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Name: Zane Gloor

Gender: Male/robot (lol jk)

God Parent: Koios

Mortal Parent: unknown

Appearance: no one knows because no one has seen him out of his armor

Personalty: laid back and stuck up because he thinks he is so cool for out smarting zeus

History: Zane should be dead. Zane was born a few years before the original titan war and by the time the war started Zane was 17. When he was 16 Zeus started to drag enemy demigods to his side and Zane decided to side with Zeus against his fathers will. At 17 when the war was in full swing Zane went back to the titans side to help them. Zeus got really mad for double crossing them so Zeus came down to Zane in his dreams. He told him that he will be cursed for double crossing him. He said every time his foot touches the ground it will inflict pain (pretty much 10 steps could kill him) and after Zeus said good luck (in a sarcastic way) Zane woke up. Luckily for Zane Zane camped out in an abandoned weapon shop so he stood up and started walking to a suit armor about 7 steps later he was in the armor and then he decided to sleep because the pain was so unbearable. He woke up in the year 2009 and came to camp. He walked to camp after koios showed him the way by giving him a map (which fell from the sky) which was highlighted to show the way to camp. Since then he has lived in the koios cabin in his suit of armor. If he leaves the suit of armor and walks he will sleep for a couple thousand more years or die so he stays in his armor where a found a loophole from Zeus curse.

Weapons: he carrys about 12 magnetic tomahawks on him (literally) he sticks them on his back and just yanks them off when he needs them.


Name: Maddy Bartlow

Gender: Female

God Parent: Polus (Koios' Roman form), she is also distantly descended from Thalia, Muse of comedy

Mortal Parent: Jessica Bartlow

Appearance: Brown hair, 5 foot 3, light skin, brown eyes, skinny

Personality: Maddy is never serious, and loves joking around. She's always smiling, and has no use for discipline or order.

History: The beginning of Maddy's life can be found in a small science journal from 1997, occupying a grand total of half a page. A Fargo, North Dakota doctor posted a report about a baby he had recently birthed, claiming the baby girl had came out laughing, rather than screaming and crying like a normal baby. The parents of the baby, named Madeleine 'Maddy" Bartlow, were Jessica Bartlow and a man who called himself Porter Locus, were classmates at a community college. Porter disappeared shortly after Maddy's birth, and Jessica never saw him again.

Fast forward a few years, to Maddy's seventh year of life. Two daggers hung above her mother's dresser, made of bronze, inlaid with a dark metal. These weapons had always captivated Maddy, and she finally had the guts to ask her mother about them. All she would say was that they were gifts from Maddy's father, to be given to her at the right time.

Throughout school, Maddy had never taken anyone seriously, and at age 12, this finally landed her a one-way all expenses paid trip to the principal's office. When her mother picked her up, she revealed all: how her father was Polus, Roman Titan of the poles and intelligence. This explained Maddy's consistent low C's, unusually high for a demigod. Also, Jessica had done a little genelogical research, and had come to the conclusion that they both were distantly descended from Thalia, Muse of comedy, which had been reactivated in Maddy by Polus' divine blood.

That night, Maddy snuck out and beelined for Camp Jupiter. Armed with only the daggers from her father, she managed to survive a cross-country trek to San Fransico. Upon arrival, she found her siblings and fell into the camp routine for a few weeks.

Everything changed for Maddy after these blissful few weeks. Out for a late walk one night, she passed the main structure of the camp, and peeked in. Inside she saw Lupa speaking to Jack, the Polus counsellor. Maddy couldn't resist listening in, and heard that the conversation was about her.

"She really isn't a good fit for this camp. She can't take any of the instructors seriously, always joking around. I've given her bathroom duty fifteen times since she got here! I'm starting to think-"

"Shhh, Jack. I know what you're thinking. But she's adamant about being Polus. Trust me, if I thought she was Koios, I would have sent her to New York as soon as she got here. She's not Greek. I know it."

"Then what are we going to do?"

"I know what must be done. But I don't want to do it."

For the second time that month, Maddy fled in the night. She flew to New York City, using money given to her by Amy, a fellow Polus camper. Amy had also told her about Camp Half-Blood, the Greek equivalent of their camp. She walked into the Greek camp feeling like an intruder, but her siblings gave her a warm welcome. She feels at home in Koios cabin.

Weapons: Twin bronze daggers, lined with magnetite.


