Name- Maverick Greyson

Gender- Male

Mortal Parent- Elena Greyson (Deceased)

Appearance- Short, brown, and curly hair. Stands at about 6"4. Weighs about 187 pounds.

Age- 19

History- In 1842 a child was born to Elena Greyson and the God Notus. The child was named Maverick and grew up protected from harm. When he was 14 he was sent to Camp Half-Blood where he trained alongside fellow demigods to protect himself in the future, but was forced to reside in the hermes cabin. When he turned 17 he met a child of Chronos name Arthur Mcking. The demigod was also thrown into hermes. The two became fast friends and grew close.

In 1861 the civil war broke out, not just for America, but also for the demigods. The roman and Greek went into an all out war. The two friends time and time again watched their fellow campers fall to the swords of the romans. the war was devastating. Then something happened.

Another friend of Maverick, named Audrey, a daughter of Athena, had an idea. She had managed to get ahold of the bluprints for the confederate Ironclad Warship. Immediately it went into production. In a short time the Athena and Hephaestus kids had managed to create an Ironclad warship.

The battle turned around for them. The romans were beginning to lose the war and continued to retreat. However the war was far from over.

It became apparent that the Greeks had a spy among them. The warship (Named "Triad's Bane), had almost been stolen from its hiding spot. The perpetruators had been killed, but distrust started to grow as only a select few new of its location. Many began to place the blame on others.

One night Maverickl, while he was on watch, He saw Arthur attempting to flee from camp. He easily managed to catch him and he brought him before the others. He revealed that the Romans had kidnapped his mom and forced him to be a spy.

Then the romans attacked again. Audrey, Danshiell, and the other engineers, while forcing Arthur to come with them, Boarded the warship and attempted to counterattack. However, it was revealed that a bomb had been placed on the ship, meant to destoy it and everyone aboard. Seconds before it went off arthur broke free of his captors and attempted to time travel to a safer location, but he was grabbed by Maverick. The two of them time traveled to the year -insert 2 years before camp-. He passed out from the time travel and when he woke he saw arthur laying on the ground dead from the expense of so much energy.

Not knowing where he was or what year it was he traveled across the country. He eventually made it to seattle wheere he got a job aboard a ship as a sailor. He did this for a year. It was during this time that he went into a state of depression

Beginning his second year as a sailor. his ship was attacked by the Karkinos. Because of his training he managed to dispose of it rather easily, but decided to venture back to camp in order to not put mortals in danger.

He then traveled back to a camp, only not the one he knew.

Personality- He cant get along well with any of the other campers. he tends to stay by himself and wanders around a lot. If you manage to befriend him he can be quite sociable.

Weapons- His primary weapons is his celestial bronze cutlass that transforms froma cross pendant that he owns.

User:Lele Mj

Name: Ablon

Gender: Male

God Parent: Notus

Mortal Parent: Unknown

Appearance: He is tall and muscled. He has various scars from his time as the demigods' leader, including three scars in his forearm, made by the manticore who attacked them. He has light brown hair and green eyes. Pics: [1] and [2]

Personality: Ablon is somehow stern and cold, but he opens up if you demonstrate interest. He has little sense of humor. He is very protective of his friends, something he also got from his time as a leader. His leadership is an inherited trace that he exhibited since his childhood. Ablon is a fighter. He never runs away from a fight and if he is put in the middle of a conflic, he will fight to the end. His determination is strong and he is very persistent. More recently, he is completely dedicated to camp, due to everything he and his friends did to get him there, specially Makal's sacrifice. While he values freedom above anything, he will fight to defend camp until his last breath and avenge his friends. He broods a big hatred towards manticores. Ablon's fatal flaw is his loyalty, as he is absolutely willing to sacrifice himself (and sometimes more) in order to protect or help his friends or organization.

