's request and when a halfblood gets older, Their scent becomes stronger and sharper. By 16, She has attracted a lot of monsters. She learned to use the ring because Tyche told her in a dream and also, Tyche told her of her request for her to go to camp. Alexandra hated her Dad for forgetting and putting her life in danger. She ran away with the things left to her as a baby. She battled the lesser monsters she met on her way to New York with the experience she had from 3 years of fighting. With her natural luck, She managed to board trains and cars unseen. Upon reaching Half-Blood hill, She was attacked by Three Hellhounds and it was just too much. She was cornered then that's when the sound of the horn was heard. A volley of silver arrows struck the hellhounds dead. The leader of the huntresses, Anna Lynn Carters offered her a membership with the Huntresses. She declined and told them that she'd have to think about it after piecing up her life. She entered the borders of camp as the Huntresses left.



Name: Clover 'Clove' Wright

Gender: Female

Age: 16




"My Personality? Well, you could say that I am pretty cheerful and a little nice. Well, it all depends on my mood. If I am happy, I would have a positive personality. I would be generous, kind, bright and bubbly. If I am sad, I would be lazy and down and I would prefer talking to myself rather than someone else. If I am angry, well....... let's just expect bad things from me. But don't you worry, I tend to be nicer at times and I try as hard not to get tantrums and be angry. So yeah, that's basically me. I am a sweet fun-loving girl who occasionally get mood swings and also, I consider myself smart and witty so don't you try to fool me. I am also an honest and loyal person so if you tell me a secret, I will surely keep it. I sure hope I can have many friends here to make up for the "Dark Times" that I experienced in my past. Life is unfair. It's full of challenges that are so hard to overcome. Despite this, I never try to give up because I know that the purpose of this challenges in life is to help strengthen you and make you a better person."



Weapons/Possesions: WIP


Has WIP's and they seem important to the history so DQ'd

Name: Lucy Agatha "Lucky Lucy" Hartford (Lucy means 'light'; Agatha means 'good' and Hartford means 'stag ford')

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Birthday: Thanksgiving Day, 27 November 1997

Family: Judiel Antaeus Hartford (Mortal Father), Tyche(Godly Mother), Benedict Hartford (Grandfather), Ursula Hartford (Grandmother)


Personality: Lucy, hailing from a rich family, is very shy, introverted, polite and isolated from society. She isn't the social type, even to the residents of her mansion especially to her father, Judiel. Due to their estranged relationship because of her mother, she feared her father. This developed her masochistic side, saying sorry whether what she did is good or bad; and her withdrawal from the social sphere of the world. Despite this, she has self-assertion, having the determination of improving and advancing her personality, wishes and ambitions. She has an optimistic view on life, never finding the negative side of every situation that comes her way. She has a caring and sisterly personality and coupled with this is her enthusiasm in doing work.

Being a very shy young lady, she is a bit conservative of her body. She doesn't like wearing clothes that are too revealing or having baths with other people. She has a unique way of talking. She tends to refer to herself in third person, with her name replacing "I" in her sentences. She also uses her natural cleverness to her advantage and thinking outside the box. She never bragged of her riches, which shows her humility and effort to be just a normal person like other people rather than be someone who had fortune and money forced on her.

History: Judiel Hartford's Point of View (Self-Introduction)

I am Judiel Antaeus (I was named after one of the seven archangels and the half-giant son of Poseidon and Gaea.) Hartford, heir to one of the most successful companies of Augusta, the capital of the Pine Tree State, Maine: The Hartford-Augustine Concern. The name was taken from my family's surname (Hartford) and the city (Augusta) where it was founded and currently stands. Concern is a type of business wherein several legal companies are merged into a unified management. My family's proud company is the parent company which managed several subsidiaries. My parents, Benedict and Ursula, were the people running the concern from my young toddler age until I attended college at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Everything in my life was exceptionally perfect. Everything in my world was according to my every whim. No one dared go against me, due to me being the heir of a very powerful company. I went back to my hometown, Providence to visit my parents and train to run the concern once in a while as I needed it when the time comes for me to take over. Father and Mother already chose several young ladies to be my future wife but to no avail, I didn't like them all. What I want is hardworking, clever (more clever than the women they picked) and confident in her own abilities. I rejected them, even though they left the mansion heartbroken and bursting into tears. But everything changed when I too started to feel desperate in finding the perfect woman.

Tyche/Engracia Alexandria's Point of View (Going Down to Earth and Meeting Judiel)

As you know, I am Tyche, daughter of Oceanus and Tethys. I am the Greek goddess of fortune and luck. I am called Lady Luck, which is now used in many things. I am one of the three thousand oceanids (Imagine that? Three thousand!) with Nemesis, the goddess of balance and retribution as my antithesis. Now enough with all the babbling about my goddess...ness. You see, I descended to the Planet Earth (Better keep up with me fancying my sentences.) in search of a good man. I wonder how Steven, Jake Mauris' father is doing right now. I hope he's okay... and fortunate. I came down to the city of Augusta in the state of Maine in the country of US of A. The city was lively and lovely. It was filled with bright lights and beautifully paved roads. I instantly sensed in my internal gambling radar that there is a small casino at the city. I instantly searched for it but still keeping in my mind what was my true intention in coming here. I came across some young men but sadly, they aren't the lucky picks. I came across some young women but more sadly, they didn't get the extreme beauty I have (I hope Aphrodite doesn't hear me or else... never mind.). Unfortunately, the casino was closed already; and also, I didn't find any good men. Using my bountiful fortune, I stopped by at a hotel and sleep there. Using my nth screen name, Engracia Alexandria, I accommodated a nice and classy room, complete with the AC, TV and room service.
Okay, I'm a bit getting off topic. On the fourth day of finding a good man, I finally found it. Yes, I finally found it! I'm so lucky! Wait, I am the goddess of luck so I guess that would be too obvious. Anyways, I met this cool guy named Judiel Antaeus Hartford. Wow, he had Antaeus for a name. He's so handsome and smart! Oh my gosh! (Okay, stop fantasizing now, Tyche. Get going with the part.) He's the heir of a rich, famous, powerful and fabulous concern in the city: The Hartford-Augustine Concern. Of course, I introduced myself as Engracia Alexandria, a young woman who just moved to Augusta all the way from Pierre, South Dakota. I said that I too came from a powerful company, much to his surprise and happiness. We talked about many things, from everything we liked to half-personal topics. Everything was like a dream. Then one night, it happened. Yes, that one happened. Out of all the things that are possible to happen, that one was... the one.

