(Hudhouse) The pain of a shadow

Gus Crona Kishin

The stars shine brightly,

But no matter where i look i see you,

You torment me with your gaze,

Like the labrinth maze,

I wish to escape my past, end my torment,

But no matter where i look the beasts all remind me of your face,

Why dont you just love me again?

And not burn me with the dark matter of above,

I wish for a father that would care and protect me,

Why cant you see?

I fight brutally, i am tormentied by my age,

The sphinx has given me her rage,

And yet all alone,

i sit unchanging,

while my friends and mother die, of age or wither,

But all you do, is smile from the sky,

You sicken me,

Why cant you see?

I loved you once...

But since then i have met a camp...

And your fake love just makes it damp

Goodbye Father...

Oh wait...

You sealed my fate...

And now.. i cant run away...

And now i cant even say...

My life is gone, and i wish no longer to live it,

I've lived longer then the human should,

Longer then mosts Demigods,

So i say..


Let me go,

For no longer i sow,

The seeds of your world are gone,

But no matter the children grow them without any hope...

so i slope...

(It is believed his father placed magic into a feild to help the camp, and as it embedded into Gus some of the star light helped freeze mostiure in the air, making a drop of water from the river sphinx, being infused into Gus's beeing, allowing him to not age from the regeneration, but able to die)

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