History: Ablon remembers little about his childhood. He doesn't recall anything about his parents, only some flashes from his time as a kid in an orphanage. His last year in that place is clearer to him. He remembers how he felt excluded and lonely, how no one ever wanted to adopt him, how it was so hard for him to connect with anyone. He remembers specially of his last day, when he was 8. Of how he was running from something, how somehow the winds were stronger, but he seemed to be able to direct them, of how whatever he was running from was killed by a group of teens. Those teens weren’t normal, human teens. They were demigods, just like him. They led a group of demigods, who lasted only because they were lucky and smart enough to escape an organized monster force. Ablon was received well by them. Actually, he got the name Ablon from this group, as they rarely used real names.

As the years passed and the group fled from place to place, always hiding in sick smelled places, Ablon grew up and trained. He soon demonstrated control over his powers, demonstrating abilities that marked him as a son of Notus, including the not-so-common ability to fly. When he was 15, he was made the leader of the group, as he older kids had been killed or sent to “that camp” for breaking the rules or defecting. Ablon had an inherited leadership, always being able to stop fights and always knowing when to leave a place.

The years passed and it became harder and harder for them to survive. The monsters were finding them faster than before, probably because they had realized they were one group only, not various groups appearing on some cities. Ablon and his companions never went to “the camp”, however. They enjoyed their freedom, and so did their followers. It was harder, more dangerous, but they wouldn’t trade it for nothing.

When Ablon was 19, he had already become a big, strong man, respected among his followers and idolized by the younger demigods in the group. Until the day they were finally found. A manticore had organized an attack, with many monsters supporting him. The demigods fought well, but they were too many, and the manticore was very hard to kill. All the group was obliterated, with the exception of Ablon and four of his most trusted friends. They ran away, agreeing to finally go to “the camp”. As they fled, monsters came and tried to kill them, led by their strong smell.

When they reached Long Island, there were only Ablon and Makal left. Makal was already hurt and bleeding to death. He convinced Ablon to leave him behind and reach camp, while he was used as bait for the monsters. He took Makal’s sacrifice seriously, and reached camp in safety. Even though he did not enjoy being at camp, he forced himself to get used to it, in Makal’s memory. As the weeks passed, he learned to like camp.

Weapons and Equipment: Ablon has two identical swords made of celestial bronze, that he keeps on his back, and three knifes on his belt. He has a seet of armor made by his Heph friend, made to conceal partially his muscles and make him look weaker.

User: itsjustJake

Name: Ventus Aeroqus

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Mortal Parent: Ella Aeroqus

Appearance: Ventus is average height, leaning more towards the 'lanky' body type. He has dirty blonde ruffled hair, which has dies periodically (usually to a random color). His eyes are a mesmerizing shade of blue, and if you look at the his irises closely, they appear to be swirling, just like the wind. He always wears shorts and a tee shirts, and can be seen with his ring on at all times.

Personality: Ven (as he prefers to be called) is a very lighthearted person.He cares deeply for all living things, and has a soft spot for anything that lives in a forest (his favorites are deer though). He is highly intelligent, loves to draw and write, and skilled with both medicine and music. His least favorite thing is the sight of blood. Ven is always kind to everyone, and rarely stops smiling, despite what he was put through when he was younger. He is happiest when he's with his friends, listening to music, and there's a warm breeze blowing through his hair. Of course, he can control at least one of those things... Ven is usually very laid back, and his motto is "Go with the air flow." Ven's greatest downfall is that he trusts to easily, and gets hurt easily. As you can imagine, he gets let down a lot because of his over-optimistic personality. Of course, that would all change if he found out about his part. The truth would bring him to tears and break his spirit beyond repair. The ironic part? He caused it all, and he didn't even know it.