Judiel Hartford's Point of View (The Affair and Engracia's Pregnancy)

I was deeply in love with Engracia. She had it all: beauty, smarts, confidence and personality. She was very sweet, caring and thoughtful. She never let a day pass without meeting me even for small talk. I finally found the woman of my dreams and expectations. I introduced her to my family but upon asking what is the company she came from, she seemed restricted in telling it. I don't care. The Hartford-Augustine Concern was already a powerful company. I don't need any further interventions. As long as Engracia is here, nothing matters. My parents didn't care also, much to my relief. They proceeded quickly in preparing the grand wedding. Engracia Hartford... it sounds very good. We almost dated everyday. Then one night, something I expected happened. I was invited in a business party in a hotel and casino at Manhattan, New York. I was surprised and impressed that Engracia was very good at all kinds of gambling. She won every game with extreme ease, as if she was blessed with great luck. Of course, we rented a room to stay after night of revelry, laughter and eating. That night, the thing that I expected to happen any time soon took place. We had an affair. After taking a pregnancy test, Engracia was positive to it. I was overwhelmed and very happy. I will soon be a father of my own. However, I forgot that time what my parents said to me when Engracia was introduced: "Never impregnate your future wife. It will ruin the image of the Concern." Fear ran quickly throughout my body. How will I face them now? I had no choice but to confess what I did. We went back to Augusta a day after she took the test.
Father and Mother threw a fit of a rage. They fired every sermon at me and Engracia. But seeing that everything has happened already, they had to make a choice, which I certainly didn't like to know any further. But the worse came and they came down to the worst decision I ever heard: Once Engracia gives birth to the child, she must leave the mansion at once and never resume the wedding, no matter what we say. But since they were "generous", we were still allowed to communicate with each other. I was filled with anger. How could they do that!? It's like Engracia is some tool, going to be thrown away when not of any use anymore. How could they do that to me and to her!? I stormed to my room and broke everything I could find. I faced the fact that in nine months, my child will be born; and from then on, will live without the light of a mother. No one can change the mind of my parents now. I have to accept reality. I am not fortunate anymore, after everything that happened that day. I saw Engracia's face that day, filled with tears of sadness. For one second it seemed that I saw in her face the face of a woman with no problems or burdens at all; but I ignored it. Although, that strange and nervous feeling lingered.
As months passed, the unborn child grew in Engracia's womb. In the light of the dreadful events, I felt happy after finding out it was a healthy baby girl. I guess the company needed a female CEO for a change. I did everything I can to care for her and the baby. But my whole world crumbled when the doctor said that the baby will have a 40% chance of going blind. I was crushed the second time. My daughter... may go blind? But I did everything to keep her well-being. Engracia was optimistic and shaked off the matter. She told me to hope for the better. I sighed and agreed. I know that the baby will be born healthy and full.

Tyche/Engracia Alexandria's Point of View (Lucy's Birth and the Painful Departure)

The time came for me to give birth to my bouncing baby girl. It was the 27th of November, year 1997, a Thanksgiving Day, which was one of my favorite days. My symbol, the cornucopia of bountiful gifts were laid in the lobby of the hospital. Many treats were stuffed in the cornucopia for everyone to feast on. I was very happy that they still remember the cornucopia. But I was very nervous that day as it will reveal if my demigod daughter will either be blind or not. The time where I should leave Judiel and the child will come very soon too. It might be hard to do it, but I must since Zeus decreed it. I have to obey. Now, I was brought to the delivery room. Okay, it was uber painful. I have to give all my strength in pushing the baby out. I practically screamed out of pain; but my effort was worth it. The baby was successfull given birth. Now the truth of my newly born daughter's sight will be revealed. I was brought to the recovery room as Judiel and I waited for the baby. I looked outside and saw a crowd of people having fun in the Thanksgiving Day. We waited for almost an hour before the nurse came in with the baby, wrapped in white cloth. She said that the baby was very healthy and silent. Then I asked how her eyesight was doing. Much to my surprise, the nurse smiled and said that the baby has 20/20 vision. She was perfectly okay! I was so happy I cried tears of joy. I hugged Judiel tightly and thanked the nurse for the wonderful news. The nurse added that the child was very lucky. On the word 'lucky' sparked an idea in my mind. I told Judiel to name our daughter Lucy, which was taken from the word 'lucky'. We even called her "Lucky Lucy" as a nickname. Lucy is definitely my daughter. She is lucky. But the happiness quickly subsided as the time for me to leave them was imminent.

Lucy Hartford's Point of View (Lucy's Tough Childhood)

We brought Lucy to the mansion to let Benedict and Ursula see their granddaughter. They were half-happy upon seeing her. It seems that they didn't forget their decision nine months ago. I guess its time for me to leave them all. Judiel was very kind and caring to me and our daughter. It's not easy to let them go. As my body left the Earth one night to go back to Olympus, I swore to myself that when the right time comes, I will claim her when she gets to Camp Half-Blood.
My name is Lucy Hartford, the heiress of the Hartford-Augustine Concern. Lucy's father said her mother died in an airplane accident when she was just a year old. Lucy wore pretty dresses everyday, played with expensive dolls and toys and she could play at the very big garden at the back of the mansion. But despite of these, Lucy didn't really want any of them. They were just forced upon Lucy. What Lucy really want is for her father to love Lucy. He says that everytime he sees Lucy, he is reminded of Mom and how she died. He grew cold on Lucy. He didn't want Lucy to leave the mansion. Lucy was homeschooled by a very strict tutor. The slightest of mistakes meant punishment. Lucy tried to leave the mansion a few times to see what was outside the gates but she was caught easily by the guards. For every time Lucy tried to "escape", Lucy was punished. All Lucy wanted was freedom. All Lucy wanted was to see the world, not only the four corners of this place. What Lucy want isn't money, pretty dresses, or fortune forced upon Lucy. Lucy just wants to be a person like those outside: simple and enjoys their life according to their own will. Lucy's father, who was a very busy man, neglected his very own daughter. Lucy cried at the very fact. Lucy guesses this was the cruelty of good fate.

