Your Shot


By Ember Glass

A test, the game is ready and all set:
A pistol, one bullet in, one target.
Fear, screams, danger, pressure, slow death inside,
Release your bullet and free those that bind.
A bullet will never shoot itself out;
If you deserve it, learn to never doubt.
Standing there, frozen, won't buy a life,
Luck itself wont get whither in life's strife.
No training, heart of luck, dies in cold sweat;
Warriors must believe in cause and effect.
You take your shot to sink or accelerate,
Reality and dreams must separate.
Fire this to the whole world, take what you've got;
What'll be earned will always be from your shot.

Author's Note:
Hoshina Utau broken fire thumb

You are not by luck, but what you mold yourself in. "Luck" is the effect of our doings, it is the fruits of our labor. It does not define what you are, what you feel, and what you do. It is by fate. People seem to be blinded, but once you scan through everything, you realize the reality of cause and effect. Tyche is the to reward to deserving, not the weak.

Ember Glass

Inspiration: B.A.P-One Shot

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