Infinite Morrow

Painted sceneryPhoenix24

By: Kesha Lui

The renewed greets all with their smiles, warm glow.
Nature has risen from the bed of snow.
Trees dance, river flows, "Good morning" birds sing,
Love's harmony: Grand musical Spring brings.

In glee to have survived Winter's trials,
Stop for seconds, close thy mind of past fails.
Hearing some mourning for their tragic lost;
With contentment, crown thyself blessed than most.

Warmth arises; don't lose hold of thy will,
More of the values in thine have instilled.
New time has been given for improvement,
To live for what's gone in predicament.

Glance at the earned prize after each sorrow;
Now's the time to make your life un-hollow.
Again will come to sink into shadows;
Left hopes' Phoenix flies infinite morrows.

Notes: This poem is a mix of the past, present, and future of Spring for Kesha. It is also a promise to her people that she will live for them.

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