Tyche/Engracia Alexandria's Point of View (Lucy Runs Away to Danger)

Lucy has grown to be a very beautiful teenage girl. I am very happy that she has grown kind and smart like her mother. Okay, just kidding. But seeing Judiel rejecting Lucy as his daughter makes me sick. I know how he treats her because I'm still watching over them even from afar. This is unjust. If only the decree wasn't invented, I would go straight and punch Judiel straight in the face. He's making me all irritated! But to see Lucy endure all of her hardships makes me proud. I know that a little more trials and she will finally gain receive safety at camp. I know what Lucy feels. She wants freedom for herself. She wants to shape the world in her own bare hands. But apparently, his crybaby dad is not helping. One day, Lucy did something Judiel will be angry about: running away. Yeah, she ran away completely undetected. I was surprised that no one in the mansion had seen a glimpse of her. Well, since she's my daughter, she's very lucky. When she got out, she found herself in the streets of Augusta. She barely knew the place but she continued to run and find what fate is in store for her now that she rebelled. I was like, very happy but very concerned at the same time. She might get into serious trouble. You know, kidnappers, rapists and those syndicates. I hoped for the best but unfortunately, she did ran into trouble. Upon reaching an unlit alleyway, she caught the attention of a group of criminals, about ten of them in all. They surrounded Lucy in no time and grasped her hands and whisked her away in a black van. Oh no, I thought. What if she is enslaved? Raped? Or even worse, murdered? I watched as they brought her to an abandoned factory in the outskirts of the city where they knocked her out unconscious with the use of a scented handkerchief. They tied her up in a chair. They covered her mouth with a masking tape and bounded her hands and legs with tight ropes. Apparently, they know who she is. Ah! I get it. They did a kidnap for ransom. Using the intelligence and resources they got, they called Judiel, who was at the time signing a heck pile of papers. I looked at his reaction. Yep, he's very angry and I saw fear for the first time in ages. He quickly called his personal bank to withdraw a whopping amount of $1,000,000! The Hartford-Augustine Concern is very rich and successful after all. He arrived a few hours later after making sure his work is done. What a workaholic and arrogant man, I dare say. He arrived with a few of his security guards when guns are needed. He contacted the kidnappers that he is already outside. The conversation are as follows:
  • Judiel: I am here, you good for nothing rogues!
  • Kidnapper Negotiator: Well then, bring the cash alone! One of my scouts said that you brought some of your men with you.
  • Judiel: I will do so.
  • Kidnapper Negotiator: Make sure or else we will shoot the hell out of you and your daughter!
  • Judiel: He cuts off the conversation.
Well, that sorted it out, in a way. Judiel bravely headed straight for the front door of the abandoned factory. Maybe a bit brave to say. He's going to face ten people possibly armed with different kinds of weapons all by himself? How reckless. Well anyway, he entered the factory and saw Lucy tied up and struggling to let go from across the room. He blindly rushed towards her when the kidnappers appeared from the corners and shadows and aimed their guns at him. He didn't notice them until one of them fired his gun. And... oh. He was shot on the head. He quickly fell down and so as the briefcase full of money. Blood trickled from his head. Meanwhile, on the outside, the guards heard the gunshot and quickly called the police and ambulance to be ready. A few minutes later, the police arrived and subdued the kidnappers. The paramedics also arrived and found Judiel's dying body and put him on a stretcher. They put him on the ambulance and headed off. I let out a sigh of relief. Lucy was saved. Thank goodness. But as for Judiel, I don't know yet. Lucy was taken home to recover from her trauma.

Lucy Hartford's Point of View (Trick or Reality?)

Lucy quickly hopped on her bed and thought of the things that happened that night. Lucy was kidnapped and her father was shot on the head. What has happened to her family? She only confirmed on that night that fortune had its cruelty. She just wanted to be free, not experience something like this. Lucy just wanted to see the world. Lucy just wanted to discover new things she didn't do while at the mansion. She guessed it was all a dream, a dream which will never come true. Lucy drifted off to the depths of sleep a few minutes later out of fatigue.
The next day, Lucy's maid told her that dad is on a comatose and his coma was estimated to last a month or so. He was confined in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) because of his condition. She quickly headed to the hospital on where he is staying at to see him. The fear of last night's ordeal was still very fresh on Lucy. She should be at the police office, explaining the event. But grandpa and grandpa didn't want to. On the way, Lucy saw something at the sidewalk. Her eyes enlarged at the sight: an ugly woman with wings and a chicken's legs. She rubbed her eyes to see if it was just her eyes playing with her but the ugly woman didn't disappear. Lucy quickly turned back to the sight of the shotgun seat to clear her mind off of things. Lucy arrived at the hospital around five minutes later. She was quickly escorted to the ICU for her to see dad. She wanted to see him so much her heart ached. Upon seeing him, Lucy was filled with tears. Apparatus were all over him and his heartbeat was unstable. She cannot contain her sadness for him. She and the others were not permitted to go inside so they decided to go home. But Lucy didn't want to. However, the escorts told her that they were not ordered to that so Lucy reluctantly went back with them. As she was on the way home, she saw the ugly woman again. Wait, this time, Lucy saw three of them with a black and scary dog baring its fangs at me. She was scared and decided to close her eyes until they came back. What was that? Was that just a trick, or reality?

