"I've been replaced, lied to, cheated on, forgotten, and treated like I'm worthless. I'm used to it. What I'm not used to is finding someone who actually cares."

Name: Yonas "Sage" Clarkson


Age: 18

God Parent: Hypnos

Mortal Parent: Patricia Clarkson







Name: Avan Bachelder

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Mortal Parent: Sharon Bachelder

Personality: Avan is a caring, kind boy with a love of art. He can spends hours and hours on a single sketch and still spot hundreds of imperfections. He's smart, intelligent and has a sense of humour a mile wide. He's known for her witty comments and sarcastic remarks. Avan is very loyal and protective, but not so trusting. Years of abuse has left him mentally and physically scarred, so he's very wary and trusts no-one at first. He's bisexual, and has many crushes on both boys and girls in the past, he now leans more towards boys. He's very true, he'll never break and promise and has a soft spot for cats. Inside Avan is a hopeless romantic but will never let anyone know unless he really, really, likes them. He's very musical and plays acoustic, bass and electric guitar plus piano and keyboard.

Appearance: Avan has short, sandy-blonde hair which is always in a mess. He never bothers with things like gel and spray, he just leaves it as it is. His eyes are a piercing blue, almost neon. His style is casual, jeans, checked shirts and converses. Avan is almost never seen without his cat, Oreo or his electric guitar, they are almost part of him. He stands at 5'9" and his body is athletic. Over him he has many scars, especially on his arms, legs and back.

History: Sharon Bachelder was a Canadian criminal. For many years she commited crimes with her brother, George, but not long after she turned 30, she went solo. It was never noticed by relatives and friends that she was truly, very beautiful. This was why Hypnos fell for her. He persisted and persisted but Sharon continued to say no to his many requests to ask her out. Hypnos was so desperate for her, he put her in a very, very deep sleep and raped her. When Sharon awoke, she was stunned. Hypnos has left her a note explaining why he did it, and how he was a god and that.

I didn't know who my father was, I didn't even know how I came to be until I came to camp...

During Avan's babyhood he was quite badly treated, but he did get food, water and all the essentials. However, he had to stay in the car whilst Sharon robbed and arsoned. It all continued like this for two years, until Sharon chose the wrong target. She choose the house of a drug dealer to rob and arson but unfortunately for Sharon, the police had planned a raid on the house. They caught her and took her to prison. When they found Avan in the car, they took him to a Children's Home.

I lost my only family on that night. I was only two, but it was the worst day of my life. Or so I thought.

As Avan was little and cute, he was quickly fostered by a couple who could not have children of their own. Their names were Keira and Daniel O'Manning. They treated with all the love, the kindness, the respect that Sharon didn't. Sharon had been given a three year prison sentence and then, after another year, if she could prove herself, she could have Avan back.

I liked Keira and Daniel, and although they treated me a hell of a lot better than my mum, they could never replace her.

Aged four, whilst he was still with the O'Mannings, he started the local elementary school. His teacher was a women called Annalie Sharpe. She noticed that Avan was quite distracted, even with just playing. She noticed he was a bit of a loner, with no other friends. He usually just sat in the corner, thinking about things unknown to anyone else.

Yea, I had no friends. No, I didn't care. I had my thoughts.

School continued just the same, and so did his life for another year - until Social Services got in contact to say they had organised a supervised visit from Sharon to Avan. If things went well, after the visit, Social Services would search Sharon's home to check she was a sutiable parent, then there would be longer visits, then finally, after a year perhaps, Avan could move in.

At the time, I didn't know what I wanted. I wanted to be with mum, but then the O'Mannings could help me, help me live a decent life.

The first visit went well. It was supervised by Avan's social worker and the O'Mannings. Avan and Sharon had a 'conversation', about as detailed as she could get with a five year old. She seemed like the perfect mum. She found out Avan's likes, his dislikes, any allergies and all that. More visits followed, and soon, Avan was moving in.