Name: Lillianna Sinclair

Gender: Female

God Parent: Koios

Mortal Parent: Unknown

Foster parents: Gary and Sheila Roberts

Appearance: 4', long black hair, most of the time fully covering her face. Her skin is pale, almost white, and her
Lillianna Sinclair

Lillianna Sinclair

eyes, if you are lucky enough to see them, are hazel. She always wears a plain white dress, and carries her bag of needles at her waist.

Personality: She is slightly insane, driven that way because of her over-intelligence, inherited from her father. She is very good at reading people, and can often tell a persons personality just by looking at them. She is quiet but not shy. People are often nervous around her, as she has a mature look about er features, even though she is obviously very young. She likes to be alone, and while people see her as slightly crazy, she believes that they are the crazy ones, and that only she is sane. She believes that people look at the world in a stupid way, and believes that everyone is beneath her. She does, however, have a strong moral character inside, and while she believes everybody around her is an idiot, she also believes that that doesn't mean she is better than them. If they are nice to her, she will, generally, be nice to them. She often thinks to herself “at least they are trying to be nice,” even though she finds herself patronised by most, generally because they see her as a mad little girl. If she gets to angry, her eyes will turn red, and she will

History: Gary and Sheila Roberts always wanted a child, and though Sheila was infertile, they were determined to get one. They went out to an orphanage one day, described as a “delightful and quiet child, with brilliance locked inside her.”

Lillianna didn't speak when she first met her new parents. She didn't speak when they escorted her to her new home. She didn't speak as they showed her new room. She didn't speak as she ate. She didn't speak when the tucked her into bed. They thought it was nerves. They new it was nerves. It must be nerves, What else could it be? She could be a mute. But her new parents knew this couldn't be true, someone would have said something, they would have been told. Wouldn't they?

So the next day, the Roberts planned to try and get her to say something, anything. Just to prove to them that she could. When she got up, they would try to talk to her, start a conversation, ask her what she wanted, who she was, what she liked. Anything at all. But She did not stir from her room that morning, they didn't see her open her bedroom door. They didn't see her come down for some breakfast. They didn't want to disturb her, they were nervous. They wanted to be liked, they wanted Lillianna to love them. But as the hours passed, their worry grew until they could take it no more. So Sheila knocked on the door, and softly called “lilly?”

They slowly opened the door, to find the room changed. Small dolls littered the once empty shelves, covering the room with eyes, staring straight at the Roberts as they entered the room. I made a very disconcerting sight. The whole room was covered with a pale blue, almost sterile light, caused by the suns rays passing through the new, strange blinds over the window. The whole room was like a scene from a horror film, except they were standing in it. On the bedside counter there were hundreds of knitting and sewing needles, more than any person should ever need. But within the room full of objects that shouldn't have been there, the one that should of was not, Lillianna. “Lilly?” Sheila called out again. Then the Roberts saw the note on the bed, written in very small, fine handwriting, was one sentence in the middle of the page. My name is Lillianna.

Sheila and Gary retreated from the room, shaken by what they had seen, and worried about Lillianna. Where was she? Who was she? What was she? They were wondering what they had adopted. They wondered this as the walked into the living room, and found her in front of the television, watching intently.

The Roberts were to shocked to speak, they just stood in the doorway, mouths open. How did she...? “You wanted to know if I could speak” They continued staring as she turned towards them. Her voice was soft, and fairly high pitched, but was tainted with maturity. Her skin was pale, basically white, and her eyes were large and innocent, yet they pierced into Gary and Sheila, like needles into a doll. “Well, I can.” And she turned her head back to the television without another sound.

She was watching a cartoon of some sort... SpongeBob SquarePants. The Roberts sat behind her, too nervous to speak. The cartoon was light-hearted, and meant to be funny, but not as much as a giggle presented itself from Lillianna's lips. It was a strange thing to behold, and the Roberts sat there, just staring at the television, and the silhouette of their new daughter in front of it. And as the cartoon ended, she stood up, and left without a word. They heard her head up the stairs, they heard her close the door to her room, and they heard the silence that followed.

Gary and Sheila didn't see Lillianna again that day. They grew worried once again. Had she eaten at all that day? Sheila knew they couldn't run from their daughter forever, and that she didn't want to be afraid of something under her own roof. So she took dinner up to Lillianna's room. It was a generous portion of a roast dinner. Chicken breast with crispy potato on the side, next to some sprouts, with gravy poured over the meat. It was still steaming from the oven. Sheila took a deep breathe, and knocked once more upon the door. “Lillianna?”