Tyche/Engracia Alexandria's Point of View (Tyche Visits Her Daughter)

Well, I must admit I'm concerned for Judiel's state of well-being but I can't help thinking how he treated Lucy throughout his life. I watched as Lucy cried to sleep. Poor girl, she must be suffering from her trauma too. I guess this is a good time to visit her before she comes to camp. As she entered the unconscious, I too, went with her. I guess this is a good time to talk to her, but not the full story. So, here I go...
  • Lucy: Where is Lucy?
  • Tyche: My child...
  • WIP

Satyr's Point of View (To Defend the Helpless)


Lucy Hartford's Point of View (Camp Half-Blood)


Tyche/Engracia Alexandria's Point of View (The Beloved Daughter of Tyche)


Lucy Hartford's Point of View (A New Beginning)


Weapon: She wields a blunt weapon, specifically a baton (similar to a police baton) which she named Salve (taken from the Latin word meaning "good morning"). She named the baton Salve to remind her that everyday is full of goodness and beauty in store for her. When unused, it turns into a special belt with powers of returning similar to Percy Jackson's Riptide (Anaklusmos). When it is used, she takes off the belt and the belt straightens, stiffens and turns into a baton with the length of about one and one-third of a 12-inch ruler. She received this after a dream of Tyche. She found it laying on the bedside table in her cabin.

Possessions: WIP

Anthem: It is a somehow anthem of both Tyche and Lucy. It is about Tyche's hidden care for her beloved daughter. Despite not being able to directly interfere, she still cares for her. She gave her hidden strength. She kept her safe and sound.


No History so DQ'd

Name: Gwenyth "Gwen" Maddox

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Family: Lennox Maddox, Cindy Maddox (Tyche), Lucinda Maddox née' Howl (Stepmother)

Appearance: Gwenyth is 5 feet all and slim. You could describe her as 'petite' due to her being under the average height and weight for a sixteen year old. Gewn has long, some what curly, semi-bright red hair. Her eyes are a bright green in color and they are very beautiful. Her eyelashes are long she offten covers them with mascara of any color and applies eyeliner to her eyes as well. She uses lip gloss for her lips occasionally a light lipstick.

Personality: "I am kinda a special kind of girl. I dont like shopping or going to get my nails or hair done, its just not fun! I like adventure! Running in the outdoors getting messy! All the things my father hates I love doing. I sleep walk...Its one of those rare things my father loves. When I was little my father said I would sleep dance. He captured many pictures of me doing so, he says they made him smile. People say I am very cheerful most of the time and I am kind-hearted but I get very angry easy. Its one of my fatal flaws."

History: WIP

Weapons/Possessions: WIP


Name: Callidora Tycheon

Gender: Female

God Parent: Tyche

Mortal Parent: Andonios

Appearance: She has Brown hair and green eyes. She weighs 134 Ibs. and is 5'5". HSe has a Tattoo on shoulder of a moon enclosing a cornucopia, the symbols of her mother and her past patron. She also has a tattoo of all of Artemis sacred animals in a spiral down her leg. She usually wears ancient Greek clothing. She wears a necklace with a wreath, another symbol of Tyche. She wears a bracelet with a bow charm, an arrow charm, an owl charm, a wolf charm, and a stag charm.

Personality: Aerial is a very wise girl. She has studied the gods for years. She worships three gods, Ares, Artemis, and Tyche. She makes offerings to them every night. She is very stubborn and bitchy. She is also honest and doesn't lie and hates lairs. She loves battles and fighting. She also loves hunting. She is basically a Greek tomboy. Her favorite color is green and her favorite animal is the stag. She never stops studying, because she wants to know as much as she can about the world. She is athletic and loves sports. She can be aggressive so watch out when she is mad. She has ADHD, but doesn't have Dyslexia like other demigods. She also has many other characteristics like bravery, carefulness, boastfulness, judgmental, and creative.

History: Aerial was born before the First Olympian War to Andonios, one of the first men made by the gods, and Tyche. Andonios met Tyche when he was at her fathers river, Oceanus. She saw him and was attracted to him. She came out of the river and greeted him. The man was scared at first but soon calmed down saw Tyche's beauty. He was attracted to her as well. They started to talk and see each other secretly throughout the days. Tyche eventually got pregnant and she left Andonios. 9 months later, there was a baby outside of his house. He took the baby in and named her Callidora.

Callidora's life growing up was not normal. Her father insisted on worshiping the gods every night, especially Tyche. He told Callidora who her mother was, and trained Callidora. He taught her how to do Archery, sword fighting, and throwing knives. He taught her all he knew about the gods and their children. When she was older she was one of the most beautiful in her town. Many men tried to ask her hand in marriage and she wold resist. One night the man didn't like that and tried to forced himself upon her. Her dad came to stop him but the man killed him violently. Callidora was angered by this and tried to kill the man but failed to. The man then forced himself upon her. Artemis and Tyche saw this and went to save her but Artemis got there first. Artemis asked Callidora if she wanted to be a huntress. Callidora accepted. Tyche was not very happy with Artemis after that night for saving her daughter first.

Callidora then followed Artemis and was trained even more to be better. Callidora started to study then to learn as much as she could about earth. Eventually the Titans started the First Olympian War. Callidora and the huntresses fought in the war against minor titans. many huntresses were killed but Callidora was one of the few who survived. She also helped Artemis kill Gration in the Gigantomancy. Artemis was very proud of Callidora and made her Artemis' Lt. Callidora soon grew a love for battle and war. She started praying to Ares every night, along with Tyche. She prayed she would give her luck in battle and that he would give her strength in battle. She thought the prayers were working, because every man she killed saving girls, she would always win those battles. Many years later when the huntresses where at camp, which had just recently moved with the flame to America, She fought against the Romans in the Demigod Civil War. Many of the Huntresses dies then as well. Callidora wasn't as lucky as the last two battles. She was badly injured. She was slashed in her stomach and her legs. She also had a concussion and 3 broken ribs and a broken arm. She was in the infirmary for 3 weeks before she was released.

