Written by Anthony Loiselle about his loyalty to Brock Garreth even though they were seperated for like forever and then about how he he went through shit only to find out that he was in love with someone else and that being loyal to him was a waste of time all along.

I Couldn't Think Of A Title So This Is It.

The sky lit bright,
With falling stars,
The sun has set,
The moon nowhere to be found.

All alone,
No one near,
Walking the path,
Of broken dreams and despair.

But up came the fearless,
The fallen god,
And granted me,
An intangible life.

The sun has rose,
But the sky's gone dark,
Waiting for someone,
To guide me home

Tears splatter to the ground,
Like leaves in fall,
As I see them,
Walk hand in hand.

I turn away,
To hide my rainstorm,
Pouring down my face,
Like the fountains of misery inside.

But he see's me,
Shocked by tells me he missed me,
He's bluffing, I know,
He has to be.

No matter how much,
I loved and waited for him,
I always figured,
He'd never do the same.

Notes + Pictures

  • This was written before Anthony became a luck spirit.

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