Lillianna was sitting on her bed, cleaning one of her needles. Sheila came in slowly, still wary of the dolls staring at her, she felt as small as a needle beneath their combined stares. Lillianna joined in with the dolls as Sheila approached, making her even more nervous. “I...I...I... brought you some Lillianna looked at her for a few seconds more before replying. “Thank you.” Lillianna snatched the food, and began to stare at that for a few seconds, before wolfing it down greedily. While she was eating, Sheila had just sat on the bed, watching her daughter. She slowly planned what she planned to say next over and over in her mind, and actually said it as Lillianna licked the plate clean. “I won't be bringing your meals up here after today. You will have to join us downstairs to eat.” Lillianna lowered the plate from her mouth and simply said “thank you”. She then went back to cleaning her needles. Sheila didn't know what to do. She didn't want to leave, she wanted to talk to her daughter, wanted to find out more about her. But all she could so was stare at the dolls, all over the room, covering every shelf. Returning each one of their gazes with butterflies in her stomach, as if they were all going to charge at her.

“They are representations of the people I have met, whom I know I shall never see again.” Her voice still carried her snide maturity with it, but also had a hint of sadness wedged deep inside, wanting to come out. “Why are there so many then?” Sheila asked curiously. “I've met lots of people, they were small, unimportant, but still people, and I like to feel I am still connected to them, even though I will never see them again.” Sheila looked up again, seeing the dolls, and Lillianna in a new way. She was a strange child, strange in her dress, strange in her behaviour, strange in her maturity, but still lonely. Lonely and scared. Sheila leaned in and hugged Lillianna, who made no movements in response.

Lillianna was still in Sheila's embrace when she spoke. “You're wrong.” Sheila withdrew from Lillianna at this, and just sat on the bed next to Lillianna. “Do you want to know why I make these dolls? They are my friends, they are my company. I do not need people when I have them. And they are better than people, they do not leave, and if they break, I can fix them. They do not question what I say. They are sane. You, however...” she continues, gesturing to Sheila, “... You are crazy. You believe you can receive happiness by accepting a stranger into your home. You believe that I will bring you peace of mind, be the daughter you can never have. So please, Sheila, please tell me, tell me and all of my friends, am I the daughter you dreamed of?”

Sheila was petrified. Lillianna spoke so matter-of-factly, so cynically, that Sheila was lost for words. But that not what scared her most. Lillianna's dolls were moving. They all leaned in closer as one. It was not a trick of the light, it was not happening in her mind. She could see them, wanting to hear the response. Sheila wanted to say yes, she wanted to, but to do so would be lying, and she couldn't bring herself to lie to Lillianna, especially not under her intimidating stare. “No” Sheila said ashamedly, looking down. “Well then...” Lillianna said, standing up to pick up those dolls which had fallen when they had moved forward, “Thank you for taking me into your home, and for your generosity, please let us be friends. I may not be the daughter of your dreams, but I will be your friend.” Sheila did not know what to say, she stammered, “your welcome” before leaving the room, and heading downstairs to find the living room ablaze.

That was the final evening Sheila spent in this world. She didn't even see the claws that came for her chest, but Lillianna did. Lillianna followed Sheila downstairs to see the furies rip her to shreds. Lillianna did not cry, but she was upset, and angry. Another relationship between her and nice people cut short by monsters. Her her completely covered her face as she approached, her needle in her hand, the harpies looked at her quizzically, before charging. Her needle instantly changed to her blade, and she sliced the closest one in two pieces, the secong fury hesitated, and before it could blink it too was on the floor in multiple pieces. The final fury just stared at Lillianna, who was looking at it back. Her face was completely covered in hair, and she remained unmoving. The building was burning around them but neither moved. Then the fury charged, and within seconds it too was on the floor in pieces. Lillianna left the house while it was still burning, all her things but her small bag of needles. She knew where she was off to. She knew where camp was, that was why she had got the Roberts to adopt her, so she would be nearby. She knew that she was to leave them one day, but she didn't want it to be like this. She didn't like that they were dead, but she knew there was nothing she could do. So she walked to camp on foot, to a better future.