After she was released she started to notice a group of boys, sons of Hecate, Hades, Nemesis, Poseidon, and Apollo, were following her around everywhere. She eventually got scared and confronted them. This was a horrible idea. The boys kidnapped her and took her away from camp. They knocked her out, and when she woke up she was in a cave with the boys. They were talking about her beauty. They told her that if she doesn't willing give her to them they would force it. She resisted them. They forced themselves upon her but they had to do it with force. She tried to stop them with kicking and squirming, but nothing worked. After the event was over, they all stayed there and would not let her leave. After a couple months she found out she was pregnant. She was so scared what Artemis would do when she found out. After 9 months she gave birth to a set of twins, both girls. Weeks later the gave was ambushed by the huntresses and Artemis. Artemis was furious with the demigods and killed them all. Artemis understood that it wasn't Callidora's fault, so instead of kicking her out of the hunt, she took away Callidora's position and made her a regular huntress. The children, Callidora named them Aerial and Diana, where given to a Huntress that left the hunt after the Demigod Civil War. She gladly adopted the children.

Callidora struggled throughout the years. Sometime during this time she added a last name to her name, Tycheon, after her mother. She always thought about the dreadful times being in that cave and when she first became a huntress. She came close to suicide a couple times but the huntresses stopped her. She watched many friends come and go, and even saw her own children come and go. Aerial became the priest of Tyche, but left to be with a demigod son of Hephaestus. Diana was a huntress for 2 years, but left after she found love with a son of Aphrodite. Callidora eventually fixed her personality and tried to forget about her bad times. She slowly began to become her old self. By now the Second Olympian War was about to rage on. Callidora served in this war. She fought at the Labyrinth and in Manhattan.

She also was close to dying after this battle. She had several broken bone, cuts and gashes everywhere, and worst she went into a coma. She was in this coma for 15 years. Everyone tried to wake her up but it didn't work. The infirmary workers kept her healthy and her immortality also kept her alive. In her coma she relived her whole life in a dream. When she woke up she was scared to death, but soon realized where she was, and what happened. The Workers explained what happen and that she could go back to the huntresses. Callidora went to the cabin, but she packed her things up and left the hunt. She felt like since she was not a virgin she did not deserve to be a huntress. Artemis allowed her to keep her bow. She then walked over to Tyche's cabin, where she now lives. Callidora still worships Are and Tyche, but she now also worships Artemis.

Weapons:Silver Bow and Arrow(Artemis let her keep it), Throwing Knives, Dagger, Sword

Pets: A day after she left the hunt, there was a cat on her bunk with a note saying "Im so glad you are finally out of that coma. Well as a get well present heres this kitty! Isnt she cute. Name her whatever you want. She has special abilities that i have listed. Good luck at camp!

  • Telepathic connection with you and me.
  • She is basically a good luck charm."

Calli named her Lucy.


No History so DQ'd

Name: Cali Morgans

Gender: Female

God Parent: Tyche

Mortal Parent: Collin Morgans

Appearance: Cali has ginger colored hair and brown eyes. She slim and well fit. She is extremely flexible and enjoys gymnastics. She is 5 foot 5 inches, and weighs 137 pounds. Her face always looks a little flushed, and is covered in freckles.

Personality:Cali is a B student, and loves to have fun. She doesn't play many sports, and is more of an indoors person. She doesn't take losing easily. She will get her revenge if someone angers her. Her favorite thing to do is to play poker. She will not lie, though is accused of it often. She is extremely lucky and usually wins games of chance. She loves music and plays the trombone. Her favorite color is neon green, and she loves carrots.

History: WIP

Weapons: Sword and Shield


Name: Honaw Dubois

Birth name:Abraham Washington

Gender: Male

God Parent: Tyche

Mortal Parent:Niyol

Date of Birth: January 5, 1867

Ethnicity: Native American

Appearance:He stands at 6 feet tall, and has a bit of a muscular body type. Honaw has long brown hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin.

Personality: He is intelligent, observant, and insightful where he is quick to adapt and learn as well as adapt to his environment and is able to quickly learn new skills, and ideas. He is quite and a loner where he usually prefers solitude instead of being around people. When you get to know him it turns out he is kind, and caring individual who is willing to put himself on the line for though he care about.

Fatal Flaw: His fatal flaw is personal Loyalty, since he is willing to sacrifice everything in order to save his friends or loved one. No matter what the cost may be.

History: Before he was born, a man named Niyol was coming home from a hunting trip when he saw a white woman was resting by the Colorado river. This was no ordinary woman that Niyol saw, but in reality she was Tyche. Niyol took a few minutes to decide whether or not he should confront the woman. He finally decided to talk to the woman, at which point he made himself known to Tyche. she was instantly attracted to him. Niyol on the other hand was only interested in learning if there was white men so near the village since at the time his people was at war with the white men who were known as American. he was extremely relieved when Tyche revealed she was alone, and he let his horse drink the water from the river since he knew she was thirsty. While this was going on Tyche tried several times to seduce Niyol, but all attempts failed. Worse at some point he caught on to what Tyche was doing and told her that he was happily married to a woman named Atsa and had 2 beautiful children named Dibe and Gad. Once his horse finished drinking water, Niyol told Tyche that she should go back to her village. Tyche asked him to accompany her back to her "village", but he refused and told her since she came here on her own, than she can leave on her own. Tyche was surprised to hear this reaction, and one would think that she would be angry and immediately smite Niyol where he stood. Instead she became even more attracted to Niyol, and figured he was playing hard to get.

She decided to observe Niyol from a distance, only to learn that everything he told was true, that he was happily married to Atsa, and he really did have no interest in being with anyone else. Even though she did realize this, Tyche continue to lust after him, and realized that she needed to get it out of her system, so she can move on. One night while Atsa was attending ceremony, Tyche took advantage of the opportunity to change her appearance to looks like her. She then approached Niyol and then began to flirt and tease him. Which looked to be the ticket to finally get him interested in her, because it didn't take long for him to make love to her. After several hours, Tyche left Niyol knowing full well that Atsa was coming home, and knew that trouble will start if she had stayed.