History: Despite not growing up with his father, Ven had a stable family life- for a while. His mother was a well respected lawyer that made enough money to give them what they needed and plenty more. Ven grew up in a modest house by the ocean. He could sit by the water for hours, feeling the winds against his back as he looked at the white of the house against the golden sands of the beach. The picture always seemed surreal to him, even though he was only 4. By that age, he was already able to comprehend more things than most 8 year-olds could. Unfortunately, there were something he didn't understand- death and fighting were a serious thing. He had a strong urge to fight- anyone watching him over the years would look at him as if he had used up all his fighting spirit when he was younger., and had none left for his teenage years. He had saw and understood a monster movie the night before, and that day, when his mom gave him a punishment, he viewed her as a monster. He picked up a kitchen knife, and actually started to fly. This was the first time he has used his powers (although it was unintentional). He hovered over his mother for a moment until she looked up. The last thing she saw was a kitchen knife flying towards her, and her flying sno laughing like any other four year old. He hadn't even known he had done anything wrong- Mommy would just get up ad they could play the monster game all over again. When he had finished, he flew out the window and across town. Of course, this attracted a lot of attention- everyone looked and pointed at the flying toddler. They probably couldn't see him actually flying through the Mist, but a certain old Satyr still thought he was attracting too much attention. He tracked Ven down to a tree he had managed to get stuck in. After getting him down, he brought Ven to his temporary home. He kept Ven there for a day before trying to return him to his mother. At the sight of her bloodied body, he immediately ran back with Ven. He mixed sweet milk with an amnesia potion he happened to have, and gave the brew to Ven. This erased all of his memory from the past few years, including his favorite memory-his picturesque house by the beach. He raised the boy as his own son, teaching him how to handle his powers. As the boy grew older, one thing kept tugging on the Satyr's mind. In the corner of his bedroom sat a large, beautifully carved ornate box. Inside, covered in layers of velvet, lay a sword given to him by Notus. Notus had said when giving this to him, "Give it to the boy when he is ready. You will know whenhe is because it will be the time when he must take the next step of his journey." The day eventually came when Ven was fully able to control his powers, and Hermit the satyr realized that now was that time. With a tear in his eye, he gave Ventus the chest. Ven opened it up, reading and desiphering a card, written in Greek, that laid on top of the blue velvet. θεϊκός ηρεμία- Divine Calm. This will help you control even the strongest of your storms. Be peaceful, my son. Notus had known that eventually, his son would become aware of the past, and something would have to keep him in check. Ventus removed the large sword, clearly meant most for defending. It had its Greek name carefully carved into the side of it. When Ven held the sword, he somehow felt more in touch with the winds around him, and even with himself. He flicked the hilt, and it instantly transorming into a long staff with a spiral at the end. He flicked it again and it transformed into a gold class ring with a gorgeous aquamarine stone in the center. Hermit sighed as he realized the class ring was to make up for the high school education that Ven would never get. He bowed his head in grateful prayer to Notus, and sorrowful prayer to the boy's future. As Hermit drove him to Camp Half-Blood, he explained the story of the magical camp where there were others just like him. He told Ven that he could only take him so far in learning- the only way to reach his full potential was at the camp. They shared a tearful hug and they parted ways, hoping to see each other soon. Ven immediately saw an opportunity in the Infirmary to help heal the animals he cared so much for, and was eager to start helping. However, Ven occasionally has periods of time where memories of his mother, covered in blood, flash through his head. This has given him his fear of the sight of blood.

Although he had not been able to yet, Ven will soon be able to piece together the broken fragments of his childhood memories. How will he change?

Weapons: Currently, Ventus has only one weapon- θεϊκός ηρεμία- Divine Calm. It can transform into both a defensive sword and staff that help control his powers and his anger, should the occasion ever arise.

Favorite Items: Transforming ring, camp half-blood tee shirt, lucky boxers with clouds on them, headphones (the big, lud kind), sketch pad, laptop, guitar.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, sketching, writing music, playing music, singing, looking at shapes from the clouds, using his powers to MAKE the clouds form shapes, listening to music, satring at the ocean, napping

Favorite Music: Anything with a nice beat to it, but his favorite is Skrillex

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