By: Cassandra 

The reason people rise,

The reason that people fall,

The reason that people sigh,

The reason that people come above all.

Family is not always what it seems to be.

Not just happiness and love,

But hurt and pain that no one can foresee,

And that some just can't seem to rise above.

Family is work,

Even if Brothers and Sisters can be jerks

Family is supposed to share,

But, what happens when they won't care?

Sometimes they won't care,

Broken up by loss, or affair.

Or, they just lack trust,

Crumbling slowly like a pie crust.

But, Family is not just blood,

All the friends who care and bond,

The friendship and happiness coming through like a flood,

Creating magic just like a wand.

Family is not just blood, but, love that can't be pawned.

Notes: Cassandra has went through hard times with her father and Step-Mother and Step-Siblings, but, once she got to Camp Half-Blood, she realized Family wasn't Blood, but, the people who loves her and, who she loves back.

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