Although Tyche had found the solution to one problem which was seducing and having sex with Niyol, she then realize she had a bigger problem to face. Since she learned that she was pregnant, and the father was Niyol. Tyche understood that she made an error. She hadn't intended to become pregnant since it was only suppose to be a one night stand, but she understood that fact won't change anytime soon.

Nine months later was when a child was born, but while she was pregnant the kid's father had been killed after the village was attacked by the US. Military. Since the Gods couldn't take care of their demigods children, she decided to leave her child in an orphanage. So she drop him off in an boarding school made for native American children which was created in order to "civilized" the native American people. Tyche's son was found by one of the teachers, who was named Miss. Addams and who convinced the school administrator to take the child in and try to give him a proper education. Miss. Addams had decided to name the child; Abraham Washington. During the next seven year's, Abraham along with the other student became rather difficult, due to the fact that most of school administrative would exhibit very abusive behavior towards them. Like for example when Abraham was 3 years old he began to be potty trained, so one night he accidentally wet the bed. When a teacher by the name of Miss. Addams found out, she had forced Abraham to put his nose into his own urine and smell his own urine. When a student will misbehaved the teachers will whip the students, or if a student was found speaking their own native tongue they child would then be forced to eat soap. Abraham's life was hectic and miserable, and worse he didn't have any friends since he couldn't find much in common with them.

He was very lonely until the age of seven he met a boys his age by the name of Washakie, who was an Shoshone's Indian. When the two children met they instantly got along, and was always seen together, but unfortunately Washakie was extremely homesick since he had missed his home and family. You see Washakie was kidnapped and taken away from his family, after they had refused to turn him over so that he can get a "proper" education. Although he did enjoy hanging out and being with his new friends, he was still miserable.

Five months since Washkie arrival he admitted to Abraham's that he was miserable, and the fact the he was kidnapped. Honaw was very surprised to hear that Washkie was miserable, and after a long time the boys had decided to run away from the Boarding school. They spend the next two weeks slowly collecting supplies before initiating there plan to sneak out of the school. They officially leave the boarding school on April 14, 1874, Abraham's and Washkie waited until everyone was sleep and they quietly left their room. The two boys head to the stable where they stole the Miss. Addams horse, and begins to ride towards Washkie's village.

A week after they had ran away, while they were riding on the path towards Washkie's village the boys were spotted by a group of men had spotted the two boys and realized that they must belong to the boarding school. The men who had decided to capture the boys, and return them to the school. The men got on their horse and followed Honaw and Washkie at full speed. Abraham's and Washkie heard the men coming, so they signaled their horse to go faster so that the men won't capture them. One of the men chasing the boys had decided to start shooting a gun at the boy's horse hoping that it will make it easier to capture them. Although Abraham's or his horse wasn't hit by any of the bullets, Washkie and his horse wasn't so lucky. Since one of the bullets had manage to hit the horse leg, which result in the young Shoshone Indian to be thrown to the ground along with the stolen horse. Abraham's instantly realized what had happen and was about to get off his horse to help Washkie. When he heard Washkie yelled for Abraham's to continue to run and leave him behind. Although Abraham's had complied with his friend's wishes, in time he found guilt for leaving his friend behind.

Abraham's hand spend the next several weeks riding along the trail, when he realized that his supplies ran out. He knew that he need food and supplies to survive the long journey, but that he couldn't go into town since someone might see him and ask questions, so he decided to get his supplies by robbing a small ranch. Unfortunately the ranch was owned by a man named Ignace Dubois; who was a child of Nemesis, who had moved to a remote area in Arizona after Civil War, where he bought a parcel of land using the money that he made as a Union Soldier. Ignace didn't come alone to Arizona since he brought his wife Yamka Dubois, who was a Hopi Indian, and former Hunter of Artemis who had spend two decades in the hunt before deciding to leave because she fell deeply in love with Ignace. They both had lived rater peaceful life in Arizona, at least until Abraham's had broken into their home.

When Abraham's spotted the ranch he waited until nightfall before entering inside, while he was there he accidentally knocked over broke a Vase. Which is what caused Yamka and Ignace to wake up, the couple got their weapons expecting it to be a monster. Meanwhile Abraham's becomes aware that the people in the house are awake and decides to run for it, so by the time the couple went down stairs they see the door close. Ignace and Yamaka immediately went through the door and after the intruder. The couple see Abraham's shadow running, but they can't see his face or size. So Yamaka get her Bolas that she had kept from her time as a hunter and throws it at Abraham, which results in Abraham's legs being bound together as he fall to the ground. As he struggles to untie the bolas, the couple manage to catch up to him, only to that their intruder is a young boy. The couple got over their surprise when Abraham's manage to untie himself from the bolas, and he began to run for it again. Only for Ignace to use is power to create a field energy which causes Abraham's to fall to the ground, which allowed Ignace the opportunity to catch up to Abraham's.

Ignace grabs his tomahawks and points it at the boy, and demands Abraham's explains what was he doing. Abraham at this point being freaked told Ignace everything about his life at the boarding school, and how he ran away. Abraham then begged the couple not to return him to the Boarding school. It was at this point where Yamaka who had been listening to his story became moved by it, since she understood all to well about the boarding school since as a girl she was forced to attend one before being rescued by Artemis. She walks up to the boy and pulls him in to a hug, and tell him that she will not turn him over, and that she will assist him in going back to his village. It was then that Abraham admitted that he was an orphan and that he spend his entire life up that point in the school. Ignace and Yamaka looked each other since the two of them knew instantly what the other was thinking. Both Ignace and Yamaka wanted to adopt and raised Abraham as if he was their own son. They had long desired to have children of their own, but tragically they were sterile and they will never get granted the opportunity to bring a new life into this world.

