Astrid Myx

She isn't one for lies, and she values respect. She feels that the system is corrupt, constantly lying and disrespecting the Earth. Thus she came up with poem. It is all about oil, money, lies, and mother earth. Hurting the Earth is hurting plants, animals, and ourselves from the roots... from it's veins. She believes you have to start at the bottom to make your way to the top; which goes for cleaning up the earth, saving nature,animals, and ourselves.


Killing "Mother"

We're vampires,

drinking the Earth's blood.

This problem is dire...

Filling the Earth with crud!

It's like a body

And it's organs are failing

All these "lobbies".

Dirty money sailing.

We're making mother sick!

But we're caught up in green.

It's what the "people" pick.

They make sure the damage isn't seen....

And are we too late?

I don't see a change!

Is mother's death fate?

...Don't ask the actors on stage.

They try to pretend,

but ha I don't believe.

Do you comprehend?...

...What will they achieve?

They're Singing:

"I love you, you love me,

but we have to kill mommy...

with a great big drill, and money for you and you.

This is how, we make do!"

Who's that lady? That foxy lady? Wait...Nevermind it's just Astrid! Urgh

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