A poem written by Auvrea explaining how she lost her pride as she lost Head Counsellor of her cabin to Jaime.

Crying tear

Gazing around the sleepy room,
I am but naked and wreaked inside too,
My clothes, My mask,
Have fallen to the wooden floor,
All because I have been decrowned,
By the wretched, shameful swine.

Everyone stands around me,
Gazing and staring,
Seeing the devil,
Without her guise.

I look at him,
With a trepid glare,
His eyes lit bright with power,
and fame.

He winks at me,
Knowing my new found fear,
As if he's scolding me to never try it again,
To never take my rightful throne.

I'm frightened of him,
And he knows it too,
The queen has fallen,
She has nothing to lose.

The mask has shattered on the chilling ground,
My pride is now lost, never to be found,
Now in shards on the glistening oak floor,
I gaze up to him eyes on show.

Mascara stained and teary,
Electric blue but sleepy,
My tears dribble down,
With that awful pull of gravity,
That disgraceful attraction,
The only thing worse than death.

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