I loved her. She kinda loved me. Kinda being the opprotive word there.

At first, when Social Services were still regulaly visting, Sharon kept up the perfect mum act. As the visits drifted to one every six months, when Avan was eight, the abuse started. It was beatings, shouting, and whippings. She used things like knives, belts, and threatening to kill him if Avan told anyone. At school, Avan became even more closed off, he was a loner, no friends, sad, depressed and a hell-of-a-lot maturer than anyone else in his class.

I wanted to tell on mum, I wanted to die. I was depressed as shit.

However, whenever Social Services visited, she would tidy, and act like the perfect mother again. She was like this until thirteen, when she let her guard down for one visit. Everything was realised and Avan went to temporary foster care. After two days of that his mum was imprisoned for child abuse and neglect, and Avan was moved to a Children's Home. A week or so later, when he was walking home from school, he was attacked by a hellhound. Luckily, a huntress named Ranger Mills saved him. She explained it all to Avan and took him to camp for the summer holidays. There he was claimed by Hypnos, and got a key from him that turns into a celestial bronze dagger. At the end of the summer holidays he went back to the home, with instructions from Ranger to send him and IM when he wanted to go back to camp and a drachma for doing so, and stayed there, defending off any until he was 17.

I loved camp, but I needed to go to a school, for a bit more, so I could get a decent education.

Life went on for Avan. He managed to defend off any attacks with the few lessons he had at camp during the summer holidays. His life was normal, apart from the attacks. But, as he got older, the attacks got more frequent and he decided he needed to go back to camp. So, he gathered some food, he weapon that he recieved at camp, his few possessions and ran.

I knew there was a river up ahead, where water crashed against rocks and the spray created a rainbow. In the day. I ran away at 11pm at night, when it was dark.

Avan started off at a deserted estate, cycling around until he found the forest he was looking for, where the stream mentioned above was. He could of sworn something was following him. He looked left. Nothing. Right. Nothing. Little did he know that a dark, monsterous shadow was looming. Something that wanted to kill him.

Something was gonna happen that night. I could feel it...

By the time Avan reached the stream, it was dark so no rainbow was being created from the spray. He lay on his backpack, his key clutched tightly in his hand and tried to sleep. He awoke with a hellhound over him, slobber dripping on his head. Avan's eyes went wide. He transformed his key and started swiping at the hellhound. He killed it in one simple blow, only to be ambushed by a second one! This one was harder. It jumped and leaped out of the way of Avan's blow, and tried to bite and claw him. He rolled and ducked and as the hellhound jumped over him, he stabbed his sword upwards. Hellhound dust fell on his hair, making him laugh. When he checked his watch it was 5am - one hour and two minutes until sunrise. He fell back asleep.

That still haunts me to this day. I was so fuckin' scared!

When he woke, he sent the IM to Ranger at camp, and she game with a child of Hades, Twilight Abbott, and shadow travelled them to camp.

Camp is my home now...

Weapons/Armour: Avan's primary weapons is a old antique key which turn into a celestial bronze dagger when the bottom is twisted off.


Name: Emma Swan


Gender: Female

Mortal Parent: Mary Swan

Stepfather: David Swan

Apperance: Emma has short straight blonde hair. That at one point she dyed the bottom of her hair an aqua blue but luckily it was temporary cause she was not very found of it. Her eyes are a daziling blue. Her complexsion is called pale but she thinks it has a bit of a tan to it. She is petite, standing at just four feet and seven inches. She is described as slim and thin. Though Emma doesn't care about apperances much though she does wear make up, does her hair, and gets dressed every day.

Personality: Emma is high spirited and stubborn. She doesn't follow instructions easy and usually has to be told quite a few times before she actually gets up and does it. One thing that Emma hates is being woke up, she just detests it! She might even hit you if you do it, or she will get really mad at you. If this happens you might want to get away while you still can. Emma usually doesn't get mad easy so when she does its good to be out of the way. Emma easily makes friends, since she had to be outside when ever her mother had company.