One glance at Abraham they realized that they can still be parents, they can still raise a child. They teach him everything they knew, and to guide him to being a better person. Which is what they did, the day after they discovered Abraham they decided to go an adopted. They decided to change Abraham name to Honaw's Dubois so that no one from the boarding school could find and take him way. Now Abraham did love his new name, and began to use it immediately. . While Honaw was growing up there were one or two monster that had attacked the family, but Ignace had managed to defeat them before Honaw was able to witness it. Despite this the family spend the next nine years in pure bliss, at least that was before May 7, 1883 when a middle age school teacher; who in reality was Miss. Addams, moved near their area.

As it turns out she had been offered and accepted a teaching position in a newly build school near the area where the Dubois's family lived. Miss. Addams was excited about the move since at this point she can find herself teaching what she considered "regular" student, instead of the native American student. She had found her moving into her home, when she spotted Honaw. Despite the Long hair that he grew, and the Indian garment that he wore, Miss. Addams had recognized Honaw has being Abraham Washington, the run away student from the boarding school. She went to confront him, only to for him to deny the allegations and say that he has never been to any boarding school. Despite her attempts, he continue to say that he was Honaw Dubois the adopt son of Yamaka and Ignace Dubois. Regardless Miss. Addams was sure that he is the runaway student, she had manage to find out that Yamaka and Ignace Duboi was an Interracial couple, who lived in a small ranch near the town.

She was livid by this new found information, so she went to confront the Dubois, she was surprised to discover that Honaw had ran away from home, and had wrote a notes confessing that he was Abraham Washington. In the letter, he made a false statement by saying that he lied to the Dubois about his identity since he didn't want to go back to the boarding school. The only reason Honaw wrote this was because he wanted to protect his parents from getting into trouble, which worked since later no one would prosecute or go after Dubois on this matter. Although Miss. Addams was angry that he had gotten away, on the other hand Ignace and Yamaka Dubois was devastated.

It will be about 129 years later before anyone would find out about Honaw, and it would turn up in the most likely places which is in a yard sale. Laurelia decided to attend the yard sale since she knew some of the object that were sold can come at a convenient price, while she was their she became drawn to an old diary. She had decided to purchase the diary, and it was during the exchange that she learned that diary was with the family for generation, but that one in the family could manage to pick the lock and learn what was inside. When Laurelia got back to camp, she had asked a member of the Hermes' cabin to see if they can pick the lock from the diary, which after a half hour they had manage to be successful. Once the lock was picked Laurelia immediately began to read the diary only to completely dumbfounded about the secretes that laid in there. As it turns out that diary belong to Yamaka, although the diary was filled with interesting details of her life. What really drew Laurelia attention was the last entries that Yamaka wrote on it.

Laurelia had discovered by reading the diary what had happened to Honaw, since as it turns out after Yamaka and Ignace Dubois had witness Miss. Addams confronting Honaw. Fearing that he might be forced to return to boarding school, they made the heartbreaking decision to send their 16 year old son to Lotus Eating People. Since Yamaka had learned about their location in Los Vegas, Nevada, while she was in the hunters. Originally Ignace and Yamaka would only allow their son to stay in the Lotus Eating people for two years, before going to retrieve him. Since by that time he would be 18 and wouldn't be allowed back in the boarding school since he would already be an adult, but the couple learned that if Honaw did return that he would forced onto go to an Indian Reservation. The last entry of the diary revealed the couple's health began to fade when the two realized that they would never be able to see their son again.

Lia was in tears when she finished reading the diary, but after a few moments she began to realized that if the couple return for their son, than there is a huge possibility that he can still be there. This revelation made Lia want to know find out if there was a couple named Ignace and Yamaka Dubois that lived in the 1880s during the Wild West. She had asked a communication nymph, named Clara Siofra to find out about the couple, and after a few weeks Clara had confirm that Ignace and Yamaka did exist and that their adopted son was never found. Lia at this point decided to go to Los Vegas, and to retrieve Honaw from the Lotus eating people, but not before asking Angela Megalos a child of Apate and a former Hunter for help. Angela had agreed to go with Lia after Lia's had showed her the diary.

The two young woman left camp on a jeep that they had borrowed from the camp, in order to retrieve Honaw from the Lotus eating people. Once they arrived in Vegas, they immediately went to look from him, and despite the fact that Honaw is supposedly wearing typical Indian clothing he was very difficult to spot, especially since people continue to ask them to eat Lotus flower every five minute. After several hours of searching the two were about to give up when they finally spotted Honaw, who turned out was drinking whiskey at the bar. They went up to Honaw and tried to explain to him the situation only to find that the effects of the Lotus's flower was still in effect. Lia not one to give up so easily, and took out a blow gun and a tranquilizing dart, which she had asked permission to borrow the two items from a friend of hers .

She puts the Tranquilizing dart in the blow gun and shoots Honaw with it, which the effects immediately come into effect since he falls to the ground and sleep. She then puts the blow gun away and begins to drag Honaw away from the bar. While Angela immediately began to use her power begin to lie everyone and claiming that Honaw was their cousin and that he has too much to drink and needs to go home. Which lucky for her almost everyone had agreed with, and with this settled Angela then helped Honaw out of the bar, and the casino. At this point they loaded Honaw in the truck. They immediately decided to drive back to camp, and along the way they continued to use tranquilizing dart on Honaw whenever he would come too. Since they didn't know what his reaction will be toward the fact that everyone and everything had completely changed since 1883. The girls along with the sleeping passenger arrived at camp several days later, where Honaw was immediately claimed by Tyche.

1) Honaw's Tomahawks: Honaw was given a pair of Tomahawks by Tyche. This is a made from Celestial bronze, and the base is made from Essence Wood.

2) Bow and arrow:Honaw was given this by Ignace Debois right before he left for Los Vegas.

3) Honaw's knife: Was given to by Ignace Debois and it is made from Celestial Bronze.

4) Honaw's Bolas: Is made from Celestial bronze was given to him by his adopted mother.

5) Yamaka's Diary: This diary use to belong to his adopted mother, and was given to him by Laurelia.



