Not Weak
By: Kyler Dale
To: "Father"

A star exclusively high in the sky;
Eagle whose path none can resume to fly;
One who makes a distant son ask why;
A father who left with one goodbye.

For lads, a dad should be their first hero.
Deeds left mother and child's joy hollow;
"I'll be better," in wait for solo.
Points gained by father: absolute zero.

Another day, the child was filled with pain.
Sights and feelings he craved drew him insane.
Walking 'cross life, comfort gained from the rain.
For someone beside, he'd work hard with fain.

His childhood left caged in a large manor;
Outside his window, parents with children.
Can one call this home, where hope's not given?
Feelings unsaid, but heartily written.

The boy lived life always looking above;
Medals, trophies never replaced gone love.
Waiting yet not a touch from his bare glove;
The child lost his tears, others' warmth shoved.

Child's intentions transform to black from white
Turns the whole situation to a fight.
Under darkness' sky, he followed wrong sights.
Will this bring him to the forgotten light?

Complaints kept deep within for years, none leaked;
Broken, still striving on; I'm never weak.
Misunderstood, accept me, truths I speak;
Will I gain your favor I've always seeked?


The whole poem is quite ironic, but that was its real intention. If you had noticed, Kyler had proclaimed himself not weak for he was able to live without a father; but in the last line he has sought for his father's favor? Kyler states the importance of a father to his child. As a child, he was always envious of others. It is only his wish to be closer to his father's heart, concluding his father had left him after noticing he was not strong-hearted as others thought, thus he always tried to prove his worth. After much thought, he realizes he has been trying so hard for his father, not against him. Another bottom line: how much a child would abhor his father; his mortal nature, loving one's parents, will simply arise.


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