Shadow Fairytale.

Rj castle

By: Lee Seunghyun

Two paths have crossed as the sun shone brightly

Companion out of companions selected,

No prince, knight, but figure shaded darkly;

Hailed he who has healed her lone perspective.

'Round the castle, they walked for what seems like miles,

Side by side as they exchanged their love, smiles.

Trials, sacrifice, friendship, and full trust,

Their feelings went on from new dawn to dusk.

Darkness's castle walls 'round them closed down,

She grasped Cinderella's smile, it's shallow.

The horrible truth and pain has just dawned;

Yes, he dispersed back to the gloom shadows.

Duets haven’t sung, a story untold,

Their memories now flooding back look hoary.

The unexpressed words worth more than much gold,

Daylight to a 60 sec summary.

Beneath night sky, her heart pierced by moonlight,

Out of nowhere, wiped are her flowing tears,

Her shadow closed before 'twas out of sight:

"Don't you worry, fear, I'll always be here."

Spreading true love to all its "witnesses,"

Delusional aren't they who trust love's art.

Story of a "shadow" and a princess:

"Everything will be kept safe in one's heart."


Shadows are our reflection that can be seen once shone by light, source of illumination. We all have shadows which represent things we love and hold close to our hearts. "Day" means beginning or our time of glory, our comfort zones; the "night" means the end, yet they aren't really “gone” as we think. We are infused with the thought they are gone because we plunge ourselves in darkness, hiding from the light; grief makes us only see “60 seconds” of the “light”. We may not have feasible proof they’re protecting us, but we can be sure they live inside us forever in our precious memories and heart where nothing can rip them apart of it. I had a little thing for Arianna for a while, but even till she died, we're just friends. I don't regret anything, looking back, I can believe true friendship is superior to all forms of love. This poem is entitled shadow fairytale due to the fact the "shadows" live on in our hearts makes it a fairytale. Bye'll always be a shadow of in my beautiful castle...


Scheme: 10A-10B-10A-10B

Dedication: Arianna (dead)

Inspirtation: 60 sec by Kim Sungkyu

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