Character: Jasmine Jarvis:



Many Ages ago, it was thought that Swans were silent for their entire life. However, just before they died, they would emit a beautiful farewell song.

This Poem is Jasmine's Swan song to her ex boyfriend, Logan, whom she "loved"; but it didn't work out.

Again, this is sad, so stop reading if you don't like sad poems.

Swan Song.

We searched for love

in gold chests with shining gems

in castles on clouds, high above-

But found instead, gold and bronze.

Rich, we searched on,

In the deepest pits of the

darkest cave; found a lamp,

You rubbed it, but we were only granted smoke.

We searched 20,000 leagues under the sea,

You hoarded corals and pearls,

Presented them to me on a silver platter,

But the ever-shining jewels did not love me back.

​Despite it all, you said you loved me, that

You'd never let me go

Not even death could make us part.


Then, why did it feel wrong in your arms,

Cold in your once inviting embrace?

Why was it hollow when we kissed,

Stiff on your once soft lips?

I searched in the dark.

I lay with the wolves. Alone,

falling to pieces; trying to mend

the shards of our broken love.

But I couldn't; loving you was like

Falling for a marble Angel, beautiful

but cold, unsmiling, like stone.

Like marble tears on the ground.

Because you found someone else.

she was 'drop-dead gorgeous, a

pin up, superstar, divine.'

I didn't blame you. Her. I blamed me.

And now here I am,

lost, lonely, crying, curling

into a ball, tears thick in the air,

Singing my Sad swan song.

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