Name:Deirdre Quies

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: WIP

History: WIP


Name: Mina Moore

Age: 17

Anthem: Last Of The American Girls - Green Day

Personality: Mina loves to party and to do whatever she feels like doing. She isn't scared of danger and seems to love doing dares that people meant as a joke because it was too crazy. She loves to gamble and has a great luck with it, never losing a game unless she's not paying attention to it.

She's quite irresponsible and hates having to take responsibility. She doesn't like to study either, reason why she had to do her 7th grade again, and often skips classes. Her disdain towards learning is such that she once payed a girl to go to class and pretend it was her while she went to a boy's house.

She doesn't care much about money, she manages to have fun without it and never cared much about her fathers money. She's a bit scared that her dad's murderers would go try to catch her and decided to run away from Vegas to make sure they never get to her.

Appearance: She has long chocolate hair that she's too lazy to cut and bright green eyes, the color of a four-leaved clover. She has a tan skin from spending so much time under the desert sun and freckles on her nose. She likes to dress in short shorts and tank tops with flats or shoes and hates when she has to wear dresses or anything fancy.

History: Mark Moore was one of the luckiest guys on earth and started gambling when he was 18. When he was 24, he won a jackpot and was able to open a small casino in Las Vegas. It didn’t have much at the start, but soon more and more people were coming by and his small casino ended up being oneof the best ones in the city.

Four years after opening it, he heard that there was a woman so lucky, she seemed to be winning all the games in the place. He was curious about who that was and when he met her, he fell in love with her red locks and piercing green eyes on sight. She was a great gambler, even better than he was, but wasn’t boastful and had a great sense of humor.

But Celina, the woman, was only in Vegas for a few days because of a convention nearby. Those few days were enough for Mark and he asked her out for a date the next night. After lots of games and drinks, Mark woke up on Celina’s bed. Only, she was long since gone.

He was used to having one night stands so he took it well, forgetting her soon enough. After almost ten months since he last saw her, one of his workers came by with a baby saying that Celina came by and left this for him.It was a beautiful baby girl that a note said her name was Mina. She had her mothers green eyes but her fathers dark hair.

While growing up, Mina was never really interested at school. She learned how to play poker at 7 while watching the men playing it at the casino and she was the reason why so many 7 year olds got into detention because of gambling.

During middle school, she often skipped classes or slept during them. One of the times she was skipping classes, she ended up in the middle of the city, with nothing to do so she decided to just walk around and see if there was anything interesting.

When she took a wrong turn, a black mastiff the size of a truck appeared on her sight. She just turned around and ran as fast as she could. The dog started chasing her and she tried turning on every street nearby to try to lose it but it was no luck.

When she reached a dead-end, some kids were arguing about finding a lotus or whatever and noticed her and the dog that was chasing her. They all had weapons in their hands so Mina shrieked and tried running in the opposite direction but the dog had closed the only exit.

The kids with weapons attacked the dog and Mina tried blending with the wall so they wouldn’t get close to her. When the dog turned into a puff of sand, the kids tried talking to Mina but she only took the chance to run away as fast as she could.

She was failing classes all the time and had to do 7th grade twice because of it. Her love for finding trouble didn’t seem to bother her father who barely blinked when he got the news Mina had to do 7th grade again.

When she finally graduated from middle school, her father decided to put her on a private high school so she would study more. Though he didn’t care about how she was doing in her classes, he needed her to graduate faster so she could help him with the casino. Only, Mina wasn’t interested at all in the business side of her father’s work.

She started going out everynight and only came back home for a shower and a change of clothes before school. She partied ‘till she dropped and kissed any cute boy she saw. She was enjoying life, as she put it, while she could.

Tragedy struck her when her father ended up to his neck with debts when she was 17. His luck seemed to be getting worse with the age and he ended up asking for money to the mob, to the bank, to anyone. The casino was getting emptier and he couldn’t pay back and soon enough, he ended up dead on an alley.

The official cause of death was that he had drunken too much and hit his head on a dumpster and didn’t notice how his head was bleeding until he bled to death but Mina knew the truth. Her dad had been killed because he couldn’t pay back his debts so she decided to run away from Vegas, away from the people who killed her father.

In the middle of the road to St George, her car died and she was stuck in the middle of the desert. Cursing at the engine and at pretty much everything, she decided to walk and see if there were any gas stations nearby. Stupid idea, but it was the only thing she could do since her phone had been forgotten at home in her hurry to leave Vegas.

After having walked at least 3 miles, she leaned on a rock to rest. But a giant scorpion appeared out of nowhere and attacked her. She shrieked and ran back to her car but the scorpion was faster than her. But then a flying horse flied and hit the scorpion. A kid jumped out of the horse’s back and killed the scorpion with a rainbow.

Mina was already thinking she was delusional and that it was all a trick of the desert when the girl took her by the wrist and made her hop onto the horse’s back. They flied to Mina’s car and the girl introduced herself as Kat. She had been asked to work some business at the Lotus Casino and on her way back she noticed Mina and the scorpion.

She said that Mina is probably a demigod since she saw the scorpion as it was and it attacked her and asked if she wanted to go to Camp with her. Mina thought “What the heck, this is probably just a dream anyway, ‘s not like anything will happen”. She fell asleep on the way and when they reached camp, Kat dragged her to the big house to talk to Alexander.

After Kat explained her story, Alexander asked Mina about hers. When she told him that there was no way she was a demigod since she was never attacked before, he said that since there are plenty of demigods nearby, in the Lotus Casino, the monsters would probably confuse her as one of the people inside it. Not to mention Vegas was a packed place with people from everywhere, her smell would’ve probably been masked by all the people.

Mina was dead tired, didn’t even notice the bright green four-leaved clover on top of her head until Kat shrieked and pointed at it. She asked if that meant she had a cabin to go and Alexander said yes so she asked Kat to show her the way to her cabin without seeming surprised or bothered.

To wake up at camp and without her car was a big shock since she was pretty sure she had only been delusional last night and didn’t expect it to be real.

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