History: WIP


Name: Adriana Cipreste

Gender: Female

Mortal Parents: Marco and Isabel Cipreste

Appearance: See picture

Personality: Adriana's personality is very strange and wild. Having only recently recovered from deep insanity, shreds of it still show. Though she doesn't have a split personality, her mood swings are extreme. One minute she can be happy, the next crying, angry, maniacally laughing, and then calm. Combine this with a tendency to shun others, quick rage and stubborness, and constant inner fear of becoming insane again, and Adriana becomes a very conflicted person. Perhaps the only two things that truly calm her are sleeping and drawing, which she will almost always be doing in order to keep her mood swings and sometimes random anger in check.

History: Isabel Sonhos was a kind woman who happened to have bad luck. She would always trip over anything possible, have worst possible timing with many events in her life, and often she ran into the strangest problems. Though it wasn't fun for her to experience, she did talk about all these things as a decent comedian. Perhaps it was this quirky nature of hers that attracted Hypnos, disguised as a business man named Sora. He grow to like her, and soon he began meeting up with her and spending time together. A year or so later and they eventually had a child together, after Hypnos told her his true identity. Disaster almost struck when Isabel's bad luck extended to the birth. It was very complicated and difficult, and mother and child almost didn't make it. Fortunately; both survived the ordeal and the couple was presented with an eventually healthy little girl. Sadly, because of the complications during birth, doctors warned her that she might not survive having a second child, to which she understood.

Eventually Hypnos had to leave like all gods do, and Isabel met a nice man named Marco Cipreste. He was a kind person to both Isabel and infant Adriana and he always wanted a family. Since he could see through the Mist, he knew about the Greek gods, their demigod children, and accepted Adriana as his own. Because of this, Isabel and Marco married and moved to Almaca, Portugal. There the family had a happy life until Adriana turned seven.

It was then that Isabel wanted another child. Both her doctor and her husband warned against it, due to her last ordeal with Adriana. However; Isabel was too stubborn and eventually her doctor and husband gave in. Throughout the entire pregnancy she was carefully monitored in case of even the smallest chance of problems. But it seemed fate had finally turned a good hand for Isabel. The nine months went by and nothing happened at all. It seemed that Isabel's last problems with Adriana had disappeared. But then disaster struck.

During childbirth, massive complications ensued and the baby died, while Isabel barely lived on, supported by numerous machines. For two weeks she hung on to life, telling her husband and daughter her final words. Finally; after two weeks of suffering, the machines couldn't support the damage any more and Isabel died.

Marco was never the same after Isabel died. He began to drink heavily, smoke, and slowly become more and more enraged. At first he was upset at himself and the doctor for not being able to convince Isabel to not get pregnant, then he blamed the gods for taking away his wife. But finally, he blamed Adriana. She had caused the complications to be there in the first place. She had shown almost no emotion when Isabel died (In reality she was in such shock that even now her hands twitch thinking of those two weeks). She was not even his. His anger boiled over, and one night it finally snapped.

From that night onward for ten years, Marco would beat Adriana for almost anything. If she didn't do something Marco wanted, she got cracked across the head. If she got in the way, she was shoved viciously. If she pissed off her father more than usual, she was lashed with a leather belt for more than an hour. Adriana only found relief when she slept. When she fell asleep, she felt no pain and felt actually at peace. Sometimes she would dream about Alice in Wonderland (her favorite book), or even dream about living in the old times where everyone was happy, which made her happy. Eventually this sleep and dreaming caused her to be immune to the abusing, which was around thirteen. She would basically ignore everything around her untill she fell asleep, when she would be at peace.

This did not sit well with Marco once he realized she did not feel anything for the abuse anymore. His anger could not be sated if she didn't consider her life a living hell. Slowly his anger deprived poor Marco even more, and at the brink of insanity his powers finally emerged.

