For such a short time? What if its a long time?
Really could a person be such a thing? Or is it just a fling?
If they really could be true? What would they do?
Errands or hang out. Who would really want to find out?
New ideas, maybe they might like sour croute? Maybe its not somthing to pout about.
Doesn't it hurt to lose a friend? What if you never had one?
Staying away from people might seem good, brooding might work.

Although, maybe brooding isn't all it turned out to be. What could it be?
Racking one's mind, for all that could be found. What else is there to find?
Everything makes sense, but how could friends possibly be in mind?

Maybe its possible, to truly know someone, well enough to hang out?
Eventually though somethings got to happen? Would they pretend?
Anything? really could happen, but that's whats scary?
Not that theres anything wrong, what would I attend?
To really find a friend, maybe I should try to fit in.

To fit in, maybe, or I could try being myself?
Ohhh, the thought, what to do, how would I start or even try?

Being friends with someone could be great. I would hope they could run.
Even if they couldn't, I'm sure we'd have some kind of fun.

Finding a person who could be so close.
Opening up to them might be hard.
Understanding them, well maybe even harder.
Never forgetting about them, could make their day.
Doesn't it just sound like our own personal problem?

Ashlee "Lark"
Gecko Nymph
Ashlee word bubble

The char for this poem

  Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all - the apathy of human beings.

Character's Powers


  1. They have a telepathic/empathetic connection with nature and other nymphs. They also have a special, stronger, connection with other animal nymphs
  2. As they are nymphs they do not age, remaining eternally young.
  3. Their senses of smell, sight and hearing are more enhanced, enabling them to sniff out monsters, track down demigods, etc.
  4. They are able to summon animals to aid them, they have the best control over their own animal type
  5. Each type of animal nymph has their life force attached to that species, so if a species were to go extinct the nymph would die
  6. Each nymph is able to change into the type of animal they are, and only that type. So the bear nymph could not turn into a mouse, but it could turn into a grizzly, black bear, polar bear, etc.
  7. While In animal form they have all the normal abilities of the animal. So if they are a hawk they can fly.
  8. While in regular nymph/person form, they only retain passive characteristics/traits from the animal. So if they are a hawk, perhaps they are claustrophobic in enclosed spaces, but they cannot fly.

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