Weapons: A massive, pale blue, celestial bronze blade. It is the same size as Lillianna herself, and can transform to and from and of her sewing needles she is holding, but ONLY if she is holding them. She also has a bag containing thousands of sewing needles.


Name:Zelda Drovin


God Parent:Koios

Mortal Parent: Rosemary Drovin

Appearance:17 years, brown hair, blue eyes

Personality: Very smart and creative. She has a wild imagination, and often drifts of, forgetting everything around her.

History:She was raised by a single mother, along with 3 older sisters from a previous marriage. As such she didn't receive much attention. Her mother was neither rich nor poor. She held a steady job as a teacher, and they could onlly afford necessities, like clothes and food. So she spent most of her time drawing or reading, and her imagination grew by the day. When she was 13 she had the potential, and the chance, to study under a famous artist, who shall not be named, but at the exposition, everything suddenly went wrong, as everything that was made of metal suddenly started flying all over the place. Before the representatives could say a thing, she ran of, ashamed. Her mom explained everuthing that was happening, and she was sent to Camp Half-Blood. At first she didn't talk to anyone, as she was homesick, and cherised the time she got to spend at home. But eventually, she started talking to some people, and found out that camp wasn't that bad. She has been here for four years, and constately looks forward to the summers she gets to spend here

Weapons: A celestial bronze hunting knife

Azrael the Sorrowful

Name: Absolom Skymarr

Gender: male

God Parent: Koios; Aether in a sense.

Mortal Parent: Avshala Skymarr

Equipment: Absolom's armor and secondary weaponry are made entirely of lodestone, which is highly magnetic. This allows him to magnetize and control their movement through even the air. With this, he can fight without actually wielding his weapons and even fly, in a sense, by magnetizing his armor away from the ground. His primary weapon is a large body length and width 'sword' which is made of Aetherian Stone (which releases a concussive force when struck upon something), formed to him by Aether himself, with a hollow void in the center. This void was then filled with a dense core of lodestone which allows him to control its movement as well, but to a higher degree than that of his armor and secondary weaponry.

Personality: Absolom is cold and haughty. He dislikes most all humans and demigods, especially those that are constantly cheery. He believes that no other truly understand this world, as compared to him and his lineage they are nubile.

History: In times of ancient past, the so-called ‘Greek’ gods were never constrained to just Greece as most would want you to believe. In truth, before time of the Greek Empire, the ‘religion’ of the Greeks was once in a near worldwide observance. Back then, before the time of the Olympians and even the time of the Titan, those now known as the Protogenoi were in existence. Some to this day believe that the Protogenoi were weak in comparison to the generations that followed them...they are fools. Much of the ‘achievements’ of the Titans and the Olympians are mere pitiful imitations of the creations of their predecessors. In fact, even those known as humans are only a mimic of the perfections crafted by the Protogenoi. What they were called is unknown, but they were far superior to the humans created by the paltry hands of Zeus and his abysmal cohorts. For the sake of removing confusion, I will call them protohumoi after their makers. The protohumoi were not this mess of disease and filth ridden beings that walk the earth now. They were the epitome of perfection second only to their creators, and were not so randomly made into demigods as they are made these days. In the times of their reign, the Protogenoi each chose a protohumoi of the utmost excellence and gave them a name. To this day, thanks to my knowledge, only five of those names are known, but I’ll get back to that. Each of them then bred with the protohumoi that was chosen, creating the first ever demigods in existence. From that moment on, their plan was to only allow children from that line which each created breed for the creation of demigods. Most of them allowed any other Protogenoi breed with those that they beget, but five, the five I mentioned earlier, kept the children of their beget for themselves. Those five are Uranus, Gaia, Pontus, Tartarus and Aether. Sadly, there is only a limited collection of their genealogies left. In fact, only a partial genealogy is left of the beget of Aether, but once again, I’ll get back to that. This action of creating five lines which would only be fathered, or mothered, by a Protogenoi and a demigod created what were known as the Five Great Houses.

