Memories & Feelings

By: Kyler Dale
To: Mother (& Father)

Brought to the world, a new cherubic mind.
Pair of hands closed to take all things to soon find.
Dusk, gloom in all corners; eyes closed, still blind;
Yet like cubs, treasured in love ever kind.

Stress masked in lies when disappointment spreads;
Under dusk to dawn, much patience has shed.
One lightbulb shone secretly while in bed;
Hands now coarse rough to keep one content, fed.

Blame, pride tears any soul insane;
Each insult stabs to hemorrhagic pain.
Unnoticed, a shadow's footsteps nights, fain;
The unpraised love returns after quick drains.

The kiss, hugs, or sticky notes on the fridge,
Welcome home voice after the sounds of door hinges,
Hands that voluntarily help lift life's twinge;
Nostalgic memories now a broken bridge.

A cold back has been given without word;
To speak with just three words, yet it all slurred.
The loneliness one felt isn't absurd
When not approached or hate's words only heard.

More memories reminisced, the sky cries;
Trees block the passage as regret lies.
Perceive actions by not only the eyes
Like the care from birth to now that nev'r tires.

For the deceased, more than visits, flowers;
After death, indelible feelings showers.
Like air: touch, sigh, inaudible whispers;
"One-Sided" exchange left lone in power.

A haunting wherever path can't be swayed:
Scars, guilt in the heart that nay can fade;
Infinite debts which nev'r can be repaid
From the same hands whose touch had always stayed.

Rainy day by the beach

Kyler had newly visited the forest of Aokigahara, Japan or the Suicide Forest. He became accustomed to the forest as it reminds him of his mother who died by taking her own life. Even as a defector, he also SECRETLY adds his father to this poem. What he discovers are more than bodies and restless souls crying, mourning, breaking; but flowers, letters, and even chocolates left by loved ones to their deceased. If the dead are loved this way, what more for the alive? Oh, how the forest laments and brings you a memory in each step of the way. We, Kyler and I, hope the meanings of this poem had been revealed in a way to make you find at least a bit of gratitude. :)


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