Unknown to Marco, he was a demigod as well, not just a special mortal who could see through the Mist. Unfortunantly; he was the son of Ate, the very goddess of madness herself. Because of this, his powers began to make both himself and Adriana insane. As Marco's violent actions became more sporatic, deprived, and agonizing, Adriana's dreams became more frequent, dark, and always nightmarish. Though they were often strange beyond reason, Adriana's dreams always had one common factor: the Jabberwocky from Alice in Wonderland was always trying to devour or otherwise destroy her.

While this was happening, Zeus looked upon it with horror. Never had he saw such deprived behaviour from any being he had seen before. He demanded that Hypnos and Ate destroy the pair, as they were their kin. When they refused, Zeus decided to step in himself. When Adriana dreamt of the Jabberwocky that night, Zeus used his power to make the beast real. He then bade it to destroy the father and daughter.

Ripping through the house, it first attacked Marco. Though he fought wildly and fierce, he was no match for the beast. Adriana saw this as her chance and was somehow able to escape from the hellhole that was her home, running away to Lisbon. With the Jabberwocky on her heels in the city, Adriana knew she had to leave Portugal. Tricking a guns dealer, she armed herslef with a powerful SMG pistol and killed a man for his airplane ticket to America and for his money. Ditching the gun, she quickly fled to the airport and was able to catch the plane and lose the Jabberwocky in Portugal.

Arriving in America, the now insane and dangerous Adrina began to roam the streets of New York. For months she went on a crime spree, killing and stealing in order to survive. She was even hired by gangs at times because of how easily she slipped away from the police (thanks to her powers). Eventually she was tricked by an undercover FBI agent and was finally caught. Psychiatrists named her officially insane, and brought in a veteran of the field to help her case, Dr. Gary Anderfield.

Dr. Gary was a demigod, a child of Athena, and he immeadiatly reconized Adrina as one too, due to her powers. Theorizing that the gods might have had a hand in her insanity, he asked his mother for assistance. She answered his pleas by a picture of Adriana's family, with faint images of Hypnos and Ate behind them. Showing Adriana the picture, she refused to communicate with the doctor in any way.

He decided to try to connect with Adriana, and toured New York City with her. Though at first she was cold and silent, she did eventually warm up enough to have some small talk. After breaking the ice, Gary slowly but surely was able to help her. She began to open up, and soon Gary understood what had made Adrianna the way she was. However; she never told him about the Jabberwocky. She believed that if she pretended it didn't exist, than it would cease to exist. This proved to be a very dangerous move.

After several months of therapy, Gary announced that Adriana was sane. In order to celebrate, Gary suprised Adrianna with a trip to her home in Portugal, in order to accept her past. Though Adriana was nervous, she agreed to go. Arriving in Portugal, they drove to Adriana's old home in Almaca, which had been left alone due to the fact that the Mist made everyone see the house simply collapse with the father inside, rather than what had actually happened.

Unfortunantly; Adriana's denial of the Jabberwocky plan did not work, and two days after the arrived the beast finally appeared at town. Not knowing how to defeat it, at first all Adriana and Gary could do was evacuate the townspeople, who saw it as a rampage of dangerous animals. Once the town was evacuated, Gary ordered Adriana to run and tried to face the beast. He could not over power the monster and it broke his leg, rendering him unable to defend himself.

As the Jabberwocky charged in to end Gary, Adriana unexpectantly intercepted it and saved Gary's life. Continuing to fight the beast by herself, she at first seemed to be overwhealmed as well, as her fear of it started getting the better of her. But fortunantly, she summoned enough courage to stand against the beast and her fears of it and finally slay the Jabberwocky.

Once the people were returned to thier home and Gary's leg healed, they returned back to America, with Gary applauding her on conquering her fears. It was then that Gary decided that Adriana was ready to go to Camp Half-Blood where she could become a true hero, and with the help of a satyr friend of his she arrived at camp.

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