These five houses were marked by the names given to them by their creators. The names and those they apply to were as follows: Aerakk, Uranus; Teramass, Gaia; Marendd, Pontus; Inferahh, Tartarus; and Caelmarr, Aether. These five houses often feuded for the honor of being the strongest of the houses. This feud lasted for centuries upon centuries until the lines of certain houses began to end. First was Marendd as Pontus’ line was followed with a lack of morale and utter weakness. Next was Teramass as those of Gaia’s line often went into a deep hibernation and were simple targets. Next was Inferahh as the children of Tartarus began to war with each other and drove themselves to near extinction, making it easier for the remaining two to end their lives. Which leaves us with just Aerakk and Caelmarr. They were both children of gods of the air and sky. The fought endlessly in wars of unnatural abilities and unshaken resilience until finally the line of the Caelmarr was brought down to only a single heir. This heir was named Avshalom. She was by far the wisest of all her mothers before her, as the line of Caelmarr only produced females. She offered a truce with the Aerakk, with the agreement of her father Aether, and told them her line would never have more than two heirs at a time, mother and daughter, as long as they allowed them to live. At the time of this agreement, the Titans were beginning their plans to overthrow the Protogenoi. Avshalom knew of this and made a plan for her lineage to live through the coming days she foresaw. As you know, the Protogenoi were overthrown and with them, the Titans laid waste to the house of Aerakk and all of the other protohumoi scattered across this world. However, the Caelmarr were not destroyed with them. In her genius, Avshalom convinced Aether, who did not fight back against the Titans, to swallow her up and protect her. He then held her within for several millennia.

Over time, the Titans were also overthrown and Zeus decided to create a flawed version of the protohumoi which, as you know, are called humans these days. It was at this time the Aether deemed it safe and released Avshalom from what had become both her sanctuary and prison. As the protohumoi did not age like the humans did, she had to move quite often, but her movements were always followed by her father Aether. Over time, they both decided to continue the tradition she was born from. Upon that decision, she chose to go by the name Skymarr from then on so that no one would learn of who she really was. Now, as I said before, only limited portion of the, now, Skymarr genealogy is known. It is from Avshalom and on that I can share with you. Avshalom gave birth to Abalmak who then gave birth to Azhalna. Azhalna then gave birth to Ashkrala who gave birth to Avshala. By the time of the birth of Avshala, it was around the year 1800. The Olympians had been reigning for quite some time by then and had grown in wisdom after all their years of foolish conquests of youth. As they watched Aether continually breed with the same line of women they became suspicious of his actions more and more. They eventually came to the conclusion that, as they did not know the fate of the last heir of the Caelmarr, that he had hid her away and kept her alive. Zeus, infuriated by the deception, offered a reward of a seat in Olympus to the first male god to bed Avshala and break the line once and for all. As one could only imagine, those minor gods left began to hunt for her. Aether did his best to hide her but there was one who could find her no matter where he hid her, Koios. He simply tracked her magnetic signature and found her within a cave hidden behind a waterfall. From this...rape, is all it can be called, she gave birth to a child, a boy. The first boy in the house of Caelmarr, or as it is, Skymarr. This was, of course, a maniacal concoction of Zeus. He broke the lineage and devastated the house of Skymarr forever.

Upon the birth of the child, Zeus appeared to Avshala and asked her his name. She softly spoke the name Absolom and instantly he took his bolt and gutted her. Koios came to him and asked that he could receive his reward but Zeus denied it to him. He thought he was a great mastermind. He ended the line of the last protohumoi, slapped Aether in the face, tricked Koios into doing his bidding, and left the world with a child who didn’t know what he was. He was foolish. He forgot one thing...something none of the Olympians knew about the protohumoi. Their memories, their knowledge and their experiences...they are passed on through birth to their children. Unfortunately, due to the travesty of the birth of this child, only a miniscule amount of knowledge was transferred. Whether it be from the way he was conceived or the fact that he was not conceived by Aether is unknown. All I know is that I do not have all the knowledge of my mother or my mothers before her, as I should. You may have guessed by now that I am Absolom; Absolom Skymarr, as my mother would have wanted it. To this day, Zeus has no knowledge of this transfer from my mother. He’s even allowing me to go to this Camp Half Blood as a child of wretched father. No matter how wretched he is, I have obtained an abundance of power from him in which I plan to wreak havoc upon them with one day. I am the last of the protohumoi and the last of the demigods created though them. Now I am to live with the demigod children of my races’ tormentors.

Bah! I will use this to my advantage. They do not know it, but Aether and I do. He, of course, knew I would retain knowledge from my mother and one day he came to me, explaining his feelings for my mother. He is my true father, biological or not. He supplied me with equipment and weaponry that will enhance my powers greatly and, one day, I will break down this monument of the wretched gods and lay waste to their children, but until then, I bide my time in this place of foolishness and utter naivety.

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