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This is a contest that will run periodically. We have a lot of writer's on the Wiki, and a lot of user's have incorporated their creativity skills into their character's back stories. So, that being said, this contest is for themed poems from a character's perspective. Any character of yours is fine, but the poem should actually sound like it's coming from them, their experiences, their personality.

  1. You must be at least a level 5 or will be one by the end of August
  2. Entries must be in by the day prior to the last day of the month, for instance if the month is July, then entries must be in by 30 July.
  3. Judging will take place on the last day of August
  4. Remember this wiki is pg-13 so please be civil with the poems, if cussing is use keep it to a minimum.
  5. The poem can be from any of your character's perspective, whether they are nymphs, nature spirits, campers, BC members, etc.

Note: User must either update their name in the character forum to reflect their prize choice or notify an admin or rollback to update the user/character forum for them

First Place Prize Options

  1. Pick a major character to count as minor or
  2. A new major character slot or
  3. Pick a character to skip the wait time for the 3/6/9 Month Powers.

Second Place Prize Options

  1. Adopt a character and have it count as minor or
  2. 10 Minutes face time with a god or goddess of your choice with the character of your choice

  1. User name
  2. Character name
  3. Notes, like anything you think will help the reader understand why your character wrote the poem, what it means to them, etc.
  4. the poem
  5. any images you'd like displayed with the poem if you win


January Contest Entries - NOT BEING RUN

Contests are now being handled a bit differently. Instead of having one big long page of everyone's histories, you'll enter your character name below and create a new page. The list will automatically be created as pages are made. Make sure to add your user name on the page somewhere, you may even use your own special user category that's used on your character pages to make sure we know who's claim is whose (or put your name in the title, like "Jim Brown - Bach's Entry"). Each month the category must be changed in order for the list to function properly without listing old contest entries, it needs to be changed below, as well as Here.

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