By: Cameron Tyler (Kevin)


How ignorant we were;

Ignorance, naiveness, deceived, all that we shown;

A brand new experience, a brand new home,

Soon vanished from our clasp,

With a child of Hecate seemingly in our grasp.


How ignorant we were,

Falling for a children's trick,

Done in a slick;

In the blink of the eye, our freedom was lost.

Eternity's time, truly the cost.


How ignorant we were,

Believing that the gods would free us from death,

When long ago, we had taken our last breath;

One without condition, one without gain,

The untimely of our death is forever in bane.


How ignorant we were,

To have a speck of hope of being liberated,

To the day we will be vindicated;

In confinement we stay as we wait,

Awaiting out fate.


How ignorant was I,

To believe that the ever revolving world will stay in its place,

No change, no difference in every single space,

Now back in the place we call home;

Much different than Circe's holm.

~Cameron Tyler

The meaning behind this poem revolves around the past of Cameron. He was apart of a group of demigods who was sent on what was suppose to be a quest to rescue a child of Hecate. Later they realized that it was nothing but a deceit by Circe but it was already too late. Cameron and the fellow questors were condemned to serve under Circe for "eternity". During that time Cameron aimed to be optimistic but the day of liberation just seems to be farther and farther away. He feels that it was their ignorance that had sealed their own fate.
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