They can be there to lend you a hand, or kick you like sand.

They can help you though times, or set you up for a crime.

They can soften your cries, or fill you with lies.

They can help you fly high, but think about the goodbyes.

How far will you drop, before screaming stop?

I'm worried about every friend I make.

How long would it last, before it brakes?

Will they be caring and kind?

Or will they glare and leave you behind?

Though friends can be amazing, they can be great!

But if they leave,will you have what it takes?

Where's the shoulder to lean on if they're gone?

Will you be able to go on?

Every time you make a friend,

Think: will you bend or mend?

Will you be able to love or hate?

Can you betray or debate?

But the most important part: if they ever leave,

Will you be able to handle the grieve?

Note: Anton had his best friend commit suicide before he arrived at camp. Ever since, he has always been careful with friends, not getting to attached. He is afraid that if he does, that friend might die just like his old best friend. He also has had some friends who have been mean and left him when he was in school, he notes that in the poem as well

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