This poems was written by Hope in order to express the judgemental, selfish, narcissistic nature of the gods and how the constantly ignore those of a lower standard than them, eg. nymphs, demigods, mortals etc. So he decided to use his experiences as an example.

Flowers in Bloom

A cautious sunrise,
To the east of the world,
An unbloomed flower,
Grows silently.

Never questioning,
Never wondering,
Never inquisitive,
Of his world.

A storm of chaos,
Looms overhead,
Causing a juicy pome,
To enter the rose's grasp.

Most of the other flowers,
Complained and bribed,
One for wisdom,
One for a wife.

This is when the flower,
The unbloomed one,
The ignorant,
The blind.

Began to open up,
His sky blue petals,
Beginning to see,
The once ignored.

A glimmer of hope,
A girl,

Freed him from,
The divine ground.

However the flower,
Without water dying,
Just wanting to be found,
Before the Lily passes over.

The sun is setting,
The blue petals pelting,
Before being potted and watered,
By the apparent "Emperor of Evil"

He set me on his windowsill,
To open my petals once more,
And finally be able,
To see the sun.

~By Hope
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