Character:Amethyst Jewels


The gift of love, to love, to know love

Teaching us to take the risk, be brave

Me, everyone, we fight to survive,

Because the kinds of love in our lives.

The gift of life's chances, beginnings,

Determination to earn life's winnings.

Whether on high or a humble start,

At the end, joy , when it's from the heart.

The great gift of the world's bright sunlight,

Cheers, Inspires when within sight.

Also, the light for all, right writers?

Thank you idea's lightbulb lighter.

The cycle and uses of nature,

Admire, won't a bit be immature;

Those we use and don't take much notice,

Which make our life simpler and a bliss.

Loved ones gives us peace, security,

By grace, not seeing impurities;

Takes us to wonderland of sweet dreams,

Freed from troubles' reach and worry's means.

Oh! All life's troubles and pain,

A scared mark that'll leave each lesson's stain.

We must always face, attack, and smile,

Cause we know it'll only last a while.

Death, reminding all life is precious,

Our time, given by the generous.

Each day, must thank, live to the fullest,

Having faith to close our eyes to rest.  

Like cute emo colors, white and black,

Boring if a color, part we lack,

Though many ungrateful if there's all,

Let's thank! Not wait for expires' call.  


Profound yet childish, Amethyst;

Daughter of rainbows, Iris.

Blessings unfoiled in its silence,

Shown through sweet pleasures to crisis.


  • 9A-9A-9B-9B Syllable and rhyme scheme
  • Notice each stanza symbolizes a color in the rainbow

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